AMC Recaps: The week of October 21, 1996 on All My Children
Noah and Belinda both had encounters with their mother. Grady's true identity was revealed. Trevor made an appointment to see Dr. Tolan. Erica and Skye asked Janet to scare Marian to stop Marian from making anonymous phone calls to the police.
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Monday, October 21, 1996

Tad and Gloria sat and stared awkwardly at each other as they tried to determine what their next moves should be. The two mused about their unique sense humor with Gloria saying that they have the same sense of humor: She thinks Tad is a very funny man and Tad thinks that he is a very funny man. Liza listened outside the door for a time, but she eventually retreated to her office with her tail between her legs. Tad tried to arrange a future date with Gloria, but Glo nervously replied that she had an early shift at the hospital and would have to take a rain check. Tad responded by saying that he will be busy with Sweeps month stuff at the station for the next month and that he would not be available. Gloria countered by saying that the hospital is getting some new equipment and that she would be tied up for just about as long. The two agreed to see each other again, but gave no specific date or time. On her way out, Gloria passed Liza's office. Not knowing that Liza already saw her with Tad, Gloria made a point of going into Liza's office and telling her goodnight. Liza hit the boiling point, but she contained herself until Gloria had left and when she did Lisa threw some file folders against the wall. Liza walked the short distance to Tad's office and let him have it. She accused him of ditching his responsibilities to WRCW and holding a late night talk show with Gloria. She said that his no-show may have cost them the respect of some of the affiliates. Tad found Liza's comments laughable and implied that Liza had been working a little too hard. Liza blasted back and said that Tad was disrespectful and that Erica was far easier to work with. Tad shook his head and walked off.

Rose identified the man who grabbed her by a single name, "Grady." He asked Rose why she left him, but Rose said that she hadn't left him. She was simply on a temporary leave. Rose tried to escape the man's grasp, but she was sent flying into a chainlink fence and a couple of garbage cans. Fortunately for Rose, Brooke and Adam were returning from their banquet and were able to come to Rose's rescue. Not before, however, Grady made the warning to Rose that he knows where "the children are." Adam chased after Grady, but he managed to elude him.
After being taken inside the shelter, Rose insisted that she did not know her attacker and that the man was trying to rob her. Brooke urged Rose to file a report with the police, but she refused. Brooke wanted to know why Rose was trying to leave the shelter in the first place. Rose explained that she was going to use some of her money to get a hotel room for the night. Brooke again extended her offer of a place to stay for the evening and again Rose accepted. But Rose said that she was uncomfortable staying in the dormitory with the others because she feared for her safety. Brooke asked Rose if she was sure that she did not know her attacker. Again Rose said no. Brooke allowed Rose to spend the night in a cot in her office and Rose happily accepted the offer. Previously, Brooke confided in Adam that she believes Rose's attacker was someone who she knew and that Rose is probably a battered wife. Brooke expressed a desire to help Rose, but Adam begged Brooke not to get involved in a situation that could turn violent.

Noah showed up at his sister's to let finally let her know that Rose was back in town. The conversation took on different shades and tones as Noah's dark commentary on his runaway mother clashed with the warm glow Belinda emitted from the news that ther mother might be back in her life. Noah expressed her disgust in his mother's action and said that he does not care where she goes or what she does. Belinda lashed out at her little brother for speaking poorly to their mom. Noah defended his actions and said that Belinda has no idea what he said to their mom because she was not there when they talked. Belinda reminded Noah that the family did share some good times and said that these good times were captured in a photo. Noah brought the photo along with him and gave it to Belinda. Apparently this is one of---if not the only---photo that they have of the entire family together. Noah became frustrated by Belinda's questions and her desires to get back together with her mother. He wound up leaving Belinda and telling her that she could do whatever it was she wanted---even if it's the wrong thing. Belinda recounted the time that she had Noah sent to juvenile hall and said that it may have been the wrong thing to do in Noah's eyes, but that it was the right thing to do.

