AMC Recaps: The week of September 16, 1996 on All My Children
Dixie ended her marriage to Tad in a letter that Stuart was asked to deliver to Tad. Liza threatened to take a job in San Diego. Even in death, Jonathan continued to cause problems for Erica and Janet.
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Monday, September 16, 1996

Liza wandered into the health club and bumped into Gloria. The two made small talk and Liza wasted no time in asking Gloria if she caught the airing of The Cutting Edge. Before they could get too engrossed in a conversation, Opal chirped from behind a stair stepper that she had great news for Gloria. Opal than swished her way over and told Gloria (just loud enough so that Liza could hear what she was saying) that Tad had hopped a plane for Pigeon Hollow and was, as she spoke, patching up his life with Dixie. Liza obviously knew what Opal was trying to do and said that she was glad Tad was working things out with his estranged wife. But Opal continued to press her agenda and said that Dixie means so much more to Tad than any quick roll in the hay he's had with anyone else. Liza turned the other cheek and went on with her workout, but then Opal pestered Liza about "hogging" the exercise equipment. As the two made themselves look like school children fighting over a seat in the cafeteria, Tad walked into the health club and the conversation abruptly finished. Opal apologized for talking about Tad behind his back and asked where Dixie was. Before Tad could give an answer, she said that Dixie must be back at the house unpacking her bags. Then Tad left loose with the news: Dixie was not coming back to Pine Valley. Later, Tad confided in Gloria that Dixie had "totally blown him off. He said that the only thing he can do now is to go on with his life because he's been living like Dixie was away at the mall for the past few months. He said he now needs to put her things away and do the best he can to get on with his life. As he said this, Liza approached from behind.

Adam gave Skye her pink slip and said that he would like to have a few words with her---but in private because he does not air his dirty laundry in public. Adam told Skye that there is no justification for what she pulled on Hayley. Skye tried to defend her actions (as she usually does) by saying that she thought she could do two good things at once: bring Hayley and her mother back together and score a ratings winner. She pointed to the flood of calls to the studio and said that her show would increase WRCW's profitability in the long run. Adam shook his head and said that Skye embarrassed Hayley, himself, and the entire Chandler family and that no ratings points are than important. Skye then shifted her excuse and suggested that she had no idea that things were so bad between Hayley and Arlene. Adam snapped back that Skye should have asked someone before she pulled off her little ambush. The only thing Skye can do now, Adam continued, was to start being a true sister to Hayley.
Arlene did her best to explain what happened on the set. She said that everything was Skye's fault because she was there to do a happy reunion show, not the gritty show that Elyse pulled off. Hayley didn't but the excuse and told her mother that she should think ahead next time before she does anything so idiotic. Arlene rehashed the past and said that things used to be good between her and her daughter, but Hayley brought up their last meeting and how Arlene told Hayley that she would never be able to love one man. Hayley blinked once or twice and told her mother to hit the road. Just as Hayley issued her orders, Adam sauntered over and demanded to know why Arlene was still standing around. He said that if she does not leave, he'll have her thrown out. A tear rolled down her cheek and Arlene asked if Hayley would be able to forgive herself if this were to be the last time they ever spoke. Hayley said nothing and Arlene walked out of the studio.

