AMC Recaps: The week of September 30, 1996 on All My Children
Palmer and Opal figured out why Bobby and Kelsey had gotten married. Liza and Adam made a bet on their dating abilities. Erica wanted out of Linden House. Janet got a new job. Skye got wise to Erica and Janet's scheme.
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Monday, September 30, 1996

You can pretty much be sure that whenever there is a party or other social gathering in Pine Valley that something is going to go wrong. At the very least something big will go down.

Before Janet could let her stinky little friend out of his cage, Marian stormed out to the rose garden and began accusing Janet of breaking into her house and stealing something of major importance to her. Janet got nervous and said that she was never in Marian's house and besides Marian doesn't have anything that she wants anyway. Well when Janet issued that last few words, Marian used it to imply that Janet really was in her house. Marian threatened to tell Jack about Janet's breaking and entering if she didn't return what she stole. Janet dared Marian to spill the beans adding that Marian would only incriminate herself because soon Jack would learn that she was harboring a fugitive. Just as Jack's name was being batted back and forth he strolled out in to the garden and asked Janet if he could have a few words in private with Marian. Jack asked Marian where she had gone on vacation and if she knew where Jonathan was hiding. Marian denied knowing where the elusive Kinder was, leading Jack to warn Marian that she had better stick around town.

The party was now in full swing. Brooke and Phoebe arrived followed shortly thereafter by Adam and Liza and Tad and Gloria. Tad walked around like a zombie, saying that he hasn't slept in days. Of course drowning himself in coffee and other caffeinated beverages probably isn't helping his cause any.
Hayley and Mateo tried to escape the party, but Stuart begged them to at least stick around for a little bit. In the end they agreed to stay around, but they were doing it to be social and not for Skye.
Tad approached Liza and asked her if she knew that his explanation of bumping in to Marian in St. Justin was the truth. Liza sort of chuckled and said that she knows better than to think that Tad would celebrate a new divorce with her mother.
Hayley and Mateo broke the news to Adam that they were now the happy owners of a bar. Adam gave his usual grimace. You know the one. The one were he tries to pretend like he's happy when he's really on the verge of exploding? He was under the false supposition that Hayley had invested 100% of the capital into the project, but he was quickly corrected and told that it was a fifty-fifty venture. And before Adam could suggest that Enchantment would suffer in the deal, Mateo explained that he would be in charge of the bar's day to day operation and Hayley would maintain her position at the cosmetics company.
Phoebe was disappointed to learn that the party was not for a rising artist. She said that she misses her weekly dose of art because she can't bear to go to the gallery since Pierce left town. As she said this she gave Brooke a look, but Brooke wasn't about to let her Aunt Pheebes know how badly she felt about Pierce's departure.
Janet told Erica that she had not been able to spring the skunk because she was interrupted by Marian. Erica instantly ushered Janet outside where the two put their heads together to come up with another plan of action. Erica said that Janet needs to get the skunk loose---and soon. As the two were scheming, Phoebe and Brooke walked outside and began praising Erica and her gardener for a superb rose garden. Janet sneaked away and let the skunk loose. A few seconds later, Phoebe gasped and said that she saw a skunk lurking in the garden. Everyone quickly went inside to get out of harm's (or spray's) way.
Stuart led the party in a toast. He introduced his niece to the party-goers, saying that she has been through a hellish year and that he hopes she will find happiness in Pine Valley and want to stick around for a while. One by one others lifted their glasses in honor of Skye. From Scott's toast to "family" to Erica's for "getting even." But out of the corner of her eyes, Skye noticed that neither Matt nor Hayley participated in the toast. After the toast was completed, she asked them why they didn't participate. She said she didn't blame them and said that they were very big for sticking around at a party for her. Skye seemed genuinely happy about the fete... until she overheard that all of those in attendance were lured to the event through a lie about the party being for an unknown artist. Skye blew up. She asked Edmund if he was told who the party was for. Seeing that Skye was obviously hurt, he lied and said that Stuart had told him that the party was in her honor.

Gloria took Tad home to his house. Tad, still the walking dead, stumbled into his bedroom and passed out half on-half off of the bed. Gloria looked at him (as a funny little ditty played in the background) and shook her head.

