AMC Recaps: The week of April 8, 1996 on All My Children
Erica told Jonathan that he was no longer a part of her life. Kelsey threatened to take Sam away from Maria. Noah and Julia committed suicide.
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Monday, April 8, 1996

A new staffer at The Cutting Edge named Yolanda made quite a name for herself on her first day on the job. She spread rumours that Tad is a notorious ladies' man and will stop at nothing to commit adulterous affair after adulterous affair. But Yolanda's little stint as the gossip diva came to a sudden end when Dixie, who overheard Yolanda telling her tall tales, walked up to her and asked what she was squawking about. Yolanda when on and on telling how Tad does this and Tad does that. She asked Dix if she was a worker at The Cutting Edge to which Dix responded "sort of." She said that she was part of The Cutting Edge by marriage---marriage to Tad. Yolanda apologized for her badmouthing, but in not so many words Dixie told her to shove it. Tad was not pleased to hear of his reputation being tarnished, but he said it explained why everyone on TCE staff was giving him the cold shoulder. It took only the blink of an eye to figure out where the rumour started: Liza. Adam continued his repremanding of Liza for her childish games. He told her that she will not make any kind of character attacks on Tad and he will make sure that TCE host does the same. Adam then headed to Tad's office and told him that he has gotten himself into a very bad predicament because he couldn't keep his zipper closed and that if it weren't for Adam Junior, he'd fire Tad on the spot. The mention of the word zipper must have activated Marian's radar because she walked in on the two and wanted to know who's zipper they were talking about. A Cutting Edge spy listened in as Erica confessed to being responsible for the hit and run that Dr Kinder took responsibility for. The spy quickly made a call to Liza who seized the moment as a headstart in her competition with Tad and ordered a camera crew down to the police station. Erica was gracious under the heavy scrutiny of an onlooking television audience and explained everything that happened the night of the accident. Well, not her sleeping with Jonathan. Erica was not as friendly after the cameras stopped rolling and Liza asked Erica is she would appear on an episode of TCE. She flat out refused to make even a cameo appearance. Dimitri, who walked in shortly before the camera crew arrived, told Erica that he was never prouder of his wife and that she handled herself percfectly. No decision was made on Erica's fate for her part in the hit-and-run, but she could be facing jail time. Jack's next destination on his hunt for Noah and Julia was the Jamaican police headquarters. The police chief was of little help, but Jack did get a break when Mateo and Taylor wandered in. Taylor remained unconscious. Jack pressed Matt for answers on why he was in Jamaica. Matt explained how he is trying to find Julia and Noah and prove that they are innocent. He also let known of the little game he's playing with Taylor. Jack began questioning Taylor when she awoke on why she was in Jamaica. Kind of repitivive, huh? Noah awoke and swatted the tarantula off of his chest, but not before the spider bit him. Julia rushed off to try to find help, but no cars would stop for her. As Julia finally made it to town, the effects of the tarantula's venom slowly set in on Noah. A tip to the poliec let the chief no that someone matching Julia's description walked into a doctor's office across town. Taylor's mouth dropped and she gawked in total shock.

