AMC Recaps: The week of November 13, 1995 on All My Children
Dr. Kinder drugged Erica and had sex with her. Erica crashed her car into Maria and Kelsey's vehicle, sending Kelsey into premature labor. Brooke promised that she would marry Adam if he could convince her that he had changed. Derek warned Louie to stay away from Julia and her family.
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Monday November 13, 1995

Erica and Dimitri hugged and Erica sighed in relief, thinking that she had gotten her husband back. But Dimmie said that some great sex wouldn't change the fact that Erica was still an addict. He reitterated the fact that he would help her in recovery at the Betty Ford Center, but she flat out refused. This left Dimitri with no other choice but to ask Erica to leave the hunting lodge. Adam picked and poked at Janet, but she tried not to let it bother her too much. Adam asked why Pierce would want a crowbar killer living with him. Janet refused to answer and kicked Adam out of the cabin (being kicked out was a theme, I guess). Pierce had left a piece of artwork in the cabin so Janet decided she should take it to the shelter and drop it off. After she left, Adam emerged from the shadows and went into to cabin for a look around. He was completely taken aback when he saw the photo of Pierce and Trevor together. "Curiouser and curiouser....," he commented. At the shelter, Pierce was offered a job to help the youngsters draw. An added bonus would be that Laura could help him out. Brooke said that she'd need to get a donation from Adam to work everything out, but it was an almost done deal. Janet saw Pierce and Brooke talking and became nervous that she might be on her way out of the cabin. Noah took to the streets to try to find Louie even after Julia asked him not to. He used a bogus meeting with his sister to cover his search plans, but Julia called Belinda to see if Noah had arrived only to find out that Miss Keefer was out of town. Before hitting the streets, Noah told Hayley that he'd like to work for Enchantment as a model. After agreeing he quickly asked Hayley for an advance to buy new "stuff." Julia told Matt that Louie was hiding in the closet while she and Noah made love and made him swear that he wouldn't tell Noah about this. Matt vented his frustrations on a plain clothesed Taylor asking her why the police don't give a damn about his sister. Taylor balked and said that if it weren't for her stopping by Julia might have been in a heap of trouble. One of the waitresses at the coffeeshop had to leave early because she wasn't feeling well, so Julia covered for her. This set the stage for Louie to show up.

Tuesday, November 14, 1995

It was a busy day for Brooke at the shelter. First Adam dropped by and asked her to move into Chandler mansion with him. This would give her the chance to see him in action all the time. If she liked what she saw she might want to reconsider Adam's marriage proposal. Edmund then came by to ask Brooke for all the information she had on Kelsey. Brooke wasn't going to budge, but after Edmund said that he was going to follow Kelsey home to see where she was staying, Brooke broke down and told him that Joe Martin is Kelsey's grandfather. Joe was let out of the dark by an unknowing Maria. She chirped to her boss that she came into contact with a 16 year old runaway from Chicago who originally lived in the Northwest. Joe put two and two together and later confronted his grandaughter with his new found information. Kelsey begged Joe not to tell her mother or she'd bolt again. But Joe wasn't going to listen. Dixie went to Tad's office to talk to him. She's concerned that they are spending less time together than when he worked for Orsini! Plus working with Liza doesn't help either. While alone in his office, Dixie got a phone call from housekeeping at the New York hotel. The woman told Mrs Martin that she lost one of her earrings in Tad's bed. A nearly teary Dixie asked to have the earring sent to the house and quietly hung up the phone. Louie pestered Julia and caused her to get frazzled. Julia's boss told her to get it together or she'd lose her job. Julia managed to slip out the backdoor and get away. Jack was about to enter the coffeeshop when Julia asked him if she could help her get a restrainging order. She was cut short when Noah and Matt came up from behind. The two just had a run in with Officer Cannon who said that Noah was wasting his time showing concern for the mousey Julia. Louie, meanwhile, was inside talking casually with Anita, who still thinks Louie is one of Noah and Julia's neighbors.

Wednesday, November 15, 1995

Noah lunged at Louie when he saw him sweet-talking Anita. A bar room brawl ensued. Well, okay, a coffeeshop fisticuff broke out. Noah and Louie couldn't be pulled apart even with Charlie, Jack, Bobby, and Derek trying to restrain them. Louie demanded that Noah be hauled off to jail, but Derek refused. He said that he told Louie to stay away from Julia and her family and if he didn't watch himself he'd be right back in jail. Jack assumed that Julia asked him for the restraining order because of Louie. Julia nodded and told him that Louie raped her. Anita still didn't understand why Noah go bullistic on their neighbor. Only then did she find out Louie's true identity. Louie went back to his apartment and started playing around with a handgun. Kelsey told Tara that she was pregnant at the same time Edmund told Maria that Joe and Ruth were Kelsey's grandparents. Tara went into a tizzy. "There are other options," she said after her daughter told her she was giving the baby up for adoption. Edmund asked Maria no to pursue the adoption because the baby would end up resenting his real family---much like he did with Maricks. Maria made it very clear to him that she would choose the baby over him if he didn't stand with her on the issue. Charlie and Cecily (fresh from the coffeeshop fight) found out that Chuck's little sister was pregnant. Charlie was not as supportive as Joe and Tara. He said that Maria and Edmund are strangers to "Kate" and that it would be a huge mistake. Tara and Joe conceded that Maria would take very good care of Kelsey and the baby and they let her go to Wildwind. Dimitri began a personal crusade to bring Dr. Kinder down. He clued Myrtle in on everything after she went to the hunting lodge looking for Erica after Erica skipped a luncheon date with her mother's friend. Erica, all the while, was at Mona's grave asking her mother for help. She didn't want to continue with her addiction and said she needs Mona's help. Just as she was telling her mom how great Jonathan has been, guess who showed up. Yup, Dr. Feelgoode. Shortly thereafter Erica started going through withdrawal again. Jonathan took Erica back to Linden House and gave her another injection of his venom, er, pain medicine. He then took to Mrs. Marick's muscles, giving her one of his famous massages. His hands slipped into Erica's blouse and his lips slipped onto Erica's lips.

