AMC Recaps: The week of December 11, 1995 on All My Children
When Anita refused to have sex with Bobby, he ended their relationship. Kelsey threatened to expose the truth about Bobby. Noah searched for Julia, whom Louie had kidnapped. Brooke and Pierce bonded over their losses. Dimitri tried to prove that Jonathan was guilty of malpractice.
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Monday, December 11, 1995

Hayley and Trevor visited Noah in jail. Trevor wanted to work out some details on Noah's bail hearing and Hayley told her new Man of Enchantment that Enchantment stands firmly behind him and will not back out of his advertising slot. Noah was actually surprised and thanked Hayley from the bottom of his heart. I can easily see these two becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. Anita, Kelsey, and Bobby went to a high school basketball game at Pine Valley High. Also there, against Trevor's orders, was Tim. Tim wanted to see his Uncle Mike in his coaching debut. The team beat their archrivals and a celebration broke out. Laura saw Matt and Jason oggling a cheerleader with, uh, a generous supply of pom-poms and a makeup coated face. Feeling awkward and wanting Matt to take notice of her, Laura ran to the ladies' room and put on a heavy amount of lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara and any other product in a tube. She made Tammy Faye look pale by comparison. When she showed up to woo Mateo, he told her that he liked her better without all the makeup because she doesn't need beauty aids to make her beautiful. Trevor stormed into the lockerroom and demanded that Tim come home with him right away. Uncle Porkchop was outraged that his some was there against his wishes and blamed it on Mike's influence. Later Hayley found Mike alone in the lockerroom and asked him what the problem was. When he told her that he is gay, she immediately understood the problem and told him that Trevor will come around. Stuart thinks that Scott hates him because Scott wouldn't let Stuart baby him after he got a bloody nose while playing in the basketball game. Bobby broke his realationship off with Anita because she wouldn't have sex with him. Julia went up to her room at Wildwind and got ready to go to bed, but she never had a chance to sleep peacefully. Louie slinked up and broke into her room where, at gunpoint, her ordered her to do everything he asked her to do. Louie made Julia write a note to Maria saying that she left early in the morning to help out another rape-survivor and didn't want to wake her. Then Louie used something to knock Julia out and carried her off the Wildwind property to parts unknown.

Tuesday, December 12, 1995

Grace paid a visit to Noah in (yup, you guessed it) jail. She reassured Noah that Louie was just trying to press Noah's buttons and that there is no way he could do harm to Julia. Mmm Hmmm. Grace I love ya, but you were wrong this time. She also dropped off a suit for Noah to wear at his bail hearing. Dixie spent the night at Opal and Palmer's because of her continuing spat with hubby Tad. Tad, meanwhile, was having another late night work session with Liza. Liza tried to find out why Dix wasn't around, but Tad said she was tending to an ill Opal. That worked....until Opal showed up to find out what's going on between Tad and Liza. Liza slithered her way out of the Martin Manor content that she's destroying Tad and Dixie's marriage. Kelsey and Anita got into yet another argument over Saint Bobby. Now tell me if I am wrong here or not. Anita, who was dumped for not going all the way with Bobby, got ticked off when Kelsey said that Bobby was a creep. That just doesn't seem to jive in my mind. After Anita went to bed, Kelsey called Bobby and told him to come over. She warned him to stop being so damned mean to Anita or she'd expose him. They got into anotehr squabble over the bun-in-the-oven and Kelsey said that come daybreak she's talking like a parrot on speed. Louie obsessed over Julia, who is slipped into her slinky white lingerie. He taunted and tormented her saying how he loves her and will always love her. Julia refused to listen to Louie, but he forced himself upon her and made sexual advances and connotations. Where did her take her? To their "love nest," as he called it: Noah's apartment, the very place he raped Julia. Louie put Julia down on a mattress surrounded by burning candles. Julia managed to get hold of the chloroform Louie used to knock her out and threw it in his face, temporarily blinding him. She opened the window and cried out for help.

Wednesday, December 13, 1995

While Trevor was in court arranging for Noah's bail, Michael paid a quick visit to Laurel to drop off the Christmas presents he bought for everyone. Figuring that Trevor's holidays wouldn't be gay and festive, he took the opportunity to drop off the packages, wish everyone well, and head off. Trevor managed to get bail arranged for Noah since he's not a high flight risk. The amount set by the judge was $10,000. In Pennsylvania, you need only pay ten percent of the total so with $1,000 Noah is free to go. Noah made a quick call to Wildwind to see if Julia was okay, but Kelsey said that Julia wasn't there. She lefta note saying that she had to support a rape survivor. Noah pressed for more information, but Kelsey didn't have the answers. Trevor finally got home and found Timmy telling his Uncle Mike that he couldn't wait to go to the next basketball game. Trevor, true to form, blew a fuse and said that there is no way that Michael is going to lure Tim over to "The Dark Side" and that Mike is off limits. This ticked everyone off. Mike stormed out, Laurel gave her hubby a dirty look and headed for the kitchen, and Tim just shook his head and headed for his bedroom. Kelsey asked Edmund to back off being nice to her. She said that he was already getting the baby, so he didn't have to butter her up. Edmund tried to impress upon Kelsey that he is just being genuinely nice, buy she didn't seem to believe him. Jack asked the judge to sign an arrest warrant for Louie Greco, but thanks to an outburst from Noah, his request was denied. Noah took off to find the person he talked to on the phone at Wildwind (since Noah doesn't know Kelsey). Louie managed to come around and stop Julia for screaming for more help. She managed to con him (at least temporarily) into believing that she did want him. She said that she needed to call Wildwind and tell them that she was still busy with her friend. Julia told Kelsey that she was at Mrs. Elijah's. Noah scampered into Wildwind and asked Kelsey where Julia was. When Kelsey found out that Noah was Julia's boyfriend she knew something was wrong. She told Noah that some greasy guy was on the grounds claiming to be a former lover of Julia's and she let him in. Back at Noah's old apartment, Elijah's mother came back to the building and called out for her son. That's when Louie figured out that Julia gave a hint to her location when she said she was at Mrs. Elijah's.

