AMC Recaps: The week of February 3, 1997 on All My Children
After being banned from Erica's wedding and written out of Janet's life, Skye got drunk, wrote Erica a note that revealed that Dimitri had fathered Maria's child, and showed up at the wedding to watch the fallout. Janet and Amanda got trapped in a well at the Marick mine.
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Monday, February 3, 1997

Amanda tumbled to the bottom of the well along with other debris that littered the mine site. She remained unconscious for quite some time, but did finally come to. It was difficult to tell if her legs were pinned under some of the wooden planks or if she was just too sore to get to her feet. Either way, she uttered no sounds and then slipped back into unconsciousness.

Jamie passed on dinner and told his father that he'd rather have a hot fudge sundae instead. Tad tried to explain to Jamie that one has meatballs or hot dogs for dinner, not ice cream. To make the situation more difficult, Gloria chimed in that she's like a sundae, too. Tad conceded defeat and order three sundaes. Trevor pulled up a chair and asked if he could have a few words with Jamie. Trev told Jamie that Amanda had run off and asked if he knew of any "Secret places" that Amanda might visit. Jamie shook his head and asked if Amanda was going to be missing for ever. Gloria said that Amanda would be found. Trevor then said that Amanda was upset when he picked her up from their playdate and wondered if Jamie might now why she was mad. Jamie again shook his head.

Janet's nerves were shot. She paced frantically around the house and asked Jack why Amanda had not turned up. Jack did his best to calm her down, but there is nothing that can be done to soothe a mother when he child is missing. Derek said that his men were on the case and were scouring the area. Someone fumbled at the door. Janet ran to the door and called out Amanda's name, but it was Tim returning from wherever it was he had been. He asked her why Janet was in his house and after learning that Amanda had disappeared, he accused Janet of somehow being involved. Derek followed up on a lead and learned that a five-year-old "Jane Doe" had been rushed to the hospital with multiple fractures. Derek phoned Trevor and told him to meet them at the hospital.

Matt and Hayley had the night off and opted for a romantic dinner---alone. Hayley celebrated that Tanner was not home and before Mateo went off to cook in the kitchen, she started simmering up a few things with Mateo in the living room. As he had done before, Tanner burst into the apartment and iced the romance. He apologized for the interruption, but said that the store did not have any fresh cilantro. Mateo was upset and told Tanner that he needed the herb for his dinner creation. Tanner headed back out to find some fresh cilantro. He did return a short time later with the herb and said that he would be leaving so that Mateo and Hayley could have some time alone. Mateo refused and order Tanner to stay and dine with them. Anita called and told her brother that someone was outside their house and trying to get in. She said that Isabella was not home and that another house in the neighborhood had been burglarized recently. She did not see anyone outside the house, but said that the interloper had been throwing pebbles against the window. Mateo said that he'd be right over and instructed Hayley to sit tight at home while he handled the problem. Hayley went into the kitchen to take dinner out of the oven. Tanner reached into his jacket pocket and removed some small pebbles. A devilish look crept across his face.
Hayley and Tanner sat down for dinner. Tanner asked Hayley why she had been so "frosty" to him lately. She told him that he shenanigans in the plane were uncalled for and that it was not proper to try to flirt with the fiancee of your best friend. Tanner insisted that he was not trying to come between Halo and Matt and agreed with Hayley that Mateo should know what happened saying that Matt would "understand."
After dinner, the two sat up for several hours talking. When Mateo called, he was surprised that Hayley was still awake. She said that she would be going to bed. Mateo said that he would be spending the night with Rosa and Anita because they were still scared. Hayley said goodnight to Tanner and headed off to bed. AS her encounter in the airplane replayed through her mind, she contemplated locking the door to her bedroom to keep Tanner out.

