AMC Recaps: The week of April 28, 1997 on All My Children
Mateo determined that Tanner had murdered Earl. Hayley accused Tanner of rape. Skye convinced Stuart to put up WRCW as collateral so that she could pay off Tanner. Erica took Dimitri to court. Diana's true identity was revealed.
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Monday, April 28, 1997

Trevor could barely keep up with Janet and Amanda on their hunt for the perfect nailpolish colors for their manicure booth. So while the mother-daughter tag-team sought out the final hues in the mall's shops, Trevor rested his aching feet on a bench. Opal and a friend saw Trevor and took up residence next to him. Opal's fellow shopper complained that her feet were sore. Opal advised the woman to go and buy some sneakers and after the woman left, Opal told Trevor that her friend is a nice person but said she lacks greatly in shopping endurance. On that, Opal then griped about Janet wanting to help Amanda at the school fair. Trevor couldn't see why Opal had a problem with Janet wanting to assist Amanda, but Janet, who was eavesdropping on the conversation, understood. Trevor accused Opal of still wanting to get revenge on Janet for sleeping with Palmer, a charge Opal denied. Janet interrupted the chat and said that she agrees with Opal and will bow out of the mini-carnival. Shocked and amazed that Janet's "lights are on and someone's home", Opal left the scene knowing that her work was done. Trevor prepared to tell Amanda that Janet was not allowed at the fair, but Janet stepped in to save the day. Janet said that she's decided that a manicure booth might not be the best idea. After all, some of Amanda's girlfriends are not allowed to wear make-up and none of the boys would visit their stand. So why not make some special cupcakes? Amanda went head over heels for the idea and couldn't wait to begin baking the goodies. Trevor pulled Janet aside and asked her how she plans to get out of attending the fair. Janet said that she'll just happen to come down with a cold and be unable to attend. She begged Trevor not to ruin Amanda's day with the bad news.

Diana denied knowing Pierce's former lover. She said that not everyone in Los Rios knows each other. Brooke apologized for offending the writer, but said that she has been desperately seeking out Pierce's daughter and wanted to exhaust every possible lead. Diana added that she spent all her life in the town, but her adult life was spent in prison as a political prisoner. Brooke tried to bond with Diana by revealing that she had spent time in jail for failing to reveal a source for an article she had written. The comment was a slap in the face to Diana, who had said she had to fight rats for morsels of spoiled food given to her by her captors. Diana excused herself from the room. While she was gone, Brooke and Edmund agreed that Diana is not telling the whole story. By the time Diana had returned, Brooke and Edmund had received a phone call requesting their presence in the editing room. Diana handed over the third chapter of her manuscript---again asking that no one else read the story. Brooke gave Diana her newest business card with her new phone number and address and asked Diana to keep in contact. Diana stuck around to use the phone. She was caught in the act of snooping by Laura. Diana explained that Brooke had allowed her to use the phone and Laura quickly apologized for snapping at the woman. Diana recognized Laura as Brooke's daughter and began pressing for details on Pierce. Laura said she had to run to pick up Jamie from the babysitter and didn't answer any of the woman's questions.

Gloria felt guilty for not stopping Dimitri before he sped off in his car. Tad was glad that Gloria was not in the car and warned her that hanging around Dimitri was going to bring her nothing but bad luck. Tad went as far as to demand that Gloria stay away from the Count. Gloria's expression turned stern. She advised Tad that she is her own woman and will not take orders from anyone---not even her fiancé!

