AMC Recaps: The week of March 11, 1996 on All My Children
Taylor headed to Jamaica to find Noah and Julia. Dimitri visited Erica at the Betty Ford Center. Kelsey was determined to steal Edmund away from Maria.
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Monday, March 11, 1996

Edmund planned a night out with Maria to celebrate their wedding anniversary, but the occasion completely slipped Maria's mind. Mateo showing up and telling his big sister that Julia had made contact put even more on Maria's plate. Edmund and Maria finally managed to go out, leaving Sam under the watchful eye of one of the housekeepers. Nervous and wanting to be sure that everything was A-Okay, Maria placed a phone call to Wildwind to see how Sam was doing. Kelsey answered the phone and made Maria believe that the baby was totally miserable and to make him cry, she pulled the pacifier from his mouth so Maria would hear a frantic baby and rush home. Taylor overheard her mother's phone call to Dr. Clader and knew that she had to get her mother out of her hair. Vivienne told Taylor that going to see a mental health profession would help her immensely. Taylor put on an act and asked her mother to help pack her suitcase so she could get ready to travel to a mental hospital. But when Vhad her back turned, Taylor stole one of her mother's credit cards and slipped Louie's gun into her suitcase and tried to sneak off. Vivienne caught her in the middle of her escape and tried to wrestle the suitcase away, causing the suitcase to open up and expose the gun in the process. When Liza heard how Tad wanted her job, she stormed over to Tad and Dixie's to lash back. Dixie had just been talking about how "vulnerable" Liza was now when Liza hit the fan. Liza told Tad that he'd be sorry if he even thought about trying to steal her job. So much for that kinder, gentler Liza, huh? Liza returned to the studio and told Adam that he cannot get rid of her because she has yet to turn up the heat and show what she can really do. Noah carried a fallen Julia back to Corinne who said that she could help Julia with some herbs and potions. Julia refused, saying that it might harm the baby. With the cat out of the bag, Julia had to go on and tell Noah about how she might be pregnant. Corinne came under fire for what Noah and Julia consider her "hocus pocus," but Corinne said that she does have a gift and can prove it. But she also warned that trouble was coming to the island and it would seek out Julia.

Tuesday, March 12, 1996

Maria became extremely protective of Sam. So much, in fact, that she completely blew off everyone but the baby. If you remember when Maria first found out about Sam being born she completely ignored Kelsey. Today, Maria shunned Edmund (Remember, it is her anniversary) and blamed the housekeeper for Sam's crying fits. Things finally cooled down and Maria and Edmund celebrated their anniversary in each other's arms---with Kelsey listening to their love making on the baby monitor. Now we may have a "Little Janet" brewing here as Kelsey asked why Maria had to have everything---money, good (Good?) looks, and Edmund---and she has nothing. Erica sported a new hairdo, but roomie Lois told Erica to cut the act. Lois believed that Erica's new hairstyle was to convince her family that she isn't a drug addict. Erica said that she got the do because she is a new person. She's exercised for the first time since her fall from the scaffolding and she is feeling great. Lois told Miss Kane that she sounds like an ad for the Betty Ford Center: Betty Ford a great place to detox and get a great new hair cut! Erica's jubilance was short lived as she tried to contact Dimitri to remind him about Family Week, but Kelsey answered the phone and was more than happy to tell Erica that Dimmie was out to dinner with a "beautiful, thin, blonde woman." Dimitri was out to dinner, but it was not a date. Dimmie was asking Gloria's advice as to whether or no the should go to Palm Springs to visit Erica. Of course, said Gloria because it will be good for both of them. But what happens when Dimitri finds Dr. Kinder also visiting for Family Week? Mateo ran into Vivienne at Taylor's apartment and found out that Taylor was headed on a vacation with a gun. Well Mummy and Matt didn't have to brainstorm too long before they figured out that the gun was Louie's missing gun. Matt headed off to the airport to track down Taylor. Officer Cannon was donned in her police get up even though she is no longer on the force. She bought herself two sets of tickets---one to Los Angeles and another Miami. For the LA trip she used her real name so that when someone tries to hunt her down they'll mistakenly travel 3000 miles in the wrong direction. Taylor was spotted, however, by Dimitri, Gloria, and Myrtle who were later able to tell Mateo that Taylor was, in fact, in the airport. Taylor slinked her way past the check point by telling the metal detector guy that she was a cop on official business and was carrying a weapon. He left her pass after inspecting the gun. Corinne told Julia that she was not pregnant, but Julia took a home pregnancy test because she didn't have faith in Corinne's "powers." As it turns out, she is not pregnant. Corinne told Jewels that she needs to rest up for what's coming---but Corinne could only see that a tragedy would occur around the water.