Adam made his way back to WRCW and found Liza in her office, still frustrated, Adam said that he felt their scheme went well, but Liza wasn't so sure. She said that she is tired of the game, but that adding some shares of WRCW stock to their wager might reignite her interest. After they haggled over exactly how much stock would be added to the kitty, Liza offered up a new way to drive Tad and Brooke crazy. She said that she and Adam need to display "spontaneous affection." She said that this would make anyone jealous (She did not, however, say that she just witnessed what this can do to someone!!). Adam agreed to the plan and said that they woud work out the details on implementation tomorrow morning after a WRCW employee meeting.

Erica returned from Seattle, rushed into her house, and quickly looked out the window to see if the backyard was still in one piece. But a tiny little voice broke the silence. Skye asked Erica what she was looking for. Erica covered by saying that she was looking at some new shrubbery that had been planted right before she left for Seattle. Skye tried her best to make Erica uncomfortable by dropping little hints that she knew Jonathan was buried in the back yard. When Janet came downstairs, Erica rushed over to her and accused her of telling Skye their dirty deeds. Janet said that she had to tell Skye because she had come across a piece of the Oriental rug sticking out of the ground. Erica was furious and made Skye swear that she would not tell another soul about what she knew. Skye first said her lips were sealed, but seeing that that did not hold any water in Erica's eyes, she swore on her mother's grave. Skye and Janet both told Erica of their new jobs and Erica declared that a toast was in order. Janet went down to the wine cellar to fetch a bottle of sparkling apple cider, but shortly after she disappeared, a guest came to Linden House and demanded to have words with her. Marian stood at the doorway and announced to Erica and Skye that she wanted to ask Janet some questions about Jonathan Kinder.

Rose tried to get to sleep, but she was startled by some noises outside. Rose gathered her things and slipped out the back door. As she limped to get away, Belinda called out for her mother to stop. Rose fell to the ground, trembling and covering her face.

Tuesday, October 22, 1996

Looking for someone to lend and ear, Hayley visited her Uncle Trevor to tell him of her predicament with Mateo. She explained that she had to tell Mateo that she bankrolled the purchase of Hal's and that he was not happy. Trevor reminded Hayley that she did keep Matt in the dark and that he is rightfully upset, but Trevor disagreed strong with Hayley when she suggested that this would bright about the end of the relationship. Trev insisted that Mateo is not some average guy who'll toss away a relationship like an empty soda can. Hayley wasn't so sure and told her Uncle Porkchop to keep his fingers crossed because she was going home to confront Mateo.
Michael emerged from the background and asked Trevor why Hayley looked so down. Trevor explained that his neice and her fiance were having some relationship problems. Mike said that he was relieved to know that some people still talk about their problems. It wasn't hard for Trevor to see that Michael obviously needed to get something off his chest and at Trevor's urging, Michael finally spoke up. Mike said that Trevor needs to start being a father to his children. He said that Laurel's death put a huge hole in the Dillon family tree and that Trevor is only making the hole into a chasm by denying Laurel's death and by not looking into all possibly treatments for his paralysis. Mike even went further than that. He said that if Laurel were still alive, she would force Trevor to get treatment rather than have him sit and feel sorry for himself.

Mateo prepared a romantic candlelight dinner for Hayley, but his fiancee arrived later to the dinner. But Mateo pressed on and, unfortunately, left the roast in the oven and it turned into a big chunk of charcoal. Hayley apologized to Mateo for ruining his dinner and said that she'd only be a minute while she gathered some of her belongings. Mateo questioned as to what she was doing and Hayley responded that she was beginning to move her things out. Shaking his head, Mateo took his fiancee but the hand and sat her down on the sofa. He told her that he did not want to end their relationship and that he still desperately wanted to marry her. The chattered a bit about possible wedding days, but Hayley nixed a March wedding. Then Mateo came up with the perfect scenario. He said that they should get married on a festive day when people kiss and throw confetti. Well even I knew what day he was talking about. Hayley was overjoyed by a New Year's Eve ceremony and said that she wants them to kiss at the stroke of midnight. One problem, though, indicated Mateo. Would their wedding anniversary be the 31st of December or 1st of January. Hayley smiled and replied "both." The two then did a little practicing for their upcoming New Year's kiss.

