AMC Recaps: The week of January 27, 1997 on All My Children
Sparks flew between Tanner and Hayley. Dimitri promised that he would never reveal that he was the father of Maria's baby. Erica asked Dimitri to re-remarry her. Skye vowed to get revenge on Erica. Amanda traveled to the Marick mineshaft after viewing a tape of Janet confessing to some past crimes.
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Monday, January 27, 1997

We'll work on a gradual build for today's show, so let's start at Holidays, scene of today's minor storylines. Matt arranged a special present for Hayley that only Tanner could deliver. Before your mind reads into that too far, the present was another flying lesson. While Hayley and Tanner were flying above Pine Valley, Michael and Brad made public the news that they had moved in together. In a surprisingly different attitude from a year ago, Trevor gave the couple his blessing. He said that he's never had a brother before and doesn't want to lose Mike as family. Mateo offered a celebratory bottle of champagne to Mike and Brad on the house. Brad and Michael talked about how their "family pool" will now grow since their commitment to each other is more substantial than an occasional movie or bite to eat. Brad was surprised that his neighbors "didn't even raise an eyebrow" when they saw Mike moving in. Michael said that the world might have changed. Brad smiled and said that "it's about time."
A few thousand feet above the bar, Hayley nervously accepted control of the small plane. She marveled in knowing that she had control over the aircraft. When Tanner reached over and held her hand as he gave her "instructions" on how to better control the plane, she became nervous and begged Tanner to land the plane. Tanner agreed.
A noticeably upset Hayley returned to Holidays and thought about Tanner's advance. She did not tell Mateo what happened during her flight. She did. however, grab Mateo and plant a kiss on him in full view of his Aussie pal.

Adam made an appearance at the Sleepy Hollow Inn to change the way things were going. After all, he set up Liza to sleep with Tad, unaware that Liza was no longer romantically inclined for Tad. He bumped in Jake and told him that he was surprised to see him. He asked him how things were going between him and Skye. Sensing a set-up, Jake told Adam that he will not walk on egg shells because he is dating one of the Chandler daughters. Adam tried to convince Jake that he misunderstood him and that he was just curious how Jake felt about his daughter. Before Jake could offer an answer, Liza walked into the room and asked her beloved hubby what he was doing at the inn. Tad followed right behind Liza which allowed Adam to move forward with his plan. Adam thanked Tad for his assistance in the syndication talks., (The talks, by the way, were a huge success for WRCW and it looks like The Cutting Edge will be syndicated) but told him that he needs to go back to Pine Valley to get ready for work in the morning. Slumping ratings on the talk show were the supposed reason for the change of plans, but we know better. Tad asked Jake if he could have a few minutes alone with him to discuss a few things. Adam pulled Liza aside and told her that he plans on buying the inn and razing it to make room for a new microchip factory. Liza vehemently objected. Liza explained that she had come to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding area and convinced Adam to back off of his plans.
Upstairs, Tad apologized to his younger brother for grilling him about his relationship with Liza. He explained that he does not want to see his brother get hurt---like he had. He warned Jake that when it comes to getting involved with Liza Colby, no man escapes unscathed. Liza had gone upstairs to fetch some contracts for Adam and she overheard Jake saying that he was "through" with Liza.
Adam contacted someone by phone and told them that due to some new developments, he needed to have Jake Martin hired immediately.
Some time later, Adam made his way upstairs to find Liza. He told her that he wants her to relax so he has made arrangements for her to stay at the inn for a few more days. Liza smiled and said that she agrees. She added that she made plans for him to join her in the room because he needs a break, too!

