AMC Recaps: The week of January 13, 1997 on All My Children
Tad feared that Dixie might influence Gloria's opinion of him. Liza tried to seduce Adam. At a surprise baby shower for Maria, Erica broke the news about her own pregnancy. Skye and Edmund shared a kiss. Dimitri's car swerved off the road.
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Monday, January 13, 1997

Rosa's principal called Mateo and informed him that Rosa had cut school again. Mateo rushed over to his mother's house to confront Rosa about her truancy. Mateo, acting like the wiser old brother, told Rosa that there is a time and a place to cut school, but that cutting school can only be done on special occasions. He related a story of cutting school with Tanner to pick up Bruce Springsteen tickets to his sister. Rosa explained that she is having troubles in all of her classes. Mateo was surprised because Rosa had also aced her school work. Rosa said that the problems began when her father died and having Julia leave town didn't help either. Isabella returned home and asked what her two children were doing. Mateo covered for Rosa, but privately warned her that her school skipping stunts must stop.

Mateo returned to Holidays and learned that Hayley had offered Tanner a job as bartender. What neither Hayley nor Mateo knew was that Tanner weaseled his way into the job with less that honest methods. Hank, Holidays' regular barkeep, called out sick. Fortunately for Hayley, Tanner seemed to know how to mix drinks. Tanner said that his father was a "closet" bartender and that he taught him everything he knew about making mixed drinks. Mateo liked the idea of having his best buddy join the work team and gave his thumbs up to putting Tanner on the payroll. Matt and Hayley dashed off to tend to the customers. Tanner picked up the phone and called Hank, thanking him for going along with his plan. Under the terms of the clandestine pact, Tanner would fork over all of his tips to Hank and Hank would disavow any knowledge of Tanner or any plan to get Tanner a job at Holidays.

Dimitri searched Wildwind for Erica, but housekeeper Moira informed him that Miss Kane had gone to Seattle. Dimitri ordered Moira to have his private jet prepared for take-off and was surprised when he learned that Erica had taken the private jet to Seattle. A frantic Dimitri called the airport and arranged for a seat on the next flight to Seattle. He then called Maria at the hospital and begged her to hold off on telling Edmund of their affair until after he could track Erica down. Maria, who pretended that her phone call was from a fellow physician, told Dimitri that she "already had that consultation" and that news was not taken very well. She abruptly hung up the phone and returned to her conversation with Edmund.
Maria professed her love for Edmund and begged for him not to make her have to repeat her stunning revelation. She insisted that her sleeping with Dimitri was a momentary lapse of judgment and that it was not premeditated. They "reached out in desperation," Maria explained. Maria recounted her feelings on the night that Edmund took Sam from her. On several occasions she referred to Sam as "her" baby and was quickly corrected by Edmund that Sam was "their" child. She continued on and said that Dimitri found Erica in bed with Jonathan Kinder and that things "happened." Edmund moved in closer to Maria and looked her in the eyes. He asked her if Dimitri's "comfort" helped her. Maria shook her head. She backed away from Edmund before explaining that her affair with Dimitri only made everything worse. Edmund asked if "falling into bed with Dimitri" was the only thing that could have comforted her and implied that she had her sights set on Dimitri for months. He said that the only reason Maria regrets her decision to sleep with Dimitri is because the reality of having sex with him did not live up to her fantasy. Maria denied that she had a secret longing for Dimitri, but Edmund did not believe her. He called her "heartless" for telling him of her affair, an affair that she had gotten away with. An additional slap in the face came when Edmund told Maria that people for generations to come will ask "Where was I the night Maria Santos-Grey bedded her brother-in-law?" Again, he demanded to know why Maria had told him of her affair. He said that she had gotten away with it and that no one ever would have found out. Maria nodded and told Edmund that this was a secret that she and Dimitri swore to take to their graves. Edmund again looked her in the eyes and told that that she "didn't die soon enough."

