AMC Recaps: The week of March 15, 1999 on All My Children
Kit got teary-eyed when Ryan said that her rape was not her fault. Ryan and Braden shared horrible memories of their abusive father. Gillian was devastated to learn that Ryan wanted a divorce. Vanessa upset Erica when she suggested that Erica would never be beautiful again.
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Monday March 15, 1999

Still at the bar at The Valley Inn, Braden relaxed with a glass of liquor. His moment of solitude crashed when Palmer approached and angrily accused him of slacking off on the job. Braden didn't respond immediately, instead taking a swig of his drink to increase the suspense. He then turned towards Palmer and assured him that he was working. Not only was he working, but he was doing his typical bag of wheeling and dealing. Braden bragged that he'd landed a huge deal for Cortlandt Electronics. Palmer was unimpressed. The protege then accused his master of being jealous of his success. Braden took great pleasure in informing Palmer that all of their key business contacts wanted to deal with him instead of Palmer. Palmer didn't show the slightest bit of interest---until, that is, Braden mentioned that he was headed out of the country to handle a business deal with the son of a major businessman. Palmer accused Braden of wanting to leave the country, but Braden laughed off the accusation. Palmer again warned Braden that he could be dismissed if he violated the morals clause of his contract. "Morals clauses don't apply to saints," smirked Braden. Palmer walked out of the bar and Braden turned his attention back to his liquor. After taking another mouthful of his drink, Braden muttered, "Score one for the kid."

Hospital rooms are usually plain and even somewhat boring. Not Erica's. Yards of fabric and gardens of flowers lit up Erica's room. The patient, who patiently awaited her release, worked on the script for her upcoming television special. "Beauty," said Erica in the script, is best defined with one word: Erica. Janet entered the room toting some goodies for her friend. She looked around and marveled at the spectacle before her. Erica sat Janet down and asked her to help her pick a dress whose color would best show off her complexion. Janet swallowed hard and nervously did her best to help. After the color choosing was out of the way, Janet laid out a wonderful spread of food for Erica to nibble on. Erica enjoyed every bite, but she was still not well enough to clear her plate. Janet urged Erica to use her time in the hospital to rest. Worrying about a new television special was hardly restful. Erica smiled and suggested that she use the down time to write a new book. Janet chuckled, perhaps not believing that Erica was serious. Erica marveled at the wonderful way she's been treated since the accident. Dimitri, Jack, and Adam had all been to visit her---and they were not exactly on the best of terms. She wasn't quite sure why everyone was so concerned. Janet smiled slightly and informed Erica that everyone wants to see her get better.

Following up on the developments in Kit's assault, Brooke dropped by the prison to offer Ryan some advice. She told Ryan that she knew someone at the Statesville Prison who offered counseling to men convicted of sex crimes. "Sex crime," Ryan repeated under his breath, obviously trouble by the label. Brooke was encouraged by Ryan's uneasiness. She explained that it showed that Ryan had not become indifferent to what he'd done. Ryan said nothing and seemed very irritated by the label Brooke has placed upon him. Convinced that Ryan didn't really want help, Brooke started to walk away. Ryan called her back. Ryan told Brooke that she was wrong about him. He went on to say that he wanted to know more about the program at the prison. Ryan chalked up his current day problems to his rough childhood. Brooke was sympathetic to the prisoner's rough upbringing, but she clearly did not approve of the way Ryan blamed his past for attacking Kit. Ryan drifted off, saying that he would do anything to go back in time and change what had happened to Kit. Brooke asked Ryan why he hadn't confessed sooner. Ryan shook his head and commented that he was upset by the way Kit had been hurt. When he remarked that he'd also hurt many other people, Brooke feared that Ryan had also raped other women. Ryan realized that Brooke was thinking and immediately claimed that he'd never raped anyone. He stumbled for his words, eventually saying, "Except for Kit." Brooke looked on in bewilderment, but Ryan's bizarre behavior was just beginning. Ryan became a prisoner of past memories, recalling one of the many beatings Braden had taken on his behalf. Ryan remembered, just as Braden had done earlier, that Braden had always confessed to Ryan's misdoings so that their father would be him---and Ryan would be spared. Ryan refused to tell Brooke what he was thinking about, so she thought he was avoiding talking about his crime. Brooke was again about to leave until Ryan asked her to pass on a message for him. Ryan asked Brooke to tell Kit that he was very sorry about what had happened. Never did Ryan say that he was sorry for what he did to her. It wasn't clear if Brooke picked up on this, but she told Ryan to have Trevor call her if he was interested in the counseling program.