A petrified Rose urged Belinda to leave her alone, but Belinda was not going to pass on a chance to be with her mother. Rose insisted that Belinda was putting herself in unnecessary danger by hanging around. Belinda took Rose's caution to mean that she was not safe hanging around a bad part of town after dark and she had no idea that Rose was referring to Grady. Belinda managed to coax her mother into returning with her to her apartment. Once there, Belinda took to questioning her mother left and right on everything from where she's been to why she left. Rose was tired and didn't want to divulge too much information and when she finally readied herself to start talking, she was abruptly stopped. Noah knocked on the door and asked his sister to open up because he wanted to apologize to her. Rose heard her son's voice and said that she needed to hide so that Noah would not know she was in Belinda's apartment. Belinda tried to get her mother to stayin the open, but she gave into her wishes. Belinda allowed her little brother into the apartment and said that she was surprised that he wanted to apologize. Noah said that he was wrong for yelling at Belinda, but still insisted that he has "no room for that woman" in his life, meaning, of course, his mother. Belinda shook her finger and said that "that woman is still our mother." It didn't have an impression on Noah. The two reminisced about the first Christmas after their mother left and how Belinda stuffed Noah's stocking with candy and nickel toys. She even tried to make the holiday dinner, but ended up serving chicken and lumpy mashed potatoes. Young Noah wanted to help, but he wound up burning himself on a pot. Belinda recalled that she soaked Noah's burn and put on tons of salve and Blue Star Ointment to make the injury better, but that no matter what she did, Noah still cried in agony. Noah explained that the burn wasn't what hurt him, but rather that he wanted his mother to wrap her arms around him and wish him a Merry Christmas. Noah left and returned to the hunting lodge and Rose came out of hiding. She asked Belinda if this was "payback time" for her running out. Belinda shook her head and said that Rose needs to talk to Noah and explain why she left and to tell him that she still loves him.

Grady got back on a pay phone and called his mystery contact. He said that he knew how to take care of Rose, indicating that she still had a "soft spot for her kids."

Marian broke the news to Erica that she knew of Janet and Jonathan's affair. How?he told Erica that the proof is in the rug. Fearing that Marian might know something about Jonathan's disappearance, Erica screamed out to Janet to come back upstairs. Janet wandered into the room telling Erica to quiet down because she was loud enough "to waket the dead." Janet saw Marian and immediately shut up. Erica turned her back to Marian and asked Janet for an explanation on Janet's affair with Jonathan. Janet explained that she had some sort of animal lust for Jonathan and that they had a secret rendezvous at Marian's house where, in the heat of the moment, Janet spilled red wine on Marian's Oriental rug. She took the rug and burned it to hide all traces that she was with Dr. Kinder. janet swore that Kinder was "dead" to her now,. End of story, right? Marian asked Erica if she can still stand to be around Janet after learning this news. Erica sat down and said that she forgives Erica because she knows that Janet is weak. Janet thanked Erica for her kindness. Marian fumed. She said that she has proof that Janet---and Skye, too--- knows where Jonathan is because she "overheard" them discussing Jonathan being "close to home." Janet clued Erica into Jonathan's bugging devices and that Marian must have had access to them. Seeing that she was going to get little if any information out of Janet, Marian left. But before leaving, she had these words of warning for Janet: "I am going to dig and dig and dig until I unearth every lie that you've told. Marian may not know where Jonathan is, but her warning was certainly rather prophetic! Janet, Erica, and Skye sat down and all agreed that they have to stop Marian Colby or at least get her out of the way.

Wednesday, October 23, 1996

Red Kilgren made his way down the stairs at the boarding house to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. As he took a sip of the coffee that Myrtle had made, Red complained that the brew was too cold and ordered Myrt to make another pot of coffee. Myrt didn't move. Instead she pointed to the kitchen and told Red that he knows where the coffee pot is located and he can feel free to make himself a new batch of java. After some initial griping, Red did brew up another pot of coffee and her returned to the living room where he and Myrtle struck up a conversation about the days when they were young. They reminisced about some of the radio programs of old and even dropped a few jokes. What do you get when you cross a cantaloupe and Lassie's child? A melon-collie (melancholy) baby! The merriment of the moment seemed to have disturbed the boarder as Red put down his cup of coffee and retreated to his room.

Kelsey dragged herself around the Martin house worried about her first day back at school. Ruth tried to build up her granddaughter's confidence and tell her that everything would be fine, but Kelsey wasn't so sure. Ruth then changed her approach. She said that she cannot promise that the kids at school will not tease Kelsey, but she said that she is sure that Kelsey can handle whatever is dished out.