Erica demanded to know why Dimitri and Edmund looked so serious. Edmund said that they were discussing the troubles in the Balkans. Erica didn't buy the lie. Dimitri stepped in and said that he was upset because he would not be able to go riding with Bianca due to his injury. Erica told Dimmie that Bianca wants Dimitri to get better and does not mind if he cannot go riding. Erica was going to spend the night at the hospital, but Dimitri urged her to go back to Wildwind and spend time with Bianca. Before leaving, Erica told Dimitri how Edmund had spoken to Bianca and quelled her anxieties of her soon-to-be new baby brother or sister.
After Erica left, Edmund told his brother that he is tired of having to pretend that he is a "Devoted brother." He ordered Dimitri to vacate Wildwind before the birth of Maria's baby. Dimitri refused the terms of Edmund's agreement. The two bickered for a few minutes and even shouted on several occasions. Dimitri said that he cannot risk having Erica find out about his affair from someone else. Edmund said that he wants to raise Maria's baby as his own so that the child will not go through the same cycle that he had gone through as a child.. Finally Dimitri agreed with Edmund and swore that he would give up all claim to the child he had fathered with Maria and will never make mention of his affair with Maria.

Skye was stunned that Maria and Edmund were still together. She accused Maria of putting on a front to cover for her failed marriage. Maria said that she had no idea what Skye was talking about, but the uncertainty was cleared up rather quickly when Skye said that she knew "everything." Not only did Skye tell Maria that Edmund had come to her and told her about Maria's infidelity, but she said that she saw Maria and Dimitri making love at the lodge. Maria grabbed Skye by the arm and began yelling at her. It looked like Maria was going to slap Skye, but the slap never materialized. "How dare you come into my home and accuse me" Maria hollered. As the two yelled back and forth, Erica entered Wildwind and told them that their yelling could wake Sam. Both Skye and Maria tried to get Erica to leave, but she refused to budge, Erica said that she knew what the problem was and that Skye was more than likely a factor. "It's not my fault," Skye said with a smirk "that Edmund left Maria." Erica was caught off guard by the news. Before Maria could explain, the hospital paged her and told her that she needed to get to work. Maria tried to get Skye to leave so that she would not have the chance to tell Erica of her affair with Dimitri, but Erica wanted Skye to stick around. Erica told Skye that she has to give up on her fantasy of getting Edmund in bed. Her face dropped. She asked Skye if she had gone to bed with Edmund. Skye's eyes bulged and her eyebrows. She told her friend that she was not the adulterer.

Maria raced into Dimitri's hospital room and told him that Skye knew of their affair and that it was just a matter of time before she told Erica the news.

Tuesday, January 28, 1997

In his search for his mother, Tad bumped into his favorite nurse---Gloria Marsh. He asked Gloria why she had not called him to let him know that she was back in town. She responded that Tad was away on business and that his phone did not seem to be working. She seemed surprised that Tad did not ask anything of Dixie's welfare and broke the news that Dixie is now engaged to her boyfriend Jonas. Tad said that he was surprisingly relieved that Dixie had moved on. Had it been a few months prior, Tad said that he would not have felt the same way. Now, however, he was glad that they were both moving on with their lives.
Tad asked Gloria to escort him home. Back the Martin mansion, Gloria found that Tad had replaced "Dixie's bed" with a brand new bed and quilt. Gloria, of course, expressed her reservations about making love to Tad in what had been the bed he shared with Dixie. She had no problems in the new bed!!! After their love making session, Tad told Gloria of his business retreat with Liza and told her that the night he followed Liza to The Sleepy Hollow Inn, Liza was not alone. She was in the company of "The Martin formerly known as Joey."

Dimitri told Maria that Erica cannot find out about his affair. Maria's head rattled back and forth as she tried to keep up with Dimitri's ever changing position on whether or not to tell Erica about his night in bed with Maria. Dimitri apologized for oscillating on the issue and told Maria that it was not his decision to not tell Erica---It was Edmund's. Maria expressed concern that it would be extremely difficult for Dimitri to assume the role as her child's uncle knowing full well that he was actually the child's father. Dimitri said that his feelings do not matter. Maria was even more concerned by the fact that Edmund could choose to leave her anyway and that it would foul everyone's life. Dimitri shook his head and commented that the moment Edmund holds Maria's baby in his arms, all will be healed.

