AMC Recaps: The week of November 27, 1995 on All My Children
Anita revealed that Louie had been stalking her. Noah bought a gun. Erica wondered why Jonathan had been avoiding Liza. The tension between Michael, Laurel, and Trevor mounted after Trevor suggested that homosexual men were pedophiles. Hayley talked to Adam about her mother's letter.
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Monday November 27, 1995

Anita got spooked when a mysterious package of raspberry truffles appeared in her purse. Like the notes and flowers she received before, the message with the candies was signed by a secret admirer. Anita, who was working on a Hamlet paper with Bobby, fled from McKay's to tell Julia that Louie was stalking her and sending her gifts. Dr. Kinder hid behind a wall when Liza walked into Linden House. Liza told Erica that she better get her size three booty down to the studio because she was getting fed up with Erica's ditching reponsibilities on The Cutting Edge. Erica wasn't about to be bullied into taping the show, but Liza was too insistent. Erica and her boss argued over the sensationalism that Liza is bringing to the show. Liza complained that Erica's boring shows about Aspen ski trips didn't appeal to the average person watching her show, but Ms Kane reminded Liza that her ski show had through-the-roof ratings. Liza gave Erica one hour to show up at the studio and Erica said that she'd be there. With Liza safely gone, Jonathan came out of hiding. Erica knew that something was up between Dr. Kinder and Liza and asked to know what it was. Jonathan finally conceeded (after denying that he knew Liza) that he met Liza at a party in Connecticut. She wanted to date Jonathan, but he wasn't interested. So she enlisted him as her physician for a minimal injury. Apparently, Dr Kinder worked the same magic on Liza as he has on Erica because she ended up sueing Jonathan for malpractice. She didn't win, but has been bitter ever since. Somehow I find that pill a little hard to swallow! Julia's mysterious package contained a red sequined dress much like the one she wore the night she first encountered Louie Greco. While Julia was trying to put on her best poker face, Louie was bragging to a buddy that he was close to "nailing that Santos chick." He also added that she'd be overjoyed by a present he sent her. Anita showed up at the apartment in a shambles, she was petrified that Louie was after her. Matt and Julia agreed that Louie had to be stopped. Anita and Bobby went back to McKay's to finish working on their paper. When they walked in, Bobby overheard Stuart telling Scott that the road to Anita's heart is already paved and all he has to do is drive on it. Bobby, of course, told Stuart's admission to Anita who in turn called Mateo to tell him that the Louie alarm was a false alarm and not to worry about it. Too late. Under Matt's nose, Julia slipped out the bedroom window and went to Louie's bar to confront him. Tad coaxed Dixie into appearing on The Cutting Edge's victims' rights episode. He was totally unaware that the real topic of the show was "Victims Confront The Thugs Who Changed Their Lives." Jason, saying that he might get in trouble for telling Dixie what the real show was about, told her that she was really there to go tête à tête with that infamous murderess Janet Green. That didn't go over so well, as you can imagine, with the Pigeon Hollow native. Dixie stormed onto the set and blasted her hubby for booking her on the show just to get ratings. Tad pleaded with Dix, saying he had no idea, but Dixie wasn't about to believe him. Jason knew about Janet's appearance and he is only an underling, why shouldn't Tad know? That's when another mystery was revealed. Adam walked into the light and said that he wasn't about to have squabbling and dissension at his television studio.

