AMC Recaps: The week of May 6, 1996 on All My Children
Taylor was jailed, but some of the charges were later dropped. Baby Sam fell ill. Janet decided to find out who Jonathan's mystery woman really was.
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Monday, May 6, 1996

Trevor queried Janet as to why she had Brooke's personal calendar. Janet explained that she found it on the floor and that it probably fell out of Brooke's purse. Trev wasn't ready to dismiss thigns away and said that he is keeping his eye on Janet because she is still a bad seed. Laura, Janet insisted, is a common bond between she and Brooke and that the two were having dinner to discuss how they could best help Laura. Janet also asked how Amanda was doind and if Laurel's death is still causing any problems. Trevor said the information was confidential and none of Janet's business, but he did let loose that Amanda is doing well and that she does still wake up at night and ask for her mother. Tad comforted Liza as she broke down while discussing how her mother raised treated her poorly as a child. The breaking point occurred when Liza told Tad that Marian once told her exactly how she was conceived (in vivid detail) and used it as leverage to make Liza feel she was always indebted to her mother. Noah told all assembled at the Valley Inn that he has been cleared of all the claims against him and that he plans of marrying Julia. Opal, who dined with Palmer across the room, began crying as she thought of how Tad and Dixie were once happy. Just as Noah began his speech, Dimitri came in to the restaurant preparing for a dinner date with Gloria. But Dimitri was not the only one who was in attendance. Erica, who just returned from visiting Bianca in Seattle, also entered the Valley Inn in the hopes of having a romantic dinner with Dimitri. Erica's passionate glances were turned cold because Dimitri was just not interested in holding court with his estranged wife. So Erica decided to use the opportunity to apologize to Noah and Julia for not pressing charges against Louie Greco. The pair was not thrilled to have Erica talking to them, but they said they both understood why she was afraid to admit her drug dependancy and that they were glad she got the help she needed. Erica returned to her table and was soon talking with Jonathan Kinder. Erica yelled at him for picking the worst time to try to talk to her because Dimitri was looking on. Erica accused Jonathan of purposely tryign to sabotage her relationship with her husband, but Jonathan denied it. Jack happened to be walking by at the time Erica pleaded with Jonathan to leave. He yanked up Dr. Kinder and ordered him to leave Erica alone. Mateo and Hayley slipped away from Noah and Julia's celebration because they didn't want to bother the lovebirds. They took a drive to the beach and had a very romantic evening watching the stars and listening to the waves crash against the shore. Noah and Julia talked Corinne into staying in Pine Valley for a little while and made arrangements for her to stay at Myrtle's. Opal and Palmer rushed over to Tad's to see how he and Dixie were handling things. When they got there they saw Liza driving out. Opal scolded Tad for having Liza over while Dixie was upstairs, unaware that Dixie had left town. Tad clued them in to all that had happened and said that he already felt bad enough and didn't need Opal or Palmer to try to make him feel awful for his sleeping with Liza. The show closed with a Bette Midler song. As the song talked about the various aspects of love, all of the day's characters were shown. Erica sitting alone at the Valley Inn while she really wanted to be with Dimitri, Liza looking at a picture of her and Tad as The Cutting Edge team, Mateo and Hayley on the beach in each other's arm, and Tad going to bed alone.

