AMC Recaps: The week of November 4, 1996 on All My Children
Belinda was hospitalized in serious condition, but later pulled through. Julia agreed to undergo hypnosis to pinpoint the shooter. Erica was arrested for Jonathan's death after she confessed to killing him. Janet was caught trying to dig up Kinder's body to get rid of Marian's rug.
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Monday, November 4, 1996

Unlike previous Friday cliffhangers involving near kisses, Tad and Gloria were able to enjoy a passionate kiss. They were so caught off guard by their spontaneous lip lock that neither one knew what to do next. Tad babbled on for several seconds about how the kiss was not on his "road map," but that it was a great side trip. Gloria smiled and echoed Tad's sentiments. The two geared up for another embrace, but this time they're sparks would have to settle down. Junior and Jamie raced into the room and said that they were ready to go back home. Tad jumped from his seat on the sofa and said that Brooke and Adam must be worried that their kids aren't home yet. Gloria thanked Tad for a wonderful evening and said that she had to go to the hospital for a late-night shift. Tad walked out of the house, but quickly returned. He told Gloria that he had a great time and said that things "can only get better, but if you wanna stick to karaoke, that's alright with me." Tad was, of course, referring to their stint as amateur karaoke singers at Hal's bar. Tad took the boys to their respective houses and returned later to an empty house. He slouched on the sofa, but something caught his attention. One of his Halloween props---a dummy in the stocks--- suddenly came to life. Tad leaped from the sofa until he realized that the mysterious interloper was Gloria. His eye's widened as Gloria approached him dressed only in one of his blue shirts.

Belinda was rushed into the emergency room for an examination. Rose arrived a few seconds later and asked Noah how Belinda was faring. Noah blasted his mother for being responsible for Belinda's shooting. He said that if she had left town like she was supposed to rather than trying to be a mother, things would not have turned out as they had. Joe and a staff urologist exited the emergency room and briefed the family on Belinda's serious condition. The bullet that struck Belinda had barely missed her spine and had lodged itself against her lung. In addition to this already serious situation, the bullet also grazed one of Belinda's kidney resulting in extensive blood loss. Jack arrived on the scene and after checking on Belinda, Julia, and Rose's health, he asked Julia if he could have a few words with her. He asked her what happened at the motel. Julia said that she and Belinda arrived at the hotel to free Rose from her closet prison and take her to the district attorney's office for protection. Belinda got out of the car to get Rose, but Julia said that she felt uncomfortable. She said that her attention was called to a shining object in the bushes. As the neon lights from the motel sign flashed off of the object, Julia realized that the object was a gun. She leaned over to sound the car's horn as a warning, but the next thing she saw was Belinda and Rose falling to the ground. She said that she sat up in the car before realizing that the gun was now aimed at her. She dropped down just as a bullet smashed through the car's passenger side window. Jack pressed for a description of the shooter, but Julia said that she could not give a description because she did not have a clear view of the shooter. She added that she did see the face, but that everything happened to fast that it didn't have time to register with her memory. The doctors returned to give the family the latest. It was revealed that bullet had been removed from Belinda's torso and that the surgeon was preparing her damaged kidney. Belinda remained in critical condition, but Rose was allowed to see her daughter. Rose gently stroked her daughter's head and sang "To Carry On," one of the songs she used to sing to her children.
The hospital received a phone call from an unidentified caller asking if any "Keefers" had been admitted. Joe fielded the call and said that someone from the family had been admitted. The caller was stunned when he learned that it was Belinda who had been shot and not Rose. The caller, Grady, quickly hung up.

Skye dropped by Wildwind to pitch some new ideas for future Tempo articles. She suggested that Maria would make a great person for a profile piece. Edmund rejected the idea because Maria is his wife and that it would show unprofessional favoritism. Skye countered the claim and said that Maria was a well known individual in the community before she married Edmund. Dimitri, who was also listening in on the conversation, convinced Edmund that the idea was not bad. Edmund reluctantly agreed to the idea and Skye began her inquisition, er, interview beginning with Dimitri. She asked him what he feels is Maria's best quality. His response? Her integrity. Before Skye could jump all over his response like she did on Kinder's grave, Janet and Bianca showed up. Janet had a stunning revelation for them.

