AMC Recaps: The week of July 15, 1996 on All My Children
Noah got backlash for ditching his modeling gig. Nina wanted Anita to reconcile with Bobby, but Anita wasn't interested in doing so. Janet and Erica teamed up against Jonathan.
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Monday, July 15, 1996

Stuart returned home sooner than Scott had anticipated. And Stuart was disappointed with his son's disobeying the "no guests" rules and having Anita spend the past few nights. Scott explained why Anita was there, but the explanation didn't change the fact that he had violated a house rule. Stuart asked Anita to leave, and she agreed that she would leave after calling her family.

Scott later ended up at the Insomniac Cafe where he bumped in to Laura. Laura was covering for Kevin, who recently was hired to work their during the summer. While trying to make a cappucino, Laura burned herself and Scott quickly stepped in to help her with her burn. It was then that Scott told Laura that she was a beautiful woman, but Laura took the comment as one of those "You have to say that" lines. Scott insisted that he was fond of Laura, even though Laura still wasn't fully convinced.

Edmund carried Toni into Wildwind where he gave her, at her request, some new clothing. Ah, the joys of getting new duds after wearing the same frilly nightgown for over a year. Edmund gave her a few moments alone to change and said that the paramedics would be there shortly to take her to the hospital. But while Edmund had his back turned, Toni seized the opportunity to slip away and hide in the sprawling labyrinth corridors of Wildwind. Later, while Edmund lurked in Sam's former nursery and made plans to send Sam's belongings over to the Martins, Toni overheard Edmund and Peggy talking about locking up the room so that they wouldn't have to be continually reminded of having to give up Sam. Toni slipped into the room after both Peggy and Edmund had left, hid in the corner, and drifted off to sleep.

Myrtle returned to Linden to check in on Erica. Before she got there, Erica was in a struggle with her mind on whether or not to take one of the pills she found to help alleviate her pained heart. Myrt learned from her sort-of-daughter that Dimitri had ended their marriage. Erica said she had no idea what possessed Dimitri to do this. Myrtle was adamant in her claim, but suggested that perhaps Erica was under the influence of some medication and cannot remember what happened the night before. Erica refused to believe that she had taken a pill---she didn't remember taking one. So Erica opted to end the speculation once and for all: She called Joe at the hospital and arranged to take a confidential drug test. Stuart dropped by later and gave Erica the chance to pick up a new painting for her house. Which painting you might ask? Why "Pine Valley," of course. Joe called Erica and asked her to see him in person to discuss the result of her test.

At the hospital, Sam and Bobby prepared to undergo a blood test to prove whether or not Bobby is Sam's father. There were many moments of tension as Bobby and Kelsey bickered back and forth about taking Sam from Maria and Edmund. Even Nina got into the fray by wanting to hold Sam and calling him her grandson. Bobby, who wants nothing to do with Sam, also wants his family to break ties with the baby. As everyone ooh'ed and aah'ed over Sam, Maria returned to work at the hospital and stopped dead in her tracks at the sight before her.

Tuesday, July 16, 1996

Liza remained in her slump with guilt over killing Toni Kinder-slash-Skye Chandler. Adam wandered into her office and when he saw her sitting in the dark looking "like hell," he wanted to know if she was feeling okay. Liza said she was fine and didn't want to be bothered. But Liza would learn that Toni was closely involved with yet another of her co-workers. Tad revealed to Boss Colby that he once was romantically involved with Skye.

Skye moved in and out of sleep as her body continued its withdrawl from Dr. Kinder's medication. When she finally came to, she found herself trapped in the nursery with no way out. After she snuck in to the room, Edmund locked the door and now Toni is left shaking the door begging it to open up. Toni also began having flashbacks of Stuart and tried to figure out who this man was.

Laura was taken by total surprise when Scott told her that he wanted to be more than just a study buddy to her. At first she didn't believe him, but she soon realized that he was being completely honest with her. She then promised to stop calling him "Chandler" because it was too manly and not very affectionate.

Bobby showed up at Stuart and Scott's house so he could have a few words with Anita. Okay, so it was more like a few pleas. Bobby asked Anita to forgive him, but Anita just wasn't going to bite. He tried to patch things up by saying that he never felt any love for Kelsey. Well that made Anita furious because she sees him as a guy who will sleep with anyone just for pleasure. Anita told Bobby that her family has been torn apart by Kelsey's getting custody of Sam and that she aches inside from the hurt. Bobby sympathized with her pain and he tried to convince her that their current state is the bad times spoken about in the marriage vows---"in good times and bad." Anita looked like she was about to cave in to Bobby, but she ordered him out of the house and was left alone and crying.