Thursday, December 14, 1995

Hayley showed up and interrupted Cecily's extended lunch break. Earlier Hayley had given Cecily the rest of the day off to plan her wedding, but apparently Hayley forgot because she showed up asking why Cecily's lunch hour had turned into a lunch three hours! Charlie strolled in a few minutes later and started to help Cecily work on picking the venue for their wedding. In a snit, Hayley took off and left Chuck and Sess to plan their wedding. They planned alright, but not a wedding. The bride and groom to be worked on laying out a plan to get Matt and Hayley together. Phoebe was back on the air! She tried to get Pierce to dump the cabin for a fancier abode in the city limits. Pierce wasn't interested in leaving the serenity of Willow Lake, however. Pheebes feel and hurt her ankle and demanded that "that fine" Dr. Kinder come and look at her pained joint. Now here's miracle number one. Jonathan said that she didn't need any painkillers! Whoo Hoo! Even with a maligned lower extremity, Phoebe took every chance to try to push her niece, Brooke, and Pierce together. In a moment alone, Brooke and Pierce bonded over losing someone dear to them, Brooke's Laura and Pierce's Christina. Kelsey fumbled over the pressure placed on her by Noah to remember the name of Julia's "friend." Eventually Noah figured out it was Elijah. Noah finally showed up at the apartment, but Louie and Julia were already gone. Matt called Wildwind to check in on Julia, but Kelsey relayed the message that big sis was gone. Matt rushed off, much to Hayley's dismay. Louie told one of his ex-sleezoids friends that he and Jewels were whisking away from the Canadian border. In addition to this travel itinerary, he also gave him the key to Noah's old apartment. When the guy moved on up into Noah's old apartment, Noah was waiting and ambushed him. With some prodding (like an arm twist and death threats), Noah finally managed to get the details of Louie's plans out of the guy. Louie had given Julia some sort of drug to keep her out of it until they got to wherever they were headed. Somehow, though, she had enough in her to play Louie for a fool. She leaned over on him and pulled the steering wheel so the car would swerve off of the road.

Friday, December 15, 1995

Erica used her star power to walk-in to Dr. Kinder's for an unscheduled appointment. She told Johnnie that she was having a very hard time dealing with the guilt she feels for not going to the police and saying that Louie tried to sell her drugs. Jonathan asked her if she was nuts. The media would brand her with the drug addict label and she'd never get to see Bianca ever again, at least that's what he said. He convinced Erica that she needed more medication and one of his infamous massage therapies. Hopefully this one wasn't between the sheets. While he was rubbing down Erica, Gloria went back into the examining room to finish restocking the medication. When she noticed that one of the bottles of pills was missing she called Dimitri and asked him to meet her at the Valley Inn. Once there she told him that Jonathan had given Erica a bottle of pills that were stronger than the pills she was on before. Dimmie asked Glo to make copies of Jonathan's patients' files so he could prove that Dr. Kinder is a quack. Maria's memory of the accident kept getting a little bit better, but a doctor recommended that she go and see Dr. Kinder for hypnosis. Edmund went down to Jonathan's office and asked if he would help out Maria, but he declined saying that it wouldn't work because Maria is skeptical of hypnosis and that police don't often allow hyponosis induced memories as evidence. Erica, who was hiding in the examining room, popped in after Edmund was gone and went on a tizzy. Edmund would find out the truth, she whined and then she'd end up in jail. Hayley agreed to go to the fake tree trimming party at Charlie's only after Cecily promised that she'd have reports ready for her boss. Julia scampered to get away from her abductor, but Louie eventually ran her down. He threatened to kill her and came very close---choking her to a point just above unconsciousness. Noah managed to find them in the nick of time and pulled Louie off of Julia. Matt and Taylor followed a few minutes later. I don't have any idea how they found the two in the dark and in the middle of nowhere, but they did. Taylor radioed for help and Noah ran after Louie. When Noah ran into Louie again, he rammed him continually into a metal fence. The promo for the show said someone will not live down the incident...but who will the unlucky victim be?

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