Skye insisted that she was not "the bed-hopper." Erica assumed that Skye was calling her a "bed-hopped" because of she had slept with Dr. Kinder. Erica reminded Skye that she was drugged on the occasions that she slept with Jonathan and said that it was not fair to call her an adulterer. As Erica turned the tables and talked about Skye's lust for Edmund, Edmund returned home and asked what the two women were arguing about. Erica filled Edmund in on Skye and Maria's verbal battle and Edmund quickly took matters into his own hands. He called Skye to the foyer to discuss business and blasted her for fighting with Maria. He insisted that he was trying to make his marriage to Maria work. He told her that if she "really cares" for him, she'll never mention Maria and Dimitri's affair again..
Erica asked Edmund "what went wrong" between him and Maria. He said that they still were not over the night Edmund took Sam from Maria and that Maria's raging hormones are bringing out some hostility. Erica asked if someone else was involved in creating the rift, but Edmund said no. Maria came home and Erica begged the married couple to hang in there and keep the magic alive. Erica dashed back to the hospital. Edmund and Maria talked about Skye and wondered how they could keep her from spilling the beans to Erica. Maria thanked Edmund for sticking around Wildwind and said that she cannot thank him enough for not giving up on her.

Adam did not want to sleep with Liza, but knowing that it was late in the evening, he did not want to drive back to town in the dark. Liza told Adam that he could sleep in the lobby, but that it might not look goo din the tabloids. Adam reluctantly agreed to spend the night with Liza. He dashed down to the lobby to grab a book, but in his travels he encountered Jake. He did not speak to Jake, but he did include him in his plans. Adam phoned his lawyer and told him that there were some new developments in his plot to get rid of Liza. Barry jested that most men would lie to get into bed with Liza, not get keep her out of their bed! Adam went back upstairs and took a long, long shower, Liza complimented Adam on his "shapely" legs and said that she was surprised that he was in such good shape. Liza cuddled up to Adam in bed. That made Adam extremely nervous and he stopped reading his book and went to bed. The phone rang a short time later and Adam answered the phone. He told Liza that there was a call for her on the pay phone and that she would have to take it. Rather than taking a message, Adam insisted that Liza traipse downstairs---and possibly meet up with Jake.
Liza did encounter Jake, but she did not say anything to him. He asked her why he was getting the silent treatment. When he referred to her as "Ace," Liza refused to respond. She said that their fun was over and that she had to get back to her husband.

Tanner sat a the Valley Inn's bar reflecting on his flying lessons with Hayley. As he day-dreamed, Skye walked in. She took a deep breath and said that Tanner's presence in the bar was an example of "when it rains, it pours." Tanner asked her to join him for a drink, but Skye refused. She tossed her purse at him and told him to take all her money and anything else he wanted. Tanner insisted that he did not want any of her money and again offered her a drink. Skye informed Tanner that she was an alcoholic, but that difficult times make her desperately crave a drink. Tanner kept her from drinking, but didn't endear himself to her in the process.

Hayley and Mateo began kissing even before their were inside their apartment. Hayley was highly aroused and nearly tore Mateo's clothes off of his body. Mateo chalked up Hayley's arousal to her adventures in the Skye. Not so, she said, and told Mateo that she never plans on flying a plane again. Mateo knew instantly that something had gone wrong and asked her to spill what happened during her flying lessons. Hayley insisted that nothing had happened and that she has just lost interest in flying. The couple went back to their love making, but they were interrupted by Tanner's arrival home. Tanner apologized for interrupting and said that he would get a place of his own. Mateo refused and said that his friend can stay with them as long as he wants. Matt, of all people, apologized to Tanner for not doing what they were doing in the bedroom.

The show closed with a musical montage of Madonna's "You Must Love Me." The song definitely applied.
Hayley tiptoed past a sleeping Tanner to get something from the kitchen. On her way back, Tanner was awake and sitting up on the sofa. The two exchanged nervous glances and Hayley raced back to bed.
Liza returned to her room and laid in bed next to Adam. She tried to cuddle up to him, but he refused her advances.
Maria fell asleep on the sofa. Edmund saw his wife resting comfortably and covered her with a blanket. He watched her for several minutes before going off in his own direction.
In his hospital bed, Dimitri held Erica. She had fallen asleep in his arms.

