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Erica learned that Bianca was having trouble coping with Erica's addiction. A court order said Edmund and Maria had to give up Sam, but Maria decided to flee the country instead.
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Monday, July 1

If you were unable to view today's show, you really did miss some of AMC's best stuff in recent memory.
Today is also the day that marked some changes in the way you normally see the show. At the very beginning of the show, there is now a "Previously on All My Children" recap blurb. It gives a preview of what storylines will be on the day's show by showing what happened previously. Then at the very end of the show, you get a sneak peek at tomorrow's show.
The opening to the show was also altered. The "still" photos of the actors have been replaced with motion picture.

Furious that Travis canceled her visitation with Bianca, Erica finally arrived at her ex-husband's residence in Seattle. But when she got there she was in for a few major surprises. Barbara, Travis' wife, informed Erica that both Travis and Bianca were not in Seattle. Erica blew a fuse and insisted that Barbara and Travis were conspiring to keep Bianca away from her and trying to brainwash her into turning against her. That was not the case as Barbara soon showed Erica. Bianca had just returned from a horse riding camp where she was taunted and teased the entire time because of Erica's addiction. Some of the other children even planted a baggie of pills in Bianca's backpack as a joke. Bianca, who also was the brunt of jokes at school, was crushed and decided that she didn't want to go to Pine Valley to be with her mother. Erica was devastated. She couldn't believe that her daughter was ashamed of her. Erica offered her assistance in getting her daughter the professional help she needs to cope with her mother's drug dependency, but Barbara said that in time Bianca will turn around.

Maria decided that she cannot wait to learn if she and Edmund will be able to gain custody of Sam, so she began making contingency plans. Maria pleaded with Dimitri to help her arrange to flee to a foreign country without an extradition agreement with the United States. She said that she and Edmund and leave the country and begin anew somewhere else. Dimitri tried to show Maria that it isn't the best possible choice, but he did agree to give her full use of his private jet to make the escape. There was, however, one problem. Maria has not told Edmund of her plans.

Things heated up as Hector and Isabella learned of Bobby's fathering of Sam. Hector then jumped to the conclusion that Bobby only wanted to run away with Anita because he had already gotten her pregnant. His blood pressure through the roof, Hector hauled off an smacked Bobby across the face.
The Santoses then demanded to know where Anita was. Bobby refused to tell them even after Hector threatened to call the police.
On the other side of the solid oak doors, Anita took the news of Bobby and Kelsey's one night stand very hard. She broke down in tears and begged Kevin to tell her that Kelsey was lying. Kevin confirmed everything that Kelsey had said, but it proved too much for young Anita. She grabbed her suitcase and took off for parts unknown.
Only seconds after she left, Isabella lashed out at Kelsey for purposely trying to ruin Anita's life by befriending her only to catch her off guard when she finally revealed her secrets.

Bobby raced to Wildwind to tell Maria what had happened and to see if she knew where Anita was. Maria had no sympathy for Bobby because she said that he deserves everything he's gotten for keeping quite on his being Sam's father. Bobby proved, though, that he is not as callous as everyone might think by saying that he will go to court and swear under oath that he believes Edmund and Maria are the best parents for Sam.

Palmer decided that he needed a few words along with Kelsey. It turned out that he only had a few words with the mother of his great-grandchild. Kelsey confirmed that Bobby really was the father and that she is not on a trip down sadistic lane.

Scott managed to track down Anita at the bus terminal. When he told her that Kevin had contacted him so he could lend a hand in finding her, Anita was crushed that "everyone" in Pine Valley knew what a self-proclaimed "moron" she was. Anita said she bought a ticket to Boston so she could get out of town, but Scott wouldn't let her go. Upon hearing the final boarding call, Scott said that either Anita would return home with him or he would go to Boston with her. Anita reluctantly chose to go back to Scott's house after he promised her that he would not make her call her parents or talk to anyone about her problems.

Edmund met with one of Pine Valley's most esteemed judges to discuss his custody battle with Kelsey. Edmund and Jack laid out their entire case too see how they would stand when they finally went to trial. Edmund explained that he wants to spare himself and his wife the trouble of going through years and years of legal hassle if the end result will be their losing custody of their son. But he did say that he would fight as hard as he has to if there is a chance he will be able to win.
After the meeting, Edmund returned to Wildwind to tell his wife how he made out. The news was not good. The judge informed Edmund that they have no chance of winning a custody battle against Kelsey because she took the option to rescind their custody agreement within the six month window. Maria literally collapsed from the news and said that no one would take her baby from her. She buried her face into Edmund's chest and cried uncontrollably.

