AMC Recaps: The week of April 29, 1996 on All My Children
Noah and Julia revealed that they had faked their deaths to force Taylor to confess. Anita overheard Bobby claim that he had only slept with Kelsey once. Dixie decided to leave town after Marian played a tape of Tad and Liza talking about their affair over the station's intercom.
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Monday, April 29, 1996

Noah, Corinne, and Mateo waited with bated breath as Julia didn't revive immediately from her sleep. As Mateo and Noah asked Corinne why her antidote wasn't working. As they all watched, Julia finally came to. Everyone took a deep breath, but they were in for another tense moment when Jack and Hayley arrived to pay their respects to Julia. While Noah hid behind some shelves, he watched on as Jack and Hayley talked about how unfortunate the entire Jamaica fiasco has been. After Jack left it was time to clue Halo in tp what has been going on. What would you do if someone who was supposed to be dead suddenly sat up in their coffin? Hayley nearly passed out when Julia sat up and smiled at her. And then Noah came out of hiding to let Hayley know that everything is just a ploy to get Taylor to confess. These people go to some great lengths to make a point, huh? Kelsey demanded $500 from Bobby to cover her expenses. Bobby said that he wasn't made of money and couldn't come up with that kind of cash. Kelsey used her upperhand to try to convince Bobby to do whatever it takes to ge the money. What is this "upperhand"? She used the old line about how she'd go and tell Anita about Bobby being an unwed father if he didn't give her the money she requested. As the two were arguing, Opal walked in on them and blasted Bobby for talking so badly to a still-hormone-raged and just-given-birth young woman, Kelsey applied even more pressure by telling Opal that Bobby is hiding a deep, dark secret from everyone. Now Opal knows that Joe is looking for Kelsey and that Kelsey isn't too keen on the idea of going back to live with the Martins. What kind of torture would it bring to Bobby if Opal asks Kelsey to stay at Cortlandt Manor? Tad was shocked to see Marian in a slinkly, Black negligee. Tad told Marian that she had no business telling Dixie of his extramarital affair. But Tad soon learned the reason that Marian let loose his little secret. Marian was not trying to get revenge for her daughter, Marian was still angry for Tad jilting her some odd number of years ago. Tad was completely astounded. He had no idea that Marian had been harboring this animocity for that reason. He wished her a long life and said that he meant her no harm all those years back, but that he is happy with Dixie now and doesn't want her to ruin it. He dashed off to WRCW just in time to tape for the current day's show, but the taping might go a little differently. Marian grabbed the copy she made of Liza's tape (the one with Liza and Tad talking of their affair) and prepared to play it over the intercom.

Tuesday, April 30, 1996

Edmund and Maria continued their Central Park jaunt with little Sam. The couple and the newborn took some relaxation time in The Big Apple. At lunch, the waitress who was serving Edmund and Maria commented how much Sam looks like them---Eddie's profile and Maria's nose. The two were overjoyed that their baby, although not biologically theirs, had all the potential to be one of the Greys. Kevin stepped in to interrupt a verbal fight between Bobby and Kelsey. As hard as he tried, Kevin just couldn't understand why the two teens hated each other. Things aren't about to get any better. When Kelsey learned that Kevin was staying at Cortlandt Manor because his parents disowned him, those little gears in Kelsey's mind went into overdrive. Kelsey started sobbing uncontrollably and told Opal how she is the blacksheep of the Martin family. Her parents are embarrassed that she had an out-of-wedlock baby and Joe and Ruth are likewise ashamed. Bobby tried to convince Kelsey that she should move back home to Oregon, but Kelsey's mind was set in getting an invite to stay at Chez Opal. Opal and Kelsey had a little private girltalk and Opal tried to mother the young woman. She asked her if she regretted giving up her baby, to which Kelsey gave an adamant "No." Upstairs, Kevin continued to press for reasons as to why Bobby hates Kelsey so much. He didn't get much out of his friend, but he is now on the lookout for reasons why the two don't get along. Bobby ran down the steps to see what kind of damage Kelsey might be doing and found her crying in Opal's arms. At WRCW a live recording of The Cutting Edge was cut prematurely after Marian's tape began playing over the intercom. Everyone searched around for the source of the tape, but it wasn't long before they found where the sound was coming from---Liza's office. Tad raced to try to stop the tape, but Marian had locked herself in. By this time it was too late. Dixie had already heard Tad and Liza talking about their affair and, contrary to everyone else's requests, Dixie demanded that the tape keep playing because she wanted to her it. Things got no easier for Dix when Joe tried to comfort her by saying he was sorry. Of course Dixie figured out that Joe knew of Tad's infidelity and she fell apart evern more. Dixie asked to leave the studio and went to Chandler Mansion with Adam. Palmer, who saw the partial broadcast and immediately raced to WRCW, told Tad that he was still the same heartless gigolo he always was and regrets ever allowing Dixie to marry him. Tad had to be held back from causing Marian serious harm. When he finally cooled down he told her that she was a "frustrated, old, malignant, bitch" and blamed both Liza and Marian for ruining his marriage. Liza denounced Marian and said that she had no part in the playing of the tape and even added that she destroyed the tape and had no idea how her mother got a hold of it. When finally alone, Marian told Liza she was looking out for her because she is her mother. Liza looked her coldly in the eyes and said that she no longer has a mother. Dixie continued to crumble as she talked to Adam about what she had heard. Adam said that he had no business telling Dixie of Tad's affair because he and Dixie both have had affairs in their past and couldn't very well speak against someone who was unfaithful. Dixie sat alone in the livingroom area of the mansion and stared at her diamond ring from Tad just as the doorbell rang. Dixie answered the door and, of course, Tad was standing there. Do these two lovers have what it takes to pull their marriage back together?

