AMC Recaps: The week of September 1, 1997 on All My Children
Laura learned that Gillian had kissed Scott. Brooke sought answers to her questions about the plane crash. Skye and Edmund made their getaway, unaware that a hurricane was approaching. Dimitri decided to fight for custody of Maddie. Kevin had a long overdue dinner with his parents.
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Labor Day Monday, September 1, 1997

His mind haunted by lectures and admonitions, Kevin yielded to Dr. Chapman's advice to pretend to be straight for a day. Without forethought or warning, Kevin leaned over and gave Kelsey a kiss. The kiss finally broke, a charmed Kelsey looked at Kevin through a shroud of confusion. Reality struck and Kevin stumbled for words to explain what he had done. "I didn't mean it," Kevin stammered. But that explanation made it seem like Kelsey had the plague. Kelsey flashed a smile and told Kevin that she knew full well what he was trying to say. She closed her eyes and leaned over for another kiss. Kevin realized that he was expected back at Holidays and told Kelsey that he had to leave. Her heart aflutter, Kelsey went on her way. Kevin didn't return to work. He raced to a nearby phone booth and placed an urgent call to Dr. Chapman. He told his therapist that he needed to speak to him---immediately.

Ruth dropped by Joe's room for her nightly visit. The visit turned into a forum for Joe to vent his frustrations about still being in the hospital. He ordered Ruth to locate Dr. Craig so that he could plead his case for a discharge from Pine Valley Hospital. A few minutes later, Dr. Craig, dressed up for a night out with his wife, entered the room. He told Joe that he could not in good faith release Joe from the hospital. He did , however, promise Joe that he would not be cooped up longer than necessary. A few more days of positive vital signs and maybe Joe can bid farewell to his hospital bed. The doctor advised Joe to mull over his daily routine and make any necessary changes to his lifestyle. Exercise, Dr. Craig insisted, is vital to Joe's recovery. Joe had more than exercise on his mind. He wanted to know how long he'd have to wait before he could be intimate with Ruth. Dr. Craig assured Joe that love making would not be any more dangerous than it was before his triple bypass. Dr. Craig bowed to pressure and agreed to reassess Joe's condition in the morning. Ruth returned to the room and wasted no time in teasing her husband. She asked him if he would be leaving the hospital "through the door or by digging a tunnel" with a teaspoon.

Laura entered the darkroom and found Brooke and Jim looking over a stack of recently developed photos. The bottom fell out from under the young woman. She feared that a secret from her past---one that she had fought to keep hidden---had been revealed. Aghast, Laura asked Jim how he could show the photos to Brooke. Jim was amused by Laura's reaction and did nothing to stop her from ranting and raving. It was not until Brooke referred to the photos as "crash scene" photos that Laura knew she had jumped to the wrong conclusion. A phone call was patched through to the darkroom from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Brooke excused herself, saying that she would take the call in her office.
With Brooke gone, Jim was allowed to torment Laura without witness. He told her that she made a horrible assumption when she assumed that the photos were not of the plane wreckage. Laura remained strong. She told Jim that he had hurt her in the past and half expects him to do so in the future. Jim smiled coldly, telling Laura that she is reliving history. He pointed out that Laura was no honest with her real mother and even less honest with her new mom. He urged Laura to tell Brooke about her past in an effort to cleanse her soul. But he knew that Laura could never come clean.
Visions of her past flashed in Laura's mind. Laura, her eyes red and brimming with tears, was ordered to removed her blouse while Jim snapped off several snapshots. It was not without reluctance that Laura agreed to Jim's orders. She begged him not to make her remove her clothing, but Jim used her mother's illness against her. Apparently Laura's mother had fallen into poor health. With barely enough income to survive on a day to day basis, Laura's mom was unable to obtain any medication for her ailment. So Laura did what she had to do to get that money. Jim toyed with her emotions, telling that he could find dozens of girls in the Big Apple who would be willing to pose nude or semi-nude for him. When he threatened to take the money he'd promised away from her, Laura submitted to his demands and continued with the photo shoot.
Laura demanded the negatives from the shoot, but Jim refused. He assured her that the negatives were in a nice, safe place and that there was no way that he was going to part with them. He also revealed that he sold some of the photos to Asian business men and a few magazines. This was the first time that Laura learned that the photos had been leaked to the public. Jim assured Laura that the photos were a part of history. If they had not shown up yet, they were as good as gone. Laura threatened to tell Brooke about Jim's dabbling in the world of child pornography, stating that it would yank Brooke out of Jim's life. Jim dared Laura to go public with her story. He said that he has nothing to lose. But Laura, for the first time in her life, had finally gotten to a point where she had everything to lose and nothing to gain. Brooke returned to the darkroom with good news. She said that NTSB divers located flight 149's black box and that the tape would be played in the morning. Jim embraced Brooke and told her that everything was working out for her. The display was too much for Laura to bear and she told her mother that she was going to return home. After Laura left, Brooke informed Jim that she and Laura were not always close and that they had to work to get to their present relationship. Now, Brooke said with a great deal of assurance, she and Laura could talk about anything.

