AMC Recaps: The week of April 15, 1996 on All My Children
Erica finally admitted her dealings with Jonathan. Liza vowed to get revenge after losing the station manager contest. Somebody pulled a disappearing act.
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Monday, April 15, 1996

Take a quick moment or two to think of the most hurtful thing anyone has ever done you. Now compare that to Hector's actions on today's show. Papa Santos forced Anita to go to the hospital and get tested for veneral diseases because of her relationship with Bobby. Anita pleaded with her father not to embarass her this way and swore that she never had sex with Bobby. She even offered to take a home pregnancy test, but Hector didn't budge. Isabella rushed over to Maria to ask her to help her sister out and to tell her that the meeting she set up for Anita and Bobby wasn't the world's best idea. Maria said she had no idea that Anita and Bobby were fooling around and raced off to the hospital to try to aid her sister. Just before her mother arrived, Kelsey and Maria had a final showdown of sorts. Kelsey said that Maria hit the nail on the head when she said that Kelsey's time at Wildwind had passed. Maria panicked, thinking that Kelsey and the baby were headed out the door never to be seen again. But Kelsey handed Sam over to Maria and said that she was going to stay with her grandparents for a little while before moving on to other adventures. At the hsopital, Palmer blasted Hector for being a narrow minded bigot and a bad father. Anita broke down in tears and seemed on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Palmer quickly placed a call to Bobby and asked him if Hector was right about his sleeping with Anita. Bobby told his grandfather that he didn't sleep with Anita and then he hung up and headed for the hospital. Maria and Bobby arrived at about the same time and both urged Hector to reconsider. Maria's words to her father didn't seem to do any good even after reminding Hector that he tried to pull the same thing to Julia when she was Anita's age and it only succeeded in pushing Julia away from the family. On the set of the Cutting Edge, Erica remained remarkably poised even as Marian, who called herself "Georgia" during the phone call, tried to push every and any of Erica's buttons. After the show was over, Tad informed Erica that he knew who the mysterious caller with the Southern accent was: Marian Colby. He teamed up with Dixie to try to hunt her down and ask why she tried to sabatoge the show. Marian refused to admit that she was responsible until Liza walked in on the trio. Liza forced her mother to take full responsibility for the phone call even though it was a joint venture. Tad thanked Marian for helping boost the show's ratings and then sauntered off with Dixie on his arm. Liza slammed the door and thanked her mother for taking the blame and said that she owes her big time. Erica and Dimitri continued to patch things up, but Jonathan poked his head in and asked Erica why she didn't walk off the set during Marian's questioning. Dimitri wasn't pleased to see Dr. Kinder, but Jonathan darted off quickly to see Liza when Erica broke the news that Marian was the person who placed the phone call. Jonathan erupted. He screamed, hollered, yelled, what ever you want to call it, at Liza for trying to put a black mark on Jonathan's name and warned her that if she continues to play games with him he will have no other choice than to tell the police what she did to his wife! Taylor thought that Julia and Noah were sleeping, but she quickly figured out that their silence was due to more than just sleep. Mateo and Jack burst into the cabana a few seconds later and also realized that something had gone terribly wrong. Matt tried to revive his sister, but Jack pulled him off and told him to give up. This led to Matt turning on Taylor and accusing her of killing Julia. Corinne arrived on the scene a few seconds later and showed Matt Julia's "suicide" letter. Jack suggested that they all leave Matt alone so he could call his parents and tell them the news. Corinne tried to have a few words with Matt, presumably to tell him about the faked death, but Jack wouldn't let her speak to him. Matt called home and received a worried Isabella. He tried to break the news to her, but a very bad connection ended the phone call before he could do so.

