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Monday, August 3, 1998

Stuart lay sprawled on the ground with Lee hovering menacingly over him. Lee held the blade of his knife over Stuart's chest and prepared to make a downward thrust. The blade glistened in the moonlight. It was that glistening that may have saved Stuart's life. Liza saw the shiny metallic blade as she made her way towards her car and screamed in horror. The scream caused Lee to stop what he was doing. For a brief moment it looked like he might turn and head towards Liza, but he didn't. Instead he quickly dashed off before Liza could get a look at him. Liza scampered over to the body that laid on the ground, still unaware that the victim of the attack was someone that she knew. Stuart roused a few minutes later and turned down Liza's attempts to take him to the hospital. Stuart repeatedly commented that he needed to warn Mateo and Tad that Lee was on the loose. Liza didn't know about the recent discovery that Lee might still be alive and worried that the blow to the head might have seriously injured Stuart. She agreed to take him to Wildwind so that he could talk to Mateo, but she made him promise to go to a doctor immediately afterward.

With neither one of them putting too much belief in the presence of ghosts, Mateo and Hayley decided to investigate the noise they heard coming from the mausoleum. Mateo pushed on the door, but it didn't budge. Separated by a few feet of steel and concrete, Marian had turned to a futile attempt to open the locked door with one of her keys. It didn't work. She pounded on the door hoping that someone would hear her, but the only thing she got for her effort was a pair of sore hands. Hayley urged Mateo to puss harder on the door. Mateo blinked his eyes with a bemused look on his face. He suggested that a better idea would be to head to the house and get the keys. "John" appeared out of nowhere and ordered them not to get the keys. No one took notice, but Lee was holding one hand behind his back: the hand with which he was carrying his knife. He carefully tucked the knife into his back pocket and pulled the tail of his shirt over the handle so that no one would see the weapon. He then explained that he would take care of the noise in the crypt. He confidently stated that the noise was probably caused by a wayward squirrel. The couple took Lee's explanation as Gospel and left with only one additional comment---Hayley made Lee promise that he would not harm the squirrel. When Mateo and Hayley left the scene, Lee slipped inside the crypt and carefully locked the door behind him. Marian was immediately stricken by grief. She worried that Lee had done the unthinkable and killed Stuart. Lee was furious that Marian, who he still believed to be Joy, was so concerned about Stuart. He decided that he would turn right around and go back to finish the job. Marian pleaded with Lee not to leave. Nothing she said worked until she lied and assured Lee that she was no longer interested in Stuart. She offered to write a letter to Stuart to explain to him that they were through. Lee liked the idea and after reading the letter, he was even happier. The contents of the letter were never revealed, but since Lee had approved the letter it seemed definite that the letter contained no secret codes. Marian asked Lee if they could take a drive around the countryside, but Lee refused to leave the safe haven the mausoleum provided. He told Marian that there was no way that they could leave Pine Valley. Even if she no longer had her sights set on Stuart, they still had to avenge the death of "their" daughter. "A daughter for a daughter," he said coldly. "We're not leaving here 'til Hayley's dead."

At the main house, Edmund was on the phone with some of his contacts when Stuart stumbled into the livingroom area. He asked Edmund for a bag of ice and proceeded to tell him how he'd been attacked outside The Valley Inn. Still giddy from their late night skinny-dipping, Mateo and Hayley frolicked into the room without knowing that Stuart had been attacked. When they heard the story, Mateo instantly assumed that Lee Hawkins had been behind the attack. Hayley suggested that it was possible that the attack was a random mugging. It was true that the attack could have been random, but as long as Lee Hawkins' whereabouts were not known, it was better to assume that the attack was not random. Edmund received a phone call from one of his contacts and learned that Lee Hawkins had been receiving unemployment checks at an Akron, Ohio address up until several months ago. The date was afterthe date that he supposedly died. Now everyone was certain that Lee was still alive. Stuart walked slowly to the phone to se if Marian had left a message on his answering machine. He was disappointed when he found out that she hadn't called him. While he was on the phone, Mateo realized that no one had an idea of what Lee looked like. Without a description it was possible for them to pass Lee on the street and never know it. When Stuart returned, Hayley realized that her uncle could be the person to supply them with a description. Keeping in mind that Stuart hadn't seen Lee in nearly two decades, he started to sketch a picture of what Lee used to look like. Several of the key characteristics, according to Stuart were that Lee always wore a hat, was "kinda chunky," had a full beard, was "kinda big." The most outstanding feature, however, was his "mean, hard eyes." As Stuart finished up his sketch, another of Edmund's contacts reported in: Lee Hawkins had been collecting unemployment checks at a Center City post office box. Edmund knew that all they had to do was to stake out the mailbox and wait for Lee to arrive. Stuart finished his drawing and held it out for Mateo and Hayley to peruse. Neither one of them recognized the man in the drawing. The drawing did share an uncanny resemblance to "John," but the full bear must have been enough to wipe him from the couple's minds.

