AMC Recaps: The week of May 20, 1996 on All My Children
Joe ordered Kelsey back to Oregon. The mystery woman's identity was finally revealed, but her secret was not. Trevor caught Janet impersonating Brooke.
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Monday, May 20, 1996

Edmund and Maria discussed plans for their baby's future. They agreed that now that Kelsey is safely out of the way---because she said she has no desire to take Sam from them--- they will all live happily. Maria continued talking about leaving her position as a doctor to take care of Sam full time, something that Edmund thought was a great idea. After the two finished a romantic candlelight dinner complete with champagne, they adjourned to the bedroom. Maria's mind still focused on Sam and she asked Edmund if he had given any thought to who would be named as Godparents for Sam. Edmund quickly rattled off Joe and Ruth's names. After some heavy thought on the matter, Maria thought the idea was acceptable and that it would feed off of the love Joe and Ruth already have for their great-grandson. As any couple with a young child know, Edmund and Maria's night of passion was interrupted by Sam's cries. The couple then went to the nursery and had a slow dance with their son. Kelsey and Joe aired their differences as Joe once again suggested that Kelsey prepare to leave town. Joe couldn't determine why Kelsey was so steadfast in her wanting to stay in town and after trying to pry the information out of her with little success, he told Kelsey that she should consider seeing a psychiatrist. Kelsey was not going to see a "shrink," as she called it. In the middle of their argument, Kevin dropped by to return some thing she had forgotten at Cortlandt Manor. Joe left Kelsey and Kevin have some privacy, but when Joe returned, he'd find that Kelsey had hit the road. Kevin told Kelsey that Bobby was up at the lake fishing to which Kelsey immediately said that wanted to go too. When the two arrived at the lake, the found Bobby not only putting the moves on Anita, but also professing his strong feelings of love for her. Bobby and Kevin went back to the car to get blankets, leaving Kelsey and Anita alone. Kelsey told Anita that she was in love...but that the relationship just never took off. Anita thought Kelsey was talking about her baby's father, but she was obviously talking about Edmund. Later it was Kelsey and Bobby's turn for some head to head talking. In their chat, Kelsey told Bobby that he had better arrange for her to get a room at Cortlandt Manor or she'd tell everyone that he was the father or her child. Tired of her threats, Bobby told her to tell anyone she wants. In the morning, Kelsey returned to Joe's house. But things were not good. Joe told Kelsey that he was up all night waiting for her to return. Since she didn't, it was now time for her to pack her bags and head back to Oregon. Janet impersonated Brooke very well, but she nearly blew it when she forgot the words to Jamie's lullaby. Brooke, while at dinner with Tad, called home to check in on Laura and Jamie. When she got no answer, she immediately ran home. Of course she was stunned to find Janet there and demanded to know what happened to Laura. Janet explained that Laura had a prom planning meeting and that she offered to watch Jamie for her. Laura returned and was given a lashing by Brooke, who grounded her for breaking her word that she'd stay and watch Jamie. Brooke said that she wasn't ticked that she left, bu that she broke her word and that it would reflect badly on Brooke. Brooke continued by saying that she told Jamie that Laura would be babysitting and that with all of the departures in Jamie's life recently, she doesn't want him to get even more confused. In the morning, the questions did come. Jamie asked Brooke why she forgot the words to his lullaby. Brooke said that she didn't forget any words...but Jamie said that when he woke up from a nightmare, Brooke came in and sang to him.

