AMC Recaps: The week of February 12, 1996 on All My Children
Laurel's death sent shockwaves through Pine Valley. After being arrested for Laurel's murder, Janet received a visit from Mirror Janet. Noah and Julia escaped to parts unknown. Erica quickly made enemies in the rehab clinic. Hayley found Mateo and Taylor in a compromising position.
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Monday, February 12, 1996

Noah's move from the Pine Valley prison to the State Penitentiary came up before he was ready. He didn't even get to call Julia or Mateo to tell them what was going to go down. Taylor, who volunteered to escort the prisoners to the State Pen, waited anxiously for her plans to unfold. As the bus carrying Noah, Taylor, and several other prisoners made its way down the highway, the ex-con that Taylor had bribed only a few days earlier sat in a car waiting to ram into the bus. Before Laurel arrived at the hospital she had been pronounced dead. Trevor insisted that she was still alive and ordered Maria and Joe to revive her. So upset was Trevor that he accused Michael of being responsible for Laurel's death because he's gay. Finally, Trevor gained some acceptance of his second wife's death and broke down in tears in the arms of his son, Tim, and Michael. Edmund managed to drive to the hospital where Kelsey and the baby were given a clean bill of health. Kelsey refused to hold the baby, making up excuses that she didn't want to squash him or that she might drop him. Maria walked in a few minutes later, not knowing that Kelsey had given birth yet, and immediate cried at the site of what is now her son. Kelsey looked on, seemingly totally devastated. Upon playback of the Cutting Edge tape, Jack, Liza, Adam, and Tad saw Janet crouched on the ground of the studio grabbing on to the gun used to shoot (and now kill) Laurel. Armed with the video footage, Jack set off to get a warrant for Janet's arrest. Janet took Amanda back to the cabin "for safe keeping." She spouted plans of how she and her daughter might now have a chance to be together. Pierce returned a short time later and scolded his cabinmate for kidnapping Amanda. Very much against Janet's wishes, Pierce took Amanda (who cried for her Mom and Dad) back to the city to be with Trevor. A short time later Jack and a police officer showed up at the cabin and arrested Janet.At the station Liza and Adam debated whether or not to send the edited tape of the Cutting Edge to the affiliates for broadcast. Adam had no idea that in a matter of minutes Janet would be calling him to help her out.

Tuesday, February 13, 1996

The shockwaves from Laurel's death still continued to ripple through Pine Valley. Pierce returned Amanda to Trevor. Although Janet had been arrested from Laurel's murder, Trevor's friends and family were keeping the news from him so he wouldn't be forced over the edge. At the police station, Janet insisted upon her innocence. Adam had refused to help Janet when she called him for help, but Liza egged him on so the Cutting Edge could get exclusive rights to Janet's story. Adam made his way to the police station, but found Janet's story laughable. He refused to help her in any way and even told Derek that Ms Green should get the death penalty. Jason emerged from the refuge he sought shortly before he began downing his Vodka. When he did, Liza threatened to fire him for drinking on the job (Jason said he left during the middle of the show and headed for a local bar because he couldn't deal with his brother's coming out). After he pleaded and grovelled for his job, Liza said he could stay on but that she owns him now. Shortly afterward, Hayley ran into Jason an apologized for not taking his call for help earlier. Only then did she find out about Laurel getting killed. She rushed over to comfort her uncle, but Trevor asked all those who were by his side to leave because he wanted to be alone. Brooke took Amanda for the evening and Pierce followed right behind to drop off Amanda's blanket. Pierce told his love interest that Janet had kidnapped Amanda and had been acting weird. When Adam showed up later he broke the news that Janet was arrested for the murder. Noah started to take off after the prison bus crash, but the driver pulled a gun and warned him not to move. Taylor, an accomplice in the whole shabang, feigned illness and tumbled out of the bus and onto her fellow officer. She "chased" in pursuit of Noah, who quickly placed a call to Julia to tell her what was going on. Taylor caught up with Noah and heard him say "I love you" to someone on the phone. Noah lied and said that he was talking to Grace, but that lie was uncovered when Julia showed up a few minutes later. Julia and Noah told Taylor how they knew she lied about the pregnancy and Noah added that he loves Julia (he kept rubbing Taylor lips, er, nose in it) As Julia and Noah were about to run off together and the sounds of police sirens in the distance began closing in, Taylor pulled her gun on the couple and told them that if they move she'll shoot them both.

