AMC Recaps: The week of November 18, 1996 on All My Children
Liza looked at wedding dresses. Tad invited Gloria to have Thanksgiving dinner with his family. Julia picked the gunman out of a lineup. Hector and Grady were killed. Someone who was supposed to be dead turned up in the tropics.
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Monday, November 18, 1996

A shroud of mystery continues to surround Red Kilgren. Myrtle, Laura, and Scott returned to the boarding house and found Red sitting by himself on the sofa. He quickly rose from the sofa and said that his back still aches. Laura asked Myrt if she could show her (and Scott) how to play poker. After twisting his arm, Red agreed to join in the demonstration hand. He commented that he hopes Myrtle doesn't mind his substituting for Mona since Monday was their usual night for poker. Myrt asked Red how he knew that she and Mona played cards on Monday nights. Red said that someone must have told him. Red called Myrtle's bluff and won the hand of poker. Laura said that she and Scott wanted to get in on the action. The four, using cookies as their wagering devices, played fast and furiously. Laura was the eventual winner with a royal flush. Later Laura told Scott that something about Red didn't add up. She said that his supposed back pain doesn't match up with the back pain that anyone she knows has experienced. Scott told Laura that she was just being too worrisome. Later, Red asked Myrtle if she would join him for a night out at the movies. Myrt smiled and gladly accepted.

Hayley backtracked from the hunting lodge to the hospital, but could find no trace of Mateo. Fortunately, Hayley bumped into Julia and was informed that Mateo had gone alone with Hector to prevent Hector from showing up at the boathouse and causing a ruckus in front of Bobby and Anita. Julia said that Isabella had headed to the boathouse in lieu of Papa Santos. Hayley excused herself for a few minutes and telephoned the police station to find out the status of Noah's undercover duty. The officer that answered the phone blasted Hayley for calling the station and said that she jeopardized the whole stake out. Julia approached from Hayley's blind side and asked if she was talking to Mateo. Hayley shook her head and said that she was tending to some final overseas Enchantment business. The two sat down for a brief chit-chat session and it wasn't long before Julia was punishing herself for not being able to identify the gunman in her hypnosis session with Dr. Tolan. Hayley put and end to Julia's self-blame and told Julia that if "the more [she] thinks about it the more she forgets" then she should just stop trying to think about the shooting! Besides, Hayley commented, there are far more important things to think about---like color schemes. Hayley said that she can understand that Julia has other things on her mind, but said that Julia needs to start thinking about the "most important event on the planet": Hayley and Mateo's marriage. Halo asked her soon-to-be-sister-in-law if she'd be her matron of honor. Julia happily accepted the honor and the two agreed that they are glad that they did not remain bitter enemies like they had been at one time. Hayley's celebration ended when she realized that Hector and Isabella would want a say in the wedding. She said that she isn't Catholic and added that she isn't even very religious. Julia told Hayley that Hector and Isabella had their wedding years ago and that they should not try to plan everyone else's lives and said that as far as Mateo is concerned, he'd marry Hayley at the Chicken Shack if Hayley asked him to. Hayley gabbed on and on about her plans for the wedding and said that she'd like the Shirley Horn song "Here's to Life" to play at the wedding reception. The song titled hit a nerve and Julia began to have flashbacks of the shooting. She said that the song Hayley had mentioned was playing on the radio the night of Belinda's shooting. Julia looked into Hayley's eyes and announced that she could see that gunman's face.

Mateo managed to regain his senses just a few minutes after impact and began a frantic search for his father. Hector's motionless body had been thrown several feet from the car. Mateo felt for a pulse and the sensation of Matt's fingers managed to pry Hector from the jaws of death. Matt reached for Hector's cellphone, but it had been destroyed in the crash. Mateo begged his father to hang on while he went to find help, but Hector ordered his son to stay by his side. Barely above a whisper, Hector told his son that God had "given [him] this time" to pass on words of advice to Mateo. Hector made Mateo promise that he would take care of the family and the family business in the event that he did not survive. "I'm proud of you, my son. A man can ask for no better. God bless you." Mateo held on to his father's hand, but said that he needed to go contact the paramedics. Hector refused to let go of his son's loving grasp, but he knew that it was his only chance of surviving. The medics arrived a short time later, but Mateo had not yet returned to the scene of the accident. Hector looked around in concern for his child and asked the medics for his son.