Derek asked Erica if she had any details on the car that nearly ran her down. Other than the color and the fact that the car had a temporary license plate, Erica could offer little detail. But that was just enough info for Derek to start an investigation. Erica asked Ruth if she'd be permitted to see her daughter yet. She would, but not until after the CT scan that Maria had ordered had been done. Erica flipped out when she heard that Maria was in charge of her baby's welfare and raced off to kick Maria off the case. When Erica entered the room, Maria was holding the baby and an assistant had removed Sonya's clothing. Erica demanded that Maria put the baby down and then asked her to remove herself from Sonya's care. Ruth entered the room and asked Erica to reconsider, but there was no changing Erica's mind. Once everyone had left, Erica took a vial of make-up from her purse and covered up Sonya's birthmark. When Derek returned, Erica learned that the police now had a solid lead on the car that nearly killed Sonya; the car was owned by Dimitri Marick. Erica was stunned and could barely utter a word. Ruth entered the room and prepared to take Sonya for her tests. Erica made a special request that Sonya not be given any baths. She said that she uses a special soap on Sonya's sensitive skin and doesn't want the baby to be cleaned with anything else. Ruth nodded and took the baby for tests. Of course, the sensitive skin story was another tall tale. Erica didn't want her make-up to wash off the baby!

Dimitri tracked down Palmer and began lashing out at him for trying to remove him from the hospital board. Palmer insisted that he was doing what was best for the hospital. He advised Dimitri to pay more attention to his business or risk financial ruin. While Dimitri is off gallivanting, the stock prices on his company are tumbling and investors are being taken to the cleaners. Gloria pulled Dimitri aside and asked him if he had driven by the park. Dimitri shrugged his shoulders and showed little interest in Gloria's question. It was then that Dimitri learned that he nearly killed Erica and Sonya with his frenzied driving.
Opal joined her Love Bug for a drink and boasted of her encounter with Janet. Palmer didn't agree with what Opal had done and accused her of "perpetuating hysteria."

Janet baked and Trevor iced. But was Trevor icing the cupcakes or his head? With icing on his ear and brow, Trevor thanked Janet for helping Amanda and said that he'd fill in for her at the fair. Janet requested a few minutes to look in on Amanda and watch her sleep. Trevor agreed, telling her to watch out for the squeaky top step. He thanked Janet on Amanda's behalf for a fun day... he added that he had a fun time, too.

Pierce and Brooke dropped by the mall to check out a spot where one of Pierce's sculptures would be placed. He said that he's pleased that he work will be displayed, but nit-picked over the type of light the sculpture would receive. Brooke caught sight of Diana in the crowd and told Pierce to look, but by the time Pierce's head swiveled around, Diana had disappeared.

At the hospital, Maria told Edmund that holding Sonya felt oddly confortable and uncomfortable at the same time. She hoped that Matthew was someone safe.
Erica was granted permission to sleep overnight in Sonya's room. As she waited for the return of her daughter from her tests, Dimitri burst into the room setting up a possible rip roarin' battle.

Tuesday, April 29, 1997

Working late usually signals turmoil in Adam's life. Stuart confronted Adam about this at Adam's WRCW office. Adam claimed that he was "savoring good fortune" and celebrating his victory over Liza in their divorce. Stuart saw it another way. He told his brother that he knows him too well to believe one of his lies. Adam didn't want to go home because the house was empty. What Stuart didn't understand was why Adam had given up is fight for Liza when he supposedly loved her. Adam was equally puzzled by Stuart's sudden standing up for Liza. Stuart explained that he was not praising Liza. Liza's a bad woman in Stuart's mind, but Stuart added that "like attracts like," meaning that Liza and Adam are birds of a feather. Adam showed he was hurt with a statement that Liza used him: tricking him into marriage, trying to steal his money, and all the time loving another man.

Marian offered Liza some herbal remedies to help ease her tension headache. Marian told Liza she'd be back after a few errands. Shortly after Marian left, Belinda showed up at Liza's door to verify some divorce papers she'd been faxed. Liza acknowledged that the papers Belinda received were legitimate and said that she had signed them. Belinda was baffled by Liza's complete turn around on her marriage to Adam. Why would she suddenly give up on a claim to millions of dollars. And the question became even more confusing when Belinda determined that Liza and slept with Adam. There was only one possible explanation as far as Belinda was concerned: Liza fell in love with Adam. Liza said she had developed feelings for Adam, but when she woke the morning after their love making session she was served with divorce papers. So Liza said she'd take on another task and pursue Jake. Belinda didn't agree with Liza's treatment of Jake as "the other man" and warned her that Jake deserves better.

