AMC Recaps: The week of September 9, 1996 on All My Children
Skye planned a sneak attack on Hayley during a performance on 'The Cutting Edge.' Tad flew to Pigeon Hollow to talk to Dixie. Joe and Ruth learned of Kelsey's marriage. Erica and Janet teamed up to find Bianca's kidnapper.
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Monday, September 9, 1996

Mateo and Hayley's engagement shindig at Chandler Mansion continued on, but the happiness of the evening kept getting pushed aside by problem after problem. There were, however, some joyful moments.

Hector laid into Michael and Brad for disgracing Mateo's holy union to a woman. He said that their homosexuality chipped away at the good morals of the occasion and that he wanted them to leave Chandler Mansion immediately. Michael stood firm and said that he wasn't going anywhere because he, like the Santoses, was an invited guest. Michael defended his being with Mike by saying that the Bible mentions nothing about loving someone as bad. Hector sneered and said that he'd say a prayer for Michael. Adam waltzed over and reminded Hector that he in not the king of the castle in Chandler Mansion and said that in his house Michael and his date are always welcome.
Hector summoned his wife to his side and told her that they would be going. Isabella shook her head and said that he should live and let live for the evening. She added that there was no proof that Michael and Brad were doing anything "improper." Michael laughed at Hector's folly and noted that Hector had no problem discussing his bursitis with Brad before he knew he was gay. When asked how Hector found out about Brad being Michael's date, Isabella said that Hayley's sister had told them. To say that Hayley was upset would be an understatement. She stomped out of the reception area followed by Adam and blasted her sister. She accused Skye of being against her from day one and demanded an answer for why Skye is so hell bent on destroying her life. Skye professed her innocence and asked how she could possibly know that Hector was a raging homophobe. Hayley dashed upstairs leaving Skye and Adam alone. Adam yanked Skye by her arm and said that she had better put on a happy face and strut herself back into the party and enjoy herself. He ordered her to clap the loudest, laugh the hardest, and smile the broadest of any of the guests.
Upstairs Hayley threw books against the wall and threatened to kill her half-sister. Arlene had hidden herself in the closet because she wanted to talk to Hayley one-on-one before making her grand entrance. As she prepared to come out of the closet (Oh people! Not like that!!) and console her daughter, Mateo walked into the room and iced Arlene's exit. Matt asked Hayley if she was okay and the two took a collective deep breath before returning to the party.
Dimitri popped in with an engagement present just as Julia was discussing her living arrangements with Edmund and Maria. She said that she was looking for someplace.... well someplace with lower rent. Edmund immediately thought of the hunting lodge and when Dimitri heard of the situation he agreed to give the hunting lodge to Julia and Noah free of charge. Noah snapped off a few pictures of the party goers and Julia proudly showed off some of Noah's previous pictures to Edmund and Maria. Edmund was quite impressed with the handy work and offered him a job as an assistant photographer at Tempo. He graciously accepted.
After his toast to the soon-to-be-newlyweds, it was Mateo's turn to be on the receiving end of a job offer. Adam told him and all the party goers that he had a job lined up for him in the corporate sector of Chandler Enterprises. Mateo put on a big smile for all to see, but he asked to speak to Adam in private and subsequently turned down the job offer. Adam was stunned that someone would turn him down, but didn't bite his head off. He said that he hopes he knows what a big decision he's made and wishes him the best in his bar venture.
Brad told Mike that he admires his committment to equality, but said that he is not an activist. The two agreed that they would continue seeing each other---but that Brad would pick the next social activity.
Skye took Mateo's job offer very hard and turned it into another avenue of resentment for her sister. She ran upstairs and sought out Arlene. She smiled evilly and told Arlene that she had an idea of how she can make an entrance to remember,