Tuesday, April 16, 1996

Lipstick is not the main priority in Hayley's life any more. After Alec had embezzled millions of dollars out of Enchantment, Hayley became a single-minded machine interested in only turning a profit. But Adam was very unhappy to tell his daughter that Enchantment's rating had been downgraded after reports from the cosmetic comany's European division were less than impressive. Hayley tried to impress upon Adam that she had a love life and is extremely concerned for Mateo's well being. Father Chandler wanted Hayley to show more interest in business and tried to coax Hayley out of her daydream, but it didn't work. Corinne broke the news to Lila that Noah and Julia were not dead and looked high and low for Mateo to tell him the same thing, but the two couldn't connect. Just before the burial, Corinne pulled Mateo aside and told him that she had something very important to tell him, but that was all she could say. Matt and Corinne both said final farewells to the departed couple as Taylor threw herself on Noah's coffin, bawling her eyes out. No one was prepared or even knew that at that moment, Isabella Santos had arrived at Lila's guesthouse asking to see Mateo. Trevor and Amanda shared lunch together at McKay's when Tad, Dixie, and Jamie walked in. Tad thought that it was the perfect chance to talk to Trevor about Laurel's death since the two haven't had any words since Laurel's funeral. Trevor wasn't very receptive to Tad and would have preferred that he didn't even drop by his table. But Tad needed to finally say that he was sorry for everything that happened and try to patch up the relationship he once had with Trevor. When Tad defended his airing of the shooting that took place on the Cutting Edge's stage as a way to bring about public awareness, Trevor asked Tad if he would have pushed as hard as he had to air the episode if it has been Dixie that was shot. Tad couldn't answer and Trevor asked Tad to leave him alone and not to talk to him if they run into each other on the street. Janet continued to poke around Jonathan's office and toy around with the mysterious cellular phone. Try as she might to find phone records for the phone, they just didn't exist. When the phone rang, Janet's curiosity got the best of her and she had to pick up and see who was calling. Without asking for identification first, Dr. Kinder's assistant (the one who looks after the secret room) spouted off how whomever was in the secret room was acting up. Janet remained silent and hung up the phone, not knowing what to do. Dr. Kinder was not exactly paying a housecall as he blasted Liza for having Marian make slanderous comments on the Cutting Edge. He told Liza that she makes another slip up he will go to the police and inform them that Liza killed Jonathan's wife! Wow! Liza managed to defend herself by saying that Mrs Dr Kinder died in an accident. But Jonathan insisted that Liza was the last person to see his wife alive and that he and Liza were having an affair, so it wouldn't look so good for Miss Colby. If Liza was going down, she told Johnny that she'd take him with her because he obviously had to do something with the body so he was an accessory to the obstruction of justice. Jonathan returned to his office where he called his assitant. The man was utterly confused and told Jonathan how he called earlier but Dr. Kinder made no comment. Jonathan said he was out of the office and wasn't there to talk to him before so he must have dialed the wrong number. Is there any doubt left as to who is the mystery woman in that secret antechamber? Fresh off his tete-a-tete with Tad, Trevor dropped in to visit "Tinkerbell" at Enchantment. Trevor also was concerned for Hayley's slacking attitude, but the two found common ground when talking of how Laurel was responsible for getting Mateo and Hayley together. The moment of truth finally arrived in the battle for the station manager. With the ratings numbers from the final "Erica" episode of the Cutting Edge tabulated, Tad was awarded the station manager slot. But things heated up when Liza said she would take on the job of producer of The Cutting Edge. The terms of her contract stated that Liza could opt for any job at WRCW for the same pay rate as her station manager job. Tad refused. So Liza asked him if he would keep her on or fire her since he niow is in charge. The answer was clear and concise: You're fired.

Wednesday, April 17, 1996

Liza refused to leave her post at WRCW, but when Tad announced that the former station manager was fired, she had no choice but to pack her bags. Liza vowed that Adam and Tad had not heard the last of her. But Adam must not have been in a good mood because he demanded that Liza clear her desk before sundown or she'd be kicked out by security. After reassuring Adam that she would be gone, Liza slinked off to make a desparation phone call. She called someone who she had apparently talk to before and told them that she was ready to go through with "it." What exactly "it" was was revealed later when both Adam and Tad were served with summons in a sexual harrassment suit filed by Liza implicating Tad and WRCW. Maria visited Anita with the results of her pregnancy tests. Anita told her sister that she didn't need to see them because she knows that she is perfectly healthy and not the pregnant "slut" Hector had called her. This, apparently, turned on Papa Santos's radar, as he walked into the room and demanded to see the results of the tests. Maria refused, citing the results were to be given directly to the patient, Anita, even is the patient is a minor. That wasn't all the eldest Santos child was going to say. After months of silence, Maria finally told her father about her pregnancy and miscarriage and how it has resulted in her infertility. The reason for her silence, Maria told her father, was that she was terrified that her parents would come down on her. So she kept quiet until now when she thought her plight could help her sister. Hector was stunned, but in an amazing twist of character, he apologized to both Anita and Maria for causing them heartache and reaffirmed his love for them. Hector asked Anita if he could talk to her, but Anita said she would rather wait until later because she needed time alone. Shortly afterward, Anita found a note from her mother that she was off to Jamaica. In Jamaica, Corinne finally managed to tell Mateo about Noah and Julia's supposed deaths. Taylor needed to be consoled by Jack and the priest as she nearly suffered a nervous breakdown on top of Noah's crypt. When Mateo returned to Lila's, he encountered his mother who pleaded to see her daughter's body. Mateo explained that Julia had been buried and Corinne added on that it was island custom to bury the dead quickly. Isabella went wild, yelling at Corinne for not understanding her beliefs and again demanded to see her daughter. Powerful acting for Socorro Santiago (Isabella) made the scene one of today's best. Kelsey somehow found her way to Edmund's hotel room in New York. When asked if Maria knew where she was, Kelsey commented that probably not and tah tit really made no difference because she was given to boot out of Wildwind. As hard as she tried to convince Edmund to let her stay at Wildwind (she said that life with her family is very Grey and depressing), but Edmund was steadfast in agreeing to the terms of the adoption---Kelsey must leave town.