Noah arrived at Memorial Park for his meeting with "Fred Harris," but with no police presence Noah became concerned. Noah walked to a pay phone so he could call Derek, but before he could dial any numbers, "Fred" arrived on the scene. He asked Noah who he was calling. Noah replied that he was calling Fred to make sure that he had the right meeting place. Noah reached for his photo album and handed it to Grady and asked him what he thought of the photos. Grady took one quick glance at the pictures before determining that it was too dark to see anything and suggested that they return to his gallery so he can see the photos in the proper light. Noah tried to buy some time by saying that he wanted to snap off a few shots of the park in the moonlight. He said that he was working on a collection of photos that would try to explain why people are afraid of the dark. When Noah tried to take a picture of Grady, Grady erupted. Noah turned his back in an effort to pull out his gun and take a few shots at Grady, but Elijah ran up from out of nowhere and put Noah's plans on ice. Noah ordered Elijah to go back home because it was late in the evening, but Elijah refused. He said that he was old enough to "hang" whenever he wants to. During this brief intermission, Grady pulled out his revolver and pointed it at Noah. Noah begged Grady to let Elijah go because the boy wasn't involved in the dispute. Grady refused. Sirens sounded in the background causing Grady to have a momentary lapse of cognizance. Noah told Elijah to run... Grady opened fire and hit Noah in the chest with two shots. By the time the police arrived on the scene, Grady had disappeared. Noah, protected by his bulletproof vest, suffered chest pains from the impact of the two rounds that his him, but he shook off the incident and looked around for Elijah. Noah learned that Elijah had lied to his mother about his whereabouts and blasted the young boy for disrespecting his mother. Noah told Elijah to go back home and to never lie to his mother again.

Erica swore up and down that she buried Jonathan in the exact spot that the police dug up. Janet offered an explanation saying that "Maybe [Jonathan's] so rotten, he got a head start on the decomposition process." Jack found traces of blood on the rug and in the grave and said that forensics would determine whose blood it actually was. Janet told Jack that he should check the morgue for any stray bodies. Jack warned Erica that even if a body does not turn up, he can still have her arrested solely on her confession. Jack excused himself to make some phone calls allowing Trevor some time to tell Erica that she should clue him in to the truth. Erica insisted that she had told her attorney everything that she knew and that she does not know where Jonathan's body is. Erica hollered at Trev. She told him that if he cannot represent her the way she wants him to, then he is fired. Janet urged Erica to reconsider, but Erica refused. trevor stormed off, but not before telling Janet that he "eats" his apology and that he now is convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Janet is the one who killed Kinder. Skye panicked. She said that she fears that Kinder is not dead and that he is refurbishing The Attic so that he can come back to get all three of them! Janet and Erica exchanged some verbal assaults after Janet said that she only assumes that Jonathan was really dead. She said that she did check for a pulse, but added that she's not a doctor. Janet swore to Erica that she did not move Jonathan's body even though Erica said that she would not be angry if Janet did move the body. Janet and Erica retraced their steps. They both agreed that Jonathan fell, was locked in Erica's car's trunk, sealed in the impound lot over night, and then buried. Along the way, something happened. They realized that the smell in Erica's trunk was probably a musty smell from the ice that they had dumped in the car to keep Jonathan "fresh." Then they came to a stunning conclusion: Jonathan must have escaped from the rug when they went back to Marian's house to retrieve his missing shoe.

Tuesday, November 19, 1996

Surrounding the could-have-been grave, Erica, Janet, and Skye worked themselves into a frenzy with stories of Jonathan's return from the grave. As the three traded ghost stories, a noise from the direction of Linden House set them into panic. Picture this in your mind: Erica grabbed a tiny twig of a branch to user against the intruder! Janet had a better idea when she grabbed the shovel used to dig up Kinder's not-so-final resting place. Janet crouched in the hole in the hole in the ground and readied herself to beat the interloper. Fortunately Erica realized that Jonathan was not coming back to get them---It was her two time hubby Dimitri! Dimitri wondered why everyone was standing around the grave and asked where the forensic team had gone. Erica hugged the love of her life and told him that she "confessed to killing a carpet." Erica went on to explain that apparently Kinder had not been killed. Dimitri used the new developments to coax Erica into finally telling Jack the entire story about Jonathan's near demise. Erica agreed but said that she wanted to wait until the morning. She and Dimitri started to leave for Wildwind, but upon seeing how scared Janet and Skye were, Erica asked Dimmie if her friends could spend the night at Wildwind. Dimitri nodded and the small group headed off to Castle Wildwind.

