AMC Recaps: The week of May 5, 1997 on All My Children
Marian blasted Jake for trying to break up Adam and Liza. Erica planned to create a talk show to rival Tad's. Brooke refused to believe that Diana and Christina were the same person. Hayley accused Tanner of sexually assaulting her.
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Monday, May 5, 1997

Financial burden be damned. That was the ruling of the presiding judge in Erica and Dimitri's court case. She told Dimitri that she values human life above his financial matters and sticks by her ruling that he may not leave the country for six months. Erica celebrated the win and rejoiced at the fact that Dimitri would not be able to go to Russia and speak to the adoption agency. The celebration came to a quick end when Jack pointed out that with a couple of clicks on his laptop, Dimitri would be able to find out the same information he would have obtained through a trip to Russia. Words of advice from Jack: Formalize the adoption or suffer the consequences.
Lila told her client that he would have gotten "a slap on the wrist" had he not thrown a tantrum in open court. Dimitri admitted that he was responsible for his stiff penalty and thanked Lila for her help. Before he left, he handed over some information on the Russian adoption agency. He asked Lila if she could dig around for some dirt on Erica's adoption. Gloria apologized to Dimitri for her testimony. Dimitri assured her that she did what was right and thanked her for her continued support. Privately, Tad again warned Dimitri not to take Gloria down with him. Just to be on the safe side, Tad told the Count to "stay the hell away" from his fiancee.

Brooke told Pierce that Diana was in fact a Vargas. The news nearly wiped Pierce' mind of his scheduled engagement, the gallery show. Brooke managed to convince Pierce not to chase after Diana until the next day.

Matt headed to Tempo to track down Skye. Edmund claimed he had not seen Skye lately and asked what the hubbub was about. Matt recounted Tanner's evil deeds and said that he fears that Tanner is going to harm Skye. He also added that he thinks Tanner has already killed someone. Matt made a few calls and learned that Hayley had been released from the hospital. He then called Winifred and asked that she tell Hayley to steer clear of Tanner. Edmund remember that he had overheard Skye trying to obtain half a million dollars to buy a house. House Schmouse---Matt said that Tanner was probably blackmailing Skye.

Tanner insisted that Hayley was a willing participant in their love making. Not only was she willing, she afterwards Hayley claimed that no man had ever satisfied her quite the way Tanner had. Rewriting the history books, Tanner sneered, will not help. With threats of jail time now in the open, Tanner warned Hayley that "crying rape" is a dangerous thing. And if she wanted to find out how dangerous, she can tell the police her story. Tom stood up and raced to Hayley's side. He ordered the Aussie to take his hands off of Hayley and leave the restaurant. After a few derogatory comments, Tanner agreed to leave. Hayley felt she learned nothing from the confrontation. When Tom brought up Tanner's staged plane landing, Hayley suggested that she return to the cave and look for evidence of Tanner's evil deeds. Tom refused to allow Hayley to go alone. Hayley got on the phone and called Charlie Brent. From his California home, Charlie agreed to return home to Pine Valley and help out his former lover. Cecily, Charlie's wife, would tag along--- but her doctor told her that she needs to rest. No, she's not sick. She's pregnant!!

