AMC Recaps: The week of October 28, 1996 on All My Children
Trevor kept his appointment with Dr. Tolan. Red Kilgren showed a different side of his personality. The cops closed in on Grady after Noah agreed to go to prison. Belinda was shot at the Pine Cone Motel.
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Monday, October 28, 1996

There was a lot of jumping around today and it seemed like everyone was in every one else's scene. So for today's recap we'll be doing a lot of spinning back and forth. Please make sure that your seat belts are secure and get ready for Monday's show.

Noah was stunned by the news that his mother had gotten involved with a hitman. Jack and Belinda informed Noah that some times people get involved with people and only learn the truth about them after many years together. Now, Noah put the pieces together and realized that Rose might not have been trying to protect herself, but her children instead. Jack called Derek and asked him to put out an All Points Bulletin on Rose Grady. Noah turned and walked from the police station, saying that he was going to find his mother.

Noah retraced Rose's steps to the shelter. There he found Brooke and asked her if she had seen Rose recently. Brooke said that she had set up a cot in her office for Rose, but that Rose slipped out during the night and that she has not seen her since. Noah turned to another line of questions and asked Brooke if Rose indicated that she might be in any trouble. Brooke shook her head, but said that Brooke had almost been mugged the night before and that she thinks Rose knew her attacker.

Liza entered Tad's office with over a dozen new show ideas. She began talking to Tad before she actually saw his face and was dumbfounded when Tad's chair whirled around and Adam was sitting at Tad's desk. Liza asked Adam what he was doing in Tad's office and he explained that he was the station owner and could sit anywhere he wanted. Adam poked fun at Liza for being too desperate in her effort to land Tad. He said that she might as well paint a bullseye on her chest. Before the two could get into detail on the subject, Tad walked into his office and asked everyone why they were there. Adam shuffled off and Liza was left to explain what she and Adam were doing. Liza quickly put Tad's fears to rest by saying that she and Adam were not having any kind of sexual contact in Tad's office. Tad was relieved, but not convinced. Seeing that Tad was uncomfortable at best, Liza said that she wanted to talk things out with Tad. With the door open, Tad wasted no time in telling Liza that he was concerned that she was dating Adam and said that he does not want to see her get hurt. Liza was happy with the sentiment but asked Tad how he knows that she and Adam are not made for each other. She said that she likes to think of herself as a woman of substance and that Adam has "finally found the type of woman he needs." Liza dropped off her show ideas and turned to leave the office. Before she could leave, Tad called out to her and apologized for his comments. He said that he is well aware that Liza is a very charming and attractive woman, but he reiterated that he does not want Liza to be eaten alive by Adam. Liza made a slight chuckle and said that she would not be burned---but that she might be the one who burns Adam!. Rudy telephoned Tad and summoned him to editing. Liza and Tad both agreed to continue talking later.

Marian stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes focused in on the crowbar and her heart pounded in her throat. The door to the stall opened up and out Janet walked. She said that she is always dropping her crowbar and then broke into laughter. Marian panicked. She demanded to know why Janet was carrying around a crowbar. Janet explained that she always has one handy just in case she needs it. Marian' lips quivered. She asked how a convicted murderer could be allowed to lug around an item that she used for murder. Marian labored to raise her hand and pointed to the crowbar. "Is" she asked. Janet looked at the crowbar and soon figured out what Marian meant. Janet said that the crowbar was not the same one that she used to kill Will Cortlandt adding that the police confiscated the murder weapon. She said that she wishes she could have it back because it was, after all, her crowbar. Janet then said that anyone can carry a crowbar because it is not a lethal weapon like a handgun. With that, Janet hid the crowbar up her sleeve and left the ladies' room.

Adam visited Brooke at the shelter and asked her why she had not hired security guards to patrol the areas after the previous night's mugging attack. Brooke said that everything was in check and that Adam doe not need to worry about her. As Adam prepared to leave, Brooke told him that she had received a phone call from Dixie. It seems that Dix is concerned that Adam and Liza are spending so much time together. She asked Brooke to make sure that Adam Junior was not forced to see Adam and Liza together. Adam reassured Brooke that he would act accordingly and said that when Junior arrives in town for Halloween that Liza will not be around. He said that he and Liza had already discussed the situations and that Brooke and Dixie could breath easy: Liza would not be dressing up as the Wicked With and Adam Junior and Jamie will not try to drown Liza while she's bobbing for apples.

Marian raced to WRCW and charged into Tad's office where she found her daughter. Marian was on the verge of tears as she told Liza that someone was stalking her. Liza walked over to the phone and prepared to call the police. Marian said that Liza could not contact the police because she did not want to waste their time. This angered Liza. She asked her mother if it was okay to waste her time. Marian shook her head and said that she doesn't want Liza to waste any of her valuable time. but begged Liza to let her spend a few days with her. Tad walked in and when he caught sight of the actions before him he asked Liza if he should call security. Liza said that everything was okay and she passed her mother her set of keys to her condo. Marian thanked Liza and walked out of the office. No sooner had she left and Liza heard a loud scream from the hallway. Liza raced to see what happened. Janet was waiting outside the office for Marian and when Marian saw her, she hollered for her life. Janet told Liza that she and Marian just bumped in to each other and they both were frightened. She then explained that she was there to pick up some of her fan mail. While Liza went off to retrieve Janet's mail. Marian asked Janet why she was following her. Janet denied following Marian and said that she was just there to pick up her mail. Marian still looked like she was about to have a nervous breakdown. Marian said that "all dangerous mental patients should be behind bars." Liza returned with Janet's mail and Janet promptly left. Marian then asked Liza if she could have one of the station's security guards escort her to her car. Liza agreed and Marian was off to Liza's condo.

