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Marian was reunited with Jonathan, but her love and money were soon stolen from her. Laura listened in on Red's phone calls. Maria learned that she was pregnant. Noah and Julia faced the fact that they would have to leave Pine Valley.
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Monday, November 25, 1996

Awkward moments nearly destroyed a perfect day for Tad and Gloria. The two returned to Tad's house and shared a kiss. In the middle of the kiss, Gloria broke the lip lock and said that she was very hungry. Tad took this as a sign that Gloria was uninterested in the romance. The two fumbled back and forth trying to explain their feelings for each other. Tad said that he remembers the agreement they made on Halloween, but decided that he wants less space between them. Gloria lowered her head and smiled broadly. She assured Tad that she did not break the kiss because she didn't want Tad... but because she really was hungry!
They took a break from their chat and sat down on the sofa to talk. They seemed to get everything ironed, but Tad said that he has an idea of how they can call a "time out" from their relationship to talk about serious things. He held out his pinky and asked Gloria to do the same. The two locked little fingers and Tad explained that he and his sister Jenny used to do the same thing whenever they wanted to check how the other was doing. Tad and Gloria both seemed pleased with the arrangement and they were soon resuming where they had left off a few minutes prior---with a kiss.

Liza appeared at Chandler Mansion on Adam's request. He informed her that the jeweler would be arriving shortly and that tonight would be the night that she picked out her diamond engagement ring. Liza was dazzled by the gems that the jeweler said "never leave the [store's] safe." Surprisingly, Miss Colby opted for one of the smallest diamonds in the spread. After Liza made a comment about one of the large rocks having lots of flaws, the jeweler made a hasty retreat. Adam told Liza that she needs to start having fun and stop looking so glum. Liza said that she is beginning to feel bad about their wedding hoax. "Sometimes we have to do distasteful things," Adam replied, "to get what we want." Adam again advised Liza to put on her happy face and told her to follow him to the kitchen for some of Lucretia's lobster salad.
Adam left the room and Skye returned to the mansion. She asked Liza what was going on, Liza was more than happy to announce the news that she had gotten engaged---to Skye's father. Skye snapped that she missed the episode of the Cutting Edge featuring Adam's proposal because she was preoccupied with helping Erica handle a crisis. When Adam returned to the room, Skye wasted no time is asking her father why he is willing to settle down with Liza. Adam said that Liza is a part of his life and that Skye will have to learn to accept it. He also pointed out that Liza, much like Skye, settled in Pine Valley to try to get a new start in life.
Hayley slowly walked into the room. When Adam turned to comfort Hayley, Skye erupted. She said that Adam's actions once again show that Hayley is first on his list. While Liza looked on with a smile, Adam told Skye that Hayley's fiance, Mateo, had been in a car accident and that her father-in-law-to-be, Hector, was killed. Skye apologized for her crass comments and said that she had better be moving along. Before she left, Skye told her father that she would think over an offer he made for her to live in one of his Paris apartments for a few weeks.
Hayley thanked Adam for being there for her and asked what she would do without him. Hayley confessed that she missed Harry Vaughan, the man who raised her, but is thankful that she had a second father. She commented that while she and Hector had their differences, she is very sorry that his life ended so tragically. Hayley said that she go to Wildwind to help Maria make plans for Hector's funeral. Adam hugged his daughter and told her that he would have a bucket of chocolate pudding, her favorite, sent to Wildwind.
Liza emerged from the shadows and told Adam that he is a good father. She said that while most fathers are afraid to let their "little girls" grow up, Adam always treats his daughters like adults. It was one of the first times that the two showed genuine concern for each other.

A police officer noticed Slade badgering Julia and quickly chased him away. Jack and Noah raced to Julia's side and asked if she was okay. Julia asked if Jack had enough evidence to have Slade thrown in jail without her having to testify, Jack shook his head, He said that he needs Julia to testify, but added that her life could very well be in further jeopardy. Jack hinted that "the feds" would probably take over the case and that Julia and Noah would need to enroll in the Federal Witness Relocation Program. He said that this would mean that neither Julia or Noah could have contact with anyone---even family members. He recommended that they return immediately to the safe house and said that Julia could not attend her father's funeral. Julia objected. She said that "no one's gonna stop me from paying my respects to the first man I loved---my father."