Listening no longer sufficed; Adam had to confront Jake about his plan to sue Liza for custody of Colby. Adam stomped into Liza's office and sternly told Jake that he would act as Colby's father. Jake argued that Adam had no right to keep him away from Colby because he, not Adam, was the child's biological father. Since they all loved Colby, Liza requested that they come to some sort of agreement to minimize the potential for disarray in her life. Both Jake and Adam had their own ideas of how this could be done. Jake, of course, felt that Colby would be better without Adam. Conversely, Adam thought that Jake's presence wasn't needed. Adam stated that he wanted a "normal family life" for Colby. Since he'd been with Liza every step of the way during her pregnancy, Adam felt that it was only natural for him to assume the paternal role. Jake thanked Adam for caring for Liza, but he did not feel that the millionaire was entitled to claim the coveted role of daddy. Adam tried to lay a guilt trip on Jake. He said that as a Martin, Jake, above all others, should be expected to keep his word. Jake had promised not to interfere in Colby's life---and that is what Adam expected Jake to do. Jake admitted that he had made that commitment, but he indicated that he had no way of knowing how he'd feel about the baby. Liza begged Jake to let Adam be Colby's father. She touted Adam's sudden transformation, but Jake did not believe that Adam had changed. Adam admitted that he hadn't won many "Nice Guy Awards," be he insisted that Liza's love had made him a better man. Jake didn't budge. He pulled Liza aside and told her that he wanted her to have time to think before he took any legal action. Jake informed Liza that he was headed to California for a conference. When he returned, he expects a decision from Liza. After Jake left, Liza broke into tears. Adam quickly wrapped his arms around her and pledged to "think of something" to take care of their problems.

David returned to his hotel room and found a most unwelcome guest---Vanessa. Vanessa had been poking around some of David's confidential files, but he quickly snatched them away from her. Vanessa explained that she'd gained access to David's room by telling the housekeeping staff that she was his mother. Not only that, but she'd gotten an adjoining room. David muttered that the other side of the hotel had a better view and that he'd make sure she was moved immediately. David accused his mother of wanting to stay close to him because she'd run out of money. Vanessa tried to deny it, but David had heard otherwise from a friend of the family. Vanessa began to sob as David taunted her about the breakup of her latest relationship. David rolled his eyes and told his mother to save her fake tears. Vanessa noted that she rarely cries. Her current emotional state, she stated, had been brought on by a fear that she'd die without making peace with her son. She recalled that there was a time when she and David were very close. That, however, seemed like another lifetime. Vanessa claimed that her health was failing and that she had believed that her latest attack would be her last. David blasted his mother's attempt to gain his pity. He asked her if she used to do the same thing to his father to play with his mind. Vanessa was taken aback by the mention of her husband. It had already been made public that David's father had died. David then accused his mother of wanting to horn in on the money his father had left him. He then turned angrily towards Vanessa and asked her if she was ready to talk about what she had done to his father. For the first time, he bitterly referred to Vanessa as "mother."

As Tad and Dixie tried to figure out why Ryan had suddenly confessed, Hayley appeared at Cortlandt Manor with an idea of her own. She suggested that Ryan was somehow protecting Braden. She quizzed Dixie for more information about Palmer's mysterious helper, but Dixie didn't know all that much. She did, however, state that she thought of Braden as a friend. Adrian popped into the room talking about a government code that he'd managed to crack. When he saw Hayley, he quickly shut up. Tad introduced Adrian as "Adrian Sword." Hayley was tickled by Adrian's full name and began to giggle. Adrian, meanwhile, was somewhat amused that Hayley had no idea who he was. Asked if she reads the tabloids, Hayley replied that she avoids them like the plague. Adrian told Hayley that he was also trying to learn more about Braden. He also claimed that he was working on the case as a favor to his mother. "Who also happens to be my mother," Tad interjected. Hayley looked back and forth at the two men. "Ruth Martin?" she asked in confusion. Dixie shook her head and stated Opal's name. Again Hayley broke into hysterical laughter. She thought that they were trying to pull off a really good gag. After looking around and seeing that she was the only one laughing, Hayley realized that Adrian and Tad were really brothers. Dixie's face suddenly became quite serious. She pulled Tad aside and asked him if it was possible that they'd been overlooking a very simple explanation for Braden's interest in Ryan. Hayley headed back home, but pledged to stay on the case. Tad and Dixie grabbed their coats and told Adrian that they were headed to Ryan's hometown. Adrian didn't understand why the couple was leaving. Tad then mentioned that he may know why Ryan is protecting Braden and how the DNA match ended up at only seventy-percent.