Erica convinced Derek that Jonathan had lost his wallet on her grounds some time before she left for Betty Ford in early 1996. Derek shook his head and commented that the leather wallet could very well have smelled like a rawhide dog bone thus explaining why Harold retrieved it. Bianca wandered into the room and asked why everyone was talking about Dr. Kinder. Erica quickly silenced everyone and told her daughter that she should go into the kitchen and start melting caramel for the caramel apples. Erica blasted Derek for scaring Bianca by mentioning Jonathan's name. Things got even worse when Harold returned to the house carrying a shoe in his mouth. Janet chased the dog around and begged him to give her the shoe, but it was too late. Trevor snatched the shoe from the dog's mouth and the questions resumed. Erica said that she had no idea where the shoe came from, but eventually admitted that it matched the type that Jonathan used to wear. Derek, acting unofficially, said that he wanted to take a look outside and see what Harold was finding so enticing. Trevor wheeled himself closer to Erica and asked her if she needed any help. Erica insisted that she was fine and in no need of legal advice. Trevor impressed upon Erica that he knew something was not quite right and that he wanted to help her. Erica thanked her friend for the advice, but said that she was sure that she did not need any help. Trevor and Amanda headed home and Derek came back in from outside. He told Erica that he did not touch anything and that she was not under any investigation---yet. Erica readied for a stunning announcement. She told Derek that she was ready to go down to the police station and make a confession on what happened to Jonathan Kinder. Erica ordered Janet to take Bianca to Wildwind so she could be with Dimitri. Janet begged Erica to reconsider, reminding her that no matter what confession she gives they'll all end up looking guilty. Erica said that she knew what she was doing and again ordered Janet to leave with Bianca and to protect herself.

Edmund to Bianca upstairs to see Sam and then Janet told Dimitri and Skye that Erica was not with them because she was at Trevor's house trying to cheer him up. When Dimitri said that he was going to call Trevor so he could see how hie was doing, Janet broke the truth. She said that Erica was at the police station, but that she could not say why. Dimitri stormed from the house and raced downtown. Skye looked on at Janet in horror.

Erica said that she heard confession was good for the soul and that she wanted to see if the old parable was right. Erica explained that one night while she was asleep, Jonathan broke into Linden House. She said that Jonathan knew that she kept millions of dollars worth of jewelry in her bedroom safe and that he wanted to pawn some of them to get money to escape the country. Erica explained that she woke up and saw Jonathan trying to break into her safe and that she prepared to call 911 to get help. Jonathan wrestled to phone away from her and tore it from the wall. She said that he grabbed on to her and threatened to kill her if she did not give him money. Somehow Erica managed to slip out of her attackers arms and run to the stairs. Before she could get away, Jonathan chased after her and grabbed her again. Erica said that she mustered up enough adrenaline lAidan energy and kicked Jonathan down her stairs. She said that she knew he was dead almost immediately. Erica explained that she panicked and decided that she needed to bury him in the yard before anyone found about what she had done. Derek asked why Erica did not call the police after Jonathan expired. He said that Erica obviously acted in self-defense and that nothing bad would have come to her. Derek asked Erica if she did all of this by herself. Erica nodded. A smile crept across Derek's face and he said that no one would believe her story. He again asked Erica if she did this by herself or if Dimitri or Janet helped her. Erica flexed her arms and said that she has been working out lately and that she did do all of it by herself. Then Dimitri walked in to see if he could help his two-time wife.

Tuesday, November 5, 1996

The work on renovating Hal's bar began with the intent of having the bar fully restored for a Thanskgiving Day grand opening. Mateo and Hayley recruited Anita and Rosa to help them fix up the bar, but it seemed the two youngest Santoses had problems with their working conditions. They teased big brother Mateo about being a cruel boss and not supplying them with enough food for them. Their protest was cut short when Bobby paid a visit and offered to lend a hand. Mateo passed the willing helper a hammer, but Bobby frowned and put the hammer down. His sudden diminished enthusiasm had been brought on by Edmund and Sam's entrance to the bar. Bobby shrugged his shoulders and stared at the ground, unable to look Sam or Edmund in the eyes. He brushed off any attempts to get him to stay so Edmund did the right thing and approached Bobby to have a few words with him. Edmund said that he knows Bobby must feel awkward, but said that he does not want Bobby running around town trying to avoid them. The words changed Bobby's mood for the better and Bobby hung around the help out. Rosa, who was getting tired of the manual labor, said that she would take Sam off of Edmund's hands and that he could do her share of the work. Edmund smiled and told Rosa that her first task as Sam's watchful eye would be to change his diaper. Rosa grimaced and Edmund said that he would give her a hand. Hayley and Matt actually had more than a few helping hands...and they were about to get two more. Skye called Wildwind to talk to Edmund, but Peggy informed her that Eddie was down at Holiday's helping get the place ready for customers. Skye seized the opportunity to impress Edmund and hurried down to the bar to lend a hand. When she finally arrived, Hayley questioned her sister as to why she was in the bar. Skye expressed a desire to help out and said that she promises that she will not cause any problems. Skye looked around and noticed that Edmund was spackling one of the walls and said that she is a good "spackler" and would be willing to help. Skye assumed her position along side of Edmund. Hayley climbed a ladder and washed down the walls with a sponge and accidentally knocked the bucket of water over on Skye. Skye started to blow her lid, but when she realized Edmund was standing next to her, she turned the other cheek and laughed the incident off. Edmund ribbed Skye about the incident being a secret plot to ruin her hair do and then he led her off to find some paper towels to dry her off with. Mateo walked over to his fiancee and asked her if she is convinced that Skye means well. Hayley had no immediate comment, but said that Skye is not out to impress her and then pointed toward Edmund.
Kevin stormed into the bar ready to help out. Anita asked him if he had finished his English paper on Hemingway. Kevin muttered derrogatory words about his dislike for Hemingway and said that he is not going to write a paper. Anita urged her friend to go back home and do his work, but Kevin said that he has no "home" to go to. Michael tried to help motivate Kevin by reminding him that the Cortlandts think he's a nice young man. Bobby echoed the sentiment, but Kevin was unmoved. Michael returned to chat with Brad, but in his travels he encountered Skye who have him quite a dirty look. Michael commented on Skye's leer and said that she obviously thinks that he is trying to hit on Kevin. Brad responded that some people will never truly learn.

