AMC Recaps: The week of August 12, 1996 on All My Children
Tad and Gloria began seeing an awful lot of each other. Laura learned why Janet had really left Pine Valley. Dr. Kinder asked Marian to run away with him. Julia and Noah plotted to get Maria and Edmund together.
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Monday, August 12, 1996

Skye couldn't quite put the jagged pieces of her memory together. She knew that she had seen Maria before. She even told Maria that when she was in the hospital. Erica told Skye that Dimitri and Maria were brother and sister-in-law and that Dimitri, being the sensitive and devoted family man that he is, was trying to console Maria. Then it hit Skye. She was finally able to unscramble the picture: she was Dimitri and Maria having sex in the hunting lodge.
Maria told Dimitri that she didn't want to sit and much with Erica because, after all, she had had an affair with her estranged husband! Dimitri informed Maria that whether she likes it or not, she will run into Erica sooner or later because Pine Valley is a small town.
Well don't you know that Edmund found his way to the Valley Inn and added a little more fizzle to the drink. Maria and Edmund were cold to each other. After all, their last encounter was hardly amicable. Maria accused Edmund of having no regrets in giving up Sam. Edmund was furious and said that Maria must not know who he is. Maria dashed out of the Valley Inn in search of a more friendly atmosphere.

An overly excited Julia returned home from the hospital to tell Noah that she just experienced the thrill of her life: witnessing the revival of a patient who had technically died. She quickly realized that her talking about her job might make Noah resent his bartending. Noah told her to go on and talk about what makes her happy. From talking about her day at work, she somehow wandered down the path to talking about how she used to play nurse with her siblings when she was younger. Maria, she said, had to always be the doctor. Noah got a phone call from Olga, his modeling agent, who implied that ManStyle had offered a change in the photo shoot if he was still interested. Noah refused, but said he was glad Olga still cared enough about him to try and sort out the problems.
A worked up Maria arrived on the couple's doorstep needing to talk. But she wasn't in the mood to hear any backtalk from what she was about to say.

Marian was surprised that Jonathan wanted her to run off to Europe with him. After several minutes of what probably cannot be called heavy thinking, she agreed to pull up her Pine Valley roots and replant them somewhere in the Swiss Alps. But as she was agreeing to help Dr. Kinder out, in walked the District Attorney. Jack had news for Jonathan: he was being moved to an health unit at the nearest correctional facilities just as soon as Joe Martin could process some paper work. A desperate Johnny took matters into his own hands and, after he was given a few minutes alone, began huffing and puffing to alter the readings on his hospital monitors and faked arrhythmia. Joe, Marian, and Jack came running in and Joe informed Jack that Jonathan could not be moved safely to another institution because his condition apparently hasn't stabilized like they thought.
Tad bumped into Gloria again and the two talked about the baseball game they'd be going to later in the evening. Glo confessed that she was a pitcher many years ago on a boy's league. Tad looked her up and down and asked how anyone could confuse her for a boy! Sparks, Sparks, Sparks!

If you ever found yourself calling Janet a spaced out lunatic with no self-restraint or morals, you may have to kick yourself. Janet took heed of Pierce's advice and told Laura the truth about how she planned to off Brooke and assume her identity. Because of this, Janet said, she wants Laura to stay with Brooke. In the meantime, Janet will continue with her counseling sessions. Laura thought that Janet concocted the entire story, but Janet insisted it was the truth.
Janet left, but Scott saw her and asked if she thought he could visit with Laura. Janet said that he might be the best company for Laura right about now. He walked in to Laura's room, but she insisted he leave toute de suite before her "Toxic Touch" ruins his life.
Janet's next stop was the Valley Inn. She took a seat with Skye and Erica. Dimitri was on his way out and confirmed a date with Erica later that evening. Skye took it upon herself to mutter her contempt for men who are disrespectful to their wives.

