AMC Recaps: The week of December 2, 1996 on All My Children
Brooke and Adam shared a kiss and discussed their feelings for each other. Liza met a mystery man in the middle of nowhere. Julia testified against Slade. Peggy told Dimitri about a family disease after learning that Maria might be carrying his child. Erica regained control of Enchantment.
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Monday, December 2, 1996

Adam dropped by Liza's condo to further discuss their wedding plans. He said that Hayley is convinced that Liza does not want to marry Adam and that they need go be more convincing. Liza said that she does not want to talk about anything that is even remotely related to weddings. Adam feared that Jamie's question about Tad marrying Gloria might have changed Liza's outlook on the wedding and he quickly pointed out that he was once asked by Jamie if he was going to marry Brooke. Adam said that children no nothing and should be tossed aside. Marian showed up at the door with several suitcases and announced that she was moving in with Liza. Liza flipped. She assumed that her mother was being overly dramatic when she announced that she has lost all of her assets. "I have no solvency, no fluidity," Marian sobbed. Apparently, Marian lied her way into a room at the Valley Inn the night before. But before check out time, Marian gathered her belongings and skipped out on the bill. As if things weren't chaotic enough, Meredith Peabody, a wedding consultant to the stars, appeared at the door and said that she is ready to make wedding plans. When Adam informed the stylist that the wedding was to take place by Christmas, Meredith said that it was impossible. Liza couldn't take any more and stormed out of her condo.

Liza ended up in some remote part of town. She walked into a forest and sat down on an old tree stump. She tossed several handsful of leaves into the air and watched innocently as they fluttered to the ground around her. Along the same road, a young, dark haired, flannel shirt wearing, ban in a red pick-up truck with a boat hitched to the back also enjoyed the crisp late autumn air. Liza got back into her car and prepared to drive back into town. As the man drove his pick-up truck, he saw Liza round a corner in her car. He backed up, stepped on the gas, and followed after her.

Erica appeared at Myrtle's to get the last dish on Myrtle's mysterious boyfriend. Myrt seemed almost bashful at Erica's implication that she and Red were more than just friends. Myrtle, however, assured Erica that she and Red were just "buddies." Laura, home from school on a free period to help Myrt with some apricot muffins, emerged from the kitchen and told Myrt that she thought the muffins were ready to come out of the oven. Myrtle went into the kitchen and Laura pulled up a chair and said that she needed to talk to Erica. Laura told Erica that she thinks that Red might be trying to take advantage of Myrtle. She said that Red showed up out of nowhere and does not want to divulge any information about himself. On top of that, he has no identification, social security card, bank card, or credit card. When Red came down the stairs, Erica seized the opportunity to do a little prying. She asked Red where he was from. His response was the usual "a long way from here." Erica asked about Red's wife, but Red just commented that she was "gone." He then hustled to the kitchen to avoid the questions. Before he could escape, Erica "accidentally" dropped her bracelet. Red, without any expression of pain, quickly bent down to retrieve the piece of jewelry for Erica. Erica made a phone call and learned that there are only two other Kilgrens listed in the directory. Neither of the two Kilgrens matched Red's vital statistics. Myrt walked out of the kitchen with a fresh batch of muffins. She happily announced that Red had asked her to visit him home and that she accepted. Erica pulled Myrtle aside and told her that she thinks that Red is trying to con her.

Stuart dropped by Tempo and begged Brooke to intervene in Liza and Adam's nuptials. He told Brooke that Adam still loves her. Brooke asked Stuart if he gets the impression that Liza might only be interested in Adam's money. Stuart nodded and asked Brooke what else she could possibly be interested in other than the Chandler fortune. Stuart told Brooke that Adam let Brooke pursue Pierce even though it broke Adam's heart. He added that Adam has a broken heart and that he is vulnerable to Liza's witchery. Brooke insisted that Adam can take care of himself and said that she cannot interfere because she does not know how she feels about Adam.
A short time later, Adam entered Brooke's office and asked how her meeting with the associate editors had gone. Brooke said that the people she was supposed to be meeting with came down with the flu and that they had to cancel the meeting. Before Adam left, Brooke said that she had something to tell him. They both agreed that they want each other to be happy. On the premise, Brooke said that she thinks Liza is only interested in Adam's money. Adam was not surprised and said that his wealth is "part of the package." After much prodding, Brooke finally managed to say what she wanted to say: "If you marry Liza, you'll be making the biggest mistake of your life."