Marian packed her bags and told Liza that she was going after Jonathan.Liza questioned how her mother knows where Jonathan is hiding. Marian finally confessed that Jonathan was not in Switzerland and explained that she helped him hide in her house for a few days. Liza blasted her mother for harboring a fugitive and asked what she could possibly see in the slimy Kinder. Marian said that Jonathan made her feel loved and that he even proposed to her. Liza stomped top the phone and said that she was going to call Derek to tell him everything. Marian halted Liza's actions and said that she wanted to confront Jonathan face to face. She told her daughter how Jonathan dumped her for Janet. Liza could hardly believe what her mother was saying and laughed it off. She was stunned that her mother still loved Jonathan. Marian said that while she does still love Jonathan she wants to prove that he is still in love with her. She said that she knew where he was going to be hiding out and that she wanted to see if he still had a sparkle for her in his "big beautiful eyes." Marian ran out of the condominium and Lisa chased after her, but Marian had already left the building. Liza went back inside and contemplated calling the police. She finally decided to call Derek and tell him that her other is going off after Jonathan Kinfder. She was in for quite a surprise when Derek told her that Kinder had already been found---and that he's dead!

Gloria and Tad quickly found themselves in each other's arms. Before things could get too heated Gloria excused herself for a minute. She returned with a condom and told Tad that they need to be responsible before proceding. As the two kissed and made love the song "This Could Take All Night" played in the background. I won't make too much out of the fact that it only took about five minutes! The two basked in the warmth of each other's body and after they had made love, Gloria said that she had better be going. She explained that she did not want to be in the house when Jamie returned from Adam's in the morning. Tad smiled and said that Adam was taking Jamie directly to Brooke's place in the morning and that they would not be bothered.
When morning rolled around, Tad and Gloria both smiled broadly. Tad asked Gloria if she always looks so beautiful in the morning. She flickered her eyelids and replied "not until after a cup of coffee." Tad readied to get Glo a cup of java, but she added that she also needs sausage, orange juice, cereal, pancakes, bacon, and eggs! Talk about working up and appetite. Tad said that he was not sure if he could create a culinary masterpiece, but he did say that he could get Gloria the newspaper so she could check her horoscopes. As he opened the door to pick up the paper, Liza came running up the sidewalk and hollered out that Kinder was dead. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Gloria sitting on the sofa wrapped in a blanket.