Anita and Rosa looked over some old photographs of their family. They were surprised when Hayley and Mateo stopped by. Mateo said that he had demanded to be released from the hospital so that he could assume the "head of the family duties." He told his younger sisters that he spoke to their father after the accident and that he made him promise that he would look after the family. Isabella, who had been sleeping, woke up and wandered downstairs. She said that Mateo needed to return to the hospital, but Matt insisted that he would be fine and that he needed to be with his family. Noah and Julia (and their police escort) stopped by the house and the entire family embraced.

Marian caught up with Jonathan near the hotel's pool. She informed Jonathan that she had all of her money wired to a St. Justin bank and that they would be rolling in the money in the morning when she could make a withdrawal. Jonathan asked for a few hours alone so that he could make phone calls to arrange travel plans. Marian said that she had a better idea. Jonathan could go up to her room and use her laptop computer to make the arrangements. Seeing that he was not going to get his way, Jonathan faked a sneeze and said that he was not feeling so well. Marian told Jonathan to take advantage of the hotel's sauna and miracle cures and to drop by her room later.
Back upstairs, Marian received beauty advice from (can you believe it?) Jonathan's floozy. The woman had no idea that Marian was referring to Jonathan when she talked of her pending romantic evening. When Jonathan arrived, the woman nearly flipped her lid. She called him "Marcello" and asked what he was doing in Marian's room. Marian's phone rang and while she took the call, Jonathan explained to his female friend that she needs to play along with him and that everything will work out. He pushed her out the door and then turned his sights on Marian. Marian puckered up and begged Jonathan to kiss her. While Marian drifted off into ecstasy, Jonathan rolled his eyes and unhappily kissed Marian.
Later in the evening, Jonathan met with his lady of the moment and told her that his plan was nearly complete and that in the morning they would have enough money to fly away to Argentina. One problem: Marian was in the bushes and overheard the entire conversation. A dejected Marian returned to her room and broke down in tears. As a last resort, she called back to the mainland. She told Erica that she was in St, Justin and that she saw Jonathan---alive. Erica thanked Marian for the news. Erica hung up the phone and told Janet and Skye to "dust off your bikini and grab your sunscreen. We have a date with destiny."

Tuesday, November 26, 1996

Julia woke from a nightmare filled sleep and told Noah that she does not like the idea of having to leave her family behind to live her life as a federal witness. Noah said that he knows how Julia feels, but said that if they stay in town they run the risk of having to always look over their shoulders for possible danger. As the two talked, Mateo wandered into the room and asked Julia what she means by "having to leave." Julia quickly made up a story about having to leave the house to pick up a few items and said that Mateo does not have to worry about their safety because their have a police escort. Mateo told his sister that she cannot have a security guard for the rest of her life and asked "when does it?" Julia said that she knows that they cannot be protected forever, but said that soon they will no longer need to police to watch over them.
Isabella tried to live out a normal morning by making breakfast, but her family stepped in and said that they would take care of everything. Things became extremely emotional when Isabella found a pick-up slip from the dry cleaners and realized that she needed to pick up some of Hector's suits. Mateo told his mother that he would help keep the family organized and that Isabella does not have to worry.

Maria told Edmund that she'd like to get to the chapel early so that she can light a prayer candle for her father. Edmund went to take care of some last minute details and to find a Bible that Maria requested. Dimitri saw Maria sitting at the desk with her head buried in her arms. He raced over to her side and offered his support. Maria showed Dimitri a Bible that Hector had given her on the day of her First Holy Communion. The two soon talked about how their fathers were quiet with praise, but still proud of their children nonetheless. Peggy walked in on them and offered some hot cinnamon buns., Maria passed on the pastry, but thanked Peggy for baking them. After Maria left the room, Dimitri told Peggy that she "can still cut [him] dead with a look." Peggy said that she had no idea what Dimitri was talking about. Dimitri assured Peggy that his relationship with Maria is purely platonic and that things are back to the way they used to be.

At the Wildwind Chapel, Maria kneeled at her father's casket and again read an inscription from the Bible that he had given to her. Edmund arrived and did his best to comfort his wife. He told her that Hector's memory will live on and that together they can both help pass on all of the plans Hector had made for Sam. Dimitri apologized for interrupting the couple and asked if they had seen Erica. They both shook their heads and said that they haven't even heard from her.
Julia and Noah arrived at the chapel and were given strange looks by a man standing in the corner. As the funeral service began, Julia watched the mysterious man closely. She whispered to Noah that the man did not belong and that she feared he was somehow associated with Slade. After the service concluded, the man approached Isabella and slowly reached into his jacket. Julia and Noah both screamed out to duck, but it would do no good. The man removed a handkerchief from his pocket and offered it to Isabella. The man turned out to be a friend of Hector.
On her way out of the chapel, Maria had a bout of lightheadedness and nearly passed out. Edmund and Dimitri escorted Maria back to the main house and urged her to call the doctor. Maria agreed, but before she could complete the phone call, she passed out. It took several minutes for her to revive, but when she finally did, she called Dr. Joe Martin and arranged for a check-up.

