AMC Recaps: The week of December 22, 1997 on All My Children
Tad, Edmund, and Gillian planned to expose Dimitri as a kidnapper. Gloria learned that she was not pregnant. No one believed Adam when he suffered a real mini-stroke. Janet turned down Trevor's proposal. A woman saved Tim's life after two thugs mugged him. Erica was granted parole.
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Monday, December 22, 1997

For Adam, his crying wolf got him into a heap of trouble. By exaggerating the severity of his illness people were not apt to believe him anymore. That's exactly what happened. Adam suffered a legitimate attack, but no one was around to help him out. After several agonizing minutes on the ground, Adam managed to struggle to his feet. He staggered forward before once again crashing to the ground. Things looked up for him when Scott and Gillian strolled down the path. Adam called out to them for help, but in his weakened state his cries were barely audible. A further detriment was his location. Had Adam not struggled to get up, he'd have been laying in the open, but when he fell he ended up behind an old rowboat. Scott and Gillian were not expecting to find a dying man on the ground, so they weren't exactly looking around for one. Besides, they had other things on their mind. There was a great deal of sexual innuendo between Scott and Gillian. Sometime in between the idle chitchat, Scott made mention of still caring for Laura. His mind quickly straggled back to sex when Gillian planted a passionate kiss on his lips. As they kissed, Gillian heard a rustling in the leaves. Scott told her that a bunch of amorous squirrels were creating the racket and told her to pay them no mind. The rustling was followed by an odd groan and Gillian knew that the noise was caused by something other than squirrels. Upon closer investigation she saw Adam laying on the ground. Scott told her to call the paramedics and, in spite of Adam's orders to the contrary, rushed off to find a payphone.

Amanda returned home and caught Tim in the act of fleeing. Amanda might be young in years, but she knew what she saw. Tim tried to come up with an excuse to explain what he was up to, but it did no good. Amanda's eyes welled with tears as she told her brother that she'd much rather lose Christmas than him. Her pleas to get him to stay fell on deaf ears. Tim was convinced that leaving home was the only way for everyone to be happy. Before he left, he asked Amanda to promise that she would not tell anyone that he ran away from home. With one final hug, Tim walked out the front door.

A crowd of Christmas shoppers didn't expect their holiday shopping to feature a sideshow. Trevor bent down on one knee in front of Janet and asked her to marry him. The crowd gathered 'round the pair and listened intently to Trevor's proposal. Trevor isn't exactly a master of the English language, but his words were heartfelt and appropriate. Before Janet could reply, the crowd burst into spontaneous applause to congratulate the couple. Trevor took Janet by the hand and led her to a quieter, more secluded corner of the mall. There she told him that she finds it hard to comprehend that Trevor would want to marry her in the wake of their past problems. Trevor told her that all of their problems were some type of bizarre karma that is showing them that they belong together. Again, Janet was prevented from giving an answer. This time, Amanda phoned Trevor to tell him that something bad had happened. Trevor knew that Amanda knew something about Tim and told her that it was okay to break her promise to Tim because Tim might be in trouble. Trevor was shocked by the news of Tim's running away and he and Janet ran out of the mall. Several of the proposal-gawkers had hung around and watched as Trevor and Janet dashed off. One of the women commented that they must be so much in love that they decided to get married right away!