A sombre Erica told Dimitri that she killed Jonathan. Dimitri shook his head as though he was trying to make sure that his ears were functioning. He was not so sure about her story and asked who she was trying to protect. "Bianca," Erica responded. She told Dimitri that he had to return to Wildwind and be there for Bianca when she woke up. She added that a flight to Seattle left at 6:30 in the morning and that she thinks it would be best if Bianca left at that time. Janet showed up at the station, sending Erica into an immediate tizzy. She asked Janet why she was not with Bianca. Janet explained that Bianca was asleep and that she feel right to sleep with out any problems. Erica also flapped about how Janet told Dimitri that she was at the police station. Janet apologized, but reminded Erica that she didn't tell her how she was supposed to keep Dimitri away. Dimitri overheard a portion of the conversation and asked the two ladies if they would like to be left alone. Janet and Erica went into an interrogation room and continued their conversation. Outside, Jack walked over and asked Derek what was going on. There he learned that Jonathan had turned up---"underground" so to speak. As Jack looked on, he said that he believes that Janet is "in this up to her eyeballs." Dimitri wasn't so sure and said that he does not think that Janet is involved. Dimitri then excused himself to summon Trevor to the station to help prepare a defense for Erica. Back in the private room, Erica accused Janet of panicking. Janet rationalized her behavior by saying that "you'd panic too if you though you were about to lose your best friend." Erica accepted the kind words but told Janet that she needs to play along with the story because someone needs to watch after Bianca. Jack asked Derek why Erica and Janet are so cozy and learned from Derek that Janet was hiding in one of Erica's closets the night that Erica reported someone breaking in to her house. Jack stroked her chin and recalled how he caught Janet and Erica trying to break in to the impound lot. Trevor arrived on the scene just as Erica and Janet exited the interrogation room. Trevor sneered and told Derek that he better check Kinder's body for signs on crowbar abuse. Erica defended Janet and said that she had no knowledge of Kinder's death. She also said that if Trevor is going to try to prosecute Janet instead of defending her then he will have to excuse himself from her defense. Jack asked Janet why she was hiding in Erica's closet. As Janet stumbled for an explanation, Erica said that Janet was helping to redesign the closets. Dimitri stepped in and asked Erica if she could let Janet answer for herself. The questioning now finished, Erica asked if she could go home. Jack shook his head. He said that Erica needs to be arraigned on charges and that she will have to be taken to a holding cell for at least a few hours. Trevor promised his client that they would get her out of lock-up as soon as possible. Derke then asked Janet some questions, but she gave no definitive answers. This enraged the detective even more. Dimitri snapped at Jack saying that he's "sure that Pine Valley will rest easier now that his vicious criminal is behind bars," referring, of course, to Erica. Erica finally agreed to have Jonathan's body exhumed from her rose garden...but only after Bianca is back in Seattle. With that said, all the parties involved agreed to settle the matter with an autopsy.

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Wednesday, November 6, 1996
by Soap Central

A dumbfounded Liza struggled to figure out exactly how she should handle seeing Gloria and Tad in a pseudo-compromising position. Tad asked his co-worker if she always comes charging in to people's houses and compared her actions to jumping in front of a train. Gloria explained that she had spent the night because she had car troubles and could not get home. Liza wanted to tell Tad the news of Erica's arrest for Jonathan's murder, but she figured that this news would take a back seat. She told Tad that they would have their meeting later in the day and that he could finish whatever it was he was doing. It looked as though Tad felt bad for Liza and he told her that he did not expect to see anyone outside his front door when he went to get the paper. On her way out, Liza handed Tad the newspaper and dashed down the driveway.
Gloria was amused by Liza's reaction and talked of how Liza caught her sleeping over once before. That time, as you might recall, Gloria was just sleeping over, but she led Liza to believe that something less innocent had occurred. It was now time, Gloria explained, to lay down some groundwork on how they will handle their relationship. Tad rebuked Glo's offer and said that they can just wing it. Gloria disagreed and asked what would happen if something would ruin what they had going. She said that laying some guidelines out would prove an age old theory "Can two intelligent people..." carry on a civil relationship without something going awry. Tad finally accepted that they would "experiment" on having a relationship and that they would take things as they come along.

In her Tempo office, Brooke discussed her childhood Halloween memories with Adam. Adam recalled throwing rotten eggs a a "crotchedy, old, sun of a gun's" house back in Pigeon Hollow. Brooke, on the other hand, talked of how she had a penchant for candy corn as a youth and said that she wrapped herself in a bedsheet one year dressed as the Statue of Liberty. Adam smiled devilishly and told Brooke that she has always looked exception wearing bed sheets. Adam rose from his chair and said that he had to attend a meeting with Liza. When he realized that he implied his meeting was business oriented he quickly interjected that he never knows what Liza has in store for him. Adam took offense to Brooke's questioning of Liza's motives. He chastised the former Mrs. Chandler and said that Liza has a softer side that many people do not see. Brooke wasn't so sure. She said that Liza might just be an incredible actress. Before Adam could respond, a familiar voice sounded out from the doorway. Phoebe ordered Adam to stp waste her niece's time and to hit the road. Adam nodded and followed Phoebe's instructions.
Phoebe made herself at home in a chair and began reading a letter she received for her Dear Aggy, column. The letter was written by a woman who was involved in a relationship with a boyfriend, but was beckoned back to her ex-husband. The writer said that she, for some reason, still gets sparks from her former hubby and wants some advice. Phoebe stopped reading and gave Brooke a stern look. She then asked Brooke if she was the person who had sent the letter.

Joe told Noah that Belinda's situation is "touch and go." A high fever had set in from a mild infection and that they have not been able to get the fever to break. Joe said it would be a good idea to "prepare" Noah's mother for the possibility of bad news. Noah said, however, that he would prefer if Joe was the one who told Rose. Hayley and Mateo arrived at the hospital, summoned there by Julia. Joe told everyone that Belinda was being placed on an ice mattress to help alleviate the high fever and that the section of the hospital was Belinda was being kept had been sealed off to protect her from possible retaliation by the shooter. Mateo became increasingly concerned for his sister's safety and asked how she became involved in this fiasco. Julia explained that neither she not Belinda were supposed to be at the PIne Cone when the shooting occured. Mateo then asked if anyone had seen the shooter. Julia nodded and said that someone did see the person who wielded the gun----her. Jack arrived at the hospital and asked Julia if he could have a few more words with her. Privately, Mateo asked Noah to protect his sister. Noah nodded and tolds Mateo that he "will [take care of Julia]... Just like [Mateo] would."

