AMC Recaps: The week of December 18, 1995 on All My Children
Brooke and Pierce's blossoming relationship made Janet and Adam uncomfortable. Noah killed Louie in self-defense, but Taylor took steps to make it appear like a murder. Trevor was disgusted when he saw Michael having dinner with another man.
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Monday, December 18, 1995

Out of the clear blue nowhere, Janet bobbed into Chandler Mansion. She and Adam, while staring fixatedly on the painting of Brooke au naturel, discussed how neither of them are concerned that Pierce and Brooke are spending time together. Of course you could hear Janet's voice wabble with nervousness and, well, you just can't believe that Adam isn't the least bit worried. Brooke called to tell Adam that she had to cancel their date because Phoebe feel and hurt her leg. Adam ordered Lucretia to whip up a batch of chicken soup so he could take it to Pheebes and check in on his girlfriend and her starving artist friend. Jason yelled at Liza for giving him the wrong information about Tad's flight, saying that it made him look like a moron. Liza came right back at him saying that he is only an unneeded temporary intern and if he ever raises his voice to her again he'll end up working at Cluck Cluck Chicken shack. Jason quickly apologized and scampered out of the studio to Dixie's house. When Jason showed up, Opal was trying to convinced Dix to go to San Francisco to spend time with her husband. Dix sid that she couldn't go especially since Junior was injured in his little league game. When Jason showed up, Opal asked if Liza was still at work. When Jase said that she was, Opal decided that it might be time to pay Miss Colby a little visit. Jason weighed the effects of telling Dixie that he has a crush on her in between telling Dix his regrets of his drinking and driving and fantasies of he and Dixie having sexual relations. Liza was not pleased to see the Hillbilly, as she called Opal, in her face. Liza pulled out all of her ammunition to insult Opal and it worked. Opal hauled off and whapped Liza right across the face. Oooh was that Liza a bitch today! Noah was about to beat Louie senseless when he realized Louie wasn't worth the aggravation. He turned to walk away when Louie pulled his gun out. In a struggle, Louie fell and hit his head on a railroad tie and died nearly instantly. Taylor, who saw the whole shabang, came running in a few seconds and told Noah to call the cops. While he was away, Taylor hid the gun Louie had held only a few minutes earlier in her purse. Julia and the cops drove in only a few minutes later...Taylor's eyes grew in rage when Noah ran to Julia and hugged her tightly. With the gun "missing," Taylor said that she would hang around the crime scene after everyone left to do some searching.

Tuesday, December 19, 1995

When you were little did you ever try to sample some of your mother's cookie dough? Well if you ever mistakenly bit into her baker's chocolate you'll have a pretty good feeling how today's show went. It was very bittersweet. Michael and a friend of his were having dinner at the Valley Inn at the same time that Laurel and Trevor came in to have dinner. Trevor was all fluttered with anger at Michael having dinner in a public place with another man. Laurel reminded her oh-so-open-minded husband that Mike;s friend could just be a friend, not a date. Laurel went over to say hello, but Trevor was hardly festive. Adam sneaked into Brooke's and found Brooke and Pierce asleep together on the sofa. A few seconds later, Janet fiddled her way into Brooke's place too. If Brooke would have bought the Smart Clapper, the lights would've went on and let her know someone was breaking in! Anyway, Adam was in rare form saying that Janet was looming over the pair ready to kill them in their sleep. Janet's mouth drop and she plead her innocence. Adam and Janet were like a couple of little kids or siblings trying to get each other in trouble---or they could have been acting like two people infatuated with each other. Pierce and Janet scurried out of the house and off to the Valley Inn, leaving Brooke and Adam to sort out their differences. Brooke said she had safely won the bet between the two of them because Adam proved he, unlike Janet, had not changed. Adam was all set to write out his check to the shelter like he promised, but Brooke said he could do that later. Adam asked Brooke to marry him, but she turned him down. Michael headed off to Dixie's, unable to have dinner in peace with Trevor gawking at him. When he got there, Jason was telling Dixie that he had "more than a crush" feelings for her. Dixie chalked it up to job stress and sent him away when Mike got there. Trevor was beginning to get the feeling that he should have went out to eat somewhere else after Janet and Pierce showed up. But that wasn't all. Adam popped in and asked Trevor for any dirt he had on Pierce---and he'd pay good money for it. Trev said he didn't have any information other than Pierce's name, rank, and serial number. Still in a snit, Adam went to Janet and told her that he and Brooke were no longer because Brooke had a new love in her life. If Adam only knew that Brooke was at home crying in Phoebe's arms over her lost love. Tad returned from San Francisco early and told his mother to back off of Liza. Opal was stunned and tried to tell Tad how Liza was manipulating him. Tad went back home to his wife while Liza sat in he roffice staring longingly at a photo of Tad. Charlie and Cecily's plans to hook Matt and Hayley up for the evening almost derailed, but they finally got the two into Charlie's apartment. Cecily and Charlie made up some phoney excuse that they needed to go to the store, but after they were gone Hayley found a note from the duo telling of how they just wanted to leave Hayley and Mateo alone for an evening. Things weren't exactly boffo, but they did share a kiss under the mistletoe until Hayley broke it off. After Matt went back to his apartment to do whatever it is he does there by himself, Hayley did a happy little dance, apparently finally admitting that she has feelings for Mateo. ^ back to the top

