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After Liza verified that she did not have cancer, she told her mother to leave town. Despite some problems, Hayley and Mateo's engagement party proceeded as scheduled. Arlene returned to town. Bianca also returned to Pine Valley, but danger might have followed her.
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Monday, September 2, 1996

Anita read the letter from Bobby and shut down. When Kevin urged Anita to take action against Bobby and Kelsey's marriage, Julia jumped in and told Anita that she needed to steer clear of her former boyfriend and focus her energies on taking care of herself. Anita crumpled the letter and took off. Julia chased after her sister, leaving Kevin to babysit Sam and run the coffee shop.
Celebrating a night out with each other, Edmund and Maria stopped for a cup of coffee at the cafe and stumbled across Kevin and Sam. Maria's first concern was that Kelsey was ditching her parental responsibilities. Kevin stood up for Kelsey, saying that she had a good reason for not being with Sam: she was in Elk Green, marrying Bobby. Maria managed to put aside her pain, but told her husband that her fears of running into Sam around town were being realized.
As Emund and Maria discussed the matter, Dimitri went to the coffee shop with some monumental news of his own: he was going to sell the hunting lodge and move to Linden House with Erica. More than just that, he added that Bianca was heading to town because she and Erica had finally managed to patch up their differences. Edmund and Maria later discussed the oddity of Dimitri selling his prized hunting lodge. Maria quickly tiptoed off of the subject, and the matter was put out of everyone's mind.
Julia tracked down Anita at the bus station. Anita had not run off to Elk Green to stop the wedding as Julia had thought. She had been on her way, but the last bus from Pine Valley had already left. Julia told her sister that she had done the right thing. Anita agreed and said that when she left the bus terminal, she would be leaving Bobby and all the memories she had of being with him. Julia smiled and asked her sister to accompany her back home. Anita weakly smiled and pushed back her hair. She said that she would be leaving, but that she wasn't quite ready to leave just yet.

At Elk Green, the unlikely couple of Bobby and Kelsey prepared to exchange their wedding vows. As the justice of the peace and his wife asked the couple questions and tried to get them psyched up for their future together, Bobby began to complain. He snapped at the justice several times and just begged to get on with the ceremony. Kelsey stepped in and explained that her husband-to-be was just nervous about getting married. Even repeating the vows turned out to be a major obstacle for Bobby, but he was able to spit out the words. However, problems followed.
Bobby's car key broke off in the ignition and, with the mechanic out of town and the buses no longer running, Bobby and Kelsey were stranded in Elk Green. They called back to Cortlandt Manor to see if Kevin could help them, but Kevin said that since he was watching Sam and did not have a car seat for the baby, he would not be able to help them out. The justice's wife offered the newlyweds a sofa bed to sleep on, but they opted to stay at the motel, which just happened to be next door.
Kelsey tried to make the best of things, but Bobby wanted no part of Kelsey. She reminded him that when they returned to Pine Valley, he would have to put on a good front to convince everyone that the marriage was legitimate. Bobby grabbed an afghan and slept on the floor, leaving Kelsey alone in bed -- and looking rather peeved.

At Hal's, Mateo and Hayley boasted to Noah and Gloria that they would soon be the new owners of the place. Noah laughed out loud at the idea and couldn't believe that they were serious. Then Hayley suggested an ad idea for the bar -- a banner with Noah holding a beer. The slogan would read, "Have a nice tall, cool one -- and a beer."

Noah said his days of being a pinup model were over. He then told the crowd of friends that he was still getting modeling offers by the bushelful from Olga, but that he had decided to pass on that avenue. He added that being a bartender might not garner him much fame or fortune, but that it was an honest living. He then picked up Hayley's camera and snapped off a few pictures and said that he'd love to be a photographer and show the world through his eyes.

Liza didn't want to take Dr. Clader's call, but she knew that what he had to say would end one chapter in her book. Liza breathed a sigh of relief as the doctor revealed that Liza did not have a tumor in her cervix -- it was a large benign growth that was applying pressure and therefore causing her pain. Tad rejoiced for his friend's good fortune and said that she needed to go out and celebrate because she had been given a new lease on life.