Thursday, April 18, 1996

The focus of today's show revolved around Liza and her sexual harrassment suit against Tad. Adam met with Nora Buchanan, Liza's attorney from Llanview, and tried to convince her that her case was not winable. On the contrary, Nora replied. She thinks the case is very winable and that the media coverage would bring down WRCW. Tad was supposed to have dinner with Joe, but the recent developments forced Tad to cancel. But he confided in his father that Liza had brought charges against him---and that he slept with Liza. Of course Joe was stunned, but Tad "explained" his dirty away by saying that he was lonely and upset by Laurel's death. Erica and Opal taunted and tormented Liza as they all worked out at the local health club. The razzing was quite pointed, but Liza wasn't the least bit titled by the ladies' comments. Instead she told Erica and Opal that they had better be on the lookout because she will have the last word in the matter of her firing from WRCW. Liza highstepped her way over to WRCW where she walked in on Joe and Tad's conversation. Joe quickly left at the sight of Liza. Before the two could get into a major argument, Adam came in and brought news of major station changes. Based on Nora's description of a media blitz against Tad and WRCW, Adam reinstated Liza as the station manager. In protest Tad quit, but Liza reminded him that his contract did not allow for his resigning as Cutting Edge host. In an effort to keep the peace, Adam gace Tad total creative control over the show---host, producer, writer, whatever. Reluctantly, Tad agreed. Liza returned home where she toasted herself and her victory over Tad. In return for her job back, Adam told Liza that she has to drop her lawsuit. Liza agreed. On Erica's behalf, Myrtle presented Dimitri with cufflinks made out of the buttons from his Count Andrassy outfit (from when the two were dressed to the nines in Hungary.) Janet followed Jonathan to his mysterious hide away to try and determine who the mystery woman was. Before she could get any clues, she had to run off to avoid being discovered. Whoever the woman is, her condition is drastically changing, something that has Dr. Kinder very concerned. As Erica got dressed up for her romantic evening with Dimitri, Jonathan pulled up into the driveway and burst into Erica's bedroom without warning. Myrtle and Opal, who were there to help Erica get ready, urged Erica to give him the boot, but Erica declined. She tried to get it through to her former doctor that she is very much in love with Dimitri, but Jonathan was not about to give up the hunt for the woman he says he loves. Dimitri showed up to drive Erica back to Wildwind for their dinner, but when he walked into the bedroom, Jonathan grabbed Erica and kissed her.

Friday, April 19, 1996

Erica didn't put up too much of a struggle to get away from Jonathan's puckered up lips. Not until she heard Dimitri behind her did she try to explain what went on. Erica had to step in between Dimitri and Jonathan to keep Dimmie from slugging Dr. Kinder. Dimitri stormed off, but Erica chased after him. Jonathan stopped her from leaving, telling her that Dimitri should be on his hands and knees begging Erica to come back to him. Somehow Erica managed to escape Jonathan's probing arms and headed off to the hunting lodge. Dimitri tried to slam the door in Erica's face, but she refused to leave and said that the two of them had better discuss went on. Erica explained that the kiss was not consensual on her part and she was too frail to get away from Jonathan's strongarm hold on her. But Dimitri wasn't convinced. He said that he saw the way Jonathan was kissing her. It was like they were lovers---and Dimitri wasnted to know if Erica had slept with Jonathan. Although she said the question was unfair, Erica told the truth, that she had, in fact, slept with her former doctor. Dimitri grabbed Erica by her size two frame and began shaking her and crying out "No!" Adam visited Dixie to break the news to her about Liza being back on as WRCW's station manager. Adam tried to say that he misread the numbers and Liza really won the contest, but Dixie didn't buy it. Dixie, however, had an explanation of her own. Either Liza was blackmailing Adam or Adam and Liza are sleeping together. They don't give partial credit on Jeopardy!, but give the lady half a point anyway. Adam laughed at Dixie's insinuation that he was bedding Liza, but Dixie was confident that she was right. It may not have been the smartest thing to do, but Tad went to Liza's condominium to pay her a visit. Liza accused Tad of sexual harrassment and now he goes and visits her by himself? Anyway, the money Liza spent on her tape recorder was spent well, because she recorded another session with Tad. In a heavily dramatic scene, Tad let Liza know that he considers sleeping with her the biggest mistake he's ever made. Liza tried to lure him back by saying she wanted to share her "power" with him, but Tad wasn't seduced so easily this time. It's time to end the torture, Tad replied adding that there is no way that each of them can survive with the pain they constantly inflict upon each other. As evidence for his claims, Tad said that the night he slept with Liza was only a away to help him make it through the night and not a symbolic start of a relationship. Tad returned home to Dixie, where Mrs Martin demanded to know what was going on between her hubby and Liza. Liza fell asleep with her tape recorder by her side, a very dangerous place for it to be. Marian used her key to get into Liza's condo and found her daughter fast asleep on the sofa. After listening to the taped conversations with Tad, Marian rubbed her sleeping daughter's head and told her she had done well. Isabella asked Lila to take her to church so she could pray for her departed daughter. While they were gone, Taylor and Jack returned to the guest house. Mateo continued her efforts to try to get Taylor to let slip some bit of evidence that Noah was really innocent, but Taylor's lips were sealed up tight. Corinne slipped the two some sort of sleep inducing tea and the two were out like lights. Corinne and Mateo quickly hiked up to the burial site to give Noah and Julia the antidote for their "death" potion, but when they opened the vault, no one was inside.

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