AMC Recaps: The week of July 22, 1996 on All My Children
Julia pawned her engagement ring, infuriating Noah. Kelsey devised a plan to help Bobby obtain some money. Erica helped Janet realize who Toni really was.
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Monday, July 22, 1996

Toni's condition remained stable, but Maria had many questions about how she got the way she is. She asked Edmund, the one who brought her to hospital, what he knew about the patient, but he could offer little more information than her fear of her husband. Maria said that she has hardly any muscle tone and is suffering withdrawal from some unknown narcotic. In the privacy of her room, Toni looked intently at Maria's face and said that she knew her from somewhere. Maria explained that she must have seen her picture at Wildwind and thought nothing of it. Then Toni asked her doctor to promise her that she'd let no one else administer to her care.
After completing all she could to stablize Toni's condition, Maria had time for a few words with Edmund. Edmund begged his wife to come back home, but she said that she couldn't yet. While Maria did offer an exchange of dialogue with Edmund, she wasn't a willing participant and her frustration grew to a point where she just left Edmund and returned to her work.

There was no way Jonathan was going to believe Liza's concocted story that Toni was a Chandler. But soon after the pieces began to fall into place and Dr. Kinder's anxiety grew. The proof revealed itself when Stuart received a call from the treatment center where Skye worked and Jonathan overheard Stuart mention the name Toni Patterson, apparently the name Toni claimed was her maiden name. Liza whispered to an angered Jonathan that if Adam finds out that there are new leads on Toni he might hire a private detective. Jonathan told Liza that she had better hope that this doesn't happen because then everyone would learn that Liza killed Toni. Imagine the guilt of thinking you killed someone when you really didn't!

Noah was crushed when Julia admitted to pawning her engagement ring to pay the rent. He said that he is not doing a very good job of the strong, male provider and left the apartment to tend to business. When he got back, he produced the ring. He said that he borrowed money from his Aunt Grace to buy back the ring. Julia apologized for going behind Noah's back and selling a symbol his love for her. The two made up, however, and celebrated with a little post-marital bliss.

As planned the night before, Janet and Erica prepped themselves to go to the bank and look at Janet's safe deposit box. Before the two could leave, Jack showed up at the door and Janet had to sneak out the back to go to the bank on her own. The reason Jack was there, he explained, was that he saw a report that Erica's car was stolen. But of course when he got there he saw the car in Erica's driveway. Erica made up a story that the carnapper returned the car because he must have realized that it was her car and wanted to avoid any further trouble. Erica got rid of Jack and Janet came back and told her that her safe deposit box was emptied. Janet worked herself into a frenzy thinking that Jonathan got to the safe deposit box and was now going to hunt her down and kill her. Erica managed to calm her down and suggested that she go to Wildwind and look for Toni. Janet refused saying that Johnny could be there looking for her and that she is not exactly welcome at Wildwind. Erica reluctantly agreed to search the Mausoleum, but while lurking around, Dimitri walked in on her. At Linden House by herself, Janet would soon learn that Jonathan was outside and getting ready to come in.

Tuesday, July 23, 1996

Running out of places to hide, Anita showed up at Noah and Julia's and asked if she could stay with them for a while. Noah, who had just received more bad news from Olga that no one wants to hire him out as a model because of his reneiging on the ManStyle contract, nodded to Julia that Anita could stay. Just as Julia was telling Anita that Hector and Isabella call often to see how everything is going, Mama and Papa Santos were knocking on the door. Anita hid in another room as Isabella and Hector asked if either Noah or Julia had heard from Anita. Julia stepped in on her younger sister's behalf and said that she should not be sent to Mexico and asked if Anita could stay with them for a while. In a surprising move, Isabella stood up to her husband and said that she doesn't think Anita should be shipped off either. Hector was furious that his wife was talking to him in this manner and stormed off. When Mama Santos found out that Julia knows where Anita is, she blamed Julia for causing a family feud.
Anita took off yet again and this time landed back at Stuart and Scott's place. Scott, who was preparing for his first date with Laura, asked his father questions about how he met his mother. Scott was concerned that his friendship with Laura might be compromised now that they are dating. Just as Scott was about to leave and pick up Laura, Anita popped in and begged him to take her to Center City so she could escape the wrath of her parents.
Across town, Laura and Myrtle talked about her jitters. Myrt said that when a person falls in love for the first time, they are supposed to feel giddy and even confused. But Laura was also nervous because Scott had yet to show up and he was late.

