AMC Recaps: The week of March 31, 1997 on All My Children
Hayley got cold feet and called off the wedding. Marian had dreams about being bludgeoned with a crowbar. A visit from Esther terrified Erica.
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Monday, March 31, 1997

Joe received a phone call from Dixie. During the call, Dixie apparently asked for information on Tad's love life. When Joe told Ruth of his conversation with their former daughter-in-law, Ruth worried that Dixie was going to try to win back Tad. Joe explained that Dixie phone him to learn the best method for treating a skin rash that Adam Junior had developed, my guess is that the boy has tetter. But to keep things smooth between Tad and Gloria, Ruth made Joe promise that he'd never tell their son about Dixie's call.

In New York, Gloria asked Tad to freeze in his tracks. Tad refused. He said that he is too much in love with Gloria to back track to the days when they were "pals." He suggested that if they cannot commit to each other they should consider dissolving their relationship. Gloria didn't want that. She reminded Tad that her relationship track record is just as pathetic as Tad's. She stated that she was nervous, but Tad said that he was just as jittery as her. He said that he cannot risk not proposing to Gloria because she is too precious to him. Gloria looked Tad in the eyes and smiled meekly. She did not want to move backwards in their relationship, so she asked him if would "do the honors." Tad got down in his knees and slipped the ring on Gloria's finger. This time, she agreed to marry him.

Speaking of weddings, Erica managed to hog the spotlight with her entrance. She strolled down the aisle to the front of the chapel and announced her adoption of Sonja Kane. She rattled on for a few minutes feeling justified by the wedding's delay. Adam walked down the aisle and asked Erica to, for once, get in the backseat and let Hayley have her moment in the sun. Erica agreed, but found herself part of a gaggle of onlookers. Jack offered to browse Erica's legal papers to make sure that the adoption was iron clad. Erica thanked him, but said that everything was legally sound. She then hinted that she'd better take Sonja home for a nap. Janet offered to take her home and Erica did accept, but she said that she needed to speak to someone first. Despite Opal's requests to the contrary, Erica tracked down Maria and asked Mrs. Grey why she had not congratulated her. Maria implied that she did not think Erica would want to hear from her. As the two women exchanged nervous chatter, Edmund entered and asked Erica to stop harassing his wife. He ordered Erica to keep her nose out of his family's affairs. Erica practically laughed at Edmund, hinting that only a fool would forgive his wife's affair with another man. After Erica had left, Maria told Edmund that Erica has every right to lash out at her because she had hurt Erica. Edmund agreed, but said that the insults and hurt need to stop at some point.

Mateo tried to convince Hayley that she need not fear her wedding ceremony. Hayley didn't listen to his advice, saying that she needed to tell him something. Mateo continued on, oblivious to Hayley's comments, adding that the chapel is filled with friends and family whose love will will them through their vows. Hayley announced that she could not marry Mateo because during her time in the cave with Tanner, she had had an affair. Mateo was stunned. In spite of Hayley's insistence that the alcohol had nothing to do with the act of intimacy, Mateo seemed sure that the spiked drink had something to do with the dirty deed. Outside the room, Adam and Trevor became nervous by the delay. They both agreed that it was time to check in on the pair. When they entered, Hayley asked her father if he could announce to the guests that the wedding was called off. Mateo agreed and fled the scene. When Adam began asking questions, Hayley hollered at her old man and demanded that he do as she say. Adam agreed and Hayley collapsed into her Uncle Trevor's arms.
Adam told everyone that the wedding had been called off, but did his best to make it seem as though nothing had gone wrong. Isabella was frantic. She got down on her knees and begged God not to allow anything bad to happen to her son. Adam and Brooke returned to the bride's quarters. Brooke offered to help Hayley, but Hayley said that there was nothing anyone could do for her. Adam then offered to take his daughter back to Chandler Mansion so that she could rest.

Janet returned to Linden House and told Skye that the wedding never took place--at least not while she was there. Skye was shocked, but even more shocked to learn that Erica was upstairs! Skye worried that her presence would not be welcomed. When Erica came downstairs, she laid into Skye as a traitor who withheld information about Dimitri's infidelity. Janet stood up for Skye and said that she had told Skye not to tell Erica about Dimitri's affair. Erica then turned her wrath on Janet. She ordered both of them out of her house, giving them an hour before she contacted the police.
Erica got on the phone and called the Russian Adoption Agency and asked to speak to the director. She then whispered to Sonja that "mommy" was going to cover her tracks so that they could be together for ever.
Adam tried his best to comfort Hayley. When the doorbell rang, Adam assumed that it would be Mateo. Instead, Janet and Skye showed up at the door, with Skye begging her father to allow them stay their for at least a night.