A masked person snuck up behind Bianca while she was tinkering with her horse grooming supplies and placed a chloroform lAidan handkerchief over her mouth. Bianca tried to put up a fight, but the superior strength of the attacker combined with the effects of the chemical proved too much for her and she was out like a light. The stalker pulled of the mask revealing, no surprise here, Jonathan Kinder. He snapped off a few Polaroid pictures of the collapsed girl and then hoisted her up and carried her of to Marian's house. Hence the reason for his wanting to get Marian out of town. Before he was finished, Jonathan went to Linden House and grabbed a few of Bianca's prized possessions including her teddy bear. When Bianca woke up she had a terrible headache. She flipped when she saw a strange man standing in front of her. Jonathan said that he was a friend of Erica's and that she dropped Bianca off at his house so she would be safe. He said that reporters were swarming around Linden House and Wildwind and that this was the safest place for her. See, since Johnny has been listening via the bug to everything said at Linden House, he knows all the right things to say to Bianca. Bianca didn't believe him, but he had one more card to play. He forked over some cash as well as her teddy bear--saying that Erica gave strict instructions to give Freddy to Bianca the minute she woke up. He told her that the cash could be used to take a taxi back to Linden House, but that she'd have to fight off the reporters by herself. Not wanting to deal with the media, Bianca agreed that she should stay with her mother's "friend" until Erica was able to come and pick her up. Jonathan explained that Erica and Dimitri were at the police station giving their statements and could not be contacted. He said that he had already given his account of the incident and that he was the one that chased the attacker away before she was harmed. Jonathan then pointed Bianca to the bedroom and told her to go and rest up so she'd feel better. After Bianca was safely tucked away, Jonathan called Erica and asked her if she knew where her daughter was. Erica became frenzied by the call and demanded to know who was calling her. Jonathan, using a voice muffling device to disguise his voice over the phone, said that he had kinder-napped, um, kidnapped Bianca and that Erica would do everything he told her to do if she ever wanted to see her again.

Tuesday, September 10, 1996

With a dubbed copy of Skye's disasterous debut as producer of The Cutting Edge, Scott showed up at Liza's to try to lift her spirits. Scott praised Liza's job as station manager and said that she deserves to get her job back. Liza smiled and agreed wholeheartedly with everything he said. Stuart somehow tracked down his son at Liza's and placed a call there, asking Scott to hurry up and get home. Scott warned Liza that if she sees his picture on a carton of milk that he obviously didn't make it home. Before he could leave, Liza asked him a personal question, wondering if he has been able to get over the loss of his mother. Scott stopped and after several moments of heavy though, he said that he missed his mother for a long time, but that Stuart did a great job raising him. Liza confessed that she never got over the death of her father. After Scott left (and asked her to call if if there iws anything that she needs), Liza decided to call her mother one last time, but she received no answer. She could not believe that her mother would pick up and run off so quickly.

Mateo and Hayley dined at the Valley Inn to recuperate from the engagement party. Mateo apologized for his father's poor behavior and expressed a desire for a "muffler" that would stop Hector from ranting and raving with the simple touch of a button. But at least one good thing came out of the evening, Hayley said with a smile. She congratulated Matt on his job at Chandler Enterprises. Then Matt laid the news on her that he had rejected the offer. He said that Adam wasn't thrilled, but said that he was free to do what ever he wanted to do. He then asked Hayley if she was still willing to go in on the bar buying expedition with him. She nodded and said that she wants to be a full 50-50 partner with the man she loves.