Tuesday, May 7, 1996

Pierce hid in the bushes outside Brooke's house waiting for Laura to leave for school. After she had finally left, Pierce tookhis bouquet of flowers and rang Brooke's doorbell. As soon as she opened the door, he grabbed her and kissed her. Pierce said he was tired of having to hide his affection for Brooke because of Laura. Their chat was interrupted by Trevor, who stopped by to return Brooke's datebook. Trevor told Brooke that he found Janet paging through the book and warned Brooke that "Janet From Another Planet" has her sites set on her. Brooke told Trevor that Janet has changed and that her purse did fall on the floor and it is very possible that Janet found the book on the floor. After Trevor had left, Brooke asked Pierce if she was right in believing in Janet. As Pierce was telling Brooke that Janet is extremely dangerous, Laura walked in and went nuts when she heard Pierce badmouthing Janet. Laura was not in the best of moods. She just received word from Michael that she was going to have to repeat the year at school. Mr. D informed her that she is flunking three subjects and there is no way for her to pull through unless she attends summer school. Palmer caught up with his grandson, Bobby, and let him know that his act was finally over. Bobby immediately thought Palmer found out about his being Kelsey's baby's father, but that wasn't the case. Apparently Laura isn't the only one doing poorly at school. Palmer cut off Bobby's allowance until he raises his grades. Maria confided in Dimitri and Joe that she is torn between being a mother and being a doctor. Joe told Maria that she is talented enough to do both and that he can very well understand her wanting to be a full time mother. A nurse hunted Joe down and told him that Opal had left numerous messages for him about Kelsey. Erica tried to convince Edmund to help her write an autobiography about her battle with pain killers. Edmund wasn't willing to help out, but said he would consider the offer. As the two were talking, Dimitri came home, but wanted to slip right back out when he saw Erica. Erica told him that she was leaving and added that he was looking very well. Edmund later asked Dimitri how long he could keep up his separation from Erica, but Dimmie had no response. Sam's babysitter came running in to tell Edmund that something was wrong with thebaby. She said that he was coughing and choking and flushed. They picked up Sam and immediately headed for the hosptal. Dr. Kinder became extremely curious when he found Janet at work before she was supposed to be there. Janet tried to explain that she was doing some catch up work, but Jonathan wasn't convinced. He told her that he was at the library doing some research on her and found out about her twisted past. Janet tried to explain, but she was so edgy that she dropped some of her pictures of Brooke. Jonathan was on the ball as he quickly figured out that Janet wanted her hush-hush plastic surgery so she could assume Brooke's identity. When asked what she would do with Brooke's body, Janet had a very simple reply. She said that she now has friends in low places and that Jonathan would help her dispose of Brooke. If, that is, he wants his mystery woman to remain a secret.

Wednesday, May 8, 1996

Children. The show's name is All My Children and today's show focused on building the next generation of Pine Valley. Anita feigned illness to stay home from school. Don't misinterpret her actions, though. She and Bobby concocted an idea to have her skip school so that they could spend a few moments together. But as things got heated between them, Isabella returned from her trip to the market to get Anita soup and Kleenex. Isabella first got suspicious because Anita had the chain lock on the front door. It didn't take much of Mama Santos' brain power to figure out that Anita was up to something and that soon led to her finding Bobby hiding in a closet. Isabella scolded her daughter for skipping school, lying, and hiding boys in her bedroom. Bobby tried to stand up for Anita, but Isabella told him not to talk back to her. Before everything could be resolved, Hector's car pulled into the driveway. Joe visited the Cortlandts and finally managed to track down his elusive granddaughter, Kelsey. Kelsey said that she didn't want to go back to Oregon and she wasn't too thrilled on the idea of moving in with Joe and Ruth. Kelsey insisted that she stay at the Cortlandts and Opal and Palmer was more than happy to agree with her. Kelsey put in a good word, saying that she doesn't want to start a war between the Martins and the Cortlandts, but that battle may be inevitable if the father of Sam is ever found out. Laura went on a rampage after hearing Pierce say that he doesn't trust Janet. She wouldn't let him get in a word edgewise and became very violent. She told them that she plans to drop out of school and head back to New York because life in suburbia isn't what she wants. Laura locked herself in her room and refused to come out when Brooke called her. Using a screwdriver to take apart locks seems to come as naturally to Brooke as her editing skills. Laura finally settled down long enough to discuss her failing in school. But she began yelling and screaming at Brooke, accusing her of treating her like her dead daughter, Laura. As the two continued talking, Laura's anger grew again. She began knocking over tables and breakign things before collapsing to the ground in tears. Brooke told Laura that she doesn't want to hurt her and cares for her very much. Brooke added that she wants to help Laura Kirk, not Laura Cudahy. The two finally came to an agreement that Laura would remain in Pine Valley. Janet ran into Phoebe and Jamie at McKays. Actually, Jamie pointed out to Pheobe that "this is the lady who saved me." As Phoebe approached Janet, Ms Green scattered to hid copies of Tempo magazine, part of her Brooke research. Janet eventuall excused herself and placed a phone call to Jonathan and informed him that she'd be back to work when she is good and ready. Janet seems to have the upper hand, but will she end up overusing it? Things look pretty bad for baby Sam as his condition was downgraded to critical. Maria immediately accused herself of being responsible for Sam's poor health because she took him to New York and exposed him to germs and pollution. Joe informed Maria that the situation is extremely bleak...and that the next few hours will be the most critical.

