AMC Recaps: The week of July 29, 1996 on All My Children
Anita was finally allowed to return home without the fear of being shipped off to Mexico. Marian learned that Liza was pregnant. Jonathan had to deal with three women who each had a vendetta.
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Monday, July 29, 1996

As Marian poked around Dr. Clader's office for Liza's medical records, Ruth walked in. Ruth asked to know why Marian was in Dr. Clader's office alone. Marian quickly made up an excuse that she had an appointment with the doctor, but he never showed and was just leaving him a note. Ruth didn't buy it and when she saw that Liza's records were on the desk, it didn't take her long to figure out that Marian was snooping through her daughter's records. But Marian insisted that she had a good reason: Tad got Liza pregnant. It didn't seem to shake Ruth too much, but she did flinch a little bit. Ruth said that if (a big if) Tad has fathered a child with Liza, they will all deal with that at the appropriate time.

Hayley and Matt finally came to terms with their feelings for each other. They've both known that they've been madly in love with each other for months, but now they've agreed to finalize their committment. The terms of the wedding are still in the negotiations stage because they can't seem to agree on a theme, place, or date. To celebrate their plans, they decided to get a little cozy. Too bad Julia chose that moment to call Mateo over for a family pow wow to make Hector lighten up on Anita.

Liza had yet another intenses flash of pain. This time, however, Tad witnessed the grimaced on his colleague's face. Liza quickly chalked up the pain to over exercising on the ab machine so Tad would back off. He bought the excuse, but not for long. Witht he pain growing in intensity, Liza signed off for the day and returned home, something that workaholic Liza never does. Then, while in Liza's office, a call came through from Dr. Clader's answering service with a message for Liza. Tad took the message that was to let Liza know that if she still wanted to up the time of her appoinment, she could call an emergency number.

Janet placed a call to Trevor's house, but when a doctor answered the phone, Janet became concerned for Amanda's health. Janet wrote a note to Toni to let her know that she'd be back and then made a bee-line for the Trevor House.
At Chez Dillon, Dr. Phillips made a rush appointment to schedule Trevor for surgery that could correct his paralysis.
Janet arrived just as Michael and Doc Phillips left and jumped right in to her questions. Janet asked if Amanda was okay, to which Trevor said yes. Something just didn't fit, but Janet couldn't put her fingers on it. But when Amanda came running in from camp and said that she didn't want to sit on her father's lap because it might hurt his legs, Janet knew that Trevor couldn't walk. Trevor warned Janet to freeze in her travcks as he feared that Janet would grab Amanda and take off. Janet was genuinely concerned for Trevor, but Trevor didn't want to hear what he considered false sympathies. Janet took off and headed back home.
The revolving door continued as Hayley dropped by to tell her "Uncle Porkchop and Cousin Shortcake" that she had accepted Mateo's proposal.

Jonathan warned Toni that if she didn't tell him where the papers were, he'd inject her with more drugs. She refused to tell him and he made good on his threats. He taped her mouth shut and jabbed her with another needle full of potent potion. When Toni heard a voice on the other side of the office door, she called out to the person , but she soon fell under the influence of the medication. Jonathan slipped out to the waiting room and tried to get rid of the visitor---Marian. When asked if someone was in the office, Jonathan said it was a last minute emergency patient. Marian then went on to tell her confidant that Liza was pregnant and she didn't know how to deal with it. Jonathan was surprised, but said that he had to whisk off to the airport and quickly got rid of Marian. But before Jonathan could grab Toni and escape, Stuart dropped by. He told Jonathan about the painting he brought to him and how he cannot resell it because it was his niece's. Stuart left and Jonathan grabbed Toni and headed back to his secret hiding place.
Back at Linden, Janet noticed Toni missing and saw the phone book opened to a page of physician's which has the address of Johnny's office on it.

Tuesday, July 30, 1996

Scott apologized to Laura for missing out on their date, but Laura said it was no skin off her teeth. She figured that Scott only said that to mask that he was at Myrtle's to visit Anita. The three then talked about how Anita fears going home because she'll be shipped off to Mexico. Laura suggested that they all head out and get some mocha lattes at the Insomniac Cafe.