Wednesday, January 29, 1997

Brooke and Phoebe met over coffee at McKay's. Pheebes pressed for details on Pierce and Brooke's budding relationship and would not accept it when Brooke said that she and Pierce were "rediscovering" themselves and taking things slowly. Laura arrived on the scene and told Brooke that she was nervous about a double date with Scott and two of his college friends. Laura sheepishly joined Scott and his friends and her fears were soon reality.
But back at Brooke's table, Phoebe continued her "Pierce Inquisition." In an effort to stop her aunt from hounding her, Brooke confessed that Pierce would be joining her for dinner. But it was not a romantic dinner as Phoebe had hoped, but rather a meatloaf dinner with the kids. Pierce tracked down Brooke and asked if he could have a few words. Phoebe never stands in the way of romance and quickly left the table. Pierce sat down and informed Brooke that he had a present for her. Brooke was flattered by the offering and awed by the gift inside the package. The present, a stunning handmade bracelet, came with a request: Pierce wanted Brooke to promise that they would communicate with each other. He said that if he is moving too fast or too slow, he wants Brooke to tell him. Brooke smiled and said that things are moving at a nice pace.
Scott's friends came across as snobby and Laura felt uncomfortable by their talk of Martha's Vineyard and private boarding schools. When she had all that she could handle, Laura told Scott's friends that she was from the streets and that "her" New York was not the same as "their" ballet and art museum filled New York. Now Scott was the one who was uncomfortable. His friends left for a calculus class, but thanked Laura for her candid conversation. Brooke and Pierce walked over to the table as Scott was asking Laura to dinner. She said that she'd like to have dinner with him, but she has to babysit. Pierce left to get a cup of coffee and Scott had to head off to a class. Brooke moved in close to Laura and asked her if she'd like to tell her the truth about why she does not want to dine with Scott and Stuart---she did not have babysitting detail. Laura refused and ran off to "study."

WRCW was hiring for a new position, but only one applicant showed up: Jake Martin. Thus infuriated Liza who told Jake that he had no experience in the field and was not a suitable applicant. Adam listened intently from the door with an evil smile on his face. Jake admitted that he may not be the most qualified candidate, but said Tad was put on as host of The Cutting Edge and that he had no previous television experience. Jake added that he did take some related courses in undergraduate school and he was not completely clueless to what was going on. Liza ordered him out of her office and said that he would never be hired by WRCW.
Never comes quick in Pine Valley. As Jake was leaving, Adam chased him down and asked him how the interview went. When Jake said that he was turned down for the position, Adam pretended to be concerned for Jake. He said that he sees a lot of potential in Jake and wants to hire him. He ordered a memo to be drawn up and handed out to all station workers announcing Jake's hiring.
Toting champagne, Marian entered Liza's office and prepared to celebrate the "joining" of two forces: Adam and Liza. She, of course, assumed that Liza and Adam had consummated their marriage at the Sleepy Hollow Inn. When she learned that nothing happened between her daughter and son-in-law, Marian pour the champagne she had poured into Liza's glass back into her own glass. As Marian consoled her daughter (and again reminded her that she risks losing claim to her hubby's fortune), Adam walked in an said that he had overruled Liza's decision to nix Jake for the production assistant position. Liza asked Adam why he was going to bat for "A Martin." When his first attempt to answer the question failed (he said that since Tad is good, Jake must be a natural as well), he said that he was hiring Jake to keep an eye on him and make sure that he is good for Skye. Adam left with a smile on his face. Marian told Liza not to go against Adam or she'll risk losing her home and marriage. Somehow, Marian knew that something could develop or had developed between Jake and Liza and warned Liza to steer clear of Tad's younger brother. Soon after Marian had left, Jake again approached Liza. She agreed to keep him on staff---but only on a day-to-day basis.