Jack asked Julia if she could pick out the shooter's face from a book of mug shots. Julia pushed her hair our of her face and exhaled deeply. She said that she can't recall much and doesn't think that she can be of much help. Jack quickly inserted the option of having a sketch artist come to the hospital and create a sketch of the gunman. He added that the sketch is done electronically on a computer and that Julia would have full control over what the gunman looked like. Julia thought heavily for a few minutes and said that she would take a look at the mugshots. Rose yelled out at Julia to reconsider. She told Julia that fingering the gunman would put her life in danger. Jack tried to quell Rose's outburst before Julia became intimidated. He reminded Rose of what type of man Grady is and what his "occupation" is. He told her that Julia's description could bring about an end to the spree of violence. Rose disagreed,. She said that Grady and his men don't like to go after civilians and that Julia would be safer just to forget that anything happened. Joe stepped in with some encouraging words and told Belinda's loved ones that Belinda had cleared the first hurdle---her fever had broken. Noah and Rose went to Belinda's room to be with her. Belinda said that she ached terribly and then asked Noah for their mother. Rose stepped forward and apologized to her daughter for the shooting incident. She said that the bullet had her name on it and that Belinda never should have gotten in the way. Belinda smiled weakly and told Rose that she hs no regrets for what she did and that anyone who truly loves someone would do the same thing.

On his final on the job as a waiter, Mateo was presented with a going away trophy. As he cleared a table, he found that he had a helper in the form of his fiancee Hayley. She said that she thought lending a hand at the Valley Inn would be good practice for her future employment at Holidays. Mateo took his lover to a back room and gave her the "waitress test." He placed an order to see if Hayley could get everything correct. But halfway through his order, he began changing his mind on everything from the side dishes to appetizers to salad dressings! Hayley tried her best to keep up, but finally conceeded defeat. Mateo laughed and said that he is sure Hayley will do just fine.

Slade, Grady's boss, did not believe that Rose had escaped on her own. He accused Grady of helping her out. Grady denied the claims and said that Rose is a surprisingly powerful woman. Slade gave Grady one final chance to prove himself. He said that there was a girl in Belinda's car the night of the shooting and that he wants Grady to find out who she is. Grady chuckled and handed Slade one of his fake business cards that says he is "Frank Harris." Grady said that the girl is "Rose's kid's wife." Slade was impressed by Grady's quick action. He told Grady that he is to kill Julia---or he'll be the one who ends up dead.

Liza called Adam and asked him we had hadn't showed up for their meeting. Again she got no answer as Adam was already in route for their scheduled tete-a-tete. Liza blasted Adam for moving like molasses and said that every other station will have scooped them on the Kinder murder because of Adam's nonchalant attitude. Adam was marvelled by the news of Kinder's death and said that Erica deserves some kind of award for her acheivement. They both quickly realized that the charges were still allegations and that nothing had been proven. Liza became increasingly edgy and Adam chalked it up to a bad run-in with Tad. Liza's loose lips revealed that she doesn't "care who Tad wakes up with." The cat came out of the bag with its claws revealed and Adam knew immediately that Liza had caught Gloria and Tad in bed together.
At a nearby table, Brooke and Phoebe continued their discussion about Adam and Liza, Brooke said that she fears that Liza is taking advantage of Adam and that she does not want to see Adam get hurt. Pheebes scoffed at the idea of Adam being hurt. Brooke excused herself and left the table. While she was gone, Adam noted that Phoebe had dropped her napkin and dashed over to lend her a hand. Phoebe was hardly impressed by Adam's sudden display of chivalry and gave him a warning. She told Adam to leave Brooke alone because she is hopelessly in love with him. Adam took the warning in a different way. He raced back to his table and told Liza that they need to finish off their scheme with one final display. He grabbed Liza's hand and asked her to marry him! Liza looked around in shock... and caught sight of Tad and Gloria entering the restaurant.