Janet, Tim, Jack, and Trevor arrived at the hospital and asked Joe and Ruth if Amanda had been brought in to the hospital recently. The Martins were surprised to learn that Amanda was missing and said that the girl who had been brought in was in surgery. Joe raced off to see if the unidentified girl was, in fact, Amanda. When he returned, the news was mixed. The girl was not Amanda, but that meant that Amanda was still missing. Jack suggested that they return to the house and wait for Amanda. Everyone headed off. Trevor looked back and saw Janet standing by herself. He walked over to her and told her to go back to the house with him because they should stick together.

Laura wanted to skip out on dinner so she could "study" at the library. Brooke managed to learn the details of Laura's meeting with Scott's friends. Pierce arrived for his dinner date with Brooke and Laura and his presence managed to convince Laura to stick around. She headed off to call Kevin and tell him that their study session was off. Pierce gave Brooke a passionate kiss. Brooke took a step back and told Pierce that she had been thinking about his "too fast or too slow" proposition and said that they are moving at just the right speed.
Phoebe arrived a bit late for the dinner, but when she did, Laura had questions for her. She asked Phoebe if she had ever been to Martha's Vineyard or Vale. Phoebe nodded, but said that she prefers Jackson Hole. Laura asked Phoebe how she became so "wordly." Phoebes replied that a person's lineage does not procure their "wordly" status per se, but the wanting to make something of yourself does. She pointed to Pierce as a perfect example---a hermit who transformed into a famous artist. Phoebe agreed to help Laura "refine" her manners.
Scott arrived and wanted to see how Laura was doing with her babysitting. Only she was not babysitting. Laura stepped outside to explain why she skipped out on her date with him, but Scott was not happy. He said that he has taken time out of his busy college schedule to be with Laura, but that she doesn't seem grateful. While his friends might have been born with "silver spoons" in their mouths, Scott insisted that he likes Laura and does not care of she comes from a high society background. He seemed to have enough of Laura's lies and left her standing in the cold by herself.
As she was drying a glass, Brooke broke the glass and cut her hand. Pierce honed in on the gash in Brooke's hand and suddenly had flashbacks of his military career. He said that he had a terrible migraine and had to leave. He raced out the front door leaving a lot of unanswered questions. Phoebe asked Brooke if she had said something to upset Pierce. Brooke shrugged her shoulders.
Laura later told Brooke that her relationship with Scott was over. Brooke assured Laura that Scott was not dumping her, but probably just needs some space. She added that Laura needs to think twice before lying to her boyfriend again. Laura headed for bed and Brooke headed for the phone. She phoned Pierce, but received no answer.

Tim went to bed on Trevor's request and Jack went home to catch some shuteye as well. Trevor agreed to let Janet wait with him for any word from the police. She made some tea, but her hands were so shaky that she nearly spilled the brew on Trevor. He took her hand and steadied it.

In the morning, Mateo returned home. Hayley heard him come home and asked him to join her in bed. He said that he cannot get back to sleep once he's awake, but did not mind spending time with his fiancee. Tanner walked into the living room and told Matt that he spent the night talking to a friend. Matt pressed for more details, but Tanner did not divulge any information.

Tad showed up at Trevor's with some late breaking information. He said that Jamie confessed that he and Amanda were watching a tape of The Cutting Edge during their playdate. The tape, of course, was one with Janet as a special guest.

At the well, Amanda woke up. She looked around and realized that she was trapped. In her loudest voice---which is as tiny as a mouse---she called for her daddy or Tim to come and help her.