If you thought a catfight was emminent between Kelsey and Maria, you might be left feeling a bit disappointed. There was no hair pulling, biting, or scratching. Nina, who was still by Kelsey's side, tried to get Kelsey out of the way so a fight would not ensue, but Maria asked for a few words with Kelsey. Maria wanted to fill in on some of Sam's history and give her some motherly advice. Maria said that Kelsey should raise Sam like he's the most beautiful and talented baby on the planet and that if she doesn't believe it, she's supposed to do what ever it takes to make Sam feel like he's the tops anyway. Nina then stepped in and suggested that Kelsey go and change Sam. During Kelsey's absence, Nina and Maria got a chance to become more familiar with each other. Maria stated where she was coming from and how she fears for Sam's welfare.

Joe gave Erica news about her drug test that made her furious---and concerned. While Erica swore up and down that she did not take any drugs, her test result showed otherwise. After careful screening, the tests showed that Erica consumed a barbituate that, if it had been in a higher dosage, could have killed her. Again Erica insisted to Joe that she didn't take any pills and said that she would get to the bottom of the situation. It didn't take long before Erica realized that Jonathan was behind the drugging.

Wednesday, July 17, 1996

In town for at least a week, Nina still hasn't had much of a chance to have heart-to-heart talk with her son. But if you consider all of the turmoil that's happened, it really isn't that hard to believe. Today, Nina finally sat down with Bobby and the two got to clear the air. Bobby explained how he feels Kelsey is responsible for ruining his happiness with Anita as well as Sam's future. He reiterated his feelings that Kelsey is not suited to be a mother yet. He then went on to tell Nina how he feels that she deserted him by sending him to live in Pine Valley and how she never took an interest in his life like she did with his brother Mickey. But Nina let Bobby in on a big secret. She said that she would often listen outside his bedroom door as he played his guitar and that she never knocked on the door to let him know because she didn't want to invade his privacy, not because she didn't love him. While Bobby may have been relieved to hear this, he was still crushed that his romance with Anita was over. Nina then told Palmer that she is very concerned because she has never seen her son so lacking of self-confidence .

Hayley arrived at Linden House to take Erica to a planned substance abuse meeting. Erica, however, said that something had come up and that she doesn't feel that she can give a motivational speech as planned. Hayley asked Erica if she had fallen off the wagon to which Erica answered with mixed signals. She asked Halo if being slipped a laced drink counts as breaking the twelve step program. Hayley immediately wanted to know more details, but Erica wasn't too devulging of the story. She said that she was going to make sure that she got revenge on the person who almost killed her. That made Hayley slightly nervous because she didn't know what Erica had in mind. Erica promised that she would not do anything illegal or that she didn't think she would anyway. With that, Erica pledged that she would call upon Hayley again if she need anything.

Scott took Anita over to Mateo's apartment as a possible place for his friend to seek refuge. Anita still refused to go back to her parents' house because she knew that she'd be packed up and shipped off to a convent. Matt agreed to give his sister a place to stay, but when Hayley arrived back at her new home, Anita wanted to call off the deal. See Anita didn't know that Hayley had moved in and she didn't want to cramp their space. But Hayley insisted that Anita stick around because she was family (well to Mateo at least).

Toni continued to struggle with the door, but when she heard someone approaching from the other side, she hid behind a curtain. No surprise here in that Edmund was the one who unlocked the door and wandered in. Toni did her best to hid, but when she made a noise he snuck up to the curtain and found the mysterious disappearing woman. Toni once again refused to let Edmund contact the authorities because she said that if he did they might both end up dead. Edmund guessed that Toni was fleeing an abusive boyfriend and said that she could get counselling. Toni again refused and said that Edmund should just leave her alone because she didn't ask for him to play her heroic rescuer. Geez, so much for gratitude!

In an odd move, Janet returned to the place where she was held captive to enlist some help from Christopher. She said that she didn't know where Toni was and that she bluffed when the two had their run-in in the rain by the Marick Mausoleum. The chat was cut short when Jonathan returned returned to his self-made women's prison. Chris told Janet to stay hidden and keep quiet while he tried to keep Johnny occupied. Jonathan was surprised when encountered some resistance from Christopher, who kept giving excuses about Toni's condition so he could hide the fact that she was missing. But Jonathan became beligerant and accused his hired henchman of falling in love with Toni. At that moment Erica gave Dr. Kinder a call on his cellphone in an effort to enact her revenge. She told him how lonely she feels now that her life is without Dimitri and that she wants to help Jonathan out with his drug therapy research. Still in hiding, Janet had no idea of knowing that Erica was playing head games with Jonathan and was concerned for her safety. She escaped again through the same escape route and headed for Linden. Jonathan burst threw the door to Toni's chamber and saw immediately that she was missing. Christopher said that Toni escaped while he was disposing of Janet's body and that he is still trying to find her. Jonathan wasn't in the mood for any excuses and said that he can help cure Chris' sleeping problems with a little bit of medication.
At Linden, Erica was not expecting Janet at her door and threatened to call the police if Janet tried to break in. But Janet quickly got the words she needed to say off her tongue. She said that she was there to warn Erica about Dr. Kinder.