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Thursday, November 7, 1996
by Soap Central

Dimitri phoned the pilot of his private jet and said that the travel itinerary had changed because Bianca was still asleep. He said that it would be about three hours before Bianca woke up and that plans should be adjusted accordingly. As he hung up the phone and turned around, he saw Bianca entering the room. The first words out of Bianca's mouth were questions about where her mother was. Dimitri tried his best to cover for Erica's sudden disappearance. He said that something had come up and that Erica had to leave. Bianca became concerned for her mother's safety and thought that she might have started taking pills again. Dimitri did his best to reassure Bianca, but it didn't work. If it wasn't the pills, Bianca continued, it must have something to do with Dr. Kinder. Dimitri was caught off guard by the statement and asked Bianca where she got and idea like that. Bianca informed Dimitri that Harold unearthed Jonathan's wallet and one of his shoes the night before and that everyone was acting strangely. Dimitri felt that there was no other course of action but to tell Bianca that Dr. Kinder was dead. Bianca demanded to know the whole truth. She said that she would read about it in the papers or see something on the news eventually and demanded to be filled in now. Dimitri explained that Erica had killed Jonathan in self-defense.

Phoebe watched in horror as Tad and Gloria took their seats and told Brooke that some people only have one thing on their mind. She then turned her head and caught glimpse of another of her favorite couples: Adam, and Liza. Pheebes called the pair "a match made in Hades." After a glance at her watch, Phoebe realized that she was going to be late for her meeting of the Daughter of Fine Lineage. Phoebe begged her niece to tag along with her and reinstate her membership. Brooke decline, reminding Phoebe that she had a meeting with a retiring writer for Tempo. Besides, Brooke added, the only reason Brooke was once a member of the Daughters of Fine Lineage is that Phoebe signed Brooke up before she was old enough to decline. So Phoebe reluctantly left and said that she hates leaving Brooke alone in the "eye of the storm."
No sooner had Adam asked Liza to marry him and Liza was already on the phone handling business. Adam accused her of having an ice cube where her heart is supposed to be. The observation didn't seem to phase Liza as she was only interested in whether or not she'd get a nice sized diamond ring by agreeing to Adam's proposal Liza stopped thinking about 'the rock' for a moment and said that no one would believe that they were getting married. And even if they did believe that there was going to be a wedding, she said that no one would show up. Adam disagreed strongly and said that people would show up just to see the festivities. Liza said that she needed a few minutes to think about it and left to make a few phone calls.
Instead of heading to a pay phone, Liza ended up face to face with Gloria in the ladies' room. Liza apologized to Gloria and said that she hopes Gloria does not think she's being followed. Gloria laughed and said that Pine Valley is a small town and that people are bound to run in to each other every now and then. Liza again said that she felt sorry for barging in on Glo and Tad and that she could have called before popping in. Gloria said that everything was okay and commented about how happy Liza and Adam look. Glo did warn Liza to be careful with Adam. Gloria inadvertently (or possible purposefully) dropped a condom on the floor. Liza's jaw dropped to the ground and she hurriedly bent over to pick it (and the condom) up. Gloria took thanked Liza for picking the condom up and said that Liza taught her a very valuable lesson: Take precautions. She said that an unplanned pregnancy can ruin someone's life.
Liza returned to her table and told Adam that she has thought about his offer and came up with terms of her own. She said that if she can get a two to three karat emerald cut diamond with a few baguettes on each side she'd agree to the engagement. She adamantly said that she does not want to go through with the wedding. Adam said that they would never get to that point because either Brooke or Tad would contest the engagement in an overwhelming display of jealousy. An urgent call rang through on Liza's phone and a source told her that another station was announcing that they had landed an exclusive interview with Erica.
Tad asked Gloria was Liza could possibly see in Adam. Gloria smiled and said that Adam is a very charming man. She said that on the surface he is was every woman hates, but when he's in love with a woman he changes. Their quiet luncheon was interrupted as Adam and Liza stormed the table and told Tad that they had to get down to the police station and work on coverage of Erica's arrest.
Brooke's meeting was canceled and on her way out of the Valley Inn, she bumped into Stuart. Stuart happily worked on a sketch of a mural he was commission to do. Stuart asked Brooke if she was by herself. Brooke nodded and commented that Adam was eating with Liza. Stuart covered his ears and told Brooke that maybe if they "don't talk about it, it will go away." Stuart told Brooke that Adam might seem happy, but that he is not as happy as he was when he was with Brooke. Brooke told Stuart that she and Adam "grew in different directions" and that they are "different people now." Stuart asked Brooke if she still cared about Pierce. Brooke didn't give a definitive answer, only commenting that Laura received a postcard from Pierce recently. Brooke continued on her way home and after she was gone Adam approached his brother. Stuart told Adam that Brooke still has feelings for him.