At the hospital, David handed out sterling silver hearts to all of the nurses and doctors he worked with as Christmas presents. He had a special gift for Allie. Allie, however, wasn't really looking for a present from David and told him to keep his give. He pressured her into opening the box. Inside the box was an elegant emerald and diamond ring. It was no ordinary: It was an engagement ring. Allie insisted that she didn't want the ring---or David for that matter. Jake unknowingly interrupted the conversation with some totally unrelated news. He asked David for his help in convincing Allie to agree to the Bulletin article. David had an inkling as to why Allie didn't want to be a subject of the article. He used Allie's fears of having her past exposed to sock it to her. He praised Allie's excellent transcripts and mentioned her undergraduate records. These, of course, were the records that Allie somehow managed to falsify. Allie's lips pursed tightly together and she flashed David an evil glare. Fortunately, the conversation was broken up by the arrival of a new patient. Jake gave Adam a quick look and ordered a series of tests. Scott filled the doctor in on all that he knew about Adam's condition before heading to the phone to call Stuart. Gillian later praised Scott for handling the situation so calmly.
David and Allie found themselves alone once again. David mused at the bitter irony of his situation. If Allie were to turn down his marriage proposal, he would turn her in to the proper authorities. Allie snapped that blackmail was not the right way to go about convincing someone to marry him. David agreed, but said that he was having a lot of fun making Allie squirm. What no one knew was that Jake had been in the room. He opened the door, heard a portion of the discussion, and turned right around before he was detected.
Stuart was the only person to visit Adam. Adam groused about being hooked up to machines and complained that the doctors were only trying to get money out of him. Stuart told Adam he had contacted Hayley and Liza, but that neither of them were going to visit him. Hayley was content in knowing that Adam was in stable condition. Liza, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with her soon-to-be ex-husband. Adam seemed to find solace in knowing that his brother was there for him. Stuart smiled gently and told Adam that he'll never turn his back on him.
Outside, Jake approached Allie and gave her a briefing on Adam's condition. Then rather abruptly he asked Allie how "the boyfriend thing" was going. Jake played semi-stupid as he recalled that the former love was from California. "What was his name," Jake said stroking his chin. "Dr. Hayward, I believe." Allie was dumbstruck and could say nothing.

Janet and Trevor returned to the Dillon House and comforted Amanda. Janet suggested that Trevor contact Derek. At the mention of the detective's name, Amanda worried that Tim would be locked back in jail. Janet explained that the police are often called to help people out and are not always indicative of someone going to jail. Trevor headed out to track down his son. Amanda looked down at the coffeetable and asked her mommy if she thought Tim might have stayed around if Natalie's angel had been put atop the tree. Janet shook her head and sighed. Tim's problems, she noted, went beyond simple ornaments. Amanda wondered why God had taken Tim's from him. Janet said that sometimes really bad things happen to good people and that there is no way to fully understand things like that. Amanda was content in knowing that she would learn the answer to those difficult questions when she gets to heaven. Amanda fell asleep on the sofa under Janet's watchful eye. Janet picked up the angel and begged Natalie to keep an eye on Tim.

Tim's journey took him to the cemetery. He knelt down in front of his mother's grave and explained to her why he felt he needed to get out of town. He apologized for lying about Janet's involvement---or lack thereof-in the meat locker incident. He explained that he did it for his mom. Tim prepared to say goodbye when he saw a blonde-haired woman walk by. He jumped to his feet and called out for his mom.

Tuesday, December 23, 1997

It may not have been what he wanted, but Adam did finally get visitor. Like a house on fire, Tad burst into Adam's room and begged him for information on Skye. Tad explained that he needed to ask Skye a few questions about Dimitri. Adam refused to speak up and called out for a nurse. Tad continued pestering Adam and Adam once again screamed at the top of his lungs for a nurse. This time his cries were heard. Gloria raced into the room and ordered Tad to leave at once. Tad refused, saying that he just needed a few answers. Gloria forcibly booted him from the room. She scolded him for breaking hospital rules and threatened to have the guards remove him from the property. Tad accused Gloria of thwarting his questioning because she is afraid of what she'll learn about her husband. Gloria defended Dimitri's name, calling him a wonderful man and an even better husband. Tad insisted that Dimitri knew that Maddie was not his child even before he packed up and headed to Hungary. Gloria had a rational explanation for Tad's obsession with proving Dimitri is a liar. She said that Tad has not faced the fact that they are no longer together. The relationship was fun while it lasted, Gloria commented, but it was over now. Tad saw a toy train on top of the nurses' station and his mind wandered for several minutes. He recalled the first Christmas after his return to Pine Valley. That was a time of happiness, he noted. He vividly remembered "playing" with Edmund and Dimitri and a toy train. Gloria claimed that Dimitri was still a good man. She returned to Adam's room to make sure that he was resting comfortably. Adam somehow overheard Tad and Gloria's conversation and felt a need to stick his nose into Gloria's affairs. He told Gloria that Tad might be right about Dimitri. Somewhat jokingly he noted that Gloria has not fallen for the best men---himself included!