Tuesday, March 16, 1999

Wildwind was decorated for Maddie's party. Kit laughed jubilantly and said that she wanted to make this the best party imaginable for Maddie. Dimitri walked in and said he found it odd that as soon as he left town, Ryan confessed to raping Kit. Edmund told Dimitri he should apologize to Kit since he'd been so sure that Ryan was innocent. But instead of letting Dimitri offer an apology, Kit told Edmund she felt guilty for causing such a rift between brothers, and that Dimitri didn't owe her an apology. Dimitri said that if he was wrong, he did owe her an apology. In the middle of that, Gillian ran in begging Dimitri to help her prove Ryan's innocence.

Vanessa and David were arguing. He told her she needed to take responsibility for what happened to his father. She said her heart could go at any minute and they are all each other has so they should try and find their way back to each other. David remembered how things were when he was young and told her that she hadn't changed a bit, and that she was still the same person who caused his father to take his own life. He mentioned all of her flings with pretty boys and wondered what she wanted now. Then he said he said he knew that she wanted the money that his father had left him. She then told him that he should in turn take responsibility for Erica's face.

It then showed Myrtle who had went to visit Ryan. He asked her why she still liked him and she told him that she knew his confession had been nothing more than hogwash. She told him she had learned a lot as a Carnie girl; She could guess someone's weight, and she could also tell if someone was lying. And Ryan was lying.

Liza told Adam that unfortunately there was never a written agreement between her and Jake, only a verbal one because they had been friends and she never thought this would happen. Adam got mad and said that Jake was not the father, then Liza just stared at him. He then added that he just thinks of her as the baby's parent and he loves Colby as his own and considers her a gift from God to the two of them.

David asked Vanessa how she knew about Erica's face and she told him it was all over the hospital. David told her that she did not care at all about Erica or what she was going through and that he had seen Erica with Bianca and knew her to be the kind of mother that Vanessa never was nor could ever be. Vanessa just said she was leaving because there is no talking to him when he's in that sort of mood.

At the jail, Myrtle guessed Ryan's weight to prove that her skills hadn't diminished since her carnie days. She then asked him if he had a good reason to take the blame for something he didn't do. He asked her if loyalty to someone was a good enough reason or a debt to someone that you couldn't really pay back. She then told him, that that was the best reason. At Wildwind, the puppet show was a success for Maddie. And Raquel was also a hit with Edmund at the party because she had brought presents for Sam and Max also...not just Maddie. Kit then asked Raquel about Maria. Raquel told Kit that she thought that she was the best thing to happen to Edmund since Maria. Also, Brooke told Kit that Ryan had asked her to apologize to her for him. Edmund thought his apology might just be his way of getting a lesser prison time. Kit then mysteriously disappeared from the part.

Gillian begged Dimitri to keep the Private Investigator working on the case to try to find the real rapist but Dimitri wondered if Ryan was really guilty since he confessed so he wouldn't help Gillian. It showed Ryan's jail cell, and his new visitor was Kit!

At the hospital, David shouted at a nurse because the no visitor sign was missing from Erica's door, and he didn't want her to have any visitors. He walked away and Vanessa sneaked in Erica's room. She looked at Erica's pictures and picked one up and began ripping it up. Erica started waking up....

Wednesday, March 17, 1999
by Rene

Jackson called the judge to find out the time of the sentencing the next day. Just as he was hanging up the phone, Trevor showed up at Jack's office and tried to convince him to "do the right thing" and drop the charges against Gillian. Trevor said that Gillian committed a crime, and he wasn't about to give her a slap on the wrist. Trevor said, "Have a heart," and told him that Gillian did what she did only because she loves her husband, and seeing him go to jail for a crime she thinks he didn't commit, is punishment enough. Trevor and Jackson argued a few more minutes about the charges, and Trevor informed him that he does not "know" or respect Jackson anymore. Derek came into the office to let Jack know that Kit was at the jail visiting Ryan, and Jackson and Trevor rushed out the door.