At the art exhibit, Stuart told Diana that he was happy to see her and hopes that she gets to meet Pierce. Jake and Belinda dropped by with the intentions of an "in and out" appearance, but Stuart managed to convince them to stick around a little longer. The publicity photos snapped off as Adam and Liza arrived to claim their Couple of the Year honor. Skye even got sucked into the act and posed for a few photos, albeit uncomfortable photos, with her stepmother. Belinda was confused by Liza and Adam's appearance and asked Liza if she had second thoughts on divorcing Adam. Liza didn't give a firm answer. Instead, she advised her attorney to put the divorce on ice---the same place that the rest of her life has been put. Pierce gave a very brief speech to thank everyone for their support and urged them to enjoy his artwork. As he made the rounds, Pierce came face to face with Diana. Nothing. Pierce looked directly into the woman's eyes, but nothing happened. Before either party could say a word, Stuart ushered Pierce to the front of the gallery to meet with a top expert in the field of art. Brooke was amazed that Pierce did not recognize Diana as the woman he had conceived a child with in El Salvador. Trevor told Brooke that perhaps Diana really isn't the mysterious Christina Vargas after all. Erica talked to Adam about her upcoming show. The millionaire mogul gave Erica complete autonomy over the show's production, vowing no interference from Mrs. Chandler. Erica couldn't wait to break the news to crowd. Her smiles came to and end when Dimitri showed up. Skye begged her Uncle Stuart for the money he promised, but he told Skye that he had not been able to get it yet. Stuart headed to Dimitri to ask his help in finding a bank that would loan him the money. Why bother with a bank, asked Dimitri. He offered to step in and loan Stuart the cash. Trevor waltzed around the gallery looking for Christina. His eyes stopped on the guest book. As he paged through the names, he found the name "Christina Vargas" scrawled at the top of the first page.

Tuesday, May 6, 1997

Tad forewarned Belinda that he might need her help in fighting off Erica's proposed new talk show. He said that Erica plans on squeezing him out of his time-slot and he'll need someone to fight for him.

Marian gave Jake a tongue-lashing for what she saw as his breaking up of Liza and Adam's marriage. So as not to draw a scene (and to protect their charade as Couple of the Year), Liza and Adam raced over to the scene of the battle and carried Marian off to a corner. The couple told Marian that their divorce was off. Confused, Marian was elated by the news and didn't want to poke around for answers to her questions.
Marian returned to Jake's corner of the room and taunted him for not being "enough man" to destroy Adam and Liza's marriage. Looks like Marian will pick a fight no matter what the circumstance! Tad interrupted the battle this time, telling Marian that Liza would have been lucky to have a man like Jake.

Jack warned Erica not to kick Dimitri while he's down or she'll risk infuriating him even more. Dimitri strolled over to Erica and wormed his way into the conversation. Erica, being the good sport that she is, told Dimitri that she has decided not to petition the court for a restraining order against him. With a chuckle,. Dimitri told Erica that he knows her petition was turned down so she need to flatter herself. Dimitri went back to the party leaving Erica to question Dimitri's "odd" behavior. "Probation does that" to people, said Jack.
Liza congratulated Erica on her talk show, but she was going to get a kick in the pants rather than a thank you. Erica told Liza that she really doesn't care if Liza is happy for her because Liza has no say in the matter. Erica explained that Adam had given her total control over the program and barred Liza from getting her hands into the project.

Stuart apologized to Dimitri for any feelings of discomfort. He swore that he did not know that Erica would be at the party. Dimitri assured Stuart that he had no problem wit Erica's presence. Dimitri took to the phone to call Lila and asked her to draw up some legal documents for him. Lila was concerned with Dimitri's desire to loan money against Stuart's ownership of WRCW. Dimitri convinced his attorney that WRCW was not a backwoods television studio. Plus, if all goes well he said he will be Erica's new boss.

Tom and Hayley had to return to Chandler Mansion by foot after Hayley's car broke down. Tom said he wished he could join Hayley on her return trip to the cave, but said that some previous plans with Jamal, Livia, and Terrence left his hands tied. Winifred, out of breath and concerned for Hayley's safety, told Hayley that Mateo had called and left her an urgent message to stay clear of Tanner. Tom requested that Hayley phone Mateo to let him know that she got his message and to tell him that she is planning on going to the cave. Hayley took part of Tom's advice. She did call Mateo and left a message on his answering machine stating that she'd be going on a trip for some "rest and relaxation." She later explained that she could not tell Mateo the truth because he'd "freak" if he knew she was going back to the cave.