At the cafe, Business Suit Bobby (apparently taking a break from his summer job) bumped into Kelsey and Sam. Kelsey asked Bobby if he had given any thought to her proposal. Bobby said that he wasn't interested in marrying Kelsey because his heart still belongs to Anita... but that the million dollar trust fund is awfully appealling. Kelsey handed Sam over to Bobby, who had no idea what to do with the baby, while she went to the rest room. While he was playing daddy, Bobby told Sam that he feels Edmund and Maria would be the best parents for him, not Kelsey.
But the nasty coincidences continue in Pine Valley. Anita, Scott, and Laura arrived at the cafe just in time to see Bobby holding Sam. Scott tried to get Anita out before she saw him, but he wasn't fast enough. Anita took off with Scott following behind, once again walking out on Laura.
Kelsey returned and Bobby was more than happy to get rid of Sam. He flew out of the cafe in the hopes of catching up to Anita. Opal wandered over to Kelsey and said that she had seen Bobby with Sam and overheard that he feels Sam would be best with Edmund and Maria. Kelsey took a slight offensive to Opal's comments and said that she is doing her best to take care of Sam, but that it is a lot more work than she thought. Isn't it always?

Mateo, Noah, and Julia tried to convince Hector that he was being too hard on Anita. Surprisingly, Hector came around and said that he will reconsider his plans to ship Anita off to Mexico. Then Mateo sprung his bit of good news on the family: he and Hayley are going to be married. Isabella was overjoyed, but you know how that Hector can be. The good times continued to roll as Hector said he gives Mateo and Hayley his blessing. I wonder if Hector recently had a Dr. Kinder prescription filled? Isabella then whisked off to find the Santos family engagement ring, an heirloom that has been passed on from several generations. This, Isbella said, was to be given to Hayley. Mateo almost caused a ruckus by refusing the ring and hinting that his bride-to-be might want a store bought ring. After seeing how much it meant to his family, however, he quickly reconsidered.
A panting Bobby pounded on the Santoses' door. He begged Hector to reconsider his plans for Anita and said that he and Anita are through. Hector's placidity came to an abrupt end as he blasted Bobby for giving him orders on how to raise his daughter. And besides, Hector added, how can they believe that he is no longer interested in Anita. Bobby gave the ultimate explanation: He was marrying Kelsey, the mother of his child.

Tad did not believe Marian's story about Liza being pregnant with his child. He reckoned that it was just another concocted story to make Tad's life miserable. Maria countered by saying it was more than just a story---it was a true story. Tad dismissed Marian, but then recalled the message from Dr. Clader's office. Perhaps, he thought, is was more than just a regular gynecologist appointment. Liza returned to the office and Tad confronted her by asking why she never told him she was pregnant.

Toni remembered where she hid the papers: in the Pine Valley painting by her Uncle Stuart. She only made the recollection after Jonathan threatened to harm Stuart. Jonathan then took off to find the painting and retrieve the incriminating documents.

At the Chandler Mansion, Erica tried to sneak around to find the doorway to the underground passageways. Erica's plans went slightly askew when she encountered a wacky maid (played by Rosie O'Donnell). Erica had to removed Naomi's headphone so she could be heard and asked who she was. Naomi, in turn, yanked off Erica's sunglasses and asked "who are you?" Erica explained that she was a former Mrs. Chandler and that she had an appointment with Adam. Naomi, the maid, had no idea who Erica was, but allowed her to wait in the living room provided she doesn't make a mess.
Erica began to poke around, but Adam returned home and, in case you didn't figure it out already, Erica didn't have an appointment to meet him. He asked what she was doing, so she quickly made up and excuse about working on a book about the history of Pine Valley. Then came another ring at the door. Naomi answered the door and Janet charged right past her and began telling Erica that "she's missing." Erica had to quickly pull Janet aside and warn her that Adam was near and that she'd better keep quiet. When asked "who was missing," Erica made up the lie that Janet's therapist was out of town and that she needs some support. The tow then took off and decided to seek out Toni. Erica took Jonathan's office and Janet headed for the attic.
By that time, Jonathan was already poking around about the Chandler Estate. He peered through one of the doors from the veranda and saw the painting. He waited until Hayley (who dropped by to tell her father that she and Mateo were getting married) and Adam left the room before he snuck in, cut open the backing on the painting, and found the papers. While he was doing this, Naomi was cleaning in the other room. As she moved around, she noticed that the painting had disappeared and then mysteriously reappeared. Figuring that the cleaning chemicals were causing her to hallucinate, she made no mention of it.
Janet found Toni in the attic, but Jonathan returned and caught her from behind...