Tuesday, July 2

Sort of a let down compared to yesterday's show. But then again yesterday's show was so good that it is hard to compare.

Bobby raced all around town trying to track down the presumed missing Anita. His travels eventually led him to Scott's doorstep. Anita hid in a back room while Bobby asked Scott if he had seen Anita. Scott said that he hadn't heard anything from Anita or from anyone else for that matter. Bobby took off again, saying that he doesn't care if Anita doesn't forgive him. He said he just wants to make sure that she is safe.
With Bobby gone, Anita emerged from hiding, but soon she'd wish she had stayed put. Laura waltzed in without knocking and caught Scott comforting Anita with a hug. This knocked Laura for a loop and she immediately took on her "tough girl" persona, saying that she was sorry for interrupting. Before anyone could explain what was going on, Laura took off.

Nina arrived in Pine Valley to help Palmer get Bobby under control. Upon talking, they both agreed that a blood test must be done on Sam to prove whether or not Kelsey's claims that Bobby is the father are true.
Bobby ended back at Cortlandt Manor after exhausting all his search options. He broke down and tears and sobbed to his mother that he really "blew it this time."

Laura, for some reason, ended up at the Valley Inn where she saw Brooke and Michael having a discussion. Laura erupted at Brooke for telling her that she had a board meeting when she was really off discussing Laura's schooling. Laura flipped out and again and said she doesn't need anyone's charity or concern just before taking off.

Erica tried to pierce together some of her scribblings into a note for Bianca, but she just couldn't word anything properly. By the oddest of miracles, Jonathan arrived just as Erica was getting ready to board her flight and asked to know what was going on. Erica didn't want to speak to Jonathan, but her weakness took over and she eventually caved. She confessed that she is having problems in her personal life especially where Bianca is concerned. Jonathan voiced his concern at other children's treating of Bianca and said that children can sometimes be very cruel. With all of the turmoil, Erica said that she is so frenzied that she has been thinking of taking another pill, but that she hasn't and knows that she shouldn't.

More trouble whirled around Edmund and Maria. A court order confirmed what Judge Cleary had told Edmund: There is no way that they can fight Kelsey's wanting Sam back. But the order went further than that. It gave Edmund and Maria 48 hours to relinquish custody of Sam to Kelsey. Knowing that there is no way out of the situation, Maria sought out Dimitri and secured the passports for her planned escape. Dimitri begged Maria to reconsider, but she said that she was not going to give up her baby. Edmund, however, did not like the idea and said that Maria's plan constitutes kidnapping and that he is not going along with it.

Wednesday, July 3

Palmer summoned Kelsey to Cortlandt Manor after Nina expressed a desire to talk to the young woman who would be her grandchild's mother. Perhaps not knowing exactly what the situation was made Nina's line of questioning easier for Kelsey developed, but Kelsey didn't flinch and answered all of Nina's questions without creating a fuss. Nina voiced concern that Kelsey would not be able to provide Sam with the necessities of life. Kelsey said that she can give her baby love and that the baby makes her feel special. She then said that the love they share is the only thing they need.
There was, however, a bit of a stir when Palmer told Kelsey that he wanted proof that Bobby was Sam's father. At first, Kelsey didn't want to submit to the bloodbath, as she saw it, but realizing that there is nothing to hide, she said that Sam can be given a blood test.
Palmer showed Nina that he isn't about to sit back and watch Sam's life go down the tubes if Kelsey gets custody. He said that as a Cortlandt he is willing to give as much money as it takes to ensure that his great grandchild has all life's amenities.

Trevor returned home from the hospital, but not on his own two feet. The numbness in his legs continues and there is still no diagnosis as to why he is experience the malady. Obviously, Trevor's attitude wasn't that of his usual chipper self because he felt as though he is failing his family by not being able to enjoy his normal life activities.