At the hospital, Grace returned from her extended absence and visited Belinda. Grace was concerned that "all hell broke loose" while she was out of town. Grace blamed the tragedies on Rose's return and told Belinda "Your mother is poison. Always was." As Grace talked, Rose entered the room. Upon seeing Rose, Grace warned Rose to "stay away from [her] children." Belinda told Grace that she loves her dearly, but that she needs to stop her criticism of Rose. Grace asked Rose how it's possible that the children she deserted fifteen years ago can be charmed into acting like she never left. Rose said that Grace raised the children so that they would know right from wrong. Grace turned her attention to Belinda. She asked her niece "Who is Rose to you and don't say your mother because a mother is bound to her children." Belinda confessed that she needs to hear her mother say that she loves her and that she does not want to lose her mother again. Disgusted by everything that was being said, Grace said that she has no desire to let Rose into her life and stormed out of the room.

In St. Justin, Jonathan feigned back pains to escape having to have sex with Marian. Marian suggested that he receive a back massage. Jonathan thanked Marian for her thoughtfulness and said that he would see her in a little while. Soon after Jonathan left, Erica, Janet, and Skye approached Marian. Janet was unsure that they could trust Marian and said that she is concerned that Marian and Jonathan might be partners in crime. Marian said that Janet needs to stop being so paranoid, adding that Erica will go to jail for murder if they do not have faith in her. Marian pointed Amber out to the ladies and said that she is Jonathan's new girl. Erica turned on the charm and approached Amber. She told the woman that she is gorgeous and that she can help her become a model...if she helps her with a little favor. Erica sauntered back to her friends and told them that she had worked out a plan to nab Jonathan. Janet smiled and commented that "sisterhood is powerful." Marian shook her head in disbelief and said that "Sisterhood is for nuns."
Marian caught up with Jonathan and told him that she had arranged for a private jet to take them to Argentina. The was, of course, really chartered by Erica. Jonathan asked a lot of questions about the plan and Marian had to stumble for quick replies. Erica stuck her head out from behind some palm trees and 'lipped' the answers to Marian. It worked... sort of. Jonathan agreed to meet Marian at the airport in two hours.
Jonathan arrived at the airport and boarded the plane. He had contacted Amber and told her to meet him on the plane. When Marian arrived, Jonathan told Amber to count to 100 and hide somewhere in the back of the plane. Jonathan told Marian that he had forgotten the passports at the hotel and begged Marian to go and pick them up. Marian obliged. Amber came out of hiding and told Jonathan that she wanted to give him a hot oil massage. Jonathan agreed and laid down on the table. Amber asked him to close his eyes and just relax. As the massage began, Jonathan soon found himself in handcuffs and surrounded by Erica, Janet, and Skye. When his eyes opened, Erica smiled broadly and thanked Jonathan for "flying Air Kane."

Wednesday, November 27, 1996

Grace told Myrtle that it feels good to be back in Pine Valley. She and Myrtle chatted briefly about the events surrounding Rose's return to Pine Valley, but as Grace's blood began to boil, Myrtle wisely changed the subject. Mike and Red returned from the market with some final food items. Myrtle's extended family decided that they would be working at the shelter on Thanksgiving to provide a hot meal for those who are less fortunate than themselves. Laura told Brooke that she doesn't think Red is on the up-and-up. She said that he acts strange and that she does not want to see Myrtle get hurt. Brooke understood that Laura only wanted to protect Myrt, but said that Laura should give Red the benefit of the doubt. "The role of Scott Chandler is now being played by Daniel Cosgrove," blared the announcer. Laura raced to her boyfriend's side and told him that she was glad he decided to join them for the holiday. Michael walked over to Brooke and asked how things were going for Laura on the homefront. Brooke said she was pleased that Laura had raised her grades, but said that she sometimes fears that she and Laura are growing apart. Scott told Laura that she needs to stop being so suspicious about Red. Laura didn't listen and continue pressing Red for details on where he came from and what he used to do. When she didn't get any answers, she cleverly pickpocketed Red. Even her clandestine actions didn't work, She rummaged through Red's wallet but found no identification, no social security card...nothing. Scott managed to get Laura to change the subject for just a minute. He asked her if she had any idea where she would be going to college. Laura said that she hadn't decided and told Scott that when it comes to further education, she and him are on different road. Red strolled around the house looking for his wallet. Laura, who still had the wallet, said that she "found" it under the sofa and returned it to Red. Red later told Myrtle that he came to Pine Valley to try to restore his faith in humanity. He said that so much has changed and that he wants things to go back to the days of old. As everyone grabbed their prepared food, Red paged through his wallet and stared at an old photo of Myrtle.