Tanner dragged Skye to a remote area of the gallery and demanded money from her. Skye pleaded for more time. Tanner gave her another day, but only after taking all the money Skye had in her purse. Outside, Mateo peeked through the window and saw Skye hand over a wad of cash to Tanner.
Tanner left the room and Skye tried to compose herself. When she went to leave the room, Matt blocked her exit and demanded to get some information from her. Skye claimed she loaned Tanner some money, but Mateo was smarter than that. He told her that he knows Tanner is blackmailing her and took a few minutes to tell of Tanner's staged plane landing and fake father routines. Mateo begged Skye to got to he police and tell them that Tanner is extorting money from her, but Skye said she couldn't do that. Skye added that Matt cannot prove his claims. Mateo left and Skye returned to the party. Both were unaware that Tanner was in an adjacent room keeping tabs on them.

Belinda told Dimitri that he showed very unprofessional courtesy by not telling her that he was going to use Lila as his defense attorney. She told him that she stayed up late to work on his case only to find out that the trial was over and done with already. Dimitri tried to apologize, but no amount of "I'm sorry" would help his cause. Belinda told Dimitri that he'd be billed for her time.

Janet noticed the name "Christina Vargas" in the guest book and asked Trevor if someone was playing a cruel prank on Pierce. Brooke asked Trevor if she could see the guest book to review the names of everyone who had attended. Trevor refused and told Brooke to go back and enjoy the party. Trevor explained why he was hiding the book from Brooke. Brooke and Pierce have a "good thing," Trevor explained and he does not want to see an old flame ruin it. Janet was stunned that Christina was not dead. When Trevor ripped the page with Christina's name out of the guest book, Janet told him that he did the right thing.

Jake and Tad returned home. Tad again praised Belinda and tried to spark some interest for the attorney in his brother. Tad also said he found it odd that Adam and Liza were back together again. Jake asked that his brother not think about Liza and Adam too much, stating that the couple was meant for each other.

At Chandler Mansion, Liza and Adam returned home and got into a heated battle over Adam's plan to keep Liza out of Erica's new show. Adam had several reasons why Liza could not have a say: She resigned as station manager and she was just the "blonde bimbo" on his arm. Marian, luggage in tow, returned to Chandler Mansion and announced that she was moving back in because The Valley Inn had picked her pocket long enough. Liza went upstairs to sleep alone and Adam told Marian not to unpack her bags.

Brooke sat up waiting for Pierce to return. When he did, Pierce put on some music and the couple waltzed around the living room. Jamie snuck downstairs and watched the dancing from behind a piece of furniture. Laura returned home, grabbed Jamie, and joined in the dancing.

In the morning, Jake left Tad a note to announce that he was leaving town.

Trevor stopped by Brooke's house with news about Diana Martinez.

Pierce told Stuart that he would do anything for Brooke and his new family because he never wanted anyone to take away his happiness. Outside, Diana overheard the statement and dashed off. Dimitri showed up a little later with papers for Stuart to sign to finalize their loan agreement.

Liza walked down the steps at Chandler Mansion and took a seat next to Adam. He begged her to find somewhere else to sit---after all Chandler Mansion is enormous. Hayley and Skye caught the couple in a feud and decided to skip out. Hayley asked to borrow one of her dad's cars while hers was in the shop. Skye and Hayley got into a fight over who should have use of the best car. Adam insisted that Hayley should have the better car because she had been through some rough times. As the fighting, Phoebe and a camera crew arrived to take publicity photos of The Couple of the Year. Marian hid in the background, gesturing for her daughter to smile for the camera.
In the garage, Hayley got into her father's car and prepared to drive off. Suddenly Tanner popped up in the back seat.

