AMC Recaps: The week of April 1, 1996 on All My Children
Kelsey planned to seduce Edmund. Gloria caught Janet snooping through Brooke's house. Pierce nearly discovered Janet's recording of Brooke's voice. Erica completed her treatment at the Betty Ford Center. Noah and Julia were reunited. Someone found Taylor's unconscious body and carried her away.
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Monday, April 1, 1996

Kelsey put on the beauty products and a slinky gown to try to further her plan into seducing Edmund. She pretended to be having a nightmare and called out for someone to help her in the hopes that Edmund would come to her bedside and comfort her. The plan partly worked.Edmund did eventually make it to her bedside, but the plan was scrapped when Maria followed a few seconds later. Janet poked around the Brooke English House trying to get some goods on its namesake. Janet nabbed a paper with Brooke's signature on it so she could practice writing Brooke's name. Janet's little excursion was interrupted when Gloria walked in on her. Janet told Glo that she was just dropping off her resume because she wanted a job. When asked why she was in the desk, Janet said she was looking for a notepad to write Brooke a letter. Just as Gloria said that she would have to report Janet to Brooke, Dr. Kinder came shuffling in. He heard how Janet was looking for a job and the two eventually began to talk about their tarnished reputations. Jonathan eventually offered Janet a job as his receptionist, saying that together they could form an unstoppable combination. Dr Feelgood had received another phone call from his Betty Ford spy updating Erica's progress. The spy told Johnny that Dimitri had left before Erica's medallion ceremony indicating that there might be problems. Apparently neither of them knew that the ceremony was for patients only. Erica's ascension out of Betty Ford was more like a celebrity roast. Erica was given a golden medallion so she would never lose sight of her accomplishments at Betty Ford. Brooke begged Adam for a little time so she could get Pierce out of her system, but Adam was steadfast in his ultimatum: All or nothing. Adam wondered why it took so long for Brooke to tell him about her "roll in the sack" with Pierce. Brooke was furious that Adam knew and never said anything. Brooke continued to back up her side by saying that she has more freedom with Pierce and that's why she'd never agree to marry Adam again. The revelation that Brooke didn't intend to marry Adam proved to be the breaking point. Adam accused Brooke of being a little more than loose with her morals and walked out. His next stop was at the art gallery. Adam sarcastically remarked that Pierce had moved into the number one spot in Brooke's bed. Pierce warned Adam to lay of the insults, but Adam never relents. Pierce hauled off and punched Adam dead on his chin, sending Adam flying to the ground. Brooke's evening of heartache wasn't over yet. Derek dropped of Scott and Laura and informed Brooke that Laura had been shoplifting again. Scott made up a bogus excuse that he planted the CD in Laura's purse, btu of course no one believed him. When Brooke tried to lay down the law and tell Laura that her special priveleges were on hold because of her misactivities, Laura laughed. The teen let Brooke know that she was not he rmother and that she doesn't want Brooke as her mother and stormed off. Derek warned Brooke that another infraction could land Laura in state custody. Jonathan returned home where his hired help told him that something was amiss. Jonathan grabbed a syringe and filled in up with some unknown concoction. He disappeared into a chamber and administered the medication to....... Well we don't know that yet. You'll just have to keep watching!

Tuesday, April 2, 1996

Tad and Liza bopped around an affiliates gathering in New York City in an effort to promote the Cutting Edge. Liza had a little bit of a different itnerary, though. She snuck around and told the gathered crowd that Tad was after her job so that they would turn on him. Madge Sinclair, one of the assembled guests, was appalled to hear that Tad was trying to manhandle Liza, so Liza won part of her battle. Liza adjourned from the party early, causing Tad to have to hunt her down in her bedroom to ask her why she is trying to turn the affiliates against him. Liza quickly moved from the part of the station manager to the role of seductress as she tried to get Tad to fall into bed with her. But this time it was for more than just twenty minutes of pleasure, Liza had a tape recorder hidden to record all of Tad's confessions about sleeping with Liza. Lunching with Michael to celebrate his court victory, Dixie became concerned with Tad's trip to the Big Apple after Marian paid some unsolicited comments to her. Marian, who in one fell swoop congratulated Michael for his court win and said how upset she was because he's gay and she cannot sleep with him, asked Dixie if she heard from Tad and asked if it made her uncomfortable that he was with Liza. Before Marian could poke and prod Dixie into total discomfort, rescue ranger Adam came by and yanked Marian out of the way. Adam laid into Marian and warned her that if she doesn't quit the games, she'll be in for a rude awakening courtesy of Monsieur Chandler. Janet managed to talk Laura into returning to Brooke's, but Janet used this opportunity to do a little more of her spy work. Janet slipped into Brooke's house and started to look for Brooke-artifacts, but Brooke was home and asked Janet why she was there. Janet explained that she was there to return Laura. Brooke excused herself to go and tuck Jamie in bed and Janet seized the moment to snatch up Brooke's diary. Laura apologized to Brooke (with some prodding from Janet) and headed to her room. Pierce barged in and quickly shut up when Brooke called out that she had a visitor. Pierce apologized, but Janet said she had better be getting back to the cabin so the two could spend time together. Laura headed to the kitchen and asked why Pierce was there. The twosome lied and said that Pierce was there to talk to Laura. She told him that she had already been "scolded" by Scott, Derek, Brooke, and Janet and didn't need another lecture. Brooke saw Pierce out and the two agreed that they couldn't let Laura know that Pierce left Janet because of Brooke because it could devastate her.

