AMC Recaps: The week of June 24, 1996 on All My Children
Julia told Edmund that Bobby was Sam's biological father. Anita made plans to elope with Bobby. Kelsey told Anita who Sam's biological father was. Brian declared his love for Hayley, but she insisted that she had moved on with Mateo. Hayley told Mateo that he was the one whom she wanted to be with.
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Monday, June 24, 1996

Julia told Edmund that Bobby was Sam's biological father. Edmund ignored Dimitri and Jack's advice to tell Maria immediately. Instead, he decided to keep this news from Maria until he had a chance to talk with Bobby himself. Jack needed to quickly regroup and think up another strategy to pursue in the case.

Anita made plans to elope with Bobby. Bobby and Anita secretly met at the Wildwind chapel. After hearing Anita go on and on about how wonderful he is, Bobby said he needed to make sure that Anita went into marrying him with her eyes open. With that, Bobby tried to tell Anita about being Sam's father, but Isabella walked in on them and that abruptly ended. Isabella blasted Anita for being everything her father has called her and for disregarding God by conducting her little affairs in a chapel. She then added that she was going to talk to her husband and convince him to forgo sending Anita to Mexico---but that it now seems like the perfect idea.

After her previous attempts fell only on Janet's unconscious ears, Toni successfully reached out to Janet through the air duct. She managed to tell Janet how she can close off her drug supply. Toni and Janet feigned sleep when Jonathan and Christopher returned so that the gruesome twosome wouldn't be suspicious. Christopher impressed upon Jonathan that Toni couldn't help them because her memory has been erased due to all the drugs she's been given. But Jonathan voiced his faith in her. Later, Toni was stunned when Janet told her that she was Jonathan's wife.

When Laura found the object of her heart's affection sitting alone in a restaurant, Laura wandered over to Mateo's side and struck up a conversation. She learned that Matt was depressed over Hayley and how they seem to be drifting apart, but Mateo said he didn't want Laura to try to cheer him up. Scott then wandered over and the two teens talked about how they both desire a member of the Santos clan that they know they cannot have. Scott told Mateo that Brian had been offered the job at WRCW. Upon remembering that Laura knew Janet, Liza made up an excuse about Janet getting tons of fan mail at WRCW and needing a forwarding address so she can reach Janet. Laura said that she didn't have a phone number or address for Janet and was very concerned that she hasn't heard from her.

Again Hayley responded to Brian's announcement in a way that he didn't want. When he first told her that he still loved her, she threw it back in his face by saying she had moved on and is happy with Mateo. Now, he asked her to spend the night with him, but Hayley made a case as to why she should not stay. When she congratulated Brian on landing the WRCW spot, Brian told her that he may not take the job unless Hayley decides to be with him. Hayley then told Brian that she would give him an answer in 24 hours.

Tuesday, June 25, 1996

Erica and Dimitri dined out at the Valley Inn part of their "taking it slow" relationship. When Erica talked of her concern about the controversy over baby Sam, it soon led to the estranged couple getting closer. Memories of how Erica lost Bianca to Travis and Erica's giving up of Kendall were all rehashed. Dimitri jumped in to say that he knew Erica paid a visit to Kelsey and that he was pleased that she tried to help out the family. Yes, they both agreed that they still feel like family.
The two adjourned to Linden House for the evening and that's when the yellow light finally turned green. Erica and Dimitri kissed passionately and both said how they wanted each other. The phone rang and the two were two involved to even care that the phone was ringing. Until, that is, they both heard Jonathan's voice on the answering machine. He referred to Erica like she was his lover calling her "dear" and how they should do things together. Dimitri lost the mood and left Erica standing alone.
The next morning, however, Dimitri returned and said he needed to explain why he left Erica high and dry the night before.

Hayley returned to the beach where she and Mateo first met the night she left Alec at the altar. By some amazing psychic coincidence, Mateo arrived a short time later and found Hayley alone, dwelling in her thoughts. She told Matt that she had finally made a decision on her love life. She went on and began apologizing to Mateo for being such a fool and said that she now realizes that her feelings for Brian were only feelings of nostalgia. The two ended up laying next to each other on the beach discussing their mutual love for each other.
But when morning came it was time for Hayley to return to the Valley Inn and inform Brian of the decision she made.