Wednesday, May 7, 1997

Even though they both agreed that Christina was dead, Trevor told Brooke that he had new developments that could change their opinions. While Trevor fumbled in his pocket for the torn out guest book page, Brooke explained that Diana cannot be Christina because Pierce did not recognize her. Trevor presented Brooke with the piece of paper and told her that eighteen years in a Central American prison can alter a person's appearance. Pierce returned home and detected an air of unhappiness. Brooke chalked up the mood to some Tempo business. She explained that Adam wanted her to go on a glorified ski vacation in Europe. Pierce liked the idea and suggested they use the trip as a family vacation. With the kids in school and Pierce's budding art career, Brooke thought the idea was poorly timed. Trevor shook his head as Brooke dodge the real issue. She excused herself from the conversation, saying that she needed to track down Adam and tell him that she cannot go on the trip. Shortly after Brooke left, Pierce noticed that she'd left behind her papers. He called Tempo to see if Brooke had arrived, but Pierce learned from Brooke's secretary that Brooke had taken the day off and had no plans to appear at the office.

Stuart gave Skye a suitcase full of money, but urged her to reconsider paying off a lawsuit with case. Just having the large sum of money in the gallery made Stuart feel unnerved. Skye swore she knew what she was doing and told her uncle that the attorney representing the people bringing the charges against her requested that Skye pay them in cash. Stuart nodded but reminded Skye that the last time she claimed she knew what she was doing, she ran away to New York and ended up the bride of "Dr. Frankenstein."

Hayley nicely asked Tanner to leave, but he refused. She tried to sound the horn for help, but she found that Tanner had clipped the wires and disabled the horn. Hayley again requested that Tanner leave, but he echoed his initial refusal to budge. It was actually a twist of fate that Tanner and Hayley bumped heads. Tanner was really waiting for Skye and had no idea that the two women swapped cars. Tanner stepped out of the back seat and walked around to the driver's side. He demanded that Hayley apologize for claiming that he raped her and ordered her to say, "Yes, Tanner. I wanted you more than I wanted any other guy. And you did not rape me." Hayley couldn't force her lips to form the words, but when Tanner threatened violence, she repeated his orders. Skye arrived as planned and Hayley used her distraction as a way to speed out of the garage. Skye handed over the money and told Tanner to hit the road. Tanner told Skye that he was heading south. He also told Skye that she should be very thankful that he did not expose her lies and claimed she got off cheap.

Adam told Phoebe that it's hard to be spontaneous when a camera crew is filming you in your pajamas! Phoebe told the couple that the need to shoot unedited footage for the promotional video and encouraged the Chandlers to be "as they were." Liza informed Phoebe that they were discussing her promotion to "executive in charge of production" on all WRCW programs. Adam gritted his teeth and painfully nodded his head in agreement. Marian waltzed into the room with a tray of Bloody Marys. Everyone thought it was a bit early for the drink, but Marian coaxed them into some self-indulgence. Adam pulled Liza aside and told her that he does not want to be strong-armed into anything even if it means a blow-up in front of the camera. Liza promised Adam that their marital problems would become public knowledge if he did not agree to her terms. While Adam and Liza had their backs turned, Marian entertained the camera. She said that she and her children have "theme" nights where they all gather together for drinks and games. Marian, beginning to show signs of inebriation, walked backwards and knocked over Adam. The two laid on the floor and giggled uncontrollably. The next wacky moment came when a plate was accidentally knocked on the floor. Phoebe, also noticeably tipsy, laughed as she asked why no one cared that the plate shattered. Marian explained that they celebrate by breaking china. If you can believe it, everyone---including Adam, Liza, Phoebe, Marian, and the camera crew---began tossing dishes and glasses around the room.
After the crew left, Liza told Marian that she had gone too far in telling Phoebe that they have "theme nights." Adam resented having a camera crew follow his day-to-day business. Marian defended her statement and said that she'd rather lie then tell everyone that Adam and Liza fight all day. Adam informed his mother-in-law that he and Liza were not a couple. They were merely cornered by Phoebe and forced to play it off. Marian began to sob. She told Adam and Liza that their yelling at her makes her remember the "good old days" when they all lived together.

