AMC Recaps: The week of November 3, 1997 on All My Children
Ricky returned and asked Jim for more money. Brooke grew dangerously dependent on Jim. Erica told Edmund that he was really Maddie's father. Skye confessed to Edmund that she had switched the paternity results. Mateo revealed on The Cutting Edge that Adam was behind the problems at TransGlobal.
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Monday, November 3, 1997

The display in the hallway caused the hair on the back of Janet's neck to stand at attention. She tried to shield her daughter from the smashed up pumpkin, but Amanda was determined to see what she thought were trick-or-treaters. Amanda looked quizzically at the pumpkin and insightfully noted that the jack-o-lantern looked like somebody's head. Amanda plucked a metal object from the pumpkin's head and asked Janet if she knew what the device was. Reluctantly and with each word dragged out, Janet told Amanda that the metal object was a crowbar, an item used to pry things open. Since Amanda had already noted that the jack-o-lantern looked like a human head, Amanda's next question seemed like a natural progression. She asked Janet if it would hurt to get hit by someone wielding a crowbar. Janet flashed back to her fleeting encounter with Will Cortlandt and became eerily silent. She told Amanda to wash her hands and get ready to go back home.

In the park, Mateo prepared to deliver his stunning news to Hayley. There was no easy way for Mateo to tell Hayley that her father was the former owner of Corview. In fact, Mateo almost didn't go through with telling Hayley the news. He started off by apologizing for devoting all of his attention to the crash investigation. Hayley assured him that his actions were normal and made sure that he knew that she didn't expect him to give up on finding the person responsible for Maria's death. Matt lowered his head and told Hayley that he'd found out who was in charge of Corview. Hayley was elated, but not for long. Mateo rehashed the events of the last few weeks. He reminded Hayley that it was Adam who had called for a meeting between them and Miles Christopher. Hayley followed her husband's logic, but didn't quite make it to the ultimate conclusion. She asked Matt if he thought that Adam was covering up for the real owner of the company. Matt nodded and told Hayley that the man Adam is covering up for... is himself! Hayley laughed nervously. She implied that Mateo was jumping to erroneous conclusions in his efforts to get the bottom of the investigation. After telling Hayley about the sale agreement he'd come across didn't convince Hayley that Adam was the owner of the airline, he told her about the tape recording he'd made. The realization that her father was responsible for the deaths of Maria an a dozen other passengers was too much for Hayley to handle. She fell into Mateo's arms and sobbed uncontrollably. Mateo comforted her, but his face was cold and emotionless. Hayley asked him what he was going to do with the information he'd learned. Mateo had no idea and told Hayley that they should return to Holidays.

At Holidays, Dimitri had a quick and well-devised response for Gloria. He walked her over to a table and asked her to sit down with her. A mystery illness plagued Dimitri from childhood. Or at least that's what Dimitri claimed. He told Gloria that, as a child, he learned that he had Attention Deficit Disorder. His doctors prescribed him a methamphetamine to help his focus his attention. No one knew about this disorder and Dimitri asked Gloria to keep the secret just that---a secret. Gloria was concerned about the prescription; She said that doctors usually don't prescribe amphetamines to adults. Dimitri talked down Gloria's knowledge of drugs. He claimed that she was "only a nurse" and isn't as up-to-date on medical treatments as a doctor would be. Gloria still seemed concerned as she unconvincingly told Dimitri that she believed him. Gloria said that she needed to get back to the hospital and bid her husband farewell. Dimitri waited until Gloria had left before he walked over to Skye's table. Skye demonstrated a mix up fear and annoyance as she told Dimitri that she didn't want to hear any more of his threats. Dimitri smiled fiendishly and told Skye that he was about to do her a big favor. Dimitri learned that Skye had visited Erica earlier in the day. He wasn't pleased. He worried that Skye's visit to Erica signaled that she was about to spill the truth about Maddie's daddy. So to keep Skye quiet, Dimitri had arranged for Skye to be flown to Los Angeles where she could start a new life. Skye didn't want to leave town and told Dimitri that she was not going to head west. Dimitri lifted his hands and a "squeezing" motion with his fingers. Skye swallowed hard as Dimitri told her that she had to agree to leave... or else. When Edmund returned to his table, Dimitri decided to hightail it out of the restaurant. Before leaving he told Skye that a ticket for her flight would be messengered to Wildwind later in the day. Once Dimitri was gone, Edmund rushed over to Skye and asked her if everything was okay. Skye told Edmund that she wanted to work on their plans against Dimitri and added that they had to work fast because she needed to get home and pack her bags. Edmund was disturbed that Skye planned on leaving town. Skye wouldn't divulge any of the details of her planned departure. Edmund reiterated that he could not bear to lose another person in his life and begged Skye to reconsider.

Across the room, Adam and Liza waited patiently for Hayley and Mateo to return. They had made plans to send the couple on a trip to New York to help to relax and focus their attention on their marriage. Since the trip had done wonders for them, The Chandlers felt that it would benefit The Santoses as well. Hayley and Mateo returned quite a while later and both froze in their tracks where they were greeted by Liza and Adam's smiles.