Myrtle arrived home and saw Gillian sitting alone and sad in the living room. Gillian had been crying, upset about Ryan's rape charge. Myrtle told Gillian that she does not think Ryan is guilty. She said they need to be strong for Ryan; to believe in him and stand by him. Gillian told Myrtle that she and Hayley believe that Ryan is trying to protect someone and that is the reason for his confession. Belinda came to the door and saw Gillian. She informed Gillian that if the charges against her are not dropped, they will need to get busy discussing her defense strategy. Gillian then announced that she is going to plead guilty because her actions were inexcusable. She said she owes it to Ryan - that she needs to make it up to him for cheating on him with David. Myrtle told her that Ryan did not commit a crime and neither did Gillian, but Belinda said that since Ryan confessed to the crime, Gillian is considered an accessory. The three women wondered if maybe the detectives will be able to find out who really raped Kit, but whatever the situation, they will be strong and fight it. Belinda and Gillian left to go find out if perhaps Jackson has dropped the charges.

Kit saw Ryan in jail and demanded to know why he had dragged her name though the mud. He claimed that at first he hadn't wanted to believe it was rape, but that he had come to his senses and confessed. Kit asked him if he was telling her the truth. Ryan said, "I am." He said he realized that what he did was wrong, and that it wasn't her fault. Kit admitted that she did come on pretty strong to him, but Ryan said he should have called it a night when she said she wanted to go home. He said he would do anything possible to make up for "that horrible night." Kit had tears in her eyes, listening to him. Just then, Jackson and Trevor rushed into the jail and Jack saw Kit crying. He demanded that Ryan tell him what he said to her. Ryan said he didn't say anything, as a very protective Jackson left with his arm around his sister. He took Kit back to his office and asked Kit what happened at the jail. Kit said Ryan apologized to her, and that she believed him. She said she saw deep, genuine sorrow in Ryan's eyes. She said now she feels like it's over and that she can move on. Meanwhile, Trevor told Ryan that Jackson is still holding charges against Gillian. Ryan told Trevor that if Jack won't drop the charges, then their "deal is off!"

David recalled his mother's words that he was responsible for Erica's disfigurement. Dimitri arrived in David's office to find out updated information on Erica's recovery. David said he isn't sure how to tell Erica about the extent of her injuries. Dimitri told David that the news will destroy her. David told Dimitri not to worry; that he believes Erica will be able to handle the news - but only once she has completely recovered from her cardiac surgery, and that visitors will be restricted in the meantime. David and Dimitri discussed Dimitri and Erica's past, the accident, Erica's welfare, and how they can keep her from finding out the truth.

Vanessa entered Erica's hospital room and, recalling David's words to her that she "will never be half the woman that Erica is," tore up Erica's Cleopatra photo while Erica was sleeping. Erica awoke and Vanessa pretended to be nice to her, while delivering not-so-subtle jabs about her new appearance. She was just telling Erica that Erica might want to postpone her new ad campaign, when Opal burst into the room delivering magazines. Erica demanded to know why Vanessa said she should postpone, but Vanessa simply told her that because of her recent surgery, she shouldn't do too much right away. A nurse came in to take Erica's vital statistics and gushed over Erica's photos. Opal and Vanessa left the room and talked about how devastated Erica will be when she finds out the truth about her facial injuries. Opal left to go deliver magazines to other patients, and Vanessa came back into the room. Erica asked her point-blank if Vanessa knows something she should know. Vanessa said that she knows of a brilliant Brazilian plastic surgeon who should be able to help her, and Erica laughed it off with, "Why? For a couple of minor cuts and bruises?" Vanessa started to say that she'd heard the doctors discussing it... and then she backed out, saying that they can discuss this when Erica is feeling better. Erica demanded that they discuss it now. Vanessa told her that they are talking about "major reconstruction." Erica took Vanessa's words with a grain of salt, saying that Vanessa is just using Erica's minor injuries to "get back at David," and that David has repeatedly assured her that her injuries are nothing to worry about. Vanessa informed her that David has not told her the truth, and then she rattled on about how Erica's injuries compare to Grace Kelly's. Erica asked Vanessa if she has seen what's underneath her bandages, and Vanessa retorted with, "Have you?!" Vanessa then told Erica that she heard Dr. Weiss say that the facial injuries are too severe to restore, and that the damage is irreversible.