Edmund woke to the news that Maria might is pregnant. Maria whispered in his ear that she is wondering if Sam is ready for a younger brother or sister. She then said that she took two pregnancy tests (one the night before and one in the early morning hours) and that they both showed a positive pregnancy result.
The two headed to the hospital for a meeting with Dr. Clader. After an examination, Dr. Clader concluded that Maria was definitely pregnant... but that her uterus was expanded more than normal. This meant that there was a strong possibility that Maria could be carrying twins---or triplets. With Edmund at her side, Maria underwent a sonogram to make sure that the baby was in good health. Dr. Clader concluded that Maria was only carrying one child, but that the date of conception was more like July rather than September like Maria had said. Instantly, Maria recalled that she and Dimitri had their one-night-stand in July and that the baby she is carrying could very well be Dimitri's, not Edmund's.

Tuesday, December 3, 1996

Liza checked in to an out of the way bed and breakfast under a false name. She asked the owner, Sissy, if there was a local mall where she could pick up some new clothing. Sissy replied that the nearest mall was some 40 miles away and that none of the local shops have "fancy" clothing. Liza said she felt in the mood for a change and that she would;be more than happy with some normal garb. Liza sat in her room and drifted off into a fantasy world. She pictured her wedding day---what a fiasco! As Liza and Adam were about the exchange their "I Do"s, Brooke raced to the altar and babbled that she was in love with Adam and wanted to marry him. Marian suddenly appeared and blasted Liza for letting her man get away. She she said that Liza will end up a lonely, bitter woman like her mother. Then Gloria appeared on the scene. She gave Liza a toaster oven as a gift from her and Tad. She mused that Liza was probably expecting Tad to interrupt the wedding. Anyway, Gloria concluded by saying that the toaster oven was state of the art and perfect for today's modern bachelorette.
In an effort to clear her mind, Liza took a drive to a secluded wooded area where she could relax. It was not as secluded as its billing. As Liza hung from a tree limb and swung back and forth, she unwittingly kicked the mysterious gentleman from yesterday's show in the head.

Dr. Clader told Maria that her baby will be due just in time for the May Sweeps period. Actually, he told Maria to expect a late April-Early May due date. Edmund eagerly asked for a print out of the sonogram so that he can show his family and friends the baby's "picture." Due to the positioning of the fetus, the doctor could not determine the baby's sex. Maria was overjoyed and said that she'd prefer the sex to be a surprise. Edmund pressured Maria to get on the phone and tell everyone in town that they were expecting, but Maria said that she wanted to wait a while. She excused herself and headed to the chapel. She closed her eyes tightly and prayed to God to help her resist her "urges." She said that she fears that her baby might have Dimitri as a father, but that her heart wants Edmund as the daddy.

Erica told Myrtle that she is only asking a lot of questions because she is concerned for Myrtle's safety. She added that she is not the only one who is wary of Red.
When Laura returned home from school, she got the third degree from Myrtle. Myrtle told Laura that she is being overly critical of Red and that her attitude needs a bit of an adjustment. Laura insisted that she was just concerned for Myrtle and that she was not implying that Myrt cannot take care of herself. She told Myrtle that Red did not have any identification in his wallet. Myrt said that she knew Red didn't "lose" his wallet and that Laura most likely picked his pocket. Erica's call to the FAA and the fact that no records had been found on Red turned out to be the deciding blow. Myrt came to the realization that Red might very well be a con artist. She told Laura that she had a half packed suitcase on her bed and that she was preparing to visit Red's "so called" home. She nearly sobbed as she told Laura that the home is probably a rest stop along the highway where he would mug her and steal her money. Laura said that she didn't want to hurt Myrtle and after getting an "all clear" from Myrt, Laura headed to a study date with Scott. As Myrtle prepared to settle in for the evening, loud shouting outside her front door spurred her to her feet. She opened the door and found Red and Noel arguing. Myrtle yelled over top of the men's shouts and told Red that if he doesn't tell her the truth about who he really is, she'll boot him out of the boarding house.
Red went inside and told Myrt that he was finally ready to tell her his true identity. Red started to beat around the bush, and Myrt reminded him that he'd have to pack his suitcase if he didn't come clean. "I don't have a suitcase," Red replied. "I have a bag---a great big, bottomless bag." He then asked Myrt to use her Carnie Smarts and put the pieces together. He said that his little friend, the elf, was named Noel--like the word No-El. He then began to laugh with a familiar "Ho Ho Ho."