After the almost-wedding, Liza and Jake met up to discuss their feelings. Jake said that he got only ten minutes of sleep that night because he kept envisioning Liza sleeping with Adam. That would no longer be a problem, said Liza. She had made up her mind to leave Adam.

Mateo returned to the chapel. There he found Tanner. Tanner immediately went into an explanation of what happened and how sorry he was for doing his best mate wrong. Mateo said nothing. He removed his suit jacket and listened to Tanner's every word. Then, without warning, he punched Tanner dead center on the face. But Mateo did not stop there. He followed a quivering Tanner around the chapel, punching him at every opportunity. Tanner slipped and fell to the ground, but that could not save him from Mateo's wrath. Mateo grabbed him by the collar and repeatedly punched him.

Tuesday, April 1, 1997

On Tuesday, ABC announced that effective April 2nd, All My Children will go on a six month hiatus. The show has been plagued with low ratings since the beginning of the year and fans are displeased with recent recasts and storyline events. The first installment of ABC's "Daytime to Remember" surpassed the regular episode of AMC in the ratings. An additional factor if ABC's decision to put the show on the shelf for a short time is the rumoured departure of Susan Lucci (Erica Kane). At this time we are unsure how The AMC Pages will be effected by the broadcast change.

April Fool's!

Maria expressed her disbelief at Erica's quickie adoption. Edmund noted his doubt on the situation and stated that he thinks Erica might have bought the baby on the Black Market. As Edmund paced the floor, he came across a letter from the Russian adoption agency. The letter, addressed to Erica, seemed to beckon Edmund to read its contents. Maria, however, said that opening the letter would be unethical and convinced her husband to forgo tampering with the mail. Edmund suggested that Maria turn in for the evening, but she said the words of the psychic weight too heavily on her mind to rest peacefully. She said that knowing that the baby is "surrounded by warmth and love" perplexes her.

Erica wasn't ruffled by the persistent knocks on the front door. Instead she continued her conversation with the director of the Russian adoption agency. Erica was informed that another batch of adoption papers were sent out to Wildwind for her review. Erica was furious that the papers were sent out without her knowledge. She hung up the phone, but not before ordered the man never to contact her again. She turned around and found that Dimitri had let himself into her house. When asked how he gained access, Dimitri waved his key. Erica reminded him that the key was to her house and demanded that it be given back to her. Erica dashed over to the phone and threatened to call the police, but Dimitri was sure that she would not be making any phone calls. He begged her for another chance to explain his actions. Erica didn't think that anything her former husband could say would change her mind, but she allowed him to speak anyway. Dimitri said that he can see love in Erica's eyes and knows that she still wants to be with him. He continued by saying that Erica was raised without a father and has been critical of her father-less home all her life. He found it odd that Erica would subject Sonja to the same situations. Erica was furious by Dimitri's innuendoes and reminded Dimitri that she had the love of Mona, her mother. Erica ordered Dimitri out of her house. After the door had closed behind him, Erica dashed to the phone and called Opal. Erica asked Opal if she could come over and watch the baby for a few minutes. When Opal showed up, Erica explained that she needed to dash to Wildwind and asked Opal to pray that she would not be too late.

Mateo would have beaten Tanner to a bloody pulp if Jack had not overheard the ruckus and stopped the men from exchanging blows. Tanner explained the fight as a "disagreement between mates." Jack nodded and told Tanner that he should hit the road. Mateo also tried to duck out, but Jack kept him from leaving. The questions flowed fast and furious as Jack tried to learn why Mateo scrapped his plans for a wedding and then beat up his best friend. Matt thanked Jack for his concern, but hinted that it was not something he wanted to talk about

Liza also had some trouble sleeping. She told Jake that she could not sleep with Adam because of Jake. All she needed to do was to sleep with Adam once, she said, and financial security would be hers. But knowing that she loves Jake kept her from any romance with her name-only husband. Jake was surprised to hear Liza use the word "love" to describe her feelings for him. Liza nodded and again said that she loves Jake. Now, she said she will go to Adam and tell him that she wants a divorce.

