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Monday, February 24, 1997

Hayley and Tanner returned to the apartment (Hayley and Mateo's apartment, that is) and chatted about Adam's wacky dinner party. Tanner assured Hayley that the evening was not as bad as what she thought and said that he enjoyed his evening. Hayley adjourned for the evening, but Tanner was not quite ready to call it a night. He picked up the phone and placed a call to Earl, the man posing as his father. Tanner ordered Earl to get in costume and prepare for the next step in his plan to win Hayley's affection.
Earl showed up as planned and did a wonderful job of making a scene in the apartment building's common hallway. He moaned and growled for his "no good son" to let him in. The ruckus roused Hayley from her bed and she ordered Tanner to let his father in the apartment before he wakes the entire building. With a wry smile on his face, Tanner granted Earl admission to the apartment. Earl was obviously drunk (pretending to be drunk might be a better description) and said that he was turned away from The Brooke English House because they do not permit intoxicated persons into the shelter. Hayley allowed Earl to spend the night and returned to bed. A little while later, Earl slipped out of character and told Tanner that it seems like his plan is working. Tanner made a comment that would later come back to haunt him when he praised Earl's performance as "Oscar worthy." Tanner became furious when Earl made mention that Hayley would hate Tanner if she learned that he was lying to her. He erupted and warned Earl that if Hayley find out about his lies, he and Earl will both end up back in jail. Later Earl said that if his performance is Oscar worthy, he wants to be paid better.

Tad and Gloria watched B-movies on the tube, but could not agree which channel to actually let the dial rest upon. So Tad improvised and performed a little re-enactment of "Sir Thaddeus and Lady Gloria." He was in rare form as he talked of how wonderful a man "Sir Thaddeus" is to "Lady Gloria." In the midst of the first act of the play, Tad recalled that he needed to phone Liza about plans to the next day's taping of The Cutting Edge.

Adam and Liza kissed. Adam commented that night was very "memorable." Liza leaned over and told Adam that she wants to make sure that neither one of them forgets the evening. The two really lost themselves in each other and began kissing very passionately.
Downstairs, Stuart scampered into the mansion and asked Marian if he could speak to Adam. Marian, not wanting her daughter to be interrupted from consummating her marriage, did everything she could to get Stuart out of the house. Stuart told Marian that he is being audited by the IRS and needs to speak to Adam immediately. When Marian suggested that Stuart join her for a night-cap, a look of horror crept of Stu's face and he ran away!! Tad's call then came through and Marian again was forced to do everything in her power to make sure that Liza was not bothered. Marian informed Tad that Liza and Adam were both occupied and that his call would have to wait until the morning.
Back upstairs, Adam and Liza continued their waves of passion. In spite of Adam's comment that everything felt right, he broke of their lip-lock. He apologized to Liza for his inexcusable behavior. Liza continued her seduction plan, but Adam was no longer interested. Liza excused herself from the room, saying that she needs a cold shower. When she opened the bedroom door, Marian tumbled into the room. Liza and Marian dashed off together. Adam laid down in bed, but his mind was cluttered with images of kissing Liza.
Marian did her best to dig up details on what happened between her daughter and Adam, but Liza said that she was not about to kiss and tell. Marian mentioned that Liza received a call about WRCW business. Liza erroneously jumped to the conclusion that Jake had called her. Marian was surprised that Liza was thinking of the younger Martin brother and told her that it was Tad who had phoned. Liza left her mother drooling by saying that she had gotten to "second base" with Adam and that their "game was postponed" until a later time. Marian grinned ecstatically as she told Liza that her time is only a short time away.

Erica picked up a wedding photo of her and Dimitri when her cell phone rang. She picked up the phone, but said nothing. When Dimitri's voice sounded over the phone, she dropped the picture. The glass from the picture frame shattered. Erica finally spoke. She told Dimitri that she had dropped a glass of water. He told her that he has good news on their adoption front: He filled out papers and they have been approved for the adoption process. Erica's face remained void of expression. He voice had a cold chill to it as she told Dimitri that the thought of him holding his baby in his arms will be "quite a sight." Of course she was not referring to the baby they were going to adopt---she meant Maria's baby. Dimitri asked Erica to remember that he loves her and bid her goodnight. Erica hung up the phone. Her emotions swept over her and she began trashing the room.

Maria told Edmund that there was still no sign of Erica. Edmund headed to the study to retrieve a fax on Erica's forthcoming book. While he was gone, the front door rattled. Maria assumed that Erica was coming home, but was surprised when Skye entered. Maria thanked Skye for handling Erica's questions and said that she was sorry that Skye had to be hurt by Edmund's rejections of her. She said that she hopes they can all move on like nothing ever happened. Edmund returned from the study and asked Skye if everything was okay. Before she could answer, Erica arrived. She was acting very peculiarly. She said that she just learned that Dimitri is going to be a father again. Skye and Erica's face dropped. Erica let them worry for a few minutes about what she was going to say before telling them that Dimitri received the news that they can adopt a child. Maria was relieved, but Skye sensed that something was not quite right. Edmund and Maria headed to bed and Skye left for home. Erica, now standing alone in the family room, cursed them for trying to keep a secret from her. She said that she'll see them "all rot in hell."

In the morning, Adam and Stuart had an interesting discussion. Stuart walked in on Liza trying to put the moves on Adam. Adam, of course, refused any of her advances. He said that now that he is sober---with an incredible headache---he can act more professionally. Liza left on business and Stuart told Adam that he has some business of his own to discuss. He told his twin that the IRS is planning on auditing him, but the accountant thinks that all of the problems were caused by a typographical error. Stuart then told Adam that he needs to get rid of Liza before he falls in love with her. He told Adam that his "goo goo" eyes gave away his feelings for his new bride.

Erica phoned the New York publishing firm that is working on her book. She asked someone if they could arrange to get Edmund out of town on book business. Her request was granted and Edmund was summoned to New York to review a few paragraphs that had the legal department concerned. Erica said that she wishes she could go with Edmund, a lie, of course. Edmund told Erica not to worry about it. Maria spent some time with Edmund before he left. Erica smiled fiendishly as she reveled in the thought of having some one-on-one time with Maria.