Liza passed on going out with Tad and said that she would stay in. She thanked Tad for staying with her, but when Scott arrived at the door to ask Liza for his final review as an intern for school, Tad scooted off like a nervous bunny. Liza and Tad both told Scott that he hadn't interrupted anything. Tad ended up at Hal's, where he shared a drink with Gloria -- but Tad cast his thoughts on someone else: Liza.

Tuesday, September 3, 1996

Mother and daughter managed to patch up their problems, and Bianca returned to spend time with Erica in Pine Valley. As soon as they got out of the car, a tabloid reporter was in their faces, asking for the latest scoop. Erica struggled to unlock the door and fend off the reporter, but Erica and Bianca eventually got inside the safe walls of Linden House. However, there was yet another obstacle in their path. Janet wandered downstairs and introduced herself to Bianca.

Bianca flipped out when she realized that her mother was cavorting with the notorious crowbar killer. Janet stepped into the ring to defend herself and her honor. She admitted that she had once been way out in the stratosphere, but said that she'd recovered and was doing well. Erica added her approval and said that Janet was responsible for getting her and Dimitri back together.

Dimitri showed up just as they were discussing him. Dimitri bid a warm hello to Janet and then quickly embraced his stepdaughter and welcomed her back to town. He told her that he had bought her a new saddle and suggested that they go riding, but Bianca said that she'd prefer to stay home and read a book. They later learned that Bianca's reclusive tendencies had all begun when tabloid reporters began pestering her back in Seattle. Erica was furious that the media would seek out a twelve-year-old girl and try to destroy her life.
Janet wandered over to Bianca's room and asked if she could have a few words with Bianca. She said that she could relate to Bianca dealing with the tabloids and told Bianca that threatening the leeches with a lawsuit would get them off of her back. Bianca momentarily looked like she was going to give Janet a chance, but when Janet left, Bianca ran over and shut her door.

Tad and Gloria chatted with each other at the hospital. Gloria told Tad that she had gotten a letter from Dixie and that she was very happy with Jonas, her new beau. Tad clammed up, and fortunately Michael arrived with the Bagel Patrol. He offered everyone a freshly baked bagel, but Tad scooted off to check on Liza. Mike figured that he had interrupted something and asked Gloria what she and Tad had been doing.

Without really being asked, Gloria defended her relationship with Tad, saying that she liked Tad and that he had been a big help to her over the years, but she said that she just didn't get a spark when she was with him. Michael urged Gloria to relax and said that he was not asking if she had a romantic interest in Tad. He then confessed that he still held some hostility towards Tad for cheating on Dixie and for being a responsible party in his sister's murder. He then wished Gloria the best and said that he hoped she found a man who would be able to give her one hundred percent.

A frenzied Marian rushed into her daughter's room and asked Dr. Clader to tell her that she was not going to lose her daughter. The doctor told Marian that Liza had a cervical polyp and that it was not malignant. Marian thanked the doctor, who then left, and then Marian asked why Liza had not called to tell her of Liza's condition. Liza said that she had, but that Marian had not been interested in her problems. Marian then realized that her own preoccupation with Jonathan might have cost her her daughter.
Marian begged Liza for one more chance, but Liza said that she had used up her one chance a long time before. As Marian continued to express her devotion to her daughter, Tad walked in. As soon as Marian saw Tad, she changed her tone and said that she could pretty much figure out what was going on. A nurse entered to administer some medication to Liza and said that everyone else would have to leave the room.
Outside the room, Marian wasted no time in telling Tad to back off of her daughter. She said that Liza loved him and that if he could not give Liza the love she needed that he should hit the road and stop hanging around Liza. Inside, Liza could hear the whole conversation and began crying. She whispered meekly to her mother to shut up, but Marian could obviously not hear her.
Marian left the hospital and returned home, where she told Jonathan that she had lost her daughter forever. He told her that he was sure it wasn't that bad and quickly moved on to other matters. He told Marian that they would have to leave the country soon and that South America would be the new destination. Since Interpol was searching Europe for him, he said that South America would be an ideal second choice. Marian went off to the bedroom to rest and asked Jonathan to join her. He said that he'd be with her in just a few minutes -- and then went back to listening to the bug he had planted at Linden House.
Liza told Tad not to take anything her mother said to heart. He told her not to worry because he usually just let Marian's words go in one ear and out the other. Before long, Liza drifted off to a deep sleep induced by the medication. Tad held her hand and reassured Liza that he'd be there for her.