Skye put up Arlene in the corporate suite at the Valley Inn. Arlene thanked Skye for her generous accomodations, but said that Adam would blow his top if he found out that Arlene was back in town. Skye smiled and informed Hayley's mother that she had ascended to the throne at WRCW and had creative control over The Cutting Edge. Skye said that The Cutting Edge would be the perfect venue for a mother-daughter reunion with Hayley. Arlene said that Hayley would never agree to appearing on the show let alone on the show with her mother. That wouldn't be a problem, replied Skye, saying that she would lure Hayley to the show with a bogus pitch to chat about Enchantment's new cosmetics. With the careful wheedling out of the way, Arlene agreed to appear on the show. Now all Skye had to do was convince her sister to appear on the show.
Skye wandered down to the dining area and through a wonderful twist of fortune found Hayley only a matter of a few yards from her. She scampered over to the table and gave a "sincere" apology to Matt and Hayley, saying that she had no idea that Hector would explode upon learning that Michael and Brad were dating. She begged for an opportunity to make it up to Hayley and said that she has an offer that Hayley can't refuse. Matt excused himself to go begin his working as a waiter. Skye wasted no time and told Hayley that she learned of Enchantment's policy against testing their cosmetics on animals. She said that she respected the stand and wanted Hayley to appear on the show to discuss (with other professionals) animal abuse in the private sector. Hayley thought the idea was another of Skye's ambushes, but after hearing Skye talk about her flopped first attempt as a producer, Hayley gave in and accepted the offer.
Arlene called room service to replace her melted ice cubes and dwindling supply of lime and lemon juice. As she walked into the bathroom, she recalled her last conversation with her daughter--how she told Hayley that she was a loser like her mother and would always be. She shook her head and entered the bathroom. Outside, Mateo had filled the order and was delivering the items to her room. With Arlene in the bathroom she didn't hear the knocking at the door. After several unanswered knocks, Mateo opened the door and walked inside,

Erica panicked when she realized that something horrible might have happened to her daughter. She begged the mystery man on the other end of the phone to return her daughter. He said that he would, but only after Erica fulfilled her end of a bargain. He told Erica to hang up the phone and look out the front door. Erica obeyed and ran to the door. Outside she found a picture of a passed-out Bianca in a yellow envelope. Erica ran back inside as the kidnapper called again. Jonathan, the Kindernapper, order Erica to get $2 million in cash within 24 hours and that he would call back with instructions on how he would collect the money. He also warned her not to notify anyone of Bianca's disappearance or that something would be done to harm Bianca.
Erica placed an urgent call to Jack. Jonathan listened over the bug and said aloud for Erica not to make a stupid mistake. Of course Erica could not hear him. When Jack picked up the other line Erica realized that she had better not tell Jack anything because it might have awful consequences. She changed the tone of her call and said that she only wanted to ask about dates on which she can perform some civil service. Jack was puzzled and asked Erica if she was sure everything was okay. Erica said she was fine and hung up.
Janet came home and asked Erica why she never showed up at WRCW. Erica said that she had a very important photo shoot and could not make it. But when Janet asked to see the photo Erica was holding, Erica quickly said that the photo was hideous and that she did not want anyone to see it. Janet complied and then produced a CD that she bought for Bianca. Erica informed Janet that she was having difficulties dealing with Bianca and thought it best that Janet leave Linden House until after Bianca had returned to Seattle. Janet's happy mood shattered. She lowered her head and said that she would be out in the morning.
Dimitri showed up just seconds later and said that Bianca was missing. He asked Erica if she heard anything from her daughter and if she was okay.
At Marian's house, Jonathan convinced Bianca that she needed to stay in hiding for a little while longer. He dropped off the names of some of Bianca's favorite food dishes and said that Erica ordered him to prepare them for Bianca. Outside, Liza approached the front door and rang the doorbell.