Kelsey showed up at Cortlandt Manor, desperately needing to tell someone about her "kiss encounter" with Kevin. Who better to tell than her biggest fan Opal? Kelsey knew that she probably shouldn't kiss and tell, but the extraordinary turn of events warranted disclosure of some kind. Opal was stunned to learn that Kevin and Kelsey shared a romantic experience. As Kelsey thought about the situation as a whole, she feared that something might not have been right. She and Kevin are compatible in every way---except for one very important area. Kelsey's mind wandered. She envisioned Kevin returning to Cortlandt Manor and telling her that he loves her. She told Kevin that she loves him and the two kissed again. When Kelsey returned from her orbit, she told Opal that she hopes that Kevin feels what she feels because she could not handle it otherwise.

At Dr. Chapman's, Kevin told his therapist that he had tried to pretend to be straight. But it didn't work, he said. The doctor told Kevin that his dinner plans with his parents and Kelsey sound like a good step for him. He urged him to go through with the dinner plans and to try to act as though he and Kelsey are a romantic item. Kevin insisted that he tried to have feelings for Kelsey, but that they just were not there. Dr. Chapman's voice raised and he hollered at Kevin. He demanded that Kevin try harder. Kevin turned the demand into a question, asking the doctor if he could try to pretend to have feelings for a man. Dr. Chapman called Kevin's question insulting and referred to the idea of a same-sex crush as "vile and disgusting." Kevin realized that his therapist was not exactly gay-friendly and informed him that he was not going to continue with his charade of pretending to be straight. He could not hurt Kelsey by telling her the truth about the kiss. The doctor's advice? Don't tell Kelsey. Continue on with the charade.
After the session, Kevin reached out to the only person he knew he could totally trust: Michael Delaney. But Mike and Brad are away in Europe and not scheduled to return for a few more days.

Dimitri and Edmund dueled over their ideas on what is best for Madeline. Edmund insisted that a broken bone does not hinder his ability to parent. Dimitri saw it in a different light. He claimed that Edmund's splint would get in the way of holding the child or changing her diapers. Edmund told Dimitri that he would call for his hired help if he needed assistance. Skye came to the rescue, saying that she was going to be working out of Wildwind while Edmund recovered. While she's there, she can lend a hand with the kids. Dimitri did not think that the hired help could provide and adequate environment for the children. Gloria stepped in to prevent an all out war, reminding Dimitri that he needed to contact Marian Colby about their new home. Dimitri and Gloria headed to the study to use the phone---but they never made it to their destination. Dimitri took a detour via the nursery. There he told Gloria that he cannot stand by and watch Edmund contribute to the demise of his children. Gloria called Dimitri's analysis of the situation "harsh." She speculated that Edmund might one day allow Dimitri to be a part of Maddie's life. She convinced Dimitri that he must leave the nursery and do what's right for the child. Dimitri agreed that he needed to do the right thing.
Downstairs, Edmund instructed Skye to keep mum on his health status. He told her that no one can know about his dizzy spells, blurred vision, or off and on hearing. The reason, he explained, is that Dimitri is foaming at the mouth, waiting to steal custody of Madeline. Skye tried to convince Edmund that he was being paranoid, but Edmund repeated his claim. Then he issued a vocal regret, saying that he wished Madeline was his biological child. Then she would be safe from Dimitri's grasp.
Dimitri and Gloria returned downstairs and lied about making their phone call. Edmund and Skye adjourned for the evening. Dimitri told Gloria that he would meet her at the car after he made a private business call. After everyone had left, Dimitri phoned his high profile attorney, Lila Stevenson. He asked Lila to prepare for a custody battle---he wants his daughter back.