Erica paced back and forth in the waiting room. It had been hours since she contacted Jack and asked him to drop by. When he finally arrived, Jack filled Erica in on Bianca's homecoming. He did tell her that Bianca was not eating, but assured her that that would change in time. Erica wasted no time in blurting out that she had proof that Dimitri was not Maddie's father. Jack was stunned by the news. Erica explained that blood type incompatibility to Jack, but Jack reminded Erica that a paternity test had been performed and proved that Dimitri was, in fact, Madeline's father. Erica nodded. She agreed that a test had been performed and that results were obtained. But she commented that she was 99% sure that the results were falsified and that Skye somehow played a part in the altered results. Erica took a few moments to tell Jack about how she's been using Gillian as her "eyes and ears." Once Jack heard about Skye and Andy's secretive meetings, he advised Erica to contact Edmund and tell him what she'd learned. Erica sadly noted that Edmund wanted nothing to do with her. Jack decided that a new plan was needed in order to make Edmund see the light.

In the park, Dimitri waited for Gloria to end her shift at the hospital. He told her that he wanted to take her on a honeymoon to anywhere her heart desires. Gloria looked forward to a honeymoon, but said that she could not bear to be away from Maddie. Dimitri told her that she wouldn't have to go through separation anxiety because Maddie was going with them.

Amanda told Trevor about their spooky run-in with the pumpkin. Janet tried to hush her daughter, but it did no good. Amanda had forgotten the name of the object used to smash up the pumpkin and asked Janet for the name. Janet, her headed nearly buried in her chest, softly said that the word Amanda was looking for was "crowbar." Trevor asked Amanda to go upstairs and read her mail. When she was safely out of hearing range, Trevor tried to console Janet. The encounter really shook up Janet. Janet worried that it would be only a matter of time before Amanda learned about the infamous "crowbar killing." Trevor agreed and suggested that he be the one to tell Amanda. Both felt that Tim was responsible for the planted pumpkin. They were interrupted by a knock at the door: It was Jamie. He'd been dropped off to spend the night swapping candy with Amanda. Trevor sent Jamie upstairs to see Amanda and then walked Janet to her car. Tim and a friend marched into the livingroom. They laughed as Tim boasted about planting the pumpkin outside Janet's hotel room. Amanda and Jamie were playing at the top of the steps as Tim referred to Janet at "the crowbar killer."

At Wildwind, Skye told Edmund that she would not leave town. A few minutes later Gillian arrived with a trick-or-treat of her own. She handed Maddie to Edmund and smiled gleefully as father and daughter were reunited. Jack phoned Edmund and asked that he not leave Wildwind until he got there. Edmund enjoyed the time he had with Maddie, but told Gillian that she'd better get going before Jack catches him violating the court order by seeing Maddie. Gillian didn't get to leave fast enough. One of the housekeepers stuck her head into the room and told Edmund that he had visitors. The wooden doors swung open and Jack entered the room. A split second later, he was followed into the room by Erica!

Tuesday, November 4, 1997

The smiles on Liza and Adam's faces signaled that they had no idea of what was about to happen. Liza chuckled as she mused that Hayley and Mateo's solemn faces were brought on by the shock of seeing Adam with a smile on his face. Luckily, Liza had just the remedy for the sort-of-newlyweds. She told Matt and Hayley that she and Adam had decided to send them on an all expense paid getaway to New York. She spoke endless of the good time that she and Adam had had in the big city and hoped that a similar mini-vacation would do them wonders. Mateo coldly replied that he could not afford to get away because he had business to attend to. Liza decided that she would go home to give Marian a present she'd picked up in New York. Adam was set to accompany his wife home, but Hayley asked that he stick around to talk for a little while. Liza went on her way and Adam waited anxiously to hear what Hayley wanted to say to him. Mateo went from table to table telling the customers that he needed them to clear out. Adam watched curiously and asked Hayley if it was a wise customer service move to boot the customers out of the restaurant. Hayley forced a laugh as she told her father that he shouldn't be making comments on customer service. Mateo asked Adam if he knew that Corview had been sold. Adam was caught off guard by the question but managed to feign surprise. Mateo reached into his pant's pocket fort a crumpled up piece of paper. He handed the paper over to Adam and told him that he'd found it in Adam's study. As Adam looked at the paper, which turned out to be the Corview sale agreement, his hands began to shake. Adam did his best to play down the importance of the paper; He said that either Miles or Barry must have left it behind. Hayley was infuriated by her dad's head games. Mateo, however, agreed with Adam that the paper proved nothing. Mateo pressed the play button on his tape recorder. Miles' phone call to Adam played for all to hear. Now there was no denying the truth. Adam knew that he'd been found out, but begged to tell his side of the story. Adam denied that he kept quiet for financial reasons or because his reputation might be tarnished. He claimed that his advisors had urged him to stay mum. Where were these advisors, Mateo asked, when Maria got on board Flight 149? Hayley also pointed out that Adam's own wife had gotten on one of the aircrafts. Adam said that he never would have allowed anyone he knew to get on one of TransGlobal's planes. Chandler Enterprises employs thousands of workers, Adam firmly stated. If the truth got out, it would force him to have to layoff workers---workers who need a paycheck to support their families. Adam urged Mateo to burn him in effigy, but asked that he not go public with the news. His plea might have been heeded had e not pushed the envelope by noting that going public would "not help Maria's children." Mateo grabbed Adam by the lapels and shook him. He decided that he would leave before he did bodily harm to the multi-millionaire. Hayley admitted that she's wanted to kill her father on several occasions. This time, however, was different. This was the first time that she was actually "sick with shame." Adam privately confessed that he slashed the budget of the parts department, but remained adamant that he never expected the purchase of substandard equipment. Adam begged Hayley not to tell Liza about his Corview connection. Hayley warned Adam that the truth would come out. Adam nodded as he said that he wants to be the one to tell his wife.