Marian and Janet were not done feuding yet. Janet told Marian that she will not see Jonathan again. Why? Janet said that Jonathan loved her. She added that he proposed to her and then left her high and dry. Marian could not believe the story and headed to tell Jack that Janet was up to her old tricks again. Janet reminded Marian that she is looking at time in Statesville herself for hiding that wacky fugitive Jonathan in her house. Marian stormed off into the house.
Dimitri asked Janet if he could speak with her. He said that a room at the Valley Inn had been arranged for her and that he'd like her to be his guest there for as long as she'd like. Janet unhappily accepted and went off to pack her things. Later Dimitri told Erica that he wants to spend the night with her--and tomorrow night and the night after that and, well you get the picture. Erica said that Dimitri can't possibly come back to Linden House.

Tuesday, October 1, 1996

When Adam and Brooke returned to Chandler Mansion, they found their two sons huddled in the living room area of the mansion. AJ (Adam Junior) said that Jamie was frightened by what he said was a coyote. AJ, on the other hand, showed little fear and said that he didn't think think that there was really a savage beast lurking around. Jamie got to talking about his father's divorce from Dixie and showed obvious signs of being distressed by the ordeal. Showing his fatherly side, Adam did his best to soothe Jamie's fear. He said that Tad and Dixie did not get divorced because they hate each other. He explained that sometimes people change and no longer want the same things as they once did. Adam reminded Jamie that both Tad and Dixie still love him dearly, but could not promise him that Tad and Dixie would end up friends like Brooke and Tad had.
Brooke thanked Adam for taking time out to ease Jamie's mind. Adam said that it was nothing and that he was happy to help---but said that he wishes he could talk to Skye like that. Brooke then offered some advice of her own. She said that Skye has been through some pretty bad times and she might she need to see how it feels to be "Daddy's Little Girl" for a change.
The camping trip over and the s'mores eaten, Jamie asked if he could go back to his daddy's house. Brooke and Adam nodded and Adam promised the two boys that he would take them on a real camping trip to Mount Evangeline sometime soon.

Gloria definitely had her hands full trying to get Tad in bed. Every time she would get his up on the bed, he would drift off to sleep and tumble back down to the ground. She tried to do everything in her power, but it just wasn't enough. She even dumped some cold water on Tad, but he woke only briefly and muttered something about needing an umbrella because it was raining. In a last ditched effort to get Tad tucked in bed, Gloria tried hoisting Tad onto the bed, but he fell on top of her and was out like a light. After struggling for several minutes to roll Tad off of her, Gloria realized that she was trapped. Fortunately, Adam, Brooke, and the kids arrived a short time later. Adam worked his way upstairs and could only laugh at the sight before him. He toyed with Gloria about what she and Tad were up to before finally rolling Tad off of her. The two finally got Tad into bed and they gave Jamie the go ahead to go and talk to his father. Jamie asked if Dixie would ever be coming home to which Tad said that she wouldn't and that they'd have to try to get along without Dixie in their lives.

Skye commandeered a car in the driveway at Linden House and prepared to burn rubber down the highway. Before she could drive off, Edmund asked if he could get in the car and drive along with her. As Skye floored it down the highway, she complained about feeling like an idiot thinking that the party was for her. She was so angry, she said, that she feels like crashing the car into a tree. That's when Edmund informed Skye that she had stolen his car, not her own. Well this only made Skye feel like more of a numbskull and she brought the car to a stop. When she was ready to resume her speed demon racing down the road, she encountered an obstacle in her path: A cow. Edmund found the scene to be quite funny and asked Skye if she would miss the smell of fresh air when she moves to New York to accept her job. Skye then broke down and told Edmund that she was not really offered the job in the Big Apple. She began to see the error of her ways and told Edmund that he could drop her off somewhere and that she would hitch a ride to wherever it was she was going.
Edmund gladly returned Skye to Stuart's where Skye promptly apologized for her childish behavior. She told Stuart that she has been given a new outlook and that she would be sticking around Pine Valley for at least a little while. As Edmund adjourned for the evening, Skye cast him a final glance and said that there was now something that made her want to stay around...