Wednesday, September 11, 1996

Still hiding in the bathroom, Arlene found herself with no way of avoiding Mateo. She locked the door from the inside, but the locking sound caught Mateo's attention. As he turned around to announce his presence, his eyes caught glimpse of Arlene's newspaper article about the pending nuptials between Matt and Hayley. He asked the person in the bathroom if they knew Hayley. In her best disguised voice (and the woman is no Rich Little) Arlene tried to explain herself, but she was getting no where. She opened the door and prepared to waltz out and face the music. Luckily for her, Skye walked in at the exact moment and yanked Mateo out of the room. So Mateo rephrased his query and asked who was staying in the room. Skye concocted a quick story about the person in the room being a guest for an upcoming edition of the Cutting Edge. She also told Mateo that she and Hayley buried the hatchet and were going to work on The Cutting Edge together. Mateo was not overtly happy and suggested that he tell Hayley to come up to the suite so she, Skye, and the other woman can discuss the show's format. Skye said that it was not necessary to summon Hayley because it would take the edge off of the show. Matt nodded and went back to work.
Skye asked Arlene what on earth possessed her to pop out of the bathroom. Arlene called her presence in Pine Valley a bad surprise and said that she does not want to go through with the show because she's afraid that it will do more harm than good. Skye gave her a video tape copy of a previous show that featured a mother-daughter reunion, where the mother and daughter had not spoken for seven years but were thrust back together when the mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Skye left Arlene to view the tape and told her to contact her when she was done to let her know if the show was still a go. After viewing the tape and seeing the happy reunion, Arlene's overactive imagination cojured up a fantasy of how the show could possibly go. She pictured Tad as a smiling gameshow host type host who was completely enamored by her. Arlene strolled onto the stage wearing a glittering diamond necklace and matching tiara. Every word that rolled off her tongue kept the audience captivated and applauding. Then came the time for Hayley to be brought on stage---which was Arlene's room at the Valley Inn. Hayley said that she could not accept her mother's apology because she, not her mother, was at fault. She begged her mother's forgiveness and when Arlene said she forgve her daughter, the two embraced and the audience went wild. Tad then called in Adam and Mateo to join the happy family. Adam, acting more like Stuart, rushed to the set and said how happy he was to have the world's best mother back in his daughter's life. The show closed with everyone (including Tad) hugging, smiling, and gushing happily ever after. Arlene snapped back into reality and raced to the phone to tell Skye that she was going to appear on the show.

After an unsuccessful attempt to get into her mother's house, Liza headed to the Valley Inn for a bite to eat. She ran into Tad and Adam. Tad said he was surprised to see her up and around so soon after surgery. As the two made small talk, Adam poped his head into the conversation and offered to buy Liza dinner. He later explained that he was not being generous and settling her dispute with WRCW, but rather offering her a last meal before she is sent off to jail for her part in Skye's near death. Liza laughed Adam off and said that she was working with her attorney to get her job back. And when she does get her job back she wants a full on air apology and triple her pay--and, of course, Skye gets canned.
Brooke and Phoebe dined at a nearby table and Phoebe elbowed Brooke to stop her from gawking at Adam and Liza. She said that she had to go and urged Brooke to follow suit, but Brooke remained behind. Her reason for sticking around was that Adam and Liza have a known dislike for each other and she wanted to find out why they were having dinner with each other and smiling.
After Pheebes left, Tad joined Brooke and asked if he could change his scheduled time with Jamie to a different day. When asked for a reason, Tad explained that he is heading to Pigeon Hollow to spend time with Dixie. He wants to know where they stand and if Dixie will ever be coming back to town.

Erica began explaining to Dimitri that something horrible had happened to Bianca, but a phone call soon iced that plan. Jonathan warned Erica that if she spills the beans to Dimitri it will mean the end of Bianca. He said that she needs to get rid of Dimitri---now! Erica changed her story and told Dimitri that she and Bianca got into a horrible argument and Bianca raced to her bedroom and locked the door. Dimmie headed to the steps so he could go and talk to Bianca, but Erica raced in front of him and said that she thinks its best that Dimitri just leaves and that she'd call him in the morning with an update. Dimitri nodded and reluctantly left. Erica then headed back to the phone to call some of her financial advisors in an effort to liquidate her assets and come up with the $2 million demanded by the kidnapper.
With her bags packed, Janet walked down the steps and found Erica sitting at the desk with her head in her hands. Janet asked if Erica was okay and Erica exploded. She told Janet to mind her own business and just get out of the house. Erica walked over to the door in an effort to give Janet the point, but as Erica walked away, the Polaroid snap shot the kidnapper left floated the the floor. Janet picked up the picture and immediately knew something was wrong. She started to ask Erica about the situation, but Erica slapped her hand over Janet's mouth and hauled her outside. Safely beyond the range of the bugs, Erica confessed that Bianca had been kidnapped and that she is not supposed to tell anyone. She added that she would not have told Janet if she had not found the picture. Janet and Erica than ran down a list of names of possible suspects in the kidnapping and it wasn't long before they both realized that Jonathan was the abductor. Janet said that she would go to The Attic and see if she could find anything and would report back to Erica later.
Bianca began growing restless and demanded to be taken home. Jonathan's frustration grew and his hostilities toward Bianca began to shine through his masquerade. Sher grabbed her teddy bear and walked out the front door and said that she was leaving. Jonathan rushed after her and apologized for his bad attitude and said that he is a riding instructor and not used to the glamour and glitz that is surrounding Erica and her daughter. He lured her back inside by telling her that he wanted her to help him with a video game. They went back inside... but the teddy bear was forgotten on the doorstep.