Edmund met with Jack and told him that Erica's adoption seems "too easy." He added that he does not like the way Erica rubbed the baby in Maria's face. Jack agreed that the adoption was too convenient but asked Edmund what he wanted to do about it. Edmund replied that he would not rest until he uncovered the truth behind the adoption.

Janet explained that she and Skye were tossed out of Linden House after Erica learned that they both knew of Dimitri and Maria's affair. Adam didn't immediately offer them a room, but did allow them to enter his house. Skye didn't expect to see Hayley sitting on the sofa, so naturally she asked why her half-sister wasn't on her honeymoon. Adam shielded his daughter from Skye's questions, saying that the wedding was cancelled. He then led Hayley to the steps so that she could go upstairs and rest. Marian objected to allowing Janet and Skye to stay at Chandler Mansion. That was all that needed to be said for Adam to permit the two women to spend the night. Janet thanked Adam for his hospitality and said she'd begin searching for an apartment in the morning. Adam warned Skye to put her pettiness and jealousy aside because it would not be tolerated during her stay. Skye despised the admonition and threatened to tell the reason behind Hayley and Mateo's wedding flop. Adam pointed out that it was not Skye's place to speculate on the reason and said that Hayley will explain everything when she's ready. Tanner entered the mansion without so much as a knock at the door. He passed his bruised face off as a mugging and asked if he could speak to Hayley. Adam said that he'd run upstairs and check with Hayley. Janet and Marian scattered and Skye tried to flee, but Tanner grabbed her by the arm and prevented her departure. Tanner told Skye that she did not make good on her promise to crash the wedding and told her that it was now time to pay up. Skye reached for her purse and forked over some cash. Tanner counted the money with a smile, but told Skye that she'd have to go to a MAC machine in order to completely pay him off.
Upstairs, Hayley dodged questions from her father on why the wedding was cancelled. Adam left the room and a few seconds later Tanner entered. Hayley figured out that Tanner's bruises were the result of a scuffle with Mateo. Tanner said that he hid the truth from everyone so that Hayley's reputation wouldn't be tarnished. Reputation be damned. Hayley said that she lost the one thing that meant anything to her, Mateo, and no longer cares about her reputation.

At Wildwind, Dimitri dropped by to pick up his mail. Maria handed him a letter from the Russian adoption agency. The letter, addressed to both him and Erica, drew some confusion from both of them. Nevertheless, Dimitri prepared to open the envelope.

Liza returned to her home at Chandler Mansion. There she proposed a toast to her husband, a toast to "new beginnings and early endings." She then told Adam that she has decided that their facade has gone too far and she will grant him a divorce.

Wednesday, April 2, 1997

Edmund spelled out his conclusion to Jack in one simple statement: He thinks Erica purchased Sonja from the black market. Jack felt that his former flame would never stoop to that level to obtain a baby and commented that her place in the public spotlight would prevent any blatantly illegal activities. He then turned the tables on Edmund and asked him if his crusade against Erica was spurred by some form of jealousy. Edmund was not about to take Jack's implications and he said that if no one else will learn the truth about the adoption, he'll make it is own personal mission.

Erica told Opal that a letter from the Russian adoption agency had erroneously been delivered to Wildwind. Opal assured her gal pal that the letter would find its way to Linden House, but Erica said that the letter contained confidential material that could not sit around on a desk at the Marick mansion. On her way out the door, Erica bumped into Myrtle. Myrt, on her way to drop off a gift, was given a curt greeting as Erica waltzed down the driveway. Opal and Myrtle had to battle each other for the honor of being the first to hold baby Sonja. The two women then fantasized about the possibility that Opal's son, Peter, could one day marry Sonja.

Dimitri insisted that the letter was none of his business, but Maria saw it another way. If it were not for Dimitri, Maria stated, the wheels of the adoption process would never have been put in motion. Dimitri then explained that his attempt at adopting a baby fell through because the agency felt that he and Erica would be trying to "replace" the baby Erica lost in the miscarriage. Maria pleaded with Dimitri to seek out Erica and ask that they give their marriage another shot. Dimitri explained that he had talked with Erica and that she is not willing to get back together. Maria and Dimitri then left the room to scout out some business papers. While they were gone, Erica entered the house and began creeping around. She found the envelope from the adoption agency and tore it open quite quickly. In the letter, the agency told The Maricks that their initial request for adoption had been turned down, but the agency urged them to reapply in several weeks. As Erica's roaming eyes finished off the letter, Dimitri and Maria returned. Dimitri mistook Erica's presence as a sign that she wanted to get back together with him. Maria got into the act with a request that Erica not give up on her former husband. The request enraged Erica who said that forgiveness is not an option. She pointed out that no one allowed her to explain when Kinder set her up (drugged her and got into bed with her so that Dimitri would believe she had slept with him) and that she was going to give the same treatment that she received.