Wednesday, March 13, 1996

Tad hinted to Dixie that Adam might be trying to move in on Liza as a potential Mrs Chandler. But before Tad could elaborate on his theory he was called off to the station on work. Jonathan forced Liza into agreeing to do a gossip segment about Dimtri and Gloria, insinuating that the two are having a torrid affair. Liza, who must have something to hide, agreed and called in Elise Fynn to help out. When Tad arrived at the studio he found Elise and Liza working out the details of creating a new gossip segment on the Cutting Edge. Hmm... I wonder if they'll call it the Scoop and have Elise as the "Gossip Diva"!?! Erica couldn't sleep as she anxiously awaited Famly Week. Lois comforted her and Erica eventually fell asleep and dreamt of her loving Dimmie. When the morning came, Lois's daughter came for visitation, but Erica sat alone without any visitors. Later, alone in her room, a knock sounded on the door and Erica invited the unknown knocker in. Much to her surprise, Dimitri did show up for visitation and the two embraced. You may be thinking this is sappy, but it's nice to finally see some happiness for the two! Mateo couldn't find Taylor at the airport and almost wound up stuck on a flight to Los Angeles, but he was able to talk himself off the flight. He fled to Grace's to try to find out if Grace knew where Noah and Julia were. Grace (with Hayley in the background) told Mateo to buzz off because he's a cohort of Taylor. Matt said it was all a game to try to get Taylor to confess to hiding Louie's gun. Only after Hayley backed him up and he basically got down on his knees to Grace tell Matt that Noah and Julia were with Lila in Jamaica. Armed with the news, Hayley and Mateo jetted to the airport to get on a flight to Jamaica. Taylor, however, was already in Jamaica and told the customs agent that she was going to apprehend two fugitives---Noah, who has to be caught alive, and Julia, who can be killed if necessary! Corinne's visions of Julia were dark. She said that Julia must stay away from water or she risks a terrible accident. After a night of restful sleep, Julia was back to full strength. But Corinne wasn't convinced. She told her aunt that Julia and Noah are being pursued by great evil and this evil will bring Julia's tragedy. The only thing Corinne didn't know was if the evil was man or woman. How about Beast?

Thursday, March 14, 1996

Kelsey dolled herself up to try to compete with Maria in the beauty department. She then skeedaddled down to Tempo and tried to get her old writing job back. After some smooth talking, Edmund agreed to hire her back. But when Maria showed up and found out that Kelsey was hired again she was not happy. Dixie had to substitute for Michael's replacement who was out with a cold. Dix, nervous since this would be her debut as a sub, got words of encouragement from Tad. When Dixie stepped in front of the class, she got the usual lack of interest from the class. But after a surprisingly successful stint, Dix found herself with a teacher's pet: Tad. Tad skipped his meeting and listened outside the room while his wife gave her lesson. Anita and Bobby had a blow out after class after Anita accused Bobsy of being mean to Scott. Bobby said that she just didn't understand him and flew off the handle. Laura, standing in the background, asked Anita why she even bothers with Bobby any more. Anita replide that most people who "dump" on people have gotten dumped on themselves. Trevor informed Michael that several gay rights groups were jumping on his bandwagon in support of him getting his job back. He also said that he was going to start moving forward with his case again. After school Kevin popped in at the Dillon House to apologize to Tim for Jason's killing Laurel. Tim held no ill will toward Kevin because, after all, he has no control over someone else's actions. The two were about to go and shoot some hoops when Trevor walked in. Mr Dillon asked Kevin if he could leave the room for a few minutes and help himself to a soda while he told Tim that he shouldn't hang around Kevin because he's gay and people might insinuate that Tim is gay too. Do you get the feeling that Trevor's bouncing back and forth more than a tennis ball at Wimbledon? Michael came back shortly thereafter and saw Kevin was there (Kevin, incidently, overheard all of Trevor's comments and was ready to run out the door) and thought that he was there to help shore up information for Mike's lawsuit. Anyway, as Kevin was about to leave, it happened. Mr Sheffield had returned from his adventures to who knows where and told Michael that his little "conversion fun" was over and he was there to win his son back. Dimitri and Erica were happily reunited until Robbi told Dim that he had to sign some sort of visitor's papers. While he was gone guess who came waltzing by---Jonathan. Myrtle tried to stop him at the door, saying that she knew he was trying to break up a happy marriage and that she would warn Erica that Johnny is no good. That didn't stop Jonathan from barging in and causing all kinds of trouble. Erica told him that he can go back to Pine Valley because she no longer needs him. After all, Dimmie is there. As she gave him a goodbye hug, Dimitri walked in. Needless to say, Mr Marick wasn't happy to see the man who got Erica hooked on pills hooking his arms around her waist. Dimitri warned Dr Kinder that he was going to get a copy of the Tempo article that exposed Kinder's drug practices and give it to Robbi so that he would be banned from Betty Ford. But that wasn't all. Dimitri also told Erica that she needs to pick between him and Dr. Kinder. And if she wants Jonathan to stay, Dimitri is jetting back to Pine Valley.