Trevor found drawings that Amanda had made showing Janet in jail. He flashed back to the time he had kidnapped and imprisoned Janet. His memories were interrupted by a doorbell. He told Janet that she was early and wasted no time in getting to the point of why he had summoned Janet to the house. He said that Amanda was on a play date and that she would not be coming home while Janet was around. Janet said that she wants to be a part of Amanda's life and "share" her with Trevor. "I don't want to share her with you," Trevor growled. He showed Janet Amanda's drawings. Amanda came through the door and said that she had forgotten something. She was overjoyed to see Janet, but had two questions for her: Was she in jail and was Janet mad at her. Janet said that she had not been in jail, she was just busy. Petra honked her car horn and Amanda scurried from the house. Trevor did not disallow the friendship between Janet and Amanda, but said that if Amanda knew the truth about Janet, she would never speak to her again. So, Trevor said, it is up to Amanda---as long as she wants Janet as a friend, it'll have to be okay by Trevor.

At Tad's house, Jamie and Amanda watched some movies on the VCR. One of the tapes didn't play properly, so Jamie grabbed a film from the family library. He popped it in the VCR, but ran off to find some cookies before pressing the play button. Amanda, thinking that the movie was going to be a cartoon, hit the play button and watched as the tape played Janet's appearance on The Cutting Edge where she talks of her past crimes.

Thursday, January 30, 1997

Jamie returned just in time to see Janet's confession of imprisoning her sister in a well on the Marick Estate. Amanda was very upset that "the tea party lady hurt her own sister." She was so upset that when Trevor arrived to pick her up and announced that Petra was going to let them all lick the cake batter off of the egg beaters, Amanda said that she did not want any cake. She said she was mad and that she did not want to talk about it.

Liza told Jake that his position at WRCW is nothing more than a glorified gopher (or go-for) and that he is in a "thankless job." How charming. Liza's belittling of Jake was interrupted when Tad entered the office. For the first time he learned of his little brother's employment at the station. Liza made sure to point out that Adam had hired Jake, not her. She then ordered Jake to carry several large boxes to an upper level of the station, making sure to point out that the freight elevator was broken and he'd have to use the stairs. Jake followed orders, but Tad was no pleased with the way Liza was treating Jake. He asked Liza why she was being so mean to Jake---after all he was the same man that made her trip to Sleepy Hollow Inn so enjoyable. Marian listened intently at the door as Liza and Tad discussed Jake. Liza told Tad that the station needs ratings and that they will not get ratings by hiring med school drop-outs. She said that they need "another Laurel Dillon," referring, of course, to Laurel's murder on the air. Tad said that a show about engaged television station managers who slept with former lover's brothers might be a better topic. Marian did not get much more dirt because Adam snuck up behind her and asked her if she was "coming or going." Adam escorted Marian into the office and announced that he was planning on having The Blue Room at Chandler Mansion renovated for her. Adam did his best to make everyone happy: a new room for Marian, allowing Mommy Dearest to live rent free for Liza, and hiring Tad's brother. Tad and Adam scooted off in their own directions. This allowed Marian to ask Liza for the details on her roll in the hay with Jake.
Jake bumped into Gloria and thanked her for bringing back Tad's happy side. He said that Tad was miserable after Dixie left him and that it was nice to see him smile again. Jake assured Glo that he had no intentions of returning to med school. He also said that he does not want her to feel cramped by his living with Tad. He suggested that she turn the welcome mat upside down when she and Tad are being intimate. Adam walked over and complimented Gloria for looking " always" and told Jake that he should not be lugging heavy boxes around the station. He told him to go back to Liza's office and try to cozy up to Liza. Gloria smiled and asked Adam what devilish tricks he was up to.
Liza insisted that nothing happened between her and Jake. Marian was disappointed that there was no story to tell. She did warn Liza that an affair could ruin her chances of claiming half of Adam's wealth. "Wait until after the divorce before going after the wonderboy," Marian lectured. When Jake returned to the office, Marian made herself scarce. Jake let it be known that he was not going to be bullied around by Liza.
Gloria was treated to a rare performance by "T-Bone Martin." Tad, broadcasting himself over the station's video wall, lip-synched to "I've Got You Under My Skin." Gloria was pleased with the performance, but wanted "the real thing." So she looked around the station and eventually found Tad hiding behind a curtain. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain," Tad said in his best Wizard of Oz style.