Palmer and Bobby met with the Cortlandt family lawyer and discussed the annulment of Bobby and Kelsey's marriage. The lawyer indicated that the actual process could take up to a year because Kelsey could fight the process. Bobby couldn't believe his ears. He said that he entered marriage with Kelsey under the terms of defrauding his grandfather of the trust fund and that Kelsey even signed papers to that affect. When the lawyer asked for these papers, indicating that they would speed up the process, Bobby banged his head against the wall. He said that Kelsey had the papers. Palmer stepped in and said that Bobby should not worry because he'll solve all of the problems.
Bobby left for school and Palmer contacted Kelsey and asked her to drop by Cortlandt Manor for a brief discussion. Palmer even said that he contacted the school's principal to say that Kelsey would be a little late top class. When she got to the mansion, Palmer wasted no time in taking matters into his own hands. He presented Kelsey with a check for a large sum of money. He said that the check would more than pay for four years of college. Kelsey was furious. She could not believe that Palmer would try to buy her off and said that she was very insulted. She did, however, take the check... but made no promises to cash it. Opal heard the ruckus and came to see what was going on. Kelsey lashed out at Opal too for being "a part of" the buy-off.

At school, Bobby told Anita that dissolving his marriage to Kelsey was taking a little longer than he expected. When Anita learned that it could take a full year before the marriage was named null and void, she began to panic. She said that her father would never let her date a "married man." Then began the ribbing. One of Bobby's classmates asked Bobby if he and his "little missus" would be the highlight of a sex-ed class. Bobby said that he was getting his marriage annulled and that everyone should back off of Kelsey. He said that she has been having a rough time and that she did do the right thing by giving up Sam. Anita, Scott, and Laura were caught off guard by Bobby's defense of Kelsey and asked if he changed his mind. Bobby, using himself as an example, said that people can change. He said that Kelsey doesn't exactly have a happy home life and that she just needs some space.
Kelsey overheard the conversation from around the corner and asked for a few minutes alone with Bobby, She said that she was not going to contest the annulment and that she hopes he does not hate her. Bobby watched as Kelsey slowly walked away from him. Anita then ran into his arms.

Michael pulled Kevin aside and asked him for reasons behind his slumping grades. In confidence, Kevin explained that he is having troubles at home. He said that instead of a card on his birthday he received a copy of a letter from his father to a lawyer. In the letter, Kevin's father discussed having Kevin disowned. Michael was sympathetic, but told Kevin that he is a strong-willed young man who can accomplish anything he wants. He said that he wants Kevin to keep his mind focused on work and get good grades so he can go to college.

Liza dropped by for the station owner's meeting with Adam, but she wasn't in much of a good mood. She asked Adam if she have an aspirin. Adam directed her to the upstairs bathroom and said that she would find an aspirin in the medicine cabinet. While Liza was upstairs, Tad arrived. Adam was caught off guard by Tad's appearance because, apparently, Tad never shows up at these meetings. Tad and Adam chatted briefly and Adam said that Liza had gone upstairs for an aspirin and would be down shortly. She was, but not with a bottle of Tylenol. Liza came down the stairs dressed only in one of Adam's robes. She pushed her "messed" up hair back and acted surprised that Tad was there. Tad dropped his head and said nothing. At the same moment, Winifred led Brooke into the house. Brooke dropped off Adam Junior's Halloween costume (he's going as Batman and Jamie will be Robin). She looked at Liza and said that while she's a few days early, her Halloween costume (the robe) looks great. Brooke didn't bat her eyes and said that she'd be on her way and that everyone should be "As they were." Tad, without lifting his eyes, said that he would walk Brooke out.
The front door closed and Liza immediately began jumping up and down and all around the mansion. She was jubilant that she had made Tad jealous. Adam was outraged. He said that Liza had agreed to make "small moves" to make Brooke and Tad jealous and that this was out of line. Liza sneered and said that Adam was just jealous because she had evened the score in their little contest. Besides, Liza said, Adam was just peeved because Brooke wasn't upset at seeing Liza in Adam's robe. Finally Adam broke and started laughing at Tad's reaction to seeing Liza.
Somewhere outside, Tad drifted off into his own thoughts. Brooke brought him back down to Earth and asked him what he was thinking about. Tad didn't say, but then again, Brooke already knew what he was dwelling on. Brooke said that Adam and Liza have been spending a great deal of time together outside of work. Tad agreed and said that he originally thought that this was a typical "Adam Chandler" game, but after revealing that Adam and Liza had no idea that Brooke to Tad would show up at the mansion, that this could not possibly be a game.

