AMC Recaps: The week of January 8, 1996 on All My Children
Gloria urged Michael to take legal action against the school for suspending him. Junior told Dixie that he had seen Tad and Liza kissing each other. Scott told Anita that Bobby had made a bet with Kevin that Bobby could have sex with Anita. Ruth returned for Charlie's wedding.
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Monday, January 8, 1996

Taylor told Matt that the gun he found in her desk was not part of some conspiracy on her part. She reminded him of the gun she took from him, Noah's gun in fact, and said that she hadn't had the chance to dispose of it yet. So, if Matt wanted to, she continued, he could take the gun to Jack and Derek, but instead of clearing Noah it would only show premeditation on his part. Matt finally believed Taylor and ended up inviting her out to lunch at the Insomniac Cafe. Hayley yelled at Cecily for not wanting to work late. Cecily reminded Hayley that she had a weddin under 24 hours and didn't want to curl up at night with proprosals and transcripts. Hayley's temper flared even more when "Sess" asked how things turned out with Mateo. In the middle of the yelling Charlie walked in and managed to cool things off. So Hayley and the soon-to-be-weds headed off for a bite to eat. Yes, you guessed it, at the Insomniac Cafe. Hayley went to look for a waitress, but in turn found Matt and Taylor sitting together in the corner of the cafe. Jason continued his complaining ways, asking Tad (and Liza at the station) if he knew his wife was best friend and fashion consultant with a "Flaming Queer." Tad, who has no idea Mike was gay, came to Michael's defense and ordered Jason to chill out, but Jason wasn't about to listen. Dixie came scrambling in a few minutes later to ask Tad to help out Michael. She said that he could go on the Cutting Edge and rally people behind Michael, but Liza was all too happy to remind Dixie that as a journalist, Tad must be impartial. Tad blasted Dixie for not telling him that Michael was gay because all this time he thought that Michael had the hots for Dixie. Dixie couldn't believe that Tad was being stubborn and ignorant, so she told him that she was going to be out late making plans to help Michael keep his job and that he would have to watch the kids. When Tad refused due to his heavy workload, Dixie stormed out. Tad realized that it was his reponsibility to look after the kids so he invited Liza back to his house for some late night work. Trevor told Julia that she'd better keep calm and end her angression towards Taylor or it might backfire on Noah. But he did have an idea. If Julia could somehow rattle Taylor's nerves and make her break, it might get Noah out of jail. At Myrtle's, Gloria encouraged Michael to take legal action against the school for suspending him without reason, but Michael said that he doesn't have senority and is only recognized as a temporary teacher so he really can't take action. Laurel paged Trevor to have him meet her in Michael's classroom where she filled him in on the day's events. People like Trevor, Laurel told her husband, resulted in her brother losing his job. Trevor admitted that he isn't thrilled that Michael is gay, but said he's a great teacher and shouldn't have been fired. It's only a matter of time before Laurel asks Trevor to defend her brother against the schoolboard.