Erica was taken to the courthouse for an unknown reason. When she got there she realized that Jack must have convinced the governor to issue her a pardon. She babbled endlessly about going home to her daughter. Jack had to break the news that her sentence would not be commuted. The governor, he said, did not want to be seen as someone who made special rules to the rich and famous. Erica was devastated. She continued to rant on and on, but now her babbling had taken on a decisively different tone. The governor did, however, agree to allow Erica to present her case before a special review board. Jack told her that all hope was not yet lost because he had a new witness. He wouldn't tell Erica anything more than that. After Jack left, Erica paced the floors nervously. She looked out the window and spied some carolers. She opened up the blinds and took a few steps away from the window. The guard, obviously bored by having to spend Christmas Eve watching Erica, wandered over to the window and became engrossed in the music. Erica tried to slip out of the room, but when she opened the door Dimitri was standing on the other side. Dimitri called out to the guard, accusing Erica of trying to escape. The two former lovers bickered back and forth over trivial matters. The guard was annoyed by the petty conversation and told them both to shut up. Dimitri informed Erica that he planned on speaking at her special parole hearing. Erica accused him of being out to get her because she'd divorced him. Dimitri laughed sarcastically and told Erica that she was flattering herself. He told Erica that he was there to punish her for taking his child from him. Erica corrected him, saying that Maddie is Edmund's daughter. Dimitri frowned and stated that Maddie would still be his child if Erica hadn't gotten involved. The two then argued over which of them had committed the more heinous act of kidnapping. Erica explained why she needs to be released from jail early. Dimitri thinks of Bianca as the daughter he never had, but he wasn't so sure that Erica was telling the truth about her condition. A few seconds later, the special review board entered the room---and they were not in the best of moods. They were angry that they were torn from their homes on Christmas Eve. One of the board members even referred to Erica's petition for parole as a "lost cause." Erica knew that the odds were stacked against her.

Tim took a flower from a nearby grave and placed it on his mother's gravesite. He wished that he could bring his mother back with his prayers, but he knew that that was not possible. He regretted that he never had the chance to say goodbye to his mother. Here he was again at that same final farewell and once again he didn't know how to say goodbye. Trevor's voice called out from across the cemetery causing Tim to run and hide. Trevor didn't see his son, but when he saw the single flower on the grave, he knew that Tim had been there. Janet arrived a few minutes later. She'd left Amanda with Mike so that she could join the search party. Trevor felt that Janet's place was back at home with Amanda. He assured her that everything would turn out okay for them---all of them. Trevor left to continue his search. Janet, on the other hand, hung around to have a few words with Natalie. She recalled that she was not the best sister to Natalie. For that said she was sorry. Although she worried that it might not be her place to ask for any favors, she had a proposition for her deceased sister. Janet told Nat that it was her fault that Tim had run away. She vowed to turn down Trevor's proposal so that Tim would not be hurt anymore than he's already been hurt. For her part, Janet asked Natalie to find Tim and help him find his way back home.

Edmund received a visit from Jack. It wasn't a social visit, though. Jack told Edmund that he wanted him to speak at Erica's parole hearing. Edmund refused to help Erica. After all, she stole Maddie from him. Jack agreed, but also pointed out that had Erica not gotten involved, Maddie would still be with Dimitri. Edmund was still not interested in helping Erica. Jack said that he wanted to show Edmund something, Jack stepped into the hall and returned with Bianca by his side. Edmund's face turned white and a look of horror crept over him when he set his eyes upon the young girl. He gave her a hug and realized that Bianca was wasting away. Bianca stepped out of the room to put some present under the tree for Maddie and Sam. Jack told Edmund that Bianca has only a matter of a few months left before she starves herself to death. The only one who can save Bianca, Jack said, was Edmund.

In Tim's travels to the bus station, he took the wrong turn and ended up in a dark alley. Two thugs stopped him and asked him where he was going. When Tim told them that he was going to catch a bus to New York, the two thugs feigned concern and worried that Tim might not have enough money to buy a ticket. Tim tried to make a getaway, but one of the boys grabbed him and threw him to the ground. One of the punks brandished a switchblade and the other plucked a broken beer bottle from the trash. Tim was in serious trouble. Someone must have been looking out for him because a mysterious stranger appeared out of nowhere and clobbered one of the ghouls with a lead pipe. The punks took off and the woman leaned over Tim to make sure that he was okay. Tim opened his eyes, but his vision was a little blurry. He thanked his guardian angel for helping him. When he looked at the woman's face, he saw... Natalie!