Thursday, October 24, 1996

The new morning brought forth new opportunities for Belinda to learn more about her mother. Belinda sat her mother down and the questions fly. She asked her mother if she cried the day she left her children behind, what her father's final words were, and if she ever saw a pink dress in a store window and thought what her "Lindy" might have looked like in it. Again Rose did not offer any replies. Belinda relayed a story to her mother about how she and Noah dealt with their mother's departure. Belinda said that for months Noah kept things exactly as they were before his mother left, thinking that by keeping things the same it would speed Rose's return home. Rose laughed Belinda's story off and said that she had better get going. Belinda asked her mother if she was leaving for a man and asked for more information on the mystery man in her mother's life. Rose said that the man, Grady, was someone who had promised to take her career to new heights. She revealed that it was her goal to one day return to Pine Valley in a limosine...but said that she was never going to attain that wish. Again, Rose said that she needed to be leaving, but Belinda begged her mother for a few more minutes. Rose said that Grady was waiting for her at the airport and that she could not keep him waiting. Before Belinda allowed her mother to walk out of her life for a second life, she gave her a spare key to the apartment. Belinda said that any time her mother needs somewhere to stay she can drop by and visit.

Of course Rose was not headed to the airport to meet Grady. Grady wasn't even at the airport. Where was he? Grady impersonated a famous photographer/art exhibitor. When Julia answered the door to the hunting lodge, Grady poured on the charm. Julia was quick to accept Grady on face value and was overjoyed to learn that he was a supposed friend of Olga, Noah's agent from his modelling days. Anyway, Grady said that he had heard that Noah was a rising talent in the world of photography and wanted to put some of his work on display. Julia ran over to the darkroom, banged on the door, and summoned Noah. Noah wasn't impressed by the man standing before him and seemed noticeably irked when Julia showed Grady some of Noah's past photographs. Grady took particular interest in the photo he had taken of Rose. Noah accepted Grady's business card and then went back to the dark room to finish developing some new pictures. When asked why he wasn't happy with the exciting new venture, Noah said that it was all "just too easy."

Luara took her forty minute lunch break at McKay's. There she nibbled on a turkey sandwich with Brooke. Laura told Brooke about her uncomfortable run-in with Scott and Anita at school earlier in the day and said that she thinks she made a fool out of herself by acting jealous. Looking for advice on how to handle herself better in the future, Laura asked Brooke is she has ever been jealous. Brooke nodded and then with a slight motion towards the door said that she wasn't jealous now. Laura turned her head and watched as Adam and Liza wandered into the restaurant. Laura said she found it out that Adam and Liza were spending so much time together. Brooke agreed and said that she finds it hard to believe that Adam and Liza are a couple because the two are so much alike. Laura then commented about Scott having a crush on Liza and said that Liza was so old. Brooke chuckled and replied "Yeah she must be pushing, what, almost thirty?"
At an adjacent table, Liza mumbled to her partner in crime how he knew that Brooke would be at McKay's. Simple, Adam smiled. Brooke's secretary is on his payroll. The two made goo-goo eyes at each other and even held hands. But the two were in for a big surprise when Marian walked into the restaurant and caught the two.
Brooke excused herself for few moments and Adam, seeing Laura sitting at the table alone, seized the moment to talk to Brooke's foster child. Adam gave Laura some advice on how to handle Scott. He said that if Laura simply says "I'm sorry" that Scott will wipe the slate clear. Adam then told Laura that he would have his driver take her back to school to make up for the time she lost while gabbing with him.
Adam went back to his table. Brooke bumped into Gloria on her trip to the ladies' room and asked Gloria if she could join her for a few minutes. She pointed in Adam and Liza's direction and asked Glo, a former Mrs Chandler herself, what she thought.
Liza told Marian to back off and allow her to choose her own luncheon dates. Marian said that she was quite happy with Liza's choice of Adam and said that if it means her daughter is over Tad Martin, all the better. As an aside, Marian asked Liza if she had heard any scoop at WRCW on Jonathan's whereabouts. Liza's face turned red and she blasted her mother for still being hung up on Jonathan.