Tuesday, November 28, 1995

Erica got caught with her hand in the cookie jar, so to speak, when Jonathan found her fiddling with his medicine bag and more than likely trying to snitch a pill or two. Dimitri met with a former nurse of Dr. Kinder's, asking her if she trusted her former employer. She looked like she was going to say something, but she backed out at the last minute. Julia and Louie went at it nails and teeth. She tried to smash him on the head with a bottle of liquor, but she missed. Louie grabbed a hold of her and taunted Julia, but Mateo showed up at the door and Louie ran off. Noah and Taylor arrived a short while later. Taylor told Julia that she better stop acting like a bimbo or she'll never win her case against Louie. Everyone left, or so Taylor thought when she said that she wasn't going to help out Julia any more. Matt overheard Taylor's snide comment and pressed her for answers on what exactly she meant. Taylor's reply? All's fair in love and war. At the the tv station, Adam was bragging about his takeover of the station. When Erica showed up at the station, she found Louie Greco lurking around. She panicked when he told her that he was an invited guest and that he could tell the whole country how she begged him for drugs. Erica went to Liza and said that she couldn't possibly do the show because she was having marital problems. Hey, what else is new. Liza was in no mood to hear Erica back out again so she fired her. That meant Tad, much to the shagrin of Adam, would be the permanent fill in host. Dixie, who just had Jason tell her that Tad knew Janet would be a guest on the show, wigged on her husband and said she would not be part of the show. Adam took to the phone to try to find an alternate host for the show rather than letting Tad be the permanent host. Julia and Noah kept their regularly scheduled appointment with Jack to talk about their course of action in the forthcoming lawsuit, but when Jack said he had to cut it short to appear on The Cutting Edge, that little lightbulb above Julia's head lit up. She figured that the show would be a perfect venue to discuss her assault and gain support and credibility. Plus, Jack added, if she could deal with Erica and the live television audience she'd be ready to testify in court. Jack and Julia headed off to the studio and when they got their Louie ducked around a corner so they wouldn't see him. Another case of Anyone Can Hide On A Soap (ACHOAS). See yesterday's episode for another example. Anyway, Liza was in full glory when Louie told her that Julia helped to get him locked up. After all, it would be a ratings boost. Gloria peeked around in Jonathan's medicine cabinets and when she was caught by Dr. Kinder she said that she was trying to find missing bottles of medication. Gloria asked him why he had so many addictive substances in his office, but Dr Feelgood warned Gloria to stop questioning him because the general public might think she's been stealing the medicine considering her sordid past with pills. Erica came trampling in a few minutes later and begged Johathan for more pills. "I'm all alone," she sobbed. Jonathan reassured her that she wasn't and gave her a few pills. Gloria called Dimitri to tell him that Erica was there, but Dimmie wasn't home. Another patient of Jonathan's dropped by to drop off a CD and said that Jonathan helped her so much. This changed Gloria's mind that Jonathan was up to something and she called to tell Dimitri to disregard her previous message. In the final cliffhanger scene, Noah asked one of his friends if he could by a gun off of him.

Wednesday, November 29, 1995

Matt caught up with Noah before he had the chance to buy a gun. The only male Santos offspring told Noah he'd foolish to take his chances buying a weapon. But that was before the bombshell the dealer dropped: Louie visited him a few days prior and bought a gun with the intent of using it on Noah. Kelsey got out of the hospital and bid her mom farewell. Tara said that she'd try to get back to Pine Valley for Christmas, but couldn't be certain that she'd make it. When she got to Wildwind, Kelsey decided it was time to have a little chat with Edmund about the adoption. Since he wasn't too thrilled about pursuing the adoption, Kelsey wanted to make sure he wasn't going to bow out at the last minute. Edmund said that he was in full support of the adoption. Maria revealed to Edmund later that Dr. Khadami called to ask Maria if she still wanted to followup on her second surgery. The surgery would remove any addition scarring in Maria's fallopian tubes and might help her chances of conceiving a child. I smell a Christmas miracle coming. Edmund was overjoyed that in addition to Kelsey's baby they might have a chance to have a baby of their own. On the set of The Cutting Edge Without Erica Kane, Janet got her chance to plead her side of the story. Tad was more than gracious in his questioning of her. When the cameras were off, Tad said that he was glad Janet was getting a second chance because if she hadn't Jamie might have drowned in Willow Lake. Brooke also ran into Miss Green and conveyed the same sentiments to her. Janet and Pierce returned to the cabin where Janet told Pierce her feelings for him. Robin Mattson does a fine job portraying Janet and has had a lot of Emmy-worthy scenes. Janet sobbed when she said she didn't want to be alone, Pierce kissed her and said that she'd never have to worry about being alone again. Adam offered Brooke the chance to replace Erica as the host of TCE. Won't that be a spoonful of sugar for Erica when she finds out! Julia took to the stage with Jackson next and she revealed that Louie Greco was not only a drug peddler, but also the man who raped her. This came as a complete surprise to Tad who had been forced into allowing Louie to confront Julia. When Louie came onto the set, Julia's mouth dropped and Jack cried foul. Louie said that Julia's only reason for crying rape was because he "couldn't be the man she wanted [him] to be." Seconds later and much to the delight of Liza, Noah came bursting onto the set and slugged Louie...all with the cameras rolling.