Thursday, May 9, 1996

Isabella was furious to find out that Anita was blatantly defying her orders. But oddly enough when Hector pulled into the driveway, Isabella told Bobby to hide until it was safe to come out. Hector, mellowing slightly, brought Anita chicken potpie to help her feel better. Anita wasn't too interested in the food because her mind was elsewhere. After Hector left, dejected because his daughter wasn't overjoyed that he brought her something that she really liked, Isabella and Bobby really got into it. Socorro Santiago (Isabella) again showed her great acting as she and Bobby battled back and forth for Anita's affection. Mama Santos was peeved that Anita put such high faith in Bobby and downed her family. She told Bobby that he was a pompous, self-righteous, fool. Bobby said that he often agrees with that appraisal, but that he was going to fix things so that Isabella and he would both be proven wrong. Bobby returned to Cortlandt Manor and found Kelsey eavesdropping on a conversation between Opal and Palmer. Palmer told Opal that he was going to toally cut of Bobby from the Cortlandt cash cow until he learns his lesson. Opal thought the treatment was a little stiff, but agreed nonetheless. Palmer said that he is going to start to molding Bobby into something good and upstanding---a little image of himself. Speaking of kids, Palmer added, what was going to become of Kelsey? Opal explained that she thinks Kelsey should stick around a little longer because she is at difficult crossroads in her life. Opal said that the young woman is still very much in love with the father child and is having separation pains from her baby. Before Kelsey could finish listening in, Bobby asked her what she was doing. She didn't give any explanation and said that she thinks it is time that she and Anita had some girl talk. Erica found Liza poking around outside Tad's house. When asked what she was doing there, Liza said she was trying to get in touch with Tad, but has had little luck. Liza then whisked off to the police station where she found Noah and Julia giving depositions on their Jamaican run-ins with Taylor. Erica tried to convince Tad that he should do a series of specials on her to promote her forthcoming book. Tad wasn't too sure that he wanted to continue his Cutting Edge stint. As the two were talking, Dimitri dropped in to offer his support to Tad during his separation from Dixie. Tad left the two alone, hoping that they might be able to patch things up, but nothing came of it. Opal showed up shortly afterward and, upon seeing Erica and Dimitri, decided that she would intervene. Opal puleld her galpal aside and ssaid that she has a mission--to get Dimitri back---and that she was going to help. Julia slipped in to the cellblock and had a discussion with Taylor. Miss Cannon's mellowness quickly eroded away and Taylor returned to her obsessed self. Taylor again said that Julia is responsible for ruining everything that was good in her life. Julia wanred Taylor that she will be facing attempted murder charges for the little waterfall incident. Julia returned to Noah's side where Liza asked them if they would mind appearing on the Cutting Edge. Noah balked at the offer, but Julia thought it might not be such a bad idea. Julia insisted that Liza accept certain terms before they would even consider going on the show. Liza surprisingly agreed and said that the show will be a good venue for Noah to clear his image. Liza then strolled to Taylor's cell where she made a similar offer. Taylor, however, wasn't interested in making any public spectacle. Taylor explained that all her actions were justified because Noah was her one true love and said that Liza obviously couldn't related because she obviously never had someone that she loved madly. That must have hit a nerve with Liza because she became very distant. After Liza left Taylor, Vivienne finally made an appearance. Taylor begged her mother to hire the best attorney to spring her from jail. Mummy said that she cannot because Taylor already confessed to various crimes. Outside the prison area, Vapologized to Noah and said that she never wanted bad things to happen to Noah. Taylor was pulled from her cell for arraignment and again begged Vivienne to help her out. Vsaid that Taylor had to face the music, but immediately went into blaming herself for being a bad mother to Taylor. Then it was time for a shock. Liza walked over to Vand comforted her, saying that she thinks she is a very good mother and that she did the right thing. Taylor offered a plea bargain to which Jack and Julia agreed. Julia agreed to not pursue the attempted murder charges, but Taylor will still spend plenty of time in jail or a psychiatric hospital.

