AMC Recaps: The week of May 13, 1996 on All My Children
Noah coped with new financial difficulties. Janet figured out who the mystery woman was and still had time to work on her impersonation of Brooke English.
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Monday, May 13, 1996

Mateo and Hayley caught Kelsey oggling Sam and Maria. When Matt asked Kelsey what she was doing there, she said she was just checking in to make sure that everything was okay. Kelsey asked if anyone wanted something to drink and scrambled out of the hospital and returned to Cortlandt Manor. Later, Mateo found out that Kelsey chased away a nurse when told she didn't belong in the intensive care unit. Kelsey snapped back at the nurse, saying that she was the baby's mom and has have right to be there. When told of Kelsey's actions, Maria became extremely concerned. The only thing Maria could think of to rationalize Kelsey's concern was that she has decided that she wants to get back Sam. Edmund tried to quell her fears by saying that he would arrange for an end to Kelsey's obsessing. Edmund placed a call to Kelsey and invited her to a private late-night dinner-slash-talk. Kelsey became very excited when she found out that she and Edmund would be alone (Maria will be staying at the hospital with Sam all night) and dolled herself up for the big event. Edmund, however, told Maria and Dimitri that when he gets done with Kelsey, she'll be begging him to take her to airport so she can head out of Dodge. Tad slugged Jonathan after he refused to leave Liza alone. Jonathan, still holding Liza's supposed murder of his wife over her head, told Liza to call off Tad and to explain that he can do whatever it is he wants to do. Tad didn't back off so it was Jonathan that had to slink off. With Jonathan out of the way, Tad decided to find out exactly what was going on between Liza and him. Liza confessed that she once had an affair with the good doctor, but that it has been over for a year. When Tad pressured her to do a piece on Jonathan's possible malpractice for the Cutting Edge, Liza quickly retreated. She said that she wouldn't and couldn't. And, she added, before Tad asks why she won't, her past is private and she doesn't want to tell anymore than that. Brooke paid an announced visit to Pierce at the gallery (The part of Pierce Riley is now being played by Greg Wrangler). But when Laura stopped by, also unannounced, Brooke was forced to hide so Laura wouldn't think something was going on between Brooke and Pierce. Laura apologized to Pierce for her actions and said that she doesn't mean to act like a spoiled brat. Pierce accepted the apology and thanked Laura for her being a catalyst in his return to normal society. Laura left and Brooke popped out of hiding. Remembering that she planned a special dinner with Jamie and Laura, Brooke had to quickly leave. Before she could go, though, Pierce reminded her how crazy he is about her. Matt and Hayley ended up at the Santos house. When they got there they found Anita forced to stay inside. Matt learned of Anita and Bobby's romance and how Hector has barred Anita from seeing her young lover. Hector and Isabella returned a few minutes later and were surprised to see Hayley there. Matt stood up to his father, saying that he is getting tired of always having to explain himself to his parents. He went on to say how Hayley had assisted in getting Julia and Noah cleared of their criminal charges and that he will not choose between his family and Hayley. because Hayley would win. Isabella jumped in and said that Hayley was welcome in the house, but the Papa verdict was still out. Knowing now that Mateo must love Halo and that Hayley helped out his daughter, Hector said that he welcomes Hayley with open arms into his family. Janet recognized the mystery woman, but couldn't place her finger on who exactly she was. Apparently the cameraperson couldn't put his focus on the woman either because her identity still remains unknown. Janet heard someone coming and quickly took off for the door, but she ran into a little trouble. Christopher had locked the door to the outside and she couldn't get out. And before Janet could find a place to hide, Chris caught her and demanded to know who she was and what she was doing. Janet said that she works for Jonathan and that she knows all about the secret hising place. Christopher wasn't convinced and prepared to inject Janet with a sedative, but before he could do so, Jonathan entered and spared her. Jonathan wasn't going to let Janet go, but Janet's pleading got her out of a sticky situation by saying she wouldn't breath a word of what she saw. Janet ran out of the room and headed right for the comforting arms of Pierce. She told Pierce that she was attacked by someone---but she later fumbled the ball when she kept referring to"they" and "them" inside of a singular attacker. Back at the chamber, Christopher asked if Janet was the person Kinder had spoken of needing to get rid of. Jonathan nodded and said that in due time he will rid the world of Janet Green. With that spoken, the mystery woman awoke. Jonathan decided that it was time to go in and have a few words with her to see what she has to say after "all these years."