Tuesday, May 21, 1996

Jamie continued to insist Brooke forgot some of the words to his bedtime song even though Brooke told him he is just recalling a dream or nightmare. In the midst of their morning breakfast, Trevor popped in to apologize for his behavior the other night at dinner. He said that he wasn't rude because he wants to make life miserable for Janet and everyone around her. His real reason for being out of kilter is that his wedding anniversary to Laurel is approaching. Brooke said that she should have figured that out and been more understanding. Trevor swore to Brooke that he would not badmouth Janet any more, but that turned out to be short-lived when he found out that Janet babysat for Jamie the night before. He started to tell Brooke that she was nuts for allowing Janet in her house, but quickly shut his mouth. Bobby had another encounter with Anita out in the wilderness. He told his love how he got an A on one of his history papers and that Palmer is going to give him a summer job---but only if he continues getting good grades. Joe ordered Kelsey to return to Oregon because she had no place in Pine Valley any more. She flipped and headed right for Cortlandt Manor. Kelsey used her sad little puppy dog routine to squirm her way even further into Opal's heart. Opal said she couldn't believe that Joe would want her to go home against her will. Kelsey then asked the big questions, could she stay at Cortlandt Manor for a while. Opal agreed, but Palmer wasn't going for the idea. When Bobby returned from his rendezvous with Anita, Palmer put him on the spot and asked him what his thoughts were on the matter. Bobby was quick to answer: No, no! But when Kelsey held her blackmail routine over him, he did a quick 180 and said she could stay for a while. The only obstacle in the way, Palmer told Opal, is to get Joe's approval on the matter. With no one to probe her with questions, Toni labored out of bed and tried to pry open a grating on the wall of her prison. She was too weak to remove it and had to retreat to bed when she heard voices looming in the distance. Jonathan and Christopher returned for more questions, repeating that they need to know where "it" is. Jonathan told his wife that although they fell out of love with each other many years ago, he is still pained to see her suffering in prison he made for her. She said that she does remember where it is, but apparently not knowing where she is, said that she hid it in Pine Valley. Happy that she is apparently coming around, Dr Kinder told Toni that when she finally does tell him where "it" is, she will be released. He then told Christopher to decrease Toni's medication dosage. The surplus, Chris replied, could be used for the new arrival. Prior to his session with Toni, Jonathan had dropped off at Janet's cabin to hand over a large sum of money. The money was apparently hush money to keep Janet's loose lips from telling about the ole mystery woman. Janet said that she would be leaving town, getting her new face, and if Jonathan disposes of Brooke properly, he'll never see her again. As Jonathan forked over an envelope stuffed with greenbacks, Laura and Pierce walked in. Janet quickly explained that Johnny was there to give her severance pay. It was only a split second before they realized that Janet was leaving town. Laura said that Janet only wants to leave because of her run in with the muggers. Janet shook her head and said that she wants a life of her own and that Laura has Brooke to help her out. Laura immediately suffered a melt down and said that she loves Janet and doesn't want her to leave her. With Laura holding on to Janet like a security blanket and tears rolling down their faces, the show closed.

Wednesday, May 22, 1996

Trevor returned home to pick up Amanda for her play date with Jamie and walked in to a series of reminders about Laurel. His first heartbreak occurred when Tim showed his father a fignerpainting Amanda had done. When Trevor asked Tim what what up in the clouds in the painting, Tim replied that it was Laurel. Michael came by a few minutes later, knowing that Trevor might need someone to lend an ear on that day that he should have been celebrating his first wedding anniversary to Laurel. But as Michael arrived special delivery was being delivered. Trevor took the unmarked box and opened a card that was attached to the outside. The card, with a very elegant heart emblazoned cover, was sent by Laurel. As she usually did with all important matters, Laurel had made sure that she bought Trevor an anniversary present months before the actual date. Now even after she was gone, Trevor was still getting reminders of the day that would have been. Trevor reluctantly opened the box and found a Chicago Cubs kite that his wife had sent him. Laurel got the idea from an old picture she saw of Trevor and a Chicago Cubs kite. Laura begged Janet not to leave town because she'd be deserting her. When her pleas didn't work, she asked Pierce to step in and tell her not to leave town. Pierce only said that he thinks Janet should do what she thinks is best. This didn't satisfy Laura who wanted Pierce to tell Janet to stick around. Seeing that she wasn't going to get anywhere, Laura ran crying from the cabin. Janet's next stop was at Brooke's house. She wanted to tell her that she was leaving town and that Laura didn't take the news. She also added that it would be a nice addition if Brooke would or could adopt Laura. But the sweet goodbye turned heated when Janet snapped at Brooke for being a flame in the fire that is burning under her feet. Janet said that if Brooke hadn't stolen Pierce from her, she might not be hitting the trail. Brooke countered by saying that she didn't intentionally set out to hurt Janet. Janet stepped aside and apologized. She said she was off base and just a little upset. With that, Trevor came in with Amanda. He quickly had Amanda go outside so Janet wouldn't flip at the sight of her biological daughter. Janet went on to tell Trevor that she wasn't going to bother him and Amanda ever again because she was leaving town. Trevor didn't buy it. Brooke said that Janet was definitely leaving town and it wouldn't be a bad idea to let her say goodbye to Amanda. Trevor refused, but Janet said it was perfectly okay because she didn't need to say goodbye. Dixie paid a surprising call to Tad at the station. Liza unfortunately answered the phone. Dix wasn't the one who wanted to talk to Tad, Junior was. If you are wondering, they didn't show Dixie or play clips of her voice. They got around the issue by having Dixie refuse to speak to Tad. Junior told Tad that he won a spelling bee with the word "syndication." He also told Tad that Dixie cries herself to sleep at night. Armed with this news, Tad blew off a photo shoot for a major television programming guide to try to go to West Virginia and be with his soon to be ex-wife. But he met resistance along the way. Adam told him not to go because it would destory Junior. If he and Dixie were to get back together, Junior's head would be spinning. Next to stop him was Michael. Dix called Mike and told him to tell Tad not to show up because she didn't want to see him. Scott took nice with Liza, bringing her coffee and a sticky bun after noticing her rough day dealing with Tad and Adam. He and Adam then went to visit Stuart at the gallery. When they go there they found an upset Laura. As Adam started to answer Laura's questions as to why Janet might want to leave town, Pierce jumped in, grabbed Adam by the collar, and told him to keep his trap shut! The show ended with Tad clutching a picture of Dixie close to his heart. A series of images of Tad and Dixie's life together over the years and a song with the lyrics "I never believed you'd leave...until you did." played over the scenes. Down on the ground, still clutching the picture, a lone tear streamed down Tad's face.

