AMC Recaps: The week of March 4, 1996 on All My Children
Derek fired Taylor after learning that she had slept with him in an attempt to get pregnant. After sleeping with Tad, Liza learned that he and Dixie had reconciled. Mirror Janet warned Janet not to give in to the urge to kill Pierce and Brooke.
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Monday, March 4, 1996

First things first. I'd like to wish my grandmother a very Happy 60th birthday! With that said, let's move on to the events of today's show. Maria and Anita were called to the police station because Derek wanted to know if they have heard from Julia. They said that they hadn't and were prepared to leave when a still-suspended Officer Canon stuck her nose in. While Maria blasted Taylor for making up a false pregnancy, guess who wandered up and overheard the conversation. You guessed it: Derek. Derek finally managed to put the pieces together to see that Taylor only slept with him in the hopes that she would get pregnant. This put doubts in Derek's mind as to whether or not she told the truth on the stand. But Taylor covered herself with that. She paid some guy, accused of soliciting a prostitute, to conjur up a story that agreed with Taylor's accounts of Louie's death. When Jack and Derek heard the story, their thoughts that Noah might be innocent quickly fell apart.While Michael was visiting Dixie, Jason called to ask that Dix come and visit him in jail. He said that he was using his only phone call to contact her and that she should think of it as a last request. Against Michael's wishes, Dixie decided that no more harm could be done by her visiting her one-time friend. But things got bizarre. With Michael standing in the shadows, Jason told Dixie how he killed for her. He wanted Dixie to know that she cannot get anywhere with Michael because he isn't interested in having sex the "normal" way. I think he's trying to say that Mike's gay. Jason dropped to his knees and pleaded for Dixie's love, but she just gawked on. Dix told Jason that she doesn't love him and never has and then scurried home. Michael warned Jason to leave his friend alone or he'd be sorry. I dunno what he can do from jail, though. Tad was not being the happy husband as he and Liza had their long foreseen affair. While the two settled down and enjoyed their "afterglow," Marian, Liza's mother, knocked at the front door and let herself in. Tad dressed and slipped out the back as a nervous Liza tried to get her mother to leave. Marian, who decided that it was time to try to act like a normal mother, refused to budge. So while the two embraced, Liza was forced to kick Tad's cufflink out of the way. Janet could hardly believe her eyes when she saw Pierce, the man she thought was her lover, sharing bed space with Brooke. When Brooke and Pierce both admitted that they loved each other, the floodworks opened up and a teary Janet grabbed an axe and prepared to barge in and chop everyone into tiny pieces. A smarter "Mirror Janet" stepped in and told Janet that that wasn't the way to go about things because she'd end up right back in a jail cell before the blood was even dry. That's when the little voice told Janet that she should play her hand as though she is sweet and innocent Janet, a victim of an unfair judicial system. Then when everyone thinks she a pillar of society she can snap and get her revenge. Rasta Myrtle (Grace's friend) allowed Noah and Julia to hide in her house while the police asked her questions. When she found out that Noah was wanted for murder, she seemed ready to turn them over to the authorities. But she was stopped when a young woman gave out some fake information that she had seen Noah and Jewels on the other side of the island. The cops left and Noah and Julia came out to thank the woman who saved them---the lady they had seen "dead" and in a box on the boat.

Tuesday, March 5, 1996

Marian finally left Liza, but her peace was very fleeting. Dr. Kinder paid Liza a visit and warned her that her past would catch up with her. Johnny also laid into her for having a passion for married men. This was all said just as Dr. Kinder found Tad's cufflink. The two started to discuss their past with each other, but they beat around the bush. Liza said she never had sex with Jonathan, but they both agreed that they did have some sort of love affair. Tad returned home to find Dixie waiting for him. She said that she cannot blame him for being an accomplice to murder and that she just flew off the handle. She went on to tell Tad how Jason said he killed for her. The two then expressed their love for each other and were headed upstairs when Opal barged in. Tad quickly ran up to take a shower (Don't forget that he just got finished with Liza!) while Dix held Opal at bay. Opal was her usual giddy self when Dix told her that she and Tad are back together. Not wanting to keep the lovebirds apart for too long, Opal called it a night and said that she had other visits to make. Shortly after Dr. Kinder left (he made a parting comment to Liza that he should warn Mrs Martin that she is battling Liza for her husband), Opal knocked at Liza's door. Opal just wanted to let Liza know that she failed in her attempts to steal Tad away from Dixie. Liza laughed in Opal's face, thinking that it was all a scam to scare her off. But when Opal went on to say that she just came from Tad's house and he and Dixie had patched things up, she pretty much figured that Tad had his quick romp with her and decided that Liza wasn't worth it. Before Opal left, she told Liza to with her high money making job she should have her crow's feet fixed. Mummy returned to Pine Valley to give her daughter an ultimatum: give up the Noah obsession or be cut off from the family's millions. Taylor begged Vivienne for two more weeks because she needed to hunt down Noah and Julia. She also went on to say how everyone now knows that she faked her pregnancy. Vtold Taylor she has only herself to blame and that she can no longer use her credit cards or access her trust fund--and that she notified Lucas (Taylor's dad) about his litt;e girl's actions and that he wouldn't be shelling out any money either. Crushed and rejected by everyone in town, Taylor turned to her only friend: Mateo. Of course Mateo was just cozy and comfy with Hayley when Taylor's call came through asking him to hurry up and be with her. Hayley told Mateo that she understands that he has to be nice to the "Loose Canon" for Julia and Noah's sake. The young woman from the box, who, by the way, is named Corinne, told Noah and Julia that they must have her identity mistaken because she was not on a ship recently. After Noah and Jewels left the room, Corinne's aunt asked her why she lied to the police, giving them a false lead, and to Noah about not being on the boat. Corinne said that she "Saw" Noah coming. She has "second sight," if you're wondering how she saw them coming. She also told Noah that Julia was very sick. Julia later confided in Corinne that she wasn't feeling well but that it is just a stomach bug. As Noah and Julia went to turn in, Corinne shook her head, knowing that Julia has more than just a bug.