The medics tended to Hector, but his condition remained serious. Gloria and Derek, both on the scene, immediately recognized Hector and were able to properly inform the emergency crew on the man's identity. Hector continued to ask for his missing son. Derek alerted several police officers that there was a second victim in the crash and the cops spread out to find Mateo.
Mateo, meanwhile, pressed on in his search for help. He grew increasingly weak and his condition turned out to be more serious that just a gash to the forehead. He grabbed his side and when he removed his hand, he found it covered with blood. He tried to keep moving, but his injuries got the best of him and he tumbled the ground.

Maria returned prematurely from her physicians' conference in Boston after hearing of the turmoil surrounding Erica and her sister, Julia. Maria barely had time to catch her breath when the first in a long line of visitors came knocking at the door. The first guests were Bobby and Anita. The young couple wanted to ask if they could use the patio at Wildwind for their wedding. Maria was overjoyed for her sister's pending nuptials and relieved when she found out that the wedding would not take place until after graduation. The celebration lasted only a few minutes. Isabella tore into Wildwind ready to string Bobby up by his toenails. She accused Bobby of taking advantage of her daughter, but her tirade came to a premature end when Anita announced that she didn't have sex with Bobby---she just agreed to marry him. Isabella's reaction was justified. She said that Anita was "so young." Anita quickly pointed out that she is the age as her mother had been when she married. "The world is different now," Isabella retorted. Isabella did give her blessing to Bobby and Anita. Her thoughts soon turned to her missing husband. She asked Edmund and Maria if Hector had shown up at the house and added that Hector had not been at the boathouse. She placed a phone call to Rosa and learned that Hector was not at home either. Everyone concluded that he must be at the hospital with Julia and everyone swarmed off to see if everything was okay.
When Erica, Dimitri, Janet, and Skye appeared on her doorstep, Maria seemed less than pleased with the extra company. While she professed that she was glad to have two of the eighteen bedrooms filled, no one was convinced that Maria really wanted the house guests. Janet suggested that she and Skye check in to the Valley Inn, but Maria and Erica both insisted that they stay put. Maria went upstairs to check on Sam before heading to the hospital to visit Julia. Erica and Janet had a few moments alone and Erica asked why Skye was acting so peculiarly. In confidence, Janet informed Erica that Skye is smitten with Edmund. Skye walked in on the conversation, but didn't hear what was being said. The three women then discussed Erica's upcoming confession. Janet begged Erica to bend the truth because if the police learned that she was involved in the ordeal she said that she would be locked back up in jail. Dimitri barged in and told Janet to stop pressuring Erica. He said that she would tell the truth---all of it and that everyone would make out in the long run.
Upstairs, Janet again approached Erica. She said that she cannot ask Erica to hold back on the truth. Instead, she begged Erica to help her escape the country and any jail time that might be coming her way. Erica refused. She said that she would not help Janet escape because she had already made a life for herself in Pine Valley. She did, however, vow to Janet that no harm would come to her.
Skye, on a trip to the kitchen for a glass of warm milk, caught Dimitri and Maria in a tender moment. Dimitri was concerned for Maria. He said that she looked tired and run down. Maria explained that she was concerned for Erica and Julia and that she will not have rest until she can see that her sister is safe and sound. Dimitri walked Maria to her car and Skye tip-toed after them. As Skye rounded the corner, she bumped into Edmund. Edmund led Skye to her room. He told her that he could help her get to sleep. He pulled back the covers on the bed, tucked Skye inside, and then said that he would recite one of his unfinished novels. Skye did fall asleep, but her sleep was interrupted by nightmares of her ghoulish husband. Skye woke from her sleep with a loud scream that sent Edmund running to her side. Skye hugged Edmund and cried on his shoulder.