Hayley and Mateo, fresh off a welcome home visit for Trevor, snacked on some chocolate pudding at the Valley Inn. Hayley said that she offered to stay at her Uncle Porkchop's until he healed, but that he turned her down. She then mused that she might miss out on 24 hour room service by Mateo. To that, Mateo said he would never move in to Hayley's Presidential Suite because it was too small. Then he popped the question. He asked Hayley if she would move in to his apartment with him. Halo got caught completely off guard. She tried her best to beat around the bush as she explained that she has had a bad track record of moving in with people. Finally, Mateo managed to put her uneasiness to rest and she agreed that she would give it a shot.

Call her Emmy LaRue because Eva LaRue gave an incredible performance on today's show. Maria tried to rationalize why she and Edmund should flee the country with Sam, but Edmund insisted that they would only be kidnapping the baby. He said that they would be isolated from their family and that they would constantly have to look over their shoulders to make sure they were one step ahead of the law. When Edmund learned that Dimitri helped Maria plan the exodus, he became furious. Maria tried to explain that Sam would not get any love from Kelsey and even accused her husband of giving up on their son. Maria became hysterical when she showed Edmund photos of Sam, his baby bracelet, and footprints---asking if this is what he wants to give up. Edmund explained his position delicately. He said that he doesn't want to drag a lengthy court case out because it could mean that Sam would be much older and be confused by being taken away from them. This way, he continued, Sam would not be cognizant of being removed from them.
Later Edmund waited in the study until Dimitri returned to Wildwind. He confronted him face to face and asked why Dimitri is playing God with Maria's emotions by offering to help her flee the country.

Thursday, July 4

Noah prepared himself for his underwear photo shoot. His willingness to due the shoot was only increased by the landlady showing up on his doorstep demanding the rent. With Noah in transit to his modeling job, Julia received a phone call from WRCW's gossip guru, Elyse Flynn. Ms Flynn pressed Julia for her thoughts on Noah's gig, but Julia didn't answer any of her questions. But Elyse stirred up enough feeling in Julia to cause her to run down to the photo shoot.
Noah was hardly thrilled with the working conditions on the photo shoot. First he voiced his displeasure with the rather skimpy undergarment that he was supposed to wear. After some gentle prodding by his agent, Olga, Noah agreed to pose for the pictures. But that thought came to a quick end when he saw the set for the shoot. The director of the session decided to go with the entire criminal motif complete with posters declaring Noah a wanted man for second degree murder. Upon seeing that and after being asked to don a pair of handcuffs, Noah walked off the set and said he was through. Julia arrived shortly afterward and told Noah that Elyse had called her... but in the shadows the scoop hound lurked with a tape recorder.

Trevor insisted that Michael knew more about Trevor's condition that he was letting on. Michael said that he knew nothing and that Brad, Trevor's doctor, wouldn't keep any information from him. Brad confirmed what Mike had said, adding that the MRIs and other tests have not shown any reason for Trevor's numbness and partial paralysis.
Later, Trevor told Michael that he should consider leaving because his life should not be wasted looking after his brother-in-law. Mike assured Trevor that he has no problem sticking around to make sure that his family is okay---because he is part of the Dillon family.

Kelsey returned to the Martin House after yet another shopping trip for things for Sam. When she got back to what was supposed to be an empty house, she found her Uncle Thaddeus waiting for her. She found out that Tad was there because he heard that Kelsey had a scheduled visitation with Sam and he thought it'd be best to act as a mediator. Kelsey didn't want Tad to go along with her and was upset with what she considered his imposition.

Dimitri tried to defend his helping Maria, but Edmund was furious that his brother went behind his back. Dimitri said that he felt it was only right to give Maria some reassurance and that he wouldn't stop until all his resources were exhausted. Edmund tried to explain his position in an effort to show that he isn't unmoved by having to give up Sam.
Upstairs, Maria talked to Sam and told him how they would have to runaway together because Edmund wasn't willing to go with them. Edmund popped his head in and told Maria that he was ready to take Sam to Kelsey. Maria sobbed again and said she knows that she has to give up Sam, but that it is very difficult for her. Their privacy was once again trespassed upon as Dimitri brought them news that Kelsey was knocking at their door.
Kelsey apparently lied about making arrangements for visiting Sam which didn't sit well with Edmund or Tad. Tad apologized for the intrusion and said that he thought everything was all planned out. Kelsey didn't care about an inconveniences and started making her way to Sam's nursery, but before she could get too far, Edmund grabbed her by the arm and told her that if she moves another inch he'll break her arm. Kelsey took the hint and she and Tad were given the boot from Wildwind after being told that Edmund and Maria plan to keep Sam in their custody until the very final minute allowed by the court. Edmund went back to the nursery to check on his wife and son, but found that Maria and the baby along with a suitcase of their belongings were mysterious missing.