Dimitri returned home to Wildwind. Erica asked Dimitri if he would marry her---for a third time, She said that she felt their last divorce was a "technicality." Dimitri didn't responded orally. Let me rephrase that. He responded with a kiss. The couple couldn't wait to announce the news to Bianca. Bianca was not upset that Maria would be chosen as matron of honor. But when asked if Edmund would stand as Dimitri's best man, the room silenced. Erica sent Bianca upstairs to get a fashion magazine. Dimitri told Erica that he is not sure if Edmund would want to partake in the wedding. The chat soon included Skye's name as Dimitri asked how Skye figured in to everything. Erica told Dimmie that Skye has a crush on Edmund.

Janet and Skye shared a table at McKay's. Janet said that Erica had called her and talked about Skye's crush on Edmund. She ranted and raved about how Maria is still living with Edmund even after her affair. Janet assumed that Skye had told Edmund about Maria's infidelity. Not so, said Skye with a rather disappointed expression. She said that Maria beat her to the punch. With a few clues, Janet figured out that Dimitri is the father of Maria's baby, not Edmund. Janet was stunned, but she didn't let her awe stop her from advising Skye to stop her pursuit of Edmund. She warned Skye that she had "been there" and that Skye needs to look out for her sanity. Jack strutted over to table and only said "Hello ladies." Skye was furious by Janet's comments and stormed off.

Amanda did not utter a single word all the way home. She finally broke her silence when Trevor asked her if he had done something to upset her. She cracked a smile and said that she is mad at Janet. She did not say why she was mad and a phone call prevented Trevor from asking any more questions. Trevor mistakenly assumed that Janet had physically done something to Amanda to hurt her. Amanda went upstairs to her room. She later went back downstairs while Trevor was the study talking on the phone. She put on her coat and grabbed a flashlight out of the desk and headed off to parts unknown. Trevor ended his phone call and searched all around for Amanda. He saw her wool hat on the sofa and knew that she had run off.

Skye showed up at Wildwind to "drop off some work for Edmund." Dimitri answered the door and grew weary of Skye's interference. He grabbed her by the arm and yanked her into the mansion, saying that he had to talk to.

Janet invited Jack to join her for a cup of coffee---her treat. Jack gladly accepted. Janet again thanked Jack for his legal advice and said that if it had not been for him Trevor would most likely have kept the restraining order against her. She said that she never imagined that she would be allowed to see Amanda again---let alone visit with her. As they talked, Trevor stormed into the restaurant and asked Janet what she had done to Amanda.

Friday, January 31, 1997

Trevor nearly tackled Janet in McKay's. He accused her of sneaking into his house and kidnapping Amanda. Janet professed her innocence and Jack backed her up. Trevor told Janet that Amanda was mad at her. Janet shook her head. She said that she had not seen Amanda since their brief encounter at the house and it was Amanda who thought Janet was mad at her. Jack advised Trevor to call the police and check all of Amanda's friends' houses for signs of her.

Tanner asked Mateo if he is "serious" about Hayley. After getting the obvious "yes," Tanner asked his buddy how he knew that Hayley was the one. As anyone in love can attest, there is no simple one-word answer to explain why you love someone. Matt said that Hayley made him feel special and that they are "just in love." As Tanner rambled on about how Hayley is the one that Mateo longs for an wants to settle down with, you couldn't help but notice that Tanner has the same feelings for Hayley as his friend.
Across the room, Hayley and Brooke had a heart to heart talk about Tanner. Hayley said that Tanner was a great help at the club and that he is one of Mateo's best friends.... Brooke sensed a "but" coming. Hayley told Brooke that Tanner had given her flying lessons. She explained that during her instructions, Tanner held her hand. Brooke asked if there were "unwanted sparks." Hayley drifted off and recalled the moment in her mind. Brooke apologized if she had inadvertently offended Hayley. Hayley assured Brooke that she was not offended, but insisted that she was not flirting. Flirting, according to Brooke, is an entirely different subject. She said that these "sparks" are part of the human nature and that they cannot be controlled---even by an engagement ring. Brooke compared the situation to her commitment to Adam and then falling for Pierce. She added the situations are not the same, but that a ring does not prevent feelings for someone else. Hayley's main fear was that she was "turning into" Arlene. As you recall, Arlene, Hayley's mom, told her that she will never be able to settle down with one man because it is in their blood to be unsatisfied with one man. Brooke guaranteed that Hayley was nothing like her mom. Hayley dashed off to tend to some Holidays chores. Brooke called Mateo over and told him that he needs to get away with Hayley and spend a nice romantic evening in front of a fireplace.