Wednesday, April 3, 1996

Adam accused Hayley of shoving her work at Enchantment into the backseat, which was causing an economic downslide for the cosmetics company. While Adam was yacking, Lila called Hayley and told her that Mateo was finally making his way back to the guesthouse. Matt and Hayley talked for a few minutes, but nothing came of the disussion. Halo told Matt that a phony witness came forward to back-up Taylor's story on Louie's death. Hayley left Chandler Mansion to dig up the missing witness. If you recall he mysteriously uprooted from his single room apartment and left no forwarding address. Using her private eye skills, Hayley did managed to track him down to a posh duplex in a much better part of town. She dragged him to the police station and demanded Derek to take some kind of action. Derek blasted Hayley for her unorthodox (and unwarranted) handling of the case. Hayley begged Derek to do something and coaxed him into checking the man's prior criminal history. They only mark on his record was his pick-up for soliciting a prostitute, a charge that was dropped thanks to Officer Cannon. Derek let the guy go and told Miss Vaughan to mind her own business from now on. Back at Chez Chandler, Dixie popped in to ask Adam if he could take her place at a school function for Junior while she went to New York to be with Tad. Adam agreed and urged his former wife to spend time with Tad because it would put forth a good, wholesome look to the Cutting Edge family. Tad and Liza continued their bickering ways, as Liza's tape recorder kept on rolling. A moment came when the two of them almost rekindled their lovefest, but Tad pulled away and told Liza that he would not make the mistake of sleeping with her twice in one lifetime. Liza scoffed when he insinuated that she was just a quick roll-in-the-sack that meant absolutely nothing. When morning came and Dixie showed up at the affiliates convention things really began to heat up. Madge called up Adam and told him that he should keep Liza on as station manager because she knew what was going on, apparently referring to Tad's sleep and dump treatment of Liza. Liza ripped into Dixie for showing up at the meeting. Liza said that having the "little woman" by your side wouldn't be a good move for Tad, but Liza was stunned to hear that Adam was the one who encouraged Dix to show up. Later in her hotel room, Liza phoned Adam to accuse him of sabatoging her chances at retaining her job and said that when she gets back to Pine Valley she wants to have a meeting with Adam because she has something for him. Liza listened to her tape recording of her quarrel with Tad. Using the record button, she managed to change Tad's "I slept with you because I wanted to... Is that what you want me to say?" into "I slept with you because I wanted to." Taylor's delusions of life with Noah continued. In her latest episode, she pictured a devastated Noah needing her love and comfort after hearing that Julia accidentally fell over the waterfall. But when Taylor finally came back to earth, she found herself going around in circles in the forest and unable to track down the man she loved. Noteably upset, she began having flashbacks of Louie's death and Julia's watery finale. Taylor took Louie's gun out of her backpack and tossed it into some undergrowth, losing it forever. Noah made his way to the beach and called out for his missing lover. He looked across the beach and saw the form of a young woman. His eyes opened wide and he immediately recognized the woman as Julia. The two ran towards each other and ended up in each other's arms---reunited at last.