Grady picked Julia for information on Noah. Julia explained that Noah was somewhat upset with Grady (still posing as Frank Harris) because he showed such an interest in the photo Noah took of his mother. Julia explained that Noah hasn't seen his mother in quite some time and that he is still harboring some anger towards his mother. Grady took out a pack of cigarettes and prepared to light up, but Julia said that they do not allow smoking in their house. Grady apologized and put his cigarettes away. Julia then took a phone call and shortly afterwards Grady excused himself. He stepped outside the cabin and lit up, dropping his empty pack of cigarettes to the ground.
Noah slipped in the back door. He said that he saw a car out front and assumed that it was Mr Harris looking to talk about more of his photography. Noah filled Julia in on his mother's story and how she is somehow involved with a "mechanic." Noah also mentioned that Rose was trying to contact Lila, Grace's friend who allowed Noah and Julia to stay with them in Jamaica. When they realized that they had already checked every place that Rose could possibly be hiding, they figured out that Rose might have went to Myrtle's boarding house because that where Grace lives. The two took off to find Rose not knowing that Rose was lurking outside the cabin. After Noah and Julia had left, Rose slipped a letter to Noah under the front door. As she turned to walk away, Rose caught a glimpse of a pack of cigarettes on the ground. She looked closer at the pack and recognized it as the brand that Grady smokes. She opened the package and found a sheet of paper inside. On paper was an address written in Grady's handwriting... not just any address: Belinda's address. Rose feared for her daughter's safety and raced to Belinda's apartment.

Adam arrived back WRCW and headed to the last place he saw Liza: Tad's office. When he got there, Liza was already gone, but Tad was still there. Tad told Adam not to race off so quickly because he had so many questions for him. The first was why Adam has apparently tossed aside his "no dating your co-workers" rule.

Dimitri pressed Erica for the reason that Janet would need "tools." Erica took a deep breath and said that she hopes Dimitri will not be angry with her for what she's about to say. Erica said that she was allowing Skye and Janet to stay at Linden House as caretakers once she and Dimitri moved into Wildwind. The tools were hammers and nails for Janet and Skye to hang up a few paintings. Dimitri couldn't understand why Erica was letting Skye and Janet do construction work and said that as long as Janet's tool do not include any crowbars than everything should be okay. The two embraced and were sharing a few tender moments in each other's arm when Janet slipped in the back door. Erica saw her and asked Dimitri if he could carry the last of her bags to the moving van. She added that the sooner they pack the sooner they can get to Wildwind and the sooner they can...well, you know! With Dimitri gone, Erica asked Janet how the plan went. Janet smiled deviously and said that Marian Colby is no longer a threat.

Noah and Julia returned from Myrtle's empty handed. They both were ready to run out again, but they saw a letter on the ground. Julia handed to her husband and Noah recognized the writing on the envelope as his mother's. Noah ran out to door and did a quick search of the grounds to see if his mother was still around. Jack and Belinda showed up a few minutes later and asked if they had any luck on their search. Noah said no, but said that he had received a note from his mom. Belinda asked what the note said, but Noah indicated that he had not read the note. Following orders from his sister, Noah read the note aloud. In the note Rose apologized for running off and said that while she has no right to ask, she wants Noah and Belinda to know that she has always and will always love them. Noah said that they were gone about half an hour so that Rose had to still be in town. Jack and Belinda went off together to check Belinda's apartment and to contact the police about spreading the scope of their search. Noah said that he was going to check Front Street. Julia put on her coat and said that she was going with Noah, but Noah insisted that she stay behind. Julia reminded Noah that the last time he went to Front Street with a mission he ended up in jail for Louie Greco's murder. Again Noah refused to let Julia tag along and he raced out of the lodge.

Rose used the key Belinda had given her to get into the apartment. She looked around and found that no one was home. Rose paged through Belinda's address book and made a call to Belinda's office. She was told that Belinda was not at work but left no message. A noise at the door caused Rose to panic. She hid in a back bedroom and waited to see who was coming home. Grady picked the lock and gained access to the apartment. He looked around but couldn't find Rose. He walked to the phone and prepared to make a phone call. Before he made the phone call something drew his attention to the bedroom where Rose had spent the night. He walked toward the door.... Rose behind the door and began breathing harder...

Tuesday, October 29, 1996

In response to Tad's questioning, Adam asked Tad when he was appointed as Liza's bodyguard. Tad shook off Adam's insult and said that Liza is just coming off a serious health scare and noted that Adam was not around to help her cope with hear fears of having cancer. Tad warned Adam that his attitude toward Liza better not be "business as usual." Seeing that Tad was increasingly jealous by the amount of time that he and Liza were spending together, Adam sunk his teeth into Tad. He said that "Liza's under your skin and it's driving you crazy!" Tad denied the claims and looked past Adam for some support for Brooke, who just happened to drop by.