Thursday, March 18, 1999

The situation with Jake still very much on her mind, Marian traveled to WRCW to tell her daughter that she'd come up with a plan to get Jake out of the picture. Liza listened carefully as Marian suggested that they try to find a girlfriend for Jake---preferably one with a child. Marian rationalized that Jake would then be less preoccupied with Liza's baby. Liza rolled her eyes and muttered that she'd pull out her magic lantern and make it happen. This was one wish that really didn't require any sort of magical incantations. She reached for a piece of paper in her pocket and read off a personal ad she'd written on Jake's behalf. Liza was astounded by her mother's gall and even more shocked when she learned that Marian had had the personal ad run in the morning edition of the Bulletin. The ad mentioned that an attractive male doctor was interested in finding a woman with a child (or one on the way). Interested parties were urged to drop by Liza's office for a face-to-face interview! Liza scolded her mother, but at the same time thanked her for her concern. She convinced Marian that she should go to the newspaper and have the ad pulled before it was run again.
Later, Stuart dropped by Liza's office for a brief chat. Liza wasn't around so he pulled up a chair and waited for her. While he waited, a young woman entered the office and asked if she could speak to Liza. Stuart smiled and invited the woman to wait with him. The woman looked admiringly at Stuart and told him that he looked a lot different than she imagined. Stuart cocked his head to the side and asked the woman why she'd been imagining him. She didn't reply, instead she pulled out a picture of her baby for Stuart to review. Meanwhile, a second woman filed into the room. The woman looked to be in the later stages of her pregnancy and she asked Stuart if he wanted to feel her baby kick. The first woman jostled for position. While all of this was going on, Marian returned and demanded that the "two hussies" unhand her husband!

A white teddy bear in hand, Adam stared off into the distance as his attorney, Barry Shire, entered his office. Barry had been summoned to help draw up a new will for his client. Adam snapped back into reality and thanked Barry for dropping by. Barry commented that he was surprised by Adam's generosity; Adam had reworked his will so that the majority of his assets went to Liza---with much of the rest being divided among Hayley, Skye, Junior, and Colby. Adam mentioned that he was a bit concerned by Jake's reassertion in his life. Initially, Barry feared that Jake once again had romantic interests in Liza. Adam shook his head and explained that Jake had a sudden case of "parental possessiveness." Barry listened to Adam's rants and came to a sudden determination: Jake was not the father of Liza's baby. Adam's mouth dropped. He demanded to know how the attorney had figured that out. Barry reminded Adam that he had helped him buy---and subsequently dump---the fertility clinic where Liza had become pregnant. Adam swore Barry to secrecy and proceeded to tell him the truth. Adam feared that a paternity case would prove that Jake was not the child's father. Barry nodded. The attorney agreed that the paternity test would rule out Jake as the father, but that did not mean that it ruled in Adam as the father. This was good in theory, but Adam worried that Liza would figure everything out in a matter of time. Barry suggested that Adam consider moving to the West Coast. That, he smiled, would surely deter Jake's desire for weekend visits. The idea might have worked, but Adam was not about to uproot his life. Then came the idea that Adam had been searching for. Jake, he informed Barry, was in California on business. What if he were to be offered the job of a lifetime while on the other coast? Adam picked up the phone and made a few calls. All of his finagling ended just seconds before Liza showed up in his office. Barry quickly excused himself and Liza immediately demanded to know more about Adam and Barry's brainstorming session. Adam confirmed Liza's suspicions that the meeting had something to do with Jake. He then added that he'd had his will redrawn to include Liza and Colby. Liza mulled the idea of having her will revised so that Adam would get most of her estate. Adam chuckled and teased Liza about her estate having been built mostly from the money he'd given her following their divorce. Liza told Adam that she'd been playing the stock market and made a pretty penny on some high tech stocks. Suddenly, Liza realized that she was late for her first Lamaze class. Adam pleaded with Liza to let him be the coach, but she worried that since he hadn't read an information packet that he'd been of no use. Still, Adam was insistent that he be allowed to tag along.

Ryan was not at all pleased by Jack's decision to charge Gillian with aiding and abetting. The prisoner proclaimed that he would revoke his confession if Jack did not back down from trying Gillian. Trevor warned his client that he was not in a position to make demands, but his words of warning had little impact on Ryan. Trevor went on to imply that Ryan should blame himself for Gillian's predicament. The comment had nothing to do with Ryan's guilt or innocence, but rather his guilty plea. Had Ryan said nothing, Gillian could always have claimed that she was trying to help the man she loved---a man who was innocence. But since Ryan had now pleaded guilty, Gillian's bargaining power had gone up in flames.

