AMC Recaps: The week of June 3, 1996 on All My Children
Erica and Dimitri decided to take things slowly. Joe wasn't sure if Trevor would regain sensation in his legs. Jonathan planned to kill Janet after stealing her money. Toni Kinder was revealed to be Skye Chandler, Adam's daughter. Everyone gathered for Noah and Julia's fairytale wedding.
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Monday, June 3, 1996

What a difference a week makes. Last week viewers were holding their breath to see if Trevor would survive a car accident and this week things are definitely more light-hearted. But maybe the difference in the new executive producer.

The only down part of today's show dealt with Trevor and the aftermath of his near fatal crash. Trev put on a brave face for Amanda and Tim who, with Hayley, paid a visit even though he is suffering a new complication. Now nearly fully alert, Trevor realized that he has no feeling in either of his legs, but he was too proud to let his family know. He promised that everything would be back to normal soon and that their problems were over.
After a medical exam by Dr. Joe Martin, the diagnosis was inconclusive. Joe said he couldn't be sure what the cause of Trevor's numbness was, but that he promises to find out in the next barrage of tests.
Trevor continued trying to tell Michael and Pierce that Janet was up to her old tricks, but he couldn't muster enough energy together to form a complete sentence. Armed with news from Jack that Trevor's car showed no sign of tampering, Pierce told his old military buddy that Janet was out of town and had no part in Trevor's accident. But Trevor just grimaced and repeated the names "Brooke" and "Janet."

Janet remained unconscious in her Kinder-imposed prison. As she slowly began to move back into consciousness, she groaned and moaned in pain. Her sounds of discomfort found their way through the buildings air ducts and into Toni Kinder's room.

Erica and Dimitri took an after dinner stroll onto the veranda at the Valley Inn. Erica apologized for springing the news of her sleeping with Jonathan after Family Week at Betty Ford. She said that if she had done as she was supposed to and told Dimitri everything while at counselling, they might not be in the predicament that they are. Deciding that she liked the feel of their time together, Erica asked Dimitri if they could take things slowly and get to know each other all over again. To this Dimitri gave a broad smile and said yes.

Phoebe met with Palmer at Cortlandt Manor to discuss plans for Palmer's company to build a new building somewhere in Pine Valley's city limits. Pheebes said that while she supports Palmer in his effort to build the new business center, there are gaggles of opponents to the plans. That's when Palmer sprung the news that he was having the building's blue prints sent over and that they could review them with the leader of the fight against Palmer's building. But when Phoebe opened the box containing what she thought were going to be blueprints, she got the shock of her life. She held up a slinky negligee and demanded to know what Palmer was doing. But as she held up the lingerie, Opal walked in and assumed that Palmer and Phoebe were up to some hanky panky. Opal laid every insult on Pheebes that she could think of---even called her a hussy! But the storyline was finally unravelled when Bobby was called down to see if he knew anything about the skimpy garments. Bobby quickly explained that he ordered that garments--- but not for Anita like everyone thought. He said that he had been assigned to pick out the garters for Julia and Noah's wedding. Now that everything was finally cleared up, Opal figured that no wedding could be properly planned without her expert opinion on fashion, so she rushed over to Myrtle's to lend a hand or two.

The big rush to get everything ready for Noah and Julia's surprise wedding continued. Everyone, so it seemed, gathered at Myrt's to get everything ready. The wedding is, believe it or not, only a day away.
Derek was told to head over to Julia and Noah's apartment to find their wedding rings. Slinking around in the dark using only a flashlight to find his way around, he almost got clobbered by Belinda who was also secretly in the apartment looking for one of Noah's suits to use for measurements. Armed with a deadly can of whipped cream, Belinda ordered what she thought was an intruder to turn around and put his hands up. When she saw it was Derek, they two had a good laugh, especially at the fact that Belinda planned on subduing a supposed prowler with a non-dairy product! Before the two could get out of the apartment, successful in their duties for the wedding, Julia and Noah returned. The two quickly explained why they were in the apartment and were out of the woods as far as Noah and Jewels being suspicious. Belinda said she was there to drop of a wedding present and Derek said he was checking out the apartment because he thought that someone might have broken in.
The women of the Santos clan paid the next visit to Noah and Julia. Julia was afraid to tell her mother that she and Noah were having a simple wedding at City Hall, but she figured that she had no other choice but to tell Isabella. When she blurted out the news, she was stunned that none of her family was opposed to the idea. In fact she was more distressed that anything when she heard what came out of their mouths. Isabella said that Hector was having a business meeting and needed Julia to come over and clean that windows and oven. Julia's jaw dropped. She couldn't believe that her mother wanted her to help clean house on the day of her wedding. They found it hard to keep a straight face, but somehow they managed to hide their laughter as they watched the look on Julia's face.