Edmund and Maria savored their last few minutes alone knowing full well that Erica and Dimitri would be arriving soon. And, in fact, they arrived just as their names were mentioned. It didn't take long for the four family members to engage in some chit chat. Maria asked Erica what she thought of the renovations to the main room. Erica bit her lip and said that it looked okay, but that it definitely needed some "personal touch" care of Miss Kane. Edmund and Maria gave each other a glance and prepared for Hurricane Erica to whirl around the castle and drop off her own personal artifacts. As it turns out, it wasn't like that at all. Erica cracked a smile and pointed to one of a dozen boxes scattered around the room and told Edmund and Maria that the boxes were filled with a jungle gym set for Sam. Maria let out a deep breath and thanked Erica for her generosity. As the extended Marick family readied to unpack, Skye showed up at Wildwind with a late-breaking article for Tempo. She was caught off guard at seeing Dimitri and Maria in the same room and began asking questions about the Hunting Lodge. She said that she is surprised that Erica and Dimitri will be living in the main house with Edmund and Maria when the Hunting Lodge is a much better suited abode. Maria explained that the lodge was already housing Julia and Noah that they've all lived together before and it should not be a problem to do it again. With that Erica, Dimitri, and Maria went upstairs to see Sam. Skye continued to press Edmund for information on the lodge. Bits and pieces of the actual story came crawling out of Skye, but not the entire story. Skye explained that the night she escaped from Kinder's clutches she ended up outside of the lodge. She said that would never forget what she saw inside because it left a "vivid memory" firmly imbedded in her mind. What did she see? She said that she just saw Dimitri inside, but that her mind is probably making more of it than there actually is. Erica, Maria, and Dimmie made their way back down the stairs and Erica swished over to Skye and asked her if she was done asking her silly questions. Skye nodded and Erica announced that Skye would be leaving. After walking Skye to the front door, Erica said that Skye's questions could tip someone on to why Erica really wanted out of Linden House. Skye said that "they're making a fool out of you." Erica asked what Skye could possibly mean by that statement. Struggling for a lie, Skye said that Maria and Edmund are laughing at Erica because they are all living at Wildwind like a "bunch of Gypsies." Erica laughed, saying that Wildwind is hardly a residence for Gypsies. Skye left and Erica returned to the family reunion. All four toasted being back together and Dimitri and Erica gave a special thanks to Edmund and Maria for opening up their house to them.
Later Dimitri met with Maria to thank her for letting him stay at Wildwind. He said that he does not want to make her uncomfortable and that he would never do anything to upset her. Maria said that she is fine with the move-in and that was the end of the conversation.

Hayley and Mateo ended up at the hunting lodge hoping that Julia and Noah could help them with some ideas for their new nightclub. Julia, still distraught by Noah's running out on her. told the couple that she was afraid for Noah's safety. She explained that the last time she saw him so intent on getting justice that he ended up being charged with murder. Mateo said that he would find Noah and make sure that he got home safely.

Down on Front Street, Noah met up with Elijah and asked if "that lady" has been around the neighborhood again. Elijah shook his head and asked Noah why he has such an interest in this particular woman. Noah said that the woman is his mother, but that statement met with opposition for Noah. "You don't got a mother," Elijah refuted. Noah said that he does have a mom, but that he hasn't seen her in a long time. Noah asked the boy if anyone else had been around dropping the Keefer family name. Elijah said that the police were around and that some guy has also been asking a lot of questions. Noah told Elijah that he should go to his apartment because it's a school night and get ready for bed. With that Noah walked over to a man who had been listening in on the conversation. The man, Jim, seemed to take an unusual interest in the conversation. Noah grabbed Jim by the wrist and threatened to break his arm if he didn't tell him where Rose was. Jim said that he knew a woman by the name of Rose, but that she was a little too old for Noah. Noah became even more angry, he said that Jim had his chance to tell the truth and that now he is going to kill him. Jim threw a trash bag at Noah and tried to scamper away, but Noah caught him. Fortunately, Mateo arrived just in time and pulled Noah off of the man. Jim then explained that he once knew Rose Keefer, but that he hasn't seen her in years and wouldn't know her if he "tripped over her." Noah advised Jim to spread the word that he is Rose Keefer's son and that no one better mess with her.

Adam returned to Chandler Mansion where he caught Stuart on his way out of the house with a piece of cake. Stuart said that he stopped by because Winifred made Scott's favorite dessert and that he wanted to pick up some of the dessert before it was all eaten. Stuart was mildly surprised to see Adam by himself. He said that he half-expected Liza to be on his twin brother's arm. Adam said that he and Liza are just friends and that they are in the same business circle. Stuart replied with a "so are you and Brooke." Stuart went on to say that Pierce has left Pine Valley and that Adam is just trying to make Brooke jealous. But it won't work, Stuart admonished. "Brooke hates tricks," Stuart sagely commented. "And she's too smart to fall for them."

