AMC Recaps: The week of April 22, 1996 on All My Children
Janet blackmailed Jonathan. Marian told Dixie about Tad and Liza's affair. Julia and Noah's bodies returned to the mainland.
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Monday, April 22, 1996

Dixie tried her best to get all the details on Tad and Liza's dealings out of Tad, but he wasn't too giving with the who-what-where-when-why-and-hows. Dixie wanted Tad to know that she trusts him with all her heart and can't wait for the day when she will be able to do more to secure their marriage. In her mind, Dixie feels that watching after the kids and bringing home a minimal pay check is not adding to their financial security. When she gets her teaching degree, Dix said that she will go anywhere Tad wants to go, even if it means leaving Pine Valley. Corinne and Mateo rushed to the other crypt and removed the top rock. Inside they found Noah right where he should be. Corinne administered the awakening potion and Noah quickly came back to consciousness. Frenzied and worried that Julia might remain on the dark side longer than anticipated, the trio ran rampant around the area trying to find Julia's body. They finally returned to Lila's and learned of Julia's fate. Isabella said she defied Julia's dying request to be buried with Noah because the Keefer family is not catholic. When Matt asked when Catholic cemetary on the island Julia had been taken to, he got a stunning reply. Mama Santos said Julia was on her way back to Pine Valley for a proper burial. All this comes with only a few scant hours before Julia's death becomes permanent. Janet tried to impress upon Dr Kinder that she was tired of being a lonely woman and wanted to get plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. Kinder's new secretary was apparently trying to get her hands on some of the doctor's pills because she made a point of saying how much pain she was in. Laura took a shot at matchmaker, pairing up Janet and Pierce at a romantic dinner at the cabin. Laura got them both to the destination by saying she wanted to have a dinner with them---individually. There weren't exactly fireworks when the two reunited, mostly awkward moments. Pierce let it be known that he was there only because Laura invited him, not because he wanted to have a romantic dinner with Janet. Erica not only confessed to having sex with Jonathan once, but added that she had sex on a second occasion with him. All the while she blamed her addiction to drugs and her dependancy on Jonathan as her supplier as the reason for her extramarital affair. Dimitri was disgusted and said that he cannot forgive Erica for sleeping with Jonathan... at least not yet. Erica professed her innocence and tried to convince her husband that she was once again the same woman he married, but even that did no good. Dimitri asked Erica to leave and told her that it would be some time before they could be a happily married couple again--- if at all. Liza awoke to find her mother hovering over her. There was no mother-daughter bonding even though Marian would have loved to have been brought closer to Liza. Liza said that her life was ruined by seeing her mother and her father have a horrible relationship. But the crushing blow was when Marian slept with Tad, someone who Liza described as her first love. Marian tried to defend herself by saying that Tad said he loved her too and had no idea that Liza was so in love with him. Liza also went on to say that she has no friends because she is only motivated by gaining more and more power and that it is too late to change. She thinks of herself a lonely, bitter, old woman who's only impact on life is her resume and job credentials. As Liza once again fell asleep (probably more of passed out considering all the alcohol she had been drinking), Marian vowed to make everything up to her daughter so that she could have the life she wanted---but does that include wrecking the marriage of Tad and Dixie?