A dejected Noah walked in to the hospital and told Julia and Hayley of his encounter with Grady. Julia was furious that her husband went behind her back to try to nab the bad guy. When Jack showed up to help Julia identify the gunman, he was not thrilled with Noah's vigilante actions either. He told Noah that he was not thinking clearly and told him that he does not want to have to fit Noah for a body bag. Julia sat down with Jack and paged through some photographs of suspects.
Adam showed up at the hospital and yanked Hayley aside. He asked her how she could resign her duties at Enchantment. Hayley said that she wanted to work at Holidays. Needless to say, Adam was not happy. He told his daughter that spending 24 hours a day with your partner is a sure way to bring the relationship to and end. Hayley snapped back with some ammunition of her own. She said that Adam, the Duke of Divorce, must know an awful lot about failed relationships and also reminded Adam that he currently works with the woman in his life---Liza.
Isabella, Bobby, and Anita arrived at the hospital and asked Julia if she had seen her father recently. She shook her head and said that if she had, she's wanna stay away because he was furious with Anita. Adam overheard the conversation and asked Ruth if accident victims would be brought to Pine Valley Hospital. Ruth nodded and said that the area in which Adam suggested that their might be an accident would be in the hospital's service area. Adam asked Jack to check with the highway patrol and find out if there were any car crashes in the area. Hayley panicked when she realized that Mateo was also in the car with Hector.
Julia found a photo clipping of the man she saw fire the shot at Belinda. She told Noah, but their discussion was disrupted when Hector was brought into the hospital. Again Hayley broke down. She asked where Mateo was, but received no answer. Isabella raced to her husband's side and later told Julia that she had never seen Hector so scared. Anita began to sob and said that she was the reason for her father's accident. Jack phoned Derek to ask about the accident. Derek said that Mateo is still missing and that he is supposed to have went off looking for help. He also said that the car is being checked for evidence of someone tampering with the brakes. Hayley tried to leave the hospital so she could search for her fiance, but Adam stopped her. Later Hayley came to her senses and realized that she should stay put and wait for Matt to show up.
Jack pulled Noah aside and said that the police now had word that the brakes on Julia's car were cut., He asked Noah if Julia, who was now in the emergency room with her father, has identified any of the photos in the folder that he has given them. Without hesitation Noah told Jack "No."
Maria arrived at the hospital and learned of her father's accident. She raced to get washed up so that she could be with her father. Anita begged her eldest sister to tell Hector that she was sorry for getting him angry.
In the emergency room, Hector's condition deteriorated. His heart rated dropped...and eventually stopped.

Wednesday, November 20, 1996

Scott and Laura dropped by Myrtle's boarding house to meet with Michael and ask a few questions about college applications. They unwittingly dropped by as Myrt was getting ready for her big date with Red. Laura voiced her reservations on Red, but when he entered the room, she bit her tongue. Red and Myrt headed for their movie and Laura once again said that she does not trust Red. Laura explained how Myrtle had caught her trying to shoplift some items out of the Boutique and instead of calling the police, she offered her some lunch. Laura expressed a need to make sure that Myrtle is not taken advantage of and that she is definitely not hurt. Scott saw that Laura's intentions were good and said that he'll help her look for dirt on Red. A loud thump outside the house caught Laura's attention, but Scott assured Laura that it was just her imagination. The two went into the kitchen to snack on a few cookies... soon after they left, a man peered through the windows and into the house.
After the movie, Myrtle and Red enjoyed a light dinner at the Valley Inn. Myrt spoke of ther gourmet Thanksgiving meal she plans on preparing and told Red that she'd like him to be a part of her "family" celebration. Red admitted that he was going to skip celebrating the holiday this year, but said he would not miss Myrtle's feast. Myrt excused herself from the table and soon after she left a short, elderly gentleman wearing a wool hat snuck up to the table and asked Red what he was doing. The man, identified as Noel, told Red that he tracked him all over the country and was surprised that he ended up in Pine Valley. As the two chatted about only having "one month left" before some sort of deadline, Myrt returned to the table and asked Red if he was having a problem. Noel turned around and turned ghost white when he saw Myrtle.