Opal and Palmer found Kevin tending to Sam, and the question started flying. Before Kevin could offer any answers, Opal snatched Sam from his arms. Then the newlyweds entered. Palmer demanded to know what they were up to and where they had been. Bobby said that they'd had car troubles and that they had been stranded in Elk Green. Then the Cortlandts wanted to know why they had been in Elk Green. Bobby smiled, hugged Kelsey close, and said that they had gotten married.
Opal and Palmer thought that it was a cruel joke and said that they had a lot of explaining to do. Bobby answered that he had decided to do the right thing and be a father to his child. Palmer blasted his grandson for entering the sacred vows of marriage with a woman he loathed. Kelsey tried her best to defend her new husband by saying that children of their generation were criticized for not being responsible enough, and when they finally went and did something responsible, they still got the finger pointed at them. Palmer cleared the room so he could have a few words with Bobby.
Opal asked Kelsey why she and Bobby had gotten married. Kelsey explained that they had wanted to do what was best for Sam and that they would make the marriage work. Opal rehashed some old confidences Kelsey had once told her. She asked if Kelsey still had feelings for Bobby like she had once said she did, back when no one knew that Bobby was the father. Kelsey nodded and said that any woman would have some feelings for the father of her child.
Palmer got much less information than Opal did. Bobby just reiterated everything he had said before: he had done what was right, he'd learn to care for Kelsey, and he would do the best he could to provide for his wife and son. Opal went back into the room and saw a piece of paper on the coffee table. She quickly hunted down Kelsey. She told Kelsey to bundle up Sam's things because he had a pediatrician appointment in twenty minutes.
Opal and Kelsey scrambled to get Kelsey and Sam ready and then went with Bobby to the hospital. Opal asked Palmer what Bobby and Kelsey could possibly be up to and then remembered the trust fund. Palmer laughed and said that Kelsey and Bobby would have to be married for three years before they'd get a penny of the money. Then he asked Opal, "How long [can the marriage] last?"

Bobby and Kelsey wandered aimlessly around the hospital corridors, looking for the pediatrician's office. As they prepared to walk into the office, they bumped into Anita -- the same Anita who had just confessed to her big sister Julia that she still loved Bobby and wished she could be back with him.

Wednesday, September 4, 1996

At the health club, between Stairmaster repetitions, Julia, Hayley, Matt, and Noah exchanged talk about Matt and Hayley's planned takeover of Hal's. The foursome spotted Edmund across the gym and decided to wander over and share a few words with him. Edmund was busy chatting it up with Skye about her improved health. Skye saw Maria and Edmund kissing and told Edmund that she was surprised he and Maria were back together after what she had "done." She assumed that Maria had told him that she had slept with Dimitri -- but she was wrong.
Skye covered for herself when she figured out that Edmund had no idea what she was talking about and said that she meant the night Edmund had taken Sam away from Maria. The gabfest was short-lived as the group approached and asked Edmund if he'd be offering up a toast at Hayley and Mateo's upcoming wedding. After some gentle ribbing about Edmund's long-windedness, he smiled and said that he'd be more than happy to say a few words. Edmund needed to excuse himself for a business call, leaving Hayley and Skye the chance to bicker back and forth.
Skye was shocked when she heard the news that Hayley was going to be the owner of a bar. After she ridiculed Hal's for being a hole in the ground, she said that she didn't feel it was wise for an alcoholic to be working at a bar. Hayley stuck up for herself and said that she could work there -- it was the drinking she could not do. Hayley added that she had a strong mind to do whatever it took to turn Hal's around.
Edmund returned, and the catfight ended. The foursome looked over the roll of film that Noah had snapped at Hal's a day or so before, and they were all pleasantly surprised by the great shots he had taken. The black and white pictures captured a young couple having a drink, the lovely nurse Gloria Marsh, and a waterfall of spilled beer gushing over the bar ledge. Hayley was so pleased with the shots that she asked if she could show them to the photographer at Enchantment. Noah told her that she could do whatever she wanted with them.
Edmund blasted Skye for doing a WRCW program on Dr. Kinder after she declined to help Edmund with a piece on Jonathan for Tempo. She said her change of heart resulted after Jonathan escaped from the hospital and apologized to Edmund for stepping on his toes.