Tad rung his hands together and asked Brooke if she ever wanted to "tear [Adam's] face off." Brooke smiled and said that she did, but that the fear of going to jail prevented her from acting upon her thoughts. As the two talked, Gloria stumbled into the office apologizing for her interruption. Brooke said that she and Tad were done discussing Jamie's new choice for a halloween costume and that she was on her way out. She asked if she could use the phone before leaving. Gloria sadly reported that she was asked to work a double shift at the hospital and that she will not be able to go to a football game with Tad as they has planned. But Tad was not about to give up on Gloria and asked her what she was doing for Halloween. Tad said that he'd like Gloria to go out with him and asked her if she scared easily. Glo replied with "I was married to Adam Chandler, wasn't I?" and the couple shared a good laugh. Gloria left the office, but not before knocking over some video tapes and the two said they'd see each other later.
Brooke, who feigned talking on the phone, hung up with the babysitter and walked over to Tad. She smiled broadly as she toyed with Tad's asking Gloria out on a date. Brooke said that she didn't have a problem with Tad and Gloria dating. After all, Gloria is intelligent, beautiful, charming... "and she's safe."

Grady slowly opened the door to the bedroom, but he never had the opportunity to see if Rose was hiding on the other side. Belinda returned home with Derek Frye on her heels. Grady hid behind the front door and slipped out as the two talked. Derek wanted Belinda to know that he was in charge of finding Rose and that his men were on the job. The two seemed almost cozy, but those rumors of romance still remain just rumors.
After Derek left, Belinda noticed that some of the items on her coffee table had been moved around. Then as she bent over to retrieve one from the ground, she found Rose's bags. Rose emerged from hiding and said that she had to be on her way. Belinda insisted that Rose stay with her and said that she knows "all about Grady." Belinda asked her mother if Grady was in the apartment, but Rose wouldn't say. "You know more than you should," Rose snapped. "You made a good life for yourself." Rose asked her daughter to back off. Belinda's hidden anger let loose. She blasted her mother for not knowing what kind of life she made, saying that she hasn't been around long enough to make that assessment. Belinda told her mother that the time for running and hiding is over. If Grady could find her in Pine Valley, he'll her wherever she goes. Belinda placed a call to Noah to say that Rose was okay and that she was going to be taking Rose somewhere. Belinda wouldn't give the details over the phone, but said that she just called to tell Noah that everything was okay. With that, Belinda packed a few bags and she and Rose left the apartment.

Wednesday, October 30, 1996

Bobby and Anita met up in Mr. Delaney's classroom. Between smooches Anita asked Bobby when his annulment hearing was going to take place. Booby happily replied that the hearing was later in the day. Anita took to the chalkboard and scrawled out "Mrs. Robert Warner," just as she had done the night she had planned to elope with Bobby. The two briefly chatted about their botched elopement and it ended up with Anita saying that she could never forgive Kelsey for taking Sam away from Edmund and Maria. Again the young lovers kissed, but this time they were interrupted by Kelsey. Kelsey asked if she was interrupting some sort of sex ed extra credit project. Bobby left the room saying that he has some schoolwork that he needs to tend to. Before leaving he said that he would see Kelsey in court. Anita also got ready to walk on Kelsey, but she decided that she had a few things that she needed to say. She thanked Kelsey for giving Sam back to Maria and Edmund. Kelsey said that it was Bobby who talked her into giving up her son and talked of the "special" times they spent together as a married couple. Eventually Kelsey brought up the fact that she and Bobby shared the same bed. Kelsey stopped before saying anything more and apologized for her slip of the tongue. Anita said that she is "not looking back" on the past. Anita left the classroom and Kevin soon assumed her place. Kevin asked Kelsey if she had seen Mr. D, but Kelsey no longer cared about keeping her appointment with the teacher. Kelsey ran up to the blackboard and erased Anita's writing. Kevin mentioned that Bobby no longer hates Kelsey and that his opinion of Kelsey has changed since she willing gave up Sam. The news elated Kelsey.

Trevor kept his word and his meeting with Dr. Tolan but he was very uneasy about talking to a psychiatrist. Trevor explained to the doctor that he isn't so sure that he can trust her because she was the one who gave "evaluations" on Janet that eventually led to her release from prison. Anna said that while she is not at liberty to discuss Janet's case with Trevor they can still talk about Trevor's feelings on Janet. Trevor said that he wasn't going to spend one dime talking to Dr. Tolan about Janet. Anna then reminded Trevor that he does have a child with Janet, but Trevor even refuted that. He said that Amanda is his daughter and his alone. He added that he has taken steps to insure that Janet will never get anywhere near Amanda. With that, Doc Tolan suggested that end their first session. Trevor was surprised that the session went so quickly. He commented that this has been a rough year for his children because they've lost their mother and now have only "half a dad." Dr. Tolan said that Trevor's kids love him unconditionally but commented that if Trevor wants to "be the kind of dad you want to be" he has to be willing to deal with his feelings. She wasn't sure of Trevor would be willing to do this, so she asked him point blank if he'd be willing to work with her. Trevor nodded and Anna said that Trevor made an important step in his road to recovery.