Tuesday, September 2, 1997

Lila returned Dimitri's phone call. The conversation was nothing but good news. Since a paternity test had already been performed on Madeline and showed that Dimitri was the child's father, things could move along quickly. Quickly was not the way Dimitri wanted to progress. He told his attorney that he desperately wants custody of his daughter, but worries that they child might suffer adverse effects if she is taken too abruptly from her home. Subtlety would definitely be the way to go. After Dimitri finished his phone call, there was a knock on his door. He opened the door and came face to face with a rack of designer clothing. Dimitri refused to sign for the items. He explained that he had not ordered any clothing. Perhaps, the bellhop suggested, Gloria had ordered the clothing. Gillian waltzed out of the shower and smiled broadly at the goods before her. She told Dimitri that she keeps his credit card numbers on her Rolodex and didn't think he'd mind if she bought a few goodies. If e was upset, she'd phone her father and tell him to send some cash. Dimitri was furious that Gillian had made a purchase---actually quite a few purchases---without consulting him first. But he allowed her to keep everything she ordered. Only a few short seconds after the bellhop left, there was another knock at the door. For Gillian's sake, Dimitri hoped that there would be no more special deliveries. This time an urgent fax had arrived at the hotel for Dimitri from Gillian's parents. Gillian plucked the fax from Dimitri's hands, assuring him that the fax contained only the latest family gossip. She offered to bring him up to date, but Dimitri snatched the fax back. The fax asked Dimitri to look after Gillian for a short while until "things calm down." Dimitri chuckled to himself. He told Gillian that the news of her torrid affair with an international diplomat had already made it to Pine Valley. There was no way that Dimitri was going to babysit his cousin. He picked up the phone and called Gillian's father in Europe to tell him that Gillian was going to be returning home. You'd think that Gillian would have been sweating bullets, but she remained surprisingly calm. There was no answer. Gillian smiled devilishly and told Dimitri that her parents were on vacation. She begged Dimitri to let her stay, but he refused to buckle. Dimitri claimed that Gillian thought of causing trouble in the same light as breathing---it's something that has to be done to get by. Gillian was upset by her cousin's comments and reminded him that he was no saint when it came to his sexual liaisons. She happily reminded Dimitri that he would not be a father if he had not bedded his housekeeper Corvina! That was the final straw. Dimitri ordered Gillian to pack her bags and hit the road. She quickly apologized hoping that her damage control would allow her to stick around for a few more days. Dimitri decided that he would deal with Gillian later. He left for the hospital leaving Gillian alone in his room. She reached for a phone book and contacted a rental car agency. She used "Count Andrassy"'s name and referred to herself as "Princess Gillian" to rustle up a sportscar.

At Holidays, Brooke sat at the bar and looked over a few of Jim's crash scene photos. Mateo and Hayley, now doing their own investigation of the crash, asked Brooke if they could examine the photos. Hayley pulled Mateo aside and issued him a warning: his investigation into the crash might put his life at risk. The sad fact was that even if he did not investigate the crash, his life might still be at risk. Laura and Scott dropped by for several minutes and requested that Brooke take some time off from her investigation. Laura worried that Brooke was going to "burn out." Brooke tried to convince Laura that she was on to of everything, but she made a serious mistake. She had no idea that Laura was working at the Youth Center. Laura looked hurt by her mother's comment. Brooke apologized for dropping the ball, but said that she has been preoccupied with the crash investigation. In fact, she was going to attend a NTSB conference in a few hours. Jim arrived at Holidays and told Brooke that he could not attend the NTSB meeting with her because he had gotten a job. Mateo stepped in and asked Brooke if he could go instead. Laura watched as Brooke and Jim talked. Scott assured his girlfriend that Brooke would be okay because she has Jim to lean on. And Jim, he said, seems like a great guy.

Scott escorted Laura to work. Once there, Ray told Laura that everyone was assembling for the yearly photo session. Jim entered the room and flashed a wicked smile in Laura's direction. Ray was about to introduce Jim and Laura, but Jim told Ray that he and Laura were already acquainted. After Ray left to check on the kids, Laura asked Jim why he was tormenting her. Jim insisted that he was not trying to haunt Laura. He told her that he might set up shop in Pine Valley. Since Laura was able to start a new life in the town, he reckoned that he could do the same.

At the NTSB conference, a spokesman for TransGlobal Airlines told the press that divers had recovered the plane's black box and cockpit voice recorder. The representative pressed the play button on a tape recorder and played excerpts of the voice recordings. The sounds proved to be too much for Brooke. She ran to the front of the room and threw the tape recorder to the ground. Once she realized what she'd done, Brooke apologized for her actions. Mateo took her by the waist and escorted her to the back of the room. The reporters clamored for answers from the spokesman, but few questions were given direct answers. Brooke stepped in to assume the role of chief interviewer. She asked the airline if sabotage or mechanical failure could have played a part in the crash. The spokesman replied that the airline was leaving no stone unturned in its search for a reason. Mateo chimed in that he felt it was inappropriate for the airline to sned insurance agents to the families of the victims. To him, the actions seemed like a way for the airline to force the bereaved into a quick settlement that would protect them from future lawsuits. The spokesman said that Mateo had misinterpreted the airline's actions. Brooke told Mateo and her fellow members of the press that no answers were going to be obtained from the spokesman. But she vowed that Tempo would get to the bottom of things and learn the truth.

Back at Holidays, Scott was reviewing his college courses. Gillian entered the restaurant and helped herself to a seat at his table. Gillian was crushed that Scott did not remember her name---especially since they had kissed! She asked Scott to show her around campus at Pine Valley University, but Scott declined. He said that his girlfriend would not approve. Too bad, Gillian smiled, "you'll never know what you're missing." Scott swallowed hard.
Brooke and Mateo returned from their meeting and filled Hayley in on what they had learned. Of course, they didn't learn all that much. Brooke decided that she was going to use her status as the editor of a national magazine to get some answers. She told the recently married couple that she was headed to Washington DC to get some answers from the NTSB.