Jack told Mateo that he cannot issue an arrest warrant based on speculation. If he were to convince Skye to sign a police statement or if Earl's body were to turn up, then he might consider some action. Mateo sighed. He knew that Skye would not tell the police that Tanner was blackmailing her. He told Jack that he saw Tanner extort money from Skye and begged Jack to help him before someone he cares about gets hurt. Jack reluctantly agreed. He phoned Derek and ask him to run a search on Tanner and Earl for past crimes.

Brooke ended up at the gallery. There she bumped into Diana. But Brooke didn't call her Diana. Instead she gasped in surprise and whispered "Christina."

Derek arrived at Jack's office with "Bad news" and "Worse news." It turns out that both Tanner and Earl have prior arrests. Earl was arrested for bilking an elderly woman out of her life saving's. Tanner was jailed for drug trafficking. Derek was called away on business, but Jack continued reviewing the police reports. Jack told Mateo that Tanner was convicted for transporting the "date rape" drug into the country from Mexico. He explained that the drug is used to render a person unconscious. During that period of blackout, the person who administered the drug can then sexually assault the other party. The fog lifted and Mateo came to the stunning revelation that Tanner had raped Hayley.

Hayley arrived at the airport and prepared to board her plane. The ticket taker remember seeing Hayley, but couldn't remember her name. But when Tanner showed up a few minutes later, her identity became clear. The man, a friend of Tanner, told him that his "blonde flying partner" had just boarded a plane bound for Virginia.

Thursday, May 8, 1997

Charlie phoned Hayley to say that he would not be able to go to the cave with her because Cecily had gone into labor. Hayley was very pleased that Charlie would be a new daddy and told him not to even think twice about leaving Cecily's side.

After not being able to locate Brooke at her office, Pierce became concerned that Brooke might be hiding something from him. Perhaps he is pressuring her to hard for a wedding. Trevor insisted that Brooke was quite happy with Pierce in her life and told him that she did not have cold feet.

Myrtle dropped by Linden House to check on Erica. Myrt was concerned that Erica's new talk show and motherhood might be wearing her down. On he contrary, Erica was buzzing around the house working on a new book and seemed to have endless energy. Since Mothers' Day was approaching, Myrtle thought it best that she see if Erica wasn't too upset over the loss of Mona. Esther appeared in the room and Myrtle instantly recognized her as the crazed fan was had been lurking in the bushes a few weeks prior. Erica insisted that Esther was a good nanny and told Myrtle not to concern herself with Sonya's safety. Erica and Myrtle went out for a few minutes leaving Esther to take care of the baby.

Maria went to Willow Lake to lay flowers at the spot where Erica's car went off the road. While she was there, she bumped into Frederick, the psychic. He told her that he has been going to the lake every day since he learned of the car crash. This time, however, he felt an ominous presence and notified the police that the lake was harboring a "lost soul looking for justice." Maria panicked that her baby's body might have turned up in the lake and placed a frantic call to Edmund to ask him to be by her side while the lake was dragged. The divers radioed Derek and informed him that a body had been found in the lake.

Mateo jumped to the conclusion that Tanner must have used the date rape drug on Hayley. He beat himself up over not believing Hayley when she said that she did not want to sleep with Tanner. Matt requested that Jack move on the news and arrest Tanner. Jack said that he wished he could do something, but an arrest warrant cannot be issued on assumptions. Plus, the drug would be out of Hayley's system by now and there would be no proof that the drug was used on her. Derek phoned Jack to tell him that a body had turned up in the lake. The two men raced off to the lake to see if the body could be identified.