Erica arrived at Travis' house in Seattle and found Jack answering the door instead of Travis. Jack explained that he took a spur of the moment trip to spend time with his nieces and nephew. Erica told Jack that "life couldn't be better" and that she needed to tell Bianca something. Jack invited Erica into the house and told her that Bianca was still in school. Erica asked Jack if she could trust him to keep a secret. He nodded and said that he loves Erica and would never do anything to hurt her. Erica bubbled over and had to tell someone of her good news before she exploded. Jack was surprised, to say the least, that Erica was expecting. He told Erica that the news of her pregnancy might throw Bianca for a loop, but that she is mature enough to handle the announcement. When Bianca returned home, Jack allowed the two ladies some time alone. Erica began her news by telling Bianca that she had her whole life planned out for her even before she was born. She apologized for her celebrity status interfere with Bianca's desire for a normal life. Bianca let her mother's comments roll off of her back and said that her life has not been "that rough" and that she is very happy having Erica as her mother. As Erica rambled around her news, Bianca ordered her mother to cut to the chase. Erica announced that she was pregnant, but Bianca did not take the news like her mother had hoped. Bianca's face wrinkled up and she looked down at the floor for a few moments before looking back up and telling her mother how "happy" she was. She continued her forced happiness and asked her mother if she had a name picked out and whether she wanted a boy or a girl. After the chit chat, Bianca went upstairs to change into her riding clothes. Jack re-entered the room and agreed with Erica that Bianca did not take the news well. Erica smiled and said that it was great fortune that Jack was there to help her out.

Andy figured out that Skye had a little more involvement in altering the paternity test results that just "dropping" her purse on the keyboard. If Andy hadn't come across a photo of Edmund, Dimitri, and Sam on Edmund's desk at Tempo, he never would have made the connection. Skye confessed that she did make the test changes and offered Andy a bribe to keep his silence. Andy wasn't interest in the money--but he was interested in Skye! He began kissing her neck. Skye said that she wanted the moment to be exactly right and suggested that they wait until later for their romantic liaison. A very exuberant Andy raced out of the office to get ready for his date and Skye wondered how she could get out of the date.

Dimitri was just about to leave for the airport when Erica phoned home. He told her that he was on his way to Seattle, but Erica urged him to reconsider. She told him that Bianca did not take the news of her pregnancy very well and that she wants a few days alone with her. Dimitri told Erica that he needed to tell her something and that he was leaving for Seattle immediately.

Tuesday, January 14, 1997

Halfway through driving Laura home, Scott decided to pull his car to the side of the road and strike up a conversation. Laura asked Scott if he knew what made them become "more than friends." After a few minutes of thought, Scott answered "chemistry," but later recanted his answer and said that he has no idea why he and Laura moved their relationship to another level. Scott leaned over and kissed Laura. It didn't take long before the two began making out. A concerned police officer knocked on the driver's side window and told Scott that the roads were icy and that they should be on their way home. Laura felt "mortified" by the encounter and said that they had better get going. Scott reminded Laura of the night they spent together in his Uncle Adam's ballroom. He told Laura that he wants to spend uninterrupted time with her again.