With Bianca screaming inside, Erica became more desperate to get into Marian's house. She stepped aside and allowed Janet to pick the lock. The two women ran inside and found Jonathan at the top of the stairs clutching Bianca. Erica begged Jonathan to let Bianca go free and that she would give him the money she promised anyway. Bianca struggled and managed to get free. Jonathan turned toward her and she gave him an ultimately fatal push down the stairs. In what had to be the longest fall in television history, Jonathan careened down the stairwell as Bianca screamed in horror in the background. Some two or three minutes later, Jonathan finally plopped down the final step and laid motionless on the ground. (This was the best fall-to-your-death scene since the demise of Helga!). Bianca ran down the steps into her mother's arms and Erica quickly escorted Bianca to another room. Janet checked for a pulse---but said that Jonathan was definitely dead. Erica begged Janet to keep Kinder's death a secret and to let Bianca believe that he was still alive and kicking. Janet was then given the orders to haul Kinder to the hospital. She put up a fight, saying that she always gets stuck with the dirty work, but finally agreed. Janet wrapped Kinder up in a rug and lugged him outside to Erica's car where she stuffed him in the trunk.
Back inside, Erica reassured Bianca that Jonathan would be okay. She then apologized to Bianca for her having such a horrible visit to Pine Valley. Bianca accepted the apology but asked if she could go back home to Seattle because she missed her father. Erica kept her chin up and said that she would do whatever Bianca wanted and then picked up the phone to make arrangements for Barbara to pick up Bianca at the airport. AS Bianca and Erica left Marian's house (passing the shoe that had fallen off of Jonathan's foot) then bumped into Janet, still outside and getting ready to take Jonathan to the hospital. Bianca asked if Dr Kinder would be okay to which Janet said he'd be fine (Erica added that he was just a little stiff!). Erica told Bianca to get in the car...but Janet shouted out that Erica could not use this car.

Tuesday, September 17, 1996

The marital adjustment period continues for Bobby and Kelsey as the two exchanged complaints over who had the supreme right to do as they please in the bedroom. Kelsey diligently worked on an essay for English about what she did over her summer vacation while Bobby bopped into the room strumming on his guitar. After the finished bickering and taking cheap shots at each other, they heard Sam crying. Kelsey said to leave Sam cry because he'll eventually stop. Bobby, on the otherhand, got up and said that he would take care of his son. As he opened the door, Opal stuck her head in to drop off some hand-me-downs for Sam from Petey. When Bobby announced where he was off to, Opal said not to worry because she would go and see if everything was okay. Then Palmer walked in. He asked what the two newlyweds were up to. Kelsey chimed in that she was working on an essay (about which she said she should get a copyright on the story before Hollywood tries to develop a feature film out of it) and then made a comment about how short on cash she is with taking care of Sam and having to pay for her school books. Now I know in college you have to buy your text books, but who has ever heard of high scholl students in a public school, no less, having to buy their books? Palmer smiled sort of like the cat that ate the canary and then wished the two pleasant dreams. Shortly after the door closed behind Palmer, Bobby accused Kelsey of trying to blow their cover. He said that Kelsey's little begging spree would clue Palmer in to her wanting his money. From there Bobby said that they need to give Sam to Edmund and Maria soon because they cannot split their attention evenly between school and rearing a child. Kelsey put up a fight and said that Sam had called her "Momma." Bobby warned her not to get too attached because Sam would be heading to Wildwind very, very soon.

Maria invited Edmund to Hal's to commemorate the third anniversary of their first date. Maria was ready to back out of the meeting up until the final minute, but when Edmund walked into Hal's and saw the little set up Maria had prepared, it was too late. She said that she realizes that things have not been perfect between them lately, but that she was hoping remembering the happy times would get them back on track. With that she gave Edmund a pair of cowboy boots as a gift and the two whizzed off to the dance floor for some two steppin'.
Julia walked in and headed right over to her bartender husband. She asked him how his first day at Tempo had gone. Noah said that photography still interests him greatly and that it is still a dream of his to pursue this new avenue. Julia said that she was happy for him and that his dream is definitely something that he should pursue.

Adam took Liza down to the airport where the two boarded his private jet. From there they circled Pine Valley and observed the layout from an arial view. Adam compared the view of the city to a "diamond brooch on blue velvet." From there he asked if Liza could forget that they ever minced words and suggested that she turn the other cheek and come back to work at WRCW. As an example of why she should return, Adam pointed to Skye's "Surprise Reunions" episode. Liza hinted that Adam must be proud of Skye because her show pulled in huge ratings. Again Adam reitterated that Skye's ambush hurt Hayley and that she overstepped her authority. He then added that Skye was no longer a part of the WRCW family. After listening to Adam's offer, Liza said that she cannot come back to the station because she already accepted a job in San Diego. Not only was the climate better, but she'd be working fewer hours and getting more in her pay check. Adam snapped back that he would match anything that the other station had to offer. Liza put down her champagne and said that Adam would have to do more than just match the offer. Adam refused to go the extra mile and the plane landed. Liza thanked Adam for an "unforgettable trip to nowhere" and headed home. Immediately after she left, Adam was on his celluar phone and trying to reach Madge Sinclair. He said that the two of them need to talk.