Erica returned to Wildwind and told Dimitri that she and Myrtle had had a disagreement. She said that Myrt has given her wonderful advice over the years and that she was returning the favor. Perhaps, Dimitri hinted, Erica should have kept quiet on the mysterious Red Kilgren. The topic quickly changed to knowing when to trust people and Jonathan Kinder's name cropped up. Erica said that she should have believed Dimitri when he told her that Jonathan was bad news. Dimitri callously cast aside Erica's statements and asked her if she ever considered the possibility that he might have problems on his own. Before the discussion could be completed, Edmund and Maria returned from the hospital and broke their great news to Uncle Dimmie and Aunt Erica. They all prepared to celebrate the good news, but Erica said that she would have to take a raincheck because she had a business meeting in Center City to attend. Peggy heard the joyful cheers and ran to see what was going on. Edmund chirped that he was going to be a father again and Peggy returned to the kitchen to fetch a celebratory snack. Dimitri and Maria were left alone in the room together and they exchanged nervous glances, glances that register on Peggy's trouble radar when she returned to the room.

Adam nearly forced Brooke to tell him that she still had feelings for him. Brooke wasn't going to be strongarmed into a confession. Mr. Chandler then implied that Brooke was "lonely and unfulfilled." Brooke was insulted and said that she leads a very happy life. Adam confessed that he loves Brooke and that most of the time he can barely even tolerate Liza. This led to the obvious question: Why is Adam marrying Liza? Adam said that he was going to marry Liza because he could not have Brooke. "It's a bad idea," said Brooke, to marry someone without loving them. Adam told Brooke that she is holding all of the cards and that only she can stop the wedding. The two suddenly found themselves in a passionate kiss one that broke up only seconds before Skye walked into Brooke's office. Seeing Skye, Brooke made a hasty exit. Adam erupted. "You have an impeccable talent for screwing up my life!!" He quickly apologized to Skye and said that she actually might have helped his case. Skye had no idea what was going on and just looked in amazement at her father as he talked of a Christmas Eve wedding to Liza.

Wednesday, December 4, 1996

It seems that the man that Liza heard thump on the ground had fallen out of a tree that he was trying to decorate with Christmas lights. As he slowly regained his presence and looked up at the woman standing over him, he called Liza an "emissary from heaven." The statement surprised Liza and she swore that she was not an angel. Two questions readied to roll off of Liza's tongue. The first was why was this man trying to trim a tree out in the middle of nowhere. The second was why he seemed to have more lights wrapped around his body than on the tree. The man said that he was doing a favor for a friend and that Liza should not worry about being in the middle of nowhere because he has a very long extension cord. Sounds like a pick-up line to me!! With "What a Beautiful Morning" playing as the background music, Liza and her festive friend decorated the leafless tree. When they were done, the man took Liza back to his "lair," as he called it, to plug the extension cord into a socket. He replaced a blown out fuse and suddenly the lights in the run down shack flashed on. He told Liza that she would have to wait with him a while to see how their tree looks because he cannot light the lights until it gets dark.