Tad and Liza mulled over some show ideas when Renee Archaud, a famous designer in the fictional world of soaps, burst into Liza's office with wedding gowns that Liza was supposed to look over. Liza asked Renee to come back later because she was working, but Renee insisted that she was only going to be in town for a few hours and that she could not wait. Renee left the office and Liza tried to get back to work. Curiosity got the best of Liza and she peeked inside one of the garment bags and nearly passed out. She said that the gown was the most gorgeous thing she had seen and asked Tad if he could help her decide on a gown. "I think marrying Adam is an enormously stupid mistake... not to mention a perfect waste of a wedding gown," replied Tad.
Liza left for a few minutes and in her absence Brooke showed up at the station. Tad asked Brooke for her thoughts on why Liza would marry Adam. Brooke chuckled and joked that perhaps Liza does not want to change the monograms on her towels! She said that she could not give a serious response because she still has conflicting feelings for Adam. She said that "something about Adam just gets to" her. The announcement took Tad by surprise, but he didn't get a chance to probe his ex-wife for details because he was called to the floor on some business.
Brooke was about to use the phone to call and check on Jamie when Liza returned to the office. Brooke hung up the phone and said that she would call from a payphone. Before Brooke left, Liza asked Brooke if she could give her some advice on what it's like being Mrs. Adam Chandler. Liza gabbed on and on about Adam's millions and millions of dollars. Brooke said that she was not interested in Adam's fortune when she was married to him and that money is not a driving force in her life. Liza confessed that she is not marrying Adam because he's Mr. Perfect, but rather for his money. She told Brooke, however, that she would deny the claim if Brooke squealed to Adam.
Tad returned from the production floor and broke the news of Hector and Mateo's accident to Liza. He said that Adam was down at the hospital with Hayley and suggested that Liza might want to go to the hospital to see if there was anything that she could do.

Derek told Hayley that Mateo had been found a short distance from the crash site, but said that he was unconscious. He extrapolated that Mateo suffered some internal injuries from a nasty blow he took to the rib cage.
Noah told Edmund that the accident was not an accident. He said that Julia feared that something happened to her car and that he does not know how she'll take the news that the brakes on her car were cut. Edmund warned Noah that the news would be better coming from her husband rather than the police.
The medics were unable to revive Hector. Maria and Julia walked stonefaced from the emergency room. Isabella instantly knew that her husband had left her. Isabella said that there was "no reason" for her husband's death and erupted in tears. Maria tried to quell her mother's sorrow by relating a story of how Hector was now able to talk to God any time he wants to. Edmund gave Noah a gentle nudge and said that now might be the best time to tell everyone about the accident. Noah got down on his knees and told his mother-in-law that Hector was killed by the thugs that shot Belinda. Julia cried out that she should have been the one driving the car and said she is responsible for her father's death. Belinda and Rose came into the lounge area at the most inopportune time. Seeing Rose, Isabella jumped from her seat and blasted Rose. "It wasn't enough to have your daughter shot," Isabella screamed, "that you had to bring death to our family?" Maria took her mother off to compose herself leaving Belinda as the only person left to tell Rose that it was not her fault that Hector had been killed.
Rose excused herself and went to a payphone and dialed a number firmly imbedded in her memory. She told the person on the other end of that line to give Grady a message to meet her "at the place we met in Pine Valley."
Mateo was brought to the hospital in serious condition. Julia and Hayley had a few minutes alone to talk to each other. Julia tried to convince Hayley to think positive. Joe later told those assembled in the hospital that Mateo suffered a few broken ribs and contusions, but that if he could pull out of unconsciousness within a few hours he'd be in the clear.
Liza arrived at the hospital and asked Hayley if there was anything she could do for her. Hayley gave Liza a brush off, but when Brooke showed up things were much different. Hayley hugged Brooke and Brooke comforted Hayley as a mother would have done. Adam told Liza that she should leave the hospital because he didn't think it was the best time to try to make Brooke jealous. Liza seemed hurt that Adam thought she was only there to play out a part in their scheme.
Julia asked Belinda if she should go through with identifying the gunman. Julia said that her father would want her to do the right thing, but said that her family could end up with even more pain if she went through with the ID.
In the hospital's chapel, Anita told Bobby that her father died thinking she had no morals. Bobby took his girlfriend's hand and told her that Hector never thought badly of her. He said that they were just angry and that true feelings can get lost in the anger and confusion.
Hayley was allowed into Mateo's room and she did her best to talk him back to consciousness. It worked. As she rambled on about whether or not their should get a DJ for their wedding reception, Mateo, still very groggy, opened his eyes and whispered that they should get a band. Hayley called to Joe and told him that Matt had woken up. Later Matt asked how his father was doing.
Jack arrived at the hospital, anxious to have Julia identify the shooter. Julia changed her mind and told Jack that as hard as she tried to recall the gunman's face, she just cannot recall any details. Jack tried to pressure Julia into changing her mind, but Noah stepped in and told Jack to leave them alone.
Rose slipped out through a side door, but Noah noticed his mother's absence and headed off to find her.