Liza returned to Chandler Mansion and presented her mother with a medallion embossed with the image of an idol that is said to remove obstacles from one's way. Marian looked at what she called an "elephant-person" on the coin and worried that Liza was calling her an old, wrinkly woman. Perhaps, she teased, Liza should have given her a coin with the image of "the remover of wrinkles." Liza took a serious tone and said that the gift was a thank you present. Liza told Marian that had she not insisted that she and Adam get together, it might never have happened. Marian smiled broadly and told her daughter that she and Adam were meant to be together---forever.

Amanda and Jamie rushed down the stairs. Amanda told Jamie that what Tim had said was not true; Tim just doesn't like Janet. Jamie lowered his head and remained silent for a few moments. Finally, he lifted his head and confessed that Tim had told the truth. Jamie explained that Tad had asked him never to tell Amanda about the crowbar incident. Janet and Trevor returned inside and observed Amanda and Jamie's odd behavior. Amanda lied about why she was upset, saying that she was still scared by the smashed up pumpkin. Janet took Amanda by the hand and told her that she should not let some misguided teenager's prank get her upset. Amanda's eyes widened and she asked Janet how she knew that the prank was the work of a teenager. Janet decided that she would take a walk outside to find Tim and give him a stern talking to about his prank. Jamie asked Amanda if she was scared of Janet now that she knew what she'd done. Amanda shrugged her shoulders and commented that she can't be afraid of Janet---she's her mother after all!

In the park, Tim bragged about his pumpkin prank. Janet listened to the story for a while before emerging from the shadows. She asked Tim what he was so proud of. Tim got nervous and said that he "forgot" what he was talking about. Janet asked Tim's friends to help him remember, but none of them were willing to be snitches. Tim was about to walk off with his friends when Janet ordered him to stay put so that she could talk to him. In what could have been seen as a scary comparison, Janet inferred that she and Tim were an awful lot alike. Tim laughed in her face and again insisted that he was nothing like his aunt. Janet. He asked Janet to leave town, but she told him that she needs to stay around for Amanda. Tim had no problem with that, but asked that Janet stay away from him and his father. Janet told Tim that Amanda was scared out of her mind because she saw his pumpkin display. Tim was speechless. He hadn't planned on Amanda seeing the display. Janet's voice grew serious as she said that she had hurt her sister in more ways than just by throwing her down the well. And now Tim was playing the same kind of mental torture on his own sister. Janet urged Tim take a good look at himself in the mirror and to decide if he wants to continue down the path to becoming another Janet Green.

Edmund wanted nothing to do with Erica. He yelled that trick-or-treat was over and ordered her to leave. Skye got into the act and told Erica that her apologies would do her no good. "Shut up little missy," Jack snapped. Jack assured Edmund that Erica's visit was on the up and up. He lifted his arm and, as if by magic, Erica's arm also rose. It was actually a lot simpler than magic---Erica was handcuffed to him. Edmund granted Erica five minutes to tell her story. Erica didn't know where to begin and when she finally chose a starting point, she infuriated Edmund. Erica wished Maria was there to hear her news. The mention of Maria's name evoked strong displeasure from Edmund and he again ordered her to leave. Gillian decided that it was in Maddie's best interest to be taken out of the room. Erica instructed Gillian to stay put because she wanted Maddie around when she dropped her bombshell. Skye's face lost all of its color and she shook her head as a silent plea to Erica to keep quiet. Jack uncuffed Erica and let her continue her story. Erica told Edmund about Maddie and Dimitri's incompatible blood types. Edmund's face dropped when he realized that he and Maddie were both O-negative. Erica took Maddie from Gillian and played with her for a few minutes before telling Edmund that the paternity test was wrong. She slowly walked over to Edmund and congratulated him on his baby girl. She then introduced Maddie to her real father. Skye remained in shock. She said nothing. Gillian wondered why she hadn't seen the resemblance between Edmund and Maddie before. Erica pulled Skye aside and urged her to tell Edmund that she was responsible for the falsified results before it was too late. Skye nodded, but said that she didn't know how she'd tell Edmund. Jack assured Edmund that charges would be brought against the person who changed the results. Edmund wanted to put Maddie to bed, but Jack told him that it was not a wise decision. In the court's eyes, Jack sighed, Dimitri is still Maddie's father. Until they could present their findings and get a new ruling, Dimitri would have to remain the child's guardian. Edmund thanked Erica for her help. Erica felt that no thanks was necessary. She was merely giving back a little of what she owed Edmund.