Tuesday, May 14, 1996

Armed with possibly the world's largest plush koala, Erica visited Sam and Maria at the hospital. Maria was surprised to see her sister-in-law and often feuding partner paying a call, but Maria's surprise soon turned to anger. In the midst of Erica's display of concern, she let loose to Maria that she's appreciate her help in convincing Edmund to help her writer he battling drug addiction book. Convinced that the entire display of sympathy was just a ploy to get Maria's assistance, Maria ripped into Erica for being so callous. Erica denied not being concerned for Sam's health, but she quickly escaped the room and headed to find Myrtle. When she found her, Myrtle was giving some words of encouragement to a young cancer patient. Erica told Myrt how she had yet another run in with Maria. Myrtle asked Erica is she was certain that she didn't use her visit as a method od pushing her own agenda. Erica said no and quickly jumped to the topic of how she will be appearing on The Cutting Edge to apologize to every she wronged during her drug induced stupor. Always the wise one, Myrtle said that it might not be such a good idea to go on this apologizing spree because Erica's recovery might be lost in the shuffle. Instead, Erica said that she might consider going to Narcotics Anonymous. Kelsey arrived at Wildwind not knowing exactly what was in store for her. Edmund nicely told Kelsey that he thinks it might be time for her to move on. He tried to show her that her family is very much concerned for her and loves her deeply, but Kelsey said she didn't want to return to Oregon because it would mean leaving Edmund. Kelsey sobbed at the idea of not being able to be around Edmund ever again and she let him know she she loves him. Edmund said he is very flattered, but Kelsey's affection would be better served elsewhere and with someone closer to her own age. Having Edmund care for her during her delivery clouded Kelsey's judgment and Edmund did say he loves Kelsey, but only as a friend. When it was time to leave, Kelsey slumped down on the front steps and began to cry. Pierce said that he does believe Janet's story about her being mugged and tried to offer her comfort for the evening. He asked her to stay at his apartment so she wouldn't have to be alone. Janet was overjoyed, but she misinterpreted Pierce's meaning. Pierce said he would stay the night at the cabin whiel Janet stayed at the Gallery. When Janet heard this she said that she needed to "get back on the horse" and go out to the cabin. Pierce admired her bravery, but whether or not he fully believes her story remains to be seen. Laura and Tad got into a verbal scuffle over Janet. Laura said she would've liked to have Janet over for dinner too to make the evening a true family get together. Tad said that he didn't really want Janet there to which Laura reminded him how Janet saved Jamie from drowning. Tad noted Laura's point, but also added that Janet killde Dixie's brother. Laura then said that Janet has paid for the crime and doesn't keep making the same mistakes over and over, a direct barb on Tad's infidelity. Michael and Trevor stopped in to take care of some pop-up problems that surfaced. Michael said he'd like to plan out Laura's summer school stategy and Trevor asked if Brooke and Laura were still interested in making the foster-family situation permanent. Laura and Brooke both gave their go aheads and Brooke invited Trev and Mike to join them for dinner. But when Trevor saw that Tad was there, he said he should probably go home. Brooke managed to get him to stay, but another problem soon arose. Janet wandered by to talk to Laura. She told the assembled mass how she was mugged, but Trevor didn't believe the story. The disbelief was intensified when Janet begged them not to call the police. Janet asked Laura if she would spend the night at the cabin with her, but Brooke refused. She said it would be better if Janet stayed with them for the evening. Trevor was amazed and asked if Brooke was crazy for opening up that can of worms. Dr. Kinder and Christopher tried to coax the mystery woman to speak. Jonathan pressed the woman, who he called Toni, to tell him the location of "it." The woman's identity, other than her name, remains a total mystery and I found myself yelling "Sit up, Mystery Woman! Sit Up!" but the woman's face was not revealed. She did finally utter a few words, apparently her first in a long time, and told Jonathan to "Go to hell." Johnny and Chris were noticeably annoyed and Christopher reminded Jonathan that they are running out of money and that Liza Colby's money cannot keep them afloat much longer. Jonathan had a quick solution to his financial woes: He'd get the money from Erica. Back in the secret room, Toni leaned over and began administering increased amounts of her intravenous drugs.

