AMC Recaps: The week of May 27, 1996 on All My Children
Trevor figured out Janet's plan, but an ensuing accident threatened to keep her secret hidden. Janet was kidnapped. Kelsey hid out in Wildwind after telling Julia who baby Sam's biological father really was.
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Monday, May 27, 1996

A stormy night in Pine Valley set the tone for a day filled with tension, suspense, and totally macabre sentiment.

Adam and Liza spun into the Gallery to find Liza some artwork to spruce up her drab condominium. At least that was the story they came up with. As Pierce showed Liza his wares, Brooke accused Adam of only trying to check up on her to make sure she wasn't doing anything with Pierce. Adam denied the charges and said that his appearance at the gallery was pure chance. When Adam asked Pierce if he would be returning to his log cabin in the woods now that Janet has vacated the premises, Pierce become irked. Apparently Adam's intentions were to insult Pierce as a nature-boy who is a little too backwoods-y for the city. Pierce was ready to begin a battle with Adam, but Liza quickly stepped in to say that she had picked a painting. She wrote out a check and packed up the painting without even asking how much it cost. They then left for a dinner date with Adam conveniently had to job Liza's memory about. Pierce then went back to trying to seduce Brooke, but she said that she had promised to read a bedtime story to Jamie and that she would not go back on her word.

Bobby met up with Kevin at good ole Pine Valley University for some last minute Algebra cramming. The facts and figures really weren't weren't the heavily planted focus of Bobby's mind. He just couldn't wait to tell Kevin that Kelsey was on a plane bound for Oregon. Kevin really didn't share in Bobby's glee, but did agree that the days of Kelsey' blackmail are now behind him. As the two talked, Michael wandered in and asked what the two were up to. The discussion quickly led to talks of the upcoming prom. Bobby said that he wasn't going to be going because Anita couldn't go. Privately Kevin admitted to Mike that he didn't know how to approach the prom as far as going with someone. He said that he doesn't want to be a third wheel to any couple and that he doesn't know any guys who he could ask to go with him so he was just going to stay home. Michael finally managed to convince Kevin to go even if he had to go alone or he'd regret not going to the prom. Bobby returned to Cortlandt Manor to learn that Palmer sold his ownership of Cluck Cluck Chicken Shacks to a group of wealthy business and that he was now back in the money. This means Bobby can now look forward to a summer job as a junior executive and one day, as Palmer told Opal, a hefty inheritance. That is, of course, only if Bobby plays his cards right.

Julia reacted strongly to the news that Bobby was Sam's biological father. Kelsey again swore her to secrecy and reminded her that she does have an ethical oath to keep medical information private. Julia tried to say that this was different because not only does Sam's daddy live in Pine Valley, but that her entire family is now tangled in this lineage web. Julia was mostly concerned for Anita because she doesn't want to see Bobby get Anita pregnant without remorse or feeling of obligation to her. Joe came over and reminded Kelsey that she still has a flight to catch. Before she could leave, though, she encountered Edmund and Maria and again told them how hard it was to give up her baby. Of course this made the Greys feel very anxious and even moreso when Kelsey demanded frequent updates and pictures from them. Kelsey did get to the airport, but she was not going into the friendly skies on friendly terms. She told Joe that she will never forgive him for sending her somewhere where she didn't belong and likewise didn't want to be. She even wished for her plane to crash to make Joe feel guilty. The boarding call came in and Kelsey got on her plane for home.

Things heated up for Julia as she heard Anita talk of how much she loves Bobby. Julia kept seeing her younger sister in Kelsey's position and it freaked her out. Finally, Julia couldn't keep the secret any more and told Noah. While his reaction was one of shock, Noah said that Julia cannot judge the situation from her viewpoint because it isn't unbiased. Either way, Julia said, that things could get very twisted if and when the news gets out. Trevor wasted no time in telling Janet that he had figured out her plan. But instead of reacting violently as he's done in the past, Trevor took on the matter very level headed. He told Janet that taking on Brooke's life is a big mistake and gave her the option of passing on everything and leaving toen as she had supposedly planned or she can end up spending the rest of her life in jail. Janet refused to change her mind and Trevor took off to tell Brooke and Pierce of Janet's evil ways. But before could get very far, a tree came crashing down on his car.

Tuesday, May 28, 1996

The severe weather affected the entire East Coast. So bad was the weather that Kelsey's flight to Oregon was forced to return to the runways of Pine Valley International Airport. With the bug in her ear from the flight attendant that passengers could get off the flight until they were ready to leave again, Kelsey tried to determine where she would run to. She certainly was not going to wait around to return home, but this blessed opportunity caught her off guard and she couldn't quite figure out where she could get to with the ten dollars in her wallet.