Thursday, November 21, 1996

Red explained Noel away as an acquaintance and Noel quickly dashed out of sight. Myrtle and Red returned to eating and soon got on the topic of Erica and the troubles that she has been having of late. Speak of the devil and the devil shows up... Red announced that Erica had just entered the restaurant. Myrtle flagged Erica over to the table and introduced her to her boarder. Erica said that she'd love to stay and chat, but she had luncheon guests waiting for her. Myrtle explained to Red that Erica confessed to killing Dr. Jonathan Kinder in self-defense, but that the body mysteriously disappeared. Two strange things happened next. First, the name Jonathan Kinder seemed to jog Red's memory. He asked if she meant "little Johnny Kinder," but made no further comment. Then Red said that Erica has always been getting herself in trouble. After the two had finished eating their pumpkin pie, Red told Myrt to walk ahead to the toy shop and that he would pay for their lunch bill. As soon as Myrtle left. Noel returned and told Red that he does not think he is being very nice. Noel asked Red if he had told Myrtle who he really is.

Across the restaurant, Erica met with Skye and Janet. The latter two were extremely nervous. Janet insisted that they had been followed to the restaurant by a green van. Skye claimed that Janet's imagination was getting the best of her, but Erica volunteered to go to the parking lot and check for any green vans. Erica returned a few minutes later and announced that there were no green vans in the parking lot and that she checked with the parking staff and learned that there had been no green vans on the property in the last hour. Janet and Skye then began bickering about who had the worst run-in with Dr. Kinder. Skye said that she lost a year of her life to the monster while Janet quipped that at least Skye had a nice nightgown to wear during her captivity. The squabbling got the best of Erica and she said that she was going to the restroom to splash some cold water on her face. She warned her friends that they had better calm down by the time she returns. Janet and Skye patched things up, but a new streak of terror soon crept up their spines. Behind a plant, the two saw the back of Jonathan's head. They scampered off to the ladies' room to tell Erica that they saw Jonathan. Erica advised them to remain calm and said that she had a plan to capture the evil doctor.
The three ladies hide near the loading and unloading dock to the restaurant. Skye ran over to a tower of boxes and knocked them over. She returned to her hiding place and waited until they saw Jonathan approaching. When he exited the restaurant, the three ladies tackled the doctor and stuffed a garbage bag over his head.

A security guard informed Jack that Rose had disappeared. After taking a look around, Jack also noticed that Noah was missing, too. Jack went to Belinda's room to break the news that Noah and Rose had taken off. Julia feared the worst and Belinda was not about to let Jack get Julia worked up. Belinda asked Julia if she could get her some water so that she would have some time alone with Jack. Belinda blasted Jack for scaring Julia and told Jack that the "poor girl has just lost her father." Jack explained that he was not trying to scare Julia. He said that he feels that he owes Noah and Julia for the hell he caused them by accusing Noah of killing Louie Greco.
Matt asked Hayley for an update on his father's condition. Hayley assured Matt that Hector was resting comfortably in another room. That led Matt to asked if he could be taken to see his dad. Ruth entered the room and told Hayley that Joe would want to examine Matt so she'd need to leave. This gave Hayley a chance to ask Ruth whether or not she should break the news of Hector's death to Matt. Ruth said that while Matt will have to be informed at some point, any additional stress could hinder his recovery and that Hayley needs to decide when the time is right to break the news.
Hayley went to the hospital chapel and while she is the first to admit that she is not an overly religious woman, she said that she needed someone to talk with. She spoke aloud and said that she tried to contact her AA sponsor, but that she couldn't reach the sponsor. "I need you to help me right now," Hayley said. "Help me to be less self-centered. Show me how to comfort Mateo." Hayley concluded by asking God to "have mercy on Hector's soul and watch over us."
Bobby told Anita that she would feel better when she got a chance to see that Mateo was okay. Anita remained convinced that she was responsible for her father's death. She said that Hector was speeding for one reason: because she had made him angry. Dimitri showed up at the hospital to look for Jack, unaware that tragedy had hit the Santoses. Bobby filled Dimmie in on the news. While he was doing this, Kelsey popped up and overheard that Hector had been killed. Dimitri tried to make Anita see that she was not to blame for the accident, but Anita just couldn't see beyond her self-blame.
Kelsey told Ruth that she was the one who told Hector that he could find Anita and Bobby at the boathouse and feared that she was the reason Hector's car crashed. Ruth told Kelsey that the car's brakes had been tampered with, but told Kelsey that she was wrong for trying to stir up trouble between Hector and Anita. Kelsey tried to justify her actions by saying that she was hurt. Ruth shook her head and told Kelsey that she needs to grow up and realize that Bobby does not love her.
Dimitri managed to track down Jack, but Jack wasn't interested in anything that Dimitri had to say. Dimitri wanted to tell Jack that Erica was ready to talk about Kinder's death, but Jack was too absorbed with the "Hitman" tragedy. The security officer reported that Rose could not be found anywhere in the building. Jack immediately put out an APB on Rose.
Dimitri bumped into Julia and gave her his condolences on her loss. Julia thanked Dimitri and said that he has been a good friend who has always been there for her. (I think Maria said the same thing in the hunting lodge not that long ago!)