Nothing came of Dimitri and Erica's encounter in the Marick family crypt except an uncomfortable exchange of insults. Erica insinuated that Dimitri thought that she was at Wildwind looking for him to which Dimitri countered by saying that it was wishful thinking that she'd find him in the mausoleum. Dimitri again refused to tell Erica what it was that he saw the night he finalized their divorce and walked off in a huff.

Janet heard a ring at the door and after she figured out it was Jonathan, she frantically searched for a place to hide. In her haste, she knocked something off a table and Jonathan became concerned on the outside. Dr. Kinder called to Erica fearing that someone might be lurking about inside. Just as he was about to break down the door, Erica returned from her Wildwind trek. Erica tried to make up excuses for the noise Jonathan heard, but Johnny wasn't buying any of her stories. To quell his worries, Erica placed a call to Derek Frye and asked him to stop by and investigate her house for prowlers. Dr. Kinder left after Erica told him all was under control. But when Derek arrived, things didn't go as expected. He found Janet hidden in the closet and was prepared to arrest her for breaking in until Erica confessed that she called the police under false terms. Derek was furious that Erica made a false call and said that she better not do it again. The new tag team of Kinder bashers then decided it was time to get back on track and hunt down Toni.

Just as Adam was about to discover his missing daughter was laying on a hospital gurney just in front of him, a call came through on his cellphone and he turned his back to take the call. By the time his call was finished, Toni had been taken to her room. Toni even reached out for the "grey haired man" she recalls from her broken memories not realizing, of course, that it was the twin brother of the man she remembers. Gloria and Adam bumped into each other and Adam said that he was pleased to see Gloria back to work at the hospital. In turn, Gloria thanked Adam for assisting her cause by putting in good words with the hospital board members.
Tad wobbled in to the emergency room and asked for medical attention after getting stung by a bee. Adam was somewhat disgusted that Tad would ask for medical attention for something so minor, but Tad explained that the location of the bee sting is was makes it so critical. Gloria agreed to help Tad in removing the stinger after it was learned that Joe, Tad's first choice to lend a medical hand, was attending a doctor in surgery. The uncomfortable moment came when Tad explained that his was stung in his "backyard," as he called it. He was very uncomfortable to have Gloria see his bottom, but Glo said she was a professional and that he should not think anything more of it.
Jonathan arrived at the hospital, intent on finding Toni. He asked one of the staff if a Jane Doe had been admitted. Out of the corner of his eye, however, he saw an angry Dimitri looking on.

Wednesday, July 24, 1996

Laura was crushed when Scott called her and asked if he could postpone their date for a few hours while he took Anita to Center City. Laura jumped to the immediate conclusion that Scott dumped her for Anita and when Scott and Anita showed up at Myrtle's boardinghouse, she locked herself in her room and asked Myrt to lie about where she was. As it turned out, Scott hadn't dumped Laura for Anita and was dropping by to ask Myrtle if she could give Anita a room for the night. One of the conditions, however, of Anita getting a room for the night was that Momma and Papa Santos had to be notified. Anita pleaded with Myrt to let her call her brother, Mateo, instead, but Mrs. Fargate did not budge. She said that they could compromise and that she would call the Santoses for Anita.

Mateo had his hands full as well. After Hayley offered to let Anita stay in her suite at the Valley Inn, Matt wondered why she had kept her room. Hayley explained it off as her forgetting to notify the hotel that she moved out. Mateo had other thoughts. He accused Hayley of not being totally committed to him and keeping the room as a safety net in case their living together did not work out. Wwhen asked what he wanted her to do, Mateo said in a huff "I want you to marry me."

Marian Colby decided that enough time had passed since she last talked to Liza and sweet-talked a WRCW security guard to let her in to the studio. Liza wasn't thrilled that her mother had dropped bu unexpectedly and said that the security guard was going to be fired for letting her in. While in the middle of the discussion, Liza grimmaced in pain. Marian became concerned for her daughter's health, but Liza said that she just was having stomach cramps from some overly spicy chili.