Tuesday, January 9, 1996

Today's episode will be called A Day in the Doghouse. It seemed like everyone was getting grief. Laura called up Janet and Pierce to tell them that she couldn't make it to dinner because "something happened at school." She didn't go into detail, but Janet was still upset that she couldn't see her friend. Although Laura couldn't make it, Brooke did manage to stop by to tell Pierce that someone would like him to paint a mural. One of the problems would be that Pierce would have to leave the cabin for a few days. Brooke said that she'd be up in the mountains (the same spot where Pierce would be painting) for a few days skiing. Janet became noticeably peeved and turned down Brooke's offer for Laura and Janet to go with Pierce---all expenses paid. While Pierce walked Brooke out to her car after dinner, which Pierce invited Brooke to since Laura couldn't make it, Janet screamed in rage and threw Pierce's cell-phone at the ground, breaking it. When Pierce asked Janet what happened she said she saw a big mouse and flipped. A word of advice: Don't go looking into any mirrors Janet. You might find someone other than yourself talking, not looking, back at you! Jason found Kevin, Laura, Scott, Anita, and Bobby at the Insomniac Cafe planning to help Michael get his job back. When Kevin came to his teacher's defense, Jason accused Michael of trying to recruit Kevin to the "Fairy League." Intolerable as always, Jason headed to Myrtle's Boarding House so he could tell Michael to back off his brother. Jason blasted every aspect of Michael's lifestyle, insisting that the only reason he is PV High's basketball coach is so that he can see the players strip. After Jason took off, Dixie, Gloria, and Stuart came out of the kitchen to give Michael their support. Jason somehow ended up at an AA meeting and heard Hayley telling the group how her life is in shambles because she can't decided what to do about the guy she likes. The guy, in case you've been as shelter as Enid or Jason, is Mateo. Hearing this, Jason invited Hayley to the Insomniac Cafe to discuss both of their love troubles and also reassured Halo that she is the only woman for Mateo. Scott left the brainstorming session still mad at Michael and went to Chandler Mansion because he didn't want to go home to Stuart. Adam found out that Scott was there and wanted to find out what was bothering his nephew. When Scott told Adam what was bugging him, Adam proved once again that he can be as normal as anyone. Adam said that he was ashamed of Scott's attitude towards Michael, who Scott admitted was the best history teacher he's ever encountered, and told him that he shouldn't look to pick apart people because of their differences. The piece of wisdom wasn't only directed about Michael, but also about Scott's dad, Stuart. Scott returned to the Cafe and the teens agreed that boycotting their classes (an idea suggested by Bobby) would be the best way to get their message across. Julia saw Matt with Taylor and asked why he was having dinner with "that slut." Mateo whispered to his sister that he was trying to get into Taylor's mind and see exactly what she was thinking. He also let her in on Taylor's keeping Noah's gun, but said that he doesn't think Taylor is lying about Louie not having a gun. Tad and Liza got cozy back at Tad's place. After Tad had safely tucked the kids into bed, they started talking about business. As seems to be the case lately, one thing lead to another and they ended up in a lip-lock. Things were slightly different this time as Junior wandered to the to of the steps and saw the whole thing.

Wednesday, January 10, 1996

Erica went to Doctor Kinder's office on one of her regularly scheduled drug pick-ups, but the two ended up in a kiss. In the middle of it all, Marian Colby called out to Dr. Kinder from somewhere in his office. Erica quickly broke off the kiss before Marian came in, but Marian seemed to know that something was up. Jonathan told Marian not to leave so that was the cue for Marian to start peddling the benefits of dating Liza to Dr. Kinder. Apparently Marian does not know of Jonathan and Liza's past. Gloria met with Dimitri to tell him how her investigation into Jonathan's practice is going. She said that he is clean as clean be. All of his patients, including Phoebe, swear by him and all of the invoices check out to the amount of pills in stock. When Gloria went back to Jonathan's pffice because she had forgotten her keys, he had just gotten off the phone with the pharmaceutical company that Glo had contacted to get Jonathan's purchase orders. That's when Jonathan showed his true colors. He said that he had noticed some pills missing and, considering Gloria's past, the police would be very easily inclined to think thar Gloria is the pill popping perp. Gloria denied taking any pills and Johnthan gave her and evil smile and said that he knows she's clean. If she continues to fiddle with Jonathan, he'll make sure that she pays. Now we know why no one else will talk about the good doctor. Jason told Matt about Hayley's AA confessions and imediately Matt blew a fuse. He called Hayley over and asked why she keeps giving him the mixed signals. If she wants to be Mateo's lover, why can't she just stop being so "screwed up." Hayley, not too keen on the idea of being called "screwed up," told Matt that she doesn't want him and, in fact, she doesn't even want to see him. Hayley went back to Jason and laid into him for breaking AA's code of silence. Junior walked in on Tad and Liza kissing, but slinked back to bed before he was noticed. Dixie came home a little while later and found that Liza was making herself quite at home. Liza took off and headed for her office at WRCW where she ran into Adam. Liza told her boss that she wasn't able to convince Erica to sign on for her own show. But Adam had a solution. He asked Liza to accompany him to Charlie and Cecily's wedding so they could double team Erica into agreeing to doing the show. If that didn't work, Adam shelled out tons of money to get Erica nominated for Media Woman of the Year and award which Liza was also nominated. Tad and Dixie went at each other about Tad not being a good husband. The shouting woke Junior who came running into the room asking if Tad and Dix were getting a divorce. The two denied that they were getting a divorce, but said that big people have big problems and big voices, so that's why there was shouting. Mmm Hmmm. Tad offered to take Junior up to bed, but Junior didn't want to be near Tad. Dixie tried to find out what was bothering her son, but he just couldn't come out with it. Upstairs, Tad had detailed visions of his three kisses with Liza. When Dix came to bed, they slept as far away from each other as possible and with their backs turned.