Allie checked Joe's vitals. Good news! Everything was normal. If the news was so good, Joe could not understand why he was still being kept in the hospital. Allie left the room to tend to other duties. While she was gone, Joe got out of bed and started packing his bags. When Ruth barged in and caught him in the act, Joe explained that he was going to discharge himself from the hospital. Jake and Allie could hear Joe and Ruth arguing and they quickly made a bee line for the room. Jake ordered his father into bed. Once he complied, he said that he would hunt down Dr. Craig and see what he could find out.
Out on the sunporch, Tad prepared Jamie for a visit with his grandfather. Jamie didn't believe his father's claims that Joe was going to make a full recovery. He labeled his dad a liar---just like his mom. Both said that they were going to get married and start new families, Brooke with Pierce and Tad with Gloria. They both lied. Gloria had been listening at the door, but when she saw that Tad was in trouble, she gave Tad a helping hand. She told Jamie that no one had lied. Sometimes, she explained, people are not meant to be married. She also said that staying married requires a lot of hard work. After Jamie left to visit Joe, Tad thanked Gloria for helping him out. Gloria said that she was glad to help and that she'd still like to be a part of Jamie's life. Considering the circumstances, Tad did not think that it would be appropriate. Jamie returned from his visit. He was relieved that Joe was okay, but still down in the dumps over Tad and Gloria's split. He said that he still wishes Gloria could be his stepmom. Gloria got down on her knees and told Jamie that she may not be his stepmother, but swore that she would always be his special friend. Dimitri arrived and caught a glimpse of Gloria's reunion with Tad and Jamie. Gloria explained that she was trying to make Jamie feel better. Allie burst onto the scene to tell Tad that Joe had been given the green light to return home. Tad raced back to Joe's room. Gloria struggled for an explanation, but told her husband that she needs to go and say goodbye to Joe. Joe wheeled himself out of his room and into a celebratory send off. The staff has posted a Get Well Soon banner and clapped wildly as Joe left the hospital. Gloria broke down in tears as Joe left. Dimitri approached from her blindside and asked her why she was crying. Gloria wiped the tears from her eyes and told Dimitri that Joe was very special to her. He nodded in agreement and reminded Gloria that she almost became a part of the Martin family. He asked if she had regrets. Gloria again fought of tears, but told Dimitri that she had no regrets at all. Dimitri was pleased and told Gloria that he has plans to start a family of his own with Gloria.

Wednesday, September 3, 1997

When in Pine Valley, do as the Pine Valleyians. Once Gillian learned that Scott was attending a local university, she mulled over the idea of taking a few classes at Pine Valley University. Apparently Gillian had taken a few college courses, but she indicated that certain extracurricular activities got in the way of her lessons. And in case Scott didn't get the hint by now, Gillian tossed in a little praise about Scott's family. She explained that a French magazine featured an article on the fabulously wealthy and "very handsome" Adam Chandler. But enough about everyone else. Gillian pressed Scott for information on his girlfriend. Fortunately, Laura's timely arrival canceled the need for a lengthy verbal description. Scott offered a very informal introduction, leaving Laura and Gillian to talk amongst themselves. Gillian was amused that Laura claimed Manhattan as her hometown, but wondered how Laura could adjust to the mundane life in "the country." The talks were about to break off, but Gillian felt the need to make a confession while she still had the chance. She told Laura that she kissed Scott passionately a few days prior. That wasn't the confession. The confession was that she "enjoyed it immensely." Laura froze in her tracks. She did a remarkable job of masking her furor. Kevin stopped by the table to offer refills of coffee. Scott was going to introduce Kevin to Gillian, but the two explained that they had already met. Kelsey wandered by the table as Gillian was explaining that she was Dimitri's cousin and the daughter of a Count. Kelsey tried to figure out what title Gillian would carry, but Gillian ended the speculation by designating that she is a Princess. Laura rolled her eyes and sarcastically commented that she will need to brush up on her curtseying. Kevin and Scott briefly discussed their course schedules, with Scott offering advice to Kevin on what professors to avoid. Kelsey felt brushed off by Kevin's lack of conversation with her. She followed him across the restaurant and asked him if everything between them was okay. Kevin nodded and assured Kelsey that they were no on the outs. Judith popped in for a very short time to verify that Kevin and Kelsey would still be joining her and her husband for dinner. Judith feigned tears as she told Kevin how badly she wants her family back together. Laura left her seat in the Princess' court to chat with Kelsey. Kelsey praised Laura for her composure when Gillian spilled the beans about kissing Scott. Laura stated that she had to remain outwardly calm. But inside, well, she was "freaking out." Kelsey told Laura that she should not feel pressured to rush her relationship with Scott. "Some things," Kelsey said as she looked at Kevin, "are worth waiting for." Scott joined Laura and asked her why she'd disappeared. Laura looked over Scott's shoulder and noticed that Gillian was watching them. Spontaneously, Laura planted a big kiss on Scott.

