AMC Recaps: The week of June 10, 1996 on All My Children
Brian and Hayley prepared to relive their prom. Olga had a new job offer for Noah. Kelsey continued her quest to get Sam back.
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Monday, June 10, 1996

Noah and Julia's wedding ceremony ended almost as abruptly as it began. Shortly after dancing, Noah and Julia cut their wedding cake and then headed off for a romantic honeymoon in The Big Apple. But before they could go, they got word from Corinne that she was heading back to Jamaica.

Toni recovered from her fainting spell and walked towards the gathering of party goers, but unfortunately for her, Christopher had revived and tracker her down. Before she could contact anyone for help, Christopher snuck up behind her and dragged her back to her room. Toni begged Chris to let her go, but he refused. She then turned to an even more important favor. She asked her captor to keep quiet on her escape because Jonathan would kill her if he found out. Christopher had no reply.

Hayley went gaga when she saw that he ex-flame Brian Bodine was back in town. She quickly forgot all about current beau Mateo and began gushing over Brian. Brian informed Hayley that he was a television producer and was interviewing for a job at WRCW. Apparently Brian saw little competition for Hayley's affection because he took no time in asking her out for dinner. But before Hayley could give Brian an answer, Matt showed up to foil the plans. He said that Brian should join him and Hayley for dinner sometime, flatly letting Brian know that he is the man in Hayley's life.

Erica and Dimitri left the post-wedding fete for a more quiet evening at the hunting lodge. Dimitri started a fire in the fireplace and offered Erica a glass of sparkling apple cider. One thing quickly led to another and before you could say "Helga Voynitzeva" Dimitri and Erica were locked firmly in a passionate kiss. But romance did not win out this evening as the sparks stopped at a kiss. Erica reminded her on again off again husband that they agreed to take things slowly. Dimitri nodded and backed off.

Bobby, who was secretly at Wildwind to see Anita, and Kevin barged in on Kelsey and asked what she was doing peering out the window at the party guests. Kevin again offered Kelsey money to cover her expenses to Chicago, but now she refused. Kelsey ran from the room and headed directly for the party.
Kelsey quite solemly walked through the gathering and stood on the steps to get everyone's attention. Joe and Tad grabbed her by the arms and hauled her out of the party, but Kelsey wasn't ready to go anywhere yet. Maria screamed at Kelsey and ordered her to leave. Kelsey, however, had a few words for Maria. Calmly, Kelsey recited Maria's "private confession" to Edmund, letting her know that she heard every word Maria had said about her. With that, both Edmund and Maria knew that Kelsey had been hiding out in their home and began to freak. They both asked Kelsey to leave and even tried to apologize to her, but it did no good. Tad and Joe ordered Kelsey to leave and she was on her way... until she turned around and yelled at the top of her lungs that she wanted her baby back.

Tuesday, June 11, 1996

After months of rocky roads, the honeymoon finally arrived for newlyweds Noah and Julia. The couple took to New York City just as they had months earlier to celebrate Noah's landing a modelling job. Needless to say, the young lovers wasted no time in consummating their marriage. The romance wasn't drawn out over the course of the show, just the first segment and it wasn't the hottest love scene in recent years, but it wasn't too hard on the eyes, I suppose.

Trevor's health made improvements, but he still has no feeling in his legs. Tired of his doctor's poor bedside manner, Trevor asked for a second opinion. As it turned out, the doctor was an old college friend of Michael. The new doc said that Trevor might be able to make a speedy recovery with intensive physical therapy.
Trevor also received a visit from Brian, who brought Trev a selection of totally tacky ties.

All hell broke loose at Wildwind after Kelsey announced her intentions to get Sam back. Maria snapped. She began hurling insults, accusations, and other ill-willed thoughts at the young girl. Kelsey begged Belinda to order Maria to give up the baby, but Belinda said it couldn't be done like that and to stop by her office in the morning so they could discuss matters. Kelsey blasted Maria as an infertile, jealous woman and Maria lashed back by saying Kelsey is bitter because she cannot have Edmund.
Joe and Tad continued to yank at Kelsey to get her to leave, but she wouldn't budge. And when Kelsey asked Opal to give her a place to stay, Opal refused. Kelsey finally was moved from her perch on the steps.
Maria, meanwhile, ran to Sam's room and held on to her son for her life. She sang him a lullaby and cried and the thought that this could be the last time she holds Sam.

Wednesday, June 12, 1996

Brian had his morning meeting with Liza for the WRCW producer position. When Liza arrived he was dressed in a tank top and shorts and he had to excuse himself to go back to his room and change. During the time, Adam joined Liza and told her that he would be observing the interview. Oddly when Brian returned from changing, Liza covered for him by saying he must have been late due to jet lag. Liza found Brian's resume quite extensive and well suited for the 'RCW spot, but has just one question. Why, Liza asked, would Brian leave the City of Angels for the sleepy Valley of the Pines. Brian explained that Pine Valley was his hometown and he wanted to come back home. Citing her own decision to due the same, Liza said she could very well understand Brian's decision.
Adam wanted a few words with Brian after the interview. During their chat, Adam questioned why Brian left some important job references off of his resume. Using his experts to dig for dirt, Adam found out that Brian has his own production company back in Los Angeles. Brian finally admitted the truth for his return to town. It had nothing to do with a staff job, he wants Hayley back.