Wednesday, May 15, 1996

As Myrtle and Erica talked, Jonathan walked out on to the patio to talk to Erica and institute phase one of his plan to get money out of Erica. But as soon as she saw him. Myrtle pouned on the doctor. She told him to buzz off and leave Erica alone because he's done enough damage for one lifetime. He insisted that he just wanted to apologize to Erica and, reluctantly, Erica agreed to hear him out. At the end of his apology, Erica made mention of how she is working on a tell-all book about her drug addiction. Surprisingly, Jonathan offered to assist her in any way possible. Armed with the news, Erica hunted down Maria to see how she was doing after their verbal assaults. When she got there, Edmund was also there and she went into how Jonathan was going to help her with the book. This idea didn't sit too well with either Edmund or Maria, and Edmund finally accepted Erica's offer and agreed to help her writer the book---but only if certain conditions are met. In the terms of the agreement, Erica promised to give Edmund full creative thought for the project. Kelsey returned to Cortlandt Manor and hurled herself onto the staircase and began sobbing uncontrollably. Opal found her there and immediate took on her roll as "Auntie Opal." Kelsey confided in Opal that she is feeling hurt and unwanted and also told her about her meeting at Wildwind. While Kelsey did talk of some of the things that happened at WidlWind, she conveniently left out that she told Edmund she loves him. Joe arrived in the middle of their conversation, looking to take Kelsey home with him. Although Opal said it has been great having Kelsey stay with them and she'd love for her to remain with them at Cortlandt Manor, it was time for Kelsey to go back home with her family. Trevor warned Brooke not to fall for Janet's scheme. Brooke told him that Janet was in need of friendship, not hatred and reissued her offer for Janet to spend the night at her house. Trevor didn't want to eat with the enemy and immediately stormed off. He ended up at Pierce's loft and the two had a lengthy discussion about Janet. Pierce told Trevor that he believes Janet's story about the mugging and that Trevor should back off Janet because she is really trying to turn her life around. Trevor disagreed and said that he can always tell what Janet is lying. Pierce added that it might be time for Trev to take a vacation because he is starting to lose himself in his Janet obsession. Back at Brooke's house, everyone remained relatively quiet all through dinner. After dinner, Michael told Laura that her reading skills are too far below normal for her to make any grounds in her school work and that summer school is inevitable for her. Tad tucked Jamie into bed and before leaving told Janet that "for some reason, Jamie likes" her and that against his better judgment he will go along with Jamie's feelings, but warned Janet not to disappoint her. Brooke went in to finish reading a book to Jamie, leaving Janet alone. Dr Kinder called and even though Brooke told Janet that she didn't have to answer the phone, she did and convinced Jonathan that she was Brooke (full voice impression and everything!). She let Kinder know that she wasn't Brooke, just a reasonable facsimile and Jonathan was amazed. He told her that a voice impression is not going to be enough to convince anyone that she's really Brooke. While Brooke sang a lullaby to Jamie, Janet hovered at the doorway, watching her every move.