Thursday, January 10, 1996

Mary Fickett made her long awaited return to All My Children on today's program. Fickett opted for an extended leave to spend time with her family while her role as Ruth dwindled. Ruth has been explained away as being at the bedside of a dying friend since her depature. Ruth made her return just in time for Charlie's wedding and, in style of old, Ruth began handing out her sought out advice. She told Tad that ever marriage has its rocky roads, but Tad and Dixie can survive the trouble and live just as happily as she and Joe. Ruth also told Kelsey that she was not opposed to her pregnancy and loved her no matter what she does. Adam paid Erica a visit at Linden House to offer his help in battling her drug addiction. Erica responded by virtually slamming the door in Adam's face and to combat her stress from the event, she popped a few of her miracle pills. Down at Pine Valley High, Michael's students made their promise a reality by protesting outside the school for Michael's reinstatement. Dixie and Laurel were proud that the kids were rallying behind their teacher, but Trevor seemed a bit unnerved. When the principal told the gatherers to get back to class or face a one week suspension, Trevor did support the kids' right to assembly. Dixie called Mike to tell him what was going on and Mike rushed to the school to see the protest for himself. Once he got there, Mike urged his students to head back to class so they would be suspended and get a negative mark on their permanent records. Reluctantlt, the crowd broke up and everyone ended up where they were supposed to be. Tim found himself surrounded by two thugs who were taunting and teasing him about being a "fag boy." Someone threw rocks at Myrtle's Boarding House, smashing the windows. Things weren't much better at Cecily and Charlie's wedding. Cecily was a nervous wreck, but found the stability to try to fix up Hayley and Mateo. Junior continued his cold treatment towards Tad and Liza. Dixie finally pulled her son aside and asked him to tell her the truth about why he dislikes Liza so much. From the mouths of babes, Junior laid his cards on the table, saying that he saw Tad and Liza kissing.

Friday, January 11, 1996

While tutoring Laura with her reading, Scott caught a glimpse of Bobby and Anita kissing and tore out of the library. While he wandered the halls, he stumbled upon Tim getting beat up by those two thugs from yesterday's show. Scott successfully broke up the fight, but Tim was pretty badly shaken. He packed up Tim and took him over to Myrtle's where they were having commotion of their own. The rock taht someone threw through one of Myrt's windows came attached with a note reading "Die Pervert." Myrt called the police to have them see if they could find out who did it when Tim came stumbling in the door. Scott didn't stick around because Michael was there and Tim was afraid that Trevor would yell at him. Derek took Tim home to get him cleaned up while Michael pondered taking legal action. After finding out that Belinda and Jack were unavailable to help him in his discrimination battle, Michael got a surprise. Trevor suggested that he might be suited for the case. Anita asked Julia if there might be room at the Wildwind Inn so she and Bobby could "watch cable." Julia, the everknowing older sister that she is, figured out that Anita and Bobby were probably not going to be watching any movies and offered her little sister advice on using protection and not doing anything if she wasn't sure. Scott, who walked in to the Cafe at the same time, overheard Anita talking about having sex with Bobby. He told the object of his crush that Bobby made a bet with Kevin as to whether or not he could "bed" Anita. At the wedding scene, Squidhead and Keyboard Cupid, two of Charlie and Cecily's on-line counterparts dropped by the wedding to give computer chip earrings to the bride-to-be. Dimitri told Erica that they should try to act civil to each other when they meet in public. Erica said she wanted to be more than civil, but Dimmie brought up Erica's pill addiction again and left her in the dust. Erica, frustrated and wanting her husbandf back, took a few extra pills for good measure. In one of the shortest ceremonies in AMC history, Charlie and Cecily were wed. I guess the writers really wanna get them out of town! After the wedding, Tad demanded to know why Dixie was treating him so poorly. Dixie told him flat out that her son had seen Liza and Tad kissing. The look of total shock and "Uh oh, I'm caught" set upon Tad's face.

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