Dimitri's flight had been indefinitely postponed because of technical problems with the plane. He spent his waiting time at Holidays. While his body might have been parked on a sofa at the club, his mind was definitely elsewhere. He phoned Wildwind to see if Edmund and Maria had returned home, but he was told that neither Edmund or Maria had reported back to Wildwind. Myrtle, Brad, and Michael stopped by for a drink and seeing Dimitri alone, Myrtle approached and tried to make conversation. Dimitri was uncharacteristically short with Myrt and pretty much gave her a brush off. He headed over to the bar and struck up a conversation with Mateo.
Michael told Brad that he wants to move in with him, but expressed an obligation to Myrtle that is preventing him from moving out of the boarding house. Mike explained that Myrt is having a cash flow crunch because the boarding house is only half occupied. He said that when the time is right, he'll move out of Myrtle's place and in with Brad. The conversation took place away from the ears of Mrs. Fargate, but Myrt must have known that something was up. After telling the couple that she has been spending a lot of her time giving the gift of miracles, she told Michael that she knows that time will come when he'll be moving out and that she wants him to be happy.
Skye hid behind a menu so that Andy would not see her. When she tried to get rid of him, he told her that with a few taps of the keyboard he can correct the flawed paternity test results and make sure that the truth is revealed. Fortunately for Skye Jake walked into Holidays and gave her a shot at dumping Andy. She told Andy that Jake was her boyfriend---a very jealous and easily angered boyfriend. She raced over to Jake and asked if he would help her "get rid of leech." Jake willingly accepted the offer and played the part of a jealous lover. Andy wasn't convinced by Jake's act and when he spotted Dimitri across the room, he told Skye that he would pass along her regards to "a friend." Skye panicked and pulled Andy aside for a one-on-one chat. She said that she would meet up with Andy later. Andy begged Skye for a night of passion and said that having an affair with him might allow her to safely dump Jake. Skye said that she would be in touch.
Dimitro seemed unsettled by Mateo's references to their sharing duties as Uncle to Maria and Edmund's forthcoming baby. Dimitri asked Mateo to set aside time for Maria because she will need her family. Skye cut in and asked Dimitri if he had seen Edmund lately. Dimitri was perturbed by Skye's presence and warned her to "back off" Edmund. Dimitri stomped away leaving Skye standing alone at the bar with a smile on her face.

Tanner escorted a sleepy Hayley back to her apartment. Tanner offer Hayley a mug of a sleeping potion he had shipped together. Hayley took a whiff of the concoction and turned him down. Tanner's potion consisted of a mystery blend of alcohol. Tanner insisted that Hayley take a swig of the drink even after she told him that she was an alcoholic. Hayley insisted that she was not making up a story about being an alcoholic. Tanner backed down and apologized for not knowing of Hayley's illness. Mateo phoned home and told Tanner that he need not return to Holidays because he had everything under control. Hayley and Tanner sat down to chat until Mateo came home. Hayley mentioned that she is taking on new challenges in her life to offer more fulfillment. Again the phone rang, but this time the call was for Tanner. Tanner took the call in private and told the caller that he cannot be contacted any more because "plans have changed." Hayley fell asleep on the sofa and Tanner hovered over her ogling her body up and down. AS Tanner leaned over her body, the sound of Mateo's keys sounded from the other side of the door. Tanner quickly composed himself and put a blanket over Hayley. Mateo carried Hayley off to bed and thanked Tanner for keeping an eye on his fiancee. Tanner smiled and said that it was not a problem. The more Maria insisted that her affair with Dimitri was not planned, the less Edmund seemed to believe her story. Edmund shook his head and demanded to know why Maria had to tell him about the affair. He said that she should have told a priest--anyone but him. Then he stopped speaking. The pieces of the puzzle finally came together. Knowing that Edmund had figured out why she was telling him of her infidelity, Maria began sobbing. Maria repeated said that she was "sorry." She said that she knew the baby was Edmund's, but that the tests showed otherwise. Edmund was stunned that Dimitri knew the father of the baby before he did. Maria explained that she had to tell Dimitri because of a genetic disorder that they both carried. As Maria continued to cry, Edmund mocked his wife by asking where her "comfort" was now. He asked Maria if she would have told him of her affair if it were not for the genetic disorder. She didn't offer a definitive answer, only saying that she could not live with the secret. Edmund warned Maria that their lives will never be the same. Maria said that they should take some time to get their lives back together. Edmund blinked his eyes a few times and told her that there is no way that they can get back together after this bombshell.

Dimitri called Seattle to tell Erica that he would not be flying in as he has planned. Travis took the call because Erica and Bianca had stepped out for a bite to eat. Travis congratulated Dimitri on the news of Erica's pregnancy, but Dimitri wasn't celebrating anything. Maria returned home and told Dimitri that she had told Edmund everything.