As hard as she tried to convince Erica not to take her car to the airport, Janet could not make Erica realize that she had hidden Jonathan's body in the trunk. Janet suggested everything from a cab ride to a limosine, but Erica insisted that she would be driving her car to the airport.
Bianca remained quiet all the way to the airport and only after Erica asked if everything was okay did Bianca speak. Erica asked if Jonathan allowed her to sleep alone without pestering her. Erica's fears were put to rest when Bianca assured her mother that Jonathan did not molest her. Then Bianca begged her mom not to tell Travis or Barbara about her pushing Jonathan down the steps. While there was a brief moment where it was implied that Bianca is afraid to talk to her father and his wife, the topic quickly changed. But it was my impression that, for some reason, Bianca is afraid of what Travis would say to her. Erica swore that her lips were sealed and she kept to that promise. In a hurry to catch the flight, Erica parked her car in an unauthorized area and inadvertently left behind Bianca's teddy bear in the car. As Barbara's flight arrived at the airport, Bianca was sent off to buy some gum from a vending machine. Barbara asked Erica why the visitations was cut short by two days. Erica quickly responded that Bianca missed her friends and that the media was being a pain in the neck. Bianca realized that she had left "Freddy" in the car, but the final boarding call came out for their flight back to Seattle. Erica said that she would send the bear air express and that Bianca would have him within 24 hours.
Back at Marian's, Janet tidied up the place and paced the floor waiting for Erica to return. When the doorbell rang, Janet didn't even look to see who was outside. She opened the door and there stood Jackson Montgomery. He was quick to ask Janet "what the hell are you doing here?" Janet covered for herself by saying that she was shown the house by Marian's real estate agency because she was considering renting the house. She then told Jack that Marian was out of town (she called the agency to see if Marian was on, but she was told that Mrs Colby was out of town). Jack was upset that Marian had disregarded his orders and left town and left a card behind for Marian to call him when she gets back home. AS he made his way to the door, he called for Janet and said that she should leave too. Janet returned a few minutes later and wiped down everything in sight to cover up fingerprints. Erica arrived a little while later and asked Janet what she did with the body. It was then that Erica learned why Janet was so insistant on Erica's not taking the car the airport. But that wasn't the final bitter twist. Erica's jaw dropped and she told Janet that her car was towed because she parked in a red zone and that the police must have her car---and Jonathan's body!

Advisory: Today's marks the conclusion of Dan's service of jury duty. Beginning tomorrow, Recaps will resume on their regular update schedule.

Wednesday, September 18, 1996

When Arlene paid a visit to her brother, Trevor, she nearly passed dead away when she saw him in a wheelchair. But before Arlene could ask what happened to Trevor, he was quizzing her as to why she surprised Hayley on The Cutting Edge. Arlene explained that she needed to be back together with her daughter. Satisfied that he had gotten an answer---not necessarily the answer he wanted to hear---Trevor informed his sister of his accident and how the doctors believe that his condition is brought on by some "mental" misfiring. The mention of psychological impairments gave Arlene the perfect opportunity to tout her counselling sessions. She said that seeing a therapist has helped her to avoid drowning her troubles in a fifth of scotch and made her want to get back with her daughter. She said that she no longer believes that she was born under an unlucky star and expressed a strong desire to be loved and needed. As Trevor began to feel sorry for himself, Arlene reminded him that he still has so much going for him: a career, children that love him, family. She gave Trevor a parting kiss and left him alone to think about what she said.