Tuesday, June 4, 1996

Noah and Julia sat down to talk about their future together. Neither one of them wanted to have a quickie wedding, but the figured that there is nothing else that they can do considering their financial hardships. But after reviewing their two pervious "weddings"---the first one where Noah was carted off to jail and the second private ceremony where they exchanged vows on a beach in Jamaica. After watching a movie, Julia figured that one part of their wedding ceremony would have to go according to tradition and she informed Noah that she would be sleeping on the couch. But she couldn't stay away and soon found herself back in bed laying next to a scantilly clad Noah. If you're a Keith Hamilton Cobb admirer then you missed a good episode!

There was no change in Trevor's condition. He still repeated Janet and Brooke's names, much to Pierce's confusion. He asked to doctor what it might mean. The doctor, who realy had no clue, said that Trevor is being kept heavily sedated and the things he says shouldn't be taken too seriously. After hearing that Trevor has been saying her name and seems concerned for her, Brooke got permission to talk to Trevor for a few minutes. Trevor, although quite groggy, didn't believe that Brooke was really Brooke. He, of course, thought that it was Janet posing as Brooke. Finally Brooke convinced Trev that she really was Brooke and Trevor drifted back to sleep.

If you think everything will go smoothly for Noah and Julia's wedding, think again. With less than 24 hours before the ceremony, the carpenters working to construct a wedding platform at Wildwind went on strike. This left the job of handyman to Edmund and Dimitri. Quite surprisingly, Dimitri was very skilled with a hammer. He said that he was skilled by a groundskeeper as a boy.
Dimitri then made an urgent call to Myrtle. He asked her to get Erica to show up at Wildwind in any way she could. Erica put up a fight, but did make her way to Wildwind only after being assured that Dimitri wasn't there. La.k.ane didn't want it to seem as though she was being too aggressive to get back with Dimitri. Erica dropped off curtains (part of Myrt's excude to get her to Wildwind) and was stunned to see Dimitri working on the platform. Dimitri then asked Erica to escort him to Noah and Julia's wedding, to which she very happily agreed. They then relived that famous Hungarian waltz by dancing across the patio in each other's arms.

Toni called through the air ducts to Janet, but Janet was still out cold. Toni tried to offer Janet words of encouragement, but in her weak state, fell over on the floor. The noise sparked Jonathan and Christopher to investigate Toni's chamber to see what was going on. Johnny and Chris got into a tiff when Christopher questioned the amount of medication Jonathan is giving Toni. There was also a comment made that someone prevented Christopher from being a full fledged doctor, but there was no mention to who kept him from getting a license.
Jonathan's thoughts quickly shifted from Toni to Janet and the secret she has hidden in her safe deposit box. Dr Kinder rifled through her purse and came up with the key that presumably opened the box and said that all is under control. He said that he would get someone to pose as Janet Green, get rid of the contents of the box, and then kill Janet to get rid of her permanently.

Wednesday, June 5, 1996

As promised, Brooke met Pierce at the cabin and it didn't take too long before Pierce was begging Brooke to sleep with him. She must be refusing after he made the comment last week that it would only take five minutes! As the two nuzzled up to each other, a knock came at the door. Outside, Laura shouted through the door asking if Janet was still inside the cabin. Pierce figured that this would be the perfect time to tell Laura about his relationship with Brooke. Brooke didn't agree. So Brooke ended up hiding out back as Pierce and Laura talked.
Laura was devastated that Janet was gone and didn't say goodbye. She was hurt just as much when she saw that Pierce had painted over the stars on the wall of the cabin. In the frame of mind she was in, Laura didn't want to be given the cold shoulder by Pierce or listen to his "people fall out of love all the time" speech.
After Laura had left, Brooke emerged from hiding and Pierce returned to pressuring Brooke to tell Laura of their relationship. Brooke managed to buy some, but agreed that after Laura's final are over she will be told the truth.