Edmund and Maria used a dinnertime meeting with Joe to tell him that they had decided that he and Ruth would be the perfect set of godparents for Sam. Although Joe said he was flattered to be chosen, he must decline the offer. Explaining that he and Ruth's integral part in Sam's life might strain his already rocky relationship with granddaughter Kelsey. The hospital paged Joe and he quickly raced away from Edmund and Maria. Maria was very concerned about Joe's reception of their news and suggested to Edmund that she follow him to the hospital and discuss things with him. Edmund agreed, but said that Maria has to understand that Joe's decision to look out for Kelsey's best interests was the best move he could make.

Jamie asked Brooke if she could have Tad come over and tuck him into bed because he's been having terrible nightmares. In the dreams Jamie said that an old lady was laughing at him and telling him that no one would be there for him. Armed with a batch of "Sweet Dreams" cookies that Brooke baked, Tad sang Jamie a lullaby and kissed him goodnight. After Jamie had drifted off into a peaceful rest, Tad asked Brooke if he could have a few of the "magical" cookies to help him get rid of his nightmares. Brooke offered her former lover some kind advice and told him that she knows the pain that he must be feeling. After letting Tad know that her door was always open for him, Tad thanked her and returned home.

At the Valley Inn, Adam and Liza had yet another dinner date to discuss what turned out to be business as usual. Liza had thought that maybe she was being called on to play the part of a love interest for Mr. Chandler. But after Adam changed the subject, everything turned into WRCW affairs.
Just before Adam arrived at the dinner table, Marian has pressed her claws into Liza. Marian asked Liza why she hasn't called her in weeks and restated that her decision to play the incriminating Tad-Liza tape over WRCW's public address system was done in Liza's best interest. Adam arrived just in time to order Marian away from her daughter before the two got into a verbal battle.

Jonathan and Christopher continued their pressing Toni for information on the location of the mysterious "it." Again Toni refused to give up the location either because she doesn't want her hubby to know where it is or she's too heavily sedated to even know where she is. With that, Jonathan turned to insult tactics. He told Toni that her good looks were fading fast and that she is not the beauty she once was and if she doesn't whirl out the classified information she'll end up and old, withered hag. After the hassling ended and Johnny and Christopher left the room, Toni began mumbling about Stuart.
From there Jonathan met up with Marian at the Valley Inn. He quickly placed a call and said that "the plans" can go forward because he has a definite alibi.

Janet rushed to Trevor's car only minutes after is went off the road. A very groggy Trevor told Janet that she should walk away because she'd then be able to get away with two murders. Surprisingly, however, Janet crouched down beside Trevor and swore to him that she wouldn't try to pass herself off as Brooke. She then picked up Trevor's cellular phone and placed a call to 911. She gave them the exact location of Trevor's car and waited until she heard the ambulance coming before she left his side. She quickly ran to the road to see if she could direct the emergency crew, but they were apparently still too far away. When she returned to the accident site, she told Trevor that help was on the way. But before she could utter another word, a figure clad entirely in black grabbed her from behind and dragged her off into the woods.

Wednesday, May 29, 1996

Today's show featured many of the show's characters and things swungt widly back and forth, so while the recaps may need to take a few steps in many directions to properly relay today's plots, they are, as you expect, accurate and dependable.

Marian and Jonathan continued their dinner engagement. The two's views on why they were dining together could not possibly be any further apart than they were. Marian believed that Jonathan was showing more than a passing fancy in her and even asked if she could join him for the night back at his place. Jonathan reluctantly agreed. This all was brought on by Jonathan telling Marian that he could use her help in finding a new place to live. Marian said that she'd like to get to know Jonathan and his personal preferences before recommending him a possible new abode. As you already know, Jonathan was only spending time with Liza's mother so he would have an alibi.
Dimitri and Gloria had a late night meeting just across the room from the good doctor and his date for the evening. But their relationship is not what you might expect. Gloria is serving as Dimitri's confidant, giving him advice on how to handle his martial woes with Erica. Gloria told Dimitri that she thinks she knows why Dimitri is being so stubborn with Erica. She said tah after losing Natalie and Angelique th the doesn't want to end up losing another love forever. But the conversation didn't only move in one direction. Dimitri gave word to Miss Marsh that he submitted her name to the hospital board for possible reinstatment as a nurse.
Adam nervously called Hayley and asked her to join him for a talk. Hayley said she had to remove mounds of face mask and other beautification products and to reapply her makeup, but that she'd join him. Adam wasn't in the best spirits and Hayley soon found out the reason why. Adam told her that Janet was leaving town and that that meant she would no longer be pursuing Pierce. And if you are following the train tracks of Adam's thoughts, you can see that he links that to not being able to win back Brooke. During their conversation, however, Michael called and told Hayley that her Uncle Trevor had been in a car wreck.
Michael received the word on Trevor's accident from Maria via Myrtle and immediately went to tell Tim. The two then rushed off to the hospital to be by Trevor's side. Trevor's condition, however, was serious. He suffered three broken ribs, a gash to his leg, a ruptured spleen, and had massive internal bleeding. The outlook is not good and only after his condition stablizes can they go through with surgery to save his life.