Edmund sat in his Tempo office, his head in his hands. His mind cast back to several odd moments over the past few months when he walked in on conversations that abruptly stopped when he came into the room. He felt like a fool for not knowing that something was going on. He caught sight of a family portrait across the room. He rose from his chair and walked to the picture. He looked at it for only a second before hurling it across the room. The glass frame shattered and rained down on the floor. Skye walked in to the office and asked Edmund if the stress of meeting his publishing deadline had gotten to him. Edmund was pleased to see Skye and said that he was glad she was there. "There's no place I'd rather be," Skye smiled. She approached Edmund and told him that she's there for him.

Wednesday, January 15, 1997

Dimitri suggested that he speak to Edmund on Maria's behalf, but Maria thought that that would be a bad idea. She said that Edmund has the impression that she and Dimitri are lovers and that Dimitri's intervention would only solidify Edmund's views. Dimitri told Maria that all commercial flights were grounded due to the severe weather, but said that his personal pilot is going to try to fly back to Pine Valley from Seattle in the morning. They'd then refuel the plane and head back out to Washington. Maria hoped that Erica would take the news better than Edmund had. Sam had a nightmare and Maria raced to check in on him. She brought him downstairs and assured Dimitri that Sammy was going to be okay. Dimitri and Maria both agreed that it would be improper for them to sleep in the same house together. Dimitri nodded and left. Maria clutched Sam and sang "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" to help lull his fears.

Pierce surprised Stuart with a visit. Stuart said that he was just writing Pierce a note, but since he's in town he might as well just tell him what it was that he was going to write in the letter. A woman bought one of Pierce's sculptures and Stuart went off to look for the check. While Stuart was gone, Adam dropped by to talk to his brother. When he saw Pierce, his demeanor quickly changed. The two remained civil. Adam realized that Pierce must be in town for Laura's adoption ceremony and made no further questions about why he returned to Pine Valley. A light bulb went on over Adam's head when he realized that Brooke did not know that Pierce was back in town. Adam quickly retreated and said that it was nice to see Pierce again. Before Adam could scamper out the front door, Pierce congratulated Adam on his recent marriage to Liza.
Stuart returned without the check. He said that he must have misplaced it somewhere but that he was sure it would turn up. Pierce told Stuart that Adam had paid a visit and said that he would catch up with him later. Pierce asked Stuart if Adam was still in love with Brooke. Rather than letting Pierce put the heat on Adam, Stuart said that Adam is not the only one with a soft spot for Ms. English. When Stuart asked Pierce if he had talked to Brooke yet, Pierce responded that Laura had invited him to the adoption ceremony, not Brooke. Scott returned from his date with Laura. While Scott was pleased to see Pierce, he said that he can only hope that Pierce does no "let Laura down" at a time when she is happier than she's ever been before.

Liza summoned Belinda for a late night conference. Liza said that Adam has been having a lot of late night meetings with his lawyers and fears that Adam could be up to something sinister. Belinda said that the meetings could be about nearly anything including domestic matters. She assured Liza that Adam can not divorce Liza without her knowledge. Liza was somewhat relieved, but focused her attention on the possibility that her marriage to Adam could be annulled. Belinda demanded that Liza tell her the whole story behind her marriage to Adam. Liza obliged, but only after making sure that everything she said was protected by attorney-client confidentiality. Belinda seemed somewhat amused by Liza and Adam's wedding shenanigans. She told Liza that since Liza cannot get half of WRCW, she could sue for equal compensation. That, she said, would not look good in the eyes of the court being that she is a new bride and would be suing her husband within a few weeks of their wedding day. Belinda said that Liza has one choice if she wants to bolster her claim to Adam's vast fortunes: consummate the marriage.