Mateo suggested to Hayley that she give her mother another chance to at least explain herself and so that she would not leave town on another bad note. Hayley thought that nothing could come of seeing Arlene, but agreed to do it anyway.
When Arlene returned to her suite at the Valley Inn, she found Mateo and Hayley waiting inside. Hayley smiled and apologized for her surprise reunion not being televised. Hayley jumped directly from the small talk into the purpose of her appearance. She wanted to tell Arlene that she does not blame her for any of the bad things that have happened recently because she had gotten past them. She added that she now knows that shew is not, like her mother once said, under a curse because she has found a man that loves her...and she loves him back. Arlene smiled and said that she is so happy that Hayley has found someone that she can care for. But she then asked Hayley if there was any room left in her life for her dear ole mom. Hayley didn't do cartwheels to welcome Arlene into her life, but implied that Arlene will always be a part of her life. Content with the answer, Arlene announced that she was going to be moving on. Through the help of someone she met in rehab, Arlene managed to snag a job as a book keeper. She said that she would be leaving in the morning. Arlene then asked Hayley if she could send her a wedding photo so she can put it on her desk at work to show everyone her "little g---beautiful daughter." Arlene bid Hayley a tearful goodbye and said that she will always love her. Hayley turned and quickly dashed from the room.
Back at her apartment, Hayley told Mateo that she hates her mother for always trying to make her feel guilty. She said that a part of her wants her mother back in her life---but not the mother than she knows. She described having a fantasy mom, one who is not an embarrassment to her.

Skye returned to Chandler Mansion and began packing her belongings. She announced to her father that she was leaving Pine Valley. She went on to blame Adam for not being concerned about her well being. Sure, she said, Adam has no problem blaming Skye for hurting Hayley on national television. But he took no time to think about how firing her would make her feel. She said that she was not thanked for delivering one of the highest rated Cutting Edge episodes and that Adam's only concern is his "precious Hayley." Adam denied the claims and, in true Adam style, excused himself to handle a business call. In Adam's absence, Stuart wandered in to the room and was stunned to see that Skye was headed out of town. Skye again explained her story to her uncle, careful to slant it in her favor. Stuart chuckled and said that Skye was just jealous of Hayley. Stuart went on to comparte Skye and Hayley to Adam and himself. Stuart admitted having a twinge of jealousy for Adam's business smarts. Skye interrupted and said that Stuart has many good qualities that Adam could never possess. Skye excused herself and went looking for another suitcase. Adam came back to the room and Stuart begged his twin to apologize to Skye and get her to stay in town. Adam refused to apologize and Stuart wasted no time in calling both Adam and Skye stubborn. As Adam continued to insist that he would not bow to Skye's childish demands, Skye walked back in the room and said that her father does not have to say anything that he doesn't mean. She finished packing and ran from the room. Stuart gave Adam a stern look and said that Adam has one chance to keep his daughter in his life and that if he wants her to feel special he should throw Skye a "Welcome Home Party," Adam grimaced and refused to do such a thing.

Erica and Janet bickered over Janet's dumping Jonathan's body in the trunk of Erica's car. Erica said that Janet should have given Erica some kind of sign that Jonathan was in the trunk. Janet said that she did, but that she couldn't very well have told Erica that Jonathan was in the trunk with Bianca right there. Erica came around and said that she was wrong and that Janet has done so much for her. Janet could not believe that Erica parked her car in the red zone---much less that it (and Johnny's body) had gotten towed away. Janet said that the only thing they could do was call the police and tell them what had happened. Erica replayed the entire scenario for Janet and said that it might not be such a good idea: Kinder kidnapping Bianca, Janet and Erica breaking in to Marian's house, Kinder ending up dead, and then somehow getting in to Erica's car? Janet agreed saying that they were just about as dead as Kinder! Erica called the police about her car hoping that they had not searched the car and found the body. The officer was nice ane even apologized for impounded The Erica Kane's car. But when Erica asked him if he could bend the rules and let her get her car right then and there, he said that the lot was locked up for the night, but that she could get it in the morning. Erica began to worry. But things were going to get worse. Marian called from her hotel room in Parts Unknown and left a message for Jonathan. She said that it's been days since she heard from him and that she had a horrible feeling that something happened to him. And, she added, if she did not hear from him soon, she'd be returning to town to find him. Janet and Erica looked at each other nervously. Erica then said that they need to get Jonathan's body from her car so they can plant it at the bottom of the steps and get themselves out of this horrible mess. Janet then let Erica know that Jackson knew that she was in Marian's house. She explained that she made up a good lie and that Jack seemed to buy it. Things just seemed to get worse. Erica said that they need to go to the car lot and get her car asking "What if Jonathan loses his freshness?" Then that little light bulb over Erica's head lit up. She called Jack and told him that she parked her car in the red zone and that it had been away. She asked Jack if he could help get the car out, but he said that he could not do anything until the next morning. Jack also asked if Erica was okay. He could tell that something was up because she was acting like a lunatic! Erica hung up with Jack and told Janet that the two of them were going down to the car lot and "breaking" the car out.