Tad watched over Jamie as Brooke prepared herself for an evening board member meeting. But before she left, Liza popped in to tell Tad that she had just received word that a drug dealer agreed to an exclusive interview on the Cutting Edge. Junior placed a call to Jamie, but Jamie was already safely tucked in for the night. Tad excused himself to speak to Junior privately in another room. During his absence, Brooke pulled Liza aside and said that it might not be the best idea for her to stay and talk shop with Tad because Jamie has been waking up from nightmares the past few nights and seeing Liza, someone who he considers the driving force behind Dixie's leaving Pine Valley, would only hurt him more. Liza said she can understand why Brooke is protecting Jamie and agreed to stay only a few minutes. With that, Brooke headed off for her meeting. The few minutes that Liza did hang around turned out to be just enough time for Jamie to wake up and see her in his living room. He had a tantrum and Tad took him back to bed to share some words with him.

As it turned out, Brooke didn't have a board meeting, but it was the only feasible excuse she could come up with in order to hide her secret rendezvous with Pierce. Pierce made the cabin resemble a quaint, private getaway for his lover, and the two wasted no time in getting the romance flowing. Pierce and Brooke laid in bed in each other's arms, but their romance was interrupted by a prowler wielding a flashlight and picking around the cabin. The prowler wasn't actually a prowler...just Liza poking around to see if she could find any information on Janet's disappearance. With the mood spoiled, Brooke said that she had to get back home and check in on Jamie. Pierce walked her to her car and Liza pretended to leave as well. But she later returned to the cabin and resumed her search for Janet tidbits.

The next morning, Laura bumped into Dr. Kinder and asked him if he has heard anything from Janet. Jonathan tried to brush her off, but said that Laura should not be surprised if she doesn't hear from Janet because she has probably broken all ties with Pine Valley in order to move forward. Laura said that Janet would never desert her and that even Liza thinks Janet's disappearance is odd and has been looking all over town for Janet. Well at that moment Liza walked in to the Valley Inn and Jonathan raced over to her, grabbed her by the arm, and told her that this time she has

Wednesday, June 26, 1996

A curious big sister Julia stormed Mateo's apartment armed with blueberry muffins hoping to find out how everything is going with Hayley. Matt filled Julia in on how he and Hayley magically met up on the beach and rediscovered their love for each other. Julia was frenzied by the good news and immediately began talking of marriages and elopements. Matt said that he'd prefer to take things slow so he can gain Hayley's confidence. After all she has had tow disastrous marriages and her father hasn't exactly been so successful in marital bliss either!

Brian anxiously opened the door to his hotel room and let Hayley inside. He said that he had been waiting for her and pressed her for the details of how things went with Mateo. Hayley said she talked to Matt, but before she could get the details out, Brian jumped in to how she made the right decision choosing him over Mateo. It took several minutes, but Hayley did 'fess up and told Brian that she loves Mateo and chose him. Brian said that he obviously didn't have a chance to fight hard enough and that he will continue trying to win Hayley over. But Hayley showed she still had her wits about her and handled letting Brian down very admirably. She said that Brian wanting to fight for her sounds more like war than love. Halo also went on to tell Brian that "loving you back then probably saved my life." The two agreed to keep in touch and not use Myrtle as their run-between. With a kiss on the cheek, Hayley left Brian.

The truth behind why Dimitri left Erica the night before finally came out and it shed some light on the way in which Dimitri operates. Although he puts forth a strong front, Dimitri said he left because he was afraid that he was going to lose Erica, something that he cannot bear to happen again. Erica assured him that she was not going to leave him and that she loves him more than ever. With that, Dimitri left for a short while to prepare his horses for Bionics' pending visit and Erica headed to Jonathan's office for a face to face confrontation.

After hearing that she was Jonathan's wife, Toni accused Janet of being in cahoots with Jonathan and Christopher. Janet tried to convince Toni that she wasn't their partner and only after she explained to Toni how she was locked up because she was blackmailing Jonathan did she finally start to believe her.
The two had to stop chatting because Christopher walked in. With Ton's pulse racing and noise in the adjoining room, it didn't take Christopher long to figure that Janet and Toni had contacted each other. Christopher grabbed a syringe of the mystery drug and prepared to render Janet unconscious. But Janet pleaded with Chris to let her alone because she knows he is not "bad" like Jonathan. A furious "Rigor" left Janet alone, but soon encounter Toni who begged Christopher not to tell Jonathan about this latest episode.