Janet dropped by Brooke's house to talk to Laura. An uneasy Brooke said that Laura was not home from her date and reluctantly invited Janet into her house. Brooke asked Janet if she was dropping by to interfere in the adoption proceedings. Janet shook her head. She said that she did not even know about the adoption until she learned of it at Trevor's house. Janet explained that Trevor's restraining order had not been rescinded, but that Janet and Amanda became friends since they both spend their days at Enchantment. Janet and Brooke talked of the adoption ceremony and as Janet asked Brooke if Pierce would be attending Laura returned home. Laura quickly chirped that she had called Pierce and told him about the adoption and that he passed on his best wishes to them both. Scott said that he an early class and returned home. Brooke went to her car to fetch some papers and to allow Janet and Laura to have a few moments alone. Laura thanked Janet for not blowing her "Pierce ambush" and apologized to Janet for not telling her first hand about the adoption . Laura explained that she has been avoiding Janet because she was not sure how she would take the news of the adoption. Janet praised Brooke as a mother and said that she could not wish for anyone better to look after Laura. Janet reached in her purse and handed Laura a small package as an adoption present. Laura opened the box and saw the doorknob she used to carry around. [History note[: Laura stole the "crystal" doorknob from a place she and her mother used to live at. She imagined that the clear doorknob was crystal and that she would eventually have a place of her own when she could use the doorknob] Laura pleaded with Janet to attend the ceremony in the morning. Janet said that she would do her best to attend, but did not make any promises.
A cold winter wind blew Brooke's papers from her hands. As she stopped down to pick them up, Adam snuck up from behind and told Brooke that he had arranged for a high profile interview. Brooke, however, would have to leave within the hour and fly to the West Coast. Brooke declined the interview because of her previous plans and also declined to allow Adam into her house. Brooke fell asleep while looking over her work and dreamed of Pierce.

Edmund figured out that Skye knew of Maria and Dimitri's affair and asked her how long she's known. Skye tried to duck the question saying that it was "not important." Edmund's brow wrinkled and he said that he would decide what was important and again asked Skye how long she's known about his wife's infidelity. Skye said that she saw Dimitri and Maria making love the night she escaped from Kinder's secret torture chamber. Edmund picked up on a vibe that Skye felt that Maria and Dimitri did not have sex only on one occasion. Skye denied Edmund's assumption and said that she believes Maria and Dimitri only had sex once. More pieces came together as Edmund realized that Skye tried to tell him about Maria's unfaithfulness while they were in New York to celebrate their journalism award. Skye said that she could not break the news because of her friendship with Erica. Skye assured Edmund that he could get back together with Maria because "Everyone makes mistakes." She continued on and said that Edmund would make things work for his children's sake. Suddenly her mouth dropped and she asked Edmund if Dimitri was the father of Maria's baby. Edmund nodded. He said that he does not want to talk anymore because there is nothing he can say or do to change what happened between his wife and his brother. Skye asked Edmund if Maria's affair was due to losing Sam. Again he nodded. Edmund said that Maria blamed her "mistake" on the pain she felt for losing Sam. Edmund said that he felt pain that night... and that he feels pains now. Skye kissed him on the forehead and then slowly moved down to his mouth. The two kissed for a few moments before Skye pulled back and apologized for her actions. Edmund did not mind, but he said that doing anything with Skye would not make his problems go away. Skye told Edmund that she will always be there for him if he needs someone to talk to.

The next morning, Adam woke from his sleep and found Liza, dressed in a frilly nightie, waiting at his door with a smile on her face.

Laura feared that her plans to thrust Pierce and Brooke together would explode in her face. Janet arrived at the ceremony and gave Laura a present to give to Jamie. She said that it was a "Congratulations on your new big sister" gift to prevent Jamie from feeling neglected. As Belinda presented Brooke and Laura with some final papers to sign, Pierce entered the courtroom. Brooke turned around and smiled at her former lover.

Edmund returned to his Tempo office and began picking up the pieces from his tirade the night before. He turned and saw Dimitri sitting on his couch. The two exchanged uncomfortable glances.

Thursday, January 16, 1997

Anita showed up at Wildwind to ask for her sister's help in talking to Rosa about cutting school. Maria said that she'd like to help, but that things are chaotic right now and she doesn't really have the time. When Anita learned that Maria had taken a personal day from work, she told her sister that Anita's teacher was going to be at Holidays and that it would be a good time for a face-to-face meeting for Maria and Rosa's teacher. Maria finally agreed, but said that she'd need a few moments to get herself together.