Friday, July 5

Alone in the house and trying to answer the telephone without using his wheelchair, Trevor collapsed to the ground and couldn't get back on his feet. Fortunately for him, Brooke and Pierce just happened to stop by and the front door was unlocked, so the pair could come in and rescue their friend. Trevor used a lot of sarcasm about his fall to mask his true pain, saying that he was on the floor to look at the paint on the ceiling. Upset with his condition, Trevor cursed Janet for being the force responsible for his paralysis. With that, Trevor explained why he visited Janet at the cabin the night of his accident. After hearing Trevor's wild tale of how Janet wanted to get plastic surgery to assume Brooke's identity, Pierce shook his head in disbelief. Pierce, now sporting a goatee, said that he cannot believe that Janet would do something so crazy and that perhaps Trevor is confused as a result of bumping his head. Brooke didn't seem convinced either, but she didn't accuse Trevor of being delirious either.

Toni called through the grating to Janet to let her know that everything seemed right for escaping their prison. Unfortunately, Christopher walked in on them talking and ended their plans before they even had a chance at getting freedom. Chris ordered Toni back in to bed, but again Toni managed to convince him not to say anything to Jonathan about her latest escapade. At the moment, Jonathan put a call in to Chris on his cellular and asked Chris to put a tail on Dimitri. Before her left on his duty, however, Chris gave Toni an injection of Johnny's miracle drug.
With Chris gone, Janet tried to encourage Toni to fight the drug's numbing power. Janet found a screwdriver in her chamber and managed to remove the screws from the grating. Toni, however, no longer talked back to her. But in the blink of an eye the two prisoners finally came in contact with each other as Toni's frail arm stretched outward and grasped on to Janet's hand.
Christopher stalked around Dimitri's Wildwind hunting lodge. He broke in and, as Jonathan had ordered him to do, erased all phone messages from Erica on Dimitri's answering machine. He quickly left the cabin and hid in the shadows, waiting for Dimitri to show up.

Edmund found that Maria had already left, but before he could head out and search for his runaway wife, Kelsey barged in to the nursery and demanded to see her baby. Edmund tried to cover for Maria's disappearance by saying that Maria took Sam to the pediatrician. At that late hour of the day, Kelsey knew that no doctor would have office hours and demanded to know the truth. Edmund explained that Maria wanted some time alone and had left with Sam. Kelsey feared that Maria was going to run off to some uncharted island with Sam and threatened to call the police. Edmund appealed to Kelsey's compassionate side and she agreed to place the 911 call on hold so Edmund could track down Maria.
Edmund ran to the hunting lodge and waited for Dimitri. There he learned that Dimitri had prepared his private plane for Maria to fly away on and pleaded with Edmund to go to the airport and be with his wife. With that Edmund ran off to the airport to find Maria.
Previously, Maria had tried to coax Dimitri into readying his plane. Dimitri begged Maria not to go, but he eventually caved in and gave the go-ahead to the pilot to take Maria anywhere he wants to go. Maria embraced her brother-in-law and said that she will always remember him because he has done the ultimate act of love for her and her son. With an embrace, Maria prepared to board the plane and Dimitri left for home.
As Maria finally prepared herself to board the plane, Edmund arrived. Maria was ecstatic that he husband finally decided to join them and gave him a huge embrace.

Jonathan escorted Erica back to Linden House from the airport in an effort to see that she arrived home safely. Erica was still very distraught over Bianca's decision to put her visit to Pine Valley on an indefinite hold. Erica broke down and said that she needs a pill or a drink to numb her pain. Jonathan managed to get those thoughts out of her mind, but Erica wanted someone else to talk to. She called Dimitri, but he wasn't at the hunting lodge. The message she left, however, was erased by Christopher. She then turned to Myrtle. Myrtle was just as crushed when she heard of the ordeal Erica had been through. Myrtle then took it upon herself to track down Dimitri and tell him to go to Linden House and be with Erica. Christopher called Jonathan by cell phone and informed him that Dimitri was on his way to Erica's house. That was all Dr. Kinder needed to hear. He said that a cup of hot tea would soothe Erica's frazzled nerves. What he didn't tell Erica was that he slipped some sort of medication in her tea...

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