Jake returned to Tad's house and asked if he'd be able to live there again. Tad wondered why Jake and Liza were not at sea, but he didn't pressure his brother with questions. Tad welcomed Jake back to the house, adding that the house has been empty now that Gloria has been pulling double duty; She works at the hospital and plays babysitter for Dimitri. Tad didn't know it, but Gloria was standing at the doorway when he made his comment. Tad explained to his fiancee that he doesn't want to come across as a tyrant. He simply loves her more than anything else on the planet and doesn't want to see her get hurt.

Dimitri explained that he wasn't aware that he nearly mowed down Erica and baby. He reckoned that he must have taken the turn a bit too close and popped up on the pavement. Had he seen that he come so close to hitting Erica, he said he would have turned around to help. "Or turned around for another pass" at hitting them, snapped Erica. Dimitri professed his affection for Sonya, saying that he thinks of her as his own flesh and blood. The comment enraged Erica and she pointed out that Dimitri has no claim to her daughter. But perhaps, she commented, if he had run down Erica he could have gotten legal rights to Sonya. Maria burst into the room and said that she had overheard Erica's comments and felt the need to respond: No one was hurt and Erica should back off Dimitri. Erica claimed that Maria was defending her lover. She then asked Dimitri to leave the room since he was not family. When he refused, Erica summoned Derek and asked that he arrest Dimitri. Even though Maria said the test results showed no serious injuries, Derek said that Dimitri was still liable for fleeing the scene of an accident. Dimitri vowed that Erica would not destroy him. The battle began with Erica promising that she would have the last word.

At the prison, Belinda offered Dimitri legal advice. The Count was not pleased that he would have to spend the night in jail. Belinda explained that no judges were available at that time of night, but that first thing in the morning Dimitri would face arraignment.

Marian paid Adam a visit and accused him of lying to her about his supposed feelings for Liza. She said that Adam said he feelings for Liza, but doesn't believe him any more. The night of passion between Liza and Adam was dubbed as "making love" by Liza and "sex" by Adam. She then informed her ex-son-in-law that Liza had been dumped by Jake. Adam implied that it was Liza that did not love him, not him who did not love her. So here you have two people who both care about each other, but they both think the other doesn't feel the same way! Seeing that Adam didn't believe her, Marian told him to pick up his bugging device and listen to the sounds of nothing on the other end. But when Adam picked up the device, he heard Liza and Jake chatting. Liza told Jake that she slept with Adam for his money, but after having sex with Adam she felt "dirty" and decided to forget the cash. She explained that Jake's love was worth more to her than Adam's money. Adam was furious and kicked Marian out of his office. Back on the patio of Tad's home, Liza asked Jake of he would be able to forgive her.

Wednesday, April 30, 1997

Mateo headed to the Pine Cone Motel to see if he could locate Earl. The actor was nowhere to be found, but Matt did come across some important information. Among Earl's belongings, Mateo found a video tape of some of Earl's early television work (a commercial for a seafood restaurant, to be exact). At the end of the commercial, Earl's agent's phone number and other contact information aired across the screen. Mateo jotted down the number and made a phone call to the agent. Through the agent, Mateo learned that no one has heard from Earl in days. The agent had been looking for Earl to tell him that he was in line for a new job. Tanner was about to return to his room when he heard Mateo's voice coming from inside. He opted to retreat rather than risk another confrontation with his former "best mate." Mateo continued his phone search, contacting Earl's relatives and any one else whose name and number he found. Finally Derek phoned Derek to find out if any John Does had turned up at the morgue. When Derek responded in the negative, Mateo warned Derek that he suspects an unknown man will be found dead very soon.