Thursday, May 16, 1996

The results of Michael's history class's exams were in, but the grades came under fire. When Bobby received a 90% on his test, Laura accused him of cheating. Kevin stepped in defended Bobby, adding that he quizzed him before they left for school and Bobby knew all the answers front and back. Laura later apologized to Bobby for her comment to which Bobby said it better not happen again. Plans for the junior prom were falling through the cracks. Bobby said he wasn't going to go because Anita wouldn't be allowed to go with him. Kevin decided not to go because going with a girl would look fake and that he wasn't up to taking a guy with him. Laura had no one to go with---until Scott asked her to go with him. He said it wouldn't be a date, just two good friends going to critique people's outfits and watch the teachers make fools of themselves on the dance floor. Erica appeared on The Cutting Edge, as planned, to apologize to anyone who she may have wronged during her drug addiction. A seemingly "I could really care less" Noah and Kelsey were the only guests to show because Maria and Edmund opted to remain home to spend time with Sam. Halfway through the interview, Jamie threw a temper tandtrum off the set and Tad was forced to go and tend to him. During his absence, Erica took the all too familiar reigns of the show and began quizzing guest Kelsey. Edmund and Maria, who watched the show on the television, were pleasantly surprised with Erica's performance and moreso with Kelsey's replies to Erica's queries. Kelsey sounded to be the well adjusted young woman who made a tough decision to give up her child to a couple in need, just what Edmund wanted to accomplish from his chat with Kelsey. Tad returned to the set just as the show was winding down. Jamie couldn't be controlled and demanded to see his mother. Marian dropped in to Dr. Kinder's office for an emergency appointment claiming she was ailing from aches and pains. Before she arrived, Janet grilled Dr. Kinder on the mystery woman. Jonathan wasn't about to give out and information, but while he was tending to Marian, Janet headed to the library to do some research. Marian's healing session was complete, but her match making wasn't at the same level. Marian asked Jonathan to call up Liza and take her out on a date. Johnny said he'd look into it. He quickly got on the phone and ordered Liza to call off her mother. Liza said she is no longer speaking with her mother and cannot help him out. Jonathan reminded Liza that is Marian keeps digging she might find out about their past realtionship and how Liza killed Mrs. Dr. Kinder. At the library, Janet pulled up an old newspaper clipping on Jonathan. In the article she made a startling find: the mystery woman's name is Toni Kinder: Jonathan's wife.

Friday, May 17, 1996

Liza and Scott dined out together as Liza prepared him for his new job as intern at WRCW. Adam showed up some ten minutes late, but he didn't waste any time in trying to pick a fight with Liza. Liza asked Adam if her job was still secure as station manager. Adam immediately went into telling Liza how his trip to Pigeon Hollow went. Needless to say, Adam wasn't very happy having his son move back to the backwoods of West Virginia. After going back and forth on whether or not to fire her on the spot, Adam said she would stay on as station manager. In another room, Noah, Julia, Mateo, and Hayley all dined out celebrating their return to normal life in Pine Valley. In the midst of their eating, a sleazy tabloid reporter offered Noah an undisclosed amount of money to sell his story on his Jamaican advertures. Being he has no job, Noah seriously considered the offer, but eventually turned it down. Noah left the table to go and pay for the night out, but trouble followed him. When he tried to pay for the meal on his credit card, the maitre d' told him that his card is no longer valid. While running from the law his credit line was apparently cut off. Back at the table, Julia asked Hayley if she still wanted him as their Man of Enchantment. Hayley said she would die to have Noah as their model, but after Noah's conviction, they had to find another man to pose for them and that they cannot scrap the ads in favor of Noah. An obviously upset Noah returned to the table, not knowing where he will get his next pay check. Janet confronted Dr. Kinder with her findings from the library. Jonathan was stunned to learn that Janet knew that Toni Kinder was the woman he is keeping cooped up. Janet said that her silence on the matter is contingent upon Jonathan helping her dispose of Brooke. At Brooke's, she and Tad put Jamie to bed and headed out for a late night dinner. In their absence, Laura was watching after Jamie. Janet showed up a little later to check in on Laura. But when Scott wandered by to take Laura to a prom committee meeting, Janet jumped at the opportunity to be alone in Brooke's house. While Janet is watching after the house, Jamie wakes up from a nightmare. Janet runs into Jamie's room saying that "Mommy's here." She's saying it, of course, in Brooke's voice. Toni woke from her drug induced sleep and removed the from her arm. She started walking around her little chamber, but when she heard someone coming she quicly jumped back in bed and pretended to be asleep. And after days of waiting, they finally showed Toni's face. She is a brunette of moderately good looks. The person checking in on her turned out to be Jonathan. Figuring that she was asleep, he decided it was time to talk to Christopher about Janet. Jonathan told Christopher to ready for another patient because Janet would be joining Toni very shortly.

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