Wednesday, December 24, 1997

Christmas Eve provided a flurry of activity in Pine Valley. Things at Pine Valley Hospital, however, were rather calm. That, of course, was a good sign Joe and Ruth decided to work the holiday shift so that the younger nurses and doctors could be at home with their families. Ruth reminisced about Christmases of years gone by and wished that she could have just one more Christmas with all of her loved ones under the same roof. A prescription from on high was phoned in and Ruth got exactly what she wanted. Singing a Christmas carol, Jamie, Brooke, Tad, Kevin, and Kelsey entered the lobby to spend Christmas Eve with Joe and Ruth. Somewhere around the corner, Jake invited Allie to spend the night before Christmas with him and his family. Allie worried that Jake wouldn't want her hanging around now that he'd learned that her ex-boyfriend was Dr. Hayward. Jake shrugged and announced that Allie's personal affairs were none of his business. Her lips, however, must have been his business because he planted a kiss on Allie. Conveniently, though, she was standing under the mistletoe. Tad and Jamie walked in on the young doctors smooching, prompting Tad to muse that Jake was demonstrating a new life-saving technique.

Trevor searched the emergency room for signs of Tim, but the missing boy was nowhere to be found. Jake offered some good news by telling Trevor that Tim had not been admitted to the hospital. Trevor dropped off his business card and asked Jake to phone him if he saw Tim. Opal, Palmer, and Petey also spent Christmas Eve at the hospital. Palmer was emotional at seeing his young son enjoying himself. Palmer's light heart lasted only a short time. Opal told him that she'd arranged a special holiday surprise for Kevin. Palmer snapped that he ordered Opal to keep her nose out of Kevin's business. This, Opal said, was a good surprise---one that even Palmer couldn't be upset by. With that, Judith tiptoed into the hospital and surprised her son. Kevin was very pleased to see his mom. This marked the first Christmas he'd spend with his mother in recent memory. Judith recalled a present she'd been given by Kevin when he was just a boy. The present, Kevin's handprint in some Plaster of Paris, stirred up some fond memories. The handprint was accompanied by a short poem written by Kevin commenting on how one day he'd be all grown up. The two shared a hug and walked arm-in-arm to the hospital's Christmas tree.

Janet called Derek and pleaded with him to expand the search for Tim. Derek assured her that he was doing everything he could to bring Tim home. With the melodies of carolers in the background, Janet removed her star from the top of the tree and put Natalie's angel in its place. Janet got down on her knees and once again prayed for Tim's safe return. Amanda walked in on her mother's prayer and asked her what she was doing. Janet tried to say that she was looking for a lost ornament, but Amanda knew better. She admitted that she'd been upstairs praying for God to send her brother back home. Janet told Amanda that she'd asked a special angel to look out for Tim. Amanda asked if it would be okay for her to pray to that special angel, too. Janet smiled and nodded her head.

The members of the parole board continued griping about being pulled from their families on Christmas Eve. Erica felt badly for them, but she insisted that she knew how they felt. Dimitri rose to his feet and announced that he wanted to address the board. Since he was out of the country during the time that Erica had her first parole hearing, he didn't have the chance to speak out then. Erica jumped out of her chair and accused Dimitri of harboring a grudge against her for divorcing him. If she's locked up, she sneered. Dimitri will have the satisfaction of knowing that she is not with another man. Irritated by the bickering, one of the board members ordered Erica to be quiet. Dimitri was then given the green light to continue speaking. Dimitri assured the board that he was not out for revenge. His sole purpose, he concluded, was to see that Erica served her entire sentence. Jack had still not returned and the male head of the committee decided that enough of their time had been wasted. He announced that they were going to adjourn and decided Erica's fate. With that, Jack burst into the room and apologized for his tardiness. He told the board that he had a special witness to speak in Erica's defense. Edmund walked slowly into the courtroom. He said that he never expected to spend Christmas Eve in a courthouse. Erica's crime, Edmund said, was not a "victimless crime" as so many people had previously stated; His entire family was hurt. But had it not been for Erica, Edmund continued, he might never have known that Maddie was his daughter. Edmund's speech then focused on Bianca and how the young girl needs her mother. The board's makeshift leader told Edmund that his testimony, like Dimitri's, was very compelling. Edmund urged the board to turn a deaf ear to Dimitri's testimony because it's biased. The board decided that it had heard enough and adjourned to discuss their verdict. Erica thanked Edmund for helping her out. She told him that she'd always be thankful to him---even if she was denied an early release from prison. Erica also knew that Edmund might never forgive what she'd done, but pledged to work each day to earn back his trust.