Tuesday, April 9, 1996

A desperate Bobby turned to Scott for assistance in getting to Anita. Ever since Michael was reinstated to his teaching position, Anita has been attending a Catholic school. In addition to this, Hector has barred his daughter from any contact with the outside world. Reluctantly Scott agree to help out, but said that he wasn't sure if he could do anything because of his calling the Santoses "homophobes." Scott knocked on the Santoses' door while Bobby hid down the hall listening to their every word. Isabella answered the door and was actually pleased to see Scott, but Hector trounced over and squashed any hopes of Anita chatting with her friend. Isabella went to bat for Scott and asked Hector if they could have just five minutes. Hector agreed. A jubliant Anita immediately asked Scott how Bobby was doing. How's that for gratitude? Bobby peeped his head around the corner, but before the two could get too cozy, Hector returned to end the fun. The boys were chased off, but Anita wasn't done scheming. Anita called up big sister Maria and pleaded for her to help her get out of the house. Maria agreed and asked her father if Anita could spend the night at Wildwind to visit with Samuel Carlos. Again, Hector agreed. Maria and Edmund were paid a pleasant visit from Joe, but Kelsey wasn't the least bit thrilled by her grandfather's presence. Joe saw first hand how Kelsey mooned over Edmund's every move. Finally GrandDad Martin decided it was time from a little grandparental guidance. But before he could get out any words, Kelsey blew up. She screamed at Maria for telling her confidence (about her crush on Edmund) and darted to her room. She was only there a few minutes when Bobby came knockin' at the window. He crawled in and startled Kelsey who demanded to know why he was there. A few minutes later Anita also popped in (but with the more conventional method of the door) and was awestruck to see Bobby in front of her. Marian was quickly shooshed out of the room by both Tad and Adam, but her feet couldn't move fast enough to get her over to Liza's office. Marian told her daughter that Adam and Tad are apparently clashing over Tad's sleeping with Dixie. In the midst of their mother-daughter chat, Liza received a high priority call from New York. She was offered a job as a station manager in the Big Apple, but she turned down the offer. Marian was stunned. She questioned Liza's motives for turning down a high paying, high profile job in a large television market, but soon realized that she did it because she either wants to polish off Tad or to end up as Mrs Martin! Liza, of course, denied all the allegations. Dixie was the next to visit Tad. She asked her husband to do something about Liza's lies, saying that Tad would never lay his hands on another woman so the rumours must be stopped. Julia argued with the receptionist to send help to Noah. The ruckus finally lured the doctor into the waiting room where Julia went on to tell how Noah had been bitten by a strange arachnid. When the doctor heard that it had been about an hour since Noah was bit, she told Julia that it might be too late to help. Armed with the news that Julia was spotted, the police chief, Jack, Mateo, and Taylor all headed out to find the elusive Santos sister. They got to the doctor's office and the doctor admitted to seeing Julia. Poor Taylor. She must be going crazy (or crazier) hearing that Julia survived her waterfall fall. The doctor added, however, that Julia was now gone. The truth is Julia was hiding behind a door. Corinne managed to snag Noah from death's jaw as she arrived just in the nick of time to save him. She forced him to drink a potion that would increase his heartbeat. She then lit a "strong antidote" and ordered Noah to breath the fumes in deeply. One word of warning: He may see shadows and images of things yet to happen. As Noah breathed in the smoke, he was petrified by the shadows.