Tuesday, February 4, 1997

Edmund informed Maria that he would not be a part of the wedding. He reitterated his willingness to help out Erica, but said he would never fete the man who slept with his wife. Maria begged Edmund to reconsider. She told him that he should attend the wedding for their baby---even if it means sitting in the back row and daydreaming. He picked up his briefcase and walked out.
In an effort to cover up Edmund's rejection of Best Man honors at their wedding, Dimitri told Erica that he had asked Anton to stand up for him at the wedding. He felt it was necessary for his son to know that he still has a place in his life. Dimitri quickly had to explain why Edmund was not his choice for the job. He explained that Edmund had an undercover exposé to work on and his primary source of information was going to give a "death bed confession." Opal and Myrtle arrived and shooed Dimitri from the room saying that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding ceremony.
Erica asked Myrt and Opal if they got the feeling that Dimitri was acting strangely. Opal chalked up Erica's concerns to wedding jitters. Erica described a awkward "tranquility" that had crept over Wildwind and said that people end their conversations short when she enters the room. She vowed that the day would not move forward until she unearthed the reason behind the strange behavior. Maria popped into the room to tell Erica that the flowers had arrived and Opal said that Maria was the perfect person to divulge whatever secrets Dimitri is hiding.
Dimitri phoned WRCW in search of Tad. He hoped that Tad might be able to act as Best Man, but Tad was nowhere to be found. Edmund walzted through the room's double doors in his tuxedo and said that he decided that he will act as Best Man. He explained that his change of heart had little, if anything, to do with Dimitri. The change was due to his devotion to his unborn child.
Maria pleaded ignorance and said that she has no idea of what Dimitri might have in store for Erica. Burt when she was asked where Edmund was, Maria had no idea that Dimitri had already concocted an excuse. Maria guessed that Edmund was off on work, but said that she had no additional information. Opal and Myrtle dashed off to retrieve the bouquets. Maria swore that Dimitri was not planning any surprises. Erica felt "a twinge" of discomfort. She insisted that her baby would be fine and said that the sensation was probably due to her nerves.
Opal, Myrt, and Bianca returned a few minutes later for the "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" ceremony. For her part, Opal gave Erica an old piece of stationary. The stationary had a letter from Erica to Opal on it congratulating Opal on the birth of her son, Petey. Maria bestowed Erica with a new gold bracelet. I really didn'y get much a of a look at it, but Erica said it was "dainty," so it could have been a baby bracelet, but I'm not quite sure. Myrtle gave Erica a pair of borrowed earrings---earrings that Myrt borrowed from Mona. Janet was supposed to supply the "something blue," but she had not turned up for the wedding ceremony. Bianca saved the day when she gave her mother a piece of blue ribbon. Dimitri walked into the room and announced that Edmund would be able to attend the ceremony. Erica was overjoyed, Maria was surprised, and Opal was furious. Had there been a broom around, she probably would have shooshed Dimmie out of the room for taking another peek at the bried before the wedding!

Jack told Janet and Trevor that he had no new news on Amanda's disappearance. Skye tracked Janet down and asked for a few minutes with her. Skye whined that Dimitri and Erica were "flaunting" their wedding. Janet said that she had little time to listen to Skye's rants and raves because Amanda was missing. Skye immediately apologized for her self-centered actions saying that she had no idea that Amanda was missing. Janet blasted Skye for being a bad friend and said that she can understand why Erica banned Skye from the wedding. Janet stormed back into the house, leaving Skye standing alone on the front porch.
Tad popped the VCR tape into the VCR and pressed the play button. The tape left both Janet and Trevor feeling guilty. Janet lashed out at herself for her past and Trevor said that he could have prevented any problems by telling Amanda that Janet was her mother from day one. Jack advised both of them to stop being themselves up, but neither listened. Trevor suddenly hit with the idea that Amanda might be at Laurel's grave site. Jack, Tad, and Trevor dashed off to see if they could find Amanda, but Janet opted to stay behind.