Thursday, May 23, 1996

Laura told Pierce to lay off Adam because she wanted to hear what he had to say. Pierce refused and ordered Adam to leave the gallery immediately. After he was gone, Laura asked Pierce if he got Janet to change her mind about leaving. Of course the answer was no. Scott jumped in to defend Laura's position by saying that Janet is like a mother to Laura and that since Laura already lost her biological mother adding Janet to that would be a total heartbreak. Pierce got a funny look on his face and said that Janet isn't Laura's mother so there is no comparing the two. But in Laura's eyes, Scott continued, it is very much the same. Adam headed off to find Janet. When he showed up at Dr. Kinder's office, Janet was on the phone making final preparations for her plastic surgery. She had to say she'd call later and hung up before Adam could hear what she was talking about. Adam said he was surprised that Janet was packing it up and leaving Pine Valley because he has come to admire her strong will to survive. Janet replied that she is tired of fighting and wants to start over somewhere new. She quickly jumped to saying that she knew Adam was there to try to get her to help him win back Brooke. In Adam's mind if Janet gets back together with Pierce, Brooke will be free for the taking. Adam denied her claims and said that he doesn't need anyone's help to get Brooke back. But Janet went on some more. She said that she know what will happen because she stayed at Brooke's house for the night (makes her a regular Brooke affcianado, huh?). Janet said that Brooke will throw herself at Pierce and that they will live happily ever after so Adam can kiss her goodbye. After saying that the day he listens to Janet is the day he goes to see a shrink, Adam stomped out of the office. Janet called back the plastic surgeon's office and said that as soon as she goes home and gets her bags she'll be on her way. As Kelsey prepared to drop back and relax at Cortlandt Manor, her world was quickly spun on its ends. Tad and Joe showed up with Kelsey's bags packed and loaded in the car. They told her that her plane is leaving within the hour and she'd be on it, heading back to Oregon and her mother. Kelsey refused and tried to coax Opal into defending her. Opal did stand up for the young girl, but she was the only one who wanted Kelsey to stay. By implication, Tad said that Opal feels bad for Kelsey because they've undergone similar ordeals: Kelsey giving up her baby and Tad's being adopted by the Martins. As much as Opal wanted Kelsey to stay, it just wasn't going to happen. Kelsey even tried to get Bobby to help her out. Finally Kelsey was dragged out of the mansion. Julia, Noah, Hayley, and Mateo all babysat for Sam while Maria and Edmund went out to lunch. The all sat back and watched the Disney classic Cinderella. As Jewels and Matt reminisced about how Julia went to see Cinderella some seven times when they lived in Texas, Noah his upcoming wedding ceremony with Julia. He said he doesn't have the money to offer Julia anything more than a justice of the peace quickie ceremony. Julia said that as long as Noah is there, it will be good enough for her. Matt and Hayley snuck out the back and found Maria and Edmund. The four then concocted plans to plan an elaborate wedding on Julia and Noah's behalf. Trevor and Brooke finally reached an agreement that maybe Janet wasn't as bad as what she seemed. Surprisingly, Trevor even agreed to let Janet say goodbye to Amanda, but that it would be done on his terms. He headed out to the cabin to find Janet. When he got there Janet was still at work, so he did some poking around. When he came across a bottle of the same lotion that Brooke uses, his mouth dropped and he uttered "She wouldn't!!" Now I dunno if using the same lotion or ointment as someone else makes you up to anything. People do it all the time. But for argument's sake, I suppose Trevor now assumes that Janet is up to no good.