Liza's request for a divorce surprised Adam. He was caught off guard and asked Liza how they could be on the verge of consummating their marriage one night and on the cusp of divorce the next. Liza claimed that they both knew it was only a matter of time before their sham of a marriage came to and end. Adam informed Liza that he has enjoyed being a partner to her, but Liza said that their business relationship need not change. Liza then asked Adam to give her divorce papers so that she could sign off on their marriage, claim her promised "rewards," and move on. "Too late," Adam squawked. He explained that his offer of divorce has been rescinded. Liza's jaw dropped as she blasted Adam for reneging on his deal. Adam smiled devilishly as he said that the offer had simply expired. Now, he said, Liza would get nothing in the separation. Liza was furious and said that she needed to get out of the prison known as Chandler Mansion. She grabbed some things and stormed out of the house.

Marian dropped by Tad's house to confront Jake about his intentions towards Liza. Marian stated that she has seen the way Jake looks at Liza and wants him to know that Liza is firmly committed to her relationship to Adam. More than that, she said that Liza now has everything that she's ever wanted. Jake shook his head and chuckled a bit. He refuted Marian's claim that Liza is happy and said that it is Marian who now has everything that she's ever wanted, not Liza. He pointed out that Liza will do what she wants and that Marian cannot stop her from making her own choices. Marian resided to the fact that Jake would not listen to her advice and prepared to leave, but not before warning Jake that "Adam is watching" him.
Liza arrived a short time later and told Jake that she had asked Adam for a divorce. One catch, though. She said that Adam no longer wants to pay her off. That wasn't a problem in Jake's mind because he said that they do not need a vast fortune to be happy.

Unwittingly, Stuart entered Chandler Mansion during one of Adam's tirades. Stuart learned that Liza had asked for a divorce, but found Adam's reaction rather puzzling. Stuart asked Adam why he's upset when he finally got what he wanted---a divorce from Liza. Adam offered no answer, but suddenly that fiendish look crept across his face. He said that he is going to cut his losses... "with a chain saw." Stuart trembled as his brother cackled in sadistic delight.

Thursday, April 3, 1997

Gloria paid a visit to Dimitri's room at the Valley Inn. She saw that he needed some cheering up, so she called Ruth to say that she'd be a little late to the previously scheduled Martin family dinner. Dimitri described his dreams of being a father to Erica's baby and his emotional crash after the miscarriage. Now, he thought he'd get another chance to be a daddy to Erica's adopted daughter, but he told Gloria that his ex-wife does not want him anywhere near the baby.

Esther recognized a photo in the Bulletin of the glamorous Erica Kane as the woman who lost her baby in the lake. Now that Esther knew who the mysterious woman was, she figured it was an open invite to drop by and see the baby. She was also certain that the baby Erica supposedly adopted was the same baby that she had plucked from the lake.

Erica stopped by Jack's office to request his assistance in barring Dimitri from seeking parental rights to Sonja. Jack was surprised that Erica would go to such drastic measures to keep Dimitri at arm's length, but said that since Erica was the only one to sign the actual adoption papers, it should be no problem to keep Dimitri away. He asked Erica for the adoption papers, but Erica said that she did not have them on her. Jack offered to send a messenger to Linden House to pick up the papers, but Erica quickly stated that the papers were not there either. She concocted a story that the adoption papers were written in Russian and were being translated into English. To further bolster her claim, she said that a translator was present at the time of the signing of the papers and that she was fully aware of what she was getting herself into. Jack did not buy the story and flat out asked Erica if she bought the baby off of the black market. Erica was appalled at Jack's assumption and told him that she would never deal in stolen babies. She apologized for inconveniencing Jack and stomped out of his office.

At Linden House, Myrtle had to leave for an dinner date with Brad and Michael. Opal walked her to the door, but the two women encountered a prowler outside. The prowler, Esther, was labeled a crazed fan by Opal as she scurried to the phone to call the police. Myrtle requested that Opal not call "the fuzz," and told the woman that she can obtain an autographed photo of Erica by writing to her fan club. Esther lowered her head and dashed off into the night.
When Erica returned home, Opal mentioned the incident with the crazed fan and suggested that Erica purchase a state-of-the-art home security system to fortify the house.