Dimitri asked Gloria if she was committed to their relationship. Gloria complained that she and Dimitri have had little time together since their spur of the moment wedding. Dimitri explained that he has had to devote much of his time to planning Maria's memorial. Once things settle down, he explained, he will have much more time for his wife. Suddenly, Dimitri had an idea. He told Gloria that he knows how much she enjoys helping children. He's seen her with Jamie and Maddie. Perhaps, he suggested, Gloria can offer her assistance to Edmund and help him with Maddie and Sam. Gloria didn't see the necessity. Dimitri worried that Skye, who he said does not have a "maternal bone in her body," would be a detriment to the children. Slowly, Gloria swung over to Dimitri's side and agreed that she'd ask Edmund if she could offer some help. Gloria worried that Edmund might reject her help because of her relationship with Dimitri. On top of that, Gloria feared that Dimitri might still be attached to the child. Dimitri claimed that he could put his personal thoughts and feelings aside. After all, Edmund is his brother and he needs to do whatever he can to help. Gloria and Dimitri embraced. His face safely out of view, Dimitri smiled evilly.

Edmund took Maddie to the hospital for her check-up. Skye tagged along to offer some assistance and to convince Edmund that he needs to keep an appointment with his doctor. It was a tense moment when Edmund learned that the doctor taking over his case was Maria's replacement. Edmund griped about the hospital's quick action in replacing his wife. Skye tried to defuse an explosive situation by suggesting that Edmund reschedule his appointment, but Edmund refused. He said that his parenting skills would fall under scrutiny if he skipped out on one of Maddie's check-ups. Skye managed to persuade Edmund to keep his appointment and even got him to agree to tell the neurologist about his recent dizzy spells.
When Edmund returned from his examination, he told Skye that his dizzy spells are "normal" for someone who had recently suffered head trauma. He also told her that he was told that he cannot drive any more. So, he said, he'll need all the help he can get. As he uttered those words, Dimitri and Gloria strolled down the hall. Dimitri said that he is in total agreement with Edmund. He pressed for the details of his meeting with the doctor, but Edmund said nothing. Edmund and Skye walked away. Edmund was hit by another dizzy spell. This time, however, Dimitri saw it. Edmund tried to cover for himself by saying that the pain medicine he has been taking sometimes makes him dizzy. But Dimitri saw through the lie. He waited until no one was around and then slipped behind the nurses' desk and tapped into the hospital computer. He pulled up Edmund's chart and learned the truth about Edmund's condition: He is experiencing dizziness and pain that may never completely go away.
Skye was left to care for Madeline while Edmund consulted with the pediatrician. Holding and comforting the baby turned out to be an unfamiliar challenge for Skye. Esther just happened upon Skye and "Li'l Honey" and was about to turn and walk away. Skye, having troubles keeping the baby calm, allowed Esther to hold Maddie for a few minutes. She hadn't planned on Edmund returning so soon. When Edmund saw Esther holding his child, he hit the roof.

Joe returned home, but home looked more like a hospital ward. Ruth, Kelsey, Jamie, and Tad raced around the house trying to get everything in order for Joe. They offered pillows, cold drinks, blankets, music---you name it. Joe hollered at all of them to stop fretting. He was fine enough to return home and did not need to be babied. Joe handed his credit card to Kelsey and told her that she should be out with her friends. He told her to go out shopping and pick out some new school clothing. Ruth and Jamie went out back to pick some tomatoes for Joe's salad allowing Tad and Joe some time alone. Joe asked Tad about Gloria, a topic that is still painful for Tad. Tad said that his feelings for Gloria are always changing. He said that he tried to be the right man for her. Now, he thought that hating her for running off with Dimitri would make him feel better. But staying mad at Gloria was harder than he thought it would be. Joe worried that he had somehow let Tad down. Tad quickly corrected Joe. He said that his father has always been there for him. He also said that the day that Ray Gardner---his biological father---abandoned him in a park, his life had changed for the better. That day, which Tad described as both the best and worst day of his life, is the day that Joe became his real dad. Ruth and Jamie returned from their excursion. Tad told Jamie that they were ready to leave, but Jamie refused to budge. He said that he does not want to leave because he's afraid that Joe will not be there when he returns. Joe bent down on one knee and assured his grandson that he is going to be around for a long time to come.
Once everyone had finally left, Joe and Ruth were left in each other's company. Ruth dimmed the lights and put on some music. Joe took her by the waist and pulled her close to him. Then, as promised, Joe gave Ruth the dance she had requested. As they danced to a song with the lyrics "I'll get by as long as I have you," photos of the Martin children and Kate were displayed. Ruth looked her husband in the eyes and told him how glad she was that he was home with her.

