AMC Recaps: The week of January 22, 1996 on All My Children
With Maria's help, Julia learned that Taylor had never been pregnant. Trevor was livid when he caught Janet visiting Amanda. Adam grew suspicious of Brooke and Pierce. Myrtle and Opal arranged for Erica to get treatment at the Betty Ford Center.
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Monday, January 22, 1996

Taylor visited Noah in his cell and got very edgy when Noah informed his ex-girlfriend that Mummy paid him a visit earlier in the day. Julia snuck in behind Taylor while she was muttering words of disgust for Noah and scared her off. Julia smiled and told Noah that she thinks Taylor is on the verge of cracking. Gloria told Janet that she had better leave Amanda's bedside or she'd face getting caught by Trevor. No sooner were the words off of Gloria's lips did Trevor come waltzing in and yell at Janet. Janet begged Trevor to let her give Amanda a stuffed teddybear and a kiss, but no one was interested in hearing Janet profess her love for her flesh and blood. Laurel then added her insults to the mix telling Janet that Laurel's name was filled in on Amanda's admission forms in the "Mother" box and continued on to tell Janet that Amanda doesn't even remember Janet. Must have been that MiracleGro Kid Food they gave Amanda. She's gone from barely a toddler to a five or six year old in a couple of months? I know, I know: back to the Recaps. Pierce and Brooke headed to Mount Evangeline as a snowstorm moved in on the area. Pierce told Brook that he feels sorry for Janet and that she is a lost soul. From what he said, you'd almost get the feeling that he doesn't even care for Janet. Before the pair could get to their final destination, Brooke's car hit a patch of invisible black ice (Which Pierce and his apparent x-ray vision managed to point out to Brooke) and skidded off the road. The car was stuck and covered with snow, but all hope was not lost and Brooke and Pierce were not going to become Popsicles. Brooke said that there was a place just up the road where they could go and spend the night. Erica ended up at Mona's grave and begged her mother for help. Mona spoke to Erica and told her that she can overcome her drug addiction, but only is she wants to. Later, armed with her mother's support and love, Erica went to Myrtles and finally admitted that she has a drug dependancy problem and needs help.

Tuesday, January 23, 1996

Kelsey lamented no one remembering her birthday. Joe asked Janet to leave the hospital because of complaints from patients and visitors. She and Adam ended up at McKays, but Adam would rather have been up at Mount Evangeline to check up on Pierce and Brooke. He did try, in fact, to have his private jet prepared to take him to the mountains, but found out that a monster snow storm moved into the area and would prevent anyone from getting to or leaving Mount Evangeline. So Adam resorted to picking Janet's brain about Pierce. He made reference to Pierce spending time in the hospital and Janet let slip that Pierce spending time in a psychiatric ward is not a big deal. Piece and Brooke managed to cozy up by the fireplace, drinking glass after glass of champagne. As it turned out, the building in which they took refuge was Adam's ski lodge. The crackling fireplace, the gentle fizz of imported and extremely expensive champagne, and the fact that they were snowed in set the mood for a romantic evening and it wasn't long before Brooke and Pierce were in each other's arms and making love. Dr. Kinder showed up at Wildwind to apologize to Dimitri for not realizing the severity of Erica's drug dependancy sooner. Dimitri, however, blamed Jonathan for getting Erica so dependent on drugs in the first place. Edmund began work on a Tempo expose that would paint Dr. Kinder as a drug dealing quack. Myrtle and Opal teamed together to get Erica packed and ready to hop on a plane for the Betty Ford Center. As they were about to leave, Jonathan arrived to ask Erica is she blamed him for her drug problem. She eased Jonathan's mind by telling him that he helped alleviate her pain and that she doesn't blame him for getting her hooked. Dimitri showed up at Linden House, summoned by Myrtle earlier, but was too late to see his wife off to her treatment. His only message to Erica was that he wishes her well. There was no hint of his true feelings of love for Erica that he has told Maria about earlier.

Wednesday, January 24, 1996

Erica's personal battle with her drug addiction continued. While at the airport, someone recognized her and started snapping pictures of saying that she must feel really bad after she "wigged" on television. In a priceless scene, Myrtle managed to beat the man away with her umbrella and warned him not to come back. Erica began going into withdrawal and begged Myrt for one of her pills. Of course Myrtle refused. Several delays with the flight made Erica wonder if the time was right for the trip, but she finally got on the plane and was ready to head to Palm Springs and the Betty Ford Center. Phoebe called Dr. Kinder to tell him that she no longer wants him as her physician because of the debacle with Erica and her drugs. Gloria also confronted Jonathan about Erica, wanting to know what would become of her. Dr. Kinder told her that Erica was going to Betty Ford and would be okay. Jonathan turned the tables by accusing Gloria of being the "secret informant" in Tempo's coverstory on Jonathan's bad medical practices. Gloria denied the accusations, but said that if Jonathan fires her, she won't be the only one without a job. Brooke and Pierce found themselves in uneasy positions (No, not like that!) after their night of romance. The lodge's caretaker managed to make his way to the lodge to see who was inside. After he found Brooke (who he knew as Adam's ex-wife) and Pierce, he called Adam to see if he should kick them out. Adam and Janet, meanwhile, were on a plane bound for Mount Evangeline. Their trip was spurred by news from the art show that Pierce and Brooke never made it to the breakfast reception. The two taunted and playfully teased each other about their past and their character flaws. You could see a smile on David Canary's face throughout the scene. It seems as though these two actors enjoy working with each other and it shows during their on-screen time. When Brooke and Pierce finally made it to the art exhibit, they found Adam and Janet anxiously awaiting them. Noah's trial finally got underway. Opening arguments began, with Jack painting Noah as an urban vigilante. Mateo overheard Vivienne reminding Taylor of how she covered for the lies she told about the miscarriage. Matt later told Julia that something about Taylor's miscarriage just didn't jive. While Vivienne and Taylor argued outside of the courtroom, Julia walked in on Taylor telling her mother to keep her mouth shut or she'd [Taylor, that is] wind up getting in trouble.