Thursday, November 30, 1995

The fight between Noah and Louie raged on for what seemed like an eternity, but it apparently only took a few minutes. After the battle of the titans was over,Tad tried his best to pull things together. Kinda hard to do that with Louie in the background yelling out that he wanted Noah arrested, thrown in jail, and killed, as well as taking more shots at Julia. Tad's closing monologue apologized to the audience for the fight (Liza almost had a coronary) and said that he doesn't think early releases from prison are a good idea. Louie skeedaddled from station to station, television to police, that is. Louie pleaded with Derek and Taylor to file charges against Noah for attacking him and beating him senseless. Jack walked in a few minutes later and said that Louie provoked the attack. Derek took Jack's word as an officer of the court and dismissed Louie, who threatened to take on all of Pine Valley if he didn't get his way. Then news broke that Seth Tanner, the district attorney, was resigning his post and a new DA would be named shortly. Noah and Julia returned to their quiet apartment and talked of wedding plans. Noah wanted to elope, but Julia wasn't too keen on the idea. Laurel replayed telling Trevor that her brother is gay in her mind. She didn't seem comfortable with it at all. A few minutes later Michael and Trevor (with Tim close behind) returned home from an abbreviated camping trip. Michael said that he was called up on his cellular phone (I guess Jack Montgomery and I are the only ones in Pennsylvania without cellular phones!!) and told he had to attend a teachers' conference. With Tim out of the house, Laurel, Trevor, and Michael went at each other, fighting over Trevor's not trusting Mike with the boys. Michael even lashed out at his sister for not standing by him. Trevor said that he can't imagine Michael being in the marines and being gay and even added that he thinks homosexual men are pedophiles. Michael asked Laurel if she ever worried about Trevor molesting Lily, after all, he said, there have been heterosexual men convicted of molesting young girls. In the middle of the argument, Tim walked in when Michael was saying that he was gay. Tim's eyes popped out and he asked, "You're gay?"

Friday, December 1, 1995

A tremendous display of fireworks closed off the last Sweeps month period of 1995. Adam and Hayley had a late night meeting to discuss the letter that Arlene sent her. Adam wasn't amused by Arlene's antic and said that he'd fly all the way to Mexico to tell her to leave Hayley alone. While talking of his deeds, Adam also told Hayley of his WRCW coup. Matt sat at the bar a few feet away and Adam asked his daughter why Matt wasn't at the table with them. Halo explained that she just came off of her second marriage to a nut and she she didn't feel like rushing into another relationship. On the way out, Matt asked Hayley is she was talking to Adam about the letter Arlene sent because he got one too. Mateo also took the chance to invite Hayley over to the Santos house for Christmas. Trevor blew up, plain and simple. He threw the whole "faggot, queer, fruit, fairy" barrage out at Michael and told him that he was a deviant. Trevor added that he can't accept homosexuality, but he does have "homo friends who don't make a federal case" out of their sexuality. Laurel did her best to defend Michael (or maybe her least to defend him), but Trevor wanted no part of it. He told her that she should have told him about her brother before he ever became a welcomed part of the Dillon family. Jason told Dixie about his troubled childhood, having no parents around to care and love for him and his brother. Dixie was very concerned by the news and gave Jason a big hug. The look of total ecstacy on Jason's face made me laugh and, as if it were planned that way, my neighbor's stereo started blasting out Madonna's "Like A Virgin"!! Anyway, before Jason could act on his fantasy, Michael came to Dixie's door and the two chased on Jason. Michael didn't like the dirty look Jason gave him and made a point of telling Dixie. When Mike told Dixie that Trevor went on his anti-gay tyrade, Dixie couldn't have been more supportive. Maybe Dixie is Mike's natural sister. When Michael made an empty threat to leave Pine Valley, Dixie told him that running wouldn't change anything. The two then sat down to have some popcorn and watch a double feature movie on TV. Back at Chez Dillon, Trevor went up to explain the "birds and the bees and the birds and the birds" to Tim. Tim asked his dad why his uncle's homosexuality is such a big deal. He was gay before he came to their door and will be gay when he leaves, so why the huff and puff? Trevor tried to explain his stand on the issue, but Tim could see he and his father weren't going to agree. That's when Tim told his dad to get out of his room because it was obvious they'd never agree that there is nothing wrong with being gay and that Uncle Mike is still a cool guy. Liza and Tad retreated from the bar area to Liza's suite to discuss an ad campaign. The advertisements featured scantilly clad women selling jeans. Sounds like a Calvin Klein knock-off, huh? Liza said that the ad campaign will be shown on the Cutting Edge because she always gets what she wants. Tad said that he got the feeling she wasn't talking about the ads and leaned over and started kissing her.

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