Thursday, September 4, 1997

Worried that his private investigation of the TransGlobal crash might become and obsession, Hayley told Mateo to let the airline handle the investigation. If a terrorist act was to blame for the crash, the airline would happily make an announcement. That way the airline would have no liability for the crash. Mateo agreed. His worry was that the airline might not be so forthcoming if the crash was caused by mechanical failure or human error. Kevin interrupted their conversation. He asked to leave work early so that he could attend dinner with his folks. The idea that Kevin's dad had agreed to have dinner with Kevin surprised Hayley. She told him not to let other's opinion of him make him feel bad. Mateo smiled and told Kevin that he knows what it's like to have dinner in a den of lions---he had dinner with Adam! Hayley turned and flashed a wrinkled smile in her husband's direction. Kevin drifted off into the distance as his mind recalled his last confrontation with his father. Sid Sheffield disowned Kevin, telling him that he will not have a "queer" or "fairy" for a son. He advised him to find a girl and take a "quick roll in the hay" to cure him of his "perverse" feelings. Until he gets over his homosexual thoughts, said Sid, Kevin is not a Sheffield. Kevin went on his way and Hayley and Mateo resumed their plane crash discussion. Hayley said that the flight recorder proves that a bomb was not used on the plane. Then, out of the corner of their eyes, Matt and Hayley spotted a mysterious yellow package sitting on the bar.

Edmund ordered Esther to take her hands off of his daughter. The scolding caused Esther to panic and forced Skye to scramble to defend the woman. Edmund criticized Esther for her part in the kidnapping of his daughter. Esther handed the baby over to Edmund and scampered out of sight. Skye sided with Esther, saying that she has a special bond with Maddie. Besides, she added, she never took her eyes off of Esther so the baby was in no danger. Recalling how Esther had loaned her babysitting skills to Erica, Skye suggested that Edmund consider hiring a nanny. Edmund took the comment as a knock against his parenting skills. He began a defensive tirade, saying how he can raise his children properly no matter what anyone else thinks. Skye assured Edmund that she was not questioning his parenting skills. But she was concerned that Edmund was going to run himself ragged looking after his children and carrying on a full work load.

Kelsey returned to her grandparents' house and felt no shame in busting up Joe and Ruth's dance. She asked if she could have some advice on what outfit to wear to her dinner with the Sheffields. Ruth gave her advice and Kelsey ran upstairs to get dressed.
Kevin arrived a short time later. He chatted with Joe and Ruth for a short time. The topic focused on Joe's health and Kevin's parents. Joe could tell that Kevin was nervous about his dinner plans, but encouraged him to stand tall. Kevin told Kelsey that he is not sure that he wants to go through with the dinner plans. Kelsey told Kevin that she'd be there for him and help him if things got too difficult.

Dimitri and Gloria returned to their hotel room. Gillian left a note saying that she needed to dance and decided to hunt down an old friend. Gloria headed to the bathroom to wash up. As soon as the coast was clear, Dimitri picked up the phone and placed another call to Lila. He told his attorney that he'd learned new details on his custody fight. He said that Edmund is physically unable to care for the child. But with the news came a warning. Dimitri said that he wants to keep his hands clean during the custody fight. By that, he meant that he wants to get what he wants without looking bad to the public. By the time Gloria returned from washing up, Dimitri had long ended his phone call. He feigned concern for his brother's well-being. He was so convincing that Gloria never once questioned his motives. Dimitri worried that Edmund's condition might harm Madeline. What if Edmund had been carrying Maddie during his dizzy spell at the hospital? The baby could have been seriously harmed. Gloria told Dimitri that Edmund would never risk the safety of his child. Dimitri asked Gloria if Edmund truly loved the child or if he only loved Maddie because she provided a link to his deceased wife. Dimitri insisted that he was not a monster---he only wants to do what's best for his daughter. And that means that he can no longer deny the fact that Madeline is his daughter.

Mateo moved closer to the package, but Hayley pulled him away before he could get too close. If the package contained an incendiary device, Mateo might be at risk if he got too close. Suddenly, Trevor walked over to the package and picked it up. Hayley's cries of warning came too late. The couple expected disaster, but nothing happened. Trevor looked whimsically at his niece and told her that the package was his. Hayley rattled off the theory that the plane crash could have been caused by a terrorist attack. Mateo explained that he is worried that the hired guns who went after Julia might be responsible for Maria's death. An executive from TransGlobal entered the restaurant and walked in Mateo's direction. Matt recognized the man from the press conference. The gentleman told Mateo that he wants to assist Mateo in learning more about the crash. He apologized for his colleague's unwillingness to help them. He handed Mateo a business card and told him that he can reach him day or night to learn the latest news. After the executive left, Mateo doubted the man's sincerity. Why, he asked Trevor, would the airline send its vice president out on a consumer relations call? Trevor agreed that there are two possible explanations. The first is that the airline is being totally honest. The second possibility means that the airline knows that they are at fault and they are trying to cover it up.
Edmund stumbled into Holidays and asked to speak to Trevor in private. Edmund was short with formalities and got right to the reason for his visit. He asked Trevor if Dimitri could take Maddie away from him. Trevor tried to stall, but he was eventually forced to admit the truth. He told Edmund that Dimitri could be granted custody of Maddie in the courts. There is something that Edmund can do to cut Dimitri off at the pass. If Edmund moved to adopt Maddie, it might prevent Dimitri's judicial attack. But there is always the possibility that the courts could still decide that Maddie's best interests are served by living with her biological father.
Skye managed to track down Edmund at Holidays and told him that she has an idea. She suggested that Edmund get away from it all and head to the beach. She offered her father's beachhouse as the destination. Edmund agreed that he could use a little time away from Pine Valley. He told Skye to pack her bags and ask the housekeepers at Wildwind to pack the children's things. They are headed on a vacation!