Brooke and Pierce drove to the cabin to check in on Janet and Trevor. Neither knew that Trevor was at the hospital, but they both feared that Janet might have done something to him. When the arrived, Christopher was inside removing some of Janet's personal effects to make it look like she had left town. He ahd to duck out the back door to avoid being found. While Brooke poked around inside, Pierce went looking around outside and eventually came across the accident scene. He and Brooke took off for the hospital fearing the worst.

Erica and Edmund continued work on the Erica autobiography. Between working on the outline and squawking over what should and should not be in the book, they managed to talk about Erica's realtionship with Dimitri. Edmund told Erica that she only needs to be open and honest---just like in her book---when talking to Dimitri. When Dimitri returned from his evening with Gloria, Edmund quickly bailed out of the room. This gave the estranged couple a chance to talk alone. They both told of how they have picked up the phone hundreds of times wanting to call the other, but they just couldn't. When the news of Trevor's accident reached Wildwind, Dimitri asked Erica if she wanted to go with him. Not exactly the perfect date, but it's a start at getting back together.

Jonathan overheard Hayley talking to Michael on her cell phone about Trevor's accident and immediately placed a call to Chris. He asked him what he knew about Trevor's crash, but Chris said he knew nothing. He also told Dr Kinder that two people were nosing around the cabin, but that they saw nothing and quickly left. Before hanging up, Jonathan heard what he wanted to hear: Janet was safely out of the picture.

Kelsey placed a call to Joe at the hospital to tell him that she was in Chicago looking in to returning to school. Joe bought the line and told her to call her mother to make arrangements for tuition to be sent to her. Kelsey, of course, was calling from Pine Valley. When asked for a number where she could be reached, Kelsey said there was trouble with the line and had to go. Kelsey then headed to Wildwind and, after seeing no one was around, slipped into the castle.

Thursday, May 30, 1996

While no one was looking, Kelsey hid behind a wall in Wildwind assuring that she wouldn't be seen by any of the approaching people. She listened intently as Edmund, Anita, and Belinda talked about the surprise wedding that is going to be thrown for Julia and Noah. The only catch in all of their plans is that they need to get both Noah and Julia's measurements so they can have a proper clothing fitting. Easier said than done. Belinda said that she hasn't known Noah's size since he wore boy's extra-large, but she said that she would return somehow with the goods. Anita's task was somewhat easier. She needed to get Julia's measurements. Her plan was to show up at Julia and Noah's apartment and ask to borrow one of her big sister's dresses. Edmund and Belinda then moved on to talk about Kelsey. Belinda said she hadn't heard anything from Kelsey that would indicate that she would want Sam back, but also added that she didn't know Kelsey had hit the road either.

Bobby landed on Noah and Julia's doorstep to ask for some helpful advice. He said that he needs Noah's help in becoming accepted by Hector and Isabella. Noah wasn't divulging of any information because he said that there is no trick to landing in Hector's good graces and that it isn't an overnight process. Julia, of course, was very leary of Bobby's intentions because she fears that Anita could end up in the same shoes as Kelsey. Julia went over the top when she heard how Bobby and Anita have been sneaking around in order to see each other. By some remarkable coincidence, Anita showed up at that exact moment. She swore that she and Bobby hadn't planned to secretly meet. Julia, however, wasn't so convinced. She told her younger sister that she wants her to play it safe and to not try to follow in her footsteps because she made a lot of mistakes along the road. But Anita took everything Julia said as a personal attact. Surprisingly, Bobby took Julia's side and said that Anita is very lucky to have so many devoted loved ones who are trying to look out for her. Anita then moved on to ask for Julia's dress so she and might be able to go to the prom. Reluctantly Julia agreed. Bobby got himself all into a tizzy when he thought that there might be a chance he and Anita could go to the prom, but then Anita filled him in on why she really needed the dress.
Belinda was next to drop in. She, not so subtly, asked Julia for Noah's measurements. Amazingly, Julia let all the questions roll right off her back. This is probably because she was too busy asking Belinda what would happen if Sam's father suddenly came into the picture. Belinda told Julia that if by some chance Sam's father did pop up somewhere he would have six months from the time he found out that he had a child to lay claim to it. When Noah came back from the store, Belinda grabbed his wallet and quickly darted out the door.