Erica, Skye, and Janet all commented that they had not slept well the night before. Janet said that she had dreams of Marian chasing her around on a magic carpet and one of having to do "all the things" she said she did with Dr. Kinder. As they chatted, the doorbell rang. Erica expected the visitor to be Dimitri, who was returning from London. But it wasn't. Instead the ladies found Jackson Montgomery hovering outside. Jack asked if he could have a few words with Janet. He said that an anonymous caller had placed a call to the "Jonathan Kinder Tipline" saying that they had seen Janet and Jonathan together after the time Jonathan supposedly departed for Europe. Janet denied the allegations and Erica and Skye backed her up. Erica asked Jack if he would surround Brooke's house if an anonymous caller said that Brooke was supplying arms to foreign warlords. Jack didn't reply, but said that Janet is not exactly a "Brooke English." Jack then asked for a few words alone with Erica. He asked his former flame if she was in any danger and if Janet was somehow blackmailing her. Erica said that Janet was a friend of hers and that she resents Jack's implications. While they were talking, Bianca called from Seattle and asked if she could spend Halloween in Pine Valley. Erica happily said yes, but was careful not to mention Jonathan's name when Bianca asked if Dr Kinder was in jail. Jack said that he would stop harassing Janet, but added that he would not rest until Jonathan is brought to justice. Janet and Skye returned to the room and the three ladies began brainstorming on who could have made the anonymous tip. It took them several minutes, but Janet finally came up with Marian's name. The three swore to get even with Marian, but they didn't know how. Skye commented that it was a shame that there wasn't a crowbar laying around somewhere. Janet shook her head and said that she will never touch another crowbar as long as she lives. Erica wasn't so sure. She said that this time, Janet has a perfect reason to pick up "her old friend."

Friday, October 25, 1996

In a stunning change of attitude, Trevor left his house and tried to resume his normal activities. Not only did he return to work, but he also found time to make a Dillon Spaghetti dinner. The move made Tim and Amanda happy, but Trevor was now so preoccupied with work that he was forgetting Tim and Amanda's school work and plays. After realizing that he forgot to pick up some bread on his travels, Trevor headed out again. While he was gone, Amanda and Tim had a chance to talk and Amanda apologized for bringing up Janet's name. You see, Amanda has asked if they could go to the park the following for a one of her friend's parties. Amanda said she hopes that "that nice lady" will be there. The lady, of course, was Janet. Tim said that he forgives Amanda for mentioning the name and said that Trevor just doesn't like Janet. Michael arrived with some Chinese food, but Tim told his uncle that Trevor had already taken care of dinner. Mike groaned and complained that he could not eat another pizza. Tim laughed and said that his father actually made dinner rather than calling take out. Trev returned home a few minutes later and Mike questioned his actions. He said that while it's a good thing that Trevor is out and about, he still needs to make an appointment for therapy. Trevor refused. When Tim joined the fray, Trevor wheeled himself over to the phone, called Dr. Tolan's office, and made an appointment for a counseling session.

Erica, Skye, and Janet reviewed their plans to enact revenge on Marian Colby and shortly thereafter Janet and Skye left Linden House to find Mrs. Colby. Shortly after they left, Dimitri returned home from his extensive European business trip. As soon as Dimitri walked through the door, Erica raced over to him and kissed him. The two sat down and started catching up on old times and before they could get too involved, the phone rang. Erica and Dimitri decided to let the answering machine pick up until Erica heard that Jack was the caller. Erica stumbled to the phone and asked Jack what he wanted. Jack asked if he could speak to Janet. Erica informed Jack that Janet was not there and that she did not know where she was. Erica hung up the phone and went back to Dimitri. Dimmie wondered why Jack would be calling for Janet. Erica responded that Janet was applying for an accounting job. Dimitri laughed and wondered if working for a law enforcement agency was the best career move. With that, Skye returned and upon seeing Dimitri, she quickly said that she'd be leaving. Erica asked Skye why she was not with Janet and Skye replied that Janet has "all the tools she needs." Dimitri cocked his head to one side and asked his two-time wife what kind of tools Janet could possibly need.