Jake and Liza kissed passionately. Liza wasn't sure that she'd be the best partner for Jake because she would no longer have some of Adam's fortunes on her side. Jake downplayed the need for money and touted their love for each other as the only thing they'd need to get by. He toyed with the idea of returning to medical school so that he could earn a bigger salary. Liza, however, worried that her days at WRCW would be over and she'd need to find a new job. Jake remembered his dinner date at his parents' house and asked Liza if she'd like to join him. Liza declined, saying that she wants to keep their relationship a secret until her divorce from Adam is final.

Stuart figured out that Adam's anger at Liza's plans for separation could be caused by only one thing: She's leaving him for another man. Adam did not respond to Stuart's theory. Instead, Mr. Chandler dashed to the phone to call his lawyer.
Marian waltzed down the staircase and took a seat on the couch next to Stuart. Stuart trembled as Marian tried to make small talk. Stuart told Marian that she better take cover because Adam is on the war path. Marian tried to elicit more information from Stuart, but he would not cough up anything she wanted to her. Stuart raced out of the house in an effort to distance himself from Adam and Marian!
Liza returned home to one of her mother's famous inquisitions. Marian asked if Liza has any idea why Adam is on the phone with Barry. Liza finally clued her mother in on the separation plans. Marian was stunned to learn that Liza would pass on millions of dollars just to hop in the sack with her "boy toy." If Liza must get together with Jake, Marian begged her daughter to get Adam's money first and then go after Jake. Adam exited his office and questioned Liza on her return appearance to the mansion. She explained that she needed to pick up some clothing and that she'd be out of the way soon. Adam was quite pleased in breaking the news to Liza that she was not entitled to any of his money because they had never consummated their marriage. Rather than retreating to the Valley Inn as planned, Liza picked up the phone, called Winifred, and ordered breakfast for the morning. She then gave Adam a cold stare and headed to her bedroom.

Jake arrived at the Martin House without Belinda on his arm. This drew questions from Ruth, who apologized for being nosy. Jake took his father aside and told him that he is thinking of returning to medical school. Joe was quite pleased, but asked his son why he'd suddenly had a change of heart about becoming a doctor. Jake explained that he has someone special in his life: Liza. Joe didn't applaud Jake's choice of a lover, citing Liza as the chisel that broke up Tad's marriage to Dixie. Jake quickly pointed out that Tad also had something to do with the break-up.
When Gloria arrived, Tad explained his reason for the family get together: He and Gloria were now engaged to be married. As Ruth, Kelsey, and Joe celebrated the news, Jake sat on the couch perhaps wondering why his parents would not fete his relationship with Liza.

The following morning, Joe told Ruth that Jake was going to be going back to college. Ruth was overjoyed by the good news, but when Joe told her that "Joey" has eyes for Liza Colby, Ruth dropped her silver serving tray.

Jake asked Liza why she did not spend the night at the Valley Inn as scheduled. She said that she stayed at Chandler Mansion because Adam was holding their separation over her head. Jake told Liza that she has one week to get rid of Adam.

Marian pleaded with Adam to forgive Liza for what ever wrong she had done. Adam paid his mother-in-law little mind. His attorney called to receive an update on Adam's marriage. Adam asked Barry to tie-up the divorce process as long as possible so that Liza could suffer as much as him.

Erica received a visit from Esther---a visit that struck terror into Erica.

Friday, April 4, 1997

Marian complained that her sleep was interrupted by visions of being bludgeoned to death with a crowbar. Skye seemed disturbed by Marian's insults of her friend and lashed back with a few pot shots of her own. Marian noticed that Skye was scanning the real estate ads and offered to sell her a property on the other side of town. The property turned out to be an old run-down shack on the bad side of town. Skye "thanked" Marian for her help, but said that she thinks she can handle a house hunt on her own.
Adam asked Hayley if she felt any better. She gently nodded her head. The nod was some sort of parental signal to Adam and he resumed with his barrage of questions as to why Hayley and Matt broke off their engagement. Hayley was saved from having to give an answer by Brooke's arrival. Hayley agreed to talk to Brooke, but asked that it be done in private. Brooke tried to get to the bottom of the wedding that never happened. Hayley explained that she told Mateo of her affair and that he decided not to go through with the wedding. As I recall, Hayley was the one who said that she could not marry Mateo and he just went along with it.