Hayley jazzed up her room in the Valley Inn to look like something out of Noah and Julia's wedding. She laced the room with strings of lights and even utilized the fog machine to add a little air of romance to the room. When Mateo arrived at ther room, the two quickly fell into each other's arms. But the power being used by the equipment proved to be too much for the room's circuits and the power went out. But the two lovers were already making electricity of their own.
In the aftermath of their love making, Mateo probed Hayley on her relationship with Brian. She said that he was her first romantic interest, but that it was meaningless compared to what she feels for Matt.

Bobby borrowed some of his grandfather's silver to have a romantic evening with Anita. Since the two were banned from going to the prom, they made other arrangements. For her part, Anita got Rosa to help her get out of the house. Rosa will play watchguard so when Anita arrives back from her late night with Bobby Rosa can let her know if Hector is still up.

Erica dropped on Wildwind in an effort to lift Maria's spirits. Okay that wasn't her primary goal. She was really there to work on her book with Edmund and she became slightly irked when Edmund said work on the book will have to wait until after he and Maria get through the hassle with Kelsey. Then when Jack arrived, Erica wanted to leave the two men to talk business.
Erica's efforts to soothe Maria were not gracefully accepted. Maria, who was up the whole night holding Sam, showed her claws and started lashing out at Erica. The two women never really did get along, but things look even more strained than before. Erica quickly retreated and left Wildwind.
Jack told Edmund that he needs to make notes of all the times Kelsey showed a lack of maternal instinct, immaturity, and anythinf else that would damage her character and credibility. Maria finally wandered downstairs and asked Jack to tell her what their chances were. Hewas quite honest in his reply, not letting anyone's hopes soar or plummet. He said that Kelsey's petition top get back the baby are not that good because she is a single mother. But, he added, if a father were to come into the picture, everything would change.

Kelsey tried to get Belinda to go and take Sam from Edmund and Maria. Belinda told Kelsey that it isn't that easy and that the whole process to get back her baby could take months---or longer. And, she added, it will run a heavy tab. Kelsey insisted that things move forward.
Erica dropped in on the Martin House a short time later in the hopes of talking woman to woman with Kelsey. She told Kelsey how she gave up her baby (Kendall) at an early age and can understand what Kelsey must be going through. She then went on to saying how she didn't regret giving up her baby because she wouldn't be at the same place she is if she had had a baby to take care of. Kelsey was unmoved, but conned Erica into believing that she had done some good with her visit.
After Erica left, Kelsey received one more visitor. Bobby snuck up from behind and warned Kelsey that if she plans on bringing him down in her quest to ruin Edmund and Maria's lives, she will pay dearly.

Thursday, June 13, 1996

Liza became very concerned when she heard that Marian was asking Olga to dig up whatever dirt she can find on one Jonathan Kinder. While Liza tried to convince her mother to stop... you know how that Marian can be! Jonathan interrupted the two and it wasn't long before Marian left the two to be alone. Jonathan warned Liza that Marian's gossip hunt would eventually lead to her finding out that Liza killed Toni Kinder. To keep herself covered, Jonathan told Liza that she needs to impersonate Janet so he can get access to her safe deposit box. Liza accused Jonathan of killing Janet because she knew that Janet would never just hand over the key to her safe deposit box.
Back in her bed, Toni begged Christopher not to mention anything to Jonathan about her escape attempt.

In New York, Noah and Julia bask in the glory of waking up side-by-side as a newly married couple. But their peace was short-lived as Olga intruded upon the honeymooners to inform her startled client that the job offers have been pouring in. Noah informed Olga that he is not ready to make committment to rejoin working and he shuffled her off out the door. Before Olga could leave, she gave the newlyweds a wedding gift: rollerblades. Later Noah confided in Julia that he isn't keen on the idea of returning to a life as a model. He said that it doesn't seem fair to receive thousands of dollars to primp and pose while others are starving on the streets every night.

When Adam expressed skepticism about a fast tracker like Brian giving up the L.A. scene for a one horse burg like Pine Valley, the truth about Brian's return to Pine Valley. The young Hollywood hotshot claims that he's really returned to rekindle his love with Hayley.

Scott and Kevin snickered over an old videotape of Hayley and Brian and even Mateo couldn't help but join the teens in teasing his girlfriend about her short but memorable reign as high school prom queen. Scott wheedles his cousin into agreeing to team up with her former "king" in crowning the new prom royalty at PV High.
Later the highschool tandem ran into Brian and extended an invitation to him to return as the Prom King of Yesteryear. When Brian learned that Hayley would be there he immediately dropped everything and agreed to go.

Friday, June 14, 1996

Brian tells Hayley he would be honored to help her crown the new prom king and queen at Pine Valley High. Meanwhile, a last-minute schedule change at work forces Mateo to cancel his plans to escort Hayley to the prom.

Whispering through the vent which connects their room, Toni again tries to make contact with Janet who finally awakens from her drug-induced stupor and learns that she has become a prisoner.

Stuart sadly confides to Gloria how much of a muddle he has made of fatherhood. With the prom only a few hours away, Laura suddenly changes her mind about going. Brooke quietly tells Pierce how frightened Laura is of being teased by her fellow classmates. Despite a pep talk from Gloria, an unhappy Stuart remains convinced that he has let his late wife down by alienating her son completely. Pierce invokes Janet's name to persuade Laura not to miss out on what will inevitably become one of her most cherished moments from high school.

After Jonathan convinces her that his former secretary's safe deposit box holds incriminating evidence concerning Toni's untimely death, Liza nervously agrees to impersonate Janet to gain access to the document. Later, however, Liza balks at going through with the plan and accuses Kinder of killing Janet to shut her up. Sensing one shred of human decency in Chris, Toni appeals to him for help in escaping from Jonathan.

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