Noah showed up at Wildwind looking to get a loan from Dimitri to pay for a honeymoon. Of course no one expected the dreadlocked heartthrob to show up, they everyone had to quickly shuffle what they were doing to cover for the fact that they were working on getting a wedding together for Noah and Julia. Dimitri tried his best to get Noah to leave and had to say that he was having renovations done to Wildwind to accomodate Baby Sam. Looking to lend a hand, Noah volunteered to help do some contruction work in order to earn a little extra money. Finally Dimitri just whipped out his check book and wrote Noah a check and sent him on his way.
Still upset about not being able to "provide" for his love, Noah ended up at his old stomping grounds. He met with little Elijah and learned that the money Noah gave Elijah and his mother was being put to good use. Elijah said that he has a computer and is taking art classes...and that they even got a new lock for their apartment door.
As Noah walked around, looking for something to lift his spirits, Jack pulled up and order Noah into his car.

Julia called Maria in an effort to come up with an excuse to get out of housecleaning detail. Maria told Julia that their mother was counting on her and she couldn't back out at the last moment. Wrapped in her Monday worst, Julia showed up at Casa Santos and began doing her drudgery. Conveniently, Anita, Isabella, and Rosa had an excuse to get out of the house, leaving Julia all alone. As she cleaned, the door suddenly flew open and patches of fog drifted in to the house. Out of nowhere, Grace, dressed as Julia's fairy Godmother, entered the apartment and began singing "Bippity Boppity Boo!"

Thursday, June 6, 1996

Still intent on getting the contents of Janet's safe deposit box, Jonathan called the bank to find out what it would take to get a look at the box. He said that he was given permission to open the box by the owner, but that owner couldn't come along. The bank shot down the idea and said that the owner of the box must be present. Disappointed but not out of the ballgame yet, Jonathan try to strongarm Liza into posing as Janet. When Liza refused to help out, Jonathan turned nasty and reminded her of how he can expose that she murdered his wife. He even added that he was surprised Liza didn't try to kill Dixie in order to have Tad all to herself. Jonathan quickly retreated after the comment and said he was going out on a date with Liza's mother, Marian.

Christopher locked the door to Toni's secret chamber and headed off to do some work. With both Chris and Jonathan gone, it was now time for Toni to try to escape from her prison. She called out to Janet to let her know that she was going to save both of them somehow. She grabbed a butterknife and began working on the screws holding a metal grating to the wall.

If you're the type of person who just loves to see things twist together, you'll love this one. Scott showed Laura a video he made of his family tree for a history project. As the two watched the photos and images of Chandlers past and present stream across the screen, Laura took special note to one pretty woman. When asked he the woman was, Scott answered that is was a cousin of his, Antoinette. Scott added that everyone just called her Skye. And when the picture was shown onscreen...Toni Kinder's identity was finally revealed as Adam Chandler's daughter, Skye!

Kelsey continued her snooping around Wildwind, but she got sloppy this time. Kevin barged in on her and demanded to know what she was still doing in Pine Valley. Kelsey immediately accused Kevin of being on the "We wanna get rid of Kelsey" bandwagon, but Kevin said that was not the case. Kelsey and Kevin talked for several minutes and Kelsey finally admitted that she is ready to get on with her life---but in Chicago. When she told her friend that she was going to hitchhike to the Windy City, Kevin offered to give her money so she could take a bus or train. Before they could move forward on the plan, Edmund and Maria closed in on their location. Kelsey took off to hide in her normal spot, but again she was sloppy. Maria found one of Kelsey's hair bands laying on the floor and started to get nervous. Edmund said that it was possible that the hairband just turned up when Peggy started moving everything around for the wedding. But things quickly turned from the panic of being found to outrage for yougn Kelsey. Confidentially, Maria told her husband that she really didn't like Kelsey because of how she was using their adoption of Sam to get the better of them. But Kelsey's heart truly must have broken when Edmund, the man she has a crush, on agreed with everything Maria said and said that he really isn't too keen on Kelsey either.