Tuesday, August 13, 1996

At the Insomniac Cafe, a distrought Bobby told Kevin how he misses Anita. He said that he's tried Emailing her to tell her that he still loves her, but nothing seems to get through to her. Seeing that his friends was obviously hurting, Kevin took it upon himself to pay Anita a visit and get to the bottom of everything. Anita confessed that she still has strong feelings for Bobby-----and probably always will. So Kevin told Anita where she could find Bobby so the two could finally have a few words with each other.
Maria arrived at her parents' house for dinner. Isabella was relieved to see her daughter, but was worried (along with Anita) that she might be working too hard. A package addressed to "Santos" arrived and Anita tried to shield the contents of the package from her eldest sister, but Maria asked to see what was in the package. The package contained a family photo of Sam, Edmund, and Maria in a silver frame. Maria tried her best to remain strong and recall how much she loved Sam as well as how happy she was, but emotion soon got the best of her.
Kevin told Bobby that the went to see Anita and that she seemed receptive to everything he said. Bobby began shouting that he loves Kevin and that he'll be forever in his debt. As Bobby thought about the possibilities now opening up, Anita walked in to the cafe.

Gloria and Tad headed to Hal's after their basebal game date. They got there fifteen minutes before the bar opened and the bartender (Hal, I'm assuming) was going to make them wait outside in the pouring rain until the bar opened. Gloria managed to convince the man to let them stay inside by telling him that Tad was a WRCW bigwig. The two had a few drinks---Gloria ordered Tad a Vodka "Stinger" with her tongue planted firmly in her cheek (as the stinger was in Tad's cheek!). The date turned competitive as they battled each other in some table hockey. Tad used a distraction tactic to score a cheap goal and that goal eventually turned out to be the game winner as Tad strutted around the bar singing "We Are the Champions." Glo got revenge as she signed Tad up to be the first vocalist for Karaoke. But Tad wasn't about to go it alone. He called Gloria to the stage, but she refused. So he walked up to her, grabbed her and hoisted her over his shoulde, and carried her up to the stage. The two then danced around and chirped "Doo Wah Ditty." The two were a riot!!

Jack managed to track down Liza at the Valley Inn and the two talked about Jonathan's arrest. Liza tried to use her media power to get some details out of Jack, but he wasn't very giving with the information. Liza said that if Jakc helps her out, she and WRCW will give him media boosts for his election campaign when he runs for District Attorney. Again, Jack refused to tell Liza anything. Liza's pains popped back up and Jack assked if she was okay. She said that she had an ulcer and that Jack wasn't helping to make it any better.

Erica asked Janet if she had any idea why Skye seems so cold to Dimitri. Janet chalked it up to her resentment for all men after what Dr. Kinder did to her. A starving Janet asked Erica for some scraps off her plate and wolfed down everything in site. Janet and Erica used the moments alone to get (can you believe it?) closer to each other. Erica called up Peggy and asked if she could forgo her Bingo night to help her whip up some surprises for her date with Dimitri. Janet praised Erica's do-it-yourself attitude and said that she hopes she can some day be just like her. While perusing her wardrobe online (Yes, she has all of her clothing online!), Erica pledged to help Janet get back into Pine Valley society.

Liza left her chat with Jack and headed to the ladies' room where she splashed some water on her face to help calm her frazzled nerves. Well don't you know that Skye walks in to restroom. Liza turned around and looked Skye right in the face and fainted dead away. She did a twisting faint and collapsed to the floor, Skye later said that she awarded Liza the gold for Bathroom Diving (I scored the faint at 8.3). Anyway, Skye was just getting pieces of her memory about the blonde she remembers from her past. She said that name was "Lisa." Liza was in total shock... she thought she was seeing a ghost. Skye said that Liza looked familar and Liza said that she knew who Skye was. Janet wandered in to the bathroom and said that she was afraid Skye had fallen in because she was taking so long. Janet told Skye not to bother talking to Liza because she would only contort what she said and play it on the evening news. Skye left without saying another word. Liza took a deep breath and told herself that Jonathan had obviously lied about her killing Skye. Then Skye's memory came back--- she returned to the bathroom and confronted Liza as the blonde from her past!