The days of Tad being the butt of jokes may live long after his stinger was removed. Gloria finally managed to get the stinger out of his, um, self, but more troubles plagued Tad. An orderly inadvertently took Tad's clothing with dirty bedsheets and sent them to be washed. Tad was worked into a frenzy and asked if they were being taken to some industrial cleaning plant in Allentown (my home town!). Tad tried to wait it out until his clothing could be found, but Gloria suggested that he might try calling Joe and seeing if he could borrow some clothing. The only catch is that the hospital gown clad Tad would have to go out into the hall to call him. The orderly returned shortly thereafter with Tad's clothes and his embarrassment subsided.
Liza went to the hospital to consult a doctor about what might be causing her pain. Gloria bumped into Liza and after hearing that no one was helping her, she asked a few health related questions. Glo got the goods on Liza's condition and said she would contact Dr. Clader to set her up with a gynelogical exam. Dr. Clader thought that, considering Liza's period hasn't been regular, that she might be pregnant,

Just as Jonathan was about to barge into Toni's room, Erica came from behind and called out to him. She played up his medical proposal in order to get him safely away from Toni's room. There was, Erica said, a minor problem with her supporting Jonathan's experimental medication. She said that her lawyers were concerned about legal implicatons and wanted to discuss the situations with Dr. Kinder. Using that as he guise, Erica called Janet and (in code) let her know that she had found out where Toni was. Janet hurried down to the hospital and, dressed as an orderly, snuck Toni out of the hospital in a laundry cart. Erica continued to delay Jonathan but, unfortunately for her, Dimitri saw from afar that she was still associating with Jonathan. Seeing that Janet and Toni had safely made it out of the hospital, Erica said she would be on her way. Jonathan returned to what was Toni's room and alerted security that the patient was missing. Back at Linden House, Erica was stunned when she saw that Toni Kinder was actually Skye Chandler!

Thursday, July 25, 1996

"Your husband needs you." Those were the words that Ruth told an exhausted and over-worked Maria. But Maria said she no longer has a husband after the way Edmund gave away her son. Ruth tried her best to convey that the good times will once again return, but Maria wasn't willing to look into the future. Edmund burst into the staff lounge and demanded a few moments alone with his wife. Edmund did everything shirt of getting down on his knees and begging Maria to come back to him. he expressed his love for her and said that he knows she loves him as well, but that his doing what was best for Sam has torn them apart. The stubborn streak that runs through her father must have continued to her generation as Maria refused to budge on her stance and dismissed Edmund's statements.

Ruth went to Joe and the two talked about the chasm that has moved in between Edmund and Maria. Ruth said that she cannot get over how Kelsey shows such a lack of love for Sam and that she prays that she will realize her mistake and give Sam back to Edmund and Maria. Joe concurred and agreed that everyone's best interest would be served if Kelsey would give up Sam.

Hayley said that she wasn't ready to marry Mateo because she was afraid that things would turn out like her previous marriages. Those marriages, of course, were to Will Cortlandt and Alec McIntyre. One tried to rape her and ended up murdered and the other slept with her mother and stole millions of dollars from her. Hayley almost came around, but when she mused about Matt's proposal not having flowers or a ring, he took the joke to heart and became upset. Matt said that he wanted to marry Halo from the first time he laid eyes on her. The discussion was cut abruptly when Amanda called and said that Trevor needed help getting off of the floor. Trev tried to do a little more than he should and wound up tumbling to the ground and had no way to get up. Hayley rushed over to her Uncle's house and gave him a hand. Amanda was concerned that Trevor might have been seriously hurt (as was Hayley), but he convinced them that the only bruised was his ego. When asked if everything was okay, Trevor said that his doctor said the healing process was going to be a slow and steady one. Hayley then told Trevor that Matt proposed to her. He immediately knew that Hayley declined, but asked her for the motive behind her non-acceptance. After Hayley was forced to compare her past disasterous marriages to her relationship with Mateo, she realized that there was no reason to fear getting married for a third time. She then took off to the apartment to tell Matt that she reconsidered, but he wasn't there.
Matt took off for the hospital to ask for Julia's advice on why his proposal was turned down. Julia made Matt see that he had promised to give Hayley space so she could get over her fear of committment only to drop the marriage bomb on her. With that in mind, he headed back to the apartment to tell Hayley to forget his proposal.

Palmer called Kelsey over to Cortlandt Manor to discuss some new arrangements. He said that since Bobby was proven to be the father of baby Sam, Bobby would begin paying $100 per week in child support to Kelsey. Bobby protested, but Palmer said that it was the right thing to do. Kelsey griped about Sam's clothing getting too small for him in the hopes that Palmer would throw in some money for clothing, but Opal interjected with an offer to give Kelsey some of Peter's hand-me-downs. With the matter closed, Kelsey and Bobby were left alone to complain about the deal just made. Bobby didn't want to give Kelsey any money and Kelsey wanted more than just $400 per month. That's when Kelsey made her offer. She said that she overheard Palmer discussing a trust fund and said that Bobby will get $1million when he turns 25. But, he can get it sooner if he marries. Bobby was frustrated that he and Anita were on the outs because he could have had immediate access to the money. Kelsey said he can still get the money---all he has to do it marry her.