Jonathan told Marian that he would be leaving the country within twenty-four hours. Marian pleaded with the newest man in her life to stay with her or to at least let her tag along with him. Dr. Kinder said that he could never ask Marian to give up her Pine Valley roots and be forced to move here and there every time the law closed in on him. Marian insisted that a move would be perfectly fine with her and, after hearing Jonathan talk about receiving a check from a friend soon, she offered to put up the money they needed to escape until the other cash arrived.

Bobby asked for a few minutes alone with Anita. She reluctantly agreed. Kelsey took Sam to his appointment while Bobby and Anita hashed things out. Bobby said that everything he had written to Anita in the letter was true and again expressed his sincere love for her. Anita thanked him for his warm words, but said that since Bobby was married to someone else, they needed to finally let go of their feelings for each other.
Kelsey returned and told Bobby that he was needed in the pediatrician's office. She then wasted no time in enacting her damage control. Knowing that Bobby had probably told Anita that he cared for her, Kelsey told Anita how much she cared for Bobby and how he was totally different since they were married.
At Cortlandt Manor, Opal took down the last vestiges of Bobby's bachelor days and made his room into a cozy love nest for two. Palmer caught her tidying up and asked her what she was doing. Opal explained that she needed to make the place Kelsey-friendly and said that since the two were married, they'd be sleeping together. Palmer nodded and said that it would seem that way, but vowed to get to the bottom of the marriage mess.
Bobby and Kelsey returned home, but things just got more bizarre. Palmer and Opal wished the newlyweds a pleasant sleep, but not before Palmer told Bobby that he would be having a discussion with him in the morning. Bobby and Kelsey fought over who would sleep on which side of the bed and, while Bobby was in the bathroom washing up for bed, Kelsey mooned over her marriage and her new name -- Mrs. Robert Warner.

Erica told Dimitri that she was passing on a meeting with her publisher so she could spend time with her daughter. However, Bianca overheard the conversation and accused Erica of treating her like a child. She then strong-armed her mother into rescheduling her appointment.
After a meeting at Pine Valley Hospital, Dimitri and Maria talked about his selling of the hunting lodge. Maria said that she felt sorry that her actions were responsible for Dimitri needing to dump the property. As the two were talking, Erica sneaked up from behind and begged Dimitri not to sell the lodge. He explained to her that he was going to get rid of the land because he and his family were at Linden House. Erica reminded him of their special moments at the hunting lodge, but Dimitri's position did not change. Erica then asked her soon-to-be-husband-for-the-third-straight-time if he could go and check on Bianca.
At Linden House, Bianca allowed a young man disguised as a poll boy into her mother's house. As it turned out, the young man, Josh, was there as a National Intruder. He probed Bianca for her feelings and thoughts on being the daughter of a celebrity. Fortunately, Dimitri arrived at the right time and caught on to Josh's scheme. He plucked a tape recorder from Josh's bag, removed the tape, and booted Josh from the house.
Bianca was totally embarrassed, and when her mother came home and asked what had happened, Bianca yelled at Erica and said that she wished she were not Erica's daughter. Dimitri tried to console Erica and told her that he would take Bianca horseback riding. Erica declined an offer to join in on the fun and said that she'd be better off staying at home and giving Bianca some distance. Jonathan overheard everything as he eavesdropped via his bugging device.

Thursday, September 5, 1996

Tim demanded to know why Trevor was not walking yet. Trevor responded to the questions by saying he just needed more physical therapy. Tim didn't buy it and threatened to walk out on Trevor and not return. Trevor yelled at his son and told him to get back in the house. A painful exchange followed with Tim asking what Trevor could possibly do to stop him from leaving, adding that Trevor would never be able to walk again. Trevor confessed that something was wrong with him, but that he didn't know what. He said that it was, however, possible that he would not walk again. Tim hugged his dad and said that it made no difference to him if Trevor needed a wheelchair, crutches, or a body cast, because at least he was still alive.