Wednesday, February 14, 1996

No love on today's show. Pierce and Brooke were both stunned when Adam broke the news of Janet's arrest. They both insisted that they believed she had changed her ways. Pierce rushed off to be by Janet's side, but he didn't provide much support for his friend. Janet explained that she would never kill Laurel and that she made a vow to herself that she would never be behind bars again. Pierce said he understood, but that the wife of his friend had just been shot and killed, so he couldn't quite be sympathetic either. After breaking the news, Adam returned to the WRCW studio to discuss whether or not the taped footage of Laurel's death would be aired or not. After some long discussion, everyone agreed that the footage could be aired as long as it was done in a way that would speak out against violence. Liza had already taken the initiative to create promos for the show and was preparing to wire them to the affiliates. While viewing the edited footage of the show, Liza (supposedly) broke down and needed a comforting hug from Tad. Dixie was still outraged by the incidents of the show and left her husband's side to attend a rally against violence and Janet. Noah managed to persuade Taylor to put down the gun and he and Julia made there way off to the docks. Hayley showed up at Mateo's, needing support from her friend because of losing her Aunt. Just as Hayley told Matt how Laurel was responsible for bringing them together again, Taylor came knocking at the door. Hayley hid in a spare room in Mateo's apartment and Taylor busted in blabbing about how Noah and Julia used her to escape. Just as she was getting into things, Julia called and explained the real story. Julia also pleaded with her brother to get Taylor to crack as soon as possible. Then Noah and Julia boarded a freighter bound for parts unknown and sailed away from Pine Valley.

Thursday, February 15, 1996

Liza tried to pressure Tad into going to Janet's cell and getting her to give an exclusive interview for the Cutting Edge. She even held the word "Emmy" over Tad, hoping he'd jump up and feed upon it.Instead, Liza ended up going down to visit Janet and Tad had to fend off a visit from Michael. Mike wanted Tad to destroy the tape of the show, but, much to Mike's dismay, Tad said that the show would be aired as a public service announcement. Liza pressed Janet for the "real" story about the shooting, but Janet stuck by her original statement. Eben when Liza told Janet that the gaurd was out of eavesdropping range Janet insisted upon on her story. Liza told Janet that she better come up with a better excuse because no jury would ever believe the story. Brooke told Trevor about Janet taking Amanda from the television studio and Trevor put the pieces together and quickly realized that Janet was behind Laurel's death. All this came on the heels of Trevor telling Amanda that her Mommy was an angel. Erica had a tough time at Betty Ford. She attended her first group counselling session and quickly made herself unliked. The others in the group. Erica continued to insist that she was better than everyone else because she was hooked on pain killers because of a medical reason and wasn't a junkie doing heroin or cocaine. When everyone tried to explain that Erica was just the same as anyone else, she flat out refused to accept it. She even got her roomie ticked off when she came just short of calling her a loser. Joe talked Kelsey into holding her baby. He said that it might make her reconsider giving the baby up. This is just what Edmund and Maria fear most. With Kelsey holding the baby, her maternal instincts may kick in and she may decided that she wants the baby after all.

Friday, February 16, 1996

Erica continued on her mission to get everyone against her at Betty Ford. She may not have set out to do this, but she's slowly working on it. Erica pleaded with Robbie, the group counsellor, to give her a private room, her own phone, and a maid. Rpbbie reminded Erica that she is in drug rehabilitation, not ClubMed. It did no good. When Erica's roommate, Lois, came back to the room she blasted Erica for being a slob and not cleaning up after herself. Not being able to take any more of the "substandard" living conditions, Erica packed her belongings up and snuck out of the Betty Ford Center. Maria watched nervously as Kelsey held her baby. It made it even harder for her because Kelsey had not yet completed signing the adoption papers. Anita and Bobby dropped by to visit Kelsey, even though Bobby wanted out of there in every way. Belinda showed up seconds later with Kelsey's incomplete adoption papers. Ms Keefer told Kelsey that she needed to fill in the father's name. Sweat beaded on Bobby's brow and Kelsey filled in the name---Unknown. Talk about waiting to exhale! Hayley dropped by Mateo's, presumably wanting to get back on track from the night before, but she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a half-naked Mateo (No that's not why she stopped! keep reading. But I am sure a lot of people would stop dead in their tracks in they saw Mateo half-naked!) and Taylor in the apartment. Taylor had spent the night and Hayley looked so sad. Halo quickly retreated and there was nothing Matt could do. Jack called up a few minutes later (Taylor left Mateo's number as the number to reach her at) and told Taylor that Internal Affairs had some questions for her about Noah's escape. Taylor and Matt headed down to the station, but they weren't the only ones there. Trevor threatened to kill Janet and asked her why he had to take the mother of three children's life. He said that Janet should have just slit his throat. Laura and Pierce also dropped by to see janet, but not before having some pointed words with Derek. Laura accused Derek of targetting Janet as the murderer without reason. A smug Derek was more than happy to show the tape of Janet with the murder weapon. This changed everything. Pierce escorted Trevor out of the cell, saying that it did him no good to visit Janet. Laura stood cold and stone-faced at the woman she thinks of as a second mother. Janet pleaded with Laura to believe that she didn't do it, but Laura said that she couldn't tell Janet that she honestly believed her. The two broke down in tears and you could clearly see the pain in both their eyes. Trevor returned home with Hayley, but something was about to change. Uncle PorkChop told his neice that he couldn't believe he said that he wanted to kill Janet because je didn't want to. Hayley rationalized Trev's not wanting Janet dead to Laurel's "little voice" inside him. Trevor disagreed. He hinted that he doesn't believe that Janet killed Laurel. Meanwhile, Janet got one final visitor...her little friend "Mirror Janet." She's back!

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