Hayley summoned Brooke to the hospital to tell her that she had some new break throughs on what happened in the cave. Brooke begged Hayley to stop beating herself up over what happened, saying that "people make mistakes." The problem was Hayley didn't think she was the one who made the mistake. She remained adamant in her claim that she told Tanner "No," leading her to the conclusion that Tanner raped her. Brooke urged Hayley to trust her memories and suggested that she enlist the help of an old friend if she wants to get to the bottom of the incident once and for all. In the morning, Tom would be called and give Hayley a hand in dealing with these haunting memories.

Liza expressed her desire to undo the last twenty-four hours and begged Jake for another chance at happiness. Jake said he couldn't give Liza another chance. Not only had he waited up all night for her to show up at the Sleepy Hollow Inn, but Liza had slept with another man! Sleeping with Adam was "the most disgusting" Liza said had ever done and added that it "meant nothing" to her.
On the other end of the bugging device, Adam hit the ceiling. He was nearly in tears when Marian returned to the office to retrieve an item she had left behind. Adam told her to pick up whatever it was she left and to hit the road. Marian told Adam to stop wasting time and track down Liza so he can tell her how he really feels. Adam responded with the news that Liza is currently begging Jake for forgiveness. Marian chalked up Liza's actions to a need to get revenge on Adam rather than real feelings for Jake. In a fit of rage, Adam ripped open Marian's purse and began systematically cutting up the charge cards she had acquired because of her affiliation with the Chandler clan. Marian said she was crushed by Adam's deed, but said she is more concerned for Liza than herself.
Back on the patio, Jake accused Liza of being in love with Adam. While Liza did her best to deny her feelings, Jake insisted that Liza was fooling herself. Liza's plea for forgiveness fell on deaf ears as Jake turned and walked away from her. Liza broke down in tears and sobbed uncontrollably until Tad, overhearing her cries, walked out on the patio to see what had happened. Liza didn't take kindly to Tad's display of concern. She told Tad that he had finally won and can hold his head proud knowing that she will be alone again. Liza implied that Tad was out for revenge on her for breaking up his marriage to Dixie, but she quickly pointed out that Tad had a part in the separation. Tad denied wanting revenge. Liza said she hopes "Nurse Marsh knows what she's getting herself into." Liza suggested that Tad will lead Gloria to believe that she is the only woman he can love... but then one day while Gloria is working late at the hospital, Tad's roving eyes will find a fantasy woman. From there, Liza said that everyone knows what will happen next.

At McKay's, Jake ran into Belinda. Belinda invited Jake to join her at her table if he could find a space that wasn't covered by legal documents. She told Jake that she is sorry he was hurt and told him, citing another of her Aunt Grace's parables, that "this too shall pass." Not soon enough, sighed Jake.

Also at McKay's, Tanner enjoyed pressuring Skye for money. When she announced that she could not get her hands on half a million dollars, Tanner picked up her cellular phone and called Edmund. Skye quietly whispered that Tanner would get no money if he exposed her. He nodded, but said that watching Skye get what's coming to her would be worth its weight in gold. Skye grabbed the phone and said that she would get the money for Tanner.
Skye headed to her father's office with a bogus law suit as her reason for needing money. Skye said that one of Jonathan's former patients was suing her for Jonathan's malpractice. As his wife, she said she needed to fork over some cash to quite the claims. Adam urged his daughter to tie the claim up in court and said that she will never have to pay a penny to the patient.

Diana let herself into Brooke's new home and began poking around. She ogled a picture Jamie had drawn of his extended family: Brooke, Laura, Pierce, and himself. Brooke returned home causing Diana to run for cover. She let herself out the back door and then returned to the front door. She knocked frantically on the door and said that she had been robbed of all her money while strolling in the park. Diana refused to let Brooke call the police, but agreed to spend the night at Brooke's.
In the morning, Diana gently caressed a picture of Pierce, unaware that Brooke was approaching from behind. Hayley tried to call Matt, but she got the answering machine and decided not to leave a message.

Skye met with her Uncle Stuart to ask for a loan. He told her that he did not have the amount of cash Skye was looking for, but said he could talk to Adam on her behalf. Skye nixed that plan and came up with a way to get the money: Put WRCW up as collateral.