Liza beamed from ear to ear as she told Adam that he looked handsome in his silk robe. She explained that she was in Adam's bedroom because she wanted to use his shower. Apparently Adam has a shower head with several different settings for optimum relaxation and pleasure. Adam was less than pleased to bump into Liza on his way to get scrubbed up and she equated his grumpiness to the lack of romance in his life. Liza offered to help bring back some of the missing romance. After all, she said, they were married. "Married in name only," Adam snapped. He took the opportunity to remind Liza how she hoodwinked him into marriage. Liza said that she thought Adam was into "conquest," but said that she would be more than willing for a little role reversal. As the two chatted, two voices argued in the hall. Without warning, Palmer burst into the room with an announce on a business transaction. He said that after months and months of engaging in takeover bids with Chandler Enterprises, his company had finally acquired Occidental Foods. Adam took his usual approach to defeat by commenting that if he "wanted " Occidental Foods, he'd have already had it in his portfolio. Palmer, obviously pleased with his coup, told Adam to go back to doing whatever it was he was doing with his wife and apologized for the interruption.
Liza told Adam that she was surprised that Palmer landed the purchase of the food company and said that she knew the chief stock holder of the company. If, she said, Adam had talked to her, she could have helped finagle the deal for her husband. Adam seemed surprised and said that Liza's friendship with the stock holder does him no good now. Liza shook her head. She told Adam that there is another company that the man is in charge of and that it is ripe for the picking. "I'm a woman who has a lot to bring to the party," Liza smiled. She raced off to her room to get dressed so that she and her husband could talk more business.

Judge Hale apologized to the spectators for not inviting them into her chambers for the adoption ceremony, but she said that construction crews were repanelling her walls. The judge asked Jamie if he was happy that he'd be getting a new sister. Jamie's response was a resounding "It'll be cool!" With a few shorts words, the judge proclaimed that Brooke now has full legal custody "of the minor child, Laura Kirk." Both Brooke and Laura had some words to say. Brooke went first and told Laura that she can only think of two words to express her feelings: "Thank you." She told Laura that she taught her that "family is not just about blood ties." As Janet listened on, her eyes well with tears. Brooke told Laura that if she ever gets lost along life's rocky roads, that she would just "listen to [her] heart" and that Brooke will be there waiting for her. Laura's speech was not as eloquent, but it's emotion and expression was just as strong. She said that she is happy to be a part of Brooke's family and told how she's is happy that he days of running from place to place are finally over.
After the ceremony, Janet told Laura that she was proud of her, but declined attending the after-party because she had "work" to do. Belinda commented that she wishes all of her cases ended so happily. Laura approached Pierce and invited him to the celebration. Brooke chimed in that it would not be much of a celebration if Pierce did not attend.

At Holidays, Hayley told Tanner that he was a hit as a waiter. Tanner pulled a few phone numbers out of his pocket that female patrons had given him to shoe Hayley that she was right. Tanner commented that there is "nothing more attractive than an unavailable woman." Hayley had no idea that Tanner was talking about her. Instead she went on and on about her first meeting with Mateo's parents and how she is so in love with Mateo.
Maria and Anita chatted for a few minutes while they waited for Rosa's teacher. Bobby showed up and joined the conversation. Anita excused herself for a few moments, saying that she will call the teacher and see why it is taking her so long to arrive for the meeting. Bobby asked Maria if Sam was okay and asked if Sammy is wanting a baby sister or brother. Maria, uncomfortable talking about the subject, said that Sam is too young to understand that another baby is on the way and stopped the conversation. Anita returned to the table and told Maria that she had gotten the days mixed-up. The teacher had scheduled the chat for the following day. Maria wanted to go back home and demanded to be driven back to Wildwind immediately.
The adoption party crew arrived on the scene. Tanner greeted them at the door and made pleasantries with everyone. Pleasantries... kissing up... call it what you want. Brooke pulled Laura aside and said that she had something that she wanted to give her. Laura opened the small jewelry box and found a silver locket. Brooke told Laura that there was something inside. Laura opened the locket and stumbled to express her feelings. Brooke did some research on Laura's mother and managed to track down a photo of her mom. She made a copy of the picture and placed it in the locket. Laura was speechless because all of their belongings had been destroyed in a fire. Brooke put the locket around Laura's neck and told her that this way her mother will always be close to her heart.
Phoebe encouraged Pierce to return to Pine Valley and leave his apartment in Santa Fe. She said that a talented artist can find work anywhere he looks for it. Besides, she said that everything that Pierce holds dear is in Pine Valley, not New Mexico.