Linden House is haunted. That's what Erica said to try to get Dimitri to reconsider moving in with her. Dimitri said that he didn't care and that Mona's spirit was allowed to freely roam the house. Then Erica tried to convince Dimitri that Linden was far too small for Dimitri to work out of. It seems that Dimmie had that covered because he told Erica that he has plans to add an extension to the house and that the rose garden would have to be dug up.
The two headed to bed, but Erica's sleep was shattered by a nightmare. She dreamt that she went out to the rose garden to tell Jonathan that he has to stop bothering her in her thoughts when Jonathan lunged from his flowery grave and grabbed on to Erica's leg. AS he pulled her into the grave with him, Erica woke from her sleep and was comforted by Dimitri. Erica said that Linden is haunted by the memory of Jonathan Kinder and all of the devious deeds he pulled on her. The only suitable scenario for Erica was to move back to Wildwind. Dimitri said that they cannot move back because Wildwind is no longer his home, it's Edmund's. But before Erica could refute the statement, Dimitri told Erica to get some sleep because they'd talk about it in the morning.

Wednesday, October 2, 1996

Dimitri returned to his former home, Wildwind, to ask Edmund and Maria's permission if he and Erica could move back in. As Dimitri and Maria discussed the matter, they soon realized that they might be uncomfortable seeing each other every day and knowing that they once shared more than being inlaws. As they were talking, Edmund burst into the room and wanted to know what they were talking about. Dimitri again explained how Erica no longer wants to live at Linden House because she feels that she is haunted by the ghostso of her past. Edmund gave his brother the go ahead to move back in, but said that he wants Dimitri to be sure that that's what he really wants. Even Maria got into the act by saying that the four of them shared some good times---before Erica got addicted to her pills. The phone rang and Edmund announced that he had been summoned down to Tempo to do some last minute work.

As planned, Liza showed up at Tad's house to work on some sweeps months programming. She was a little more than stunned to find Gloria answering the door in one of Tad's shirts. Liza wasted little time in trying to make Gloria feel uncomfortable about being at Tad's. You see Liza assumed that Gloria was there because she was having a romance with Tad. Gloria didn't tilt her cards and didn't let Liza know the real reason why she had stayed at Tad. Instead she let Liza rant on and on about how undignified it was for Gloria to be shacking up with Tad only a matter of hours after he signed divorce papers. Then it was Gloria's turn. She said that if Liza thinks what she is supposedly doing is so bad, then she can only imagine how bad she must feel about herself. After all, she was the one who slept with Tad and actually brought about the end of his marriage to Dixie. Tad strolled into the room and asked the ladies what they were talking about. Liza quickly shifted topics and said that she was there to discuss business with Tad. He said that he had called in and said that he would be working from home for the day and that someone must have gotten the message wrong. Liza tried to play nice to Jamie by asking him about the pancake dinner that Gloria was cooking up, but Jamie refused to speak to Miss Colby. Liza left and headed back to work and Gloria asked Tad what he ever saw in Liza. Later Tad explained that he and Liza were rebels from way back and that they were two of a kind. Gloria shook her head and said that Dixie should have forgiven Tad for his indiscrection.

Brooke and Adam had yet another encounter, this time at WRCW. Adam wound up confessing to Brooke that his life is empty and he feels lonely. Before he could spout off too much information, Skye came into the office and began to apologize for her behavior at the party the night before. Taking cues from Brooke, Adam hugged his daughter close and told her that he was glad that she had finally decided to stick around town. But Skye was not done asking daddy for some favors. She said that since she's going to be in town for a while, she'll need a job. After passing up a job as a funds collector and being told that WRCW is off limits, Skye mentioned that Edmund supposedly has a job opening at Tempo. Since Adam also has WRCW in his portfolio, Adam gave Skye the go ahead to take the job. A giddy Skye dashed out of the office.
Before Adam and Brooke could set up a date or even admit any feelings for each other, they were once again interrupted, this time by Liza. She asked the duo what they were doing in her office. Brooke hastily retreated and said that she'd call Adam later. Adam asked Liza why she was in such a bad mood and why she was not with Tad. It took only a few seconds for Adam ro figure out that Gloria must have still been at Tad's. Seeing the jealousy in Liza's eyes, Adam made Liza an offer: To team up with him and become the most dangerous of dangerous liasons.

Skye raced into Tempo and informed Edmund that he had a new editorial assistant---her. He accepted her for the position and told her to report to personnel, but couldn't help getting a funny look on his face as she left his office.