From behind a dumpster, Noah listened to Rose and Grady's conversation. Rose offered herself as a way to keep Belinda, Noah, and Julia from being hurt. Grady asked how he could be sure that Julia would not ID Slade as the gunman. Rose was more than happy to pass on the news that Julia has decided to keep quiet on her identification. Rose reminded Grady that he still has feelings for her and that he can always trust her. With that, Noah jumped out of hiding and pointed his gun toward Grady. Rose urged Noah to put his gun down, but Noah refused. He ordered Rose to step away from her husband, but instead of stepping away, she latched on to Grady. Noah said that Rose's plan to giver herself up "stinks" and that Grady would slit her throat as soon as they were alone. Grady proudly announced that he would die for his wife and that he is no longer in control of keeping Julia quiet. He said that the matter has been out of his hands for a while. Grady made Noah promise that he would watch after Rose and let Rose leave with Noah. Grady placed a call to Slade and told him that he has Rose in his custody and that he would be bringing her in. Slade was content with the news and told Grady to meet him at the warehouse.

Mateo repeatedly asked to see his father and after he didn't get any straight answers he realized that the worst must have happened. Hayley took Mateo's hand and said that she was sorry about his loss. Mateo had a few minutes alone and he prayed for the strength to honor his father's dying wishes. Later Matt told Anita that Hector had forgiven her and that he still loved her.

Noah and Rose returned to the hospital and were instantly confronted by Jack. He asked the two where they had been. Noah replied that he had taken his mother for a walk, but no one bought the story. After Jack left, Belinda asked Noah for the truth.

Grady met up with Slade at the warehouse... but not the way you might think. Grady walked into the dark warehouse, but no sooner had he made five steps into the building... two gunshots echoed out. Grady tumbled to the ground... dead.

Friday, November 22, 1996

Gloria remained upset over Hector's death. She passed on a dinner at the Valley Inn with Tad because she didn't feel like being around a lot of people. So they opted to go sit together at the boathouse. The weather was so cold (I'll pause while you ask 'how cold was it?') that even the sparks between the two couldn't keep them warm. The two talked briefly of their past loves. The conversation soon turned to an open invitation for Gloria to accompany Tad to Thanksgiving dinner at the Martin House. Gloria accepted, but asked if Joe and Ruth would be comfortable with Tad dating someone. Tad said that his parents would not mind and that if Gloria wanted, she could tell them that he is what she is thankful for this year!

Janet, Erica, and Skye loomed over Jonathan's body and when he didn't move they feared that they had killed him---again! The three argued over who would determine whether or not he was dead this time. Skye agreed to check for a pulse, but when the body rolled over, they were stunned to see that it wasn't really Jonathan! Janet suggested that Kinder had plastic surgery to mask his identity. Skye said that she could determine if it really was her estranged husband by checking for a heart shaped birthmark that Jonathan apparently had in a rather exotic location. As Skye was checking the man's body for the identifying mark, Derek emerged from the restaurant and asked what was going on. Janet said that they were checking the dumpster for Erica's wallet because Erica left it on the table and it had accidentally been thrown away. Then the man on the ground moaned in pain. Janet looked around and commented that cats seem to be everywhere nowadays. The man called out for assistance and again they needed an excuse. Janet said that the man looks like he was mugged and that she would go call for paramedics. Erica insisted that the man was really Kinder after a session or two of plastic surgery. It turns out that the man was Officer Peterson,a cop hired to tail Erica around town. Peterson slowly got to his feet and said that he wants to press charges against the three women for assaulting an officer.
At the prison, Erica phoned Opal to go down to the station and bail them out. Opal wasn't a willing partner. She told Erica that her association with Janet is dragging her down. Janet snapped that Opal was "Acting like some jealous old hen." Erica asked Opal if she was jealous that she had taken on another friend in her life. Opal nodded and said that there was a time when she knew when Erica was planning on changing her nail polish. Erica said that Janet has made mistakes, but that she has changed. Opal laughed. "Did Moses hand down the 10 Mistakes?" Erica pledged her undying friendship to Opal and said that she has room in her heart for many, many friends. Opal agreed to bail them all out after an additional comment by Skye that there were four Musketeers. Erica vowed that she would track Jonathan Kinder down and make him pay for all the pain and inconvenience he has caused them.