Erica arranged for a family meal---just Edmund, Maria, Dimitri, and, of course, Erica. She said that the meal will be a nice gathering and will help to get everyone back together. She pointed out that the guest room is occupied so there must be a major rift between Edmund and Maria. Edmund explained that he is a snorer (said he "snores like a buffalo with asthma") and that he is keeping Maria awake. Maria laughed, but said that the real reason is that she is rolling around a lot during her sleep because of her pregnancy and that she is keeping Edmund awake. Erica suggested they get a larger bed, but Edmund insisted that they had taken care of the problem.
Dimitri warned Skye that she was over-stepping her bounds. Skye didn't see it that way. She felt that she hold "all the cards" in the situation and that everyone has to bow down to her demands. Dimitri dared Skye to tell Erica the truth. He said that he was about to tell Erica when his car went off the road. He would have told her later, he added, but Edmund, the man Skye longs for, asked him not to tell. Skye began yelling back at Dimitri, but Erica entered the room and stopped the feud. Erica found it "distressing" that Skye is continually yelling at her family and told her that she needs to get over her problems toute-de-suite. Dimitri stared into Skye's eyes and told her that he was going to re-marry Erica and that there was no one to stand in his way. Erica asked for a few moments alone with Skye.
Maria told Edmund that she was asked to be the matron of honor at Erica and Dimitri's wedding. Edmund told her that she did the right thing by accepting the honor. Dimitri walked in on the conversation and immediately apologized for the intrusion. Maria said that she was just about to leave and wash up for dinner. Dimitri then asked Edmund if he could stand up for him at the wedding. Edmund said that he would gladly do the honors for Erica---but he would never stand up for the man who got his wife pregnant.
Skye insisted that she loves Erica "like a sister," but that she is not the one with the problem: Erica is the one with the problem. Erica questioned Skye's motivation for attacking the man she loves. Skye said that she knows Erica loves Dimitri. Erica advised Skye to seek out the help of a support group because it is what her AA sponsor would want. Skye said that no step program will solve her problems. Erica was disappointed to hear that and said that because Skye refuses to change her attitude, she is no longer welcome at Wildwind and she will not be invited to the wedding. Skye was devastated. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she asked if it meant she was no longer Erica's friend. Erica escorted Skye to the door and told her to "Get help." Erica went back inside and told her family that she really wishes she could get to the underlying cause of Skye's problems.
Outside, Skye cursed the Marick clan and said that they will pay for shutting her out. She added the even though she is no longer Erica's friend, she'll give Erica " a wedding gift [she'll] never forget!"

Janet, Jack, and Trevor searched the Dillon House but could find no sign of Amanda. Nothing was disturbed. Trevor again accused Janet of tying Amanda up somewhere and hold her hostage. All the while he refused to look her in the eyes. Janet said that Trevor is unable to look her in the eyes is because "he knows" that she is not responsible for Amanda's disappearance. After some prodding by Jack, Trevor admitted that he knows Janet would not harm Amanda. Trevor dashed off to find Amanda. Janet prayed that Amanda was not harmed. Trevor called a short time later and told Jack that he was going to visit Jamie and find out what upset Amanda.

At the Marick Estate, Amanda putted around the old mine shaft. She slipped through the boarded up entrance and called out to anyone who might be inside. She said that she can help them. She slowly moved toward the well and shined her pocket flashlight inside. She moved a little too close to the edge and tumbled down into the well.

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