Wednesday, August 14, 1996

Things looked up for Anita and Bobby for a while, but after they were done talking, they were left further apart. Bobby told Anita that he made up a story about getting married to Kelsey to keep Hector and Isabella happy. Before he got to explain why he made up this story, Anita hit the roof. She thought that he really wanted to marry the mother of his child. Bobby looked longingly into Anita's eyes and told her that he loved her and that he wanted her to say the same thing to him. Anita has confessed her affection for Bobby to everyone in Pine Valley--except for Bobby. She wouldn't tell him what he wanted to hear. Anita again said that she cannot get past the fact that Bobby is a daddy and that he should be devoting his time and energy to looking after Sam, not persuing her. She said that the only reason she showed up at the cafe was to tell him goodbye and ran out of the cafe.

Edmund received a letter in the mail from Sam's pediatrician and thought it best to pass it along to Kelsey. He trekked over to the Martins, but was told that Kelsey was now living at Cortlandt Manor. When he finally tracked down Sam, Opal was more than happy to see him. In fact she let Edmund alone with Sam. Edmund held Sam and told him how much he loved him. He soon foun dhimself talking about all the things he wants to teach and show Sam when he gets older. Then he stopped himself and realized that cold reality that Sam is no longer his son. While Edmund still held on to the baby, Bobby returned from his meeting with Anita and secretly looked on.

Erica and Dimitri celebrated their reunion dinner in lavish style. The two lovebirds toasted each other with champagne and nibbled on some of Peggy's wonderful cooking. Erica took time out to explain why Dr. Kinder was at her house the night he drugged her and laid beside her in bed. She said that he was in Seattle and played on her grief for losing Bianca. That led to Erica telling Dimitri that she'd be leaving for Seattle later in the evening to spend some time with Bianca. That aside, two wasted no time in making up for the time the were apart. In a matter of seconds they were in each other's arms making love to each other.

Marian returned to the hospital with bogus passports. She said that she had to pay an arm and a leg for them, but that she accomplished the task given to her by Jonathan. Marian told Jonathan that she needed to say goodbye to Liza before leaving for Europe. Jonathan quickly informed his partner in crime that she could not tell anyone that they were leaving---especially not Liza. Marian accepted this new twist in their departure, but said she really would have a hard time leaving Liza behind. The next task laid out for Marian was to contact someone about getting tickets to Switzerland. She said she could do that and headed off to sneak some food in to Jonathan's room.

Now that the pieces fit together, Skye confronted Liza as the woman in her flashbacks. And the truth about the secret papers finally came out. Liza said that she got wind of Jonathan's medical practice while she worked for another television station. She wanted to do a story on him, but she soon learned about all Jonathan's evil doings. Liza photocopied papers that showed that Jonathan was up to no good and tried to give them to Toni. Toni didn't willingly accept them because she thought Liza and her husband were having an affair. Liza slipped the original medical documents back into Jonathan's office, but was caught in the process. She saved her hide by telling Jonathan she was there because she wanted to make love to him. The two started going at it, but Toni walked in. Toni started rattling off about how Liza thought he was doing all kinds of horrible medical experiments, but before Toni could continue, Liza pushed Toni, she fell, and whacked her head on a desk. That's when Jonathan told Liza that Toni was dead. He told her to hit the road and that he would dispose of Toni's body, but that they could never see each other again. Later they ran into each other in Pine Valley and the story goes on from there. Toni thought that Liza tried to kill her when she pushed her and became increasingly aggravated with her. Skye then told Liza how Jonathan kept her locked up and drugged and said that Liza was just as bad as Jonathan. Skye stormed out of the bathroom. Feeling lower than low, Liza headed to the hospital and barged right into Dr. Kinder's room.

Thursday, August 15, 1996

Edmund visitation with Sam continued on, but Opal interrupted it to let Edmund know that Kelsey would be on her way home from the cineplex soon. Edmund nodded and said he wishes that Kelsey would sneak into another movie so he can have some more time with Sam. With that, Opal said that she thinks Sammy needs a diaper change and took Sam upstairs to be cleaned up. On his way out, Edmund saw Bobby sneaking around and called him over to say that Bobby should be the one changing Sam, not Opal. Bobby claimed that he never wanted the baby. But Edmund jumped in to remind Bobby that his irresponsibility got Kelsey pregnant and now he has to face the music.