Wednesday, July 31, 1996

At the Insomniac Cafe, Kelsey bragged to Kevin that she was finally able to ditch her shoulder fixture. She was, of course, talking about Sam. She said that she made up a story about needing to register for special classes that would also provide care for Sam. So Ruth took Sam to the park to feed the ducks. Makes me wanna go get some bread and head to the lake myself. Anyway, Kelsey even clued her pal into her plans to marry Bobby and get her hands on some of his trust fund.

Liza was caught off guard by Tad's asking her about her pregnancy. Tad said that Marian and tracked him down and told him. Liza tried to deny the claim at first, but she was interrupted by a call from Gloria. Dr. Clader's scheduling secretary contacted the hospital about Liza's wanting to move up her appointment. Liza didn't want to see Dr. Clader because she thought that he might have divulged her medical records to Marian, but soon figured that Marian must have broken in to the computer files. Liza asked Gloria for an honest opinion about what could be wrong with her. Gloria told Liza that she doesn't have to be "showing" to be pregnant, but that she cannot be sure unless Liza goes through with her appointment.
After Liza got off the phone, Tad wandered back into Liza's office and continued his questioning. He said that he would like to know who the father is so he can be sure that Liza is taken care of. Tad obviously didn't realize that he could be the potential daddy. Liza didn't give a name, but said that she'd be cared for.
A hyper Marian got into the studio again and went right to her daughter's office. She figured that Tad had been there already based upon Liza's crabby mood. Liza begged her mother to back off because she has already done enough damage for one lifetime. Showing uncharacteristic vulnerability, Liza looked her mother in the eyes and said that Tad thinks she is of loose morals like her mother and that she could be pregnant by any number of men.

Michael returned to Myrtle's to pick up some clothing for his stay at Trevor's. He found a dazed Anita laying on the couch and asked her if everything was okay. She told her former history teacher the long ordeal of how she introduced Kelsey to Edmund and Maria and how she now feels responsible for Kelsey taking back Sam. Michael assured her that it wasn't her fault and even told her that her mixed feelings for Bobby are normal.

The Santos clan was stunned by Bobby's news that he plans to wed Kelsey. Isabella said that he is doing the honorable thing by marrying the mother of his child. Hector wasn't totally convinced by Bobby's story, but hinted that he may actually approve of what Bobby was doing. Bobby then vowed to stay away from Anita if Hector lets her stay at home. Hector agreed and cleared the way for his runaway daughter to come home. Bobby left, but was followed out the door by Noah. Noah was confused by Bobby's sudden wanting to marry Kelsey. He said that something just doesn't add up and pointed to some of the comments he made about Anita that shoe he still has feelings for her. Bobby just smiled and said that he doesn't want to cause Anita and more pain and that since Anita has given up on him, he might as well try to move on.
Julia then went to pick up her younger sister and bring her home. Stonefaced Anita hugged her mother and only broke into a smile when Hector welcomed her back home.

With Janet and Toni knocked out, all was looking grim for the revenge plan on Jonathan. Until, that is, Erica wandered into the abandoned church used by Jonathan as a hiding place for drugged up women. She told him how she had heard tales from Janet about the bad things he does in the church. Jonathan denied the claims and told Erica not to repeat (or even believe) anything said by the demented murderess. Jonathan said that he was going to be leaving the country soon thanks to Erica's money and working on his medication. Funny thing you should bring that up, Erica said. Apparently she worte Jonathan his check from an overdrawn account and the check was no good. Erica said that she could give him another one later. She was then escorted out of the Attic... but she'd be back. Jonathan turned his sights to Janet and Toni and threatened to kill them both. With his trusty syringe in hand, he prepared to inject them with more of his potion. But Erica snuck up behind him and jabbed him first with the medicine. The trio of women then tied Jonathan to the bed and tried to decide what to do with him next. Perhaps they'll give him a little taste of his own medicine!