Mateo paid his eldest sister a visit to get her advice on a troubling situation. Mateo felt that he was letting down their father by not marrying Hayley. Maria insisted that Mateo was not a "disappointment" because everyone gets cold feet. It was then that Maria learned why the wedding was cancelled. Mateo asked Maria if she could tell him about the night she slept with Dimitri. Maria explained that she was an emotional wreck after Edmund took Sam from her and that Dimitri had thought he lost Erica to Jonathan Kinder. Mateo shook his head and looked down at his feet. He said that he does not think he could ever have an affair with anyone---even Miss America in a life and death situation. Maria did her best to help Hayley's cause, but Mateo's morality didn't allow any room for excuses. The chat was interrupted by a visit from Frederick, the psychic. Mateo allowed the two some time alone, saying that he'd check in on Maria at a later time. Frederick told Maria that he has decided on the next step in locating her missing baby; He needs to speak to the woman who delivered Maria's baby. Maria downplayed the idea. She said that she and Erica do not get along very well and she doesn't think Erica will let them anywhere near her---or her baby. Maria took a deep breath and looked around the room. She then concluded that Erica might allow them to speak to her if she appeals to her maternal instincts.

Brooke placed a few calls to Central America in an effort to find Amelia, Pierce's missing daughter. Struggling with the language, Brooke did manage to get by with the little Spanish that she had learned and learn that there was a woman named "Miss Vargas" who might be able to help them. Brooke hung up the phone and reported her leads to Trevor. Trevor was concerned that Brooke decided to travel to Central America to speak to this woman. Brooke insisted that she has done on-location reporting before and would be able to handle the task. Oddly, Brooke did not want to tell Pierce where she was going.

In a Central American prison, a prison guard walked to a cell and told a young woman, Senorita Vargas, that a nosy American had been asking a lot of questions about her. The guard said that the woman, a Brooke English, might pay a visit--but that when she gets to the prison there will be no records of Miss Vargas. Senorita Vargas, shrouded by the shadows of the cell, leaned forward for only a second. This was enough time to see the woman's face and a delicately carved crucifix.

Tanner dropped by Chandler Mansion to check on Hayley's condition. Adam was pleased that Tanner wanted to see how Hayley was doing and allowed him to enter. Hayley was less than pleased to see the man who was responsible for wedding fiasco. But she was surprisingly civil top the man and even held a chit chat session with him! Hayley told Tanner that she is going to return to the apartment and retrieve some of her belongings, but only if Mateo was not home. She phone the apartment and got the answering machine. This was a sign to her that no one was home. What she didn't know is that Mateo was home, he just wasn't answering the phones.
After Hayley left, Tanner bumped into Skye. He noticed that she was looking at the real estate section of the paper. He told her that she will not be moving because he needs her to stay at Chandler Mansion to be his "eyes and ears."

At Linden House, Erica asked Esther if she was the "fan" who dropped by the night before. Esther admitted that she had tried to reach Erica before but had been chased off by Erica's friends. Esther told Erica that she did not know who she was before and that being a supermodel, author, and businesswoman must mean that she has a lot of money. Esther went on to imply that she knows Erica had not adopted a baby from Russia, she was trying to pass of the baby from the lake as an adopted child. Erica feared that Esther was going to blackmail her, but Esther denied wanting any of Erica's money. Erica then said that she'd tell Esther "the truth," but needed her to promise that she'd take the secret to her grave. Erica said that he evil husband wants to harm the baby and that she cannot go to the police because he "owns" them. Esther was mortified that someone would want to hurt "Little Honey." Erica allowed Esther to hold Sonja for a few minutes, but after a while told Esther that she'll need to be getting on her way. Erica took the baby upstairs for a nap, returned downstairs, and showed Esther to the door. Esther opened the door and flipped out. She said that she was having a panic attack and could not leave. Erica offered to walk the woman to her trailer so that she could leave, but Esther said that she could not leave because there were people outside. Sure enough, Maria and Frederick approached the front door.

Hayley retrieved several of her personal items from the apartment. She still had no idea that Mateo laid in the next room. As she gathered more of her belongings, Mateo left his room and headed to the living room. There, the two lovers met eye to eye, frozen in place, and unable to utter a word.

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