Jonathan yanked Liza by the arm all the way back to his office. He blasted her for trying to insinuate that he is responsible for Janet's disappearance. Liza tried to tell Jonathan to leave Pine Valley, but he refused, citing his lack of funds. Liza then moved on to threatening Jonathan by saying that she would get the contents of Janet's safe deposit box and expose him. Finally the truth behind Kindred's mysterious research papers came out. Apparently Jonathan experimented on homeless and terminally ill persons with some type of "new medication" that treats pain without leading to addiction. But something went horribly awry in his experiments and the subjects suffered incredibly. At that moment, Erica revealed herself at the doorway and asked Jonathan what he was up to now. Jonathan quickly covered for himself by saying he and Liza were discussing raising revenue for a new pain center to be built in Pine Valley and named after Erica for her courageous recovery from addiction. Erica refused to accept this would-be honor and told Jonathan to stop contacting her because he was creating a rift between her and Dimitri.
Erica called Travis to verify that Bianca's flight from Seattle left on time, but she found out that Bianca was not on the flight because Travis decided to scrub plans for Bianca's visit. Erica called her personal assistant and had her book a flight on the next plane to Seattle and headed home to pack her bags. Dimitri arrived with all the horse accessories, but soon learned that Erica was headed to Seattle to find out what Travis' problem was. He offer to go with her, but Erica said she wanted to tackle this on her own.
On the other side of town, Jonathan was on the phone picking up his own round trips tickets on the next flight to Seattle.

Thursday, June 27, 1996

The financial pinch grasped Noah and Julia a little harder as the electric company cut off thei power in the middle of a heat wave. Julia tried to put a brighter spin on the latest setback by saying the muggy apartment reminded her of Jamaica. Noah was amused and contemplated going back to his job as an orderly at the hospital. He admitted that he wasn't doing carthwheels at the thought of mopping up floors, but he also didn't want to go back to modelling.
Armed with the idea of becoming an EMT, Noah set out to ask Joe Martin what it would take for him to get back a position at the hospital.

Anita's big send off to Mexico turned into another Santos family debacle. Hector passed on seeing his daughter off to the airport for the always more important business meeting. Rosa sobbed uncontrollably and said that she felt it was her fault that Anita was getting the boot because she told Hector and Isbella where to find Anita. A very calm and composed Anita comforted her younger sister and told her that she was not at fault. As the departure time approached, Anita asked her family if they could leave because she didn't want them tagging along to the airport causing her to have an emotional breakdown in front of a crowd of strangers. Hoping to prevent her sister from leaving, Maria showed up just as Isabella and Anita were headed out the door. Maria begged her mother to reconsider, but it did no good. Isabella ran off crying because even she could not bear to see Anita leave. So it came down to Maria taking Anita to the airport---but then the reason behind Anita's composure was revealed: she was not going to the airport. Anita confessed to her big sister that she was going to run off with Bobby and get married. Maria tried to dissuade Anita, but after all she is a hardheaded Santos girl. Maria left her mother a note to call her so she could explain what is going on.
Anita dashed to Pine Valley High School, the predetermined meeting point for her and Bobby, and waited. And waited. And waited. But there was no sign of Bobby.

Bobby stormed in to the Martin house and really let Kelsey have it. He said that he was not going to be taken down with everyone else and said that he is planning on telling Anita that he father Kelsey's baby. Kelsey didn't really believe him. Bobby also ripped into Kelsey for telling, in his mind, everyone in Pine Valley that he is the one who got her pregnant.

Later Edmund paid Bobby a visit at Cortlandt Manor to find out if Bobby really was Sam's father. Bobby admitted that he was and said that he has no plans for seeking custody of Sam. Bobby tried to end the conversation so he could get himself to PV High to meet Anita because he wasn't involved in the whole Sam fiasco. But Edmund wasn't about to let Bobby leave. That's when disaster struck. Upon hearing that Bobby thinks he isn't involved in the mess, Edmund rebutted, saying that Bobby became involved the very minute he got Kelsey pregnant. Palmer overheard the comment and his mouth dropped.