Wednesday, March 6, 1996

Sort of a slow day in Pine Valley. Adam dropped Junior off with Tad and Dixie. The little Adam had been staying with his father ever since trouble broke out between the Martins. When Tad got called off to go to the station and Dix told Junior that Tad was called off by Liza, Junior reitterated his "I hate her." Adam pressed Dixie for reasons as to why Junior has such a disliking for Liza and even suggested that Dixie is filling her son's head with anti-Liza propaganda. Rudy got a tip that Janet was staying at the shelter and when he found it to be true, he called Boss Colby and told her what he found. Liza told Rudy to keep Janet there while she made her way to the shelter. When Liza got there, she apologized to Janet for being so convinced that Janet kileld Laurel. Janet, who really has no reason to accept her apology, told Liaz to "go to hell." Liza went on to further apologize for saying negative things about Janet while testifying in court and to make up for it offer Miss Green a job at WRCW. Janet quickly declined the offer. Pierce and Brooke were finally coming in synch with the rest of Pine Valley. Pierce, who was attending an art show at Stuart's gallery, found out from Laura that Janet was found not guilty because Jason confessed to the murder. Meanwhile Brooke found out from Adam, but Adam found it curious that Brooke was at Pierce's cabin and hadn't run in to Janet. Brooke said that Janet never made it to the cabin. Adam the asked why Laura hadn't said anything, but Brooke had to quickly make up a lie that she hadn't seen Laura because teenagers are up and about at all hours. When Tad made it to the station, he found a frantic Liza who only wanted to know if he and Dixie were back together. Liza told him about her job offer to Janet. Tad, of course, was relieved that Janet refused the offer. The came the big announcement: that he and Dix were patching things up and were back together. Maria and Edmund tried to sneak a bottlefeeding in on the baby without Kelsey knowing that they were trying to ween Sam from breastfeeding. Kelsey overheard them talking on the baby monitor and quickly made sure that no bottlefeeding would take place. She rubbed some "No Thumb Sucking" lotion on the nipple of the bottle so that Sam would refuse to drink from it. When Sam put up a fuss about taking the bottle, Milkmaid Kelsey stepped in to fill the void. Kelsey had another of her visions about her being married to Edmund and having Maria out of the picture. Bobby and Anita showed up a little later and Bobby eventually ended up holding the baby. Kelsey blew her lid and told Bobby to let him go because "nothing" will prevent Edmund and Maria from getting the baby. Oh boy, we've got a loose handle here! As Janet was leaving the shelter, she bumped (literally) into Brooke. Well Brooke looked as though she feared for her life as her face completely whitened upon seeing Janet. Janet went on a babbling spree about being sorry for running into Brooke and came up with the idea that she and Brooke should become friends and even went as far as saying she, Laura, and Brooke should "do lunch." But when Pierce showed up at the shelter you could almost hear a pin drop.