Someone in Texas emerged from the woodwork and claimed to be one of Hector's silent partners in his business ventures. Because of this, Mateo said that he would have to fly to San Antonio to take care of the situation. He left Hayley in charge and ordered Tanner to be on his best behavior. Things got worse when Skye showed up and requested a table near the bar. She handed Tanner he credit card and told him to start running up a tab. She then ordered a Bloody Mary. Tanner clued Hayley into what was going on. Hayley joined Skye at the table and asked her to reconsider her order. Skye refused and took a big gulp of her drink. Tanner tried to get Skye to come around, but she refused. He asked her if she was trying to make him feel bad for learning out about the paternity test swap. She told him that he thinks too highly of himself, finished off her drink, and ordered another. Mateo came to the rescue. He told Skye that there are plenty of bars in town that don't know that she's an alcoholic and ordered her to leave. Skye rose to her feet and said that she is "almost ready" to attend Erica and Dimitri's wedding and drink some champagne.

Janet watched the tape of her appearance on The Cutting Edge and listened to the numerous references to the well on the Wildwind estate. She knew that Amanda must have run away because she heard a comment that the mine was in a remote area of the estate. Janet grabbed her coat and a flashlight and took off.
Trevor, Jack, and Tad returned a short time later without any news on Amanda's disappearance. Trevor looked around for Janet, but could not find her.

Amanda managed to free her leg from under a piece of rock and rose to her feet. She shouted out "supergirl powers activate" and tried to fly out of the well. He attempts, needless to say, failed. This shows the influence that television has on young minds, I suppose. She sat back down in the well and stared up at the top of the well. Outside, Janet searched around the site for Amanda. She stuck her head through one of the breaches in the boarded up entrance and called out for Amanda.

Wednesday, February 5, 1997

I apologize for the lateness of today's recaps. We were evacuated for about four hours today due to a gas leak in my apartment. It was a very dangerous situation that fortunately turned out okay. It's lucky for me I still know how to operate the VCR!

Brooke phoned Stuart to check up on Pierce. When Stuart told Brooke that he had not seen nor hear from Pierce, Brooke became worried. Laura tried to assuage Brooke's fears by relating stories of her mother's migraines. Brooke didn't find much relief in the tales, but did crack a smile when she mused that Pierce might be picking bark in the woods for an herbal remedy. Laura hoped that Scott had called, but Brooke told her that no one had called for her. Laura said that she would not blame Scott if he did not call her ever again.
Laura dashed off to school. Soon after she left, Scott showed up at the house wanting to talk to Brooke. Brooke invited Scott in and the two talked about Laura's "run in" with Scott's friends. Brooke did her best to explain how Laura felt during the luncheon. She said that Laura has always been "a loner" and until recently she had to go day-to-day without knowing where her next meal would come from. Brooke said that Laura feels like she is from another world compared to Scott's upper-class friends and urged him not to give up on Laura. Scott admitted his feelings for Brooke's daughter and said that he wants Laura to realize how special she is to him.

At the Holidays, Laura took up residence on a sofa and read one of her school books. Tanner pulled up a chair and asked her why she looked so glum and, more importantly, why she was alone. Laura said that Scott was probably in class or at the library. Tanner assumed that Laura's classmates would be jealous that she was dating a college man, but Laura said that that was not the case. Laura told her story about meeting Scott's friends. She and Tanner then went back and forth with the assessment of how people are more interested in one's financial status than their personal being. Scott showed up and asked to speak to Laura. He told Laura that they are more alike than she might realize. He said that if it were not for Stuart stepping in after his mother's death, he would have been placed in foster care. Tanner listened in and the story seemed to hit him close to home. Scott told Laura that he cares about her and the two shared a kiss.

Pierce's regular psychiatrist, Dr. Gately, announced his retirement and referred Pierce to Dr. Tolan. Anna likened her first session with Pierce to a first date---only she knew more about him than he knew about her. The doctor asked Pierce about his flashbacks and asked him if he'd like to talk about his experiences in El Salvador. Pierce said that "words don't" help him and that as an artist he "sees things" rather than talking about them. Pierce said that he feel somewhat responsible for Christina's death.