Maria returned to Wildwind. As she opened the doors, a surprise baby shower erupted in cheers of "Surprise!"

Dimitri told Edmund that he knows Maria told him of their affair. Edmund nodded. He said that he doesn't want to rehash Maria's version of that fateful night, but that he does want to hear Dimitri's account of that night. Dimitri insisted that it was not Maria's fault and that she did not want top have sex with him. Edmund's anger flared. He asked Dimitri if he was trying to say that he "raped [his] wife." Dimitri insisted that he would cut off his arm to go back and change what happened and that the affair was "completely meaningless" to both he and Maria. The comment further angered Edmund. He found it hard to believe that an incident that destroyed their family and their lives could be thought of as "meaningless." Edmund said he could understand that Dimitri wanted to get back at Erica for supposedly sleeping with Jonathan Kinder, but he asked why his brother had to drag him and his wife into the mess. Edmund tried to get Dimitri to come to blows, but Dimitri refused to fight back. Finally, Edmund said that Dimitri was right when he said that he "died" that night. He said that if anyone asks about his brother, he'll say that he had a brother, but that he's dead now. Edmund stormed out of the office.
Dimitri's pilot phoned him and said that he was returning from Seattle and that he'd be landing in a few minutes. Dimitri raced to his car and headed to the airport. As he did, his mind reflected on discussions he had had with Edmund and Maria. In shame, he bowed his head. In this split second that his eyes were off of the road, he lost control of his car.

Friday, January 17, 1997

Liza told Adam that her New Year's Resolution was to strive to maintain harmony in the home. AS the two conversed, Tad placed an urgent call to Liza to tell her that a former guest on The Cutting Edge is threatening legal action because he did not like his on-air treatment. Liza showed little concern for the problem and advised Tad that he take up the problem with WRCW's legal department. Winifred entered the room and asked Adam what china he'd like to use for dinner. Liza was flattered that Adam was pulling out the good dishes for dinner, but said that they can use something a little less formal. Adam chuckled at Liza's comment. He said that they can eat off paper plates, but when company comes over he prefers to pull out all the stops. Adam explained that he was having his "daughters and their significant others" over for dinner. He wasn't sure that the evening would be a success if Liza joined them, so Adam suggested Liza enjoy some take out.. Liza was adamant in her claim to eat dinner with the rest of the family. Adam wasn't so sure and told Liza to chase after Tad and try to patch up the legal dispute. Liza had no more business with Tad or so she said and she again expressed her desire to join her husband and his daughter at dinner.