Thursday, March 7, 1996

For those of you rooting for it, Taylor's comeuppance is finally at hand. Derek paid the under-investigation officer a visit. But this wasn't your ordinary pleasure trip, this was business. Derek informed Taylor that she was being relieved of her badge and gun. In other words, she's fired. Taylor pouted and raised her fist to slug Derek, but he grabbed her and told her that crying and shouting and telling lies will not get her out of this predicament. As Mateo looked on, Derek went on to tell Taylor that she is lucky that Derek didn't report her to Internal Affairs or she might realy be in a heap of trouble. Derek ordered her to show up at the station and sign termination papers. After he left, Mateo tried to pick up the pieces of his broken "friend." He told her that he is in total support of her and that Noah has to pay for ruining his sister's life. Matt went on to say that Taylor was the unfortunate one because she got involved with the wrong man. Pierce told Janet that she was more than welcome to return to the cabin because, after all, it is her home. Brooke looked on nervously and made a very poor apology by saying she as sorry she didn't believe in her innocence. Once back at the cabin, things returned to abnormal. Well you didn't expect things to be normal, did you? Hayley paid a visit and said that she was sorry for making Janet sweat in court and that she really should have done more. Janet gave Hayley a big ole bear hug and said that they can go back and be friends like days of old, but Hayley nixed the idea. That's when Janet figured out that Hayley was only apologizing as part of her twelve step AA process and said that she had done her part and could leave. Liza's rage grew when Tad told her that he and Dixie were back together. Liza flailed off sarcasm after sarcasm saying that the days of Tad the Cad were back and that it wasn't the first time he dumped her. Then she went for the guilt trip. Liza said that when she became station manager at WRCW she could easily have squashed Tad's career in a fit of revenge. Tad tried to ease Liza's pain by saying that their night of passion wasn't just sex, there was real feeling behind it. Don't expect Liza to do a little dance. She asked Tad if Dixie knew that they had sex and if she should fill in Mrs Martin on the missing details. Later, after a luncheon date with Palmer and Opal, Dixie, who was looking for her hubby, ended up alone in a room with Miss Colby. Trouble still bubbles in Jamaica. Julia's health condition worsens and she is too proud to tell Noah that she is ailing. Corinne tried to get her to drink some magic potion, but Jewels refused, saying that she prefers FDA approved remedies. Then came the arrival of the two henchmen from the boat. They asked Corinne's aunt if she knew what happened to her niece. They said that she was now fish food and Lila played the part so they wouldn't know that Corinne is alive and well and living in Jamaica. The two thugs (do they always come in pairs?) also told her to be on the look out for Noah and Julia. Noah asked the mystery lady why she lied about being on the boat and how she could come back from the dead. She said that she just has "the power." Corinne said Noah and Julia that they'd be best to go to a secret hiding place on the other side of the island, but said that Julia will need to get stronger before she can go on the dangerous voyage, Julia put in a secret call to Hayley's cellular phone, with neither woman knowing that when Hayley chirped out Julia's name Taylor would be lurking behind her!

Friday, March 8, 1996

Dixie's visit with Liza wasn't the catfight you might have expected it to be. In fact there was no tooth and nail fighting to speak of. Dixie took the opportunity to tell Liza how Jason tried to lay blame on her for his killing of Laurel and said that she knows how Liza musty have felt during the trial when Jason accused Liza (and Tad) of being accomplices in the murder. Liza was stunned by Dix's goodwill and even thought that Mrs Martin was going to hurl insults. Surprisingly, Dix proposed a truce. This came after Dixie tried to comfort Liza, saying that it must have been painful to spend the night (after Jason's confession) alone. Liza's lips were sealed tighter than Fort Knox as she said very little about her night. She could very easily have made mention that she was having sex with Tad, but perhaps she was actually being as sincere as Dixie. Tad, mean time, was having a tete-a-tete with Adam. Adam began asking Tad what he and Liza were up to. Tad, of course, said nothing so Adam went on with business. He told Tad that to boost the Cutting Edge's ratings, TCE was going to do a three month coast to coast tour. Tad flat out refused and said that he quits. He then went on to tell Adam that he never wanted to be the host of TCE, but he was forced into it when Erica quit her stint as hostess. But Tad didn't stop at that. He said that he wants Liza's job and doesn't care if it means that Liza would be fired. In fact, he'd welcome Liza's firing. Tad went home and Dixie eventually caught up with him, telling of her chat with Liza. Adam tried to find out what's going on between Liza and Tad by telling Liza that Tad told Adam everything, hoping that this would make Liza spill the beans, and that Tad wants her job. Taylor tried to get a tap on Julia and Hayley's phone chat, but because Hayley uses a cell phone the call couldn't be traced. Taylor slinked back to her apartment as Mateo hid in the shadows watching her moves. Hayley made a frantic call to Mateo to tell him that she needed to talk to him, but he ran into her at McKay's. Hayley told him that she heard from Julia and that Julia thinks she's pregnant. Well Matt went wild, saying that he is going to kill Noah and Julia for their wild predicament. Jackson interrupted their meeting with questions about (what else?) whether or not Matt has heard from Julia or Noah. Not being entirely untruthful, Mateo said that he hadn't heard from Julia or Noah. He quickly left, not wanting to be in Jack's company, but a nervous Hayley got an evil eye for the new district attorney. Mateo returned to his apartment and, heeding advice from Hayley, found that Taylor had slipped a phone tap into his phone. Corinne prepared Julia and Noah for their cross-the-island trip. Corinne said that she could only accompany them for a portion of the trip, but gave them a detailed map to find their way. After they had hiked out on their own, Julia collapsed to the ground suffering the effects of whatever is making her ill. Vivienne tried to talk Taylor into going to Europe for a vacation---or to see a psychiatrist. Taylor refused. Mummy them went on to try to show Taylor how her obsession with Noah is ruining her life, but Taylor could only say how she had to stop "the slut" Julia from having Noah's baby.Oh boy. Taylor threw Vivienne out of the apartment, but Viv's work wasn't done. She placed a call to Dr. Clader, asking for his help in putting Taylor into a mental hospital. But will they have the chance to? Just after Taylor kicked her mother out, Taylor's friend at the phone company (who still thinks she is on the police force) called to tell Taylor that the call Grace received from Noah was placed from Jamaica.

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