Diana corrected Brooke, saying that her name was "Diana" not "Christina." Once and for all, Brooke asked that Diana put aside the lies and come forward with the truth. Diana said that she had only come to Pine Valley to have her book published---nothing more. Now, she was having second thoughts. Brooke knew why Diana did not want her work read or published. She said that Diana knew that her true identity would have been learned through the manuscript. Brooke indicated a desire to read the final chapters of the book, but said that she already knows how the book ends. As Brooke related the story that Pierce had told her and how he had to choose between his lover and his child's life, Diana begged for Brooke to stop. She admitted that her real name is Christina Vargas. She said it would be better if Pierce thought she was dead so that the painful memories he has would remain buried. After being shot, Diana said that she found herself in prison. There she stayed for eighteen long years. Had it not been for Brooke's calls to the prison to get information on Amelia, Pierce's daughter, she would still be in prison. The guards had gotten nervous and released her from jail so that the probe would turn up nothing. Now, she felt that she should disappear. She claimed that she returned to the gallery to scribble her name out of the guest book. But Brooke wanted to know one crucial piece of information: Does Christina still love Pierce. Christina said that she loved Pierce at one time. But her heart was broken when, after not seeing him for eighteen years, she came face to face with Pierce and he did not recognize her. Pierce's voice sounded out in the distance. Christina said that she could not face Pierce and ducked into hiding. Pierce asked Brooke why she had lied about a meeting with Adam. Brooke lied that she was planning a pre-wedding surprise for Pierce.

Edmund arrived at the lake and blasted Frederick for his emotional torture on Maria. Frederick swore that he meant no harm to Maria. He only wanted the questions to end. Mateo arrived and told Maria that he thinks the body might be that of Earl. After a quick look at the body. Mateo's hunches were confirmed. Maria was relieved that the body was not that of her baby. There were no immediate signs of cause of death, but Jack said that the coroner would check things out. An all points bulletin was sent out for Tanner Jordan's apprehension. Suddenly, Frederick got a vibe that Maria's child was close. In the background, Esther appeared with Sonya.

Back at Linden House, Erica returned and found a note from Esther. In the note, Esther said that she was taking Sonya to see the cherry blossoms. Erica's heart pounded. Apparently the best view of cherry blossoms was at Willow Lake. Erica feared a return to the spot where Sonya nearly died and raced off after her daughter and nanny.

Hayley returned to the cave and made several crucial discoveries. First, she found a condom wrapped on the floor of the cave. Then she found a little baggie that had some white powder residue. Hayley's mind cast back to the time when Tanner offered her the sports drink. She remembered that Tanner pressured her to drink the juice. Now she realized that the drink was spiked by Tanner. As Hayley turned around, Tanner appeared at the entrance to the cave.

Friday, May 9, 1997

Edmund requested that Frederick keep quiet on his feeling that Maria's baby was close. Maria caught sight of Sonya and Esther and sauntered toward them. Erica jumped from the bushes and intercepted Maria. Erica suggested that Esther return home and allow Sonya to enjoy the fresh air in the comfort of Linden House's backyard. Erica casually walked over to Maria and Edmund and took several shots at their use of a psychic. She implied that psychic pray on grief-stricken families and are only out to reap some cash. Frederick explained that he does not get paid for his services. Maria flipped out and blasted Erica for "telling her" how to grieve for her missing son. Edmund demanded that Erica apologize for her comments. For just a moment, Erica looked truly saddened by Maria's grief and apologized for hurting her.

Dimitri asked Gloria if she could track down Joe for him. He said that he will be using Joe as a surprise weapon against Palmer's attempts to throw him off the hospital board. On her way from claiming some of the toys left behind by Erica, Opal saw Gloria and Dimitri chatting and could resist poking her nose into their business. Opal said that she had told Tad that an engagement ring would not keep Gloria from being a floozy. Tongue-in-cheek, Gloria informed her soon-to-be mother-in-law that Tad gave her permission to speak to men. Gloria noted that Opal was hauling the infamous teddy bear back to Linden House. After Opal had left, Dimitri asked her why the teddy bear was so interesting. Gloria recounted her tale of how she and Tad were in New York and had the bear delivered to their room by accident. After the tale, Dimitri thought that he and Gloria might learn more about Erica and her adoption mystery by taking a trip to New York.