At Wildwind, Isabella, Belinda, Rosa, Mateo, and Hayley showed up to celebrate Christmas Eve with Edmund, Gillian, Eugenia, and the children. They were startled to learn that Edmund had gone to the courthouse to help Erica get out of jail. Isabella was furious, but Mateo took a surprisingly different stance. He encouraged his mother try to put the hatred aside and get past what Erica had done to them. Mateo would later tell Hayley that he meant what he said, but that it would be hard to live up to his own words.

The mysterious woman in the alley lectured Tim on the dangers of being out by himself late at night. Tim knew that the woman was his mother, Natalie. Tim explained that he'd run away from home because he could no longer deal with Janet. The Nat look alike scolded Tim for running away from his troubles. Tim told her about the meat locker debacle and how he knew she'd be rooting for him to do in Janet. But that was not the case. The woman told Tim that he needs to remember how to forgive those who've wronged in the past. Tim was stunned that his "mother" was asking him to forgive the woman who threw her down a well. She told Tim that she doesn't expect him to forgive Janet overnight, but urged him to take at step in the right direction. Tim began to sob as he realized how badly he misses his mother. In a tear-filled exchange between the two, the woman told Tim that his mother is always with him---in the whistling of the wind and in his tears. His mother, she added, was his first love and his first heartbreak. Nothing---nothing---would ever change that. In the distance, Trevor's voice called out. The woman stroked Tim's cheek and nodded her head: It was time for Tim to return to his family.

At Linden, Esther informed Myrtle that Bianca hadn't eaten a thing all day---unless you count bottled water and some "no calorie" breath mints. Bianca sighed that her Christmas wish would not come true. Myrtle tried her best to comfort the girl, but nothing seemed to help. Bianca heard the sound of a door closing and knew that her uncle had returned from running his errands. Bianca whirled around and saw her mother standing before her. Bianca raced into her mother's arms and the two broke into tears. Myrtle asked Jack how he'd managed to finagle a visit. Jack exclaimed that Erica was not home to visit---she was home to stay!

Dimitri hung around the courthouse for a long time after the verdict was read. Over and over in his mind he heard Erica's accusing him of only being out to hurt her because of their divorce. If it wasn't true, Erica had asked, why was Dimitri at the hearing rather than at home with Gloria? A guard poked his head in the room and told Dimitri that he'd have to leave.

Back at Wildwind, Edmund told everyone that Erica had been released from prison. Isabella didn't fully understand why Edmund had done what he'd done, but she respected his decision. It was time to get past the hatred, she agreed, and face the fact that Erica is the one who will have to live with the guilt for the rest of her life.

Michael asked Amanda to turn in for the night, but she refused to go to bed until Tim returned home. The front door swung open and Trevor erupted in a cheerful "ho-ho-ho." Tim entered the house and was greeted with a hug from his sister. Amanda said that she knew the special angel would bring her brother home. Tim looked towards the Christmas tree and saw that his mother's angel sat proudly on the highest bow. That was right where she belonged, Janet smiled: Watching over the Dillon family. Outside, the woman who'd saved Tim's life looked in the window and smiled broadly.

Thursday, December 25, 1997

Due to the Christmas holiday, All My Children did not air today. On behalf of everyone involved in Soap Central, I would like to wish you a safe, happy, healthy, and love-filled Christmas.

Dan Kroll
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Friday, December 26, 1997

With less than one week of 1997 left, Edmund worked feverishly to map out the final plans for the Crystal Ball, a New Year's eve bash that would benefit a charity he'd established in Maria's name. Tad showed himself into the livingroom area and blasted Edmund for turning him back to their plans to expose Dimitri as a kidnapper. Edmund apologized for giving the appearance that he was no longer interested in knocking his half-brother down a peg, but reminded Tad that the ball was in memory of his late wife. Tad felt like a heel and promptly offered his apologies. Edmund did managed to set some time aside to discuss their Dimitri scheme. They concluded that unless they were able to track down Skye, they were going to have to force Dimitri to confess that he knew Maddie was not his child before he took the baby to Hungary. That would not be an easy task. Dimitri was too smart, they agreed, to offer his confession at this stage of the game. Gillian entered the room to help herself to some coffee and croissants. When she did, a little lightbulb lit up over Tad's head. He asked her if she'd like to get involved in "an adventure." Flapping her croissant around, Gillian blasted Tad for wanting to see her make a fool of herself. She told him that her stint at WRCW was a total disaster, one that she doesn't want to repeat. She stormed out of the room content on not getting involved in Tad's scheme. What she didn't know was that Tad and Edmund continued their quorum and Gillian was very much a part of their plans.