Hayley and Mateo arrived at Enchantment before starting time and readied for Mateo's meeting with the loan officials at the bank. He reminded Hayley that she agrees to sell the bar if he is not approved for the loan. Mateo left for bank with a send off kiss from his fiancee.
After he left, Janet waltzed in to the office with updated spreadsheets on Enchantments budget. Hayley begged Janet to come back at a later time because the work day hadn't officially started. Janet expressed her desire to impress Hayley so that she could keep her job on a full-time basis. Hayley insisted that her Aunt Janet stop going out of her way to get things done. She then asked Janet if she had violated her hiring agreement by going to the daycare facilities. Janet shook her head and swore that she would not go near Amanda... even thought she wants nothing more than to be with her daughter. Janet asked Hayley if it would be okay if she asked her for updates on Amanda every now and then. Hayley willing obliged and said that Janet shouldn't be surprised if she tells her about Amanda from time to time. Janet handed over a disk with the updated files on and Hayley sat down at her desk to take a look at them. As Hayley gabbed on the phone she inadvertently deleted the files and Janet had a chance to play computer expert and recover the lost files. Hayley excused herself to attend a meeting and Janet sat down at the computer to continue crunching numbers. A distraction, however, took Janet away from her work. Amanda came in and asked where Hayley was. Nervously, Janet said that Hayley was in a meeting and would be a long time. She also suggested that Amanda go back to daycare. Amanda took a seat on the sofa and asked Janet if she was mad at her. Janet crouched down beside the young girl and said that she was not mad at her. Then Amanda asked if Janet was acting strangely because her daddy does not like her. The question caught Janet off guard and she had to ask Amanda what she meant to avoid being caught in an awkward position. Amanda said that she had talked to Tim about Janet and Tim said that Trevor was angry with Janet for some reason. Janet took in a deep breath and said that she had done some things in the past that turned out to be big mistakes and that Trevor isn't so easy to forgive. Amanda said that she would keep her meetings with Janet a secret, but Janet said that she should not keep anything from her daddy. Miss Rose, Amanda's daycare instructor, came in to the office to check on Amanda and the two left to go back down to the daycare facilities. A few seconds later Mateo returned from the bank and gave Janet a strange look. She explained that she was working at Enchantment now and that Hayley was in a meeting. Janet excused herself and Hayley arrived shortly thereafter. Hayley jumped up and down and repeatedly asked her lover if he had gotten the loan. Mateo held out for dramatic effect before breaking the news that he did, in fact, get the loan.

Rose and Belinda hid at the Pine Cone motel. Belinda suggested that they contact the police to get Rose some police protection from Grady and his hit man friends. Rose agreed, but asked Belinda if she could hold off for another day. She said that she has only had one life for the past fifteen years and that she doesn't think she can get used to a new life so quickly. Reluctantly, Belinda agreed and said that they had better start to think about getting something to eat. Belinda announced that there was a take-out restaurant down the road and that she would go and pick something up. Rose swore that she would stay inside until Belinda got back, but shortly after Belinda left Rose was on the phone trying to reach Grady. She told him that she was "ready to come back," but that she wanted her return to be done on her terms. She rejected an offer by Grady for her to give herself up immediately. Instead Rose agreed to meet Grady later that night and made her husband swear that no harm would come to her children. As Rose concluded her phone call, Belinda returned to the motel room. Rose insisted that Grady loves her and that he has tried to keep his "business" away from her. She went on to say that Grady would never hurt her and that he will protect her from any of his thug friends. Belinda disagreed. "You cannot hold me prisoner," Rose yelled. She said that Grady already knows where Belinda lives and that he was in her apartment. She said that if Belinda holds out any longer she runs the risk of feeling Grady's wrath as well. Belinda accepted the fact that Rose was going to leave and allowed her to get her things from the closet. As Rose reach top get her jacket, Belinda pushed Rose into the closet and locked the door from the outside.

Worried for his mother and sister's life, Noah (along with Julia) went to the police station to scare up some answers. Noah told Derek that Belinda knows where Rose is, but that she has not contacted him since the previous night. Derek tried to assuage Noah's fears that something horrible happened to Rose and Belinda, but Noah wasn't as sure. Jack overheard the conversation and said that they now have a second dose of bad news. He said that they had picked up a drug dealer earlier in the week and that he supposedly has ties to Grady. But now the man is being advised by his lawyer to keep his mouth shut and that they will probably not get any info on Grady's location. Noah, however, had an idea of how they could get something out of the man. He said that he'd be willing to pose as a criminal and get locked in the same cell as the drug dealer. He said that since his face was splattered all over the newspapers as a fugitive, the drug dealer would have no problems doubting that he was in jail on a criminal offense. Julia wholeheartedly objected to the plan. She said that Noah was not thinking straight and that if something went wrong, he'd be putting himself at risk. Derek and Noah both insisted that it was a good idea and the plan went through. Derek hauled Noah off to a cell and the two put on a yelling match to make things look more convincing. After Noah was locked up, he began cursing Grady, saying that it was his fault that he was in jail. The cellmate heard Grady's name and asked how Noah knew Grady. He said that he was part of "the family" and that he knew Grady from way back. He also said that the last time he saw Grady he had a beautiful singer on his arm. The thug told Noah not to go there commenting that he heard that Grady had been given a tough assignment: To kill his wife.