Tad and Gloria ended their night of hockey playin' and karaoke singin' and talked about Dixie. Gloria said that she has not heard anything from Dixie of late. When she asked Tad if he has gotten the chance to speak to Junior, he said that he talks to him all the time. The two called it an evening so Tad prepare for a taping of the Cutting Edge. Beginning today and continuing through Monday the 19th, Tad and Gloria will appear on One Life To Live as part of a special crossover.

Liza blasted away at Jonathan for letting her believe that she killed Toni and hinted that she believed Johnny did this to enact some sort of cruel torture upon her. Jonathan denied all claims. Liza then told Jonathan that she hopes he pays for all the devious deeds he's done and that she and WRCW will cover his trial from gavel to gavel.
Marian bounced back to the room with a basket of caviar and brie and assorted goodies. She said that the security guard outside wanted to frisk her, but she offered him some chocolate and he upped his ante to a strip search. Oh, that kooky Marian! Liza yanked her mother aside and asked her if she's heard about all the things Kinder is accused of doing. Marian's response? Lies... all lies, Liza. Seeing that she was not going to get anywhere with her mommy dearest, Liza left the hospital room. But as soon as she got out of the room, she suffered from another of her sharp pains. She contacted her doctor and said that she has been experiencing more pains and asked if she could be referred to another doctor in another town.

Trouble is always on the menu when a Pine Valley family sits down for dinner. The entire Santos clan (complete with Noah and Hayley) sat down to a nice family meal. Trouble first popped up when Hayley mentioned that Enchantment is moving away from their "Man of Enchantment" ad campaign and focusing more on the working mother. Everyone shut up and eyeballed Maria nervously. She tried to cover for herself, but it didn't work. And how's this for a brainstorm. Isabella and Hector brought up the name of a young girl the pastor told them about whose parents had been killed in a car accident. Anita referred to the girl as being very large. Maria jumpe din and told her sister not to make fun of someone who is overweight. But she's not overweight, Anita replied, she's pregnant. Isabella then jumped into how she thinks Maria could go and adopt this girl's baby and be happy again. This caused Maria to erupt. She hollered at everyone in her family and took off without waiting for dessert.
Mateo, Hayley, Noah, and Julia put their heads together to try to think up an idea of how they can get Maria and Edmund back together.

Dimitri told Peggy that he and Erica are back on the road to marriage number three. Does Erica have to wear all her wedding rings on one finger?? Anyway, Peggy was overjoyed for her "Dimmie." Dimitri went on, though, to say that something just wasn't right in the relationship. "Nonsense!" Peggy chirped. She said that Dimitri loves Erica and vice versa.
Seconds later Maria was banged on the door and said that she needed to talk to Dimitri. Dimitri hushed her up before she could say anything that Peggy would overhear. Peggy excused herself and Marian went on to say that she thinks they need to tell Edmund and Erica about their affair because it's eating her up inside. This will all erode away said Dimitri. He said that in time they will barely even remember what went on between them. Peggy came back, saying she forgot something. Maria left and somehow, Peggy knew what had happened. She told Dimmie that she knew he would do the right thing for everybody.

Friday, August 16, 1996

While Skye was locked up, it isn't a far jump to think that Dr. Kinder might have given Skye some unhappy pills. Skye took a trip to the Valley Inn for some toast (whole wheat bread only) and some freshly brewed tea (made with an infuser and leaves, no bags, thank you). Mateo was more than happy to take her order, but had a slight problem with the lip that came along with it. Things were eased any when Mateo went over to his next customer, fiancee Hayley, and said that she should take the chance to apologize to her long-lost sister for the honey incident. Hayley swallowed her pride and walked over to her sister's table and issued her apologies. It's too bad Skye wasn't in the mood to accept them. She took every chance she got to throw pot shots at Hayley. Lucky for Halo, her cell phone rang and she remembered that she needed to pick up Amanda at camp. Hayley excused herself and more than happily ran away from the table.
Mateo delivered Skye's toast along with some much needed advice. He told Skye to back off with the insults. He realizes that she hasn't had it easy over the last year with that whole locked-up fiasco, but he said that there is no need to insult family. Skye let him in on a family secret: Chandlers aren't a happy family. Sje also let Mateo know that he is "pushing the genetic envelope with Hayley," meaning that she doesn't think Mateo should try to settle down with a Chandler because it just doesn't work (Look at her two previous marraiges).