Tim and Janet returned to the Dillon House. Tim apologized to Amanda for his prank and said that he never meant to scare her. Janet decided that she was going to return home, but Amanda wanted to go outside and talk for a few minutes. Trevor scolded Tim for scaring Janet and Amanda, but explained that he would never stop loving Tim---even if he was "a pain in the coccyx."
Outside, Amanda asked Janet if the "jail people" were ever going to make her go away again. Janet smiled and said that her jail time came long before she learned the joys of motherhood. Now that she has Amanda to love, Janet said that she was never going to leave again. Amanda grinned and gave her mom a big hug.

Jack walked Erica to the park. Erica wondered why they'd taken the side trip and asked if she was supposed to try to make an escape. Jack hoped that Erica would not runaway considering that he went out of his way to give her a surprise. On cue, Bianca emerged from the shadows.

Back at Wildwind, Edmund was still glowing over the good news. He asked Skye if he was dreaming. With a grim face, she assured him that he was wide-awake. Edmund asked her to be a little happier---perhaps a smile, he suggested. Skye said that she had prayed for a miracle. Edmund nodded. He said that the miracle had been granted. Skye embraced Edmund and told him that she'd hoped he'd "never find out." Edmund gently rubbed his hand over Skye's back as e tried to comfort her. "Find out what?" he asked. "I changed the paternity results," Skye sobbed.

Wednesday, November 5, 1997

Since she'd canceled her concert date with Jake, Allie had nothing better to do with her time than to go to Holidays. She plopped herself down at a table and ordered a "veggie burger." As she huffed and puffed over her furor at Jake, someone at another table was paying particularly close attention to her. Tad, the man at the other table, asked Allie why she was dining alone. All Allie would say was that she had a change of plans and was no longer going to go to the concert. Tad invited Allie to his table. Allie accepted the offer. That led Tad to give himself a proverbial pat on the back. He boasted that most women would wrestle in oil to get a chance to have dinner with him. Allie was amused by Tad's sense of humor, but noted that his sexist comments must run in the family. Tad tried to lighten the mood by telling Allie how he'd rescued Jake from a tree when they were just boys. Allie applauded Tad's decision to climb up a tree and pluck his brother from disaster. Tad told her that the approval should have been withheld---on the way down, Tad accidentally dropped Jake and he fell on his head. Allie snickered at the story and confessed that while she was angry with Jake, she wasn't as angry as she'd led Jake to believe. She just wants to see him sweat for a while.

Erica's reunion with Bianca lasted only a few moments, but it seemed like only a few seconds. Erica gave her daughter a big hug and, as expected, doted over Bianca's every movement. She asked her daughter if she was feeling okay. Like a typical teenager, Bianca assured her mother that she was fine and that there was no need to over-react. Erica looked forward to the future with Bianca and planned shopping trips and vacations. Bianca sadly noted that her father wasn't going to allow any get-togethers. Erica smiled wryly and noted that they'd found a way to see each other now---so why couldn't they do it in the future? The time came for Myrtle, who had helped arrange the visit, to take Bianca home. Erica was strong for her daughter's sake, but it was only a façade. Once Bianca left, Erica broke down in tears. She worried that Bianca might not get better and that any minor problem---a complexion problem or being slighted by a boy---might set off Bianca's eating disorder again. Jack insisted that Bianca would make a full recovery and said that he'd be there to help the girl. Erica thanked Jack with a kiss. Erica suddenly recalled that she had said some cold words to Jack as she was being taken off to jail. She asked that he disregard her comments that she didn't know if she'd want to see him after she was released from jail. Jack shushed her and told her that she doesn't need to explain herself.

Brooke summoned her editorial assistant, Rodney, to her house to enlist his help in tracking down the person responsible for taking the photographs of Laura. Rodney managed to do a little digging and found the person who had uploaded the images to the Internet. Laura overheard the conversation, but waited for Rodney to leave before speaking out. She asked Brooke to forget about the pictures. Brooke felt a need to find the man who took the photos so that she could prove that Laura was not at fault for posing for the photos. Brooke looked at the envelope Rodney had handed her. It contained the name of the person who uploaded the file. Laura decided that she would tell Brooke who had taken the photos. Jim, who just happened to be lounging on the sofa, began to panic. He leapt to his feet and walked towards Laura. Laura claimed that Ricky---the same Ricky had had posed in the pictures and then later kidnapped her---had snapped the photos. Brooke prepared to make a call to alert the authorities. By searching for the man responsible, Laura said that Brooke would be preventing the closure of the incident. Once Ricky was found, Laura pointed out that she'd have to testify in court. That would lead to another media circus. Brooke agreed to drop the issue, but when Laura went upstairs to bed, she confessed to Jim that she really didn't want to give up her hunt. Jim, who had his own personal agenda to hide, suggested that Brooke "let sleeping dogs lie." Jim leaned over and gave Brooke a kiss on the lips, but she pulled away. Brooke pointed upwards with her fingers and said that she felt uncomfortable kissing Jim with Laura in the house. Jim decided that he would leave, but the two lovers made a date to meet up in the morning.