Liza returned to WRCW. On her way out of Adam's office, Adam returned seemingly forcing a confrontation.

The Start of May Sweeps Thursday, May 1, 1997

The dance continues as Pierce and Diana move around Pine Valley barely missing a face to face encounter. Brooke found Christina holding a photo of Pierce. The woman was nearly in tears. Startled by Brooke's appearance, Diana leapt to her feet and gushed apologies for poking through Brooke's belongings. The writer claimed that Brooke's fiancé reminded her of Robert, the American soldier in her manuscript. From her vantage point, Brooke could see Pierce pulling into the driveway. She urged Diana to stick around and finally meet Pierce, but Diana concocted a story that would allow her slip out the back door.
Pierce had been at the gallery preparing for his big art show when he received a phone call from a friend in the Veterans' Affairs office. The friend told Pierce that his Senorita Vargas had been released from prison and hopped a flight to Center City. The possibility of being able to find someone who might know where his daughter is located sent shockwaves through Pierce's body. He couldn't wait to tell Brooke the good news. Brooke listened to the story and couldn't help notice some points that seemed a little too convenient. She picked up the phone and placed a call to Jack. Jack told Brooke that he met Diana at the airport on April 9th. The date just so happened to be the same date that Miss Vargas landed in Center City. Fireworks didn't flash for Pierce until after she explained to her lover that Miss Vargas and Diana are more than likely the same person. Intent on finding the woman, Pierce dashed out the door disregarding Brooke's advice that Diana is an "erratic" woman.
Diana was busy at the art gallery. She asked Stuart questions that would give her more details on Pierce's private life. Stuart, not knowing that he was doing something he shouldn't be doing, offered up information on Pierce's military service in Central America, his love affair with Brooke, and the loss of his child. Diana thanked Stuart for his help and went on her way.

Dimitri returned to the hospital to check on Sonya's condition. He met with interference from Erica who was furious that her former husband was not in jail. Dimitri explained that he was arraigned and released on his own recognizance earlier in the day. Warning him not to use up all his favors in one day, Erica phoned Jackson to take out a restraining order on Dimitri. Dimitri plucked the phone from her hands and disconnected the call. Ruth jumped into the conversation with news that Sonya could be taken home. Fearing for her safety, Erica asked for a security escort out of the hospital to prevent Dimitri from "harming" her or her baby.
While helping Erica get Sonya's belongings together, Gloria became fascinated by a teddy bear. She fondled the toy and remembered it as the same make and model that had been accidentally delivered to her hotel room in New York. As she recalled, Tad took the bear to the room across the hall and gave it to a woman named Mrs. Davis. Gloria told her story to Erica, but of course Erica had a quick explanation. Mrs. Davis' daughter was allergic to the mohair used for the bear's fur, so the woman offered it to Erica and Sonya. Gloria didn't seem convinced, but asked nothing further.
Angered by the threat of a restraining order, Dimitri called Belinda for some legal advice. Belinda was out of town, but fortunately for the Count, Trevor Dillon was walking through the hospital corridors. Dimitri told Trevor of his predicament and hoped for some good news. The good news was not forthcoming. Trevor told Dimitri that as long as Erica has charges pending against him, she will probably be granted the restraining order.