Thursday, September 19, 1996

Sometimes things are worth waiting for. Scott made up for his botched date attempts with Laura in a big way. If you recall, the first time these two young adults were supposed to go out with each other, Scott was summoned by Anita to help her escape the wrath of her tyrannical father. Well, Scott managed (with the help of his Uncle Adam) to rent out a ball room at a local museum. He spouted off the history of ballroom dancing and complimented his beauty date with fluid, classical charm. Laura, somewhat overwhelmed by the show of attention, said that she never imagined that she'd be in such a gorgeous place. The two danced across the floor to a Bryan Adam's tune and their passion for each other gave way. Within seconds, the two were passionately kissing... but as the reality of the moment set in, Laura pushed Scott away and said that she was late for her curfew. Laura grabbed her things and ran out of the room.

Working her shift at The Insomniac Cafe, Gloria inadvertently tried to clear away a table occupied by Jack. She apologized for nearly taking away his cup of coffee. Jack smiled and invited her to join him. As the two were gabbing, Tad walked in and joined them at the table. Gloria informed Jack that Tad could not join their "Singles Club" because he wasn't single. Tad shook his head and told Gloria that within 24 hours, he would once again be a single guy. He explained that he was going to the beautiful island of St. Justin so he could file for a quickie divorce. Both Jack and Gloria tried to discourage their friend from taking such a drastic step, but he told them that after his trip to Pigeon Hollow, he knows that he and Dixie will never get back together. Jack excused himself, saying that he had something he had to do for a friend and Gloria likewise excused herself to take care of a little business of her own.
Gloria phoned Dixie and asked why she was being so stubborn with Tad and told her that she needs to come back to town and stop Tad from filing for divorce. Dixie wasn't cooperative and as Gloria yelled over the phone at her friend, Tad came from behind and overheard the entire conversation (or at least the important parts). Gloria explained her actions as doing what's needed to get two people back together. She said that she doesn't know why she feels a need to do this, but that it is the right thing to do. Tad looked Gloria dead in the eye and said that while what she's doing is very noble, his marriage to Dixie is over.

Adam pulled Madge up to the bargaining table and tried to find out how firm her offer to Liza actually is. Well don't you know that while the two of them are embroiled in contract talks, Liza struts up to the table. Adam told Liza that she is not part of the discussion and should keep on walking. Liza, however, replied that since she is still the subject of discussion, she might as well stick around and represent herself. Madge went over her offer with Liza and Adam and Liza smiled happily at the offer. Adam again told Liza that he can match anything Madge has to offer. But Liza didn't want a match, she wants bigger and better. Adam pulled back from the table and headed off to handle some other business. While he was gone, it was the ladies turn to sit and applaud their acting efforts. Liza thanked Madge for playing along with her in trying to get Adam to increase his offer to her. She added that she would be forever in Madge's debt. But Adam clued in to their scam and when he returned and told Liza that she should consider herself lucky that he is still even interested in getting her back. He agreed to give her some additional benefits (like over four weeks of vacation per year) and gave her a stern warning that if she ever tried to con him again... well... that she'd be sorry. Adam again walked away. With Liza as the only one left at the table, Adam's cellular phone began ringing. Liza picked up and got a confused Tad on the other end. He could not figure out why Liza was answering Adam's phone. Tad asked Liza if she could pass on a message to Adam that he'd be out of town for a few days---in St. Justin, getting a divorce.