Marian telephoned Liza from her hotel suite in St. Justin. It seems that Marian bumped into Enid Nelson (who was also vacationing on the island) and learned that Liza had gotten engaged to Adam. Marian implied that Liza must be marrying Adam for his money because she knows that her daughter is still hopelessly in love with Tad. Liza told her mother that she should not be talking about botched romances because she is traveling around the world looking for a dead man. As it turns out, Enid did not pass the news on to Marian that Jonathan had been killed. Marian was crushed. She immediately accused Janet of killing Jonathan. Liza corrected Marian and said that Erica had confessed the to killing. The news devastated Marian, who had sold nearly all of her possessions to get capital for a new life with Jonathan.
After her phone call, Liza took her mother's words to heart. She drifted off into a fantasy state and imagined that Tad had a change of heart. While trying on her wedding dress, Tad entered Liza's office and told her how beautiful she looked. Tad begged Liza not to marry Adam and the two fell into each other's arms in a passionate kiss. Liza drifted back to reality and returned to her work.
Marian pulled a framed photograph of Jonathan from her night table and stared longingly into it. Her tears splashed down on the silver frame as a knock came from the door. Marian took several minutes to compose herself before answering the door. As she opened the door, she nearly fainted dead away. Fortunately, Jonathan, who was now sporting a full beard, caught the woman before she hit the ground. When Marian came around, she told Jonathan to get away from her because she wanted nothing to do with a man who bedded Janet Green. Jonathan convinced Marian that Janet is a pathological liar and that he never slept with anyone else. That still did not explain how he "died." Jonathan said that Janet saw him slip out of Marian's house one night and followed him around town and eventually back to the house. She then pushed him down the steps and buried him in Erica's rose garden. He said that before he was in the ground, he returned to consciousness and slipped away. Marian was confused by Erica's admission of killing Jonathan and said that Erica must be covering for Janet. Marian told Jonathan that her life has been empty without Jonathan and that she had cashed in all of her assets so that they can live a comfortable life somewhere outside of the States. Jonathan told Marian that he cared deeply for her and that he was going to make travel arrangements for them. He slipped out of the hotel room and down the hall. He had only gotten about ten feet away from the door when a, how can I put this, when a very "busty" blonde grabbed on to Jonathan and asked where he had been. He kissed her briefly on the lips and said that he is making plans for the both of them so that they will never have to worry about money again.

Noah told Belinda and Julia that he tracked Rose down with Grady and that she was doing some negotiating that would save everyone from the wrath of the hired guns. As they were talking, Jack entered the room and told him that they acted on an anonymous tip and found Grady's body at the warehouse. Jack said that Grady was a buffer between the actual gunmen and everyone else involved in identifying Slade as the shooter. Now that the buffer is gone the danger is even greater. Julia stepped forward and said that she did see the gunman in the newspaper clippings that she had been given. The police rounded up half a dozen men that they had found in the vicinity of the warehouse and Jack told Julia that he needed her to pick the alleged gunman out of a line-up. Noah erupted, He said that Jack is asking for too much and that he will not have his wife put herself in any further danger. "They already killed my father," Julia explained. " What if you, Noah, are next? Or Maria. Or God forbid little Sammy. I think I'd die if I knew that I didn't try to stop them."
At the police station, Julia chose a man out of the line-up. The man was John Slade. Jack said that the man would be arrested on charges of attempted murder and that Julia would eventually have to testify against him in court. Parched from the nerve wracking experience, Julia left the room for a drink of water. As she bent down to the water fountain, Slade approached her from behind with a message. "Bang bang Julia Keefer. You're dead."

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