Thursday, August 1, 1996

Tad talked to Ruth about how he is concerned he may have gotten Liza pregnant. The news came as know shock to Ruth because, if you recall, she caught Marian snooping around in Doc Clader's office. Ruth tried to put her son's mind at ease, but Tad was concerned that this might be a fatal blow to he and Jamie's relationship.

At WRCW, Marian used Adam as a sounding block. She told him that Tad the Cad had gone and gotten her daughter pregnant. Adam was equally angry at Marian for using the television station like a psychiatrist's office and at Tad for going and doing something that could jeopardize Dixie, Junior, and Jamie's wellbeing. He also aired a bit of concern that it could create a problem between he and Liza.
Later Tad showed up at the station and Marian wasted no time in lashing out at him again. He asked her how she could be so certain that he was the one who got Liza pregnant. Marian was livid. She said that Liza is not a trollop because she's only been with one man: Tad! And that she is in love with him.

Bobby left the Santoses and headed back for the cafe. He found good friend Kevin there and told him about his recent adventure at Casa Santos. He said that he lied about marrying Kelsey so that Hector and Isabella would go soft on Anita. What Bobby didn't know was that Kelsey was hiding on the other side of the counter listening to his ever word. She popped up like a gopher out of its hole in the ground and wasted no time in pressuring Bobby to live up to his word.
The pair then returned to Cortlandt Mansion where life might forever change for the both of them. Opal and Palmer made plans to overhaul Petey's old nursery so that Sam would not have to settle for leftovers. But Bobby was still not thrilled with the marriage idea. Kelsey pressured him by saying that if they go through with it no one will expect it to last long. No teenage romance does. Then, she added, by the time they get divorced he will be free to pursue Anita again. But, she quickly pointed out, he would have to pay child support.

Still staying away from Wildwind, Maria placed a call to Peggy to make sure that Edmund was not home. Peggy said that Edmund was working late at Tempo and that she did not expect him home. Maria said that she be over to pick up the last of her things in a few minutes. Unbeknownedst to Peggy, Edmund finished his work earlier and had just come home. So when Maria arrived she ran right into Edmund. Peggy swore that she had no idea Edmund would be coming home. This allowed Edmund and Maria to have some much needed time alone. But if your holding you breath for them to get back together, you may wanna sneak in a breath every now and then because it didn't happen today. Maria informed her now estranged husband that the "Maria" he married has packed up her bags and faded away. She said that losing Sam pushed her to the brink and that she would not be back any time soon... if at all. Edmund again told her how much he needed her, but Maria was not willing to give much more than an inch. As the two talked, Dimitri barged in, unaware that Maria and Edmund were talking. Edmund left the scene, probably disgusted that he couldn't get anywhere with the woman he loves. Dimitri and Maria shared another awkward moment. He told her that if she is feeling uneasy about reconciling with Edmund because of their one night of passion, to clear her mind. That night never happened.

The next scenes were some of the best of the week. Janet and Toni paraded around The Attic like witches from Shakespeare. Anyhow, Erica, Toni, and Janet finally enacted revenge against Jonathan. They tied him to Toni's former bed and threatened to conduct medical experiments on him. Toni and Janet jumped on Jonathan to search him for the papers her had found in Stuart's painting. The papers were more than incriminating. Jonathan conducted a series of horrible experiments on people to test his medication. The medication caused heart failure, kidney failure, you name it... an, of course, death. Dr. Kinder pleaded for his release, but no one was going to let him walk away. The ladies were out for blood. Erica nearly changed her mind when Jonathan told her that he could help her get back Dimitri if only she burns the papers. She almost did... but Janet and Toni managed to convince her not to. Jonathan did, however, tell her why Dimitri is furious with her. Erica was enraged that Jonathan intentionally destroyed her marriage by drugging her and making it look they had an affair. But now, how would she get the man she loves back.