Thursday, September 12, 1996

Still on his mission to find out Dixie's true intentions for him, Tad waited patiently at the airport for his plane bound for Pigeon Hollow to board. By a lucky coincidence, his parents, Joe and Ruth, were coming home from Oregon at the same time. Ruth remarked how sweet Tad was for picking them up at the airport. Tad sort of blushed and looked down at his shoes before saying that he wasn't there to pick them up but rather to get on a plane.
As Tad made his way to Dixie's modest home somewhere near the Appalachians in rural West Virginia, he found himself getting caught on his emotions. He knocked on the door, but when no one answered, he opened the door and walked in. He laughed to himself and said "Only in Pigeon Hollow." Hey Thaddeus, I got news for you. The folks in Pine Valley leave their doors open too!! He poked around inside and browsed over pictures. He clutched one of Dixie and Junior and pressed it up to his heart. He turned towards the door as he heard the jingling of keys.

The familiar sound of an alarm clock woke Bobby from his deep sleep. But when his eyes opened, he found that he had his arm wrapped around his new bedmate and wife, Kelsey. He grimaced and struggled to remove his arm from around the young woman. He sat up and prepared to dress himself but when Kelsey kept her eyes focused on him he said that there was no way he was going to strip down in front of her. The two finally got dressed and made their way downstairs where Kelsey announced that she was going to be returning to high school. Opal and Flossy (one of the Cortlandts house, er, mansionkeepers) would take turns caring for Sam while his parents were off at school.
At school Kelsey made a point of either telling everyone that she and Bobby were now wed or making public displays of affection in the corridors. As they rounded the corner, they bumped into Laura and Anita. Anita had just been allowed to return to public school by her parents. She expressed a yearning to be in Michael's history class and said what a bore her new teachers seem to be. Anita nearly had a bird when she saw the Warners strolling down the hall. Bobby tried to make the best of the situations, but when Kelsey announced that her locker was right next to Anita's, Anita slammed her fist against the metal locker and raced off to class, saying that she never thought she'd be looking forward to government class. Bobby instructed Kelsey to go on to class (she was given credits for the Advanced Placement courses she had taken in Chicago and was now classified, like all the other teen players, as a senior) because he forgot his chemistry book. But instead of fetching his textbook, Bobby called Flossy to see if Sam was doing okay.

Joe and Ruth made a beeline for Cortlandt Manor after reading a nore from Kelsey announcing that she was no longer living with them. Opal told the Martins to have a seat because there were some new developments in their granddaughter's life. When told of Bobby and Kelsey's elopement, Joe and Ruth said that it made no sense for the two to have gotten married and blasted Palmer for encouraging the two to live together. Palmer showed his face and said that he was in no way, shape, or form promoting the marriage and said that something about it just didn't measure up. He added that the best way to find out what the two teenagers were up to was to let them play the mariage out. Joe then told the Cortlandts that they wanted Kelsey to take care of Sam on her own so that she'd see what a responsibility a child was and give Sam back to Edmund and Maria. Deciding that some good news was in order, Ruth told Opal and Palmer that Tad went to Pigeon Hollow to try to woo back Dixie. Opal was ecstatic, but Palmer was not moved.