Wednesday, December 20, 1995

Noah, with Julia by his side, headed down to police headquarters to give him statement about Louie's death. He gave his statement without any problem, but Derek gave him news that there's a hitch. Since Noah insists that Louie drew a gun on him and no gun was found, there is no proof that Noah didn't just kill Louie outright. Noah told Derek that Taylor saw everything, but when Derek called to talk to Taylor she didn't answer the phone. Mummy, on of my favorite recurring characters, donned her holiday apparel and paid Taylor a visit so she could whisk her off to the Big Apple for the holiday mud spa treatment. Reluctantly and after much pressure from Vivienne to forget about her police business, Taylor packer her bags and headed off with her mother. I don't know if she could fit all of her clothing in her tote bag...I mean with the gun she swiped from the crimescene being hidden in there too. Maria underwent hypnosis, but couldn't remember much more than she had already recalled while conscious. The only thing, in fact, that she remembered was that the man who sideswiped her car was a doctor. Edmund enlisted the help of Lieutenant Frye to see if any otehr accidents were reported the night of Maria and Kelsey's close call with death. After he pulled up the records, he saw the Dr. Kinder called in an accident only a few hours after Maria's crash. And as if that wasn't enough, they found out that the car involved in the accident wasn't Jonathan's but Erica's. Speaking of Erica, she returned to the chapel at Wildwind (sounds like the title of a romance novel) to remember her wedding anniversary with Dimitri. Dimitri somehow showed up, too, and the two agreed to spend Christmas Eve together. Jonathan walked into Maria's office only a few minutes after her hypnosis session. He was there to ask Maria if she could help him with one of his patients, but while he was talking, Maria managed to match up the voice from her accident recollections with Dr. Kinder's. Edmund and Dimitri arrived (separately) a few minutes later. Dimmie was talking about how he and Erica was finally mending their split ties. His good mood was cut short when Edmund told him that Jonathan was the man who crashed into Maria and Kelsey. Laura copied Scott's report on the Nazis word for word, but was caught when Michael was grading the reports. It wasn't long before Mr. D figured out that Laura isn't able to read. He agreed to help her out three times a week so she'd be able to catch up with her reading proficiency. She was overjoyed that he'd her help, but not everyone is happy with Michael's teaching. A drunk Jason staggered into class to lay into Michael for giving Kevin a D on his report card. With the low grade, Kevin was booted off of the basketball team. Michael returned to his class to resume his teachings of the Nazis. Bobby, in his usual style or lack there of, made fun of the persecution of the Jews. Michael pointed out, with the help of a chart from the Holocaust Museum, that nearly everyone in the class would have faced death because of who they are: Anita because she isn't Aryan, another classmate because he's Jewish, and even himself because he's gay.