Maria tried to convince Edmund that her weakness was due to stress. Edmund didn't buy it and told his wife that she had better let Joe decide whether or not she is just over-stressed. Dimitri wandered downstairs with Sam in his arms and then three men ganged up against Maria to convince her to go and see Joe. Maria agreed and said that she would keep her appointment. Dimitri asked Edmund if he had heard from Erica. He said that he and Erica were supposed to see Jack and give a full confession on Kinder's death, but that she disappeared. Edmund indicated that he hadn't seen Erica and asked Dimitri if he considered the possibility that Erica jumped bail.

Maria met with Joe and went over her health status. She and Joe both agreed that she could be battling anemia from her overworking and stressful life. Joe asked Maria when she had her last period. Maria said that she is so irregular that she doesn't even keep track of her menstrual cycle, but that her last period was probably two or three months ago. Joe's eyes widened and he asked Maria if she considered the possibility that she could be pregnant. Maria shook her head. She said that her last laparoscopic surgery determined that she could not conceive. Nevertheless, Joe told Maria to stop by the pharmacy and pick up a home pregnancy test and to make an appointment with Dr. Clader.

Marian realized that her attache case full of money was on the plane with Erica, Jonathan, Janet, and Skye. She raced to the airport's ticket counter and tried to purchase a ticket back to Pine Valley, but her credit cards were rejected. Fortunately, Enid Nelson had sauntered into the airport and offered to lend Marian the money she needed.

Erica, Janet, and Skye took turns teasing Jonathan about the type of torture they'd like to inflict on him. Jonathan called for Amber for help, but Amber refused to help him out. She said that he lied to her about being Italian and even made up a false name. Jonathan turned her pleas to Skye and said that she was not capable of murder. Skye looked in square in the eyes and told him "That's your problem, Jonathan. You never saw my potential." Erica announced that pilot had informed her that they were now crossing over land and they had to decide how to dispose of Jonathan's body. Again, Jonathan begged Amber for help. Amber told Johnny that Erica was going to help her break into modeling and that she did not want to help someone who lied to her. Janet mused that since they were flying over Washington, DC that "if [they] aim right, [they] could drop him on the Washington Monument and have Kinder Kabob." Erica rejected the idea because they could miss their mark and injure innocent passersby. Instead, Erica said that they could drop him in the Potomac. "Think of him as food for the poor little river creature," she said. The ladies grabbed the tied-to-a-chair Kinder and dragged him over to the plane's door. Jonathan screamed and hollered for his safety, but no one was listening to his plight. The plane prepared for its descent and the ladies mused at how Jonathan really thought that they were going to throw him from the plane. Erica called Dimitri, who had been at the police station telling Jack the entire truth about Kinder's near death experience, and told him that they had tracked down Jonathan and were going to be returning him to Pine Valley. Amber began questioning Erica about her promises to make her into a model. It was then that Amber learned that Erica had no intention of helping her break into modeling. Amber vowed that she would never forget how Erica lied to her.
Jack, Dimitri, and two police officers stormed the plane and hauled Jonathan off to jail. Jack told Erica that all the charges against her had been officially dropped.
The ladies and Dimitri returned to Wildwind to celebrate their coup. They looked around for Amber, but she was nowhere to be found. Marian showed up at Wildwind and asked Erica where her suitcase of money was. Everyone looked at one another and realized that Amber must have taken the money and returned to St. Justin.

Thanksgiving Thursday, November 28, 1996

A pleasantly uneventful holiday show took over the airwaves on Thursday as Pine Valley gathered together to offer its thanks.

