AMC Recaps: The week of January 29, 1996 on All My Children
Dixie was stunned when Jason called Michael a litany of homosexual slurs. Erica received a phone call from Dimitri before entering rehab. Mateo told Hayley that he wasn't really interested in Taylor. Maria realized that she might be pregnant. Brooke and Adam patched up their differences.
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Monday, January 29, 1996

Dixie ended up in the all-too-eager to comfort arms of Jason. Dixie had just told Jason of all the marital woes she and Tad have been having lately. Jason told the woman he has a crush on that she was too good for Tad and then held Dixie while she sobbed about her problems. When Dix felt that things might be getting misconstrued, she asked Jason to let her go and back off. Jason refused and it wasn't until Michael came in that Jason was forced away from Dixie. Jason hit the ceiling and hurled all his "Faggot-Queer-Fairy-Queen" insults at Mike. Dixie was stunned that her supposed friend could be so close-minded and ignorant and order him out of her house. Later, after Michael had returned to his room at Myrtle's, Jason hovered outside with a lighter. Erica got a surprise telephone call (thanks to Myrt) from Dimitri who encouraged Erica to get the help and said that she was making the right decision. While he didn't come right out and say that he'd be waiting for Erica when she returned to Pine Valley, you could see a glimmer of hope in his eyes. Tad returned early from his trip across the country and ended up on Liza's doorstep. Apparently he had taken the bartender's advice to mind and was ready for his one quick fling with "the other woman" so he could return to a happy marriage. Just as Liza and Tad were about to do the deed, Jonathan Kinder was a'knocking on Liza's door. He wanted to ask Liza if he could appear on the Cutting Edge to combat the claims made in Tempo. Liza wasn't receptive to the idea, but Johnny was receptive to the fact that a man's tie was laying on Liza's floor. After Dr. Kinder had left, Tad came out of hiding and left Liza to return to his wife. It wasn't a warm reception and Tad and Dixie seemed like they were total strangers to each other. Taylor testified that she had a miscarriage even though Dr. Clayder was watching her every move. When Trevor's cross-examining had finished and court recessed, Dr. Clayder blasted Taylor for lying under oath. She reminded him that her "pregnancy" (or lack thereof) is protected by doctor-patient confidentiality and that if he told anyone that she faked her pregnancy, she'd see that he lost his job. Meanwhile, Julia finally broke the news to Noah that Taylor was never pregnant. Trevor said Noah had to keep a lid on it because Mateo is trying to get Taylor to confide in him that she set Noah up. While Matt is helping Noah and Julia by trying to get to the bottom of the Taylor fiasco, he's inadvertently hurting his chances at romance with Hayley. Hayley caught a glimpse of Mateo and Taylor sharing a tender moment...

Tuesday, January 30, 1996

Erica finally completed here epic voyage to the Betty Ford Center. I actually visited there and found it to be a nice place. Anyway, inside Erica was getting the details of what would happen during her stay. She'd be allowed no phone calls or visits from anyone (including Myrtle or family) during the first five days of her detox treatment. She'd also be given a monitored dosage of pain killer to help wean her off of her prescription drug dependancy. Erica seemed more scared than anything else. Mateo took Hayley into his confidence and told her that he isn't really attracted to Taylor. He is simply trying to get Taylor to tell him that she is framing Noah or some reasonable facsimile thereof. Silly Hayley, how could she not know? Hayley then confessed that she wasn't just concerned that Taylor might go psycho on Matt, but that she was also jealous seeing him with another woman. Vivienne called Taylor to the Valley Inn for a munch-and-chat session, but when Viv asked her daughter what she'd do if Noah went to jail for twenty years, Taylor got ticked off and stormed away. Meanwhile Vivienne contemplated a message Mateo had left for her saying that he needed to talk about Taylor. Trevor dropped by to tell Mike that he had now been officially fired from his position at PV High. Trevor convinced Michael to agree to appear on the Cutting Edge because it might help him in the eyes of the show's viewers. As they were talking, someone outside took two shots with a shotgun at the Boarding House. Michael didn't like his brother in law's comments that he was a "good gay" because wasn't a "fairy" and doesn't have "dangling wrists." Trevor also told Mike that he has been receiving death threats and nasty letters ever since he took on Michael as a client. Tad got called off to WRCW which lead Dixie to complain that Tad is putting his job before his family. She also told him of her meeting with Liza where she found out that Tad and his former lover shared more than just one kiss. Tad later confronted Liza and asked her what she was thinking when she told Dix about their numerous kisses. Apparently Liza is to kisses what potato chips are to snacks---you can't have just one! Noah and Julia finally found cause to celebrate. They clued in on the fact that since Vivienne claimed Taylor had a miscarriage she might be a perfect person to testify in the trial. Since Dr. Clayder can't testify because of the ethics problems, getting Von the stand could bring a quick and sudden downfall to Miss Roxbury-Cannon.