Arlene snuck into WRCW through an obscure back door entrance and went right to Skye's office. As Arlene was talking about the show, the door suddenly swung open and Hayley and Mateo beamed from the doorway. Fortunately, Arlene was on the "blind side" of the door way and could not be seen by anyone other than Skye. Skye quickly ushered the couple out of her office and told them to go to the set and get a feel for the place. Stand in host Elyse Flynn, also known as Pine Valley's Gossip Diva, popped in her head and said that she wanted to go over a few details with Arlene before her appearance on the show. Arlene expressed a strong desire to have the bad moments between she and her daugther to a minimum because she did not want to risk losing her daughter ot pushing her farther away. Elyse said that she would respect Arlene's feelings and do an upstanding show. But when Arlene was whisked off to makeup, Skye gave Elyse orders to dish up as much gossip as possible. The show, which was supposed to be taped and aired at a later date, was suddenly made into a live episode when the master tapes of the episode to air conveniently disappeared. You see, Skye hid the tape in the bottom of a drawer in her office.
Hayley nearly suffered a nervous breakdowm when she heard the word "live" mentioned. She said that she could not go on live because she might make a fool of herself. Mateo managed to calm her down and when the show was ready to go on Hayley was cool and composed.
Elyse started off asking Hayley about her committment to animal free testing, but she then said that Hayley's strong convictions must come from her mother and asked for details about Hayley's home life. At commercial break, Hayley insisted that the personal questions be stopped or she'll get up and leave. When the show came back from commerical, however, Elyse broke the real subject of the show: Surprise reunions. Elyse announced that someone was in the studio to reunite with Hayley. With that, Arlene came out from behind stage and said hello to her daughter.

Friday, September 13, 1996

For the hopeless romantics that have been pulling for a Tad and Dixie reunion, all hope finally seems lost. Tad brushed himself off and made sure he looked well as someone came in to Dixie's house. It turned out to be Stuart who, if you remember, was in Pigeon Hollow visiting Dixie and Junior. Adam had called the night before and warned his former wife that her estranged husband would be paying a visit. Did you follow that? Dixie apparently hid somewhere else in town and refused to see Tad. Tad explained to Stuart that he loved Dixie and that he's changed. He said that he now realizes that his attraction for Liza was just that, a simple attraction but that his "heart and soul" remains with Dixie. Stuart smiled (probably one of your fellow hopeless romantics!) and said he would go to Dixie and tell her what Tad said. He returned a short time later with a note for Tad from, of course, Dixie. In the note Dixie told Tad that their "lives are separate now" and that Pigeon Hollow is her home and that Tad needs to go back to his home. Finally she added that "what [they] had is finished."

Adam met with three affiliates from across the country. They were discussing the future of WRCW and, more noteably, The Cutting Edge. Madge Sinclair brought up that she heard rumors of Liza Colby being fired. Adam explained that the station had decided to move in another direction and that Liza was let go. Madge then asked for Liza's opinion. Liza, as it were, decided by herself to "crash" the meeting and make sure that she was not bad mouthed. Liza said that she'd love to discuss the matter, but that her pending lawsuit against WRCW prevents her from discussing any of the details. She vowed that the Cutting Edge would plummet in the ratings and to prove her point she flipped on a nearby television station to show what was on the air. Instead of the already taped "Best of The Cutting Edge" episode, everyone was stunned to find something live and totally spontaneous. Adam twisted his neck back and forth as he tried to find out was was going on. He ordered the television to be turned off and then headed to the station. Mateo, who had been waiting on the table, rushed off to the station as well.
As Adam arrived he hollered out orders to cut the show in any method available. He said that he didn't care if they had to go to test patterns for the rest of the hour.
On stage, Hayley froze like a deer in the headlights of a car. Elyse then introduced the "special guest" therapist who tried to get Arlene and Hayley back together. As Hayley looked around the studio she noticed her dear, dear sister Skye looking on with a smirk. Hayley jumped off of the couch and grabbed her sister by the arm. She then led her back to the stage and turned the tables on the temporary producer. Hayley introduced her sister to the thousands of viewers and then asked her about her mother and whether or not she was an alcoholic. Hayley smiled as she dished Skye's plate full of the same four course meal she had been served just minutes before. She's smirk melted away leaving a dazed look of shock to crawl across her face. Skye insisted that they get back on topic and discuss Hayley's big surprise. Finally the show was pulled off of the air, but the discussion comtinued. Arlene pushed the blame for the show to Skye, saying that she had begged Skye not to use trashy details on the show. As Skye defended herself, saying that the show had not gone the way she had planned, hayley looked her in the eyes and accused her of trying yet again to sabotage her. She informed her sister that she does not "have what it takes to crack [her]."
Skye scampered over to Adam and said that she was not responsible for what happened. Rudy then rushed over and said that faxes and phone calls were pouring in as the viewers wanted to know how the show ended. Adam said that the response is irrelevant and that Skye went too far. Not only had she done a live show when ordered not to, but she hurt Hayley's feelings. Adam pointed his finger at Skye and informed her that her days at WRCW had come to an end---she's fired.
Arlene rushed over to Hayley and begged her to forgive her for everything that happened. She again said that she did not know what was going to happen (other than the surprise factor). Mateo told Arlene to buzz off because she had already done enough damage. Arlene begged for Hayley to forgive her and waited for her response.
Back at the affiliate meeting, Liza and Madge talked to each other and compared work to having a man in their life. After the chit chat was out of the way, Madge (Isn't that a wonderful name? Madge! Madge!) offered Liza a job at her station in San Diego.