Janet and Erica lurked in the shadows at the car lot. Erica asked Janet to pick the lock so that they could get inside. Janet asked why Erica automatically assumes that she can pick a lock. Erica just kind of smiled and Janet saod no more. After some initial struggle, Janet managed to pop open the lock, but as the two were about the enter the fenced area, Jack walked up and asked what they were up to. The two were so caught off guard that they had to bumble around for several minutes before they could come up with an answer. Janet said that Erica had left something of high importance in her car and that they were coming down to the lot to see if they could fetch it. Janet then quickly added that the lock was already unlocked and that she had not broken in. After Jack said that he would call the night watchman to help them find the car, Erica backed down from the excuse and said that they could return in the morning. Jack was not about to let the two ladies go that easily and led them to Erica's car. Erica then lied about not having the keys to her car (she does have three cars, after all), but when the guard said that he had a master key, Erica's keys suddenly materialized. As a nervoud Janet prayed that Erica would find something in the car that they could use in their alibi, Erica called out that she found what they were looking for. Then Erica popped out of the car clutching Freddy, Bianca's teddybear. Jack could not believe that he went through this entire ordeal for a stuffed animal, but Erica insisted that it was very important that they get the bear because Bianca needs to to get to sleep at night. Janet and Erica then got into the car, buckled themselves in, and prepared to drive away. The guard, however, informed them that they could not take the car until the next morning.
The two women then returned to Linden House and made plans for disposing of Jonathan's body. They hinted that they would do a "Jimmy Hoffa" on the deceased doctor and bury him in cement. Erica smiled fiendishly and said that it was a great idea.

Friday, September 20, 1996

Maria woke up early and laid on the sofa in the study staring off into space. When hubby Edmund walked in, he asked why his wife had gotten out of bed so early especially on a day when she had off from her hospital duties. Maria explained that she has been battling a severe case of insomnia for the past few days. Edmund delicately asked his wife if her sleeplessness had anything to do with her missing Sam. Not wanting to seem as though she still had a problem coping with having to give her son back to Kelsey, Maria reluctantly nodded, but said that she could see a therapist to get over her grief. Edmund took his wife by the hand and said that what she is feeling is perfectly normal. He said that no one expects Maria to forget her bond with Sam and that she is perfectly normal in missing the baby.
As the two were talking, Julia stuck her head in and asked Maria why she was just lounging around. Apparently, Maria had promised to help Julia spruce up the hunting lodge. Julia wanted to surprise Noah with the news that they would soon have a new place to live---rent free. Edmund kissed his wife goodbye and headed to work. Maria quickly conjured up some excuses as to why she couldn;t help Julia, but none of the excuses were very convincing. Finally Maria ended up agreeing to help Julia and the two sisters went down the path to the lodge.
Once inside, Julia began talking of how she wants to change some of the things inside. She said that a back room (Apparently a room that we viewers have never gotten to see. I thought that it was a one room lodge!) could easily be transformed into a dark room for Noah's budding interest in photography. Julia then asked Maria if Dimitri would mind if they stored some of the lodge's furniture in the attic at Wildwind because the furniture wasn't exactly their speed. Maria drifted off into the ripples of her mind as she recalled that tumultuous evening when she and Dimitri slept together. Maria, wanting to get out of the lodge, said that she needed to call the hospital and check on a patient and made a beeline back to the main house.
At the Tempo offices, Noah delivered another batch of his photos to Edmund for his approval. So pleased with the photos was Edmund that he gave them to the photography department for consideration of future publishing in the magazine. Julia tracked her husband down at Tempo and asked how is day was going. She did not tell him where she was and did not explain her rather short note explaining that to Noah that she would be gone for most of the day. All Noah saw when he woke up was a note from Julia saying "Out Back Later." Well we no longer need to wonder why Julia is not a poet laureate! Anyway, Noah said that he had a new photo that was his best work---but that no one but Julia could see it. He popped out of the office for a few moments and returned with a black and white photo of Julia sleeping. He said that the subject of the picture was his sole reason for living.
Dimitri called Edmund and Maria and asked if they knew where Erica was. He said that he checked all of the dude ranches in Arizona and could not find Erica or Bianca. If you recall, that was the excuse Erica gave to get Dimitri off her heels when battling with the kidnapper.