Wednesday, April 10, 1996

It was confession day for Erica who went to Wildwind as the first stop in her post-Betty Ford rehabilitation efforts. She wanted to tell Edmund and Maria face to face that she went to the police and confessed to the hit and run. Maria and Edmund were, initially, unmoved but when Maria recalled one of Betty Ford's mottos about not being able to be fully healed until you can accept the fact that the past cannot be changed, she quickly came around. But it wasn't as easy when Kelsey, carrying Sam, walked in and heard Erica confession her role in the accident. Kelsey quickly popped off at Erica as anyone probably would. Maria explained that Erica has already paid for the mistake and that she should be forgive. Kelsey did manage to come around, but not for long. As soon as Maria asked if she could talk to Kelsey in private, she came up with a bogus excuse to get out of it. Erica drooled over "the most beautiful baby since Bianca" and told Maria and Edmund how happy she was for them. Edmund excused himself to pack his bags for a Tempo related trip. Kelsey ran into her bedroom and found Bobby and Anita talking about trying to win Hector over. Crushed by the "nasty" treatment she's been receiving at Catholic school, Anita compared it to a prison camp. Kelsey left the two alone, but not before Anita warned her not to tell Maria that she was with Bobby. The two enjoyed each other's company and began playing around. As the two fell into each other's arms and onto the bed the hurricane known as Hector Santos came whirling into the room to snatch up his daughter. Hector said he had come by to drop off a present for Sam but saw Bobby's red convertible and knew that there was some hanky panky going on. Bobby tried his best to stand up to Hector, but Hector grabbed Anita and headed out of the room. Erica and Dimitri had a few moments alone. It was just long enough for Dimitri to invite Erica over for a romantic dinner. Acting like a giddy schoolgirl, Erica accepted and darted back to Linden House where she waited for Opal and Myrtle to show up with a special dress for the occasion. As Erica spouted about how Dimitri will tell her how he cannot live with out her at the dinner, Opal reminded her galpal that there is no guarantee that the two will end up back together. At least not while Jonathan is buzzing around doing his best to steal Erica away. On Opal's advice, Erica called up Dr Kinder and told him that she needed to set him straight on some thing. Jonathan told her that he'd be right over as soon as he was done with a meeting with Dimitri. Dimitri showed up to informed Johnny that he was going to be reinstated at the hospital since his hit and run conviction was overturned. But, he added, he had better stay on the straight and narrow or Dimitri will stop at nothing to run him out of town. Jack, Taylor, and Mateo barged into the doctor's office and found that Julia was already gone. Taylor still could not believe that Julia was alive. The doctor told the trio how she gave Julia anti-venom medication to help save Noah's life, but that she was gone. They were about to search the entire office (and Julia was hiding in a closet) when the police chief said that he was going to begin handling the search for the fugitives his way. This meant that Julia and Noah would be shot on sight. Mateo pleaded for his sister's safety, but the chief wasn't interested in Matt's pleas. Jack and Taylor headed after the chief trying to convince him that it was unnecessary to use force while Mateo remained behind. Julia emerged from hiding and bumped head on into his sister. Matt tried to convince hsi sister to surrender, but she told him that she had to go because Noah's life is in danger. Reluctantly, Matt agreed to let her escape and head back to Noah. Taylor burst into the room and Julia quickly hid behind the door just inches away from the woman who pushed her over the waterfall. She wasn't seen and she managed to escape back to Noah. Corinne's healing process worked, but the images she told Noah that he might see were frightening to say the least. Noah saw visions of Julia laying in a coffin---dead. He was relieved when Julia made it back to the hut, but not at her news of the police closing in. Corinne returned just seconds afterward and told the two that the plans to have them hide at a friend's house had fallen through. Now, Corinne said, the only way off of the island is through death.

Thursday, April 11, 1996

Laura's attemot to go and hang out with friends was thwarted by a mothering Brooke. Laura, who you can pretty much figure isn't too keen on rules and regulations, lipped off to Brooke saying that she wanted to go out and find a job so she could pay off her fines from shoplifting. Brooke insisted that Laura work off her debt by doing housework, but Laura took that to mean that Brooke wants her as an "indentured servant." Just as the bickering swung into full stride, Pierce came knocking at the door. Laura seized the opportunity to enlist Pierce on her side, but she was sorely disappointed when Pierce took up sides with Brooke. Laura then asked if she could go and visit with Myrtle, a point which Brooke conceded. Myrtle, just off her visit with Erica, encouraged Laura to open her heart up to Brooke. Brooke, meanwhile, was telling Pierce how she is the reason that Laura is unhappy, rationalizing that she has taken Pierce away from the "happy cabin" setting Laura loved so much. When Laura returned home she, heeding Myrtle's pearls of wisdom, apolozgied to Brooke. Dr. Kinder hung up the phone and made a completely odd judgment call. After going an entire phone conversation with Erica without mentioning her name so that Dimitri wouldn't know Erica was on the other end, he told Dimitri that he had to go and be with Erica. Dimitri was enraged and ordered Jonathan out of Erica's life. Jonathan warned Dimitri to back off and promptly headed for Linden House. On the way out he told Janet that he would be gone for the rest of the evening and to lock up when she leaves. Janet used Jonathan's absence as a way to poke around the office and see what she could dig up. In one of the examining rooms she came across a cellular phone and determined that the phone tied to some dark Kinder-secret. Laura called Janet and asked if it would be okay to drop by the cabin the following day because there were certain things that they needed to discuss. Jonathan presented Erica with a family heirloom as a "Welcome Home" present. No it wasn't a silver-plated prescription bottle. Erica refused the gift, but the doctor insisted. Erica quickly turned the conversation into Jonathan's swan song, telling him that she cannot see him anymore. This was taken as an insult of the highest degree by Jonathan who reminded Erica that they slept together and that he was not going to give up that easily in his pursuit of the woman he loves. While Taylor slept, Mateo placed a call to Hayley who was more than happy to hear from her boyfriend. Matt brought Hayley up to date on everything---seing Julia, Noah getting bit by a spider, the police wanting the pair dead or alive--- but before they could get too lovey-dovey on the phone, Taylor began having nightmares. Taylor called out Julia's name several times during the "Waterfall" nightmare. When she woke up completely, Taylor denied calling out Julia's name. After Hayley had finished talking to Mateo, Grace happened to see Hayley and approached her to ask if she heard anything from Jamaica. Grace's worst fears were realized when Hayley told her that Noah had been bitten by a tarantula. Grace told Hayley that she dreamed of her deceased son Tony the night before. And that he and Noah walked down a long hall together. When she asked to go along with them, her two boys told her it wasn't yet her time. Corinne's suggestion of using death to escape the approaching police was not received warmly. Then Corinne explained that she didn't mean "total death," just the type of death that she used when she was on the boat. By using a combination of plants and herbs, someone can appear dead for an extended period of time. On hitch. If the antidote isn't administered within 48 hours, the person will not longer look dead. They'll actually be dead. Seeing it as the only way out, they had no other choice but to agree, In their final moments alone, Julia and Noah made a pact to exchange vows on the beach in the morning, just before Corinne arrives to provide Noah and Julia with their veil of death.