Upstairs, Belinda escorted Gillian into Jack's office. There was no need for formality or an explanation of why they'd dropped by. Jack instantly knew that Belinda wanted to strike up a deal. He saved his colleague the time, pre-emptively informing Belinda that he intended to hold Gillian accountable for her wrongdoing. Belinda pleaded with Jack to go easy on her client, offering a compromise of community service. No deal would be struck. Belinda asked Gillian to stand out in the hall for a few moments while she had private discussion with Jack. Belinda reminded Jack that she'd been in a similar situation a few years prior when her mother, Rose, had returned to town. Rose had been accompanied, or rather stalked, by Grady, a very shady character. Belinda was overzealous in her attempt to get justice, similar to the way Jack was acting now. The advice fell on deaf ears. Coldly, Jack told Belinda to keep her advice to herself. Before the discuss could continue, Trevor called and told Jack that Ryan wanted to talk to him.

Jack headed down to the cell area and waited for his chat with Ryan. Ryan came out swinging. He told Jack that he would rescind his guilty plea unless Jack dropped the charges against Gillian. Along with the warning came promises that Kit's sordid past would be known to everyone when the case went to trial. "Don't threaten me," Jack snarled. He offered a warning of his own. If Ryan did back out on their agreement, Jack said that he would make sure that Ryan spent the rest of his "natural life" behind bars. Since his confrontation approach had failed, Ryan decided to appeal to Jack's love of his sister. Ryan reminded Jack that his guilty plea meant that he would serve jail time. He was the one who'd hurt Kit---not Gillian. Ryan stated that he wanted to protect Gillian in much the same way that Jack wanted to protect Kit. Jack took a deep breath and told Ryan that he'd drop the charges against Gillian. Jack rose from his chair and headed towards the exit, saying that he'd make the appropriate phone calls as soon as he got back to his office. Ryan nixed that, ordering Jack to make the call immediately on his cellular phone. Jack stopped in his tracks and reached for his phone.

Back upstairs, Trevor got the news of the charges being dropped and told Gillian that she was a free woman. Gillian knew instantly that Ryan had played a part in getting her off the hook. She scurried downstairs to thank her husband. Ryan spoke softly to Gillian when she arrived. He told her that he did not think it was fair for her to be punished for something he had done. Gillian grabbed the cell bars and urged Ryan to admit that his confession was bogus. Ryan would do no such thing. Gillian told Ryan that Myrtle had urged her to continue fighting for their love. She promised Ryan that she would remain vigilant and wait for his release from jail. That wasn't what Ryan wanted of his bride. "You're free now," he said, his voice sounded as though it would crack at any minute. He explained that he had not kept her from doing jail time so that she could waste her time waiting for him. When Gillian refused to see Trevor about a divorce, Ryan stated that he would start the proceedings. "I want you to forget about me," Ryan said as tears welled in his eyes. Gillian shook her head and pleaded with Ryan to reconsider. "Goodbye, princess," he said. Ryan turned his back to Gillian to avoid her seeing the anguish on his face. Before leaving, Gillian had an emotional parting comment, "Don't ever expect me to stop loving you."

"You've obviously been misinformed," Erica said in disbelief. She repeated her claim that her face had only a few scratches and bruises. Vanessa backed off. She walked back and forth around Erica's bed commenting that she must have misunderstood the gossip that was flowing around the hospital. Erica was horrified that people were talking about her condition. Vanessa urged Erica to have her public relations person start doing damage control before people learn the truth about her condition. At that moment, Opal entered the office and found herself in the hot seat. Erica immediately asked Opal if she knew anything about her condition. Opal was unable to look her friend in the eyes. Instead, she looked down at the floor and said that, as a volunteer, she would not privy to confidential patient information. Since she'd gotten no answers from Vanessa or Opal, Erica summoned a nurse into her room with the hopes of getting David to tell her the truth. Unfortunately, the nurse informed Erica that David was in surgery and unable to talk to her. She assured the patient that her doctor would speak to her as soon as his schedule permitted. Vanessa left with the nurse and Opal tried to leave too, but Erica asked her friend to stick around for a few minutes. Erica asked Opal if she was holding something back from her regarding her injuries. Opal again stared at the floor. She lamely offered that she knows nothing more than Erica, commenting that she's unable to see through the bandages to look at the wound. Erica became very distant and told Opal that she was free to go. Vanessa waited until Opal left before heading back into Erica's room. Waving the white flag, Vanessa insisted that she did not mean to upset Erica in anyway. Instead, she said that she felt Erica deserved to know the truth about her injuries. "Get out!" Erica yelled. Vanessa bowed her head and left the room. Erica struggled to get out of bed. She walked slowly to the closet and once again checked out her face in the mirror. She heard David's voice telling her how dangerous it was to remove her bandages. The seriousness in his voice deeply disturbed Erica, but she remained optimistic that everything would be okay. Turning away from the mirror, Erica gathered the photographs of her from around the room and placed them on her bed. She laid the pictures down in such a way that the right side of her face in each photograph was covered---the same side of her face that had been injured. "There," she said softly, her voice barely audible. Erica reached for her jacket and headed for the door.