Thursday, July 18, 1996

Everyone has a different perception of what an emergency is and Kelsey proves to be no different. She tried to coax Ruth into helping her keep Sam from crying instead of attending to a heart attack patient. After the patient had been tended to, Ruth returned and tried to lend a hand to her granddaughter. She said Sam needs to be held and talked to more. As soon as grandma Ruth lifted Sam out of his carriage, the baby's cries stopped.
Dimitri ran into Kelsey and blew his top. He saw Kelsey's being at the hospital as another cruel joke on Maria. Dimitri informed Kelsey that Maria had returned to work and that seeing Sam and Kelsey would only make things harder. Kelsey objected to this statement, saying that Maria was on maternity leave. But since Maria lost Sam she has no reason to stayy at home and had returned to working as full a schedule as she can handle.

Nina met with Scott and Anita at the Insomniac Cafe. Nina wanted to enlist the help of Anita in trying to get her son back to normal. Nina told Anita (try and say that with a mouthful of Jell-O!) that Bobby really does love her and that he has nothing but the highest respect for her. Anita countered this claim by giving evidence of how Bobby wants nothing to do with the son he fathered. Nina pressed and pressed to get Anita to talk to Bobby, but she may have pushed a little too hard because Anita started to tear up and said that she just couldn't face Bobby.

Noah and Julia got back their snapshots of the wedding, but realized that they can't buy any enlargements because their finances run a little short. But Noah vowed to make things right soon because he had a job interview. Julia said that she could work at the coffee shop for a while to help kick in some money. But Gloria, who still works part-time at the coffee shop, said that it must be hard for Julia to work and attending nursing school. Gloria gave Julia some comforting words and said that she shouldn't keep any secrets from Noah because their promised to be honest in their wedding vows. Julia seemed to have mixed feelings about Noah turning down his modelling shoot. Noah returned a little later with news that he did not get the job, but that he did encounter even more bad news. Apparently, Manstyle, the company that arranged the photo shoot, was sueing Noah for breaking the terms of their contract.

Toni darted out of Wildwind and headed right for the Mausoleum. When she got there she found that Janet had left. Edmund followed in close pursuit and remained insistant on Toni getting medical attention. Toni said that she cannot seek out any help because the man she is running from is strong and would hunt her down. She then told Edmund that she had a friend who is missing. After learning that the friend is also being sought by the same man, Edmund offered refuge in Wildwind saying that no one could get to her there. If Toni knew how many people pop in and out of Wildwind because of the lax security, she might have had second thoughts. But Toni's weakened condition left her with no room to argue. Edmund picked her up and carried her back to the house.

Jonathan threatened to put Christopher under with the use of his miracle drug, but Chris managed to secure his safety by convincing Jonathan that Toni did escape on her own. he then added that if he has any doubts, he can go out along the highway and dig up Janet's body for proof!

Erica nearly had a nervous breakdown at the sight of Janet Green. But Janet insisted that she was there on a mission of peace. Erica then saw that her car had been returned to the driveway and Janet explained that she needed it to escape from Dr. Kinder. Now Erica ran to the phone and prepared to call the police and tell them that Janet stole her car. Janet did manage to persuade Ms Kane into passing on the call. She then told Erica about her being abducted by Jonathan and about his secret past. But when Erica heard that Jonathan was married, she didn't believe Janet's story. The proof, Janet said, was in her safe deposit box. Well it was, Janet, but you'll find that out soon. Before the discussion was complete, Jonathan came knocking at Erica's door. Erica agreed to keep Janet hidden and then went on to play her game with Dr. Feelgood. Erica made Jonathan believe that she was fully prepared to finance his medical research, but there was a catch. She wanted to read Johnny's documentation on the drug including what's in it, what it does, how it does what it does, and the medical-technical stuff. Jonathan was caught off guard, but said that he would get the papers to her tomorrow. He quickly left and Janet came out of hiding and applauded Erica's acting. "Everyone always says you're a great actress," said Janet, a cute little remark probably directed at Susan and her Emmy ordeal. Erica said that she gets a strange feeling that Janet's story is true and that she wants to make sure that Janet remains safe until they can figure everything out. With that in mind, Erica let Janet stay in her guest suite for the night. One more thing, Janet added. Toni has papers hidden somewhere in Pine Valley that show how unethical Jonathan is. The only problem is that she cannot remember where they are. Janet adjourned for the night and Erica walked around her house, but stopped to look at the new painting Stuart had given her.