When Tad told Gloria that Jamie would be dropping by later in the day, Gloria suggested that she return home because she doesn't want Jamie to get "too used" to seeing her at Tad's house. Tad told Glo that she does not have to skedaddle just because Jamie was going to pay a visit. He assured Gloria that Jamie is very fond of her and likes spending time with her. As the two started to kiss, the all too familiar sound of a doorbell interrupted them. When Brooke saw that Gloria was inside with Tad, she apologized for not calling first. So that Tad and Brooke could have a few minutes alone to discuss some private matters, Gloria said that she would run to the store and pick up some supplies that Jamie needed for a school project. The news that Jamie thinks Tad and Gloria are getting married finally found its way to Tad's ears. Needless to say, Tad was stunned that Jamie would jump to such a lofty conclusion. Brooke asked Tad if he was serious about Gloria, but advised Tad that it was too soon for Tad to think about marriage. Tad explained that he had no intention of confusing Jamie and that he would clear up the matter as soon as possible. Brooke told Jamie that she had to go back to work and that she could not stay and play with him. Before leaving, Brooke asked her son "who will always love you." Jamie replied "You [Brooke], Daddy, and Gloria." Brooke cast a suspicious glance at Tad and he nodded his head. Tad asked his son to pull up a chair so that they could talk. He told his son that he and Gloria had no immediate plans to walk down the aisle, but that they can still be friends and have a good time together.

Red connected the dots for Myrtle and told her that he was Santa Claus. He said that he has "100 names in 100 countries---and they're all [him]." Myrt looked at the man for several minutes as he explained his identity. Without warning, Myrtle broke into laughter. "Okay," she said. "You're Santa Claus and I'm the Easter Bunny." Red was surprised that Myrtle had not seen the clues he left for her. Myrt sat down on the sofa and in her sweetest voice told Red, "Red, sweetheart, I think you're nuts." Red managed to talk Myrt out of calling Dr. Tolan and said that he is not at the North Pole because he has decided to retire. Myrt soon found herself trying to convince the man that he had to return home so he could get the presents ready for his Christmas Eve run. Red complained that people today are not interested in the magic of Christmas and that they're only concern is finding a parking space close to the mall entrance so that they can return their unwanted presents. Myrtle then asked Red what had happened to his wife. After some initial refusal to answer the question, Red told Myrt that his wife left him. He said that his heart broke and that he no longer has the desire to be Santa Claus. She shook her head and told her boarder that she cannot believe that he is really Jolly Ole Saint Nick. Upset that he lost his ability to convince people of his true identity, Red said that he might as well retire and went upstairs to his room.

Noah met with Joe and Ruth and told them that he and Julia would be leaving town soon because of their part in identifying Belinda's shooter. Noah asked the Martins if they could make an exception in their nursing school program and allow Julia to graduate early. Otherwise, he said, she would not be around to graduate. Ruth smiled and said that Julia is already an "accredited nurse" in her mind and that she would gladly help Julia.

Edmund announced that he first thought that they were going to have twins, but that Maria was just further along in her pregnancy than anyone thought. The Greys ran upstairs to tell Sam that he would soon have a little brother or sister. Dimitri turned toward Peggy and told her that this was "a great day for [the] family." Peggy wasn't so sure and told Dimitri that "Things have a watch of catching up to you." Before Peggy could read Dimitri the riot act, Julia arrived at Wildwind. She told everyone that she would be testifying against Slade in court the next day and that afterwards she and Noah would have to leave town. Maria was devastated. Julia tried to assure Maria that they would one day get to see each other again and that when they do, the will have a "fiesta" to make up for all the holidays that they could not spend together. Dimitri offered to give Noah and Julia extra cash so that their transition period would be as smooth as possible. Julia was flattered by the offer, but said that she and Noah would get an allowance as part of their relocation. Speaking of Noah, he arrived on the scene and told everyone that he had a surprise for Julia. He asked everyone to follow him, but Peggy and Dimitri stayed behind (Dimitri to tend to business and Peggy to look after Sam).

Ruth gave Julia a pin to commemorate her graduation from nursing school. She told Julia that she knew she would be a great nurse after seeing the way she helped Alma. Julia thanked Ruth for the pin and said that she wishes she could stick around to work at the hospital. Ruth then presented Julia with a nurse's hat. Ruth said that she knows the hat is a relic of years gone by, but said that she hopes Julia will consider it an honor to have the hat.