Friday, March 19, 1999

The barked order from the doorway caused the two unnamed women to momentarily freeze. They turned towards Marian and cracked that she seemed a little beyond the child-bearing years. Marian yelled that Stuart was "not up for grabs" because he was her husband. As the women filed out of the office, one remarked that she was just trying to "get to know the doctor" a little better. After all, that's what the personal ad had requested. Stuart watched Marian looked around the office nervously and he knew that she was up to something. When confronted, Marian confessed that she'd placed a personal ad on Jake's behalf. Unlike his brother, Stuart didn't yell, whine, or throw a tantrum. Instead, Stuart sat Marian down and did a little role playing with her. He asked his wife to pretend that he was Jake and that she was trying to tell him about the ad she placed. Marian started off well. She said that she'd been thinking about "Jake" and wanted him to be happy. But when she said that one of the women she'd selected for him has children, Marian suddenly realized how misguided her assistance had been. Marian closed her eyes and stated that no one could ever take Liza's place in her heart. Therefore, no child could ever replace Colby in Jake's heart. Marian threw her hands in the air and offered to have their marriage annulled. Stuart chuckled and told Marian that her spontaneity was what kept their spark alive.

After arriving late for the Lamaze class, Liza and Adam bickered back and forth over the smallest things. Liza refused to participate in the breathing exercises because she felt she looked "like an idiot." Adam pleaded with Liza to give it a try, but she would not relent. The next issue on Liza's gripe list was Adam's driving. She complained that Adam had parked "five blocks away from the entrance" to the hospital. Adam nicely explained that he thought the exercise would be good for Liza. The argument disrupted the class, but fortunately it was just about time for the session to conclude. The instructor settled beside the dueling couple and offered them some support. She said that they both need to realize that the latter stages of a pregnancy are not easy on anyone. She then asked the pair to accept that the baby is calling the shots for the next few weeks. Liza and Adam calmed down and agreed to show up a little early for the next class. After the instructor left, Adam gently massaged Liza's feet. They talked in depth about the child they'd lost. Surprisingly, Liza gets a "peaceful feeling" when she thinks about the baby. "A part of me has gone ahead to scout things out," Liza smiled softly. Liza stated that she is comforted by knowing that she will one day get to see her baby again.

Dimitri dropped by the hospital to check on Erica, but she was not in her room. Dimitri approached Opal and Myrtle, who were also in the area, and asked them if they knew when Erica would be back in her room. The two women exchanged glances and commented that they thought Erica was in her room. Myrtle headed out to find Erica's doctors so that she could see if Erica was having any tests done. Vanessa arrived on the scene, but she didn't seem too troubled by Erica's disappearance. Joe and Myrtle entered Erica's room and informed the others that Erica might be in the solarium or walking around the halls as part of her prescribed exercise plan. After examining Erica's closet and finding her jacket missing, the group's fears grew. A nurse appeared and reported that Erica was not in the solarium nor was she with any of her doctors. Dimitri was also concerned by the arrangement of photographs on Erica's bed. Vanessa, who had been quietly observing, mentioned that it was common for patients to have "psychotic episodes" after heart surgery---at least that's what she said David had told her. The group exited the room and huddled together in the corridor. Adam and Liza happened to be walking by and they were clued in to what had happened. Dimitri headed out to see if Erica went back to her house. Vanessa, meanwhile, said that she'd tell David about Erica's disappearance. Myrtle and Opal went back to Erica's room to see if they could find any more clues to help them locate Erica. Liza, meanwhile, got on her cellular phone and placed a call to WRCW. Adam snatched the phone from her hand and begged her not to put her reporters in the story for fear that it would cause a public panic. Enchantment stock, Adam stated, would plummet if investors caught wind of Erica's situation. Liza agreed to back down, but only for one hour. Adam grinned slyly and teased Liza that he'd flood the media with pictures of her silly Lamaze faces if she didn't keep her promise!