Kelsey had a rather vivid nightmare-fantasy dream that woke her from her sleep. In the dream, Kelsey ran into Cortlandt Manor soaking wet from a spontaneous summer storm. She looked around for someone to help her warm up, but no one was there. The lights were off and the fireplace remained dark and empty. She turned around and saw Palmer sitting in a chair laughing to himself. He told Kelsey that she "doesn't belong [there]." Still cackling, Palmer disappeared into thin air. Kelsey's dream then pulled a Wizard of Oz, as it went from black and white to color. Bobby put a blanket around her and gave her a sweet kiss on the lips. Kelsey woke from her sleep and noticed that the covers had slipped off of a still sleeping Bobby. She covered him back up and went back to sleep.
When the twosome finally woke up, Bobby wandered off to give Sam his morning bottle. When he returned to his bedroom, he knocked on the door to see if it was safe for him to enter. Kelsey scolded him for knocking and said that since they are married they should not be knocking ont the door. If she's naked, Kelsey said, Bobby should just close his eyes and wait until she'd finished dressing. Bobby then told Kelsey that he was not in a rush to get ready for school because his guidance counsellor had made special arrangements for him to stay home twice a week for the first two periods of school to spend time with Sam. Kelsey warned Bobby that he was getting to attached to Sam and that the sole reason for their marriage might get clouded in everything. As Kelsey talked of this, Palmer walked in. The duo quickly had to come up with what this "sole reason" was. They wisely repeated their stand that they were married because it was what was best for Sam. Palmer didn't buy the story and, after Bobby had left, he asked Kelsey if her marriage to Bobby was everything that she expected it to be. Kelsey thought for a second and said that no marriage goes according to a set plan and that she was very happy with the road that her marriage is taking.
Downstairs, Bobby bumped into Kevin who said that he was going to be having a study session with Anita so he could pass along any messages that Bobby might have for her. Sure enough as the two were talking about Anita, don't you know that she rings the front door bell and tells Kevin that they cannot study at her house because Rosa has come down with the chicken pox. Bobby ushered Anita into the mansion and Anita quickly started oggling Sam. She talked of how much he has grown since she first saw him at his christening. Anita asked Bobby if he remembered that day. He nodded his head and said that that was the day he asked Anita to marry him. This trip down memory lane shook Anita up a bit and Bobby apologized for his callous remark. He took Sam upstairs, but Anita followed closely behind. In Bobby's bedroom, nevertheless, Anita remarked on how she still has feelings for Bobby. She said that she wishes they would evaporate, but that she knows she will always care for Bobby.
Back downstairs, Opal returned home from a shopping trip and found out from Flossy that Anita and Bobby were upstairs. Opal rushed to Palmer's side and asked him why he was sitting so calmly when his grandson has another woman in his bedroom. Palmer said that he was simply allowing Bobby to have just enough rope to hang himself. Opal switched on the baby monitor and Palmer listened to every word that was said in the room. But they were not the only ones listening. Kelsey returned home and listened from outside the bedroom as Bobby and Anita expressed their mutual affection for each other.

With morning came the ability for Erica to retrieve her car from the impound lot. Janet made some coffee at Erica's request, but she was too jittery to enjoy the brew. Erica waltzed down the steps wearing bedecked in diamonds and a flowing red silk dress. Janet asked Erica how she could be so nonchalant to which Erica replied that she was acting "normal" so that no one would get suspicious. The pair then headed to the impound lot and prayed that no one had found Jonathan's body. Erica presented her license and registration to the attendant and after a long waiting game the attendant announced that Erica could get her car back. As Erica made her move toward the car she was informed that policy dictated that only the lot attendant could drive the car off the property. Janet and Erica crossed the fingers and hoped that the attendant would not smell any foul odors coming from the trunk. When the car was pulled off of the lot, the attendant informed Erica that she could use an air freshener. Janet and Erica realized afterward that the rotten smell came from some vegetables that Erica had left in the back seat. The breathed a sigh of relief and doused the car with a can of Lysol. As they prepared to drive away, however, Erica drove over a glass bottle resulting in a flat tire. Now the two really worked themselves into a frenzy, Janet went to a convenience store and bought several bags of ice to, well, keep Jonathan from stinking up the car. As Erica bent down to survey the damage to the car, a man approached from behind and asked what she was up to.

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