AMC Recaps: The week of October 16, 1995 on All My Children
Opal was shocked to learn that Janet was alive. Maria's request to adopt a child was denied. A young, pregnant Kelsey confronted an oblivious Bobby for taking her virginity. Erica realized that she needed to make some changes after Bianca nearly consumed one of Erica's pills.
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Monday, October 16, 1995

The first half hour of All My Children was pre-empted on the East Coast due to coverage of the Million Man March.

Trouble brewed when Erica refused to tape an episode of The Cutting Edge. Liza insisted that Tad replace her. Tad was in agreement until he remembered that the show was about marital infidelity. Tad, in a late-night meeting with Liza, had to miss his chaperone duties at the Harvest Dance. While the two were meeting, Marian Colby walked in on Liza and was shocked to learn that Enid Nelson had been right: Liza was back in town. Marian asked why Liza hadn't told her she was back, but then she saw Tad and knew the answer.

Janet and Pierce visited Laura at Myrtle's boardinghouse. Everyone -- Gloria, Brooke, and Myrtle -- came around when they realized Janet was a friend of Laura, and they also remembered that Janet had pulled Jamie out of Willow Lake. While they were civil to her, Janet was mainly being ignored, so she headed off to watch Laura at her dance. While she was peeping in the doors, Dixie saw her in the distance and froze.

Noah had a modeling job in New York, dancing and posing half-naked with an attractive young African-American girl. Julia, who was in attendance, seemed a little fidgety seeing Noah so close to another woman. Noah and Julia decided that the money Noah was paid for the photo shoot would be given to Alma's mother to help at the AIDS hospice. Bobby tried to put the moves on Anita, but she was very reluctant, because it was her first date.

Tuesday, October 17, 1995

Dixie confronted Janet outside the school auditorium, asking if Janet was stalking her. Janet said that she had just gone to the school to see if Laura was okay. Brooke later confirmed that Janet was indeed concerned about Laura's welfare and that Laura liked Janet. In the dance, Laura tried to talk to Mateo, but he really wasn't interested in Laura's subtle advances. Scott and Laura decided to leave the dance early and talk about how they each liked someone who didn't show any interest back.

Kelsey started talking to Bobby, telling him how she had been at a party of his back in Illinois. She recounted how Bobby had taken her virginity, but Bobby shrugged her off. He said that Kelsey seemed to have him and a friend of his confused. Kelsey was crushed that Bobby, the father of her unborn baby, didn't even remember her. Sobbing back at the shelter, she told Brooke that she wasn't going to go through with the pregnancy.

Janet and Pierce returned to the cabin, but Janet said it wasn't the same anymore because it wasn't her home. Pierce took her in his arms, whispered to her that the cabin was their home, and kissed her by the candlelight.

Marian reminded her estranged daughter that Tad was married. Liza coiled back and asked if her mother was still hot for Tad. When Marian told Liza that she'd only get burned again if she went after Tad, Liza snapped, "I never get burned twice."

Wednesday, October 18, 1995

The media picked up on the news that Janet was still alive and began a coverage blitz on the front page of the newspapers and on television. Knowing that it could stop the reunion of Palmer and Opal, both Palmer and Daisy tried to keep Opal away from anything that might mention Janet's "resurrection." Opal started to become suspicious when the newspaper wasn't delivered for a couple of days and the television mysteriously went on the fritz. Finally, she demanded to know what was going on.

Palmer slithered up to Pierce's cabin to order Janet out of Pine Valley. Pierce defended Janet by telling Palmer to beat it.

Hayley refused to tell Mateo that she had feelings for him and asked him to leave her alone. Matt went back to his apartment, where Jason asked him if he could ask Hayley for an appearance on The Cutting Edge. Mateo blew a fuse and told Jason that he'd better not even think of going near Hayley with a microphone, or he'd be sorry. Both Hayley and Matt were served subpoenas to testify at Alec's upcoming court hearing.

Kelsey decided that she wanted to have an abortion. On her way to the clinic to consult a doctor, Bobby and Anita approached her to see how she was doing. Bobby began recalling Kelsey's telling him of their night together and started to get uneasy.

Thursday, October 19, 1995

Kelsey talked Anita into going to the women's clinic with her. Kelsey was certain that she'd have her abortion done in one day. The doctor disappointed her when, after Kelsey said she was five months pregnant, the doctor told her that it was illegal to perform an abortion after the first trimester.

Edmund and Maria had a meeting with a woman who was considering giving her baby up for adoption. When Maria walked in, everything blew up. The woman recognized Maria from the Inside Affair tabloid show. She said that if Maria was a hothead like they showed on television, there was no way she was giving up her baby. In an attempt to win back the woman, Maria said that it had all been staged, but the woman continued by saying that Maria and Edmund's ties to the Maricks made their lives too chaotic. The adoption wasn't going to happen.

Palmer gave Janet a check and told her to leave Pine Valley. Janet refused. To make things up to Opal, Janet went and bought flowers and dropped by Cortlandt Manor to apologize. Opal thought the flowers were from Palmer, but when she saw Janet, she fainted. When Opal came to, Janet said that she was sorry for the trouble she had caused and that she wanted Palmer and Opal to get back together.

Erica was peeved when Bianca said that Dimitri had quit for Erica. Jason, on orders from Liza, went to Erica's with roses, chocolates, and a nice note from Liza, to try to win Erica back. Erica and Dimitri went on a "we could sue them" spiel, and Jason was a nervous wreck. Jason ran back to the studio, presumably to tell Liza that Erica meant business.

Bianca saw Erica's "vitamins" -- that was what Erica called her painkillers -- and, when Mommy was out of the room, prepared to take one.

Friday, October 20, 1995

While dining at McKay's with Anita, Kelsey almost ran into Joe Martin and Charlie. But when she saw them, she ducked out of sight and waited for them to leave before she reemerged. The reason was that Charlie showed Joe a picture of the missing Kate Martin, and Kelsey and Kate were the same person.

Tad filled in for Erica on The Cutting Edge, but it wasn't a rose garden. The show's topic on marital infidelity hit a little too close to home -- especially when Liza had Jason feed the show's guest, the author of a book on cheating, information about Tad's days as the infamous "Tad the Cad." Things heated up when the guest asked Tad if he had always been faithful to his wives. Palmer used the call-in portion of the show to win back Opal. He disguised his voice and Tad, blissfully unaware that Palmer was the caller, told Palmer that a one-night stand shouldn't be responsible for ruining an otherwise happy marriage. Opal said that they should put bygones away and get back together. Daisy, seeing that her work was done, said goodbye to Palmer and left Pine Valley once more.

Dixie sat around her house, studying books with Michael and pressed for info on Mike's life, but he was oddly anxious about revealing anything.

Erica stopped Bianca from popping her pills. When Bianca asked why she couldn't have a vitamin, Erica screamed at her daughter and told her to stop being a spoiled brat. The whole thing made Bianca more curious than ever about the pills.

Maria tore into Erica about ruining her chances for adoption. Maria left Linden House as quickly as she had arrived. Erica, who apologized over and over to her daughter, left to see Dr. Kinder. Jonathan told Erica that she couldn't stop taking her pills "cold turkey" like she wanted to -- the incident with Bianca nearly taking the pills was the last straw -- and that she had to wean off of them. Erica, saying she wasn't a junkie, threw her pills, said goodbye to Dr. Kinder, and stormed off.

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