Grady met with his boss in an old warehouse on the west side of town. The man expressed concerns that Rose was still on the loose. He said that Rose could be telling her children about them and quite possibly drawing pictures of what they look like. Grady said that Rose had contacted him and that she was coming back. Grady insisted that he would not do any harm to Rose. The man, however, had other thoughts. He ordered Grady to meet with Rose later that night as planned. He said that Rose is a leak and that they "plug leaks." He took a step closer to Grady and yelled "Kill Rose tonight!"

Thursday, October 31, 1996

Boo! Hope I didn't scare ya!

Noah continued to press the drug dealer (who is named Jim) for details on what connection Grady and Rose have with each other. Jim said that he only knew that Grady was supposed to kill his wife. He then asked Noah what his tie-in was with Grady. Noah answered by saying that he worked in Philly for Grady, but something in his story didn't gibe with Jim and he flipped out. Thankfully Noah was a lot taller and stronger than Jim or we might have had some problems. Derek and Jack arrived just in time to pluck Noah from the cell before he did any harm to his cellmate. Jim ranted and raved that he had been set up and that he was going to have his public defender sue the Pine Valley Police Department. Jack offered Jim the possibility of a plea bargain to help sweeten the pot for more information on Grady's whereabouts, but it didn't help. Noah said that he knows that Grady is going to try to kill his mother, but has no idea where or even when. In stepped Belinda and Julia. Belinda told the men that she had overheard Rose making a phone call to Grady and that she arranged a meeting at a warehouse on the far side of town. Derek arranged for the building to be staked out and called Officer Murphy to ask him to race to the Pine Cone and put Rose in protective custody, Belinda, who had Rose's coat with her, said that she wanted to be a decoy at the warehouse, She said that she would gladly wear a bullet-proof vest and pose as Rose. No one was going to let her go through with the plan and Derek said that they would have a police officer used as the decoy.

At the warehouse, Grady was stilling being badgered by his "boss." He demanded that Grady kill Rose quickly and cleanly as if she was someone who was not related to him. A phone call came in and it gave the two thugs a newsflash. Officer Murphy called from the police station to tell them that Rose was hiding at the Pine Cone Motel. Armed with this new information, Grady was ordered to track Rose down and kill her at the motel. And, the thug-in-charge added, if Rose's kids are with her... kill them too.

Janet, Skye, and Erica discussed the next step in their plans to keep Marian's mouth closed. They all agreed that the best way to keep Marian quiet would be to scare her to death---or at least make her mute. Before they could safely work out the plan, the first batch of Trick-Or-Treaters arrived at Linden House. Adam and Brooke brought Jamie and Adam Junior to Erica's house because she, according the all the kids, as the best candy. Erica smiled broadly and announced "I have the best treats in the neighborhood." Brooke, with tongue and cheek, smiled sarcastically and added "So I've heard." Skye asked her father what he was doing with Brooke on his arm---masquerading as a happily married couple, perhaps. Adam assured his eldest daughter that he was not dating Brooke. Skye interpreted that to mean that Daddy Dearest was still seeing Liza. Skye blasted her father for dating the woman who was responsible for her being locked up by Jonathan. The kids were ready to travel on to the next stop on their candy tour and Adam said that he would have to discuss the matter with Skye at a later time. After everyone had gone, the Kinder trio put their heads back together and cooked up a spooky plot to enact on Marian. Janet said that she did not want to be the one who spooked Marian because she was afraid of getting arrested. She commented that she fears Amanda might see her and that it would ruin the impression she has of her. Erica was happy to know that Janet has gotten to see Amanda on several occasions and said that she thinks it is a crime that Trevor has a restraining order against her. Erica related her own story of how she once hated Travis (Montgomery, Bianca's dad) for winning custody of their daughter, but said that it was their love for Bianca that eventually allowed them to be civil to each other. Erica promised that if Janet goes through with the plan to keep Marian silent, she will talk to Trevor about having the restraining order lifted. Janet reluctantly agreed and said that she knew what she could do.

Liza's return to the condo sparked fear in her mother. Marian nearly beat her daughter over the head with an umbrella! Marian put herself back together and asked Liza if she would spend the evening watching movies with her. Liza rejected the offer, saying that she has some work to do. Only after Marian told Liza that she had The Wizard of Oz ready to roll and reminded Liza of how she loved the movie did Liza come around. But Marian blew her big opportunity. Adam called Liza from Myrtle's (the next stop on Jamie and Junior's run) and said that he felt bad that Liza had to spend Halloween by herself. Liza groaned and said that she was not by herself, but rather watching movies with her dear ole mom. Liza got tired of the phone call and hung up on Adam. Adam, not wanting to look bad in front of Brooke, continued to lay it on thick and pretend as though he was still talking to Liza. Marian complained that her daughter has terrible taste in men. She said that both Tad and Adam are immature. Liza was greatly offended by the comment and told her mother that she ruined what could have been a pleasant evening. Liza grabbed her coat and hit the road. Marian was left alone in the condominium to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters. She nearly fainted when she opened the door and saw a larger than life candymonger.