Concerned by Gillian and Madeline's disappearance, Dimitri called Derek and asked that the police put out an APB on the missing woman and infant. Derek's hands were tied by protocol and indicated that he could do nothing. As Dimitri ended the call, Gillian safely returned home with the baby. Dimitri lashed out at his cousin for taking Maddie out of the house. Gloria was on Dimitri's side even though she felt that Gillian posed no harm to the baby. Gloria commented, however, that Gillian should have left a note. Gillian was outraged by Dimitri and Gloria's reaction and snapped that in the future she would leave an itinerary for her travels every time she left the house. Gillian turned and walked towards the door. Due to the late hour, Dimitri ordered her to stay home. Gillian sasses that "it's morning in Japan" and bid her cousin "sayonara" before walking out. Gloria told her husband that the friction between him and Gillian was not good for Maddie. Dimitri agreed and walked over to Maddie's crib to comfort his "daughter." He lifted Madie from the crib and detected a strange smell. He sniffed the baby's clothing and detected the smell of Edmund's uniquely blended aftershave. Dimitri informed Gloria that Gillian had lied to them; Gillian had taken Maddie to Wildwind.

Meanwhile at Wildwind, Skye confessed that she was the one who had switched the paternity test results. Edmund was floored by the mea culpa and asked Skye why she'd put him through so much agony. Skye was quick with a response. Her dirty deed, she said, was fueled by her love for Edmund. Edmund couldn't believe that Skye sat idly by as Maria agonized over the news that Dimitri was the baby's father, as Edmund refused to allow Maddie to undergo a second paternity test, and as Dimitri claimed custody of the baby. To her credit, Skye did explain that she told Edmund the truth earlier---while he was in the hospital. Unfortunately, she explained, Edmund's injuries prevented him from hearing her confession. Edmund asked Skye if she had any idea as to the amount of damage she'd caused. Skye wished that she could take it all back, but Edmund duly noted that she couldn't. Because of Skye's lies, Dimitri and Erica's marriage fell apart, Erica lured Maria to the cabin at Willow Lake which resulted in Maria's premature delivery, Erica was convinced that she needed to kidnap Maddie to save her from Dimitri and was then sentenced to jail time, and Dimitri had been transformed into a monster. Skye did her best to rationalize her decision to falsify the results, but she ended up sticking her foot in her mouth. She called Edmund a good man who needed someone better than Maria, a woman who had an affair with his brother. Skye hinted that Maria might have known the truth about Maddie before the crash because she'd written her a letter. That was no consolation to Edmund. He ordered her to withhold her pleas for forgiveness, threatening to break her neck if she uttered a word. It wasn't until Skye was unable to tell Edmund if she would have parted with the truth if Erica hadn't figured it out first that he ordered her to leave his house and never to return. Alone, Edmund recalled his happy moments with Maria. Then he looked towards the heavens and told Maria that Maddie was coming home.

In the morning, Gillian returned to the loft and found Gloria waiting for her. Gloria ordered Gillian to pack her bags and get out of the house. Gillian refused to budge, saying that she needed advance notice in order to find a place to live. Gloria's mind was made up. She said that she and Dimitri had decided that Gillian is not welcome in their house. And finally, Gloria warned Gillian to stay away from her daughter---or she'd regret it.

Jack arranged for Edmund to undergo a blood test to prove that he is Maddie's father. Edmund asked Jack to keep a lid on the tests so that Dimitri doesn't catch wind of what they're up to.

Brooke baked up a batch of cranberry muffins. Laura asked Brooke why she was in such a good mood. Brooke chalked her cheerfulness to Jim. She asked Laura how she felt about Jim. Laura said that she "guesses" that Jim is an okay guy. Brooke was relieved and told Laura that she thinks she might be falling in love with Jim. Outside, Jim was walking up the sidewalk when he heard someone "psst"ing him. He turned and saw Ricky hiding in the bushes. Suddenly, the door to the house swung open and Brooke was standing in front of him.

Skye packed her bags and was ready to move out. A knock at her door temporarily distracted her. When she answered the door, Dimitri jumped her and told her that he knows that Maddie was with Edmund the night before. He ordered her to tell him what Edmund was up to. If she refused, he told her that she would not leave her room alive.

Thursday, November 6, 1997

Dimitri closed the door behind him so that no one would hear his threats to Skye's safety. He asked her how long she'd been conspiring with Gillian to allow Edmund to see Madeline. Skye swore that she was not teaming up with Gillian against Dimitri. Dimitri's threats took their toll on Skye and she told him that he could go through with his plans to kill her. Skye sobbed as she told Dimitri that Edmund---as well as everyone else---hates her. Dimitri cocked his head to the side and asked her to explain her babbling. Skye blurted out that Edmund knew that Maddie was not Dimitri's daughter. Dimitri was furious. He tightened his grip around her neck and accused her of spilling the beans. Of course Skye was not the one who told Edmund, but when she said that Erica had told Edmund Dimitri refused to believe her. How could Erica learn the truth from jail? Skye wasn't sure how Erica had figured it out---but she had. Dimitri vowed that he would not let Erica ruin his life. Before leaving, Dimitri told Skye that she'd better not tell anyone that he spoke to her. He then revealed that he has no plans to give Maddie back to Edmund, now or ever.