Wednesday, January 31, 1996

Brooke returned from her ski trip and ended up getting an inquisition from Aunt Phoebe. Pheebes was asking Brooke, very subtly, if she had fun with Pierce. Brooke went on to compare Adam and Pierce---saying that they were both great men. She explained how Adam donotes money anonymously to children's charities and how he visited Laura's (Brooke's daughter) grave. Just as Brooke finished her portrait of Adam Chandler, Adam came to her house wanting to talk to her. Pheebes was forced to go back to her house as Adam apologized to Brooke for issuing his ultimatum. He then asked Brooke if she would ever forgive him and if she'd ever come back to him. Tad spent the night at WRCW instead of with Dixie and was woken up by Liza, who started pressing him for information about their almost affair. Tad brushed off Liza, saying those types of questions are off bounds and went on to do a show about guns and violence. Unbeknowndest to Tad, Junior and Jamie were at home watching the Cutting Edge and saw a rather violent piece of footage showing a teenager getting shot. Dixie was enraged that the kids were watching such "filth," and headed down to the station to give Tad a piece of her mind. Dix had no idea, but Janet and Pierce were on their way to the station too. Janet had received a telegram from Liza saying that she had mail at WRCW for her as a result of her appearance on the show. When Janet and Pierce got there, Dix had already strated ripping into Tad for showing violent scenes on the show and Janet's presence didn't make things any better. Janet watched curiously as Jason moved boxes with guns back and forth. Dr. Kinder paid Liza an unsolicited visit, asking her to schedule a show on alternative medicine so he can clear his name. She refused, but he reminded her that she owes him. For what? I'll have to keeping watching. Mateo had his meeting with Viv, but before he could get any details out of her, Taylor was there. Mateo excused himself and Taylor went to work on her mother. She, Taylor, had just found out that Trevor planned to subpeona Vto testify in Noah's trial. Taylor told her mother that she wouldn't be testifying because she would be back in Europe. This, unfortunately, means that we won't be seeing the talent of "Mummy" any more. At the trial, Mateo and Anita took the stand (separately, of course) and painted Noah to be a wonderful and caring man. Jack's evidence, the footage from the Cutting Edge where Louie and Noah went at it, painted a completely different picture. Noah informed Trevor that he wanted to testify in his own defense, but Trevor advised against it. Noah then told his attorney that he wasn't asking to testify, he was telling him that he was testifying. In the final scene, Noah took the stand and swore that he would tell the truth.

Thursday, February 1, 1996

Maria was stunned to come home and find Kelsey with hundreds of dollars worth of CDs, clothing, and what not. Edmund had said that Kelsey could go out and get some stuff for her missed birthday, but they never expected that she'd buy stuff for just her and not the baby. Edmund came in a few minutes later and stuck up for Kelsey saying that she could keep the gifts. Of course this made him look even better in Kelsey's eyes. Later Eddie told his wife that Kelsey now wants to stay in Pine Valley after the baby is born instead of going back to Oregon like they had originally agreed. Brooke and Adam managed to patch up their differences after Adam made a heart-felt pitch to Brooke for her love. Adam said that he will respect Brooke and not pressure her into doing as he says. No sooner had the ex-bride and groom kissed and made up, did Pierce show up at Brooke's. Adam, by this time, was gone getting ready for an evening date with Brooke. Pierce laid his cards down on the table, letting Brooke know how he felt for her. But Brooke told him that she and Adam were happily back together. You could see the pain in Pierce's eyes and actually in Brooke's too. They both agreed to call each other if they ever needed anything. Adam went back to Chandler Mansion and thanked Stuart for his wise advice. If you remember Stuart told Adam that he needed to be more human and less, well, less Adam-like if he wanted to get Brooke. Stuart was glad to hear that Adam was happy again and told him that there was no need for him to read the a message from the private eye he had hired giving some scoop on Pierce. Noah testified that he didn't kill Louie even though he easily could have. On Jack's cross examination, a segment from yesterday's Cutting Edge episode was played, with Zeke telling the TV audience that Noah had bought a gun to use on Mr. Greco. Noah made one outburst which could have hurt his chances with the jury, but Trevor quickly rallied to get the pieces back together. He asked his client if he killed Louie in cold blood to which he replied a definive "No." The next witness turned out to be Julia. I would have put her on the stand before Noah, but hey, what do I know. Julia told of how she was raped and abducted by Louie. But when Jack got around to his questioning, he got Julia to admit that she did fear that Noah would kill Louie. She tried to minimize the damage by saying she wanted to kill Louie, too, but by that time the damage had already been done.

Friday, February 2, 1996

A day of questions and mystery on today's show. Joe met with Edmund in his Tempo office to discuss Kelsey and her sudden mind change. Edmund explained how Kelsey now wants to stay in Pine Valley and also mentioned her little shopping spree. Joe said that he would have a word with Kelsey and talk her into going back home to Oregon. Maria talked to Dimitri about Erica finally enrolling in drug rehab and assured him that things could easily go back to normal for them in a few weeks. While she was talking, Maria suddenly felt ill. She checked her calendar and was rushed with emotions. When Edmund finally returned to Castle Wildwind she couldn't wait to tell him the news that she may finally be pregnant. But they had no idea that Kelsey had quietly returned and overheard their entire conversation. Erica woke from her first night's sleep at Betty Ford. Before she could wipe her eyes clean, Lois, Erica's roommate, came in and started unpacking her clothing. Erica was shocked that she, La.k.ane, would be put in a room with an awful, scummy drug abuser. Boy isn't that Erica a little slice on sunshine? Lois and Erica had a few minutes to talk to each other and Lois revealed that she is a heroin addict. She took to injecting herself with heroin after her husband started beating her. Something interesting happened when Robbie (the counselor) returned. She told Erica that she had been roomed with Lois for a very special reason. But what is it? Julia risked being held in contempt after she started making outbursts while trying to explain why she feared that Noah might kill Louie. It didn't work. Jack and Trevor had a private meeting where Jack offered a plea bargain for Trevor's client. Trevor was willing to accept the manslaughter charges, but Noah insisted on holding to his "not guilty" plea. So instead of getting five years in jail for manslaughter, he risks getting life in prison. Both lawyers gave their final comments and the jury was almost ready to be charged and sent to make their verdict. After the courtroom had cleared, Noah ripped into Julia for putting the nail in his coffin. He also accused her of never believing that he was innocent and said he wanted nothing more to do with her---ever. Later Taylor slinked her way up behind Noah and told him that she thought she could do this (referring to setting up Noah) but now she has been enlightened, saying that she can't let Noah go to jail.

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