At Myrtle's a gang of friends gathered to spend some holiday time together. Red Kilgren was paging through a calendar when Myrtle, Laura, and Michael returned home. Red, who appeared to be in fine health, suddenly had back cramps when his housemates returned. Red complained that Myrtle was going to be having a party and he said that he was going upstairs for the duration of the fete and that he did not want to be bothered by loud noise. Trevor, dressed in his hippie garb, arrived with Amanda and told Brooke that Tim ditched Myrt's party so he could be with Candy Poston, someone who Trevor called a "hot babe." Brooke laughed and asked Trevor if he'd rather be at Candy's party, too! Without notice, Scott showed up at the party. Laura was taken aback by his showing up and, taking the advice given to her by Adam, apologized for her behavior at school a few days back. She said that she did not mean to call off their relationship and was just jealous that Scott was spending time with Anita. Scott smiled shyly and bowed his head, He said that he "only has eyes for" Laura and that they are back on as a couple. Brad arrived at the party dressed as the Lone Ranger. Mike teased his date for being the only one dressed up (other than Trevor). Red suddenly had a change of heart. He wandered down from upstairs and took a seat on the sofa. He had all the intentions of remaining quiet and not saying a word until Amanda, Jamie, and Junior asked him what he was supposed to be dressed up as. Red said that he was a genie and that he just happened to have three wishes left that he could grant. Amanda wished that she could be a princess. Red rummaged through a bucket of goodies and gave the young girl some plastic jewelry. Junior asked to have a sportscar and Red gave him a tiny toy car. Jamie asked for (oh my) bugs. Red reached back into the bucket and asked if some gummy worms would be okay. Amanda then asked the genie if he knew the Tooth Fairy. Red rubbed his beard stubble and said that he did meet her once. Amanda asked what happens to all of the teeth that the Tooth Fairy collects. Red thought for a few seconds and said that the Tooth Fairy takes them back to her kingdom and dozens and dozens of sprites turn the teeth into bricks. He said that because of these special bricks, the Tooth Fairy lives in a huge glistening castle. Red's attitude slowly converted back to normal after the children left. He griped about the party to Myrtle and said that he did not enjoy himself.

Trevor and Amanda's next stop was Linden House. There Erica told Amanda that she can help herself to some of Bianca's favorite candy---marzipan wrapped in chocolate. Now that sounds very sweet! Remembering her vow to Janet, Erica said that she was glad to see Trevor because he arrived at the most opportuned time.

Jack, Noah, and a cop stormed the warehouse where Grady was supposed to be hiding, but they found nothing. They waited for quite some time and had officers stationed on nearby rooftops, but there was no sign of anyone.

As Belinda and Julia rode back to the Pine Cone, a blue van tailed them. Belinda tried to loose the vehicle, but they remained in pursuit still blaring their high beams. Belinda stepped on the gas and outran the van, fearing that they were going to be followed to the motel. When Lindy finally outran the van they were twenty miles away from the motel.

Rose banged on the door and begged to be released from the closet. She gave up and sat down on the floor. Then a loud shatted rang out from outside the motel room. Someone smashed one of the lights. The front door jiggled for a few seconds before swinging open. Grady walked into the room with his gun cocked and loaded. He hunted around for Rose, but could see no sign of her. Unwisely, Rose struggled to stand up. He weaked muscles and sore bones caused her to let out a grunt of discomfort. Grady heard the noise, walked over to the door, and opened it up. Rose looked on in fear as Grady lowered his gun.

Friday, November 1, 1996

You can always tell when its Sweeps Month...and boy was today's show a great way to start off the month!

Halloween Eve brought Tad and Gloria's long anticipated date. Tad dressed up like Count Dracula (and actually looked a lot like Dimitri) and Gloria donned the witch's apparel. Tad's spacious house had been ghoul-ified into scary haunted mansion. Jamie and Junior returned from their trick-or-treating and were treated to a scary tour of the house. Gloria and Tad blindfolded the two youngsters and took them around the family room. They had them feel monster brains and eyeballs (cold spaghetti and peeled grapes). The kids were impressed when Glo reached in to the bucket of "eyeballs" and ate a few. The next item on the docket was bobbing for apples. Neither Junior nor Jamie had any idea what "bobbing for apples" meant so Tad encouraged Gloria to show them what it was. Gloria flashed her fans and said there was enough room in the bucket for both of them to bob at the same time. Tad accepted Gloria's challenge and implied that he is the best bobber in Pine Valley. The two splashed down and after a few watery minutes, they both pulled up the same apple! Junior declared the contest a tie. The two boys went to get out of their costumes as did Tad and Gloria. Gloria noted some make-up remaining on Tad's neck and gently wiped it off. Their eyes met and they leaned in to kiss each other...