As soon as everyone had left, Peggy resumed her skewering of Dimitri. She said that she's "no scholar" but that she can "do simple arithmetic." She said that she is well aware that Dimitri could be the father of Maria's child. Dimitri insisted that he and Maria only had sex one time. "In my day," Peggy spouted. "that's all it took." She said that she doesn't like what she has to do, but that she is only doing what's best for the baby's health...

Thursday, December 5, 1996

Still in the middle of nowhere with a man who never told her his name, Liza began revealing interesting information about her life. She said that if she could be anything in the world, she'd want to be "irresistible." Finally the gentleman revealed that he called be called Jake because he outgrew his real name. He then gave Liza a pseudonym so that she would not feel pressured to give her name. What name did he give her? Ace.Jake pointed to Liza's ring and told her that someone must find her irresistible to give her such a large "rock." Liza confessed that she is not really marrying her fiance because she loves him. Jake chuckled and said that his grandmother would call Liza a "modern woman," meaning that she marries for reasons other than love. He urged her not to give up on love because that her special someone could be just over the horizon. The sun slowly set and Jake asked Liza to walk with him to see Priscilla (the tree they had decorated). She agreed, but when he asked her to join him at the same time the next day, she passed. Liza said that the day was perfect and that she always wants to remember it that way.

Adam told Hayley that she cannot resign from her Enchantment duties. Hayley informed her father that she needs to concentrate on Holidays because Mateo has a heavy work load in looking after the family business. Besides, she said, she already has a "boffo" replacement lined up. On cue, Erica waltzed into the office and demanded to know what was "so important that [she] had to cancel a hair appointment." Hayley welcomed Erica and explain her situation. She said that since Enchantment is Erica's creation, she is the only logical replacement. Hayley had to excuse herself for other matters, but whisper in Adam's ear to give Erica whatever she demands. Erica toyed with Adam for several minutes. She said that since Adam gave Liza half ownership of WRCW, she would like half of Enchantment. Adam guffawed and told Erica that she would have to marry him before he'd even consider doing that. The cat and mouse game began to wear Adam out and he demanded an answer from Erica: does she want the job or not?

Mateo received a distressing phone call from one of Hector's business partners. When Hayley returned home, he told her that his father's company built 50 news homes, but that the material is below standards. In other words, it's shoddy stuff. Hayley asked if it was possible that Hector knew that the houses were being constructed from sub-standard material. Mateo shook his head. He said that it had to have been the work of Hector's former partner and that he was flying to San Antonio to confront the man. Hayley offered to tag along, but Matt told her that she had more important things to take care of, mainly Holidays and the wedding. Hayley said that there was no way she could plan a wedding with all of the problems that have popped up. She said that the wedding can wait. Matt agreed and said that he did not want Hayley to have to settle for anything "less than perfect,"

Maria and Edmund returned to Wildwind briefly to tell Dimitri and Peggy that Julia had graduated from nursing school ahead of time. They interrupted some tense moments between Peggy and Dimitri, but the two refused to say what was going on. The Greys then ran upstairs to fetch Sam and take him to see Santa Claus at the mall.
Peggy explained her reason for wanting Dimitri to tell Maria and Edmund about his possible fatherhood. She said that a rare blood disorder plagues the family. The disease, a severe anemia, took the life of Dimitri's sister. The genetic flaw originated in Dimitri's mother's family and can skip a generation. That explains why Anton, Dimitri's son with Corvina Lang, is not afflicted by the disorder. Peggy urged Dimitri to consult a doctor and find out the risk of Maria's baby being born with the disease. Dimitri placed a call to a physician and arranged an appointment.
Erica floated home and told Dimitri that she was now back in the CEO seat at Enchantment. She vowed that her new job would not strain their relationship and that she would always make time for Dimitri. As the two went to bed, Dimitri was plagued by Peggy's voice telling him of the possible health hazard faced by Maria's unborn child.