Thursday, April 4, 1996

Erica returned to Linden House from her 28 day stay in Betty Ford. When she got back she found a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for her. Erica rushed to the flowers, gushing how Dimitri still loved her only to find out that the flowers were sent by Jonathan. Erica tried to convince Myrtle that Jonathan was a good person and not the devil that Myrtle (and everyone else) thinks he is. Erica defended Dr Kinder by telling Myrtle that he selflessly devoted his time at the shelter. The recently released drug addict headed to the shelter to speak to Jonathan, but when she got there Gloria told her that Jonathan's schedule had changed and that he wasn't there today. Just as Erica was about to leave, Dimitri walked in. Of course she just couldn't tell him that she was there to see Jonathan because that would cause all kinds of termoil. So she asked Gloria to cover for her and not say that she was there to see Dr. Feelgood. When Dimmie asked Erica why she was there, Gloria jumped in to say that Erica wanted to give a donation to the shelter, but since Brooke wasn't in, she just left a message. Erica asked Dimitri if they could go back to Linden and have a discussion, but Mr Marick informed his estranged wife that he was having lunch with Gloria. Even though he didn't know that that Erica was looking for him, Jonathan had plans to seek out Erica. Back at his office, Dr Kinder received a message (via new receptionist Janet) that his landlord demanded payment immediately or he'd be evicted. Janet, in between typing up reports and answering the phones, worked on forging Brooke's signature and handwriting. Dr Kinder came across a photocopies page of Brooke's journal and asked Janet was she was up to. Janet covered for herself by saying she was working on her own personal journal. Dr. Kinder, who may or may not have believed her story, told her to make sure that she doesn't do personal work on the job. The two then headed out for their lunch breaks. Dr. Kinder ended up at Linden House, but he wasn't greeted very warmly. Erica thanked her ex-doctor for the flowers, but told him that he really shouldn't have bother. And another, she went on to say, she only has romantic interests in Dimitri and apologized if Johnny got any wrong notions. Dr. Kinder left and a short time later Dimitri finally showed up on her doorstep. Brooke and Pierce were in the middle of a visit when Trevor (with Jamie and Amanda) burst through the door. Brooke and Pierce looked like they had been caught in the act, but Trevor said all was okay. Okay until he heard that Pierce planned on telling Janet taht he left her for Brooke. Not a wise idea Trevor warned them because Janet is not exactly "Stable Mable." Pierce said that he wanted to tell Janet because in the long run it might help Laura. I have no idea how, but this is what they thought. The trio went outside to play with Amanda and Jamie and in slipped Janet through an ajar front door. But as she stood in the livingroom, they started to come back to the house. Noah and Julia finally reunited thanks to a little help from Corinne. The Jamaican set up a little hut on the shore for Noah and Julia to hide out in. Once inside Julia told Noah the whole story of Taylor, the waterfall, and how they are back together. Julia flipped over the waterfall and managed to swim to safety thus avoiding a watery ending. Taylor still remained collapsed on the floor of the forest---until someone picked her up and carried her off to safety.

Friday, April 5, 1996

The eerie similarities of the AMC Pages meeting AMC continued today. Liza was in a meeting with a Cutting Edge production person -- named Dan -- when Adam needed to have a word with her. This was Liza's second visitor of the day. Jonathan hit Liza up for a several thousand dollar loan, presumably to cover his rent expenses. Liza initially refused, but that certain something that Kinder is holding over her head made her cough up the change. Adam's urgent tone didn't distract Liza too much as she took it all in stride. Adam accused Liza for trying to turn the affiliates against Tad by saying that he is a gigolo who is out to get her job. Liza defended her actions to Adam with the old "All's fair in love and war" adage. That was not the case, Adam informed her and laid down a set of guidelines for her to follow. Adam told Liza that she is not permitted to badmouth Tad in any way. Adam even told Liza that he knew why this battle for the station managed job was so heated: Because she and Tad are sleeping together. Liza said it was just a vicious rumor. But Adam told her that it wasn't just a rumor, it it the truth. Janet hid in one of Brooke's closets while Brooke, Trevor, Jamie, and Amanda were only a few yards away from her. Things got close when Brooke almost opened up the closet door, but she was pulled away just before she could do so. The quartet went back outside to play and Janet placed Brooke's journal back in the box wher she had found it and escaped to safety. Safety for Janet was back at the cabin, where she found Pierce poking around. She abruptly burst into the cabin just before Pierce pushed the play button on Janet's tape recorder. When Pierce inquired as to what was on the tape, Janet said that she was using it for positive personal reinforcement. For the next few minutes Janet did everything in her power to keep Pierce from telling her why he had paid her the visit, but the truth eventually came out. Pierce made it clear to Janet that he was now becoming involved socially and romantically with Brooke. Since Janet already knew that she didn't break down. When Pierce left, Janet's composure shattered. She listened to her tape of Brooke's voice and began impersonating her. The only thing left between just sounding like Brooke and actually looking like Brooke is that bottle of #74 Reddish Blonde hairdye. Dimitri wasn't thrilled to find out that Jonathan had sent Erica flowers and asked why she doesn't cut him off. Erica tried to explain her devotion to Jonathan, but Dimitri didn't understand. The two did find time to exchange a very passionate kiss, but then Dimmie was off to handle business. In the revolving door world of Linden House, as soon as Dimitri left, Jonathan was knocking on Erica's door. He wanted---no needed--- to speal to Erica, but Erica reiterated her devotion to Dimitri. Besides Erica had business to attend to down at the police station. When Erica finally made it to the police station, she asked Derek if she could have a few minutes of his time. When the two were alone, she told Officer Frye that she needed to confess to a crime that she committed. Jack chartered a helicopter to search the island for Noah and Julia, but came up empty. The mystery of Taylor's secret helper wasn't resolved so the fate of Miss Cannon remains unanswered. A worried Corinne told Noah that he will not be safe until Taylor is permanently put out of commission. Corinne decided that it would be best to leave the two lovebirds alone, so she headed off to be with Lila. Noah and Julia had fun in the ocean, but eventually went back to their private little hut to spend time in each other's arms. But do they know that they aren't really alone? The tarantula crawling near Noah's leg might want a piece of Noah, too!

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