Mateo stayed awake all night even while Hayley slumbered away in bed. When Hayley woke, Mateo crawled into bed with her and told her that he needed to discuss something with her. Mateo explained that he had plans to appear on The Cutting Edge to discuss the TransGlobal crash one last time. Before letting Mateo get ready for his appearance, Hayley told Mateo that Adam had cut the airline's budget, which resulted in the purchase of shoddy turbine blades. The news fueled Matt's desire to stick it to Adam and he told Hayley that he was going to reveal this news during his live interview on The Cutting Edge. Hayley wasn't sure if Mateo was doing the right thing. She noted that Adam had just found happiness with Liza and that the fact that he slashed TransGlobal's budget was told her in private. Mateo didn't care and was convinced that he was doing the right thing. He told Hayley that he does not expect her to choose between supporting him and supporting her family. Hayley replied that Mateo was her family, too. She offered her support to Mateo, but said that she could not join him at the studio. She felt that her presence would be better served at Chandler Mansion, where she would warn her dad what was coming.

Brooke asked Jim who he was talking to. Jim claimed that he was trying to scare away a stray dog that was digging in Brooke's garden. Brooke was concerned that the dog might dig up her freshly planted spring bulbs and made a movement towards the spot where Ricky was hiding. Jim grabbed a hold of her and pushed her back into the house. He said that he would take care of the dog for her. Jim ducked into the shrubbery and asked Ricky why he'd returned to town. Ricky, with a noticeable sniffle, said that he'd run out of money. Jim was exasperated with the young man and blasted him for using the fifty thousand dollars to buy drugs. Ricky shrugged nonchalantly and asked Jim for some additional cash. He claimed that Jim could get all the money he wanted from his new rich girlfriend. Jim told Ricky to meet him on Front Street in a few hours. Jim entered the house and told Brooke that he'd managed to scare the dog away. Brooke told him that they had the house to themselves and it was only a matter of minutes before they were engaged in the art of lovemaking. After they finished, Jim abruptly rose to his feet, got dressed, and told Brooke that he had some business to take care of. Brooke was moderately disappointed that Jim was leaving so quickly, but took solace in the news that Jim would return. Brooke sat down on the sofa and prepared to watch The Cutting Edge.

Jim didn't want to fork over any more money to Ricky, but he decided that Ricky might prove useful in the future. Ricky promised that he wasn't going to buy any more drugs and that he'd go into rehab as soon as he had his head on straight.

At WRCW, Tad was running around frantically, trying to get everything in order for the rare live edition of The Cutting Edge. Joe and Ruth dropped by unexpectedly to talk to Tad. Tad tried his best to be social, but his mind was too pre-occupied with work to be chatty. Another unexpected guest popped by in the form of Mrs. Marick. Gloria issued Tad and order to stay out of her life and to stop trying to destroy Dimitri. Tad snapped that it would be better for Maddie to be raised by wolves than Dimitri. Ruth interceded in the fight by cooing over Maddie. Ruth noted that the baby had grown substantially since she last saw her. Gloria was distracted from her argument and spoke nicely to Ruth. Ruth asked Gloria if she was happy. Gloria said that she was overjoyed to have Maddie in her life. Ruth cleared her throat and said that she had wanted to know if Gloria was happy in her marriage. Gloria, slightly embarrassed, replied that Dimitri has given her everything she could have wanted. Therefore, she concluded, she must be happy. Tad told Joe that his lingering feelings for Gloria played no part in his decision to topple Dimitri.
Across the studio, Belinda and Miles bumped into each other. Miles was there to take part in the live broadcast. Belinda was there on business. Miles hoped that Belinda would stick around and watch the show. Afterwards, he suggested, they could go out and grab a bite to eat. Belinda didn't accept the offer, but she didn't exactly turn it down either. Miles told her that he'd be waiting for her and that if she did not show up, he'd never bother her again.
Mateo finally arrived at the studio. Tad was relieved because he had feared that the show would have to start without its key guest. Mateo wanted to talk to Tad about what he was going to say, but Tad insisted that Matt go to makeup and get ready for the show. Mateo yelled out that Adam was the owner of Corview. It was enough to grab Tad's interest.

At Chandler Mansion, Adam prepared to tell Liza that he was responsible for TransGlobal's operations. He assured her that he loved her and that he would never hurt her. Liza nodded and told Adam that she knows he loves her. "We have to get used to the fact that we're stuck with each other," she smiled. But when the time came for him to pour his heart out to his wife, he was interrupted. Marian knocked on the door and called out Liza's name. Liza remembered that she had scheduled a "girls' day out" with her mother. She'd wanted to cancel it, but it had slipped her mind. Until now. Marian was surprised to see Adam, but told him that he had a business associate waiting for him downstairs. Adam allowed Marian to speak to Liza, but asked that she be gone by the time her returned.
Liza was upset with the tone of Adam's voice and told Marian that she thinks that Adam doesn't believe that she loves him. Marian told Liza that she was being paranoid. Liza decided that a tangible display of her love might convince Adam that she loves him. She hurried to get dressed and told her mother that they were going shopping.
Adam returned a few minutes later and found his bedroom devoid of life. He searched high and low for Liza, but she was nowhere to be found. Hayley entered the room and overheard Adam say to Liza, who he still hadn't been able to locate, that he had something important to say. Hayley instantly knew that her father had not yet told Liza about his involvement with the troubled airline. Adam assured her that he would tell Liza eventually. Hayley's face grew grim as she told Adam that Mateo was getting ready to appear on The Cutting Edge and reveal that Adam was the former owner of Corview. Adam accused Hayley of wanting to see his life destroyed. Hayley insisted that she didn't want to see him get hurt, but said that she felt he needed to be held accountable for the deaths of innocent TransGlobal passengers.