Friday, May 24, 1996

With her autobiography on her mind, Erica paid a visit to Edmund at his Tempo office. When Sam and his babysitter arrived at the office it gave Erica an opportunity to spend some time alone with her (lemme figure out the relationship) estranged nephew-in-law. She sat little Sam on her lap and the two paged through a photo album, while Erica told Sam the story behind every snapshot. As she talked of a picture taken just minutes before she fell off the scaffolding. Edmund listened outside as she related the story to Sam and came in after she was done with her story. Knowing now the history of the picture, Edmund suggested that the picture be used as the cover of the book they are working on. Erica put up a strong defensive front, saying that it would be too hard for her to do that. But when Edmund said that her being unable to address her accident might reflect in the book and make it "wishy washy," she slowly came around and agreed to use the photo. At the Insomniac Cafe, Hayley and all the Santos women save Julia, were discussing plans for Julia and Noah's wedding. Isabella talked of an elaborate wedding, but when Hayley brought up that fact that Noah might not be able to pay for everything considering the ordeal he went through, Mama Santos got quiet. Rosa (Yes Rosa!) noticed that Bobby was sitting along at an adjacent table and nudged Anita to let her know that Bobby was there. Everyone then left the table for parts unknown and Anita went over and talked to Bobby. Anita told him that he had better go because Mama would thin kthe two had planned to meet there. No sooner were her words rolling off her lips, did Isabella come up from behind. But this time Bobby was ready for her. He told her that he would be a "suit" at his grandfather's company over the summer and hopefully this would change her perception of him. He told Isabella that he really does care for Anita and would never do anything to hurt someone that he loves. Noah met with the gossip sleaze (not to be confused with the AMC Pages Gossip Diva Kathy Carano) of Inside Edition. The reporter said that a photo shot of Noah and Julia laying in coffins would make Noah's story electric. Noah wasn't going for it and turned his offer down flat. As Joe and Kelsey drove to the airport, Joe was paged and had to rush to the hospital. Fortunately for Kelsey this meant her return trip to Oregon was pushed off for a least a few hours. Knowing that she was making her last stand on Pine Valley soil, Kelsey decided that it was time to take someone into her confidence. Kelsey turned to Julia, who had returned to her nursing duties, and told her that she had lied on Sam's birth certificate. She did, in fact, know who the father and that everyone else would too. So Kelsey told Julia to seal her lips because the information she was about to give was only to be revealed in case Sam's health turned poor. But Julia got the hints from Kelsey and immediately blurted out "Sam's father is Bobby Warner?" Janet returned to the cabin just as Trevor made the connection between the peach-hyacinth lotion and Brooke. The next major catastrophe occurred as Janet's bottle of hair dye fell and broke on the floor. Trevor became even more suspicious of Janet, but Janet quickly explained everything away. She said that she liked the lotion because she tried it out at Brooke's the night she s. Janettayed over and that she always wanted a different color hair---something like Laura's. said that she is really sincere about leaving town and doesn't want to be the town pariah any more. Trevor wished her well and left the cabin. With Trevor safely gone, Janet went back to packing her bags and using Brooke's voice. But Trevor wasn't safely gone and upon hearing Janet's impersonation, he returned to the cabin tio confront her.

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