Palmer groused about having to dine with the Sheffields. He said that eating dinner in the company of a bigot is not his cup of tea. Judith and Sid arrived a few minutes later and joined the Cortlandts at their table. Opal talked about Kevin's sports accomplishments, but Sid was unable to talk back because he had no idea what his son was interested in. Judith commented that Sid used to play basketball too. Palmer smiled and said that Sid must be proud of his son for taking after him. Sid looked mortified at the prospect that he was similar in any way to his gay son. Sid complained that Kevin was late for dinner. No sooner had he opened his mouth, Kevin and Kelsey arrived. Kelsey and Opal dominated the conversation, each taking turns praising Kevin for a good deed or attribute. A young male waiter walked to the table and asked for drink orders. He paid particularly close attention to Kevin and went out of his way to suggest appetizer and entree selections. Sid picked up on the vibe between the waiter and his son and became uncomfortable. While Kevin and Kelsey danced---they were forced into dancing by Judith---Sid tracked down the restaurant manager and had a private discussion with him. Sid parted with some money and thanked the manager for his help. Sid then "cut in" on the dancing and waltzed with Kelsey for a bit. Kevin went back to the table and scolded his mother for her behavior. He told her that she should stop apologizing for him and to quit acting like he and Kelsey were engaged. Kelsey and Sid returned to the table just in time for some champagne. But the champagne was not served by the same waiter. This time waitress introduced herself and said that she would be their new server for the evening. Kevin knew that his father was responsible for the change and flashed him an angry stare. At the same time, Sid proposed a toast to "Kevin and his girlfriend Kelsey" and "new beginnings."

Friday, September 5, 1997

Their dance over and the evening drawing to a close, Joe and Ruth adjourned to their bedroom. Ruth told Joe that she was unable to sleep peacefully without him by her side. She told Joe that she never wants to wake up without him again. In a flash, Joe's mind went for happiness to sorrow. He worried about being intimate with Ruth even though he knew that Dr. Craig had assured him that making love would put him in no danger. The two slipped under the covers and shared a kiss. But a loud thumping scared off Joe. He could feel and "hear" his heart racing and he worried that he might be in danger. He pulled off the covers and rose to his feet. Ruth asked if there was problem. Joe shook his head. He claimed that he forgot to leave the light on for Kelsey.

Jack and Tad shared a drink at the Valley Inn. It wasn't difficult for Jack to see that Tad's mind was still on Gloria. Jack urged Tad to move on and accept the fact that Gloria was now a Marick. He turned his head and caught a glimpse of a beautiful brunette sitting at the bar. Jack jabbed Tad with his elbow and told Tad that he should "put the moves" on the woman. If only they knew that the woman was Dimitri's cousin, Gillian. Tad declined and told Jack that the woman was all his. Jack also declined, noting that his "interests lie elsewhere." A smooth talking foreign man entered the bar and walked up behind the woman. He put his hands all over the woman and refused to stop ever after Gillian asked him to stop. Tad rose his voice and told the man that "no means no." The gentleman acted boldly and told Tad that he would do as he pleased. Gillian stepped between the two men and asked Tad to be careful when punching her friend. She explained that his nose was still healing from a previous bar brawl when he tried to be macho. The unnamed man hit the road. If you're expecting a heartfelt thank you from Gillian, you'll be waiting a long time. She blasted Tad for acting like a barbarian. She informed him that she was not "defective" and quite capable of handling herself. Tad sat back down at his table and received some gentle teasing from Jack. Both men decided to call it a night. On Tad's way out, Gillian pull him aside and apologized for her outburst. She told Tad that it was very sweet of him to come to her rescue---even if she didn't need it. The two chatted for a while. In their conversation, Gillian described her perfect man: an "anti-hero" who will always keep her on her toes. Tad, not wanting to brag, said that local lore describes him as that type of man. Gillian seemed unimpressed by Tad's ego and asked if he was "some kind of local Casanova." "More of a cad," Tad smiled. The radio blurted out a weather bulletin: a hurricane was beating down on the coastline. Gillian looked surprised that Pine Valley was so close to the shore. She asked Tad if he wanted to head to the beach. Tad nixed the idea, explaining that the weather wasn't exactly right for sunning. Gillian did everything short of calling him a chicken. Tad was not about to look weak and unadventurous in the young woman's eyes and agreed to go to the beach with her.