The time had come for Gloria to find out once and for all if she was really pregnant. Dimitri worried that a hone pregnancy test would provided inaccurate results, but Gloria assured him that they are nearly one hundred percent accurate. Gloria once again asked Dimitri not to get his hopes up. Dimitri was certain that Gloria was pregnant and he began daydreaming of what life would be like with a new baby. Within five minutes his daydreams would be shattered. Gloria returned and told Dimitri that the test results showed she was not pregnant. Gloria was disappointed, but not nearly as much as Dimitri. Dimitri called the test results unreliable and urged Gloria to go to the hospital for a "real" pregnancy test. With no baby in sight, Dimitri was again filled with fears that Gloria would leave him. He cursed Tad and Edmund for playing mind games with Gloria---telling her how evil he was. Gloria assured her husband that she is still very much in love with him and that she has no plans of leaving him. Their discussion was interrupted by a phone call... a very odd phone call. Edmund phoned Dimitri and asked to speak to him immediately. There was an urgent matter, Edmund said, that they needed to discuss.

Janet made an appearance at the Dillon House. In a soft voice, Tim told Janet that he was sorry for what he'd done to her. Janet could see that Tim was having difficulty with his apology and told him that he didn't have to say he was sorry. Tim's voice assumed a normal conversational tone and he looked Janet straight in the eye. He told her that he wants to apologize to her because he'd really screwed up. Janet smiled and told Tim that she too was sorry for coming between him and his father. Now that the score was settled, Amanda once more had hopes of a happy family. Trevor advised his daughter not to take such big leaps. Finally, Tim had an opening to explain what had happened to him. He informed everyone of how Natalie had saved him from a pummeling at the hands of the two thugs. Tim's story brought worry to Trevor, who wondered if Tim had received some type of head injury during the scuffle. Tim insisted that he was telling the truth, but Trevor wasn't buying it. Janet cocked her head to one side and asked Tim if he knew what time he thought he saw his mother. The two thought hard for a few minutes and realized that the time Tim believes he saw his mother was around the same time that Janet prayed to Natalie to watch over her son. Trevor asked his two children to run into the kitchen and start making breakfast. Trevor followed them into the kitchen and helped them locate the waffle iron. Alone, Janet turned and faced the Christmas tree. She thanked Natalie for bringing Tim home and told her sister that she'd live up to her end of the bargain---she'd turn down Trevor's proposal. Trevor returned and, with the kids still working on breakfast, he was once again able to propose to Janet. This time there were no interruptions and Janet was able to give her response: a firm no. Trevor didn't see Janet's negative response as... well, he didn't think she really meant no. Trevor decided that his proposal wasn't "good enough" for Janet. Here he was, he chuckled, proposing to Janet with the kids burning breakfast in the background and the house looking like a pigsty. Janet deserved better, he stated. Janet rose to her feet and headed for the door. She asked Trevor to say goodbye to the kids for her.
Later Tim and Amanda asked why Janet had left. Trevor beat around the bush until he could think of what to say. He said that he asked Janet a question, a question that Janet had to think about for a while. Trevor cleared the table. Amanda's little mind whirred into overdrive. She asked her brother if he thought that their father had asked Janet to marry him. Tim shrugged his shoulders indifferently and said that he had no idea. Amanda hopes that her father had proposed---and prayed that her mother would accept.