Friday, August 2, 1996

Being in charge of a major international cosmetics company doesn't mean you know hoe to cook and Hayley certainly proved that. Julia tried her best to coach Hayley on the joys of cooking, but nothing Ms Vaughan concocted seemed to turn out quite right. Give her the "A" for effort, because she really did try to said that she feels jealous knowing that Mateo is used to Isabella's wonderful home cooking. Finally Julia had to answer to at least one of Hayley's problems. She handed her a jar of Peanut Butter and said that Mateo's favorite dish is Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches.

Noah took a job as bartender at Hal's. He may not know it, but he has a lot in common with Hayley. Hayley can't cook and Noah doesn't know how to mix drinks. The Santos helping hand reached out again as Mateo stopped by and offered to taste test some of Noah's drinks. He probably should have only had a sip of each because he ended up drunker than drunk. Derek wandered in to Hal's and talked to the two and made sure that Mateo wasn't driving home. Derek did, however, get to see Mateo again as he was picked up by the police for committing an SWI (Singing While Intoxicated). Hayley rushed down to the police station to pick up her boyfriend at which time Mateo slipped the Santos family engagement ring on her finger. All the fears about her wanting a larger diamond were proven to be unfounded as Hayley fell in love with the ring immediately.
Looking like Mata Hari, Julia, bedecked in a red dress and a violet scarf around her head, sauntered in to Hal's and had little fun with Noah. The two ended up kissing across the bar and wanting a little more than just that. The romance ended when Julia spied Edmund sitting alone in a dark corner of the bar. She walked over to him and said that he isn't trying hard enough to win back Maria. But Edmund said that seeing Noah and Julia together gives him faith that Maria will return to him.

Maria argued that her night with Dimitri did happened. Apparently she didn't quite understand what he was going for. If he said it didn't happen, Maria, don't argue with the man! Anyway, she said that is was something that will forever change their lives and reissued her form response that she and Edmund and history. She returned to packing her bags, but a picture of her wedding ceremony brought back happy memories and Maria did her best to hold back the tears. Edmund returned from Hal's, but Maria zipped up her suitcase and walked right past him.

Tad reacted quite surprised to the news that Liza was in love with him. At first he thought Marian was just trying to trounce his life again, but after her listened to Marian, he was convinced she was telling the truth. Marian revealed that Liza spoke to her one night while under the influence of Chardonay and said that Tad was her one true love. Marian said that while her daughter would probably blow a fuse if she knew she was telling Tad this, she had to do it. Marian then went on to say one of her most upsetting lines. She said that "I've been a good time. I've been a good sport. And I have been a better than average roll in the hay, but I have never been loved." She said that she doesn't want her daughter to know the pains of never being loved. While Marian may not have many fans in Pine Valley, you really had to feel for her.

Liza walked into Hal's with the intention of downing a glass of wine, but she saw a government warning about drinking while pregnant and she opted for a glass of iced tea instead. She finished her drink, barely able to keep from crying, and drop her money on the bar to cover her tab. As she was leaving, Tad walked in to the bar.

The ladies are getting a little out of control. Erica forced Jonathan to write a confessional to Dimitri explaining what happened the night he saw Erica and Jonathan in bed together. Erica was relieved to learn that Jonathan did not violate her while she was knocked out from the pain killers. Then the trio had an argument over who would do what next. Erica wanted to leave so she could give Dimitri the papers from Jonathan, Toni wanted to draw and quarter Jonathan, and Janet wanted everyone to just remain calm. Janet eventually won out and headed to the police station where she told Derek that she needed his help desperately. Erica and Toni got into a bitter shouting match. Toni resented Erica's only wanting to get back together with Dimitri and not wanting to help her get revenge on Kinder. After Jonathan finished signing his confession, Toni jabbed a needleful of the magic potion into Jonathan's leg, knocking him out instantly. That's some powerful stuff, huh? Erica told Toni that she didn't burn up all of Kinder's research papers, but she wasn't going to show them to her. They then began fighting for the papers. Erica pushed Toni into a closet, the door popped open, and out fell the corpse of Christopher! The body fell right on top of Toni and she was knocked out cold. Erica struggled to get him off of her, but she was too weak to do so. While all of this was going on... The Doctor awoke.

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