Additional Reference: While serving on a peacekeeping mission in El Salvador, Pierce became romantically involved with a woman named Christina. The rebel troops murdered Christina for fraternizing with the enemy. She was shot as Pierce looked on. He took her in his arms and comforted her, but there was nothing he could do. She opened her mouth to say something, but she made no sound. Still in her lover's arms, Christina died.

Through Dr. Tolan's comments, we learned that Pierce was found in a near catatonic state with scrapes and bruises all over his body and severely undernourished. He was taken to a V.A. Hospital where he was nursed back to health. His body returned to normal, but his mind still carries the scars of seeing his loved one murdered. Pierce spoke of how Janet and Laura brought him back to the "real" world. His flashbacks began, however, when he began to have feelings for Brooke. Dr. Tolan said that it seemed "natural" that Pierce would be concerned for the safety of someone he cared about. Pierce rose from his seat and thanked Anna for her services, but added that he would not need her help any more.

Phoebe dropped off a book on manners at Brooke's house, telling Brooke that Laura had requested it. She commented that there was a chapter in the book on how to "keep a man." Brooke told her aunt that she is concerned that she might have said something to upset Pierce. Phoebe was overjoyed that Brooke finally admitted her feelings for Brooke and cheered her on in her pursuit of the artist formerly known as a hermit. When you're talking about someone in Pine Valley, you can be pretty well certain that they'll show up at your door. Pierce arrived at the house and said that he was at the "chiropractors" office. Phoebe scooted off to her home for a meeting of the Daughter of Fine Lineage. Pierce told Brooke that his doctor told him that he needs medicine to cure his condition. What medicine you ask? Brooke's lips. The two kissed passionately until Jamie came home from school. Pierce said that he had better get going even though Jamie, showing wisdom beyond his years, told Pierce not to leave on his account. Brooke noticed something odd about her son's behavior and asked him what was troubling him. Jamie told Brooke that Amanda had run away.

Jack thought that someone might have called about Amanda and Janet went off to follow the lead. Tim told them, however, that no one called. Tad suggested that they watch the video tape again, but Trevor nixed the idea. Trevor was set to comb the town when Tad came up with the idea to broadcast Amanda's photo during WRCW's news break and notify the community that Amanda was missing. After some initial reluctance, Trevor agreed to the idea. Tad phoned Liza and told her to send a messenger over to pick up the photo. Liza had other ideas. She told Rudy to find a cameraman and meet her at the Dillon House.
Jack confessed to Tad that he would be frantic if Lily was missing and said he found it amazing that Trevor was remaining so calm. Liza showed up and began digging for a story to broadcast. Tad was enraged by Liza's lust for ratings and told her that he will not allow her to sensationalize Amanda's disappearance. A cameraman showed up a few minutes later. Liza insinuated that Amanda was kidnapped and said that it would make a great piece of journalism. Trevor disagreed and booted Liza and her cameraman from the house. Trevor said that Liza might be right and that he has been denying that Amanda could be kidnapped. Tad asked Jack if he found it strange that Janet suddenly disappeared and hinted that Janet might be responsible for Amanda's disappearance.

Janet entered the mine and noticed a pink glove clinging to the side of the well. She moved close to the edge of the well and noticed her daughter cringing at the very bottom of the structure. Amanda said that she was "frozen" and wanted to go home. Janet took off her coat and lowered it down the well, asking Amanda to grab on. The coat didn't reach, so Janet dropped the coat to Amanda and told her to bundle up. Janet raced to her car for a piece of rope. Again she lowered a line to Amanda all the while telling her that everything would be okay. Amanda tried to grab on, but she said that she could not move her hand. She had apparently broken her hand when she fell. Janet assured her daughter that everything would be okay. She tied the rope to a support beam and said that she would lower herself into the well to rescue Amanda. She told Amanda that she was "part mountain goat" as she began to lower herself into the well. The wood support beam had deteriorated with age and could not support Janet's weight. The beam broke and Janet was sent hurtling into the well.