Dimitri returned home and told Gloria that he was ready to go on their honeymoon. Gloria explained that she could not get away from work. Dimitri smiled as he told her that he'd already contacted the hospital and cleared her work schedule for the next two weeks. Gloria still was opposed to leaving on a whim. That pushed Dimitri's buttons and he yelled that they "must leave now."

At WRCW, The Cutting Edge was only seconds away from going live when Adam called the studio. He ordered Rudy to "pull the plug" on the show. Rudy said that he wasn't authorized to do that. As he spoke to Adam, Liza entered the studio. Adam recognized her voice and asked Rudy to put his wife on the phone. By now, the show had started. Mateo was on the stage telling his tale of how he wanted the person responsible for the death of his sister to be held accountable. Liza was fascinated by Mateo's speech and asked Adam to hold on. She put the phone down and continued to listen to Mateo's story. Adam yelled for his wife to leave the studio, but she was unable to hear him. Mateo publicly apologized for having criticized Miles for TransGlobal's problems. At Chandler Mansion, Hayley clicked on the television and she and her father watched in grave anticipation of what was about to happen. Across town, Brooke was transfixed on her television. And in the studio, Liza listened intently and Mateo revealed that the Corview Corporation had been sold to protect the identity of the man responsible for the deaths of dozens of innocent people. That man, he said solemnly, was Adam Chandler.

Friday, November 7, 1997

Dropping everything and rushing to the airport to fly to Vadsil wasn't Gloria's idea of a well-devised plan. She was reluctant to agree to Dimitri's plans, but Dimitri sweet-talked her into going along with his plans. Every fear that Gloria presented was washed away by Dimitri's overbearing confidence. Gloria feared that the weather in Hungary might be too cold or that there would not be any suitable pediatricians for Maddie. Dimitri reminded his wife that he's a Count in Budapest and that he can have anything he wants at the drop of a hat. Dimitri rushed Gloria to pack her bags, telling her that there was not much time for them to get ready. Gloria didn't see the rush, but agreed to move a little faster. Both were surprised when Gillian entered the room. Gillian asked her cousin if he was planning a trip. Dimitri sternly told her that he was not going anywhere---she was. He reminded her that she'd been given the boot and told her to get out of his house. Gloria got into the mix by ordering Gillian to give back her keys to the house. Gillian hid her sadness about being evicted with anger. She claimed that she felt "suffocated" in the loft and warned Gloria to leave before she, too, had the life squeezed from her. Dimitri thanked Gloria for defending him. Gloria felt it was her duty as his wife to fight for him. Dimitri received a call from Katherine Mulwray, his attorney. She told him that the judge who presided over the custody case has decided to re-open the case. She assured Dimitri that it probably meant nothing and that Edmund was more than likely "making news." Dimitri was extremely nervous by the news and reissued his instructions for Gloria to hurry up and pack.

Jack and Myrtle visited Erica in prison. It was a relatively short visit, but they filled Erica in on the latest developments in Bianca's life and the Maddie custody fiasco. Erica was ordered to return to her cell, but Myrtle and Jack hung around a while longer and talked amongst themselves. Myrtle detected love in the air. Jack wasn't about to deny Myrtle's vibe and told her that he finds it amazing that he and Erica can go through so much turmoil and still find their way back to each other. Jack worried, however, that Erica might "mistakenly" love him because he is helping nurse Bianca back to health. Suddenly, Gillian burst into the room and told Jack that she had urgent news about Dimitri. Erica was allowed to return to the visiting room to talk to Gillian. Gillian told everyone that she'd been kicked out of Dimitri's house. Myrtle offered to rent Gillian a room at her boarding house, but a single room wasn't going to suffice for the princess. Erica told Gillian to gather her things and move into Linden. Gillian was overjoyed that she found a new place to live and dashed off to retrieve her belongings. Jack criticized Erica's decision, saying that he thinks Gillian's presence will compromise Bianca's recovery. Erica argued that Gillian is a role model for Bianca. Jack would have continued to argue his point had he not received a phone call from Edmund telling him that he'd been served the court papers ordering a second blood test. Jack excused himself and said that he needed to return to Pine Valley so that he could serve Dimitri his set of papers.

At Linden, Esther told Stuart that she was worried about being left in charge of Bianca. She explained that she had never met someone who was "afraid of food" before. Stuart told Esther that Bianca's disorder was caused by a dislike for herself. Neither Esther nor Stuart could understand why Bianca didn't like herself. Bianca skipped down the steps and told the pair that she was headed for a "stupid support group" meeting. Esther asked that Bianca keep a positive attitude and give the group a chance to help her. She offered to drive Bianca to the meeting, but Bianca wanted to walk. Esther was worried that it was too far for Bianca to travel alone, but Bianca touted her love of exercise and her new found independence to convince Esther to let her make the trip by herself. Happily, Bianca accepted Esther's offer to put together a snack pack of carrot sticks and plain yogurt for the journey. While Esther and Bianca were in the kitchen, Skye dropped by to say goodbye to her Uncle Stuart. Finally, Skye stopped hiding behind her veil of lies and told Stuart about the terrible secret she'd been keeping for many months. Stuart was caught off guard by the news, but his love and support for his niece never wavered. Stuart took Skye in his arms and told her that he still loves her. Skye asked for Stuart's forgiveness---and she got it, but Stuart told Skye that she needs to forgive herself, too. Skye told her uncle that she was going to be leaving town, which led Stuart to believe that Skye was hiding something from him. Stuart asked that Skye enlist the help of her father to make up for her misdeeds. Skye shook her head and said that she could never ask Adam for help. Sure he's done bad things, she nodded, but he's never done anything like this.