Kelsey and Bobby took Sam for a walk near the lake. Kelsey had appearently skipped school again, but said that she would still pull high marks in all of her subjects. As she watched Bobby interact with Sam, she warned him that he seemed to be too attached to his son. Bobby reassured Kelsey that he would have no problems giving Sam back to Edmund and Maria when the time came. Kelsey spoke some of her wishes for Sam when he's grown and compared these wishes to her childhood. She said that she wants Sam to have oodles of friends because she has always lacked friends. She told a story of how she threw candy into the air around Halloween and found herself flocked to by lots of other youngsters. She said that this was the first time she felt as though she was a worthwhile friend. She then passed Bobby a candy bar as an olive branch. Bobby accepted and he told her that she's a very nice person when she's being human. Kelsey one-upped Bobby by saying how lucky Sam is to have Bobby's beautiful blue eyes.

At Cortlandt Manor, Palmer told Opal that he was ready to find out the real reason behind Bobby and Kelsey's marriage. He said that he is now going to be playing the part of Sherlock Holmes. Opal got caught up in the moment and said that she wants to be Watson to her hubby's Holmes. It was then that Palmer said he has a hidden ace that he is ready to play and get the mess sorted out. What is this trump card? He went over to his desk and pulled out the legal documents that state all of the terms of Bobby's inheritance. He said that the papers were out of order indicating that somene had read them. Opal gasped. It was then that they both knew that Bobby and Kelsey had only gotten married for the million dollar inheritance.

Thursday, October 3, 1996

Using her uncle as legal counsel, Hayley had Trevor draw up a terms of acquisition papers for her (and Mateo's) purchase of Hal's bar. But a yellow streak meandered up Hal's back and he decided to back out of the deal at the last minute. Not wanting the deal to go down in flames, Hayley said that she would give Hal all of the money involved in the transaction. This way, she said, Hal would not be worried about Mateo's finances. Trevor quacked his disapproval in the background and warned his Tinkerbell that Mateo would not be happy with her decision. Hayley said that she didn't care and Hal agreed to the new terms of the deal. Hayley then had some words with her Uncle Porkchop. She overheard him cancelling an appointment with a doctor and said that he is not setting a good example for his children. Trevor took the hint and headed down to the hospital.

Trevor wasn't the only one at the hospital. Laura, Mike, and Scott were also there. It seems Laura twisted her ankle on her way down from a layup and had to be seen by a doctor. Scott toyed with Laura and her basketball abilities. Laura, however, said that the hospital had become too much like a second home and that she wanted out as soon as possible.
While sitting on the observation lounge, Trevor caught sight of Doctor Tolan and bid her a quick hello. Doc Tolan was about to keep on walking until Trevor asked her if she was going to ask how he was doing. She obliged him, but she'd soon be wondering if she should have. Trevor informed Anna that he had recently purchase a van equipped with a hydrolic lift that allows him easy access with his wheelchair. He said that he feels fine, but still cannot use his legs. Anna Tolan said that she knows that this condition must be causing Trevor a lot of heartache. From there she said that Trevor has had so much disappointment this year with his accident and the death of Laurel. That dammed up Trevor's stream and he told Dr. Tolan to scram. She accepted his wishes and left him alone. As she left the, she bumped into Michael who told her that Trevor always clams up around doctors and gets even more uncomfortable when someone wants to talk about Laurel.

Brooke stopped by Tad's and, as Liza had done earlier, noticed that Gloria was still there and still wearing her clothes from the night before. Privately, Brooke asked Tad if he would consider keeping his dating quiet, indicating that it might be difficult for Jamie to accept another woman so soon after Tad's divorce. Tad was taken aback by Brooke's comment and assured her that he was not dating let alone dating his wife's best friend. He then reminded Brooke about her seeing Pierce and said that Jamie often asks how Pierce is doing. Brooke apologized for her erroneous assumption and said that she was going to be taking Jamie and AJ to WRCW so Adam could give his son a good send off.
Later Tad and Gloria discussed their situation. Tad said that he doesn't want the people of Pine Valley to badmouth Gloria over what they think is happening. Gloria acknowledged that the incident in Tad's bedroom the night before probably did give Brooke and Adam the wrong idea, but she said that Liza also thinks that something's going on between them. Gloria confessed that she let Liza believe that she and Tad were sleeping together and said that she did it because Liza can be very aloof.