Erica hit the roof when she saw that the Intruder had plastered an article about Bianca in its latest edition. She headed off to the Intruder office to threaten them with a lawsuit. Dimitri caught Bianca plucking the tabloid from the garbage and reading the article about her. She sighed and told Dimitri that her mother had to be very embarrassed to have such an ugly duckling of a daughter. Dimitri reassured Bianca that she was a beautiful girl and said she was just at the "awkward age" and felt insecure about her appearance.

After Dimitri shared his own story about being at the same age and added that Erica had been a "gawky" teen, Bianca came around. Bianca agreed to go riding with Dimitri. As she ran upstairs, Dimitri reminded Bianca that she had left behind her teddy bear. She ran back, snatched it up, and said that it might seem childish to still be carrying around the teddy bear, but that Erica had given Freddy to her when she was only a day old and that she took it with her everywhere.
Erica returned to Linden House, triumphant that she had succeeded in getting the Intruder to back off. When she learned that Bianca had read the article, Erica prepared to go upstairs and talk to her about it. Dimitri pulled Erica back and said that she was the last person that Bianca wanted to talk to.

Liza called attorney Nora Buchanan to discuss legal action against WRCW for firing her. After she was done on the phone, Liza's doting mother, Marian, paid her a visit. Marian said that she wanted to stop by and talk to Liza. Liza quickly brought up Marian's telling Tad that Liza loved him outside the hospital room. Marian apologized, but said that she wanted Liza and Tad to be happy together. Liza was stunned by the words and said that if Marian was really so concerned about her well-being, she'd give her the keys to the family beach house and let her go there and relax for a week. Marian said that she couldn't because she had sold the beachfront property.

Liza was furious with her mother for selling the only thing that had any happy memories associated with it. Marian defended her decision and said that she needed the money because she was leaving Pine Valley to start anew. Liza couldn't believe her ears. Marian said, however, that she would stay if there were even the slightest hope that she and her daughter could be a family again. Liza shook her head and said that no one would ever love her least not real love. She told Marian to leave because she was out of line for selling the house. Marian left but said that one day Liza would miss her.
Second thoughts crept into Liza's mind and she called her mother, leaving a message on her answering machine, urging Marian to call her because Liza didn't want her to leave on bad terms. Jonathan, who was still lurking around Marian's house, quickly erased the message. Marian returned home and said she was ready to fly off to their secret hideaway and expressed how she was upset that Jonathan would be flying on a later flight. Marian went off to pack, and Jonathan mumbled to himself that he wouldn't be alone for long.

Tad, Gloria, Jamie, and Amanda played a quick game of musical chairs. After Gloria left to take Amanda home, Jamie told Tad that he really liked Gloria. Tad smiled and said that his son had great taste in women.

The day of taping Skye's Cutting Edge piece finally rolled around, but there wasn't much to tape. Tad and Skye feuded over the script, and the show's host, Erica, never showed up. With Skye zooming around and belittling the crew, the show turned out to be a huge flop. After taping, Hayley told Skye that she had better learn how to be nice to people, especially the editing staff, because they would be the ones trying to turn her flop in something suitable for public consumption on the airwaves.

Adam walked in on the conversation, and Skye made a snide comment to Hayley, while trying to make the conversation look civil for Adam. Skye wished Hayley good luck in her bar-buying venture. Adam erupted, and Skye smiled as she walked out of the office. Adam asked his daughter why she would want to be the owner of a run-down bar. Hayley said that she and Mateo were going to go into it as a joint venture. When Adam realized that Hayley was going into business with the man she loved, he gave her his full approval to continue and wished her the best of luck. Skye was furious with Adam's reaction and said that Hayley would soon be "getting hers."
A proud Arlene showed up at the airport with a newspaper announcing Hayley and Mateo's wedding. She asked for a cab ride to Pine Valley.

Friday, September 6, 1996

With Hayley and Mateo's engagement party only a few hours away, Noah and Julia took time out to recall Noah's proposal to Julia. While Noah recalled every word he had said to Julia, the two disagreed on what Julia had been wearing that day. Noah insisted she had been wearing a red t-shirt, and Julia said she had been wearing a blue blouse with white buttons. The two stripped down and enjoyed each other's company. The newlyweds were still lying around sans clothing when Maria and Edmund showed up to car pool to the engagement party.