Friday, July 19, 1996

A determined Bobby barged into the art gallery and began shouting at Scott even while he was on the phone with a prospective client. Scott was infuriated that Bobby held such little regard for his father's business. What was Bobby all worked up over? He wanted to know where Anita was hiding out at. Scott reluctantly said that she might be at the hospital. No sooner had the words crossed Scott's lips and Bobby took off for Pine Valley Hospital.

At the hospital, tense moments caused Nina to lash out at Kelsey. She said that Kelsey had nine months to deeal with her pregnancy and Bobby was told at the last minute so it's only natural that he would be caught off guard. Nina went on to say that both her son and Kelsey were very irresponsible for not taken the appropriate precautions to prevent the pregnancy (or at least protect against sexually trasmitted diseases). Kelsey assumed that this was a personal attack and tried to enlist Ruth to hurl back a few zingers, but she didn't. The only thing that Ruth said was that Bobby was very conspicuous by his absence.
Bobby did track Anita down at the hospital, but Anita wasn't overjoyed to see him. She tried to get away from Bobby, but she inadvertently walked on to the patio where Palmer, Nina, Kelsey, Ruth, and Sam were all sitting around waiting for the blood tests. This shook up Anita even more. But Bobby seized the moment and said that he wanted everyone to hear what he was about to say. Bobby confessed to some of his selfish, thoughless actions in the past including lying about wrecking his father's sportscar and creating an excuse so he wouldn't have to attend his younger brother's recital. But Bobby said that these were the days of old and that the lies and pain he inflicted on others were now coming back to him, but added that he deserved it. He told Anita that she changed him and that he doesn't want her to give him a quick "I forgive you," but rather he wants her to think about what he said. The timing was awful, but Joe announced that he had to results of the blood test and that Bobby was definitely the father of Kelsey's baby. The news caused Anita to run off, saying that she loves Bobby, but that she cannot deal with the fact that he has a baby. Anita ran into big sister Maria in her travels and asked if she could spend time at Wildwind so she wouldn't have to go back home and face her parents. Maria said that she always has a place for Anita, but that she and Edmund were no longer together. The news crushed Anita who feels that she is responsible for their break up.
Maria refused to return home even after Gloria told her that the hospital's understaffing problem had corrected itself and that there were more than enough doctors on staff. Maria refused. Dimitri also bumped into Maria, but their conversation was awkward at best. The tension between the two masked Dimitri's true concern for his sister-in-law.
Later, Nina comforted Bobby and said that she was very proud of him for telling Anita how he felt for her. She also said that she knows how his heart must be broken and that if she could give him her heart to make him feel better, she would. But Nina said she needed to go back home and would be leaving Pine Valley.

Toni and Edmund continued going at it. Edmund ordered Toni to seek medical help, but she continued to refuse, saying that her husband would kill her. The two actually have very good on-screen chemistry as Skye is a typical stubborn Chandler and Edmund's attitude asks the question "Why did I take this strange women who I found in my family's mausoleum into my house?" Toni did well for a while, but again her health deteriorated. Realizing that she was burning up with a fever, Edmund rushed her to the hospital. But as he carried her in to the emergency room, he had no way of knowing that Maria would be there.

The landlord gave Noah and Julia another notice informing them that there rent was past due and that if they didn't pay it they'd be kicked out. Julia convinced Noah that she was going to go over to the office and use her charm to get an extension. But what she didn't tell Noah was that she pawned her 2 karat diamond wedding ring in order to get money for the rent. In a very sad and tender moment, Julia called the pawn shop to make sure that her wedding ring was still there and said that she'd be in soon to reclaim it. But while Julia was away. Noah inadvertently came across the claim ticket from the pawn shop and soon realized that Julia's story that she took her ring to the jeweler to be resize was just that: a story. When she came back he confronted her with the ticket and asked for an explanation.

Liza dropped by the art gallery to tell Scott that his history project was given thumbs up by WRCW's editors and that it could be turned into a special program. Liza also used to opportunity to poke around a bit about Skye. Stuart walked in on the two talking and after hearing Skye's name, Stuart thought it might finally be a good time to try to call his neice. He placed a call to Skye/Toni's last known place of employment, but no one there was of much help as to where she had disappeared to. As the three were talking, Jonathan walked in hoping to collect a check for the painting he had just sold to Stuart. Stuart ducked out for a minute to get the check and Scott stepped aside. During her moment alone with Jonathan, Liza told her former lover that she has a knockout blow and then asked Jonathan why he never told her that his wife was Adam Chandler's daughter.

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