Maria confessed that she did not expect a surprise baby shower. Isabella was relieved. She said that they have never been able to surprise Maria with anything! When Erica arrived home from Seattle toting baby shower gifts, Maria's jaw hit the floor. She'd assumed that Dimitri would have told her about their affair and looked oddly uncomfortable throughout the entire party. More uncomfortable moments came when Rosa presented Maria with a baby book. She had filled in the baby's family tree and made a point of repeating that Edmund was the baby's father. Of course Rosa knew no differently. Isabella chirped that it would be a blessing if Maria was carrying twins. She said that one of Maria's aunts had been fortunate enough to deliver twins and that there could be a genetic possibility that Maria is carrying twins. Peggy returned home from travels of her own and noticed that Maria looked very unhappy. She asked Maria if she could speak to her in private for a minute. In the foyer, Maria filled Peggy in on the paternity results as well as her breaking the news of her affair to Edmund. Peggy told Maria that Edmund would come around because she's never seen a man more in love with someone. Erica became impatient by the guest of honor's disappearance and hunted her down. The doorbell rang and when Maria answered the door, Skye blasted Maria for throwing a party at such an inopportune time. Erica yanked Skye into the house and urged her to join the party. Erica presented her gift to Maria and told her that she would really enjoy the present. Maria opened the box and found three baby outfits made out of the Marick family "fabric." Maria was stunned, but not as stunned as she would be when Erica made her "big announcement." In front of family and friends, Erica announced that she and Dimitri are expecting a baby. Maria did her best to look pleased for her sister-in-law and even though she knew that Erica was pregnant ahead of time her face didn't display much happiness. Neither did Skye's. Erica walked over to Skye and asked her why she looked so glum. Skye tried to convince Erica that she was ecstatic by her news, but said that something else was weighing heavily on her mind. Without any further conversation, Skye ran from the house. Opal approached Erica and made several pointed comments about Erica's friendship with Janet and asked if Janet would be organizing the baby shower. Opal mused that the party would be decorated with little pink and green crowbars. Erica gave her gal pal a cross look and told her that Opal could throw the baby shower.
Peggy told Maria that she had tried to contact Dimitri, but that he was nowhere to be found. Seeing that Maria was a little sluggish, the party wound down so that Maria could get some much needed sleep.
After everyone else had left, Erica apologized to Maria for "stealing [her] thunder" with the news of her pregnancy. Maria assured Erica that her announcement caused no problems. She also told Erica that she was very happy for her and expressed how much Dimitri loved her.

After Tad hung up the phone with Liza, Ruth asked her son how he can deal with Liza Colby. Jake entered the scene to tell his mother and brother that he had a hot date with Skye Chandler. Ruth, wanting to be a good sport, invited Skye and Jake for dinner, but Jake said that Skye had other plans. Jake dashed off to get ready for his big dinner date leaving Ruth to wonder if everything is okay in Jake's life. Tad said that he and his brother don't have heart-to-heart talks, but that he assumed everything in Jake's life is in order because he smiles most of the time. Tad asked Ruth if she had heard from Gloria. Ruth said that she hadn't heard from Glo since she headed off to her convention in Virginia. She said that the convention ended two days ago and that Gloria should be back in town. Tad broke the news that Gloria had stopped in Pigeon Hollow to visit Dixie. Ruth could see that Tad was worried that Dixie might but a "bad bug" in Glo's ear about Tad. Opal walked in on the conversation and told Tad that she had spoken to Dixie on the phone the night before. She said that all is well with Dixie and Junior and that they are having a great time with Gloria. That lead to Opal asking Tad what type of relationship he has with Gloria. Ruth let out a huge sigh of relief and thanked Opal for asking the question. It seems that Ruth made a New Year's Resolution to stop prying into other's affairs. Tad said that he and Glo had a "no strings" relationship and that he's worried Dixie might turn Gloria off to him.

Edmund visited the hunting lodge and reflected on the events directly following his wife's affair. He remembered how he knocked on the hunting lodge's door on the very night that Maria had her affair with Dimitri. Dimitri told Edmund that he had no idea where Maria was. Now, Edmund realized that Maria was inside the lodge the whole time. Skye walked into the building and told Edmund that she knew he'd revisit "the scene of the crime." She told him that he should not be alone and that she'd cancel her date to be with him. She didn't listen to Edmund the first time her turned her down and when he finally yelled at her to leave him alone, Skye's heart broke. She stormed out of the lodge. Edmund paced around the lodge for several minutes before getting ready to leave. When he opened the door, he found Maria standing outside.

Mateo and Hayley apologized for being so late to dinner. Adam told them that there was no need to apologize because they were the first to arrive. He also told them that Liza had gotten tied up at work and would be unable to join them at dinner. With that said, Liza made her entrance. She said that she had Rudy take care of business because she wanted to have dinner with her family. Skye showed up with Jake on her arm leaving Liza speechless.

Ruth called Erica and told him that Dimitri had been involved in a car accident and that he was seriously injured.

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