At the Valley Inn bar Marian drank herself into a drunken stupor . The bartender, Jim, urged Marian to take a cab home and go to bed, but Marian refused. Just as Marian seriously began to consider leaving, a phone call came in for her. Marian was surprised because no one should have known where she was. She took the phone and began asking who was on the other end. There was no reply. Then a mechanically altered voice bellowed out from the other end and that they were calling to warn Marian not to call the police about the Janet-Kinder connection again.
Liza walked into the bar and came across her mother. She asked Marian why she was at the bar and became disgusted when she realized that her mother was drunk. Liza pulled her mother over to a table and ordered up a cup of coffee to help sober her out. Marian apologized to Liza for bringing up Jonathan Spinder's name. She shook her head and said "Kinder. Jonathan Kinder." Liza told her mother that she had to attend a business meeting, but that she wanted to her stay put until she was finished. Marian nodded and then summoned the bartender to give her another cup of coffee. Instead of good ole Jim delivering the java, Janet brought the drink to Marian. Marian flipped out and told Janet that she would call the police. Janet insisted that she was just doing her job and that Marian has to settle down. Marian didn't believe her, but backed off. Liza finished up her meeting and returned to her mother's table. Marian was not chatty this time. It seems she had been handed a folded up newspaper article blaring the headline that the "Crowbar killer has been revealed." Marian zipped her lip and said that her silence was due to a cruel joke. The joke, Marian explained, was that a fellow office worker had sent her a newspaper article about Jonathan's nefarious past. All she needed, she explained, was to splash some cold water on her face. Marian excused herself and went to the ladies' room. There, she became nervous when heard some unusual noise. Then... a crowbar fell to the ground from inside on of the stalls.

Belinda begged her mother not to leave. She said that she wanted more time with her. Rose reminded Belinda that she had promised to let her leave if she spent the night at the apartment. Rose said that she couldn't, but left a taped recording of a song that she wanted Belinda and Noah to have. Belinda urged her mother to call Noah and try to make things right between them. Again, Rose said that she couldn't. Belinda confessed that a part of her still needs her mother to sing her to sleep at night. Rose's eyes welled with tears and she said that she has always been singing her daughter to sleep. Maybe not in person, but that her heart sings a lullaby each and every night to her children. Belinda pleaded with Rose to stay, but Rose said that she could not keep Grady waiting. Rose left the apartment and as soon as she closed the door, she broke down in tears.

Belinda went to the hunting lodge to tell Noah that she had seen their mother. Belinda said that she begged Rose to stay, but that her mother walked out on her. Noah asked his sister why she kept putting herself in a position where she would get hurt. Belinda explained that she needs her mother's love, something that Noah can't understand. Belinda left to handle some work, but Noah and Julia continued to discuss the latest news on Rose. Julia said that Noah's rejection of the art exhibit has little to do with the offer being "too easy" and everything to do with Rose. Noah said that he really didn't care for Mr Harris' attitude and that he already gets exposure by having his work published in Tempo. Noah then pointed to Julia's nursing books and told her that she had better study. Julia said that the only anatomy she was interested in studying was that of her husband! The two ended up in each other's arms and a short time later, Belinda called from the police station and asked her brother to come down immediately.

At the station, Belinda asked Derek if he could run a search on a man named Grady. Derek pulled up the name, but before he could give any information, Belinda recalled the last part of the man's name. She said that the man's name was Hayes Grady. Derek typed the name into the computer to see if he could find an prior arrests on the man, but the search came up empty. Jack overheard the conversation and said that they would not find information on the man... not because he's a clean character, but rather because he is a slick criminal who always manages to elude justice. Noah arrived and asked his sister what was going on. Belinda said that she has news on their mother's husband. Jack then filled in the blank. Hayes Grady's occupation is "murder for hire."

Back at the hunting lodge, Grady (posing as the art exhibitor) paid a visit to Julia. He asked if he could come inside and Julia was more than happy to oblige. Julia said that Noah is not home, but that she wants him to accept the offer to show of his art work. Grady smiled evilly and told Julia that what he has to do won't take long....

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