Down at Adam's beachhouse, Skye, Edmund, and the kids arrived just before the brunt of the storm lashed out on Sea City. The kids were tucked safely into bed on the leeward side of the house. While Skye darted into the storm to retrieve her make-up kit from the car, Edmund set up a picture of him and Maria on the coffeetable. When Skye returned, her temper flared when she realized that Edmund was still hopelessly in love with Maria. Her mind conjured up images of a budding relationship with Edmund. In her fantasy, she read poems to Edmund. A line by the poet thanked an unknown person for helping him to get through the pain of losing someone special. The poem hit close to home. Skye dreamed that Edmund thanked her for helping him deal with the pain of losing Maria. He leaned over and gave her a passionate kiss. Skye snapped back into reality just as the winds of the storm blew open the front door to the beachhouse. Skye and Edmund both struggled against the forceful winds to close the door. As they worked together, their eyes exchanged fleeting glances.

Back at the Valley Inn, Dimitri told Gloria that he knows he does not set her "soul on fire" like past lovers, but he hopes that they can move on together. He said that long lasting marriages are not built on lust. A real marriage needs understanding and unconditional love. Gloria had been thinking of Tad when the topic of passion was brought up, but now her mind was only on Dimitri. The two shared a very passionate kiss. Dimitri, however, broke off the kiss before it went too far. He told Gloria that he could easily "get carried away" and move to another level of intimacy. For now, he stated, he just needs to be near Gloria. Mary, the housekeeper in charge at Wildwind in Peggy's absence, phoned Dimitri and told him that a hurricane is approaching Sea City. Dimitri saw no reason for the servant's weather update and prepared to hang up on her. She quickly added that Edmund, the children, and Skye had taken a trip to Sea City. A sense of urgency conquered Dimitri's attitude. He hung up the phone and told Gloria that he has to head to the shore because Maddie might be in trouble. Dimitri asked that Gloria remain behind, but Gloria felt that her place was by Dimitri's side. He insists that she stay behind.

Kevin left his seat at the dinner table, furious that his father bribe the maitre d' to swap waiters. Judith chased after her son. She defended her husbands actions, saying it was obvious that the male waiter was flirting with Kevin. Kevin asked his mom if they would have replaced the waiter if he was flirting with Kelsey. Judith told her son that she wants him to be happy and have a "normal" life. She added that it was a pleasant surprise to see Kevin and Kelsey so happy together. Kevin insisted that he feels "nothing" when he's with Kelsey other than friendship. When he thinks of his future, he sees himself with another man. Judith's face dropped and a look of absolute horror crept over her face. Judith likened Kevin's sexuality to drug addiction. She said that a heroin addict can be given treatment to overcome the addiction and surely Kevin can receive treatment to get past his "hideous" desire to be with another man. It was a powerful scene as Judith did everything in her power to get into her son's heart and use the emotion to get him to see things her way. She told Kevin that he was the only thing the family had left. With Jason in jail, there was no other hope for the family. "We love you," Judith sniffled. Kevin agreed to return to the dinner table, but when he sat down, Palmer "remembered" a business meeting in the morning. Opal, who had no idea that her husband was trying to get out of the dinner, told Palmer that he must be mistaken. Palmer insisted and Opal eventually agreed to cut the night short. In private, Kevin told Kelsey about the waiter swap. She felt that Kevin was being paranoid. The evening drew to a close and Sid and Judith thanked Kevin and Kelsey for a wonderful evening. Sid extended his hand to his son. He told Kevin that he's matured a great deal since their last encounter---and that he is now once again part of the family. Kevin excused himself and headed outside for a breath of fresh air. Rick, the waiter who had been reassigned, pulled Kevin aside and apologized for screwing things up with his family. Rick said that he was new in town and starting a PVU in a few days. He gave Kevin his phone number and told him to give him a call if he'd like. Kelsey saw the exchange and fired an angry glare at Rick. Hoping to do damage control, Kelsey tried to get Kevin to extend the evening with her, but Kevin decided to call it a night.

In the final moments of the show, Dimitri arrives at the beachhouse. He knocks on the door and when Edmund answers the door, Dimitri is definitely not pleased.

Kelsey returned to her grandparents' house. She was frantic because she couldn't find Kevin. She'd phoned the Cortlandts, but Opal knew nothing of Kevin's whereabout. Opal told Kelsey that Kevin never returned home and that his bed had not been slept in.

Tad and Gillian finish frolicking in the rain and return to the Valley Inn. Wet from the storm, Gillian asks Tad to help unzipper her dress. Tad wasn't about to turn her down. Before he knew what was happening, Gloria opens the adjoining door from her room and sees Tad and half-dressed Gillian in a very awkward predicament.

Special thanks to Lisa Hellman and GaryNotar for helping piece together the final few moments of the show which were pre-empted for special reports of Queen Elizabeth's address on Diana's death and breaking news of Mother Teresa's death.

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