Tuesday, April 23, 1996

Laura used french bread as her excuse to slip out of the cabin and let Pierce and Janet have some time alone. Shortly after she left, however, all hell broke loose. Janet tried to make the mood romantic, but Pierce said there is no romance left between him and Janet. Begging for his affection, Janet began kissing and caressing her former lover and pleaded for him to make love to her. Her pleas went unasnwered. "I never said I loved you," Pierce informed Janet and added that he only had sex with Janet because it was an act of affection and because he and Janet both needed to be with someone. This caused Janet to flip out and she told Pierce that he'd better leave the cabin and regain his freedom. Pierce walked out and headed immediately for Laura. Breaking her curfew was not the only thing that caused Brooke to give Laura the third degree. When Brooke found out that Laura was trying to hook Pierce and Janet up, she quickly jumped in to tell Laura how futile the attempt was. Whether or not Brooke believes her own advice or if she is just trying to block any and all attempts that might lead to a Pierce-Janet reunion remains to be seen. Brooke told Laura how her daughter, also named Laura, tried to team Brooke and Tom Cudahy back together when they separated. Laura was unmoved. When Pierce showed up at the door a few minutes later, Laura was puzzled as to why he was not at the cabin. Pierce told Laura that the magical summer spent at the cabin was all an illusion and everyone had moved on with their lives. Laura refused to accept that Pierce and Janet would not get back together. Jonathan showed up at the hunting lodge in an effort to stand up for Erica. He wasn't standing long after Dimitri punched him and threw him across the room. If it weren't for Maria barging in to interrupt the fighting, Dimitri probably would have pummelled Jonathan. Jonathan let loose with a barrage of insults designed to set Dimitri's temper flaring... and it worked. Again Marian stepped in to keep Dimmie away from the good doctor. Finally Jonathan left, but his parting words to Dimitri let Mr Marick know that he is Dimitri's main competition for Erica's hand. Myrtle was disappointed to hear that the patching-up with Dimitri turned into a shredding. Erica broke down in tears as she told her second-mother figure that her life without Dimitri has made her think of returning to the pills. Erica reassured Myrt that she was not going to fall off the wagon, but said that Dimitri is her everything. Perhaps a few days away will clear everyone's vision. Erica packed herself a bag and told Myrtle that she was heading to Seattle to spend time with Bianca. Speaking of packing, Julia's body was loaded on to a plane and headed off to Pine Valley before Mateo, Noah, and Corinne could stop the flight. Shortly after they failed to rescue Julia, Jack, Isabella, and Taylor arrived at the airport with Lila. The trio decided to return to Pine Valley. Upset that she and Mateo could not be on the same flight with Julia, Isabella asked Taylor if she could find purchase tickets for the next flight home. Since Noah cannot exactly fly on the plane (he has no passport---and besides he supposed to be dead!!) Corinne enlisted a friend to help hide Noah in a crate. This leaves two what-ifs to answer. What if they don't get back to Pine Valley in time to revive Julia and what if the air runs out inside Noah's box?

Wednesday, April 24, 1996

Anita showed up at her old Pine Valley High stomping grounds on her day off from school. She and Bobby had only a few words before Michael foiled their plans to run off to the beach together. Anita tried to hang around in the halls so she could get some time with Bobby between classes, but the hall monitor told Anita she had to leave since she was no longer a student. Kevin found himself with a difficult decision. He was named to the prom's planning committee before he "came out," and now he's confronted with the choice of going or not going. Kevin asked for Michael's thoughts on whether he should take another guy (not that he has a current boyfriend) or take a girl when everyone would know its a sham. Michael couldn't offer any more advice than to tell Kevin to do what he thinks is best. Brooke and Pierce discussed Pierce's dinner with Janet at the cabin and Laura's determination to pair Pierce and Janet back together. Janet called the gallery to apologize to Pierce for acting so bizarre the night before, but her composure flew out the window when Brooke answered the phone. Janet tried to get out of the call, but Brooke said she needed to talk to Janet. During the chat, Brooke told Janet that she envies her fo rher relationship with Laura. Then the two jockied for poisition in the "Race For Pierce." Janet tried to convince Brooke that she and Pierce had a great evening at the cabin. Brooke, in return, made a little comment about Pierce stopping by her house right after the botched dinner. After hanging up, Janet said (to herself) that she'd be more than happy to put Brooke out of her envy---permanently. Dr. Kinder had another important call from the keeper of the mysterious woman. The two argued over whether or not the woman's medication should be increased. Kinder insisted that he was a competant doctor and knew what he was doing. But does he know who else knows what he's doing? When Jonathan returned to the office, Janet pressed him for more plastic surgery references. It's now safe to assume that Janet wants to trade in her current face for something a little more Brooke-like. When Jonathan refused to help her, citing his disbelief in plastic surgery, Janet laid her cards on the table. She asked if he wants her to tell of his little trip to the mortuary and of the mysterious patient in the room. Dixie received a letter from a former school teacher in Pigeon Hollow askign Dixie if she wants to take over her teaching job when she retired. The idea got Dixie's heart a-flutter and she asked Tad if he'd be willing to move to West Virginia. Only minutes later, Tad announced to Adam and Liza that he is calling it quits at WRCW. Adam was not pleased and gave Liza the dirtiest of looks. Liza returned to her condo and destroyed her taped recording of Tad---but does she have the right tape? Marian payed a visit to Dixie because she said they needed to talk. What could Marian possibly have to say? She told Dixie that Tad has had an affair with Liza... and she has the proof.