Jonathan worked himself into panic trying to hunt down Toni. He told no one who the woman was, just that she was a patient of his.
Janet and Toni were stunned to learn that Toni was more than just Kinder's wife. She was a Chandler. Of course Toni had no idea who she was or anyone else for that matter. Erica tried running by some names from Skye's past, but nothing jogged her memory. Nothing, that is, until Erica showed Skye that painting of Miller's Lake. Something, she said, was familiar about it, but she just couldn't figure out what it was. As the trio were discussing the painting, the artist came back to claim it. Stuart told Erica that he felt bad about selling the painting and wanted to buy it back from Erica because he wanted to be able to give it to Skye if she ever returned to town. After hearing Stuart's fears for his neice's safety, Erica said that she was sure that Skye was safe. After Stuart scampered off, Erica let Skye know that Stuart was her uncle. Then Jonathan called and begged Erica for her check because he needed to fly off to Europe immediately. Erica said that she couldn't dig up six figures that quickly and that he'd have to wait until the next morning. As the call ended, Janet, Erica, and Toni/Skye all joined hands and vowed that they would get their revenge on Dr. Kinder... "all for one and one for all."

Friday, July 26, 1996

Moments after Hayley returned to the apartment and began preparing her apology to Mateo, Mateo arrived from his talk with Julia. Hayley said that she was wrong to act so coldly to Mateo's proposal and said that she needs to get over her fear of marriage. With that came a knock at the door. Hayley opened the door and allowed the movers to enter, unloading box after box of Hayley's belongings from who knows where. Mateo was confused by what was going on (probably due in to the fact that he never knew someone who had so much stuff!) but was lulled into a peace when Halo said that she was moving in the last of her personal affects. Hayley then turned to Mateo, got down on her knees, and asked Mateo to marry her.

Liza ended up at Jonathan's office and learned that he was fleeing the country. She asked him for reason behind his sudden wanting to get out of Pine Valley, but he withheld an answer. While Liza and Jonathan went back and forth changing their all-too-familiar insults, Marian arrived. She flew off the handle when she saw Jonathan's boxes of medical files. While they only had dinner together, Marian thought that there was more between her and Jonathan and was crushed that he hadn't let her know he was leaving.
Jonathan excused himself to tend to some business, allowing Liza and her mother some time alone. Liza warned Marian that Jonathan was nothing but bad news, but Marian took Liza's hositility for Jonathan as jealousy. In the midst of the discussion, Liza's pain returned. Marian demanded that Liza go to the hospital immediately, but after learning that Liza had an appointment with Dr. Clader, she backed off.

Marian took off for Pine Valley Hospital where she hunted down Dr. Clader for information on Liza's condition. Citing doctor-patient confidentiality, Dr. Clader refused to bestowe any details on Marian. But that never stops anyone in Pine Valley. Marian waited until Dr Clader left his office, slipped in, and read over Liza's medical files. When she saw a note pad that indicated Liza might be pregnant, Marian went to see Tad. She told him that Liza might have ended up pregnant as a result of their one-night stand. Tad didn't believe the news, but that Marian can be very convincing.

Brooke returned from her trip to Pigeon Hollow. Pierce was waiting for her and said that he was barely able to get by with Brooke away from him. In her absence, he took to painting and designed an entire "Brooke" series. But, he warned her, the pictures were very graphic. He unveiled the easels and let Brooke see a series of stick figures of Pierce that showed his angst and various other emotions while Brooke was gone.

When Toni awoke, she was hell bent on getting revenge on Jonathan immediately. Erica and Janet urged her to remain patient, but she was too anxious. She looked up the address of Jonathan's office in the phone book and decided to head out and find him. But before she did that, she said that she remembered another person from her past: a blonde from New York.
Janet tried to lighten the mood by cracking a few jokes, but Erica was too tense to appreciate the macabre humor. Eventually, Erica did turn around. She asked Janet where she would hide papers of she wanted no one to find them and added "Let me guess... the Marick mine shaft." Janet deduced that Toni may have buried her secret papers in the old mines beneath the Chandler Estate. Two were talking about going to the mines when Jonathan arrived at Linden and wanted Erica to sign over her money to him. Erica tried stall, but eventually caved to Jonathan's pressure and gave him a check for a "generous" amount of money. Janet came out of hiding after Johnny left and asked if Erica was nuts for giving him money. Erica held up a finger as if to tell Janet to hush and then called the bank and asked to stop payment on the check she just wrote.
Jonathan went back to his office, but found that someone else was there. You guessed it, Toni. He walked in on her and said that he had been waiting for her...

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