Thursday, January 25, 1996

Brooke and Pierce's secret is finally out. Well, not officially, but Adam definitely has reason for suspicion. When talking to Pierce, Adam was told that Brooke and Pierce stayed up all night talking. But later when Adam went over to talk to Brooke, she told him that the she and Pierce were so tired that they fell asleep as soon as they made it to the cabin. Kelsey, working on an article for Tempo on Michael's ouster at school, told Edmund that she was in a gretzy mood because her birthday was completely overlooked by everyone---except Joe. Edmund called Maria to try to arrange a spur of the moment party, but Maria had obligations at the hospital so it wound upbeing just Kelsey and Edmund. The festivities almost never took place after Kelsey started yelling at Jonathan for almost killing her in the hit-and-run. Johnny was lunching with Liza. Liza may have been physically with Dr. Kinder, but her head was anywhere but the Valley Inn. Liza placed a call to Tad (who's on his Cutting Edge tour) to wish him luck and to see if his "energy" was still "up." At a bar somewhere in these great United States of ours, Tad caught the attention of a bartender who said he must have just gotten off the phone with his girlfriend. Tad laughed and said that it was his boss. Tad then went in to some phony story about a man who's happily married, but gets antsy for another woman. The bartender said that all Tad has to do is have a quick "roll in the hay" with the woman to get the edge off and then he'll be able to go back to a happy marriage. Tad seemed to have no problem with the idea that sleeping with Liza would make his marriage happier. Hayley and Julia talked about Taylor and the faked pregnancies of her past. Although no one else in Pine Valley seems to recall how Taylor helped An-Li fake her pregnancy to keep Brian Bodine away from Hayley, Hayley did. This spurred Julia to run off to the hospital and ask Dr. Clayder if Taylor really was pregnant. As this was going on, Taylor was taking the stand at Noah's trial. Dr. Clayder informed Julia that he cannot tell Julia anything about Taylor because it would be a breach of Doctor-Patient confidentiality. After Taylor finished her perjormony, er, testimony, court recessed. Vblasted her daughter for lying and getting Noah one step closer to life in prison, but Taylor told her mother to mind her own business and leave her alone. Grace, all formalities aside, introduced herself to Vivienne and told Vthat if she has any conscience she'll get her daughter to tell the truth about Louie's death. Julia tried to tap into the hospital, but couldn't come up with Dr. Clayder's password. Maria wandered over and got caught into the mix when Julia asked Maria to help her break into the computer system. When Maria got into her colleague's files, she pulled up Taylor's files and found out that Taylor was never pregnant.

Friday, January 26, 1996

Dixie called Tad and complained about not being able to reach him for the past few days. On the defensive, Tad tried to put fault on Dixie by saying that he is a busy man and can't always be around when she needs him. Tad quickly got off the phone with his wife and made travel arrangements to return to Pine Valley. The bartender asked Tad if he was going to return to his wife, but Tad responded with a resounding "No." Liza, mean time, was busy trying to recruit Michael to appear on a special Cutting Edge about Gay Rights. With her crony, Jason, by her side, Liza managed to lure in Michael. Dixie arrived a short time later and warned Michael that Liza would do to him what she did to Julia and Victims' Rights. Still more visitors for Michael as Laura and Kevin showed up to present Mike with the petition they had been circulating to keep Michael on staff at PV High. Jason was annoyed that his brother had a part in supporting a homosexual. Is Jason just about the most evil person you've ever seen? He's never smiled! The rest of the events circled around Noah's trial. Maria told Julia that they couldn't use the information they found on the hospital computer because it would be illegal and violate ethics. So Maria managed to persuade Dr. Clayder into showing up at the trial [not testifying, mind you. Just to show up] and shake Taylor's nerves and possibly get her to admit that she was never pregnant with Noah's baby. Before Dr. Stan could show up, Taylor was telling her version of how Julia willingly ran off with Louie so they could, perhaps, have an affair. This caused Noah to stand up and start hollering at Taylor. This lead to a recess and a clearinf of the courtroom. Outside the courtroom, Mateo and Zeke (one of Louie's henchmen) got into a rumble. After it had broken up, Hayley tried to comfort Mateo, but he didn't want her to be near him. Court resumed and Taylor took the stand for a third time and Trevor started his attempt to tear down Taylor's credibility. He asked her if she and Noah had conceived a child---right as Dr. Clayder walked in the courtroom.

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