A flock of reporters overheard Derek mention that Erica had been arrested on suspicion of murder charges and they went crazy. They asked if the officer could be quoted on that.. Inside the cellblock, Janet and Skye asked Erica why she confessed to the crime. They also said that there were dozens of reporters scavenging for bits of gossip. Janet asked Erica was they were going to do about the "b-o-d-y" Erica quickly replied that the body would be exhumed after Bianca left town. That was not quite what Janet was talking about. She reminded Erica that Jonathan was wrapped in Marian's rug and that it would prove that Jonathan was not killed at Linden House. As the trio talked, Jack and Trevor approached. Jack told Erica that Derek is "chomping at the bit" to act on a search warrant and unearth Kinder's body. Erica blasted Jack for reneging on his promise to wait until after Bianca had left town. "She's family. Can't you try to protect her?" Jack said that he could not give Erica special treatment, but that he would see what he can do. He said that he would call Dimitri and find out when Bianca was leaving for Seattle. Before he left, however, he advised Erica to tell her attorney the truth and save a lot of problems for everyone. Skye whispered to Janet "Is Jack too old for me?" Trevor learned that Skye was not yet divorced from Jonathan and told Erica that Skye could be her saving grace,
Dimitri and Bianca arrived at the station and were swarmed by the media. They repeated their "No comment" response, but they were still hounded. Bianca begged her Uncle Jack to see her mother and they finally agreed to let Bianca in to the cell to visit Erica. Bianca was allowed to visit her mother in the privacy of the cell. Bianca immediately apologized to her mother, saying that everything was her own fault. She said that she knows that she was the one who killed Jonathan by pushing him down the steps. Erica hushed her daughter and told her that Jonathan survived his fall down the steps and that he died later when Erica pushed up down the steps.
Jack re-questioned Skye and Janet on their part in Kinder's murder, but both ladies agreed that they had no part in Jonathan's death. Dimitri interjected that he doesn't believe Erica's story and said that someone else had to be involved.
Trevor and Derek returned from the judge's office with news that exhumation had been canceled. Trevor took on Skye as a client and at her request said that Kinder's body should not exhumed for "spiritual reasons." Derek was noticeable peeved and said that the exhumation will be back on and that he hopes he does not have to charge anyone with "obstruction of justice."
In an interrogation room, Bianca looked on and contemplated whether or not she should tell the truth about what happened to Jonathan Kinder.

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Friday, November 8, 1996
by Soap Central

Noah and Julia paid a visit to Belinda to announce that Julia had decided that she would sit down with a police sketch artist and try to finger the gunman. The announcement worried Rose who urged Julia to reconsider. She said that Julia's life would be in danger if she tried to go against Grady and his men. Rose's admonitions enraged Noah who lashed out at his mother. He said that Julia is "taking care of her family" and told Rose that she should take notes. The good news is that Belinda is sitting up and looks in very good health. She constantly reassured her mother that she feels fine and that the doctors made sure that there is nothing wrong with her. Noah and Julia left the hospital to head down to the police station giving Belinda and her mother some time to catch up on each other's lives. Rose asked Belinda why she got involved in law. Belinda replied that the people around Front Street felt that justice could only be attained by those who had money. She said that she wanted to help give back to her community and show them that there can be justice all around. Rose's next question asked if Belinda had someone special in her life. Belinda said that she is comfortable remaining a bachelorette and said that she really isn't too thrilled with the dating game. Rose gave a motherly smile and said that she feels Detective Frye is a nice man. Belinda bashfully commented that she and Derek are just friends.

Julia and Noah was escorted into the station through a back door, up a secret flight of stairs, and led to an ultra secure investigation room. Jack asked Julia to look over the book of "face types" and to see if she could recognize any features of the gunman. He said that she can start with something as simple as describing the shape of the shooter's face. Julia struggled, but said that she just cannot get a fix on the man's face. Jack told Julia to take her time, but time didn't help. Finally Jack brought forth another possible way to get a description of the man who shot Belinda: hypnosis. Julia agreed to the hypnosis, saying that she'll do whatever it takes to get the shooter off the streets. Noah stepped in and told Julia that she does not have to go through with anything just for him. Julia insisted that she was doing what she wants to do. Jack said that an appointment would be made with Dr. Tolan and that they'd be contacted with the time and date. Julia was relieved that everything was over and said that she needs to go back home and do some more studying. Noah said that he'd tag along with her, but she insisted that he go back to the hospital to be with Rose and Belinda. Besides, she said, an officer would be stationed at the hunting lodge.
Grady stationed himself outside the police station. He reported to Slade that things were too hot to do anything. Slade gave Grady new orders. He told him to take a working vacation and to take Rose, Belinda, and Julia with him. Slade said that Grady should "kill them with kindness. They deserve it."
Noah returned to the hospital and told Rose that it was time for her to do her part in the investigation. He ordered her to go to the police station and give a description of Grady. Rose refused, saying that Grady is not the one that they need to fear. Noah said that unless Rose is 100% certain that Grady was not the shooter, she had better reconsider.
Julia became frazzled as the cop watched her study. She suggested that he stand outside the door because she was not able to do any studying with him looking on. The officer agreed and headed outside. As he opened the door a man was preparing to knock on the door. The officer told the man that he had to go away. Julia looked toward the man and informed that officer that it was okay. The man, she said, was a friend---"Frank Harris."