Enchantment's main accountant, Dan (what an absolutely wonderful name. Don't you think?) apparently quit without warning and Hayley was hustled to find a replacement before the books fell into any additional dispair. The first interviewee for the job was a Mary Blake. Only Mary turned out to be Janet. Upon sight of her deranged Aunt, Hayley told Janet to leave the building. But Janet pleaded her case and eventually Hayley agreed to give Janet an interview. While they were preparing for the interview, one of Enchantment's clients called up and made a few queries about some numbers. Hayley had no idea what was going on so it was a good thing that Janet, reading the computer screen upside down, was there to lend a hand. Janet gave her step-niece instructions on how to fix the problem, but when Hayley stared back blankly, Janet sat down at the computer and made the necessary changes. Thanking Janet for saving the company the hassle of an audit, Hayley offered Janet the accounting job. She told Janet to try to keep a low profile because Trevor and Adam would both have conniption fits if they knew Janet was working there. Janet agreed and Hayley said that she needed to run off and tend to some business.
Soon after Hayley left, Hayley's secretary brought Amanda up from the daycare unit. Janet said hello to Amanda and the secretary, comfortable that Amanda and Janet both knew each other, allowed Amanda to sit in the office with Janet. Amanda browsed some bottles of nailpolish and picked out a rather loud shade of red that she wanted on her fingernails. Janet shook her head and said that a clear nailpolish with glitter would better suit Amanda. As Janet put the nailpolish on Amanda, Amanda asked Janet if she ever put nailpolish on her daughter. Janet smiled happily and said that she did--- and did it today for the first time. Very sweet scene between Amanda and Janet.

Hayley rushed down to Hal's bar just as Mateo was beginning to worry that she'd back out on him. The two sat down and signed the legal papers (after Mateo asked that they were legally sound) with Julia as the witness. After the papers were signed, Hayley secretively handed Hal a check and reminded him to keep his mouth shut about their deal.

At WRCW, Adam told Brooke that he would not be able to go to the airport with her and the boys because he was wrapped up in some heavy duty November sweeps stuff. AS Brooke left she mentioned that she had been over at Tad's and learned that Gloria had spent the night on the couch. Liza's eyes nearly popped out of their socket when she realized that Glo and Thaddeus were not sleeping together. Later Adam mused at Liza's surprise and again asked her if she'd like to form an alliance with him. Liza sort of chuckled and said that she has no desire to get together with Tad. But Adam didn't buy it. He made her a nice wager---he said that he would give her a hefty raise if she could get her hooks in Tad before he got his in Brooke. Adam set the date at Christmas. Liza shook her head and said she could get Tad by Thanksgiving. With that the two shook hands to seal the deal.

Friday, October 4, 1996

Janet continued dolling up Amanda with fancy nailpolish unaware that Trevor was rolling himself nearer and nearer to the office door. Luckily Hayley intercepted him before he could enter the office and catch Janet and Amanda together. Hayley did her best to stall Trevor, but he became impatient and asked why he was not allowed in Hayley's office. And when a crash sounded out from inside the office, he was even more curious. Amanda heard her dad's voice on the other side of the door and came running out to see her father. Trevor asked Amanda was fell over in Hayley's office and she said that she knocked over some nailpolish and lipstick. Hayley had her secretary take Amanda down to the cafeteria for some ice cream and Hayley finally allowed Trevor into her office. As Hayley entered, she looked around nervously trying to determine where Janet had hidden herself. Hayley and Trevor began chatting and Janet, who was hiding behind the door, sneaked out of the office and ran home.
Trevor informed his niece that he had passed on his therapy after having mixed words with Dr. Tolan. Hayley asked Trevor if he told Dr. Tolan that he has a fear of leaving the house and doesn't spend time with his children unless he's with them at home. Trevor became defensive and asked why Hayley was saying mean things to him. Hayley explained that she loves her uncle and wants to see him get better. She added that Dr. Tolan may be a key step in Trevor's rehabilitation. Finally Trevor's wall seemed to be coming down as he figured out that Hayley isn' trying to insult him bysuggesting he see a psychiatrist---she's simply doing what she can to see that he gets better.