Michael brought Trevor home from his stint at rehab, but Trevor's condition hadn't improved. When Michael insisted that Trevor try to stand up, Trevor accepted---but only after some extensive complaining. He couldn't feel his legs and asked to be set down before Amanda comes in and sees him "kissing the carpet." Trevor continued his facade when Tim came home and gave his son the impression that his situation was much better than it was. He had Mike set him in the wheelchair (while Tim was out of the room to make him think that he did it himself) and prepared to be wheeled off to the park.
Dr. Brad Phillips stopped by and told Mike that he thinks he has finally found the reason for Trevor's paralysis: it's psychological.

Opal let herself into Linden House to water, at Erica's request, the African Violets. When she saw that Janet was in Erica's bed (I have no idea why, folks) she grabbed her plant spritzer and held Janet at bay. She asked Janet what she did to her gal pal. Janet insisted that she was a guest of Erica's, but Opal wasn't gonna buy it. Opal dashed for the telephone and tried to call the authorities, but Janet stopped her. She flashed a note written by Erica instructing Coral, Erica's housekeeper, to prepare anything Janet wants for breakfast. Opal finally believed Janet's story, but still could not believe that Erica would be galavanting with the infamous Crowbar Killer. Janet told Opal to get over the problems she has with Janet because she is going to be seeing an awful lot of her in the days and weeks to come.

Hayley tried to enjoy her time at the park with Amanda, but phone call after phone call came through over her cell phone. Amanda started to get annoyed and concerned that Hayley was getting angry. Hayley told her little cousin to practice dribbling a ball and she'd be with her in a few minutes. In the short time that Hayley's eyes were off of Amanda, she disappeared. Fortunately Janet was in the area and kept her company until Hayley returned. She started to drop hints to Amanda that she was more to her than just a friend of her daddy's. But when Amanda noticed the picture of a baby on Janet's keychain, Janet didn't blurt out the truth. She simply said that the picture was one of her daughter. Hayley came bumbling back and nearly passed out when she saw her Aunt Janet with Amanda. She went right in to asking Janet why she was there.Janet quickly explained the situation and Hayley thanked her for helping out, but reminded her that she is not supposed to be anywhere near Amanda. Janet gently stroked Amanda's hair and said goodbye, but nor before Trevor wheeled around the corner to see her near his daughter.

Noah lured Edmund into the wine cellar at Wildwind for a wine expedition. Of course this was all a sham. Upstairs, Julia struggled to get Maria into the cellar so she could lock Edmund and Maria together, but she was having a difficult time coming up with a reason to get her sister downstairs. Eventually she convinced Maria to simply go down there and look for a box of pictures. With Noah at her side, Julia slammed the door and locked Maria in with Edmund. Edmund remained calm, but Maria throw what could be called a hissy fit. She pounded on the door and demanded to be let out. After her hearing the cries, Noah talked Julia into letting them out, but before Julia could unlock the door, the screaming subsided so she left them locked in together. Maria accused Edmund of being in on the plot. but he said he was duped as well. Edmund told Maria that he wants her to stay with him, but not as a prisoner. He located a set of keys he had hidden a few weeks prior and unlocked the door allowing Maria to leave. She didn't leave, but she gave Edmund the hypothetical situation: What if we were to get back together and go on a second honeymoon. They'd only be left to wonder how things would be different if Sam were with. Edmund said that he's tired of Maria's assuming that he hasn't suffered in losing Sam because it was the "one defining moment of pain" in his life. Forget the abuse he suffered as a child at the hands of Alf Gresham... this one was worse. He again asked Maria to stay with him.

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