Bianca asked her Uncle Jack if she could talk to him. Jack reassured his niece that she can tell him anything. Just as Bianca was about to open up, Janet rushed into the room and told Bianca to stay quiet. Janet explained that Liza Colby could have a tape recorder hiding somewhere and that everything she says could end up on television. Jack frowned at Janet and told her to stop scaring Bianca. Unfortunately for Jack, had to leave the room so he could tend to matters on Belinda's shooting. In the interim, Janet told Bianca that Erica wanted her to stay mum on Kinder's death. Jack returned after a few minutes and asked Bianca if she was ready to talk. Bianca zipper her lips and said that she just wants to go back home. Jack assigned a police officer to escort Bianca back to Wildwind, but Janet and Skye said that they would be happy to take Bianca with them.
Trevor arrived at the station with recently drawn up files for Skye to sign. The documents would prevent the police from digging up Jonathan's final resting place---at least for the time being. Trevor explained that Derek would no doubt find a judge who would laugh at Skye's blocking of the exhumation and order the exhumation to take place.
Erica blasted Dimitri for bringing Bianca to the police station. She told him that she had no place in the cellblock. Dimitri watched as Erica's brow creased and suddenly he realized that Bianca must have something to do with Jonathan's death. Before Dimitri could probe Erica for details, the WRCW duo of Liza and Tad entered the picture. Erica was furious that Tad and Liza would use their friendship with Erica to try to land a scoop for the station. Tad tried to convince Erica that he was there because she is a friend of his, but Erica didn't buy it. Finally Tad presented Erica with an offer. He said that the media is buzzing outside the police station and that it won't be long before the tabloids begin reporting mistruths about Erica's imprisonment. He said that granting an interview with WRCW would set the record straight in a tasteful style. Erica refused. Tad accepted Erica's rejection and told her that if she needs anything not to hesitate in calling him.
A dejected Tad and Liza scurried out of the holding area. Liza sighed and commented that she never should have went to see Erica because it tainted Erica's view on whether or not to give an interview. Liza's words were cut short as she saw Janet talking to Skye. Liza raced over to Janet and asked her when she got back. Janet, of course, had no idea what Liza was talking about. Liza said that Marian had told her that Janet and Jonathan were having some secret rendezvous in the tropics. Liza told Tad that she needs to find her mother because she is traipsing around the globe looking for a dead man. Tad suggested that Liza think twice before trying to contact her mother and told her to think of the peace and quiet she'll have while Marian's away. Upon a few minutes of not so deep contemplation, Liza agreed that it would be best to let her mother do whatever it is she's doing.
Jack and Trevor exchanged a few words about Erica's case. Trevor implied that Jack might be too closely involved with people involved in the case and said that he should consider taking himself off of the case. Jack refused and said that he is not going to let an assistant district attorney cut his teeth on a high profile case involving a celebrity.
Dimitri professed his love for Erica and told her that he does "not know where [he] ends and where [she] begins." Dimitri nearly broke down in tears as he told Erica that he does not want to lose her. Erica finally broke down as the tears rolled down her cheek. "Bianca.... Bianca.... Bianca killed Jonathan Kinder." Erica related the story to Dimitri about how Jonathan kidnapped Bianca and how it ultimately ended in Jonathan's demise. Dimitri figured out that Janet helped Erica bury the body and said that this explains Erica's loyalty to Janet. Dimitri turned and prepared to walk away and said that he would tell Jack the truth. Erica screamed out that Dimitri cannot tell anyone what happened. She said that Bianca would be traumatized by the tabloid articles and a possible trial and that she does not want to harm her daughter in any way. Dimitri insisted that the truth be told. The two became eerily quiet as Jack suddenly appeared in the walkway. He asked them if they were talking about something that he shouldn't hear..."like the truth about Jonathan's murder?"

At Wildwind, Skye told Janet that they need to unearth Jonathan's body and get rid of the rug. Janet refused, She said that she already dug Kinder's grave once and that she doesn't want to do it again. Skye insisted and said that she would even distract the cop placed outside the front door. Janet helped herself to a glass of brandy and said that she can't dig up Kinder by herself because the sight would cause her to faint. Skye responded by saying that Janet better not faint because "the grave is a single, not a double." Janet was strong armed into following Skye's orders. Skye let out a loud scream and the policeman came running into the house. Skye, wearing a revealing black dress told the officer that she thinks someone has been in the house because her jewelry is all out of place. The cop happily agreed and listened as Skye buttered him up a "strong, handsome man." Janet raced out to the pool house and grabbed a shovel. She no sooner had one spadeful of dirt off of the grave sight and Trevor wheeled up and asked her what she was doing.

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