Dixie was used to the power outages. She said that her Pigeon Hollow electric company goes out all the time, leading her to the conclusion that the power is generated by a hamster running around in a little wheel. Tad and Dixie sat down to have a relatively deep conversation. Tad asked Dixie about her fiancÚ, Jonas. He hadn't remembered the name and made a few wisecracks while trying to think of the man's name. She explained that things between her and Jonas hadn't worked out and that they are "just friends" now. Jonas was, according to Dixie, a really nice guy---"just not the guy." One of the things her former fiancÚ lacked most was the ability to make her laugh. Tad was forced to discuss his broken engagement to Gloria. He stated that his relationship to Gloria was "a joke" from the first day. He implied that Gloria never really wanted to be with him. The main sticking point was that Gloria didn't trust him. That was a familiar theme in Tad's broken relationships, including his relationship with Dixie. Surprisingly, though, Dixie believed in Tad and was certain that he hadn't done anything to hurt Gloria. The lights started to flicker again and Dixie headed to the desk to find some candles. She opened the drawer and gasped in horror. She pulled out a whimsical fish tie and held it out for Tad to see. The tie had apparently been given to Tad for Father's Day several years back. Tad had never worn the tie. Dixie tried to convince Tad that she was hurt that he hadn't worn the tie, but when told that she should wear the tie, Dixie remarked that she wouldn't be caught dead wearing it! She did, however, agree to put it on in exchange for a bowl of ice cream. Dixie struggled to knot the tie so Tad pitched in to help. He stood behind her and carefully folded and knotted the tie. Things were definitely heating up. The door suddenly swung open and Liza burst into the house to ask Tad for help. Tad and Dixie both swung around and thus ended any chance of re-igniting and old flame. Dixie quickly ducked out leaving Liza to apologize profusely for breaking up Tad's fun. Tad insisted that nothing had been going on between him and Dixie. Liza, however, didn't believe one word of it. They were, after all, Tad and Dixie. She reminded Tad that he and Dixie were a couple's couple and that there would always be magic between them. Tad claimed that he and Dixie had burned their bridges and that there was no future left for them---at least together, anyway. Jake arrived a few minutes later in response to a page that Tad had sent out. He wanted to get Jake and Liza together one last time to ask them to reconsider the insemination. Liza and Jake were both still very much intent on going through with the process. Tad told them that things could be hairy for them in the future, but he insisted that if they were still okay with the procedure then he would support them.

At Chandler Mansion, Adam daydreamed about having a child with Liza. In his fantasy, he helped Liza raise the baby. She fell head over heels in love with him and one day told him that she wanted to have their marriage back again. The only thing, she said, that could make her happier was if Adam was the father of her child. That's when Adam broke the news that he was, in fact, the father of the child. Liza was overjoyed and all three of them lived happily ever after. Dixie barged into the room in a snit and told Adam that she was planning on going to an attorney in the morning so that she could have his court order overturned. Adam warned her that he would tie her up in court for months---or longer. When Adam learned that Dixie had been over at Tad's, he assumed that something of a romantic nature had taken place. Dixie insisted that she'd only dropped by Tad's house so that Junior and Jamie could have a sleepover. She mentioned that Liza dropped by and Adam really seemed tickled. He enjoyed seeing Dixie work herself into a jealous frenzy over a relationship that no longer existed. Adam didn't tell Dixie how he knew that Tad and Liza's relationship was a thing of the past, he simply assured her that it was over. In defense of Adam, he did seemed genuinely pleased at the prospect of Tad and Dixie reuniting. Dixie could have cared left and stormed out of the room. Before she got out of hearing range, she called Adam a "jerk."

David told Allie that a clinic in Center City was looking for medical technicians. It wasn't exactly the type of glamorous career that Allie had wanted for herself, but it was still a job. Allie told David to buzz off, leading him to wonder how Allie planned in paying her bills. He let it be known that he knew that Liza had paid off Allie's student loans. He also said that he knew that Liza wanted to have a baby. He had yet to figure out why Allie was upset over the planned pregnancy. As he rambled on and on, he ultimately came to the reason. He laughed, not because he found it funny, but because he found it somewhat puzzling that Jake had agreed to father Liza's child. David remarked that he would have gladly made a donation to help Liza have a baby. Allie couldn't help but notice that David seemed awfully interested in Liza's situation. If Allie wanted to have Jake's child, she could always beat Liza to the punch. That wasn't likely since Liza's procedure was to take in the morning. Besides, Allie has no desire to have a child. David urged Allie to stop the procedure somehow. Again, Allie noticed that David was particularly interested in blocking the procedure. She asked David if he was interested in Liza romantically. Of course he denied the claims, but Allie was sure that she'd hit on something. "You can't love him if you don't have him," David said of Jake. Allie ordered David to scram and he agreed to leave. Allie paced around the room for several minutes before heading for the phone so that she could call Jake and tell him about what Adam had done.