The rush for the wedding of the century continued. Jack, Mateo, Derek, and Dimitri tended to Noah while Hayley,Isabella, Myrtle, Belinda, Anita, Rosa, Belinda, Opal, and Maria worked on Julia.
The guys made Noah watched Cinderella and told him that he was going to play the part of Prince Charming.But when Noah saw the outfit he was going to waer for the wedding ceremony, he refused. Then he was reminded of how much it would mean to Julia and he finally agreed. But that wasn't the only thing Noah would have to agree to. Dimitri and Jacktook turns as Noah's dance partner as they gave him a quick waltz lesson. Meanwhile Derek and Mateo clowned around in the background doing every dance imaginable with each other!
Tense moments for the ladies arouse when they realized that Julia had no shoes to wear. They all went on a frantic dash around Wildwind to find any shoes suitable for the bride-to-be. Although she was a little tardy, Erica finally showed up with the piece de resistance: a pair of glass slippers.
With that, it was show time. The stage is set for tomorrow's wedding of a life time when Noah and Julia finally get to say "I do."

Friday, June 6, 1996

Scott let his bratty side show as he told Stuart to leave him alone because he isn't his real father. Here's how it all went down. Stuart wandered in to the room where Scott and Laura were watching the video tape. Laura went into saying how proud Stuart must be for Scott's landing the job as WRCW's summer intern. There was only problem. Scott hadn't told Stuart that he got the job and Stuart doesn't want is son working at the television station. Stuart was obviously surprised that Scott had gotten the job,but told him that he doesn't want him working there. Scott lashed out at Stuart and told him to mind his own business because he isn't his biological father. As if that weren't enough, Scott also told Stuart that he admires Liza because she is successful and not a loser like Stuart. Ouch!

Toni cotinued using a butterknife to unscrew that metal air duct grating from the wall. But Christopher heard the noise and caught her in the act of escaping. He was more stunned that anything at seeing Toni out of bed. He told Toni that he wasn't going to hurt her, but for some reason Toni didn't believe him.Gee, could it have something to do with the fact that he is keeping her locked up like a rodent? With rather impressive speed, Toni grabbed a dish of rubbing alcohol and tossed it into "Igor's" eyes. With Christopher temporary blinded, she hit him over the head with a ceramin water pitcher and ran out of the door.

Julia and Noah finally got to exchange rings after two previous attempts at marriage,this one was complete. But this ceremony was not without its problems. It seems that in getting every up and running, no one contacted a minister to preside over the ceremony. Gloria left the ceremony on a hunt for a priest. When Hector heard that there was no minister he had a conniption---but doesn't he always? The crowd managed to calm him down and Hayley pop in with an idea of how to get around the missing clergyman. She suggested that everyone give speeches as to why they believe Noah and Julia should be married.
Hayley, Belinda, Anita, Maria, Dimitri, Brooke, Erica, and Adam all spoke. The most impressive speech came from Adam. He said that he has come under fire in the past for his dogged determination and stopping at nothing to get what he wants. He smiled and then said that Noah and Julia prove that his method is right.

The minister arrived just as Noah and Julia exchanged rings and, between panting for air, pronounced them husband and wife. The newly married couple then danced with each other as a beautiful Disney music selection played in the background. I wonder if they will be having cheesecake.

But one can only imagine what will happen as the after wedding party takes place. Kevin returned to Wildwind with the cash he promised, but Kelsey was nowhere to be found. As he strolled around looking for his friend, he finally caught sight of her. Kelsey peered out an upstairs window watching Edmund and Maria very intently.
As Mateo and Hayley danced with each other, someone decided to cut in. It turns out that Hayley's ex-flame Brian Bodine is back in town and is looking to cop a tango with Hayley!
But there was more drama. Toni did escape her prison and made it to grounds of Wildwind. Before she could contact anyone, she saw her father, Adam, dancing with Liza Colby. The rush of emotions and memories combined with her weak condition proved too much and she collapsed in the bushes.

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