Trevor's spleenectomy was a success, but he isn't out of the woodwork yet. His rare B-negative blood type made it extremely difficult tp find the blood he needed for a transfusion. The assembled friends and family all quickly went in to donate blood, but no one matched. Tim and Tad had a confrontation in the hospital. Tim said that Tad is the reason Laurel is dead and that he doesn't want him hanging around outside his father's hospital room. Tad left the scene to go and tell Michael that Tim needs him. Finally a lucky strike for the Dillon family. When Tad told Mike about Trevor needing a transfusion, Michael said that he is B-negative and would be able to donate blood to his brother-in-law. Tim got a chance to talk to his father, who remained unconscious, and reflected on how he has lost his father, mother, stepmother, and now faces losing his stepfather.

Erica and Dimitri continued to get closer, but a pop in appearance by the illustrious Dr Jonathan Kinder almost put everything back on the back burner. Jonathan said he was there to talk to a doctor and just had to see how Trevor---and Erica---were doing. Dimitri told Johnny that he should beat it and not come back. Jonathan asked Erica if she had taken any consideration to his offer to help her with her autobiography. She told him that Edmund was helping her and he quickly backed off.
Jonathan then returned to his behind the scenes hiding place to have a discussion with his crony, Christopher. He told Chris that Trevor more than likely knows of Janet's scheme to take over Brooke's life and could, somehow, pose a threat to their own security. Christopher assured Jonathan that Trevor would not regain consciousness and that even if he did no one would ever be able to find Janet. A cold look and an evil-toned voice made for a chilling reply by Jonathan. He said that if anyone did find out what happened to Janet, Christopher would pay dearly.

Friday, May 31, 1996

Kelsey continued her Helga-like hiding as she watched over baby Sam. While in the shadows most of the time, she did get a chance while no one was looking to latch on to Sam and offer her motherly affections. While she may insist that she wants to lay no claims to the child, with the feeling that everyone is against her, Kelsey might soon get the idea that the baby is the only thing she has going for her,

Critical opinions of Liza dwarfed her attempt at humanity. Liza heard the news of Trevor's condition through a hospital source and thought that an on-air appeal by Tad for B-negative blood might draw people in to donate. But everyone assumed that she was there only to exploit a tragedy, much like was done to Laurel's death. While no one wanted her around and most everyone was still unmoved by her apparent sympathy, Liza did donate blood and Tad did ask listeners.

Tim remembered the role a Christmas angel played in helping his mother, Natalie, regain her eyesight. So he rushed home to find the ornament and bring it to his father's side. Convinced that he was foolish for believing that a doll could bring forth a change in Trevor's condition, Tim tossed the doll to the ground. Amazingly, the angel's miraculous powers seemed to pull through again. Trevor regained consciousness and began uttering Brooke and Janet's name.
Jack arrived at the hospital to see how his friend and colleague was doing and immediately jumped into his role of district attorney when he heard that Trevor's accident took place outside of Janet's cabin. He said that he will find Janet and determine if she is responsible in any way for Trevor's crash. And if she is, he added, he will put her away for a long, long time.
Hayley, mean time, was busy quizzing Brooke on her health. She figured that since Trevor seemed concerned for Brooke's welfare that something must be wrong. Brooke said she was in perfect health, but then came implications from Jack and Hayley that Janet might be out to sabotoge Brooke's life. Brooke vehemently denied that Janet would even consider coming after her and that she was now out of town trying to better her life.

Erica and Dimitri finally moved back on the path to reconciliation. Happy with their getting together in the face of Trevor's disaster, the two agreed to an evening out together. Erica dolled herself up and kept repeating to herself that this is her big opportunity to get back together with Dimitri. The tow toasted each other and new beginnings.

Jonathan continued to fret over the possibility that Trevor might pose a threat to his plan. He informed Christopher that if he figured out that Janet was going to masquerade as Brooke that she may have in turn told him about Jonathan and the mystery woman. If Trevor does somehow pull out of his near death state, Jonathan said that he would have be killed.

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