Thursday, February 6, 1997

Dimitri thanked Maria for convincing Edmund to take part in the wedding.. Maria then headed on to assume her role as matron of honor. Erica gave Maria a very beautiful necklace as her "thank you" gift. Erica told Maria that some of the good vibes from the wedding will rub off on Edmund and that everything in Maria and Edmund's marriage smooth out.. Erica dashed off to check on Bianca leaving Maria standing alone and feeling guilty. She told Dimitri that she can not help but feel guilty because she is lying to Erica. She also worried that their secret might be exposed because Erica thinks "something's up" because everyone has been whispering lately. Dimitri assured Maria that everything would move on without a hitch and said that there will be a surprise for Erica.
Bianca told her mom that she wishes Mona could be at the wedding. Erica confessed that she felt the same way, but added that Mona is with them---she's always with them. Dimitri's surprise unveiled itself as Nick Davis walked through the front door. Nick, a former flame and a close friend of Mona, said that he could not miss his "princess' wedding." While Dimitri broke the news of the wedding, it was Erica who told Nick that she was pregnant. Nick was overjoyed and congratulated both Erica and Dimitri. He then walked over to Bianca and told her that he's glad she'll finally have someone to "pick on." Erica asked Nick if he could give her away at the wedding. "I've been trying to give you away for 0 years!" Nick jested. Bianca realized that she forgot a gift she had picked out for her mother at the hunting lodge and raced off to retrieve it.

Edmund returned to the lodge to do some thinking, but he ran into Skye. Skye sat in a corner drinking some sort of alcoholic beverage. Edmund told Skye that she should not be at Wildwind, but Skye compared the drawn to Wildwind like a moth being drawn to a flame. Skye told Edmund that she had tried not to return to drinking and said that she had battled some very difficult times without drinking, but that things were too tough for her now. She said that all of her friends tossed her aside and that Edmund, the only friend she had left, had turned his back on her. She explained that Edmund had been there for her when she escaped from Jonathan and that she was trying to return the favor. Edmund told Skye that she is a beautiful, gifted woman. Skye heard the compliment and her pulse raced into overdrive. As she unbuttoned her vest, Skye told Edmund that she wants to be more to him than just a friend and begged him for a chance to be his lover. Edmund declined, commenting that it's "not gonna happen" because he doesn't feel for Skye as she feels for him. Skye was furious. She blasted Edmund for taking back "a tramp" (That's Maria, if you were wondering) and called Edmund ungrateful for not appreciating all that she had done for him. Before Edmund could find out exactly what she had done, Skye passed out. Edmund poured the remaining alcohol out and covered Skye with a blanket before dashing back to the wedding.

WRCW prepared to go live with the news of Amanda's disappearance. Tad read a scripted message and a special graphic flashed on the screen with telephone numbers where anyone with information could call. Tad later confessed that he still thinks Janet is involved in Amanda's disappearance. Jack eventually gave into Tad's pressure and told Derek to put out an APB on Janet. Trevor also took to the airwaves and gave a description of his missing daughter and begged for someone to help her return home safely. Trevor told Michael that Amanda had been watching Janet's Cutting Edge confession tape and that they think the tape is the reason she darted off. Liza ordered Tad to go live with new developments. She had overheard Jack order the all points' bulletin on Janet and wanted to tell the viewing audience that Janet was the prime suspect in Amanda's disappearance. Tad read the script and turned her down flat. He said that he will not go on the air and accuse Janet of taking Amanda let alone report that Janet is Amanda's biological mother. As the countdown to air-time moved closer to zero, Liza raced in front of the camera and started to read the script. Trevor lunged in front of the camera and ordered that they stop broadcasting. Liza yelled that she was the station manager and could do whatever she wanted. Adam agreed. Tad blasted both Liza and Adam for only being interested in ratings. Jake was confused by the entire affair and asked Tad what was going on. Tad filled his brother in on Laurel's televised murder and said that he will not be part of the sensationalism. Derek returned and said that his units could find no sign of Janet, but that she could be across state lines by now. Trevor overheard the conversation and told the detective that Janet was not responsible for Amanda's disappearance.