Wednesday, May 1, 1996

You can't always believe your eyes. I think that's especially true in Pine Valley. Mateo visited his family and told them that he had good news. The Santos clan is due for some good tidings and what Mateo had for them would more than make up for their recent run of misfortune. Knowing that sometimes words are not enough, he opened up the front door and allowed Hector, Isabella, and Anita to see Noah and Julia. Julia ran towards her loved ones and embraced them as Mateo explained that they never were really dead. Mateo then went over to Taylor's apartment to start implementing phase two of his plan. When he got there, he found Corinne telling Taylor that she has been talking to Noah. Taylor, of course, thought Corinne had a few too many sips of her herbal tea and didn't believe a word of what she was being told. Corinne insisted that she is being told from beyond the grave that Taylor must confess to her many crimes. Mateo booted Corinne out of the apartment and told Taylor that she should get some rest. Apparently Taylor is convinced that Corinne placed a hex on her because she hasn't been able to sleep for days. When Taylor was fast asleep in her dreamworld all was set for a close encounter of the dead kind. Noah flipped a switch in the apartment building's fusebox to shut off power to Taylor's apartment. Mateo then fled as Noah then slipped into the apartment. Taylor awoke to find Noah's "ghost" telling her that the time has come for her to free his spirit by telling the truth. And, in case she had any ideas of fleeing the apartment, he said he will follow her around wherever she goes. Anita whisked over to Cortlandt Manor to tell Bobby the good news that her sister and Noah were not dead. When she got there she was on the heels of some earth shattering news. Kevin asked Kelsey if Bobby was the father of her child, she said that he wasn't. Bobby, however walked in on the conversation and hadn't heard everything. He immediately went into a babbling spree which did implicate him as the father---he said Kelsey was lying and that he only slept with her once so he couldn't be the father. Kevin said he wasn't going to tell anyone about this news. Bobby laid into Kelsey for her obvious attempts to try to get Opal to invite her to live at Cortlandt Manor. Kelsey denied all Bobby's allegations, but eventually she did get her wish. Opal said that she couldn't reach Joe and since it was getting late, Kelsey might as well spend the night with them. Marian professed her love for her daughter and said that playing the tape proves she loves Liza. Liza didn't agree and said she no longer wants anything to do with Marian. The final blow came when Liza callde up security and asked them to remove Marian from the premises. Tad pleaded with Dixie to forigve him, but Dixie said she could no longer have a lifelong committment to someone she cannot totally trust. Tad recounted his one night stand with Liza and said that he only slept with her because Dixie had turned her back on him. Dixie took this as an attempt by Tad to shift the blame to her. Dixie sadly informed Tad that she has decided to leave Pine Valley and accept the teaching job in Pigeon Hollow and that She and Junior will be leaving later that evening. Tad was devastated that his wife was leaving immediately and not giving them a chance to work out their problems. "There'll always be a place in my heart" for Tad, Dixie sobbed. As Dixie prepared to say farewell, a tearful Tad begged Dixie not to say "goodbye." But Dixie said she had no choice and that she has loved Tad for such a long time, he will never disappear from her heart. Tad reached out to try to kiss Dixie, but she turned and walked away. The moment the two had been trying do desperately to avoid was now imminent. Dixie said her goodbye and Tad walked slowly out the door. Shortly afterward while Dixie was telling Adam Junior that they would be leaving town, the doorbell rang and on the other side of the door Liza waited to have a few words with Dixie.