Hayley and Mateo dropped by Trevor's to see if everyone was going to attend the engagement party later in the evening. Mike said that he was going to have to pass because he and Brad had a date later in the evening. Mateo insisted that Mike take Brad along and said that if anyone had a problem with his taking a date that the person with the problem could hit the road. Knowing that Adam would send out the search party if they didn't arrive soon, Mateo and Hayley left the Dillon house and headed for Chandler Mansion.

Brooke, Jamie, and Laura arrived at the mansion a few minutes later. When Trevor asked Brooke why she was without a date, Brooke told him that Pierce had taken a job in Santa Fe. She said that she was doing fine, but Trevor wasn't so sure. He asked if Adam knew that she was no longer involved with Pierce and made a joke that she should put on her Adam-proof suit of armor.

Dimitri explained to Erica that Bianca was still embarrassed by her Intruder faux pas and said that Erica's saying something would only make Bianca feel worse. Erica wouldn't listen to anyone's advice, and when she saw her daughter, she began telling Bianca how beautiful she was. Bianca yelled at Dimitri for blabbing that she felt insecure about her appearance.

Erica tried to insist that she was only looking out for her daughter's best interests. The two reached a compromise, but Erica soon learned that one of Bianca's griefs has to do with Erica's pampered lifestyle, so Erica conceded that she would cook dinner on the grill -- just like Travis and Barbara did. Erica told Dimitri that she was off to the supermarket to pick up hotdogs and buns. Dimitri couldn't resist a little ribbing and asked Erica if she knew where the supermarket was and then warned her not to knock anyone over with her shopping cart.

Marian warned Jonathan that he was getting too attached to his cassette tapes and plucked the headphones from his ears. As Marian got close to learning that Jonathan was listening in on Linden House, he switched the input device so Marian only heard Spanish lessons. Jonathan then told Marian that she had better finish packing her bags because her flight was going to be leaving soon. She agreed, and Jonathan virtually pushed her out the front door. He said that he would see her soon. With Marian gone, Jonathan picked up a ski mask that he had found and smiled evilly.

At Chandler Mansion, Skye prepared herself to get out of the mansion before the party started. Adam told her that she couldn't leave, but later changed his order into a request. Skye said that there was nothing she could do to get Hayley to like her -- and at that moment, Hayley had just walked through the front door. Hayley and her sister tried to make the best of things and put on a civil face as the guests arrived.
Julia and Isabella discussed giving Noah a present before the party began. Julia gave Noah that package, and he quickly opened the box. Inside was a camera that had belonged to Isabella's deceased brother. Julia said that her mother wanted Noah to have it to begin his new photography career on the right foot.
Rosa flirted with Tim Dillon. Julia revealed to Noah that her youngest sister had placed a slice of their wedding cake under her pillow and dreamt of Tim so she was convinced that she would marry him one day. Isabella hovered over her daughter and ordered her to stop her romantic thoughts.
Hector began a conversation with Brad and asked him who he was accompanying to the party. Before Brad could say that he was Michael's date, Hector recalled that Brad was Trevor's personal physician. Later Skye tracked Hector down and brought up that Brad was Mike's date. Hector gave Anita the car keys and asked her to drive Rosa home. He gave no reason why, but it was, of course, because he didn't want his daughter to be around Mike and Brad.

Hector wasted no time in confronting Michael for ruining Mateo's engagement party with his disrespectful manners. Mateo stepped in and said that Michael was his guest and that he was doing nothing wrong. No one could figure out how Hector had made the connection between Brad and Mike. Skye smiled slyly and excused herself from the room. As she prepared to slip out, the doorbell rang. Problem number two was about to arise in the form of the bride-to-be's mother, Arlene Vaughan.

Bianca and Dimitri finished their horseback riding, and he told Bianca that they had to drop off a present at Adam Chandler's. Bianca said that she'd prefer to stay behind and groom the horse. Dimitri said that he had hired someone to do that for him, but when he realized that Bianca really had her heart set on taking care of the horse herself, he agreed to let her stay behind. With his ski mask on, Jonathan slinked around outside the stable.

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