At the mall, Opal quizzed her gal pal Myrtle on the mysterious boarder. Opal said that Erica had filled her in on the details and that she was concerned for Myrt's well-being. Myrt insisted that Red was harmless, but said that he thinks he is Santa Claus. Opal's response? She said that Red is "a couple of elves short of a good workshop!"
Red looked at the mall Santa in disbelief. He bumped into Myrtle and explained something that she had been wondering. He said that he can grow a full beard in just two days and that his wife made him shave the beard off the day after Christmas.
When the Santa went on break, Red sat on the Santa "throne." A small boy approached and asked why he wasn't wearing his Santa suit. Red explained that he sent it out to the cleaned. The boy then asked Santa if he could give him a little brother or sister for Christmas. Red said that the boy should talk to his parents for that kind of present. He gave the boy two candy canes and sent him on his way. As Red slipped out the side exit, Maria caught sight of him and asked if he would mind posing for a picture with Sam. Before Red could explain that he was not the store Santa, he saw a glimmer of hope in Maria's eyes and accepted the offer. He put on a Santa suit and posed for two pictures. On the pictures was given to Bobby. Bobby said that the picture was the best Christmas gift he had ever received. Red left the scene and asked himself if he could really "have been so wrong."
Later, Maria and Edmund showed the gifts they had picked out for Sam: Edmund picked out a typewriter-computer apparatus and Maria picked out a medical kit. The two laughed at their gifts and promised that they would let Sam choose his own profession when the day arrived. Their sites then turned to "Baby X." Both agreed that the baby was going to be a girl and that this would be their best Christmas ever.

Friday, December 6, 1996

Tad continued his search for Liza. He wandered into Adam's office and asked Adam if he had seen Liza lately. Adam said that his fiancee had taken off of work and that he has not heard from her in over 24 hours. Brooke arrived on the scene prepared for a meeting with Adam. Tad excused himself and allowed the two to talk.
Brooke said that she knew Adam's so-called "meeting" was just an excuse for them to talk about their kiss of the other day. She said that her impulse was to grab Jamie and head for a tropical island island somewhere and to never bring up Adam's name again. Adam implied that she could never set up shop on a deserted island because she'd be lonely. On the contrary, Brooke said that she is already lonely. Apologizing for her interference in Adam's love life, Brooke swore that she would never stick her nose into Adam's affairs again. She added that she wants Adam to be happy. As the two, Rachael, Adam's secretary, blared over the speakerphone that the man Adam was supposed to be meeting was tired of waiting and had left the conference room. Adam ordered her to chase after him. Adam told Brooke that he never loved Liza and that he doesn't even want to marry her. This left the door open for Brooke to say that she wanted to be with Adam. She didn't. And neither Brooke nor Adam realized that their conversation was being listened to over the speakerphone. When Rachael raced off to stop Adam's appointment from leaving, she forgot to turn off the speakerphone. Tad walked by and heard the conversation. He later talked to Brooke and asked her if she had any idea why Adam would marry Liza if he is not in love with her.

Still at the inn, Liza told Sissy that she would be checking out. Sissy assumed that Liza must be missing her family, but was quickly corrected. She reminded Liza that breakfast was included in the price of the room and tempted her to stick around with the mention of bacon. hotcakes, eggs, and other goodies. Liza agreed and said that she would join them for breakfast in a little while. As Liza walked down the hall, she tripped on a workman's dropcloth. Her tumbling set into motion a domino effect. She crashed to the ground and knocked over the ladder that the worker had been standing on. The worker then fell to the ground. Who was this handyman? Jake, of course. Liza told Jake that they had to stop meeting like that. Jake got back up on his feet and said that he was okay. He let Liza know that he does odd jobs in the area and that the inn needed a plumber so he volunteered his help. He then asked Liza to join him in a little mountain climbing. Liza rejected the offer. She told him that she had ditched her work responsibilities and that she needed to get back to town. But later, Liza had a change of heart. She told Sissy that she would be staying around for another night and then told Jake that she needed to change before joining him for a little mountain climbing.