Friday, March 15, 1996

Beware the Ides of March! Jonathan volunteered to leave so Erica didn't have to make a decision between him and Dimitri. On the way out Myrtle privately told Dr. Kinder that he was almost noble in respecting Erica and Dimmie's marriage and that she thanks him for that. But Myrt's comments were not all good, she told Johnny that she has eyes in the back of her head and that she will be watching so that Jonathan doesn't try to listen to his heart and go after Erica. In therapy, Dimitri managed to address his feelings surrounding Erica's addiction. Mr Sheffield was harsh in his criticism of "the queer." They say ignorance is bliss, huh? Well how ignorant must Mr Sheffield have felt after learning that his tyrade was being directed toward the wrong eprson? Michael stepped in and told Kevin's dad that he has been lambasting Trevor ever since he got there and Trevor isn't the one who's gay. Mr Sheffield apologized to Trevor (after looking like a total fool) and moved on to insulting Mike instead. He said that Mike should take comfort in that fact the Jason was the shooter, because if it had been him, Laurel would still be alive and Michael would be dead. Mr Sheffield also told Kevin that he needs to make a choice: either turn straight and he can still live at home and call himself a Sheffield or be gay and be disowned. Kevin said that he cannot pretend to be something that he isn't, so he will be leaving. Mr Sheffield slapped Kevin and both Mike and Trevor stepped in to defend Kevin. After Dear Old Dad left, Kevin said it felt good to finally come clean to his father and not have to play games any more. Trevor told Kevin that if he ever needed someone to talk to he should stop by because he's always welcome. With all that aside, Trevor gave a long overdue apology to Michael, saying he treated him very badly. Dr. Kinder's little gossip tidbit aired on The Cutting Edge, accusing Dimitri and Gloria of having an affair. Mateo and Hayley made it to Jamaica, but Mateo almost was denied entrance when the customs agent saw that his last name matched the name of a fugitive (Julia). Hayley used the Chandler name to guilt the guard into letting them pass. Apparently Chandler Enterprises supplies Jamaica with a lot of supplies. Anyway, when Mateo went to call Lila to see where the cottage was located, Hayley had a near encounter with Taylor. Taylor hired a private helicopter ride to survey the land from above and hopefully find Noah and Julia. Noah, meanwhile, learned how Corinne found out she had "the powers." She told of how she was on the beach and picked up a seashell and heard the tolling of churchbell rather than "the ocean." When she looked into the ocean she was a dolphin swimming close to shore and the two stared at each other for a long time before the dolphin returned to the sea. At that moment she knew that her ailing grandmother had died and wanted to say goodbye to Corinne. Lila returned from town and said that a massive police search was closing in on Julia and Noah's location. Corinne told the pair that they had to leave because the cottage was no longer safe. As the two look off to find a new hiding place, Mateo and Hayley arrived. Matt called out to his sister, but Noah told Julia that they had to keep going.

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