Friday, April 12, 1996

Kelsey and Maria finally had their long overdue tete-a-tete during which Maria bestowed Kelsey with a little dolls laying around Wildwind. The doll was a parting gift to Kelsey for playing the "Adoption Bowl." In what has become an all too familiar scene, Kelsey went berserk. She started hollering at Maria for trying to get rid of her and not caring about her. Maria told Kelsey that the writing job Edmund had worked out for her in Oregon, but Kelsey said that she'd rather work at Tempo. That was out of the question as far as Maria was concerned. Kelsey flipped out and ran from the room causing such a commotion that Dimitri came running to see what was going on. Maria explained the whole situation to Dimitri, but said that she really fears Kelsey. In the poker game of an adoption that she and Edmund are playing with Kelsey, Kelsey is the one with all of the winning hands. Kelsey can, at any time, decide not to go through with the adoption and Edmund and Maria would be left with nothing. Gears turned frantically in Kelsey's mind as she tried to figure out how she could get to stay at Wildwind. Finally she came up with an idea. She packed herself a bag, grabbed baby Sam, and headed to tell Maria that she was hitting the road and taking all of her belongings with her. Erica payed an impromptu visit to WRCW to continue her crosstown apologizing circuit. She told Tad, Adam, Liza, and Dixie that she was sorry for everything that she did while under the influence of Dr. Kinder's pills. She gave a special "I'm Sorry" to Dixie for insinuating that Tad and Liza were having an affair during her Media Award acceptance speech. In an effort to help pluck Liza out of her station manager job, Erica asked if she could appear on an episode of The Cutting Edge, which would help boost Tad's ratings in the big bad battle for Liza's job. Liza launched a protest with Adam who initially sided with Liza on the matter, but he eventually came around and gave Tad the green-light to go ahead with the show. Erica hit the airwaves and told everyone how she dealt with her drug addiction and encouraged any viewers battling drug addiction to call the studio. Dimitri saw Erica on the television and rished down to be by her side. Liza and Marian seized the golden opportunity to strike back at Erica for helping out Tad. Marian, in her best vocal impersonation, asked Erica if the rumours were true that Dr. Jonathan Kinder was the frontrunner to become the next Mr. Erica Kane---all as Dimitri looked on. Mateo and Jack convinced the doctor to give Taylor a sedative. While Taylor was out this would give them a chance to search the island and find Julia and Noah. Taylor ditched her pill and pretended to take it. So while she was supposedly out, Matt and Jack went for lunch. Taylor took off with Matt's map of where Julia and Noah were at without anyone being the wiser. Jack and Matt returned to find Taylot anything but asleep. They got into the helicopter to try to find Noah and Julia before Taylor did. Noah and Julia exchange their wedding vows and pledged their undying love for each other. But their physical beings were not as undying. Corinne prepared her mixture of herbs and told the couple to drink up, but not before giving them medallions that would protect them in the "in between." The two drank and the results were quick. By the time Taylor barged into the hut to surprise the pair, they were already dead.

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