Thursday, November 16, 1995 this is what Sweeps Month is all about! Dimitri and Edmund tried their best to analyze each other and their many problems. Edmund is regretting his involvement in Kelsey's adoption since her family members are close friends. Dimitri, of course, is still lamenting his decision to leave Erica. Dimmie told Edmund that cancelling the adoption is a bad idea. After all, he figured, the baby will have Edmund and Maria, the Martin and Santos families, and Dimitri. For his part, Edmund told Dimitri that he would get back together with Erica meaning that their marriage would withstand the addiction. Dimitri still wished that he had stayed with Erica, but felt that until she is willing to get help there is nothing he can do. At McKay's, Laura and Scott's dinner on Tex-Mex night was cut abruptly short by a sneering Bobby Warner. He felt it necessary to school Scott on how to grope a woman. When Bobby started rummaging through Laura's things he found a tape of history lessons and began taunting Laura because she couldn't read. Laura dashed out of the restaurant with Scott hot on her trail. Later she admitted to Scott that she can read a little, but the content of her history textbook is too complex for her to understand. Scott smiled and said that he'd help her out. By this time Kelsey and Maria had been seated in McKay's. On her way to the ladies' room, Kelsey bumped into Bobby. She told him that she was pregnant, but Bobby wasn't at all caring. He implied that Kelsey picked him out as the guy who she'd blame for impregnating her. he told her to buzz off and find someone else to blame. Erica and Jonathan had sex, but the whole time Erica kept moaning that she was sorry for not caring and wanted him to come back. Every time she looked at Dr. Kinder she didn't see him. She saw Dimitri. After it was all said and done, Erica's eyes fixated on the syringe laying on her nightstand. This brought Erica back into reality. She immediately knew what she had done and blamed Jonathan for giving her some kind of mood altering drug. Still in her nightgown and groggy from the injection given to her earlier, Erica took to her car so she could go to Wildwind and beg Dimmie to come back to her. But she never got there. Her car swerved into the oncoming lane and as Maria and Kelsey were coming across an intersection, Erica's car plowed into Maria's, sending both cars careening off of the road.

Friday, November 17, 1995

Things have really picked up on the show the last few days. Being a Sweeps period, I thought that the storylines would have gotten a little better earlier in the month, but better late than never. All that aside here's what happened. Brooke and Adam had a wonderful evening of love making in their first night as housemates. If at the end of this trial month of cohabitation Brooke feels that Adam has reformed, she agreed to marry him. If, come month's end, she can't deal with him she made him agree to giving up the fight for her and said that he has to make a hefty donation to the shelter. When Adam found out that the money would be a aid for "starving artists," namely Pierce, he nearly resorted to the days of the "old" Adam. Brooke reminded him that he is very sure that Brooke will be head over heels for him at the end of the month so that he shouldn't be afraid to make the bet. Reluctantly, he agreed. After the passion had ended, Brooke went to work on the computer. Adam again raised a fuss, but Brooke told him that he said she was free to come and go---so she went. Adam's phone call to her was unanswered. Erica and Jonathan came out of their momentary shock and raced from the car to see if the passengers in the car they hit were okay. Jonathan was irrate. Why should she care? She's Erica Kane...and she's also driving under the influence of the narcotics he gave her. After seeing that she had hit Maria, Erica almost broke down. But Maria came out of her unconsciousness and Dr. Kinder urged Erica to get in the car and drive away. Against her better judgment, she went along with Jonathan's plan and headed back to Linden House where Erica went off the handle. The man she went to for help on her back got her addicted to drugs, had sex with her, and made her flee from the scene of an accident! Boy talk about disregarding the Hypocratic Oath (Of course no one ever showed me Dr. Kinder's medical license, but that's a whole other issue). Things got really frenzied when Dimitri showed up. Jonathan gave Erica more pills---this time to knock her out and went downstairs to "explain things" to Dimmie. Dimitri couldn't believe that Kinder gave more pills to his wife and warned him that he will be watching him very closely. After he kicked Jonathan out of the house, Dimitri tiptoed upstairs where Erica was calling out in her sleep "I'm sorry Dimitri. I didn't mean to...." Back at the accident scene, Kelsey and Maria were both awake and fully aware of their surroundings, but the trauma of the accident set off Kelsey's contractions. The approaching ambulance didn't seem to get there fast enough, but Kelsey wished for a miscarriage, saying that it would be the best thing possible. Edmund, in the mean time, dropped by Joe and Ruth's to see if Maria was there. Joe and Tara said that she had already left with Kelsey. The three then talked about their reservations about the adoption. Tara wasn't against the adoption, but said she prefer that a couple they didn't know get the baby. Joe concurred, adding that it'd be funny to see Maria and her "daughter" walking somewhere and not thinking that it was his great granddaughter. That's when the call came in that Maria and Kelsey had been involved in an accident. They took off to the hospital. A doctor said that Kelsey had been given medication to stop the contractions, but if it didn't give the desired effect Kelsey would have to deliver and then the chances of the baby's survival would be minimal. Edmund went in to see Kelsey and found her asking God to take the baby.

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