Liza told Adam that she needs a favor from him. She found a job offer in Wyoming and asked Adam if he could forego with the career sabotage and allow her to get the job. Adam chuckled as he informed Liza that she and Jake would be outnumbered by sheep and other barnyard animals if they moved to Wyoming. But she'd no longer with Jake. Adam didn't hide pleasure at hearing that Jake dumped Liza. The chat was cut short when Phoebe entered Adam's office with a plea for assistance. Phoebe told the couple that the AIDS hospice is in a financial crunch and is nearing fiscal ruin. Adam offered to write a check to help the hospice and Liza volunteered her services, but that's not what Phoebe had in mind. With a roll of the eyes, Phoebe announced that a special fund raising dinner would be held in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Chandler, Couple of the Year. Needless to say, no one in the room was dancing the jig. Adam and Liza said that they needed time to discuss the idea. Phoebe agreed---but gave them only one hour before should report to the media that the couple turned down the charity's plea.
Adam couldn't understand how they had been made couple of the year--They were divorced! Liza pointed out that the news of their separation hadn't been made public, so it was easy to see where one would be confused. It was clear from watching the two that they both wanted to attend the function together, but both were too proud to admit it. Liza told Adam to make up his mind on whether or not their go through with the charade "before [Adam's] heart sees its shadow and disappears for another year." Finally after a back and forth "What do you wanna do" battle, they both agreed to attend.

Erica went to Jack's office to ask for his help. Jack was still angry with Erica's illegal adoption tactics and threatened to turn his back on her. When he learned that she wanted a restraining order, Jack advised against it. He said that Dimitri knows that Erica likes to create a smokescreen to divert people's attention and that he would know something was not quite right with the adoption. As the two talked, Dimitri burst into the office and announced that he had arranged for his hearing on assault charges to be held that afternoon. Erica and Jack were stunned. They had not planned for the trial and were even more surprised that Dimitri wanted to go to trial.

Diana returned to Brooke's house and faced some difficult questions. Brooke began her questioning and didn't stop for a breath between questions. She asked why Diana had chosen to settle in Pine Valley, why Tempo was chosen as the magazine to print the manuscript, and more importantly if Diana Martinez was her real name. Diana said she was not an imposter. Brooke continued. She told Diana of Pierce's ordeal in Central America. She added that she was about to fly to Los Rios to interview a Miss Vargas when the woman suddenly disappeared. That woman arrived in Center City the same day as Diana. Diana looked in horror as Brooke began putting the Pierces, er, pieces of the puzzle together.

Friday, May 2nd,, 1997

At the "Stuart's Art Mart," as Trevor calls it, Pierce continued his search for more information that would prove Diana Martinez was really Senorita Vargas. Trevor dropped by to wish Pierce luck on his art show. While the two men were talking, Skye made an appearance to find out if her Uncle Stuart would loan her the money she needed. Luckily for her, Stuart agreed to put WRCW up as collateral. But he told Skye that she would not be able to get the money for at least day because of some paper work that needed to be signed. A jubilant Skye phoned Tanner to tell him that she'll have the money in a few days. Tanner continued his pressure of Skye even though he had won the battle. He asked her for her cell phone number so that he could call her in a pinch. With a smile, he jotted the number on a notepad and hung up the phone.

Before being discharged from the hospital, Hayley met with Tom. She told him that she's been having more and more problems determining what happened during her "blackout" time in the cave. She said she was pretty certain, though, that Tanner sexually assaulted her. Rather than consult a rape counselor, Hayley said that she wanted to confront Tanner. Hayley phoned Tanner and told him that she wanted to meet with him at McKay's so she could thank him for finding her in the park the day she collapsed. Tom indicated he supported Hayley's decision and told her that he'd be by her side during the confrontation. Hayley accepted Tom's offer, but asked that he seat himself at another table so that Tanner would not be intimidated by seeing a second face at the table.

Tanner showered and beautified himself for his meeting with Hayley. He believed that Hayley wanted a romantic encounter and had no idea that she actually wanted to accuse him of a crime! After Tanner left his motel room, Mateo slipped inside and resumed poking around. His search offered little in the way of clues. But then he noticed some pencil impressions on a notepad by the phone. Using detective techniques he'd probably seen on Scooby Doo, Mateo gently rubbed a pencil over the notepad so that he could read the impressions on the piece of paper. The impression turned out to be a phone number. When Mateo dialed the seven digits and heard Skye's voice on the other end, Mateo said nothing. He hung up the phone and pondered why Tanner would have Skye's phone number.