Tad went over to his parents' house. Joe and Ruth asked him if he would be joining them for Christmas. Tad said that he would join them, but only if they hung up his stocking. Tad then teased his dad about needing to get a supply of coal for his stocking. Joe had to go to the hospital, but Ruth stuck around for a bit. She noticed that Tad was sort of in a funk and asked if there was anything wrong. Tad told Ruth about Adam and Liza's engagement, but said that Adam doesn't even care for Liza. Ruth hinted that their marriage could be a "marriage of convenience" but saw no reason for Tad to be concerned with Liza's personal affairs. Ruth remembered that she had some errands to run and told Tad that she would see him later. Soon after Ruth left, the phone rang The voice on the other end asked for "Dad." Tad knew the voice as his brother Joey's voice. Joey, who we've known as "Jake," asked Tad if he would like to have his brother home for Christmas.

Amanda dolled herself up in her new Christmas outfit. Trevor asked his daughter to change her clothing so that she would not ruin the outfit at day care. Amanda said that she wanted to keep it on to show a friend, but agreed to change her clothing. Trevor told Michael that he was going to meet with Dr. Tolan for an appointment. As Trevor was getting ready to leave for the doctor's office, he saw that Amanda had left behind her bag and decided that he would drop it off at Enchantment. The whole time, however, he just knew that Dr. Tolan would yell at him for being late for their appointment.

Julia and Noah arrived at the courthouse. They discussed how they would soon be leaving town and their real identities behind them. Neither one liked the idea of having to change their names, but Julia was especially hurt because she had been named by her late father. Isabella and Mateo showed up to lend their support for Julia, but Noah wanted to make sure that they were not going to be uncomfortable from sitting in the same room as the man responsible for Hector's death. Isabella said that she knows she'll see her daughter again one day because God would not take away her daughter and husband at the same time. Julia was escorted to a room where she had to sign in as a witness. While she was gone, Belinda, Grace, and Rose arrived. The looked on as Slade was led into the courtroom by his attorney. Someone walking by, accidentally bumped into Noah and a piece of paper fell to the ground. Noah bent down and read the note, but would not tell anyone what the note said. After pressure from Grace, Noah showed them the note: "Last chance or you're next." When Julia returned and learned that Noah's life had been threatened, she freaked out. She was about to reconsider whether or not she should testify, but Rose managed to convince her to do the right thing. She said that it will hurt much more by walking away and that Julia needs to "be true to [herself]." Noah walked into the courtroom, Slade, turning his back towards everyone else in the room, made a "gun" with his hands and pointed it had Noah.
Julia took the stand and recounted the night that Belinda was shot. Jack then asked Julia if she could identify the gunman. Julia offered no response. Instead she looked around the courtroom and focused in on all of family and extended family. Jack repeated the question. Finally, Julia said that she could identify the shooter. She rose to her feet and pointed at Slade.

Janet strolled into Erica's new office and praised her for her triumphant return to Enchantment. She said Hayley was great as CEO, but that nothing can replace a company's founder. Erica announced that she was making some changes---and the first change effected Janet. Erica said that she noticed Amanda's name on the day care roster and that she wanted Janet to use her office for some private meetings with Amanda. Janet said that she appreciated the offer but that Trevor would kill her if he found out that she had been meeting with their daughter. And, she added, she does not want Amanda to keep secrets from her father. Erica insisted that Janet deserved time with Amanda because she has "changed." Janet again turned down the offer and stormed out of the office.
Amanda walked into what was Hayley's office and asked Erica where Hayley was hiding. She said that she had a new outfit that she wanted to show to Hayley "and the lady who sits behind the computer sometimes." Erica knew that Amanda was referring to Janet. Amanda continued her questions and asked Erica if she had ever met Janet's little girl. Erica smiled and said that she had met the young girl and asked Amanda if she would like to have a tea party.
A while later, Janet was summoned to Erica's office. When she got there, the office had been decorated with balloons. Amanda sat at a table and told Janet that she and Erica planned a surprise tea party for her. Janet said that this was the happiest day of her life and the three ladies sat down for a cup of tea.
Trevor wheeled into the room and erupted. He demanded to know who had planned the get together and ordered Amanda to come to his side. Janet grabbed on to Amanda and told Trevor to stop yelling at the girl. Trevor's face turned a bright red as he leaped from his wheelchair and stood up.

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