Liza dropped by Tad's office to tell him that The Cutting Edge continued to drop in the ratings. She also took time out to ask if he could give Jake her regards. Tad said that he could not tell Jake anything because he left. He blamed Liza for making Jake want to leave. Liza apologized for hurting Jake, but said that she never meant him any harm. Ruth arrived at the office for a luncheon with Tad. Liza turned and left the office without saying a word. Apparently Jake did not tell his parents that he was leaving town because Tad had to break the news to Ruth that Jake hit the road. Ruth was noticeably shaken and blamed Jake's departure on her not supporting him and his choice of lover. Opal strutted into the office to tell Tad that Gloria was "cozying up" to Dimitri at the hospital. Tad told Ruth that he'd have to cancel their lunch date because he needed to check up on Gloria.

Gloria told Dimitri that she'd go to New York with him. You never know, she smiled, he might need to help of a former con artist. When Tad showed up, he remained surprisingly calm. He didn't raise his voice or make a scene. He asked Gloria if he'd go out with her later that night, but she said that her work schedule had changed and that she'd be unable to do anything fun. Gloria later explained to Dimitri that she had to lie to Tad because he'd never approve of her going to New York with him. Dimitri's long awaited call from the Russian Adoption Agency finally came through. Now, he reckoned that he'd be able to get to the bottom of Sonya's adoption.

Following up on a memo, Liza went to Tad's office for what she thought would be a meeting with Tad. But Ruth was there instead. She ordered Liza to take a seat because "Tad's mother wants to talk" to her. She then added that "So does Jake's mother."

Mateo tracked down Skye to see if she knew where Tanner was hiding. Skye said that she paid off Tanner and that he said he was hopping a plane and going down south. The two headed to the airport to see if they could find out what flight Tanner had taken. While traipsing through the terminal, Matt bumped into Tom. Matt asked Tom if he had any idea where Hayley might be. Tom explained that Hayley has been having more visions of her time in the cave and that she and Charlie went to the cave to see if they could find evidence that supported Hayley's claims that Tanner raped her. Matt called California to see if Charlie had already left for Virginia. When he learned that Charlie remained behind because Cecily had gone into labor, he feared that Hayley went to the cave by herself. (Note from Dan: The cave was originally said to be in West Virginia, just over the hill from Pigeon Hollow. For some reason, however, they are now saying the cave is in Virginia. I apologize for any confusion, but I'm confused too!)

Erica returned to Linden House and told Esther that the trip to Willow Lake had decreased her trust in her. Esther suffered another panic attack . Erica apologized for upsetting Esther and said that she didn't mean anything she'd said.
Erica sat down with Sonya and decided that it was time for the truth. She told her daughter that she was going to give her back to Edmund and Maria, but when she heard Dimitri and Maria say that the baby was better off dead, she decided that she could not allow Sonya to be brought up in a house without love. She said that she was raised by a father who did not love her and that she's felt those pains everyday of her life. But now, when she looks at Mona's photo, she thinks she might have done the wrong thing by keeping Sonya.

At the cave, Hayley accused Tanner of staging the emergency plane landing so that he could sexually assault her. Tanner said he was tired of Hayley accusing him of rape, changing her mind, and then accusing him of rape again. He warned her that he'd sue her for slander if she continued her outrageous claims. Hayley wanted him for months, he explained. He reminded her that she "felt sparks" during their flight lessons. Hayley dangled the plastic baggie in front of Tanner and asked him how many other women he's drugged and raped. Tanner's anger flared. He pushed Hayley backwards and cornered her against the wall of the cave. She threatened to club him over the head with a rock, but Tanner overpowered her. She claimed that Mateo knew where she was and that she could return to her car and drive off. Not so. Tanner finagled with Hayley's car and rendered it inoperable. As for Mateo, Tanner said that he is tried of hearing Mateo's name. He urged her to forget all about Mateo. This time, he smiled fiendishly, Hayley would feel every minute of their love making because there'd be no drugs in her system to numb the pleasure. Hayley's eyes welled with tears and Tanner moved closer and closer.

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