Things at the Dillon House weren't exactly flowing smoothly either. A grouchy Trevor returned home and remarked that he was glad that his family was "the only sane people on the face of the Earth." Sanity, he would find out, is subjective. Amanda handed her father his favorite slippers---minus a few chunks of leather. Smokey, the new family dog, had gotten a case of the munchies and chewed up the slippers. Trevor took it in stride, telling Amanda that his slippers were kind of old and in need of replacement. Janet suggested that while Trevor is shopping for new slippers, he might also get some chew toys for the dog. Hopefully, Smokey would learn that chewing on slippers was a no-no. Speaking of learning, Janet said with a glance towards Tim. Tim reached for an envelope and handed it to Trevor. Trevor opened the letter and read over it carefully. He looked up unhappily at his son and asked him to explain the meaning of the letter. Without informing anyone what he was doing, Tim applied for an exchange student program. He hadn't expected to be selected, but Tim was chosen to go to France for a one month study program. Trevor nudged his son and scolded him for not thinking that he had what it took to make the cut. Trevor gave his son permission to go on the exchange---but made him promise that he'd call and write frequently. Amanda, meanwhile, pleaded with her parents to be allowed to move into Tim's room while he was gone. The kids headed upstairs and Janet and Trevor were left to wonder how Tim had grown up so quickly. This was just one of the things that had Trevor down in the dumps. He remained upset that Ryan was going to go to jail for a crime that he did not commit. Plus, Trevor and Janet were supposed to go on their real honeymoon after Ryan's case came to a close. Trevor was hardly in the mood to head off and enjoy himself. Janet excused herself to answer the phone. Someone called from the hospital to alert her to Erica's disappearance.

Exhausted from his rounds, David returned to his office and plopped face first on the sofa. He didn't get much chance to rest before Vanessa greeted her son. She spun around on David's chair and smiled coldly in his direction. David jumped up and immediately ordered his mother to get out of his office. Vanessa shrugged and started walking towards the door. As she was leaving, she snidely remarked that since she was on her way out she would not tell David what had happened to Erica. David's eyes widened and instructed his mother to make an about face and tell him what she knew. "Erica is missing," Vanessa said nonchalantly. "Some of her friends think she may have done something foolish." David's squinted and looked at his mother's face. He angrily accused her of somehow playing a part in Erica's disappearance.

Dimitri's search was fruitless; Erica was not at Linden or her new house. Janet and Trevor arrived at the hospital and offered to lend a hand in locating the missing patient. In Erica's room, Myrtle told Opal that she thought Mona's death would be the most difficult thing Erica would ever have to handle. Opal praised Myrtle for stepping in to look after Erica following Mona's death. Suddenly, Myrtle's face lit up and she announced that she knew where Erica had gone. She grabbed Opal by the hand and the pair scurried into the corridor. Myrtle proclaimed that Erica had probably gone Mona's house. Erica had never sold the house. Instead she'd been renting it out since Mona's death. Joe arrived a few seconds later and confirmed what Myrtle had said. The cab company that drove Erica from the hospital stated that they'd dropped her off on Adams Street---at Mona's house.

Erica walked methodically around the bathroom. She leaned over slowly and lit three candles. She stopped momentarily and looked at her face in a mirror. Slowly, her hand rose and gently caressed her reflection. Still no emotion showed on Erica's face. After drawing a bubble bath, Erica let her robe fall to the floor. Erica slipped into the bathtub and reached for a razor. She held the razor and twirled it around in her hand. Later, Erica stepped out of the bath and dried off. She sat down in front of another mirror and carefully applied make-up to her still bandaged face. A few brush strokes of blush and coats of lipstick later, Erica headed off and retrieved a white sequin gown. "Thank you for saving this, mother," Erica said eerily. Erica returned to her perch before the mirror and put on a pair of diamond earrings.
Dimitri and Trevor knocked on the bathroom door and called out to Erica, but when they entered Erica had once again vanished.

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