Friday, May 10, 1996

Opal managed to lock Dimitri and Erica in a closet. Erica banged and yelled for Opal to let them out, but Opal didn't respond. Dimitri insisted that Erica was responsible for the whole incident, but Erica denied it. Erica said that Opal has a very active imaginatonand came up with the idea herself. The two taunted and tormented each other until finally Dimitri took matters into his own hands. At Erica's request, he rammed the door, but fell flat on his back, taking Erica down with him. As Erica straddled her husband's body he gently caressed her cheek. Just as the pot started to simmer, Opal opened up the door and interrupted their near-romantic moment. Dimitri took off to go to the hospital and be with Edmund and Maria. Erica, however, remained behind to blast Opal for opening the door too early. Brooke went to Dr. Kinder's office to have a discussion with Janet, but found only Jonathan there. Dr. Kinder pulled her into his office to ask her a few questions about his ex-con receptionist. As Jonathan recounted all of Janet's past trouble with the law, Janet returned from running an errand. Jonathan told Brooke that he is concerned having such an infamous woman as his frontdesk help might be hindering his efforts to get back in good standing as a physician. Brooke disagreed with Jonathan and insisted that everyone is entitled to a second chance. It was then that she reminded Jonathan that if it weren't for his helping out at the shelter, he might not be in anyone's good graces. Janet barged in, furious that Jonathan was trying to defame her image. Jonathan apologized to Janet, saying that he was wrong for thinking she was risky. Brooke then got to talk to Janet alone about having her tutor Laura in math to help raise her grades. Janet was more than happy volunteer. Later Jonathan and Janet had another run-in. Janet told Dr Kinder that she went to the plastic surgeon and even got to try on a "Brooke" nose. Johnny tried to convince Janet that she shouldn't alter her appearance because she is beautiful as is. And, Jonathan added, if she changes her identity, she won't be Brooke or Janet. She'll be someone who she's not in a body that isn't hers. Janet warned Jonathan to keep his mouth shut or she'd reveal his secret. Knowing that she doesn't have enough dirt on Jonathan, Janet waited until Jonathan left the office and headed out to the mysterious building. When she got there, Christopher, also known as Igor, had left his watch post over the mystery woman and Janet managed to sneak into the chamber. Tad and Trevor had a heated discussion at police headquarters. Trevor is still at odds with Tad over his choice to air Laurel's murder on The Cutting Edge. Tad tried to show that he can relate to the pain Trevor is going through because he, to, lsot a wife. Not so, said Trevor. Laurel was killed and can never come back, but Tad slept around on Dixie and that's his fault. Before Trevor left he had another bit of news for Tad. Dixie called him and asked him to represent her in her divorce from Tad. Tad returned to WRCW and headed for Liza's office. When he got there he found Jonathan manhandling Liza. Tad ordered Jonathan to leave her alone. At the hospital, Edmund and Maria's tense moments were finally vaporized. The latest xrays showed that Sam's lungs had cleared, meaning the antibiotics worked and his pneumonia was gone. But there is another problem on the horizon. Kelsey is growing increasingly obsessed with the baby and is trying at every moment to be with him.

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