Thursday, April 25, 1996

While some families drew closer together, the rift between others grew even bigger. Opal and Palmer asked Kevin if he had heard anything from his parents. Kevin informed the couple who has been housing him for some time that his parents told the frontdesk at the hotel they're staying at not to patch his calls through to the room That brought up Opal and Palmer asking Bobby if he had contacted his parents recently. Bobby tried to say that it wasn't important to call them often, but Opal encouraged him to call. She also asked Bobby if he had seen Kelsey recently because Joe Martin is looking for her. Apparently Kelsey has not been seen since her appearance at Edmund's hotel room in the Big Apple. Janet continued to use her knowing about the "mystery woman and Igor," as she called them, to get a plastic surgeon reference from Jonathan. Dr Kinder tried to muscle back by saying it is very odd that Janet wants a new face. He even asked her if she found a new well and dusted off her crowbar! Janet pushed too far and Jonathan terminated her on the spot, but that didn't last too long. The bank called to tell Jonathan that his most recent check bounced. That was the check he got from Liza Colby. Jonathan called up Liza and demanded to know what kind of game she was playing. Janet used the redial button (which in all actuality only works on the phone that dialed out) on her phone to see who Johnny called. It was this reference to Liza that pushed Kinder over the edge. Janet asked if Jonathan was familiar with her "friend" Elise Flynn, the gossip hound for WRCW. Seeing that he cannot win anyway he tries, the good doctor gave Janet the name of a plastic surgeon. Belinda met Mateo, Corinne, Jack, Taylor, and Isabella at the airport and blasted them for not having the decency to contact her about Noah's death. She said that someone from the airline called to ask her to pick up the body. And Belinda wasn't done yelling. She verbally assaulted Taylor for not letting Julia and Noah live in peace and for lying about Noah killing Louie Greco. Taylor, Belinda said, was the reason that Noah is dead. But the body shuffle continued. Belinda had Noah's body sent to a crematorium and Corinne and Mateo arrived just in the nick of time to save Noah from being burned alive. They quickly revived a passed-out Noah, but said that they had to get back to the airport. The plane carrying Julia's body was delayed in Atlanta and had yet to arrive. Belinda arrived a short time later to have a few final moments with Noah. From his hiding place in the the room, Noah whispered to Belinda to let her know that he was still alive. Dixie tried not to believe Marian's allegations about Tad's infidelity, but she made several points that Dixie couldn't shake. Marian said that Tad has always been a cad and his marriage to Dixie was just an attempt to be part of the happily married and faithful Martin clan. Marian's next stop was WRCW to tell Liza how well her plan went. Of course Liza had no knowledge that her mother was trying to crush Dixie and Tad's marriage. Liza was furious (as she is so many times) with her mother and said that she might end up hurting Liza more than Tad because Tad's place on The Cutting Edge is making her look good as station manager. While the two were arguing, Dixie dropped in. She wasn't looking for Liza or Marian, but rather Tad. Liza got a few words in with Dixie and let her know that Marian was not asked to act on her behalf and that everything Marian said was not true--- she did not sleep with Tad. After Dix left, Liza tried to track down Tad to warn him about Marian's actions, but Tad wasn't talking any phone calls. When Dixie got home the first thing she told her husband was about her visit from Mrs. Colby.

Friday, April 26, 1996

Julia's body arrived and Corinne and Mateo tried to revive her with the "anit-death" antidote. But did the two arrive in time to bring Julia back?

The Santo's family finds out about Julia's "death." Anita called Bobby to explain that she lost her sister, but when Bobby arrived at their door to try to comfort his girlfriend, Hector refused to let him in. He is enraged and returns to Cortlandt Manor when Kelsey knocks on the door.

Dixie is not going to Pigeon Hollow and still chooses not to believe whay Marion told her about Tad and Liza. Tad is staying at WRCW and has called a truce with Liza, but he went to settle the score with Marion and she answers the door in a slinky black negligee.

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