The news that Adam was behind TransGlobal's woes floored Liza. She fumbled for the phone and asked Adam if what Mateo had said was true. Adam's tongue foiled his attempt for an elegant reply. He was delegated to telling the truth with one simple word, "Yes." He tried to explain his side of the story to Liza, but she hung up the phone before he could get more than two words out of his mouth. Marian tugged on Liza's arm and asked that she go to her office, but Liza turned her mother's request down. She claimed that she needed to supervise the taping of the show because the public has a right to hear the late breaking news. Mateo told Tad how he managed to speak to several TransGlobal workers and learn that the airline had gone downhill from the time it was bought out. The buyer, he stated, was Chandler Enterprises.
Brooke was equally devastated by the news. She watched in eerie fascination as she realized that her ex-husband was the cause of her sleepless nights and near-death experience. Jim returned to Brooke's house and listened to the telecast. He instructed Brooke to grab her coat and accompany him to Chandler Mansion.
Adam flicked off the television, perhaps hoping that he could pretend that all of his problems would simply disappear. Hayley told him that the truth was out and that he could no longer hide. Adam insisted that he had tried to tell Liza the truth. Hearing the news from Mateo was not the way it should have happened, Hayley snapped.
Adam reached for the phone and called WRCW. He ordered Rudy to patch him through to Tad so that he could tell his side of the story---live on the air. Adam praised Mateo's desire for the truth, but disputed some of the young man's claims. Tad wondered why Adam hadn't come forward as Corview's owner sooner. Adam explained that his financial empire has many holdings and that he does not publicly flaunt any of the companies that he owns. Mateo asked Adam about the slashed budget for ordering parts for the planes. Adam acknowledged that he'd cut the budget, but remained adamant in his claims that he never expected his parts manager to order substandard equipment. Tad pointed out that Adam lost his own child as a result of his cost cutting strategy. Adam was silenced for several moments. He called the loss of his unborn child a tragedy, but asked that everyone who had been effected by the airline "get on with the business of living." With that, Adam ended his phone call to the station.
"No amount of smooth talking," Hayley commented would help her father out of the mess. On her way out of the mansion she blasted her father for being "bankrupt where it really counts." When Hayley opened the door, Brooke and Jim were outside waiting to get in. Adam told the twosome that he had no time to speak to them. That prompted Jim to yell that Adam could not leave until they spoke their mind. Adam trivialized Jim's need to confront him. He noted that Jim had survived the crash and lost nothing. Jim agreed that he'd survived, but argued that he had lost more than Adam could ever know. Jim said that he was not there on his own behalf. He wanted to make Adam realize the number of lives he'd ruined---Brooke's, Maria's, Edmund's, Maddie's, and the list went on. Adam blasted Jim's "posturing" and told Brooke that Jim was acting macho to impress her. He did, however, offer his sincere apologies to Brooke. Brooke, however, would not accept them. Brooke called Jim a "true hero." Maybe he was, Adam quipped, but her "hero" was trespassing on his private property. Jim took the hint and told Brooke that they should return home.

Once they returned home, Brooke's attraction and fascination for Jim grew. She was reduced to a bizarre addiction for Jim to rescue her. Her breath her short and she told Jim that she needed him to make love to her. The two kissed passionately and made their way to the steps.

In the closing moments of the show, Mateo expressed his remorse that his father-in-law had been tied in to Corview. He apologized once again to Miles for holding him accountable for his sister's death. The show's theme music rolled and the broadcast came to and end. Liza waltzed to the stage and congratulated everyone on a good show. Tad was perplexed by Liza's behavior and suggested that she return home. Liza brushed off Tad's concern and asked for a few moments of Mateo's time. She asked Matt to give her a timeline of the events leading up the exposé on Adam. Mateo didn't think it was healthy for him to be talking to Liza, but he eventually bowed to her pressure to learn the truth. Liza concluded that the settlement meeting with Miles was bogus and only an attempt to get Adam out of hot water. Hayley arrived at the studio and offered her apologies to Liza. Liza said nothing as she covered her face and ran out of the studio. Miles pulled Matt aside and told him that he had no knowledge that TransGlobal was using shoddy parts. When Adam arrived at the studio, he got an earful from Miles. Miles lashed out at Adam for making him take the fall for the airline's fault. He said that had he known that the airline was using bad parts, he never would have agreed to a cover-up. Miles said that he once thought of Adam as a "corporate giant" but now sees him as "the smallest man" he knows. Mateo cast an evil glance at Adam and told him that he can no longer hide. "Everyone," he said, "knows the truth... including Liza." Adam turned around and saw Liza standing before him, emotionless.

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