Thursday, December 21, 1995

Dimitri sped off to pay his estranged wife a little visit. He brought up the fact that Maria thinks that Dr. Kinder was the man who rammed into them. Erica defended Dr. Kinder up until the point that Jonathan showed up on her doorstep. Jonathan accepted full liability for the accident. He said he leaned down to switch CDs in the car, but went through a stop sign and crashed into Maria and Kelsey. He said he stayed on the scene until Maria came to and then he sped off to call 911.. Dimmie wanted no part in Dr. Kinder's story and said that he is going to call a press conference to shed light on the high and might Jonathan Kinder. Jonathan comforted a dejected Erica after Dim stormed out of Linder House and asked her to spend Christmas with him. Jack brought Laurel an early Christmas present, her daugher Lily. Laurel said that it might be better if her daughter spent her nights in Pine Valley at Jack's because things were not exactly peachy-keen at Chez Dillon. Pierce told Janet that he was not interested in pursuing Brooke even if she had broken her relations with Adam. For an early gift, Pierce gave Janet a carved rabbit/Easter egg, remembering Janet's story of how Janet's mother denied her chocolates when she was a little girl. At school, Carla, one of Mike's students, ran out of class after Michael announced that he was gay. Shockwaves rippled through Pine Valley. Anita seemed freaked out by Mike's announcement, saying that she never knew anyone who was in the "gay thing." Laura and Kevin defended Michael, saying it took tons of courage to admit to the class that he's gay. After class, Dixie warned Mike that he opened a big can of worms. Bobby ripped into Laura and Scott, calling Laura a lesbian because she wears flannel and isn't a skirt and lace kinda girl and said that Scott was one of Mike's little friends. Scott and Bobby came to blows, but Mike managed to separate the two. When Mike put his hand on Scott's shoulder, Scott blew a fuse telling him to stay the hell away from him because Scott may be thought of as being gay by association. Laura went to spend Christmas with her family, Janet and Pierce, at the cabin. All three were overcome with emotions and settled down for their first happy holiday in years. Palmer told Bobby that he'd better bring up his grade in history, but Bobby countered by telling his grandparents about his history teacher. Dix and Mike went back to Mytle's where Grace and Myrt were busy decorating the tree. Michael told them what had happened and they were both very supportive. Myrtle told Michael to keep his chin up because people in Pine Valley are educated and kind, open minded people.

Friday, December 22, 1995

Christmas for the Broken-hearted. That's how I'd sum up this year's Christmas special. Brooke headed to the cabin to invite Pierce, Janet and Laura to a special Christmas celebration at the shelter. Janet wasn't exactly sure if she should go citing that not everyone would be merry and bright if they saw her walk in the building. Finally, the agreed and headed down to the shelter. Scott continued to give Mike the cold shoulder. When Stuart asked his son why he's treating Michael so badly, Scott told his dad about Mike's homosexuality. Stuart told his son that he was being slefish and that his mother, Cindy, was comforted by member's of Pine Valley's gay community after she found out that she had contracted AIDS. In lieu of his son's apology, Stuart went to Mike and told him that Scott was sorry. Gloria, who overheard the news that Mike was gay, told Michael that she was relieved. She said that when she first saw Michael she flirted with him right and left, but wasn't getting flirted back at. She thought something was wrong with her! Oh no Glo, there is nothing wrong with you. She then had a good laugh with Michael over the incident and said that maybe they could go out together and search for Mr. Right. Adam dropped off his check to Brooke as said in their pre-cohabitation agreement. Adam, noticeable upset, stayed in the shadows and watched everyone else hoop it up. Brooke took Jamie over to Janet so she could see that he was healthy and happy. Janet hadn't seen Jamie since she rescued him from Willow Lake. Janet and Brooke shared with each other the heartache they feel by not being able to see their daughters. Derek popped in at the Santos house to tell Julia and Noah that Taylor is missing in action and hasn't filed her version of "The Louie Incident" yet. Momma and Poppa Santos were busy reading Hayley the riot act for not accepting their traditional alcohol-lAidan holiday drink. When Hayley explained that she is an alcoholic, Hector hit the ceiling. Mateo bringing a lush to the family gathering is a disgrace to the family, Hector yelled. Hayley took off shortly thereafter with Matt on her heels. Matt told Hayley that he wanted to spend Christmas with her. In the snow, the two kissed. Liza dropped by unannounced at the Martin's to drop off a present for Tad. When she left before Dixie could give her a fruitcake in return, Tad offered to take it to her. When he got to Liza's suite, she had just come off of a terrible argument with her mother, Marian.Tad tried to console Liza by talking of Liza as a child, but the only way he could comfort Liza and himself was to share a kiss with his one-time love interest. Anita gave Bobby a peace offering of a scarf that she knitted herself much to the dismay of Kelsey who watched on from the background.

On behalf of everyone at the AMC Pages, I'd like to wish you and your family the happiest and merriest Christmas possible. I hope that your Christmas wishes come true and that you are blessed with the love of those closest to you. I look forward to continuing to provide the AMC Pages when I return from my holiday vacation on Tuesday.

Merry Christmas,
Dan J Kroll

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