Friday, June 28, 1996

Noah and Julia prepped their apartment for a visit from Olga. Noah decided to hear what type of modeling offers Olga had for him because, after all, times are tough financially. The big client Olga had lined up was a men s undergarment catalog. The advertiser wanted Noah to appear in some skimpy drawers handcuffed to a bed with the slogan "Noah Keefer...Wanted: In Bed and Alive." The whole handcuffed scenario didn't play with the newlyweds, who said associating Noah with his "criminal" past doesn't seem right. They tried to talk Olga away from the criminal undertones, but Olga said they'd have to take it up with the advertisers.

Isabella returned home and learned from Maria that she did not take Anita to the airport. Mama Santos went nuts, saying that Maria has no authority to tell her how to raise her children. But Maria snapped back that she and Julia had to sneak around as kids to do what they wanted because Hector and Isabella didn't have enough trust in them to let them make their own choices. After hearing that Anita was planning to run off with Bobby and get married, Isabella took off to get Hector so they could track down their "wild child" daughter.

Palmer didn't take the news of Bobby fathering Sam as badly as one would think. He demanded the truth out of his grandson and after dancing around the issue, Bobby admitted that he had a one-night stand with the Kelsey. Edmund asked Palmer to keep him up to date on everything and he quickly left Cortlandt Manor.
Palmer placed a call to Nina, Bobby's mother, and told her that Bobby is planning to, among other things, run off and get married. Nina said she would be heading to Pine Valley as soon as possible.
Bobby tried to get out of the house so he could go off and be with Anita, but Palmer barred him from leaving. Grandfather Cortlandt said that Bobby can't run away and get married to Anita because they have no way of supporting each other. Bobby countered by saying that they love each other and will have their happiness. "Too bad you can't eat happiness," Palmer responded.

Anita continued her wait for Bobby, but he never showed up. She thought for a moment that he arrived, but it turned out to be Scott Chandler. Anita confided in Scott that she was planning to run away with Bobby. All Scott could do was to say that he doesn't think it is a wise decision. Now whether Scott's response was due to the fact that he has a crush on Anita or that he really is concerned for her best interests remains to be seen. Anita tried to convince Scott that she was making the right decision by telling how her parents treat her like an infant. She told him everything from how she is being shipped off to Mexico to the time when Hector had her tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Scott tried to tell Anita to take things slow so that she can enjoy her youth, but Anita still insisted that she needed to be with Bobby. The two eventually saw eye to eye on the issue and Scott even offered to drive Anita over to Cortlandt Manor. Anita, however, said it was something that she needed to do on her own.

Edmund found his wife and decided that it was now time to fill her in on everything he knows about Sam's father. The news hit Maria hard and she wasn't sure that it was the truth---probably just a fabrication by Kelsey to make life difficult. But Edmund said that Bobby admitted to sleeping with Kelsey and that Sam is very likely his son. But there was good news, Edmund said. Bobby said he wants Sam to be raised by them and not Kelsey and that he would probably be willing to sign over her parental rights to them. When Maria finally came back down to the ground, she remembered that Anita was running off with Bobby.

Hector and Isabella stormed Cortlandt Manor and Hector threatened to tear Bobby apart if he didn't tell them where Anita was. Palmer told Hector to cool his jets and listen to the whole story. The Santoses told Palmer that Bobby is directly responsible for corrupting Anita and making her into a "bad girl." Bobby refuted their claim, saying that their smothering of Anita is what has made her want to branch out on her own.
As if things couldn't get more complicated, Kelsey arrived during the family feud, but was stopped before she could barge in on the discussion by Kevin. Kevin filled Kelsey in on what was going on. But again, fate stepped in. At the moment Anita joined the fray. She heard her parents' voices coming from inside the closed-door room and demanded to be let inside. But Kevin and Kelsey wouldn't let her go inside. Then, Kelsey took it upon herself to bring Anita up to date. She told Anita flat out that she lied when she said she didn't know who her baby's father was---it is Bobby Warner.

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