The mystery trick-or-treater at Liza's condo turned out to be Janet dressed as the Grim Reaper. Marian panicked and asked Janet why she is stalking her. Janet denied that she was "stalking" Marian, but said that she is trying to make a point. Suddenly Janet "heard" her deceased sister Natalie's voice. Janet told Nat that she thinks "that" would be too harsh to do. Of course she never said what she meant by "that." It was all done to scare Marian out of her pumps! Marian said that Janet had made her point and swore that she would not contact the police again. Janet snatched a helping of candy and turned to walk away. She opened the door and bumped right in to Liza. Janet stumbled for words and said that she was in the neighborhood for a party and just dropped by to trick-or-treat. Marian raced to the door and backed up Janet's story. She said that she found it "intriguing" that Janet was dressed up like the Janet of the days of old (complete with glasses and a brunette wig). Janet dashed off, saying that she had to make another stop to pick up something "perishable."
Liza closed the door and asked her mother why she did not tell her that Janet was the mysterious stalker. Marian denied Liza's implications. While Marian was off in another room, Liza contacted Derek and told him that Janet is up to something and that she has been stalking her mother. Marian overheard the phone call and came running toward her daughter telling her to stop. Liza disregarded her mother and finished the police report. Liza gave her mother a "what for" and said that she is doing the right thing by notifying the police. Marian grabbed her jacket and said that she needs to track down Janet to tell her that she was not the one who called the police.

Tense moments at the stake-out provided very few clues on Grady's location. Noah whispered to Jack that he felt something wasn't going according to plan. Then, someone approached the building. It was not, however, Grady or his friend. It turned out to be the night janitor. Even though he had been told to stay away from the building, he decided to show up. He said that he gets bored sitting at home and needed to keep himself occupied.

Erica received a very pleasant treat on Halloween. The next trick-or-treater to her house was a witch. Not just any witch, mind you, it was the Wicked Witch of Seattle---Bianca! Erica hugged her daughter (after she took of the mask and Erica could see who it was) and said that she was so glad to see her. Then Bianca pushed her mask back on and asked her mother if she thought that Janet would be scared by her get-up. Erica nodded and Bianca headed off to the kitchen to see if she could also frighten Coral. Trevor gave Erica a tongue-lashing for bringing up Janet's name. Trevor said that Amanda could have overheard the conversation and been "traumatized." Erica wasted no time in chatting about Janet now that he name was up in the air. Erica said that Janet saved her life and is a much different person than she was 10 years ago---or even one year ago. She also said that Janet is seeing a counselor and that she considers her a good friend. Then came the bomb. Erica suggested that Trevor drop the restraining order against Janet citing Amanda's need for a mother now that both Natalie and Laurel are dead. Trevor might have listened to Erica's argument if Janet had not walked in at the exact moment and blurted out that Marian had been "taken care of." Trevor saw Janet and asked what she was doing. He told her that she was sick for dressing up like "Janet From Another Planet" and that she should get out of the house before Amanda sees her. Janet agreed and ran upstairs. Then came another ring of the doorbell complete with a frenzied Marian Colby. Marian begged Erica to speak to Janet. Erica tugged on her lip and said that Janet was at the airport bound for some little island in the Pacific. "Saint Martin, Thomas... St. Justin!" Marian quickly rattled off her story about how Liza called the police on Janet and then, knowing that Janet will be safe in the islands, ran off. That was not the end of the traffic jam at Linden House. No, this time Derek Frye showed up. He asked Erica if he could speak to Janet and told her that Liza said that Janet was stalking her mother. Trevor rejoiced at the news and mocked Erica for saying that Janet was reformed. Janet sauntered down the steps and her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when she heard Derek's reason for wanting to see her. She said that she can explain everything... but she never had a chance to. Harold, the Dillons' dog, crawled into the house with a wallet in his mouth. Erica reached for the wallet and said that she has been looking for the wallet for days. It seems Dimitri lost his wallet. Trevor opened the wallet and asked Erica what Dimitri is doing with Jonathan Kinder's driver's license. Poor Janet. Her mouth quivered and her heart raced.

At the Pine Cone, Rose begged Grady for her life. He said that he warned her about what happened to people who tried to run away. He loaded his gun and told Rose that if she believes in praying, she had better begin praying. In a stunning move, Rose walked over to Grady and told him that she cares for him. She said that if Grady ever loved her that he would spare her life. A tenacious Rose actually slapped Grady when he didn't show her any affection in return. Finally, Grady came around and admitted that he does have feelings for Rose. He told her to hit over the hear with a chair and then make a run for it. He told her that she probably won't get far, but that it is the only chance she has. Rose sobbed as Grady told her to let him have it. She told her husband that she owes him, but he just shook his head. Rose dashed out of the room, but she didn't get far. And in what has to have been some of the most dramatic footage on AMC this year, Belinda and Julia returned the motel. Belinda saw her mother and raced from the car to help her. Julia unbuckled her seat belt and stood along side of the car. Without warning, gunfire erupted from the bushes as Grady's boss wanted to make sure that Rose did not escape their grasp. Julia ducked back inside the car as a bullet raced past her head and shattered the car's windshield. Rose and Belinda dropped to the ground as another shot sounded. Then came the eerie silence. The jazz-meets-blues "Hold on to Life" played as the results of the violence were felt. Rose lifted her head and Julia slipped out of the car. Slowly residents from the other motel rooms came out of hiding. Julia raced over to Rose and Belinda. Belinda remained motionless on the ground, struck by one of the bullets. Julia yelled at the crowd to bring her towels and to call 911. Noah and Jack pulled up, but it was already too late to prevent tragedy. The emergency workers arrived and took Belinda to the hospital. Noah raced off after them and Julia took Rose by the hands and tried her best to comfort her.

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