Hayley quizzed her father on his wedding preparations, but Adam wasn't very generous with his portion of responses. When Liza arrived to celebrate the holiday with her "sweetheart," Hayley turned the questions to Liza. Like Adam, Liza did not give many answers. She did, however, assure Hayley that they were "zeroing in on a date." The response was not what Hayley wanted to hear from her possible future stepmother and continued prying. Liza did her best to change the subject, but things were getting any easier. Skye's arrival wasn't going to help Liza avoid difficult topics either. Skye said that she had a great idea. Liza and Adam, both being individuals with a strong drive, should sit down with a family counselor and try to iron out the wrinkles in their relationship. At least that's what Skye suggested. Marian arrived on the scene, her eyes blackened from mascara smudges brought on by crying. She told Liza that she was destitute and that all the money she had had been stolen by Jonathan's bimbo. Liza wasn't moved and told her mother that she was stupid for going against everyone's advice and pursuing Jonathan Kinder. Hayley and Skye secretly snuck out of the room and made a pact to end their "sibling war"--at least until after they fought off the "Colby Invasion." After hearing Marian sob on and on about losing her money, Adam commented that he doesn't "want to seem insensitive." "The perhaps you shouldn't speak, Adam," Marian snapped,

Tad arrived at Myrtle's boarding house bearing gifts. He told Gloria that Ruth and Joe had been called to the hospital at the last minute and that the Thanksgiving meal had been postponed. His gift, which Tad jokingly called his fraternity pin, turned out to be a Turkey pin that he picked up at a bazaar at Jamie's school. Red hauled out a punch bowl of eggnog. Laura asked Red if he wasn't confusing Thanksgiving with Christmas. Grumpily, Red informed Laura that Thanksgiving is the first day of Christmas and that it is never too early to get into the Christmas spirit. Myrtle was distressed by Laura's skewering of Red and ordered her to put aside her dislike of Red. Jamie raced over to Tad and told him that he wants to race to the mall in the morning and see Santa Claus. Red erupted and told Jamie that he should "forget it." Myrt pulled Red aside and asked him why he was so down on Jolly Ole Saint Nick. Red said that he does not want Jamie to have to deal with the reality that Santa Claus does not really exist. Brooke told Red that he had a phone call. He raced over to the phone and got an earful from the caller. Noel, Red's assistant, told Red that he was not being nice by hiding the truth about his wife from Myrtle. Both parties were unaware that Laura was eavesdropping to the call on the kitchen phone. Jamie asked Brooke if Tad was going to marry Gloria. The question came just as Adam and Liza showed up with baked goods for the shelter.

Belinda begged her Aunt Grace to behave at the dinner table. When Noah arrived without Julia, Grace knew that something wasn't quite right. She again blamed Rose for being responsible for all of the bad things that have happened lately. Rose bragged about how good the meal was going to be, but said that it would pale in comparison to all of the meals that Grace used to cook. Grace didn't enjoy the flattery. She told Rose that she and her "children" (her biological children as well as Noah and Belinda) had to get by on beans and rice many years. "But you weren't around for those [meals]. [Noah and Belinda] always said a prayer for you. Did you say a prayer for them, Rose?" Grace asked. Her questions then turned to sharp criticism. "What do hitmen eat?" Noah interrupted the feud and told his family to try to get along because it would be the last family meal that they would be having together. Grace told Rose that she was "the same sorry fool" she has always been and blasted Rose for waltzing into town and trying to assume her role as a mother. Noah told Grace that he will always love her and that he does not want to leave her, but that there is no other way to avoid any further harm from Slade's henchmen.

At Wildwind, Maria told Dimitri and Edmund that her check up went well and that she was not suffering from any maladies. Julia became suspicious when a pharmacy order was delivered to the house for Maria. In the strictest confidence, Maria told Julia that she might be pregnant. Maria said that she is praying for a girl and that she's name the baby "Morgan." She told Julia that she does not want to get too excited and set herself up for a fall. At the dinner table, Erica told Isabella that losing a loved one is very difficult, but that there are always things to remind you of the ones you've lost. And so came Erica's toast "No heart is ever so broken that it cannot heal." Mateo rose to his feet and proposed a toast to his father's memory. He said that he will try to fill in for Hector, but that even if he remains in his father's shadow, he will be honored that he is following in the footsteps of a great man. Julia later told Mateo that she and Noah will be leaving town, but that she does not want to tell the family until later. Julia told Maria that she cannot leave for the evening until she learns the results of Maria's pregnancy test. A short time later, Maria emerged with the results. She told Julia that she is, by one of God's greatest miracles, pregnant. Julia broke down in tears and told her older sister that she wishes she could see the baby. She quickly covered for herself and said that she means she wishes she could see the baby now. Maria asked Julia if everything was okay. Julia said that the news of the pregnancy coupled with the loss of their father was making her more emotional than usual. She hugged her sister and began to cry again.

Friday, November 29, 1996

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, All My Children and the rest of ABC's daytime soaps will not be shown today.

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