Sprawled out on a sofa at Wildwind, Maria suffered nightmares from her past. She relived her having Sam torn from her arms at the airport by Edmund and then the affair she had with Dimitri. As she stirred, Erica walked in on Maria and woke her from her trouble filled sleep. Upon seeing Erica, Maria took a few steps back. She obviously was linking her dreams with the present and feared that Erica might know about the affair. Erica inquired about Maria's dream, but Maria said that she never remember's her dreams and quickly moved to the next topic. Erica explained that she was there to talk to Maria about plans to move back to Wildwind. Erica pressed Maria for a definitive answer and wouldn't accept Maria's "I need a few days to think about it." Erica ranted on about leaving for Seattle to be with Bianca and needing to know if she could move to Wildwind before she left. With that Maria replied with a definitive "No!" This infuriated Erica, but she was not about to give up her lobbying for a new home. It was then that Erica went for the jugular. Erica related her stressed relationship with her daughter and said that she needs to spend time with Bianca in a nurturing environment one that Linden House cannot provide---but Wildwind can. Now whether Maria was reminded of how it pains her to go to the hunting lodge or if she was thinking of Sam, I'm not sure, but she finally agreed that Erica and Dimitri could move back in with them.

Edmund and Dimitri were having the same conversation at Tempo. When Dimitri entered Edmund's office, he encountered Skye. Skye, of course, still does not like Dimitri because of his having an affair with Maria. But she's been a good girl and hasn't spilled the beans to anyone besides Janet. The two exchanged some very cold glances. Dimitri remained nervous---or at least out of sorts---all through his meeting with Edmund. Edmund spoke of Maria being distant and uncomfortable about something, but that he didn't know what it was. Of course Dimitri (and Skye who was listening at the door) knew why Maria was having some problems. Dimitri again told Edmund about Erica's "fears" of Linden and how he does not expect Maria and Edmund to automatically open their doors to them. Like a bullet Erica zoomed into the office and announced that Maria had given her the go ahead to move back into Wildwind.
Later, Maria confirmed what Erica had told Edmund and she added that she wanted Erica to have a place to spend time with Bianca. She said that if it hadn't been for that, she probably would not have given the green light.

Palmer began a search for the culprit who routed through his papers. He so much as accused Flossy of being the one who went into his private drawer. Needless to say, Flossy broke down in tears after hearing the accusations. This left only two suspects left: Bobby and Kelsey. And at that moment the newlyweds returned from their outing and Palmer called them in to the study for his inquisition. Palmer said that he knows someone was reading his papers and wanted to know who it was. Bobby stepped foward and said that he was the guilty party. He said that he knew that a trust fund had been set up for his mother and wanted to know if one had likewise been vreated for him. He said that he didn't want to ask and just happened to come across the papers one day. He tried to clear everything up by saying that when he learned of the trust fund it made him want to marry Kelsey so that Sam would be provided for. Nice explanation. But the truth was uncovered when Palmer reminded Bobby that he'd need to be married for three years before the money would start to roll in. Bobby was stunned and Palmer immediately knew that Kelsey was the one who rummaged through the papers, not Bobby.

Janet returned to Linden House and learned that she had a visitor. Coral said that the visitor was out back because she was so mad that she looked like she was going to break something. Who was the mystery visitor? Marian! And she was hovering over Jonathan's little spot. Janet asked Marian why she was there. Marian replied, with a rug firmly in hand, that she wanted to know why Janet tried to pass off a cheao rug for the priceless Oriental that she had stolen. Janet struggled for an answer and her explanation was not helped along whem Skye suddenly showed up in the garden. Marian told Skye that Janet had stolen her rug after she broke into her house to have an affair with Jonathan. Janet kept her mouth closed and when she did try to offer up explanations for taking Marian's rug, they were just too unbelievable. Marian stormed off and vowed that Janet would end up paying for the missing rug. Skye didn't believe Janet's story.. She knew that there was no way Janet could have had an affair with Jonathan because he was supposed to have dumped Marian and fled the country. That led Skye to the conclusion that Jonathan never left the country and that he was someone in Pine Valley. Moreover, Janet must know where he's at. Skye was peeved that Janet was lying to her about what she knew and started to walk away, but she stepped in the still fresh soil and lost her balance. She bent down and saw a piece of carpet sticking out of the ground....

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