Edmund's arrival at Dimitri's house put Dimitri on the defensive. He advised Edmund to keep his voice down. Edmund smiled wryly and announced that he was not there to cause trouble. The past twelve months had been filled with heartbreak and arguments, Edmund noted. He wanted the New Year to be less stressful---and that meant that he wanted to make peace with his estranged brother. Edmund used the holiday as the reason for his decision to make peace. He said that Jesus preached peace and love---so what better day to bury the hatchet than on Jesus' birthday. Edmund extended his arm in the hopes that he and his brother could shake on the deal. Dimitri refused to shake Edmund's hand until he asked a few questions. Was Edmund willing to forgive Dimitri for sleeping with Maria and also drop his claims that Dimitri kidnapped Maddie? Yes, if you believe Edmund. Dimitri said that he never expected Edmund to have a sudden turnaround. He agreed that it was time to put the past behind them and said that he'd do his best to return to the days of old. Edmund invited Dimitri and Gloria to the Crystal Ball, but Dimitri said he'd have to ask Gloria if she wanted to go before accepting the invitation.

Janet returned to the cemetery to thank Natalie for returning Tim home to Trevor. She explained that she did not turn down Trevor's proposal because of Tim. She said that Trevor deserves someone better than her---and so does Natalie.

Gillian and Tad had another run-in. He told her that he was sorry for her rough time at WRCW, but television wasn't an easy field. Gillian wasn't going to forgive Tad easily. Tad tried to change the subject, asking Gillian if she could fake another accent. Gillian called herself the "master of disguises" and assured Tad that she could change her voice as well. Tad leaned over and whisper is plan into Gillian's ear. He told her that he understands that she likes her cousin. This plan, he said, should be thought of as an "intervention" to put a halt to Dimitri's downward spiral. Gillian only agreed to help after Tad offered her some cash. Tad didn't think Gillian should be paid for her services because she's already a rich woman. Gillian claimed that she had principles---and one of those principles was to be paid for helping him.

When Jack arrived at Linden, Esther told him that Bianca is still refusing to eat. So even with Erica home, the young girl still moves closer and closer to tragedy. Erica and Bianca sat at the coffeetable with lots of breakfast goodies on their plate. Erica noticed that Bianca wasn't eating her food. Erica called Esther over and asked her to take Bianca's plate into the kitchen. Too much emphasis, Erica said, was put on eating. If Bianca did not want to eat, she didn't have to eat. Jack and Esther were flabbergasted. What on Earth was Erica up to? Erica's mind turned back to herself as she spoke of a major renovation to Linden House---or possibly a move to a new home. She cut up her food as she spoke. Erica then rose to her feet and walked over to the picture window. She summoned Jack to her side and told him that her landscaping needed to be reworked. While the two had their backs turned, Bianca began to nibble on a croissant. Erica motioned to Jack to tell him to take a look at Bianca. He was shocked. Bianca took the plate in her pale little hands and asked her mother if she was done eating. Erica paid it little mind and told Bianca that she could take it to the kitchen. Bianca stood up, picked up the plate, and continued eating some of the croissant as she walked out of the room. Jack asked Erica how she knew that her plan would provoke Bianca to eat. An ecstatic Erica told Jack that she'd done a lot of research on anorexia while in jail. The doorbell sounded and the celebration was temporarily suspended. Jack mused that, if Erica was serious about wanting to redecorate, she should brick-over the door and pulled out the doorbell. Erica opened the door and received a Christmas surprise---Maggie! Maggie pushed her way into the house and told Erica that she was ready to talk to her. Erica was surprised that Maggie knew where to find her. She tried to get Maggie to leave, but nothing she said accomplished the task. Jack wandered over and asked Erica what she and Maggie were up to. Maggie explained that she'd followed Erica's orders and bought some of her signature line of clothing. Erica thought quickly on her feet and called Maggie an "obsessive fan." She pushed her out the door and hurried to lock the deadbolt. Jack knew that Erica was embroiled in something a little less than honest. Erica ultimately confessed that she planned to have Maggie take her place in prison. Jack was upset, but he was too happy to have Erica home to yell at her. Again the doorbell rang. Erica waltzed over to the door and opened it up. Standing outside was Travis!

Edmund returned to Wildwind and told Tad that Dimitri bought his apology, but added that he was still hedging when he left. That meant it was time to put the second phase of their plan into action. At the loft, Dimitri was telling his wife about Edmund's desire to put an end to their feud. Gloria was happy that the bickering might soon end, but she was also a little skeptical. Dimitri answered the ringing phone and received a shock. "Mr. Marick," a tiny, squeaky voice cooed. "I know what you did. I know..."

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Days of our Lives
General Hospital
Guiding Light
One Life to Live
Port Charles
Sunset Beach
The Young and the Restless
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