Dimitri held to his promise and called Erica and asked how everything was going. Erica had answered the phone with a short "What?!." She explained her greeting by saying she had received numerous "disturbance" phone calls and said that she and Bianca were still on the outs. Dimitri said that he'd be over to talk to them in a few minutes. Erica quickly saved herself again by saying that she and Bianca were on their way out the door to attend a Dude Ranch in Arizona because the atmosphere would be conducive to a mending of their ways. Dimitri said that he could still make it over before they left, but Erica said that it would be best if Dimmie just left well enough. She bid her two-time husband a fond farewell and wished him well on his trip to London.
Erica then rummaged through a steel suitcase and revealed $700,000 in cash and a diamond necklace. She called out to the kidnapper that she was ready for his call, bit she received no response. A few minutes later the phone rang and Erica informed Jonathan that she had gotten the $2 million dollars for him. He asked if it was all cash like he demanded, but Erica explained that she could not get all cash because it would look suspicious. He reluctantly accepted the ransom and gave Erica instructions on where to drop off the attache of cash.
At Marian's house, Bianca snuck up behind Jonathan, who could not hear her approaching because he was listening to his bugging device, and tapped him on the shoulder. He jumped out of his chair and scolded Bianca for scaring him and ordered her to never do that again. He told her that she would be home by the end of the evening and told her to go and amuse herself until he was done listening to his "classical music." He also lied and said that Erica had called in the morning to check on Bianca but since Bianca was asleep he didn't wake her up. As Bianca tooled around the house, she wandered into a room that had been declared a "no fly" zone. As she looked at everything laying around, she knocked some magazines off of a table. One just so happened to open up to the Tempo expose on Jonathan Kinder. It took but two seconds for Bianca to realize that her "protector" was actually the man who got her mother addicted to pills.
Janet returned to Linden House and motioned to Erica to go outside so they could talk. Janet said that she had searched everywhere in town and could not find any trace of Jonathan or Bianca. Erica then told Janet about the drop off point to which Janet suggested Erica now contact the police. Erica said that calling the police was out of the question because it would pose a risk to her daughter. Janet, not wanting to be a wet blanket, said that there is still a possibility that Bianca could be harmed even if they follow the instructions to the letter. They then used the drop off point to locate a possible hiding place. When the two realized that Marian had a beach house off the same Interstate Highway as the drop off point and had a tie to Jonathan as a lover, they decided to go and track down Marian to see if she could give them directions to the beach house.
They finally arrived at Marian's house and found Bianca's teddy bear outside the front door. Inside they could hear Bianca screaming.

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