Janet was out cold for several minutes causing Amanda to panic. When Janet finally regained her senses, she immediately tried to devise escape plans from the well. First she tried using the rope to lasso something at the top of the well and then climb out. It didn't work. Then she told Amanda that she would try to be like Spiderman and crawl up the sides of the well. That didn't work either. So she told Amanda that they should sit and wait for help. Amanda feared that no one would find them because they were in a remote area. Janet assured her daughter that someone---Erica, Dimitri, or Bianca---would find them and the two began yelling for help. No one could hear their cries for help. Janet offered Amanda a candy bar and told her to eat the whole thing to help keep from being hungry. Amanda struggled to open the wrapper with her one good hand and refused help from Janet because she likes "to hurt people." Janet told Amanda that she knows she saw the video tape of her appearance on The Cutting Edge and swore that she's a different person now than she was when she hurt people. She professed her love for Amanda, but that didn't help convince Amanda of anything. She asked Janet if she loved her sister. Janet nodded. Amanda asked Janet if she loved her sister why did she try to kill her?

Edmund told Maria that Skye was at the lodge. Maria said that they need to get her off the property before she ruins the wedding. Edmund told his wife that Skye had fallen asleep and that she would not be a factor in botching the wedding.
Bianca entered the lodge and saw Skye sleeping. She walked over to her and woke her up. Skye said that she did not feel well and that she would not be able to make the wedding. She then asked Bianca if she could pass a message along to Erica. Bianca nodded. Skye opted for a hand-written letter rather than a verbal message. As Bianca went off to retrieve the gift, Skye wrote a note to Erica: Dear Erica, do not marry Dimitri because he cheated on you with Maria.
Bianca returned to Wildwind with her gift--and the note. Erica saw the slip of paper and asked what it was. Bianca told her mom that it was a letter from Skye.

Friday, February 7, 1997

Skye cried in her vodka as she recalled how Edmund had turned down her advances. She scouted around and found some alcohol and downed it. She said that as long as she keeps drinking she will not have to deal with a hangover.

Erica ripped open the envelope containing Skye's letter. Maria rushed to the scene and convinced Erica to open the gift package first. Erica agreed and placed the note on a table in the foyer. She opened the package and found that Lois, Erica's roommate from the Betty Ford Center, had sent her some handkerchiefs with a note saying "cry us both a river." Erica's eyes filled with tears as she recalled her battle with drug addiction. Opal warned Erica that crying would make her mascara run and escorted Erica upstairs for a make-up touch up.
Maria grabbed the note and ran to find Edmund. She showed him the note--which also made mention that Dimitri, not Edmund, is the father of Maria's child. Edmund vowed to track down Skye and take care of her. Opal wandered back downstairs and asked Maria for Skye's letter. Opal reached out to take the letter, but Maria would not let go of it.

Edmund arrived at the hunting lodge, but the only trace left of Skye was an empty liquor bottle on the floor. He phoned Skye, but got her answering service. He thought about leaving her a message, but he decided it wasn't worth it.