Brooke asked Diana if they could talk about her apparent fear of Pierce. Diana insisted that her strange behavior when confronted with Pierce's name is due to the resemblance between Pierce and the American soldier in her book. Surprisingly, when pressured for the truth, Diana admitted that her real last name is Vargas. The woman refused to answer any additional questions including one that asked if Diana was related to Christina. After coming all the way from Central America, Brooke asked Diana why she would give up on her mission. "The time is not right," responded Diana. She said that "too much time has passed" and warned Brooke that if she doesn't want to ruin her happiness with Pierce, she'll leave the past buried. Diana turned and walked away. Her words sent a chill up Brooke's spine and the woman raced to the phone to enlist the help of a friend: Trevor.

Jack confirmed that Dimitri's trial would begin in only a few hours. Dimitri ridiculed Erica's, saying that the tax payers will want her head when they hear that she is wasting their tax money on a "three ring circus." Dimitri left the office with a smirk on his face, a scene that caused Erica to panic. Jack told Erica that he had warned her not to provoke Dimitri. Obviously, she didn't listen. He added that Dimitri has a business trip to Russia scheduled and said that Dimitri might drop by the adoption agency to ask questions. She begged Jack to help her. She could not allow Dimitri to learn of her scheme. Do whatever's necessary, she urged Jack, to put Dimitri away for the maximum time allowed by law.
After Erica left, Mateo entered Jack's office to ask for his help in finding Earl. Jack said that locating someone who had promised information to Mateo and then reneged is not a top priority. Frustrated by Erica's problems, Jack was quite cold to Mateo. Mateo left the office, vowing to take matters into his own hands.

When Trevor arrived at Brooke's house, he learned of Brooke's latest encounter with Diana. Her mind whirling at top speeds, Brooke said that she is afraid of what she's thinking: that Christina was not killed and is now in Pine Valley. The conclusion made sense to Trevor, but Brooke said her thinking was irrational. How could a woman be shot and survive eighteen years in a hellish prison? Pierce killed her, she insisted. Trevor took Brooke in his arms and held her as she began to sob.

Tanner told Hayley that he was happy she wanted to meet with him. It was just like old times. Not so, replied Hayley. She told Tanner that they are not meeting for a love fest; They are meeting because he raped her. Tanner denied the charges, but Hayley remained sure of her claims. She said that they both know what happened and it's time for Tanner to admit it.

When court began, Erica found out that Dimitri's attorney was a high profile big wig who had been involved in several national trials. When Erica took the stand, she told of how she and Sonya had nearly been killed by Dimitri's reckless driving. Under cross-examination, Lila Stevenson, Dimitri's defense attorney, forced Erica to confess that she hadn't actually seen Dimitri behind the wheel. During her turn in the hot seat, Gloria testified that Dimitri was very angry before he sped off in his car. She also talked of their spur of the moment trip to Monte Carlo where Dimitri was arrested for assault. The last person to testify was the defendant, Count Andrassy. Jack revealed that Dimitri is supposed to wear corrective lenses when driving, but that he had not been wearing them at the time of the accident. Dimitri nearly found himself in contempt after an outburst in which he blamed Erica for wanting to run his life and swore that he'd never hurt an innocent child.
The judge found Dimitri guilty of several crimes including first degree assault on a child. She order him to spend two years in jail, but suspended the time because Dimitri had a clean record. This means that he would not have to spend any time in jail. But there was retribution to pay. The judge told Dimitri that he'd have to pay a ten thousand dollar fine, spend twelve hours in driver's education, perform 300 hours of community service, and remain in the country for a period of six months. Dimitri refused to abide by the rules. He begged the judge to reconsider her verdict because limiting his foreign travel would cause a serious financial burden. With no time in jail and the possibility that Dimitri could travel to Russia as planned, Erica rose to her feet and begged the judge to stick by her judgment. Dimitri and Erica battled back and forth, both risking contempt charges.

Pierce's art exhibition was set to open. He had one early guest, a guest who opened the guest book and signed her name as "Christina."

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