Thursday, May 2, 1996

Hayley and Julia had their first girltalk session in which Hayley told Julia that she is in love with her brother Mateo. Julia asked how long Halo knew she had passionate feelings for Matt to which Hayley responded that she knew ever since their romantic fling on the beaches of Jamaica. Taylor was scared beyond words as Noah's ghost keeping pushing her to "do the right thing" and clear his name. If she doesn't, Noah informed her, he would haunt her for the rest of her life. Looking for a way out of the predicament, Taylor had a funny little thought. She said that she would get Mummy to protect her and have her chase away the ghost. Corinne and Matt listened intently over the wire they had planted on Noah, but Taylor just wouldn't say anything incriminating. The whole plan was almost scrapped when District Attorney Jackson Montgomery showed up to ask Taylor soem questions. Mateo tried to stall Jack from going upstairs, but his method left a lot to be desired. He kept saying that Jack should forget about Taylor because Julia was dead and that it wasn't a big deal to get Taylor anymore. Anyone---even Jack---could see through Matt's weak lies. The DA asked what exactly was going on and Matt finally filled him in. Surprisingly Jack said he had his suspicions about Noah and Julia's deaths because of all the pussyfooting around and the constantly changing plans (or he might have just have wanted to avoid looking like a fool). Jack gave his full support of the undercover sting. Back upstairs, Noah's ghost disappeared through some sort of hocus pocus and Taylor freaked out. She scampered from her apartment and headed to the Marick Estate where she approached Noah and Julia's crypt. With Noah, Jack, and Matt in tow, will Taylor finally break? Liza apologized for sleeping with Tad and said that her mother had no business playing the tape of the public address system. Dixie didn't know how to respond, but she was angry with Liza for lying to her when she asked if she and Tad had slept together. Adam Junior ran toward to door and screamed at Liza as being responsible for Tad and Dixie's split. It was through Junior that Adam found out that Dixie was planning on moving back to Pigeon Hollow and taking Junior with her. Adam confronted Dixie with this and she apologized for letting it slip her mind. Adam was actually very caring and said he woudl redraft the terms of their custody arrangement since the current arrangement would not allow Dixie to leave the area with their son. Adam pledged to visit his son every chance he gets and even agreed to help them get set up in West Virginia. Joe told Tad that he needs to fight for Dixie and keep her from leaving town. Tad said he couldn't do that because he couldn't swear to Dixie that he would never make another mistake like sleeping with Liza. Tad then said that he can never be a Martin because he has Ray Gardner's blood in him. Joe became livid and told his son never to utter those words again because he is a Martin. Liza remained extremely upset and cancelled all her business appointments for the night. Apparently she really is upset over the entire ordeal. When Dixie arrived back at her house to claim her bags, she found Joe and Tad talking. Dixie hugged Joe goodbye and said how much she'd miss him. Joe asked Dix to stay in Pine Valley, but again she refused, saying she needs to leave. Adam Junior and Dixie both said farewell to Jamie. Tad's other son gave Dixie a teddybear so she would remember him. With that it was time to go. The stage was set for a final farewell as Tad and Dixie were left alone to say goodbye. No words were said, only glances exchanged. With tears rolling down her face, Dixie walked out the door and out of Pine Valley.

Today's show marks the departure of Cady McClain from All My Children. Cady has played Dixie Cooney for eight years and plans to pursue music and acting ventures.There is no word on whether the role of Dixie will be recast or if McClain plans on returning at some later date.

Friday, May 3, 1996

Marian sat alone drinking in the bar at the Valley Inn when she noticed that Trevor walked in. Not wanting to shed tears in her martini, Marian quickly scampered over to Trecor's side. Opal and Palmer sat in the background and between Opal warning Palmer that he shouldn't be downing his double brandy because of his weak heart and just looking around to see what was going on around her, Opal noticed Marian was "sicking her claws" into Trevor. The duo wandered over to the bar and asked Marian if she was trying to destroy another person's life. Trevor had no clue what was going on, so Palmer enlightened him as to Marian's actions. Trevor wasn't the least bit concerned because he said that Liza and Tad deserve each other. In the dining area, Brooke and Janet, of all people, had a late night dinner. Janet apologized for her tardiness, indicating that she works long hours for Dr. Kinder. Janet used the dinner to try to probe for personal details of Brooke's life. After all if she is going to try to assume Brooke's identity she will need to know some of the trivial facts about Ms English. Brooke excused herself to go to the ladies' room and while she was gone, Janet snooped through Brooke's purse and grabbed her personal log. But Janet should have been careful about reading it at the table because Trevor snuck up behind her and demanded to know what she was doing. Tad turned out the lights in his house, but as the light had been turned off in his heart with Dixie's departure. But before he coudl adjourn for the night, Liza knocked at his door and asked if she could have a few words with him. Tad told Liza that if she had come to apologize she was too late and that he wasn't remotely interested in anything else she could have to say. But, Tad added, if she has a gun she can shoot him through the head to put him out of his misery. Liza reitterated that she had no part in Marian's playing of the tape over the public address system. Tad was either unconvince or realized that no matter who had a part in the fiasco, it couldn't be undone now. Halfway through their talk who else but Marian could walk in to create fireworks. Apaprently the unlocked door society struck again, as Marian said she knew that the two "lovebirds" would be together. Liza and her mother immediately emmersed themselves into a bicker battle, but Tad was not about the hear it and ordered them both to shut up. He booted Marian and went back to his discussion with Liza, who had a stunning revelation. Liza told Tad that when she was younger she used to envision Marian dying and that she wasn't crushed or upset, but relieved that her mother was finally gone. Taylor finally broke down and apologized to Noah's crypt for all her lies. While still being taped, Taylor recounted all of her lies: from her faked pregnancy to lying about Louie being unarmed to trying to kill Julia. When Noah's ghost appeared it was finally all over. Taylor fled from the mausoleum but everyone was waiting for her: Jack, Mateo, Hayley, Julia, Noah, and the police. Taylor was promptly arrested and hauled off to the police station.

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