Liza insisted that WRCW was in no way responsible for Laurel's death. Jake urged Liza to show compassion in dealing with Amanda's disappearance. She disagreed. She cursed Jake for aiming the camera on the ground during Trevor's interruption of her news brief. She said that the scene would have been a ratings bonanza. Brooke and Jamie arrived to offer some assistance. Brooke unearthed a photo of Amanda in which she wore the same outfit that she had been wearing prior to her disappearance. Liza scooted over to Jamie and began to quiz him for details on what happened before Amanda disappeared. Brooke saw the vulture circling overhead and ordered Rudy to take Jamie to an office away from Liza. Brooke strutted to Liza and blasted her for "putting the screws" to Jamie and said that had Tad ben around to see the display Liza would have goteen more than just an earfull. Liza saw that some of the assembled parties involved in the case were watching her and she tried to get Brooke to finish the discussion in private. Brooke refused. Liza tried to cover her behind by saying she and WRCW are doing "a public service" and asking Brooke if she'll still be jumping down her throat when Amanda is home in bed. Brooke returned to her friends and received applause from Hayley who said that Brooke was right to yell at Liza. Brooke said that Liza might be right when she said that Jamie knows more than he's saying. Trevor got the go-ahead to ask Jamie so more questions. Jamie told Trevor that Amanda was mad at Janet because "she was mean to her sister." Trevor thanked Jamie for his information. Everyone then agreed to leave the station so that Liza will not have a chance to ambush them with interviews.
Jake asked Liza why she is hell-bent on declaring Janet as Amanda's kidnapper. Liza explained that Janet used The Cutting Edge as a public forum to flaunt her reformation. When asked what would happen if Janet turned out to be uninvolved in the disappearance, Liza shrugged her shoulders and said "Que sera sera." A call came through from a Cutting Edge viewer stating that Amanda had been spotted walking along the side of the road somewhere in town. The call seemed to pan out and Liza told Jake that they had their first lead in the case. Jake wanted to know who they should notify first---but Liza just smiled.

Janet explained that her mother "put a spell" on her to make her bad. She said that her sister was built up a beautiful, young lady while she was made to feel frumpy. She said that a doctor came along to break the spell. Amanda said that her father told her that fairy tales and spells are not real. Janet revised her story and said that she had a "bad brain." Amanda asked how long Janet's sister was holed up in the well and asked if she ever got out. Janet said that her sister was rescued and that she then went on to help her through one of the most difficult times of her life (her pregnancy). Janet apologized for not telling Amanda about her evil deeds and said that she did not want to scare Amanda. She felt that her friendship with Amanda was a sign that she had changed and expressed her desire to remain in Amanda's good graces. Amanda began to shake and said that she wanted her mommy. Janet's mouth quiverred as it formed the words to tell Amanda that she was her mother. But she didn't tell her. She told Amanda that she cannot be her mommy or her daddy, but that she can be her friend. Amanda drifted off into a deep sleep (or possibly unconsciousness) and Amanda grabbed her tiny body and held her close. Her eyes welled up with tears and she rocked Amanda back and forth.

Opal was stunned when Maria confessed to rading the note from Skye, but Maria said that Skye was banned from the wedding and is trying to ruin Erica's day. Maria raced to the fireplace and tossed the letter inside.
Erica told Myrtle that seeing Nick makes her think of all the men she did not marry. She said she still wished she could talk to her mother one last time and listen to her advice. Myrt said that Erica had listened to Mona---and was doing what she'd always wanted her to by marrying Dimitri. Olga sent a floral arrangement and Erica plucked a flower from the arrangement and added it to her bouquet. She then looked around for Skye's note. Opal said that the letter myseteriously disappeared and told Erica that she needs to get downstairs and stop making Dimitri wait for her.
Palmer jested with Dimitri about tradition. He said that he hopes Dimitri did not hire the "mystic" from Adam and Liza's wedding.
The wedding began with a few words by Dimitri and Erica to their assembled loved ones. Dimitri told Erica that their bond has never been stronger due of the friendship of everyone gathered around them. He then told Bianca that he loves her very much. Erica thanked Myrtle and Nick for always being there for her and told Dimitri how her mother adored him. She called him her "rock" and said that she is in love with the idea that there are no secrets in their relationship.
Skye stumbled to the front door and then staggered inside. She listened as the wedding continued and Erica recited her vows. But when Erica said "I Will," Skye was stunned. She burst into the room and asked Erica why she's agreeing to marry Dimitri especially after reading the note she'd written. She begged Erica not to marry Dimitri.

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